Who Stole Frosty’s Nose?


A terrible crime has been committed! Someone stole Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You say you didn’t do it but, how do we know for sure?

Write your very best alibi explaining your whereabouts and how you couldn’t possibly have stolen Frosty’s nose. Be very persuasive…otherwise…

One good paragraph. This is a persuasive write, meaning you need to be very convincing with your reasoning. Good luck!

Have a very fun holiday break, safe travels, and see you in 2018!!


  1. I couldn’t possibly steal Frosty’s nose. I am not the terribly mean criminal who took Frosty’s nose because I just moved from a cold place because I was done with snow. I hate carrots. At the time of the crime I was in Florida, in my pool oblivious to the pure act of hatred and crime that happened to Frosty. I am just amazed at how hard that must be for Frosty. Did you know I cried when I heard about this incident.

  2. There is no way I could have taken Frosty’s Nose because when I came back from my friend’s house I saw that Frosty had no nose. That morning(6:30) my dad decided to build a snowman because of all the snow we had gotten. I got to put on Frosty’s eyes, arms, mouth, and nose. Before I left for my soccer game(7:45) I decided to check to make sure that dad’s Snowman was still doing fine, and it was. When we were getting in our car to leave for my game I saw my brother go out back and check out daddy’s Snowman, I got a bit worried when I saw that because I thought he would take something. When we got back from my game(10:37) I went out back to check dad’s Snowman and everything was just as it was before. Next thing I know, my neighbor is at my door asking if I wanted to come over, so I did. When I got back(12:00), and went out back I realized that daddy’s Snowman’s nose was…gone! I rushed inside, checked everywhere I thought someone would hide it. I asked everyone in my family if they took it but they all claimed not to. They all accused me of taking the nose. I told them that Frosty was the best Snowman I had ever meet and that I would never take his nose! My parents realized that I couldn’t of been me so, they decided to check with me. That night we found Frosty’s nose in the trashcan and the mystery went on.

  3. “I didn’t steal it,” I said, “Why would I steal some stupid carrot off of a snow man I barely built? I don’t go outside that often during winter. My socks get wet and cold. My ears and throat burn. My face feels numb and I usually get a cold for two days since I don’t have a scarf. And when I forget my gloves I can’t move my hands for like ten minutes. No one likes that.”
    Besides what I just said. The three kids who didn’t accuse me thought and said I was clean. Eight of them believed me. But the two kids, Milo and Ian, were still mad.
    “I didn’t want to build it. I just did because of Dylan’s pet snake. I mean it has been a year. I would build it only because it was its birthday,”
    The people who believed me glared at Milo and Ian.They rose up. Then they dug around the snow. They fished out… A bright orange carrot!
    “Boom!” Milo shouted, “You just walked the prank!” Ok I’m sorry. He just said ‘you got pranked’.

  4. I would never do such a thing! Plus, I was no where near where Frosty’s nose was stolen. Frosty’s nose was stolen around 7:00pm. I was at my basketball game from 6:30 – 8:00. So, I could have never stolen Frosty’s nose. I always loved Frosty as well. He was my idol and I admired him. Which means, I could have never done this. My basketball game was at Willis Johns. Willis Johns is no where near North Shore Park! I promise you, I did not steal Frosty’s nose.

  5. What? No, I didn’t steal his nose. Apparently Frosty’s nose went missing. It wasn’t me, see, I was 653.4 miles away in Bobsburg. I was at the Bobsburg Tower Observation Deck! It’s a new building that’s very high, and it’s very hard to get into. In fact, it has a three week waiting list to enter! Yep, that’s right. I’ve been waiting three weeks to enter the Bobsburg Tower. Doing nothing at all, except waiting. However, what really makes me mad, is that you guys took me in for questioning right when I was about to get to the top! Now I have to wait three weeks to get in again! Thanks a lot, I didn’t even take anything, and I didn’t even get to the Bobsburg Tower! Also, Frosty doesn’t have a nose — there are no Frostys because it’s the middle of July. Besides, we live in the desert.

  6. I didn’t take Frosty´s nose because I don’t like carrots and also I woudn´t disrespect my elders. Another reason I’m innocent is that I had a basketball game in Orlando and at that time when I got home it was already 9:00. After I ate dinner and took a bath, I helped put light on my house and Christmas tree. Last I went to bed and was never seen again!!!

