Which Book Character is the Most Upset?

Hi Students!

Follow the directions on the prompt. Take into consideration ALL of the characters from ALL of the books that you have read so far this year. Think! Which character would be most upset with how the author portrayed or dealt with him/her/it? Remember to back up your ideas with what you know from the story.

One good paragraph. Watch your sentences, spelling, and punctuation. Be creative!

Be sure you mention the character’s name, and the title of the book (the important words) should be in capital letters.



  1. In all the books I have read this year I think brien would be the maddest person because he was thrown and Beaton up by moose and bear and a plane crash. When everything was clam the author was like let’s spice things up and go down a water fall and make Brian fall off the boat. That is why I think Brian is the most unlucky.

  2. When thinking about what character would be the most upset, I think it would be Thomas from the Maze runner series. I think this because Thomas was just sent in a life size maze not remembering anything but his name, age, and gender. Also in that maze was giant spiders a.k.a grievers. These grievers took half of the boys from the maze and killing them. However later in the book Thomas’s best friend Chuck was killed by one of the boys that got the flare when being stung by a griever. Then after the escaping the Maze they had to past the Scorch Trial. In result of that many people died. I think Jame Dashner upset Thomas the most out of any book I ever read in my whole entire life.

  3. If all the characters were in one room from all the books I have read I would choose Ada from The War That Saved My Life. Ada has a club foot all her life which prevented her from being a normal child. She was never able to make friends, go outside or even go to school. Besides that her mom would brutally abuse her. For nights she would spend nights locked up in a cabinet with bugs and spiders. Her mother never let her go outside or even walk. Ada was her servant and that is why she would be angry at the author. Ada would want to have a normal foot and family. If Ada’s mom did not take them back to London when the bombing was happening she probably would have been alright. If the author let her stay with Susan in the first place should would not have cuts and scars all over her from the attack. Ada would have wished that she and her younger brother (Jamie) would have always been in a safe surrounding, especially in the first place. That is why they would be angry with the author espically the way they have lived their past life.

  4. In all of the books I have read this year I think that Peter, the main character from the book Pax would be the most upset with the author because he grew up with a small fox that he saved. As the fox got older and larger, the dad told him they had to let it go in the wild. He listened to his dad, so drove all the way to a place that would be a good habitat for the fox. They they let home go. Peter was really upset to see his fox go. He drove back with his dad to his house but I still couldn’t imagine what life would be like without his fox. I think Peter would be the most upset because all the other books I’ve read they have been happier stories, or they are about something that happened in real life. Peter walked all the way to go find is on Fox again. He broke his foot and he had to stay with this creepy old lady to let his foot heal, this took a really long time. After his foot healed Peter sent off to find his fox, this was a really far walk, but I did finally found him and he saw his fox had found a bunch of other foxes. He saw that the foxes had turned into his family and he knew that he would be happier out there. He was upset that he liked it better out in the wild, but he wanted to do what was best for his fox.

  5. I think Elsie Schneider from One for Sorrow deserves to be the most upset about her author because she has a bad family that doesn’t take care of her very well. Elsie also was bullied by a gang of popular girls who didn’t like her. Elsie made a “friend” named Annie on the first day of school only to have her betray Elsie and join the other girls in bullying her. Elsie also died later from the flu which she didn’t want to happen. I think Elsie would want to talk to the author about why she gave her such a horrible life where no one liked her. I think she would also say that she was mad at the author for making her die so young and not being able to actually have a good life where she was happy.

  6. I think Tick from the City of Ember series would be upset with how the author dealt with him, because he is hated and basically banished from the Sparks Town in the end. Tick would be upset because his friends turned on him to do the right thing (but he wanted to do the wrong thing). Also he would be mad that he was defeated. Tick would be mad about this because he wanted to be powerful, but the book basically shows he is a coward and a evil character because of how he acts. Tick would also be mad because what he tried to stop kept going in the end. Tick would be upset because his plan backfired and he thought he was going to out smart the competition. Tick’s competition ended up being nicer, smarter, and stronger. The author also wrote that Tick wanted destruction over the town (which made him look bad). Tick would also be upset that he was not the center of attention and the people of Ember hate him, because Tick tricked them. Overall Tick would be very upset with how the author dealt with him.

