Which Book Character is the Most Upset?

Hi Students!

Follow the directions on the prompt. Take into consideration ALL of the characters from ALL of the books that you have read so far this year. Think! Which character would be most upset with how the author portrayed or dealt with him/her/it? Remember to back up your ideas with what you know from the story.

One good paragraph. Watch your sentences, spelling, and punctuation. Be creative!

Be sure you mention the character’s name, and the title of the book (the important words) should be in capital letters.



  1. If I were to think of a character who would be mad at their author and could come up with a great argument, I think it would be Charlie Reese from Wish by Barbara O’Connor. I think that because Charlie Reese is a very sassy girl, and she is very mad because she had to live with her aunt and uncle, and had to leave her parents, which she was really…really…really…really mad about. Charlie Reese is very mad at Barbara O’Conor because Charlie(I am just gonna call her Charlie now) was hoping for a better life in her book. Charlie would probably argue that she hated her life for her aunt and uncle…for a little bit, and she didn’t have very many friends, and she missed her parents more then ever…even though they were separated.

  2. I think Nate’s parents from Million Dollar Throw written by Mike Lupica would be the most upset because Nate’s family did not have much money and they had a chance to get more money. Nate bought a Tom Brady jersey which came with a chance to throw at Gillette stadium (NewEngland patriots stadium) for a million dollars. He is also friends with a girl who is losing her eyesight. He ends up getting the million dollars. Instead of helping his family and getting a new house, he helps the girl get her eyesight for a million dollars. Nate’s mom and dad probably hates Mike Lupica because they really wanted that money and they didn’t get anything. There argument would be they deserve the money because they taught Nate everything he knows and they love him very much. Nate’s friend is just a friend of his. Overall I think Nate’s parents had the worst part in this.

  3. Magnus would probably be most upset with the author because Surt the fire giant killed Magnus. Magnus also goes is forced to go to his own grave when he lived in hotel Valhalla. Magnus wouldn’t be really upset because he is a son of a god and a demi god with a rune sword. So Magnus is technically alive but dead at the same time (afterlife).

  4. From the Angry Desk of Fenris

    Dear Mr. Rioridan, I would like to talk to you today about your latest book, Magnus Chase. See, you portrayed me as an evil wolf that wants to help Surt and the Fire Giants (the bad guys) take control of the world. But you also wrote that I was a fierce wolf that almost killed the Magnus, the main character. The only thing I’ve almost killed was that chew toy my brother got me for my birthday. Also, you have me banished to an island that I can’t escape because I’m held down by a strong rope. To top all of this off, Mr Rioridan, you had me get tied around by ANOTHER rope. Now I won’t even be able to finish this letter because my paws are held down! In your next book, at least give me a doggy biscuit.

  5. “I want to go to court!” Bilbo Baggins exclaimed. “Where is J.R.R Tolkien!? We need to have a little talk!” He said as he brought out his ruler.
    “Sir, please calm down, we will order you a court room right away.”
    A week went by and Bilbo went to court.
    “Ok now what’s the problem?” Judge Addie said.
    “Tolkien made me go on an adventure that almost risked my LIFE!”
    “But how could he make you? Your just a story book character….”
    “Yes, but I had to leave my home! It’s beautiful, polished, has ALL my food there, and I just love it!”
    The doors flung open and J.R.R. Tolkien came out of the hallway. Cameras started flashing and Bilbo rolled his eyes.
    “Yes! Here I am, the author of the best seller book The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.” Tolkien exclaimed
    “Ok, ok, no one cares. Now listen, I’m charging you because you put me in a bad situation.”
    “Oh I’m sorry. And I’m being serious. I didn’t know that you would be so mad. At least you didn’t die.”
    “Mmmhhh. And what if I were to do that to you! Mister Tolkien?!”
    “Ok, I said I was sorry. If you want to win this thing,” he sighed, “here’s the money.”
    Tolkien handed the court room judge and said he was guilty.
    “Oh, um, thank you.” Bilbo said.
    “Yah yah no problemo, friend?”
    “Yah sure.” Bilbo said smiling.
    They walked out of the court room together talking a lot. Just then, Bilbo pulled out his ruler from behind his back and started grinning. Little did Tolkien know what Bilbo was plotting to do.