  7. It might seem that I stole Frosty’s nose, but it wasn’t me! First of all I would NEVER steal anything from someone/something! Especially if it’s a snowman’s nose! For all I know it could be Frosty’s evil twin coming to get revenge. Also, why would I even need a carrot in the first place? I could just go to the supermarket and get carrots that are actually sanitary. A raccoon could have stole and ate Frosty’s nose. Raccoon love to find food. Maybe a whole ant army teamed up with other ant armies to steal Frosty’s nose. When I was little I used to love Frosty and would do anything to meet him. I would NEVER ruin any memories from my childhood. I promise I didn’t do it!

  8. I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose because I was at a sleepover at my friend’s house. I was in big trouble for a misunderstanding. I told the police officers I heard on the news that someone in a red hat stole Frosty’s carrot nose. I told them that my friend and I went to the crime scene. But I wore a red hat for some reason. Then you all started chasing me because I had a red hat on. They asked me where I worked. I said that I worked at a carrot farm. Then the police officers told me that I was going to jail. All of a sudden a carrot fell out of the police officers packet. The police officers started chasing him. My friend and I just left the scene when they took the police officer to jail.

  9. I know it may seem that I am the culprit, but I must tell you, it wasn’t me! First of all things, I hate carrots. I mean HATE them H-A-T-E. Hate. Also, couldn’t it of been some random animal who’d stolen it? Okay, sorry I’m supposed to be telling you why I didn’t steal it (and not blame others) but for all we know, an innocent bunny could’ve hopped by and stole the snowman’s nose. Besides, why would I want a carrot in the first place. I mean if I was really so desperate for a carrot, I could just go into my house and grab one from the fridge. What would I choose, a dirty carrot nose in dog pee snow. Probably so frozen in dog pee, it would break my teeth, or a fresh beautifully orange cool carrot. I know I said I hate carrots, but some of my friends like carrots, and trust me it doesn’t snow on April Fools Day. Is this enough proof to prove that I didn’t steal it? If that’s not enough and you think I may of done it to be cruel, let me tell you that is 101% tru…wrong. Every year I watch Frosty the Snowman on TV and when I was younger, I used to put a hat on my snowman and hope it would come to life too. So let me tell you I did not steal that carrot from Frosty and feel insulted that you would ever blame me for doing so.

  10. I was at the police station ready with my alibi. They called my name and I slowly stepped in to the room. They told me to talk, so I did. I didn’t exactly know what I was in there for. Then they told me,
    “Someone stole Frosty’s nose.” I gasped. Now I know why I was in there.
    “Frosty was one of my best friends,I would never, ever, in a million years, steal his nose.” They looked at me and said to keep going. “Frosty’s nose is a carrot. So maybe….Harry the moose stole it. Or Jenny the bunny. But I swear to you I didn’t do it. PERIOD. Plus, Frosty makes so many kids happy. Why would I ruin there happiness!? They would see him without his nose and probably say ‘oooh that does not look good’.Also, I was in California for winter time. It’s so cold here I just wanted to have a ‘cool’ Christmas. Frosty and I go way back. I was a little kid when he came alive. Ever since then, we wait EVERY Christmas for him to come. My kids love him, he makes the whole family happy. In fact, I’ll buy him a new nose. If you guys will let me go. I wouldn’t do it. All my relatives are so close to him and would be so mad at me if I did. I did see a guy while I was walking down the ‘rough’ part of town. He said that he was so happy he stole Frosty’s nose. I took a picture if you want to see it.” I handed them my phone and they said,
    “That’s Harry Brown! He’s been a criminal for years!” They let me go and I couldn’t wait to tell my family about my day with the ‘nosy’ police officers.

  11. I didn’t take frosty’s nose because I was coming home in a plane ride and there was no way I couldn’t jump out the plane and take frosty’s nose. I got home at 8:45 PM and the nose was reported at 8:30. So that’s why I couldn’t have took it. But I did see a black figure threw one of the planes windows in a barn near frosty but that’s all I saw. At 9:00 AM the man who stole the carrot was the one in the barn.

