Create a Terrifying Creature


Follow the directions on the image. In addition: State your creature’s name (yetishark) or (explain the name if you modify the parts: sheti) and why the combination you chose is the most terrifying. Describe any special qualities/characteristics of your new creature and what your new creature does.

As always, begin with a creative lead in sentence and conclude with something thoughtful. One good DESCRIPTIVE paragraph. Let’s see some commas!


  1. I have chose to combine a vampire and a viper. I chose a vampire because a vampire can fly as a bat and has large fangs to drink blood with. I combined the vampire with the viper because the viper’s bite is poisonous and the snake can strangle you. Therefore a vampire and a viper is the most terrifying because it can kill you instantly and you don’t know where they are and where they are not there. The name of this animal is the vmapir. The quality’s of this animal is that it can fly, bite, hid, and kill you in an instant.

  2. My creature’s name is Giantporcupine. Imagination walking down a street just one afternoon and seeing a giant animal crushing every thing. Pretty terrifying, on top of that its really spiky killing lots of people with its huge spikes. Also its terrible because it will crush all the buildings. Also it would be a really bad pet because of its giantess. One move and you a you can get licked by a giant tongue and be soaking wet. But even worse the whole city would smell like wood. Good luck surviving the Giantporcupine!

  3. A vicious predicted in the seas a camouflage fish. A brutal shark attacks only at the Perfect moment it’s a ninja in the ocean. The shark is a legend that some people believe but every day he eats at least 5 people with out no one knowing. The ninja shark is at the top of the food chain and the only competition to the shark is the humans and the cost guard.

  4. My terrible creature is called Clown Monkey. I chose this combination because, many people have fears of clowns and I know I don’t have a fear of werewolfs and vampires or demons so I chose a clown as my first word. I chose monkey because I’ve learned that some types of monkeys can scary and can bite; their teeth are also sharp so, I chose monkey as my second word. Clown Monkey, (AKA, Cunkey,) has two sharp k-nines. It’s eyes are red and it’s face is painted white with make up and red rosy cheeks. It also has blue eye shadow make up on. It’s tail has pointy spikes on it too! Yikes! This type of monkey can kill you in two seconds with its spiked tail and sharp teeth. He also rides a tricycle everywhere which makes it very creepy because of its squeaky wheels! This creature lives in a extremely dark cave, pitch black in fact, carved into a mountain side. He rarely comes out unless he wants to kill and eat his victims. Did I every say Clown Monkey has lodes of good hidden in his cave? Did I say his lips are dark dark red from the blood of his victims? One day, a man in a tall hat came by the cave to steal Clown Monkey’s gold. Cunkey thought the killing of this man was going to be nice and easy but Cunkey didn’t know this man was magic. So he then ran out to attack the man! He left his tricycle behind him. Cunkey thought he wasn’t going to need this tricycle for this job. Then, the man stopped and choked Cunkey so hard! I forgot what happened after that but I do know the gold belonged to the man now and Cunkey was still out there. I guess he survived that hard choke. And that was all I remeber of Clown Monkey.

  5. Everyone has heard of a demon and pig! It gives shivers down your spine when bought up in a conversation! Introducing the new and improved demon-pig, it has a creepy face with demon features like horns on its head. If you look into it’s eyes then you get sent to hell. It’s very scary and…um…well it’s just scary except for the fact that it is big and can kill a man in seconds. The only way to defeat it is to use a weapon from hell, The Shadow Blade. Well good luck going to hell, getting the sword and combing out alive to actually kill the beast.

  6. My creature is Ninja wolf, he sneaks upon people and spy’s on them, he can move very fast and he can also jump very high and far. He is dressed in a black suit with a mask. His special ability is to turn invisible and he has a tail with steel fur. He is scary because he creeps up on people and then he takes them into his cave and eats them. Ninja wolf is scary also because his suit blends into the night sky so he is hard to see and hear coming

  7. Deermon are kind of like werewolf’s. They are Demon deers. I know that might not sound very scary. Deers, you think of fluffy, cute animals frolicking in a field of yellow daisies. But Deermon are growling, drooling, well, demons that show no mercy. They are half demon, half deer and they are a reddish brown. They have sharp horns and teeth. During October they come out from under ground and terrorize people all over! Their favorite thing to do is feast on human souls. And if their hungry for leftovers (which they probably are from being underground for a year,) they’ll eat your body, too! They stand on two legs and are extremely fast, bulky and strong. Watch. Your. Back

  8. My terrifying creature would be a Ninja Lobster. I chose these two combinations because one little mistake when handling a lobster you can get pinched. Also Ninjas are very skillful, so when making the very littlest mistake your instantly going to get pinched. When putting both of my names together it would be Nobster. Imagine seeing a Nobster while swimming under water. I would yell so loud it would echo. Overall when see this creature I would terrified.

  9. There is a new terrifying creature in the world, the deerwolf. It basically is a deer and a werewolf combined. I choose a werewolf because it can run extremely fast, it is one of the fastest animals ever. It can catch you no matter how fast you are running. It mostly lives in the forest because that is where it finds most of its prey. Then I picked a deer since it looks very gentle and it is very subtle. It is very good at tricking people and it’s prey into looking like a normal forest animal. Then it can hunt you and that is the last time you will see a deerwolf. So next time you are out in the forest remember you can not hear the deerwolf and there is no chance in running.

  10. My monster is a ninja Pig. He wears nothing on his face and walks on 2 feet and if he needs to walk he can walk on four feet. He will jump down and land like a feather on the ground he is a bad and good. He assassin a Japanese war leader.

  11. What word does ninja plus monkey make? Ninjamonkey! My scary creature is the ninjamonkey. I made my scary creature the ninjamonkey because ninjas are amazing at fighting and monkeys are good at agility and are intimidating. This means the ninja could fight and do the dirty work and the monkey good look intimidating and could do the agility work. These combined makes one scary creature. When you see a ninja and a monkey remember their is always the odd animal and human out. Where could they be?!

  12. Trick-or-treat: BAMBI’S GOT BITE

    Just as the kids are taking to the streets for spooky fun, and sugar overload on Halloween, scientists have rediscovered a long forgotten species of deer that might just freak you out. “The Vampire Deer”. The vampire deer has long teeth that are just like fangs, it has brown and black hair, their ears stick up, they love to eat lichens, their tails stick down, and their tails are short. The vampire deers are very dangerous if you come near them then you will get bitten by one. These teeth can be thrust out and while this happens the buck will also pull his teeth closer together by drawing in his lower lip. This is why the kids get scared on halloween night.

  13. My creature I created is the zombiebat. I think it is not the most ferocious creature I could’ve made but in a real life scenario I could be extremely scary. Imagine it as silent spreader of a plague. It could quietly fly into your house and infect you in a small nip. And since bats have echolocation they could Zero you out in any condition. Making them impossible to hide from.

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