  6. “I would say that Thomas from The Maze Runner deserves to be upset with his author,” I said. “What makes you say that?” Percy Jackson asked. Tilting his head to the side wondering why I would say such a thing. “Well,” Thomas said, “I lost my memory an-“ “Woah!” Leo shouted, “As elected Vice President of the demigod section of the Fantasy/Dystopian Book Club. I’ll have you know Jason lost his memory as well.” “So?” I snap. He balls up a fist and a ball of fire erupts from it. I then use the wind to grab my spear while everyone else takes the meeting outside. So Leo and I battle it out. After a few minutes Leo is tied up to a bunk bed. “I told you to back down! When the meeting is over I’ll get you out of those handcuffs!” I then walked out of the cabin with my spear on my back and plopped myself down. Thomas speaks again. “So anyways I lost my memory. Which means I don’t remember anything about my parents or the apocalypse in my books.” We all let him continue. “And I had to kill my best friend Newt,” Nico listens with a blank face. Being the son of the god of death really takes a toll on your emotions, “This kid named Chuck had jumped in front of me so I wouldn’t be impaled in the chest by a knife, and this girl stayed in The Maze so I wouldn’t be killed by a Griever.” I listen more closely, Jason just mutters something in Latin while his girlfriend, Piper pats his shoulder. Thomas says something about getting into a fight with some guy named Jansen and killing this man on accident. “Which is why I want to beat my author until he says he will fix my life,” Everybody says that he should be the one upset with his author. Everyone heads over to dinner while I go over to untie Leo.

  7. Wait a second, so you just told me that not only I’m in Kiel Gnomenfoot’s books, but I’m in Story Thieves the book to! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! I thought it was terrible finding out that I was in a book, but finding out I’m in a book in a book! I don’t even know if I’m in another book right now. Am I still even the Magister anymore? I thought that my author was Jonathan Porterhouse, but I guess it’s James Riley to! AGGGHHHH! I freed all my other fictional characters in Story Thieves even though I just freed them into another book! You have to admit that this is the worst thing ever possible to a fictional character. Can you imagine what I feel like right now! You saw me act crazy thinking that my whole life was fictional and finally thinking that I’m in the real world when your just in another book! At least every other character doesn’t realize that their in a book, but for me I realize that I’m in a book. I just realized that Own and Bethany are fictional to, I bet now they now know what it feels like to be fictional in a book. I hope they find out soon as well. Then in another book! I’m honestly done with all this. I don’t even care anymore. What more could I ask! I have such a crazy horrible life right now I don’t even know how to deal with all of this. I’m just done.

  8. Hi, I’m Jayson Barnes, and I’m in the book Fast Break by Mike Lupica. Ok, no my author did not involve monsters with me, but I grew up poor, and having to steal. I had a mom, but my author let her die. Ever since I’ve been trying to survive, and secretly go to school to play basketball with my friends. Then the one day my basketball shoes just got too old and ripped to the point where I had to steal new ones. So, I did. Although, once again, my author made it hard for me, and made sure to get me caught. I went to a foster family, and a new school. Everything was new to me and I hated it. I found a girl I really liked, and she liked me too. We hung out a bunch. Until one day her mom found out I have a foster family because I stole something. Why would my author do this? Because he is so mean to me. Now, the girl I like probably knows because her mom told her. And now, I bet she thinks I’m a thief! Why did Mike Lupica ,the author, do this to me? This is why I think I deserve to be most upset!

  9. Hold on a moment, so you’re saying that this whole time, I’ve not just been in Kiel Gnomenfoot’s book, but that that book was inside the book Story Thieves? I had no idea. Now this is a very serious matter, I, the Magister will not stand for this. I spent the whole time going. After Jonathan Porterhouse when really this whole time, he was just another victim of James Riley. You must understand it’s kind of embarrassing to spend about 200 pages going crazy over the author who created me, when really, he was forced to force me to do stuff by someone else entirely! I know it’s confusing, but today I was at conference and we were all saying who was most upset of being trapped inside a book with authors controlling our lives. Owen and Bethany aren’t upset because they already knew James Riley was in charge of their lives, but I apparently never was told. Also, if it never was for James Riley, I never would’ve gone after Jonathan Porterhouse. I bet that James Riley wanted me to be distracted and go after Jonathan so I wouldn’t notice him! This is SO aggravating. If James Riley ever gets near me… I just can’t believe it anymore. I just can’t. Bye.

