Which Creative Video Writing Prompt Do You Choose?

Hi Students,

Today you will choose ONE of the creative video writing prompts to respond to. Be sure to listen to the directions all the way through to the end of each video. You may have to watch/listen to the video twice to hear all directions. You might want to jot down the questions from the video, so you know what to answer.

1. Creative title, so it is easy for the reader to know which video you are answering to.
2. Three paragraphs: intro, details, conclusion
3. Watch sentence structure
4. No silliness

Have fun! We cannot wait to read what you write!


  1. If I found a magical theater first I would take a tour of the theater. then I would leave and grab all of my belongings. After that I would hook up my Ps4 to the theater machine. Go get some fries, popcorn, a burger, my cool aid and Start playing the games I had. Last I would have checked out the movies the theater had.
    I would have then close my movies for the day. If I could have chose the movies I would have chose all of DreamWorks animation studio, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount pictures, Universal Pictures, and MGM Studios movies. This theater would be magical because stuff would just appear out of nowhere. There would be action movies and comedy movies also family movies.
    Now if I could bring anyone I would bring about 15 of my and about 6 friend to tag along. That would be a perfect place for me and others. That’s what my magical theater would’ve looked like.

  2. Lo San Academy: Day 1

    I have just learned all the things I need to know about the Lo San academy. Although the school is a big fort in the sky, my dorm is small. Just big enough for two bunk beds, one microwave, a small refrigerator, and a TV and a table with four chairs. But ninjas learn to live in cramped areas like these. I meet my two roommates that are pretty nice people. I got my Rank-One uniform shirt, trousers, boots, belts, gloves, and scarf. They are all blue. I need to be Rank-Six to get an optional mask. But it is still pretty cool. I want to become a Rank-One Master for the crimson red vest. There are three rules. Keep your dorm clean, respect everyone, and don’t miss class without a good reason. Pretty much like my old boarding school.

    Lo San Academy: Day 2

    There are six subjects. Those contain Parkour, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Stealth, and Strategy. I plan on taking Parkour and Ranged Combat for the quarter. Since I need to graduate those to have the privilege to take Stealth. I met my Parkour Sensei today. He is strict and chases us around the course with a stick if we misbehave. But we were taught how to identify the difference between a good tree, and a bad one. Good trees are normally oak trees with firm branches. They also have branches that are good for sitting on. Because in stealth, we need those for safe landings. We learned how to roll and how to vault. We did a course on wooden poles and crates. Now the Ranged Combat teacher was a nice man who had a lot of patience. We had learned about smoke bombs and blow darts. We learned how to quickly seal them and how to unleash them from our waist belts. During our free period, we play Capture the Flag with a baton in the gym.

    Lo San Academy: Day 3

    The place is nice. The food is good, the people are friendly, the activities are fun, and the dorm is clean. I am glad I live here now.

  3. Birdnapped

    Hi I am a spy. My mission mission which I choose to accept is a very important mission. My team and work for the F.B.I. The Free Bird Insurance. The Free Bird Insurance gives birds free insurance. My team and I are spies that work at the F.B.I. And are there incase something happens to one of our clients.
    My team is made up of an the elite group of spies. Are captain is Ethan but we just call him Eagle. There is also Daniel who is called Dove or Dodo. And finally me. My name is Gabe and they call me Golden Eagle.
    We recently received a notification saying that one of are clients were captured! We needed to act fast because we had not closed a deal with our client. Are client was still debating on his insurance plan. We almost had him by the feather. We had are suspicions and are research concluded that are Clint had been captured by Mr. P.
    Mr. P is a very rich pigeon. Rumor has it Mr. P has been capturing birds all over town and forcing them to sign up for his insurance. Mr. P is so rich because all those birds that sign up have to give him eight worms a week. No bird got time for that.
    Are team uses the finest technology to track down birds. We even have a bird-mobile! The bird-mobile is just a jet painted like a eagle. We also have bird trackers. Pretty cool isn’t it?
    We all had to dress like bird watchers to keep a low profile, and gain information on Mr. P and his henchmen.

  4. Monsters at the Movies

    “Adelaide you’ve got to listen to me!” I said sort of convincingly.
    “Rachel, I know you’re lying! There’s no such thing as mummies coming to life… or zombies and witches.” Adelaide said.
    “Please, just hear me out?”
    “Fine, but it better be quick!” She exclaimed.
    “Ok, so imagine it…. ‘thought bubbles forming’ I was just outside walking by an old, rackety, abandoned shack and I see this small, bright piece of paper. It was shiny and golden so of course I HAD to pick it up. Once I picked it up, I observed it for ten seconds and it just disintegrated! Right then, the doors to the old shack flew open and inside was like a princesses castle! Except in movie theater form!”

    “How can a castle be like a movie in theater?” She said questioning me.
    “It just can alright!” I snapped.
    “Ok I was just asking….” she mumbled.
    “Anyways, inside there was ten witches, nine mummies, eight zombies, and seventeen vampires. I was so scared but these two people, Buffy and Dracula were super nice. Buffy was a human just like me. We were watching Thumbelina and she was hopping from flower to flower.”