  12. Someone stole Frosty The Snowman’s nose! I didn’t steal it because I wasn’t near Frosty at 2:54 PM when the nose was stolen. I was at my grandmas house having a family brunch at 10:00 AM. Then at 12:00 PM I went to a secret Santa party at my friend Julia’s house. Before I went to Julia’s I got a gift for the party. At 2:30PM when the party ended, I arrived at the grocery store to get groceries for dinner. I didn’t get home until 3:20 PM so I couldn’t have stolen Frosty The Snowman’s nose.

  13. It wasn’t me that stole Frosty’s noise! I was simply enjoying a cup of hot coco with my family. We were talking about how we didn’t agree with the plot twist of our favorite show. When we were talking we heard little kids laughing out side of our door. They rang the doorbell and ran. When I opened the door no one was there. Something that was odd was when I looked at the snowman I made earlier it’s noise was gone. My mind went straight to the kids I heard out side so I took a closer look. I saw no footsteps no trace of anyone there. So thats when I suspended a bird did it.

  14. I couldn’t of stole his nose because I was on a vacation in The Land of Mole People. They’ve outlawed all snowmen because the Mole’s leader is racist because a snowman once called him ugly so he hates all snowmen. It’s also really hot down in The Land if Mole people because it’s 22 miles below sea level. Frosty the snowman was 20 feet above sea level on his vacation home in Utah. Therefore, I COULDNT STEAL HIS NOSE!

  15. I would never steal Frosty’s nose. I couldn’t have. I was at home eating with my family. Ask my mother. I came home from school. On the way home I saw that Frosty had a nose. I came home and went straight to my room. I did my homework and came down to eat. I wanted to go outside but there was a huge snow storm. After the storm I started to play outside. Then my family took a giant walk. While on the walk I noticed Frosty had no nose. I also saw Hobo Joe eating a carrot. That is why I did not steal Frosty’s nose.

  16. They said I stole Frosties nose. But I didn’t, it all started when. I was at Pops diner with Veronica. At 10:00 PM I had a chocolate shake and she had a strawberry shake. You can ask her! Then after that we went home separately. But I went straight home took a shower and played x box. Then my brother came home and he played with me. So if there are any more questions you need to ask me I am free to talk.

  17. The reason I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose was I was busy. It all started after we built the snow man I went sledding down the icy hill, and crash into the bakery. I trashed everything, and got stuck in the storage room. Then the ambulance came, and I had to go to the hospital for a broken arm. When I came out with my cast I has to pay the baker. Then I came home, and you talked to me. That’s why I couldn’t have stolen Frosty’s nose because I have a broken arm. Also I was gone the whole. Finally there is no way I could take the nose.

  18. Where was I when Frosty the Snowman’s nose was stolen you ask? Well, I was out with my sister so I couldn’t have possibly stolen his nose. We were having a lovely time at the park from 12:08-1:46 PM enjoying our snow cones while our puppy ran around. Then we went to grab some ice cream. It took 15 minutes to get there from the park. I got Rocky Road flavored ice cream and my sister got Superman. We finished our ice cream in ten minutes then arrived home at 2:46 PM just in time to watch the new T.V. Series out on Netflix that released at 3:00 PM. Nowhere near Frosty the Snowman and his stolen nose.

  19. Cops: where were you on Sunday?

    Me: none of your beeswax!

    Cops: do you know Mr. Frosty?

    Me: yeah why?

    Me: is he all right.

    Cops: what’s your relationship with him.

    Me: ummmm?

    Me: what’s this about?

    Cops: well ask the questions.

    Cops: so what’s your relationship with Mr. Frosty?

    Me: well, he comes every Christmas.

    Me: me and him hang out together.

    Cops: where were you on Sunday?

    Me: I was grocery shopping for carrots.

    Cops: my we check this carrots you speak of?

    Me: do you have a permit?

    Cops: no but we do have a good reason.

    Me: okay, may I see it?

    Cops: your looking at it.

    Me: come in.

    Me: These are the carrots.

    Cops: these all look like Frosty’s nose.

    Me: I couldn’t steal his nose because I already have carrots.

    Cops: your right.

    Cops: well bye!