  10. The character Gollum from the book The Hobbit would win in a argument of which character from all the books I have read had the worst part in the book they were in. He would be mad at J.R.R. Tolkien, because one, he never got his ring back, and too he never killed/captured Bilbo. Gollum would win also because every character would have pity for him, just like Bilbo did. Why Gollum would win the argument is because he would be explaining how he could not hunt goblins/sneak up on things so he would not really be able to eat much without his ring. Also he would not be able to socialize and that might make him go crazy, devastate him, and would be mad at himself for not catching Bilbo, until Gollum dies. All this just because he did not get a good part. Out of all the characters in the book The Hobbit he had to be the unlucky one, the best thing he thought had happened to him, was found and took. He had to lose his precious. The ring was his only “friend” he had had for a long time, and he “lost” it, even though it was not really his fault that he so called “lost” the ring, but he probably feels really bad. He may never recover from losing the ring, but who blames him? Imagine that you lost one of the, if not the, favorite thing you have over owned, found and taken! Never to be seen again! It would probably devastate, shock, anger, and affect you tremendously. That is why the character Gollum from the book The Hobbit would win in a argument of who had the worst part in the book they were in, between all the characters out of all the books I have read.

  11. I’d say the goblin King should be the most upset because he had a few pages before he died, he didn’t get a developed character, he was protrayed as evil (they are evil in my eyes but a villain needs a motive or a goal for their actions or they aren’t interesting. For instance how did he and his goblin people turn out to be an evil pointy eared clan of thiefs? Its not like someone is born evil.)
    He’s a waste of a possibly interesting character.

  12. The book character that deserves to be most upset is Magnus Chase. Magnus loved being a homeless person. He could do anything. Then these people started to show up. If he knew this would happen he would try to prevent it. Also he should be mad because he dies. Surt slays Magnus and he certainly did not want to die that day. Then Magnus wakes up in Valhalla and does not like it there. He wants to go back to his old life of a homeless person. That is why Magnus should be the most upset about how he was portrayed in the story.

  13. Out of all the characters who deserves to be the most upset it should be Darkstalker from the Wings of Fire series. I think he deserves to be the most upset because he was super powerful, but then he lost all of his powers, and became a dragonet again. I think he should be also angry because how he was depicted as evil. Especially sense he just wanted the best for his tribe. Also I am sure there was an other way maybe Darkstalker could have done good. That is why he should be mad at his author.

  14. With all of the books that I have read this year the most upset person would probably be Sgt. Stewart. He would be the most upset because of the way he died. Sgt. Stewart died after a battle with the Vietnamese. The Americans were taking all of the dead people in the American Army to go and burn them because the Vietnamese would do bad things to them, just before they were going to get burned they found him in the pile. With his neck cut open and some of his bones sticking out. The fire had to be lit and they new he was going to die so they left him to die. I think that he would say that the author is very unfair and cruel.

  15. If all the characters were to get to get together I think that Smaug would have the best argument. This is because every body hated him in the Hobbit. That and people were happen when he died. I think that he would be the maddest at JRR Token.

  16. think that the character Shmuel from The Boy In The Striped Pajamas would be the most upset about their character. Shmuel would be upset because he was stuck in a concentration camp. Shmuel had to stay behind a fence and couldn’t be a normal kid and play with his friends. He would probably say that it was not fair that he was the one in the concentration camp. He was also killed along with Bruno which wasn’t fair to him at all.

  17. Of all the books that I read I think Hope from Hope Was Here would be the most upset. I think because at the end G.T a character that was really always nice to her. Even though she did have a happy ending it was still sad because I know that she really looked up to him as a person. It didn’t just affect her it also affected other people like the whole town.

  18. To me the character in fuzzy mud Marshall should be the most disappointed with the author. I chose him because he had a really sad life. His dad left his mom and he got infected. Also his best friend Tamaya got infected too. Also at the end of the book he was in the hospital. I think he would make the best argument because in this book he even had a bully. And the other people would probably think that he had the saddest life too.