    “I don’t think that’s what happened in Thumbelina…” she added.
    “Well that’s what we watched.” I said back.” Just let me finish!”
    “Ok, ok.” She replied.
    “So I just started walking home and then the doors snapped themselves closed and looked exactly how they did before! I even opened them again and it was all dirty and crusty. I was so spooked I just had to tell my best friend about it.” I nudged her with my shoulder. “So enough about my day, how was your day?”
    “Well let’s just say it has something to do with the Diamond Cockroaches….” She said then winked.

    Go read Adelaide’s story to see what happens next!

  5. Nerf Guns Save the Day

    One day, the spy group I work for, the Diamond Cockroaches sent me to the park to act like I was a bird watcher, but to actually stop Raquel, the neighborhood bully from stealing kids balloons. They told me to stop Raquel because people had given us complaints about her, so we figured that it was time to shut her down!

    Once I finally got to the park with my team to stop her, we set up our spot under a big tree acting like we were bird watchers. We acted like we were bird watchers because the tree with the most birds was right next to the ballon stand so when Raquel came, we could bust her right away! The one thing we were warned about on the mission was that there were a bunch of snakes under the tree, so we would have to set up somewhere not on, or near the snakes. For our mission we were given gadgets like the magnifying binoculars that made everything look huge, those were to find Raquel before she got to the balloon stand. We are the only people in the world that have those glasses. We also got Nerf guns to stop her if our words would not do anything.

    Since Raquel was nowhere in sight( since we used our magnifying binoculars) my team and I, who were all my friends from spy school, they were Tommy, Brooke, Tyler, Ellie, Kyle, and Christina, headed to our fake painting school bus to have a bit of a rest since we had been outside for so long, we also made ourselves some Mac and Cheese because we have a microwave. About 15 minuets later, we headed back out to find Raquel just walking into the park. I ran over to her and told her that stealing kids balloons was not right, but she just walked right past me, so I ran back and grabbed my Nerf gun and shot her in the butt, hitting her and causing her to fall, we had done it!

  6. The Volunteer Bird Watching Department

    Hi I am part of a secret organization. Me and my associates have decided to let few people know about our organization. We plan to tell you all about our secrets, who we work for, and ourselves.

    So our organization wears disguises so that our enemy’s don’t recognize us. Right now we are disguised as bird watchers. Our real mission is to find our greatest enemy scar. He is a kidnapper, murderer, a criminal, and has caused multiple issues with children. A long time ago our greatest associate died. She was murdered by scar. Her children. Have been sent to guardian after guardian but scar is always right behind them. He is trying to kill these children because he has had issues with their parents in the past. We all work for vbwd. The volunteer bird watching department. There are many dangers we all can encounter. These dangers are murder, fires, and getting shot. But we will never be defeated as long as there are good and noble people. Our command center is off in the mountains. It is right over a valley. We wear these disguises so that scar will not recognize us. Now there is one more thing you need to know. This is a huge part of the organization. We all have spy glasses. Not just any kind of spy glasses these spy glasses have secret numbers. If you line them up correctly and twist them it can make light. The spyglass has multiple numbers so it has multiple abilities. It can make heat, air, and many more things.

    This is our secret organization. Don’t tell anyone. It is top secret. Again we will never be defeated as long as there are god noble people to take up the torch.

  7. Ninja School

    My first day of ninja school was amazing! I had to wear black, cloth uniforms that covered my whole body except my eyes. The school required for me to have, a utility belt, nunchucks, throwing stars, and a journal. When I first drove up to the ninja school address, I couldn’t see it. I even got out of the car and looked for it. All I saw was a worn out shack and an old man standing next to it. I walked over to him, and asked if he knew where the school was. He then asked for verification. I didn’t really know what he meant, but I showed him the invitation letter that the school gave me. He opened the shack door and I saw stairs going underground.

    I walked to the bottom of the stairs, and saw tons of other black outfits quietly walking to different rooms. That’s when I realized, I was in the ninja school. I never knew what it took to be a ninja. There were so many classes like, science class, math class, martial arts class, fitness class, and meditation class. They worked me super hard, but it was really fun. The bad thing is you had to sleep there which means you couldn’t really see your family that much. Although, you make tons of knew friends! Plus, there’s something even cooler. You can go on missions when your rank twelve. Ranks are kind of like grade levels. For example, grade one is equal to rank one. And you usually rank up every year.

    Man, ninja school is the best! I can’t wait until I’m at rank twelve. I bet I will do super well on missions. I can’t even believe that I was invited into this school in the first place. I’m going to be the best ninja in the whole entire world!