  20. No way! It’s physically impossible that I stole the carrot of the Frosty’s nose! I hate carrots, there is nothing in the whole world that I hate more than carrots. You can ask my brothers if you really care… but really who would eat a carrot from icy, yellow , dog pee snow. And besides if I really wanted a carrot I would walk into my house and get one out of my fridge. And for all we know a little, innocent, starving, bunny rabbit took it for dinner. But I feel very insulted that I have been accused of this major crime, because my little brothers used to watch that show and loved making snowmen on snow days and I have pictures if you want proof. So let me tell you that I would never steal a carrot from a snow man, Sir.

  21. I could not possibly have stolen frosty’s nose. I was at my mother’s house last night by the fire, plus I hate the cold. It makes my feet numb and cold, I like the warmth, the sun. I mean who doesn’t , when you have a lemonade in your hand that’s the best. But I did see someone who had a large carrot in her hand she looked about 6 feet tall, and was braiding her hair while running. She also said chicken which was weird since she was running with a carrot. You can call my mom and ask her, I was in for the holidays and didn’t want to go outside at all.

  22. It couldn’t possibly have been me. Yesterday, I was stuck in Tampa International Airport all day while a horrible storm passed (There’s no snow in Florida). I did get two things from the gift shop, though. You can ask Jerry the Janitor. He assisted me after I slipped where he had mopped. Not such a good idea Jerry, mopping right in front of the gift shop. I was in such a hurry to get another flight because I didn’t want to be stuck in Florida. I had to get back to NYC to buy the rest of my holiday gifts. I have to ship one all the way to Alaska! Thankfully, I got a flight back, but it was at 12:00 at night. Now I have bags under my eyes. It was a horrible flight, I couldn’t sleep. A toddler kicked my seat the entire ride! Also, somewhere up front, a baby was crying. A girl next to me ate a box of sardines! They smelled horrid. I almost threw up in my mouth! The other girl next to me watched 4 episodes of Stranger Things! Talk about a couch potato. We finally landed, and I couldn’t be happier. I crashed on my bed, and slept until 10:00 A.M.! In the morning, I managed to ship gifts to both my aunts, but I still have a lot of work to do. Christmas is not my favorite holiday!

  23. I did not steal Frosty’s nose. I was too busy watching the Patriots game as they beat the Steelers 27 – 24. The game started at 4:25 and ended around 8:00. I can even tell you some of the highlights. It was 10 – 10 late in the 2nd quarter but the Steelers’s wide receiver, Martavis Bryant caught a one handed touchdown to put the Steelers up by seven. Late in the game Rob Gronkowski caught three deep passes in a row to set up Dion Lewis’s eight yard touchdown run. On the second to last drive of the game Juju Smith-Schuster caught a slant on the Patriots and took it to the red zone. The next play Ben Roethlisberger threw a controversial incompletion to Jesse James in the end zone. On the last play of the drive Ben Roethlisberger faked a spike and threw a interception to Duron Harmon.

  24. I didn’t steal the carrot because I was with Hadeon making Hawaiian baguettes. But me and Hadeon Saw Jake, Carson, Kara, and Sofia making carrot stew in the sewers with a butcher knife and they were with another person 6 feet tall in a clown costume breading her hair. Also I saw them having a big party and they had carrot stew at the party. I was horrified that someone would take a nice snow mans nose and eat it. Also wouldn’t steal because I don’t like carrots.

  25. Oh no!!! Frosty’s Nose is Gone! Police are questioning me about the steal. I said that I was at my mom’s house cooking chili. My mom’s book club was coming over to read my mom’s favorite book. I was finishing up when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was my mom’s friend from college. She came in and asked where my mom is. I said the she was the grocery store picking up hors d’oeuvres for the tea party after. She sat down and started listening to music on her phone. I finished the chili and my mom came home. I put the chili on the table and started putting together the hors d’oeuvres. The rest of the friends came over and my mom made me stay and read the book with them. The police didn’t believe me. I don’t know why. The could call any of them. They will tell you that I was there the whole night. I did tell them though that there was a girl with blond hair running down the street with a carrot, Patriot socks and an I Don’t Like Butterflies shirt. Well they are going to check in on that. Wish me luck!