  19. Robie in The Raft would be very upset with S. A. Bowden (the author). Robie was on a plane leaving Hawaii when the plane crashed in the middle of the ocean. It kills one of the pilots but leaves Max (the copilot) barely alive. Max soon died so Robie started to imagine he was there with her. Max (who was imaginary) and Robie were left stranded in the middle of nowhere on a little yellow raft. They eventually find an island but are still left with no food or water. Robie is soon about to die and she has very little time left to live. Robie would be very angry wth S. A. Bowden for being put through all that pain. Luckily she gets saved but she still must be traumatized from that experience.

  20. If all of the characters I have ever read about were in a room, trying to see which one deserves to be maddest with their author the character that deserves to be the maddest would be Betty from Wolves Hollow. I don’t think it was fair to her that she was the overall bad guy. She was portrayed a bully, liar and thief. She did end up dying in the end, which I don’t think should have happened. I think when they found her with a terrible disease in the water well, she should have lived afterward. The author let her fall into that well for a good story line, she shouldn’t have died. I think she should had recovered and then decided to be a better person. I would have liked to see Betty befriend others, for the sake of being friends. I would think that she would have liked to live and get actual friends.

  21. The person I think would be most upset with the author would be Bluestar, a cat, from the Warriors series. I think this because he is the leader of Thunderclan, and there is almost never a time in the books when they aren’t struggling. When fighting another clan he is mortally wounded and dies. After he dies, his clan is still struggling and the only thing he can do to help is send cryptic dreams from the afterlife, and sometimes, when the fate of the entire clan depends on certain cats, he can’t even help them because they are outside of his reach. This is why I think we would be the most upset.

  22. Probably Hansel from a Tale Dark and Grimm because when he was little his dad had to cut off his head to save someone. Somehow he magically came back to life, then after he ran away from home him and Gretel went to a forest to live and he ended up getting shot with an arrow in the heart. I know what your thinking, oh this time he’s dead, but no he’s not, he ended up coming back to life after the arrow was taken out of him. When he had finally found a family that wouldn’t hurt him, his sorta father liked to gamble and ended up gambling him away to the devil and he had to go to Hell. The only way to get out was to pluck the three golden hairs off the devils head, so then he had to pretend to be the devils grandmother and cook for home and sing him a song to go to bed. At the end of the book after he had been through all of this he had to fight the dragon and ended up finding out it was his dad and he almost killed him.

  23. Out of all the characters in all the books I’ve read I feel Harry Potter would be the most upset with how J.K Rowling put him in the story. Because he was through much trouble like seeing his parents and his friends die. To someone who wants to kill him no matter what and make some of his life miserable. Through he had great experiences in the book like being the main character, and getting to get rid of Voldemort the antagonist of the book. But I believe he would like to have how his story goes a little differently than how it’s portrayed. But overall I believe that Harry Potter is the most upset on how his character was played in The Harry Potter franchise.

  24. The Hunger Games. Gale from District 12 is definitely the most upset with his role because his true love and hunting partner’s sister was reaped for the Hunger Games. Naturally Katniss volunteered as tribute to save her beloved little sister, Prim. Now Katniss is with another boy that was reaped from District 12, Peeta. Now, in order to survive, Katniss and Peeta must act like the star crossed lovers from District 12. Further more, Gale has to watch as they act like lifelong lovers (and they acted very well) even though he knows that Katniss loves him more, he second guesses himself.

  25. A character that would be mad would be Gandalf because he left in chapter 7 and returns in chapter 16. He would. be mad because he spent almost half of the book without being with them. Also because he didn’t get to help the dwarves and Bilbo.

  26. In Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt. Doug is the main character but his oldest brother Lucas is the one who suffered the most during this book. When Lucas turned 19 he was drafted to the Vietnam war. Wars can be devastating to people. This is the exact case for Lucas when he came back home to New York his family saw him missing both Legs and partially blind. So this leaves me to believe if he showed up to argue against other character he would win. Living a life without legs and partially blind would suck especially in the 1970s when technology wasn’t as advanced as today’s. So Lucas would have to have someone push him around all the time because he couldn’t wheel himself around if he was blind. Also he can’t see color, faces, or anything so he would miss that too. I think Lucas would be furious that Gary D. Schmidt wrote him this future. Life seems very hard for Lucas.