  8. The One and Only Enchanted Homes

    Welcome, we have been expecting you. Here you see that I am selling mansions in the sky. If you haven’t already guessed it, I have some pretty amazing, (but some people call them weird) features about the homes that I sell. One of them is the owner is the only person who can see their home. This gives you lots of privacy so that you would not be seen. Another feature is the rooms can shift into different shapes. You can do this any time of the week to be satisfied with where you would be sleeping to washing your hands in the bathroom. Another feature is the house comes furnished with furniture that would listen to your needs. An example of this is if you don’t want to get up and go to your dresser to get your hairbrush, the dresser will see through your thoughts and float the hairbrush towards you until you can grab it and use it.
    The only hidden danger about this house is if you walk outside of your house and cannot fly, you would have no chance of surviving. That brings me to who my clients are. My clients can fly so their house would be an easy access to get in and out without worrying that they would pass away. Some of my famous clients are Thor, Superman, Ironman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. The floor plan in the houses that i sell are pretty simple. The only thing really different is that the kitchen is upstairs instead of downstairs because it is easy access from the master bedroom which is right next to the kitchen. The kitchen is also the biggest and most beautiful in the entire house as you can see. The kitchen is very modern as the same to the rest of the house. Everyone that comes to me wants a view to look out their window, but see the whole city. This is why I real estate for enchanted homes in the sky. Some one magical would want to buy this home all because of the best view in the entire world.
    Everyone that I have presented these homes to love them and put an offer in right away. There is nothing in these homes that everyone doesn’t love. There is a reason why I sell these homes and that is that they are so different from anything else. I hope you fell the same about them. Take a look around and see if you are interested, if you are I would gladly tell you some more information in the future. Thank you for taking the time to check out these enchanted/ magical homes and I hope to see you soon again in the future.

  9. Grasping my pen and paper, I peer through my binoculars to see if I find anything interesting today. It’s been three hours and I still haven’t found anything. Another crow. No luck, I guess I don’t have anything to record yet. I set my note pad and pen back in my bag with my brand new walkie talkie and add the binoculars into the bag. I pull out my walkie talkie and tell Brad it’s his shift. I carefully place the walkie talkie back in the ocean blue bag. Time to meet up with Nandir, my boss for a lunch break. We have a lot to talk about.

    “Did you spot Dr. Nuisince,” Nandir questions me. I sadly shake my head. “I only found crows and ravens. Again.” I know this is important I can’t screw this up. This is only my sixth day on the job and I hadn’t found anything. At least not anything suspicious. We talk a while longer, mostly about what could happen if we don’t catch Dr. Nuisince what could happen to the world and all that. One dangerous thing about my job is that when we do find Dr. Nuisince, he’ll already be in a distance where he can harm us and he’s not one to be trifle with. Humans who can morph into birds and shoot lasers out of their eyes aren’t the safest to be around.

    It’s my shift again and a nice old lady comes up to me and asks if she can borrow my binoculars to see the sign across the park. I tell her what it is but she says she wants to see for herself. I apologize. I feel bad, but I can’t let her look through them. She’ll be suspicious or confused when everything’s black and white accept for the birds. That is the only way we’ll be able to spot him, through the binoculars which tell us everything about the bird it’s pointed at to the details of where and when it was born. Advanced technology not trusted in the hands of another. I guess that’s one of the downsides of my job, all the equipment is worth at least $500 each and if you damage it or break it, you either pay the fine or you’re fired. They’re very strict about it.

    I round the park when I found a bird. Not just any bird but a Bluejay after reading the information on it, it claims it’s 47 and has a name. Philip Nuisince. I immediately use my walkie talkie and tell everyone on my team to come here now. That was just the beginning of my career.

  10. Invited to Sea Life School

    One day I went to an aquarium with my family, there were a bunch of dolphins, sharks, fish, sting rays, and sea turtles. My family took me to a lab where they teach you how to help and take care of animals, during the demonstration the speaker told my family and I to wait until the end of the presentation. He told me and my parents that my brother and I had the opportunity to go to a school about sea life. My mom and dad talked about it and they said “yes”, but under only one condition that I have fun. I was so surprised and excited at the same time.
    The next week school started my brother and I were so excited. So we got ready in to our uniforms.(we had to wear our sea life shirt with our water proof shorts) The outfits were kind of cute so I didn’t complain.
    We went to school and it was amazing. We learned about how the food chain was and we even learned how whales have small brains. We got home and told our parents all about our day. Our parents were happy about how much we had learned. From that day, every day was a new adventure. The End

  11. Entry 1
    So Journal,
    Today I got accepted into the special Ninja training school. It took them long enough. Now it’s a boarding school and they told me to never write about it, in fear that someone could locate us. But I don’t care, I like writing in journals. So if I mysteriously stop writing, you know who took me.
    So anyway, when the bus came, it took us to the top of a cliff and stopped. All of the kids including me were skeptical all of a sudden. The before we could ask any questions the driver put the bus in gear and went to what felt like a thousand miles an hour off the cliff. Then we all died.
    Just kidding. A trap door opened up and the bus’s engine turned into a jet pack type thing so that we landed softly. Everyone was traumatized, except me. I never get scared. All of those children need better training. Oh, that why their here.
    So the actual school was inside the mountain we drove off of, and let me tell you, it was HUGE! Also, our Ninja uniforms are so cool! It even has a mask! We learn things with grappling hooks, nunchucks, etc. All of the classes are about ninja things, like Martial Arts, (which I’m already a black belt in, just saying,) Hiding 101, How to Lie, etc. The teachers are very strict though, except Mr. Brown. He teaches the class about how to breath quietly when your out of breath.

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