  7. Now, I think the most annoyed character with the author in a book has to be Wahoo’s dad for Chomp. In Chomp, he is being held captive by Tuna’s dad. Tuna’s dad is drunk and has a gun which is not the best combination. Near the end of the book, he is shot in the foot and looses his toe. I can imagine this was very painful. Now, the character can never walk the same again.

  8. If a character that was excluded or died in the beginning and mad at the author it would be Wonder because he had a face who no one liked, and he had to wear a astronaut helmet to cover his face in public. Later on he had a back life so far with people not liking him just because of how he looked, later in the book his dog Daisy died and that made his life even worse for him. Still people don’t like him and his dog died also his sisters boyfriend wasn’t told about wonder yet because of his face. For that kids in school bullied him and wrote letters in his locker about him being a monster. I think wonder would of liked to be a better story about how every one acts around him.

  9. Of all the books, I feel like Frank from Relentless would be the most upset about his description. The book only described and told the bad things that he did to Julian but never told us what good he did. The book never told us the things he did to care for Julian throughout school and just told us how hard and long he’d make Julian practice. A big part of the book was telling us how Frank and Julian got in arguments. It barley told us how much time he gave to Julian.

  10. As I walk into the court, I realize how late I am. The crowd is furious over something. I sit down in my chair and slam the mallet a few times. “Order! Order in the court!” I see two men that particularly catch my eye. A boy who looks to be about 16 years old, with shaggy blonde hair and ripped up clothing. Also a man with grayish black hair and a black jacket. The younger boy sits in his seat angrily, and the older man sits in his looking annoyed. “Thank you.” I say, and look down at my schedule. “May I have Magnus Chase and Rick Reardon up here please?” The two men walk over and sit in the chairs next to me. “Hi I’m Magnus Chase.” The younger boy says, clearly annoyed. “And I’m Rick. I wrote the series of Magnus Chase.” The older man says kindly. “Now what is your side Magnus?” I say. “Well, I was perfectly happy living on the streets of Boston until this guy killed me off!” “I was just trying to write a good story.” “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE PUT ME THROUGH?” “Yes, I wrote it.” I slam the mallet. “Calm down. Magnus, what have you been through?” I got flaming asphalt thrown into my stomach, fell into the river, was brought to Valhalla, killed again, chased by a squirrel,” As Magnus is talking I look over to see two small people, one dressed in a fancy suit, one with a red scarf making hand motions to the fancy suit guy, and a tall girl about the same age as Magnus. Their seats are right around where Magnus and Rick were sitting. The girl and fancy suit guy are nodding. “Faced my biggest fea-“ “Ok, Magnus I’ve heard enough. And Rick, you?” Magnus still looks irritated. “I was simply writing an interesting story. I have nothing more to say.” I look at my paper and write a check next to Magnus’s name. “Ok, I believe Magnus is the most upset with his author. But Rick had a good reason for it.” I hit the mallet on the board. “You are all dismissed.”

  11. The only book i read this year was the hobbit. And the character I think would be the most upset with the author for dealing with him is Gollum. In the hobbit Gollum was left in his dark cave on his island in the middle of the small lake. He was looking for the ring which was his birthday present. Bilbo had took it and ran out of the cave to leave Gollum there sobbing about loosing his precious. Gollum would be upset with the author for how he made bilbo take the ring and leave him the way he was. Gollum could also be upset with the author for making him not have a home. In the hobbit we learn that Gollum does not have a permanent home. He would be upset that the author made him live in the cave other than a permanent home.

  12. If the characters from the book chomp had a board meeting. The most disappointed character would be the father of the main character. The reason being that his tow was shot off for no reason by a drunk man. And the saddest person would be Link their airboat driver. And how he was abused during his childhood. And how and when his hand made airboat got destroyed in a chase. Link would also be blabbering about how he shouldn’t have even got involved and it was just bad luck he was brought into the situation.

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