  27. In all of the books that I have read I would say that Jackson should be the most upset. Jackson is from the book Crenshaw. Jackson has a little sister named Robin and a dog named Aretha. He had to live out on the streets in an RV hen he was in first grade. The author said that he lost all of his money and that his dad was singing on the streets and he was begging for money for his family’s food so they won’t starve. His mom was working as a waitress for multiple different restaurants. Living in a van and not having a bed to lay on really gets you into a bad state in life and your mind gets into depression mode. After reading this book you learn not to take things for granted. They had to sell their TV to Marisol because the needed the money for food. They drove through drive-throughs everyday for food. They didn’t have a house to live in. It teaches you not to take thing for granted because imagine if you lived on the streets and didn’t have anything to eat and you depended on other people to give you money for food so you can live and eat again for the first time that day.

  28. Holly Goldberg Sloan has no care for my part in the Counting by 7s. I’m the main character, Willow Chance. In the story I lost my birth parents and foster parents, that was a lot to cope with. Not to mention my parents were my safehavens, and now they are nothing but ashes. When I was trying to get back on my feet, I went to my home away from home a lot. I love the library, but Holly Goldberg Sloan showed no mercy towards my well-being because she made me cut my head open on an elephant decal that was placed on a coffee table. I was reading a book and that was the last thing I needed. All of these other characters can quit complaining, because my storyline was full of loss, bad luck, and disappointment.

  29. I think Willow from Counting by Sevens would be the most mad with her author (Holy Goldberg Sloan) because her parents died in the first quarter of the book in a car crash. She was already adopted, and then her new parents died. She had to find and adapt to a new family twice. I can’t even imagine what she’s been through. Also, her new parents she met only a few weeks ago. She lost almost everything, but she kept on going.

  30. If there was any character in a book that would be mad at the writer for portraying him it would be Thomas from the Maze Runner. It would be Thomas because he killed Newt was one of the major/minor characters in the book. Thomas was devastated by Newts death. If Thomas had to tell the author two things it would be why did I have to kill Newt and why am I in the maze. I think Thomas would tell the author why he had to be in the maze because Thomas wanted to just live a normal life with his mom and that’s why I think that Thomas would be the maddest character to the author.

  31. I hear a massive mishmash of voices screaming in the room next to me. I walk over and ask them to either quiet down or speak one at a time. They agreed to scream a the top of their lungs one at a time I go back to my hotel room and hear a pair of voices explaining why they are so upset. They’re saying, “WE ARE THE MOST UPSET BECAUSE WE WERE BEHEADED BY OUR PARENTS, RAN AWAY AND THEN MET A KIND OLD LADY WITH A HOUSE MADE OF CANDY WHO TURNED OUT TO BE A CANNIBAL!” I say to myself, “Sounds like Hansel and Gretel from A Tale Dark and Grimm.” Apparently having heard me they respond, “EXACTLY!”

  32. Out of all the characters in the books I have read to be the most upset with their author I would have chosen Jayden from Eye of The Storm because she almost kills her aunt and mother she also gets tasered and tied to a chair and had to go through the biggest storm in the world. She also sees Alex’s dog Newton with a hurt leg. Her dad also has to go to prison for making weaponized tornadoes.

  33. The character that would be most Angry about the way that the author portrayed him would be Peter from “Number The Stars’ because he died when he was a young adult because he was in the resistance and he was shot down in the public square and he probably wanted to live till he was an elder.

  34. If all the characters in the books I’ve read came together, Percy Jackson would be the most upset because he only got a chapter in Magnus Chase. He got a cameo in the book but he only got one chapter. He would have wanted to be in the whole book. Thorin Oakenshield would have also been upset because he didn’t get his long lost arkenstone.

  35. If I had to pick from all the characters from all of my books I would pick Snape from Harry Potter because he wouldn’t have enjoyed getting eaten alive by Nagini, Voldemort’s snake, he also would have wanted to protect Harry Potter from Voldemort. The reason why Snape was killed is because he killed Dumbledore and he had the Elder Wand and Voldemort wanted the Elder Wand to gain immersive power. And Snape possessed the Elder Wand, so the only was Voldemort could possess it was to kill him.

  36. If there was one person that had to be the maddest at the author of a book that I’ve read this year, it would be Thorin Oakinsheild from The Hobbit. It would be Thorin because Bilbo gave away the Arkenstone, his most prized possession that he owns and it also belonged to his father, Thrian, who had it passed on to him from his father. Thorin had it passed down to him and had also said that it was his most prized possession and he’d do anything to get it back and be avenged. Overall he would be maddest character.

  37. I would say that Penny from Out of My Mind would be the most upset even though she’s a baby she would get the most upset. This is because one of her parents ran over her arm and she has a cast on and she isn’t even one year old yet. Even though I just read a book about how Emily’s mom forgets about her own husband due to a spell this would be worse to me.

  38. The character that would be mad at they way the author dealt with them would be Brian Robinson from the book the Hatchet. He would be mad because he went through sooo much like crashing, having no food, getting stabbed by a porcupine, and many other bad things. The author could have left all those bad things out of the book and he could have been saved. But if all of that didn’t happen, then the ending of the book would have been different and the end was my favorite part.

    1. In the book the Hobbit Bomber would be the most upset with J.R.R. Tolkien because he was so fat. Not only was he so fat, the poor guy was always so exhausted and hungry. He was always thinking about food. Another reason was he always had to go last for everything because he was so fat. This is why Bomber would be the most upset with J.R.R

  39. I think Bombur would be the most upset with J.R.R. Tolkien because of the way the other dwarves treat him. He hates being the lookout and being at the end of the troop. They say he is too fat to be in the front. But the author just HAD to make it so stubborn Bombur fell in the enchanted lagoon. While he was out he was actually having a very nice dream. But of course the dwarves got tired of carrying him so they shook him awake. Mr. Tolkien also made him too fat to go up the mountain normally with the others. They had to pull him up with a rope.

  40. The character that would be maddest because of their author is Steven. He was from the book “The Nest.” I feel that he would be mad because his little sibling was practically getting eaten by the wasps. Plus before that he wasn’t to normal either. He was really self conscious. He also didn’t have any friends either. So it didn’t help the fact that he had wasps making a new sibling because his real one was dying. The wasps were trying to eat the actual baby for food, when the one that the wasps were making was done. He was also probably upset to hear in the first place that his sibling was disabled. Plus Stevens sibling was dying.

  41. If all the characters from all the books I read came together to figure out who was the neglected character I think that Snape from Harry Potter would have the best argument. Snape was protecting Harry Potter for pretty much his whole time at Hogwarts and he got so little credit for it. In the end he just died by Nagini eating him. Pretty much he was the silent hero for the whole series (which spans for about 7 years). And he only got recognized at the end of the book when Harry realized that he was wrong for all those 7 years. Snape was not trying to hurt him he was wanting to protect him from Voldemort. So that is why it think Snape is the most portrayed by the author.

  42. From all the characters from the books I have read this year, I believe the character that would be the most annoyed with the author would be Steven from The Nest. The reason for this is because in the story, Steven finds out that he is allergic to wasp stings. Steven has dreams of a queen wasp that is messing with his mind saying they are going to replace his new baby brother that has a medical problem. Later in the book thousands of wasps come and sting him and he is trying to protect his baby brother. He passes out after the stings covered his body. The main reason I think he would be the most upset with the author is because he was written to be tortured by being stung when he is allergic and also because his baby brother’s life was on the line.

  43. From all the books I read I think Dedee, from the book Posted, would have the best argument with his author. I think this because he always get bullied and he is a outcast of his grade. He always gets made fun of for carrying around his dice at school. Dedee would say that he always gets bullied. Also that he always gets bumped into in the hallway.

  44. If I had to say which character in any book would be the most upset, I would choose Loki in Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead because Loki was just about to start ragnorok (doomsday) when all of the sudden Magnus chase comes along and putts him in a nutshell, literally. Loki is the god of trickery and mischief in Norse mythology. He has waited thousands of years in bonds made from his own children’s intestines waiting to start ranorok. Then his plans just get ruined.

  45. As all the characters got together unhappy with their authors to talk about the horrible things they that happened to them. Then they all heard one character spoke up.
    “Um… Hello I’m Day and I’m very angry.”
    “Marie Lu my author killed my mom.”
    OH they all exclaimed.
    “I’m sorry for asking but did your mother die.”
    “ Well… You see I’m the biggest criminal in the Republic.”
    Really the group said confused
    “But your so young.”
    “I know its a long story but the Republic soldiers came to my house where I was hiding and shot my mother in the head right in front of me.”
    One character named Willow came over and comforted Day.
    “You will be ok my parents died in a car crash.”
    Then they all stopped and looked in the middle of the room and there was Marie Lu looking at Day. She opened her arms and gave Day a big hug and comforted him while he cried. Marie apologized to Day and Day forgave her.

  46. From the books I’ve read I think that Ellie would be mad because in the book Ellie’s story her partner gets shot in the guts. She never got to see him again until like 2 years later. So every time some would walk in to the pound , she thought it was him but it was never him. One day some one else picked her up that she never new sho she was always sad in side or mad in side because she didn’t see her partner for along time. I think this one would win the agument in the story/book. That is why I picked this story/book.

  47. As all the characters got together unhappy with their authors to talk about the horrible things that happened to them. Then they all heard one character spoke up.
    “Um… Hello I’m Day and I’m very angry.”
    “Marie Lu my author killed my mom.”
    OH they all exclaimed.
    “I’m sorry for asking but did your mother die.”
    “ Well… You see I’m the biggest criminal in the Republic.”
    Really the group said confused
    “But your so young.”
    “I know its a long story but the Republic soldiers came to my house where I was hiding and shot my mother in the head right in front of me.”
    One character named Willow came over and comforted Day.
    “You will be ok my parents died in a car crash.”
    Then they all stopped and looked in the middle of the room and there was Marie Lu looking at Day. She opened her arms and gave Day a big hug and comforted him while he cried. Marie apologized to Day and Day forgave her.

  48. When thinking about what character would be the most upset, I think it would be Thomas from the Maze runner series. I think this because Thomas was just sent it a life size maze not remembering anything but his name, age, and gender. Also in that maze was giant spiders a.k.a grievers. These grievers took half of the boys from the maze and killing them. However later in the book Thomas’s best friend Chuck was killed by one of the boys that got the flare when being stung by a griever. Then after the escaping the Maze they had to past the Scorch Trial. In result of that many people died. I think Jame Dashner upset Thomas the most out of any book I ever read in my whole entire life.

  49. Every book I’ve read has had interesting characters. If I had to pick a character that would be the most upset with their author I think it would be Brian from the Hatchet. Why I think Brian would be the most upset with his author Garry Paulsen is because Brian went threw pain and got to the extent of almost dying. Also he was unlucky one of the very few who get stranded in their life time with no help. I think he would be mad that it had to be him of all the 7 billion people in the world. What Brian would say to him is “come on man do it to someone else why do I deserve this madness”. Also I think Brian would say “I also thank you for picking me to get stranded in the wilderness I learned a lot.

  50. If I had to chose a character that would be mad at their author, and make a grand argument, it would be Sugar a southern girl from the book “Almost Home.” I would pick her because she is a sassy girl who learns to persuade people in her Chicago journey. Her mom wasn’t exactly somebody who did things well on their own so Sugar helped her mom a lot after a big melt down that her mom had. Sugar is also as sweet as honey. She learns to stick up for her mom and her friends and herself. I think she would be mad at her author because, in the beginning, a business man took away Sugar and her mom’s home. They were alone on the streets for awhile and living in a shelter. Sugar was upset about this. The worse part is, Sugar’s mom had the big meltdown and Sugar was left on her own and soon to be sent with two random folks to care for her while her mom was in the hospital for days. Sugar loved her mom and was upset she had to be sent to one home to another. I really think she would be extremely mad at her reader because of her mom, her house, and being sent with random people. Another bad thing that happened was, her mom was in love with Sugar’s dad but Sugar’s dad was a gambler and only cared about money not anything else including Sugar! Sugar should be mad at her author for all these bad mistakes and happenings that ocurred in every scene in the story. I would also be mad at my reading for leaving my family and home and mom. Sugar would have the best argument too because of her sassy tone plus the facts she can persuade easily and how many bad things happened to her life. If Sugar was trying to tell her author how bad her story was, she would probably say, “Now listen here Joan Bauer! I had a rocky road trip with my fictional life! I was left alone with strangers while my mom was in the hospital, my dad was a mean gambler who didn’t care for me or my mother, I had to be sent to a shelter with nothing exept me, my hopes, and my mom, and my whole entire home was lost! I wish you could have made the happy ending at the beginning!”

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