  26. “Pardon me sir but I’m the Chicago police and I’m pretty sure that you stole the carrot off of this very precious snowman.”
    “Police Man I assure you that I haven’t stole anything.”
    “Okay, then where were you last night?”
    “I was in a snowball fight last night with my friends. I was doing this from seven o’clock to nine o’clock. After that I dinner in the area of the snowman.”
    “What did you eat?”
    “I had a delicious Giordano’s pizza it was deep dish and for dessert I had a very great chocolate lava cake. Later that night I was in bed watching the football game between the Steelers and the Chicago Bears. I was hoping that the Chicago Bears would win and they did by seven points.”
    “You sound innocent but I must ask you do you know anyone in the area that could have done this crime?”
    “I do. My friend Sophia went out to get coffee with her tall friend that loves to braid her hair. They drank their coffee and went home. But I just saw them about an hour ago and they gave me a small piece of their home made carrot cake.”
    “Thank you sir we will go investigate these two suspects.”

  27. Frosty the Snowman is dying for attention nowadays. A robbery of his nose? C’mon Frosty! He really isn’t that much of a holly, jolly soul, isn’t he. Well, since all of you are falling for it, I’ll play along.

    My day started with a breakfast disaster that has left me grounded for two weeks. Honestly, I’m lucky my mom let me come out of the house for this. So, it was Saturday. Pancake day. I was bringing the batter to my mom to let her see it, when I tripped and spilled it on her and the couch. Oops. After getting yelled at, I just ate an orange instead, and prepared to swim.

    I changed, put my hair up, and headed to the pool. I decided to enter with a splash, but as I jumped in, reality hit me. By reality, I mean freezing cold water because my dad forgot to heat the pool. After two complete fails in a row, I did not want to continue messing up my Saturday, which meant being with friends at the trampoline park.

    Unfortunately for me, but super funny for everyone else, I screwed up a backflip and my head hit the wall. I wasn’t majorly injured, but it hurt more than you’d think. Here comes the interesting part, though. As we left the trampoline park, I saw someone holding a carrot. It was the perfect size for a snowman, which somebody pointed out. It was a female. She had medium-long blonde hair, and was wearing a tacky romper. It’s winter for goodness sake! I just thought she was a weird hippie, and I also didn’t believe Frosty’s nose being stolen, but I think you have a new suspect to find. Good luck with that!

    1. It’s this very guilty lady why would she go swimming in the winter. Also she said she didn’t realize it was cold until she entered the pool. Which just shows how fake this alibi is.

  28. I would never steal Frosty’s nose! It is such a tragedy that someone so selfish would do that!! On the day the crime took place I was sheltering from the freezing cold in my family’s cozy cottage! We played games all day, especially monopoly! I watched two episodes of Stranger Things! Then my family and I watched a Christmas movie! For breakfast I ate strawberry yogurt, a piece of toast and an egg. For lunch I ate chili, a piece of bread and some crackers. For dinner I ate cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. Then I ate fruit for a snack and watched a lot of tv. After dinner I remembered that I needed to get groceries from Publix. I decided to drive to Publix to get yogurt and a new toaster, mine had been acting weird. I walked out of the store only to see a short girl with blondish brownish hair, a twenty one pilots shirt and a phone case that said Sophie on it running! She was carrying a very long carrot that looked very special. I was so surprised to see the crime that I fainted! I woke up in the hospital and tried my best to explain what happened. If there is anything I have to say, Sophie did it! She stole Frosty’s and she should be arrested!

  29. I did not steal the carrot, my suspects are Jake, Sophie, and Carson. The reason I did not steal the carrot is because I was making my famous chili with Hawaiian baguettes at the chili fair. I saw these shady people in the back named Carson, Kara, Sofia, and Jake making carrot stew. I heard them saying you’ll float too and when I was walking home with my friend Zak I saw Frosty in the back of the building crying with despair.

  30. It was around 11pm I was walking through Central Park heading back to my house. Then a saw the police car parked near a snowman with no nose. A police officer came up to me and accused me of stealing the snowman’s nose ,and asked where I was around 10pm last night.
    I told them I could have never have done it because I picking up groceries to have friends over to watch Stranger Things season 2 from beginning to end. After we were done watching we payed video games till we all fell asleep. But we woke up to see a kid with black hair who spoiled of all of season 2 Stranger Things with a carrot. Then the next morning we got some Starbucks and they left. So that’s the reason why I couldn’t have stolen the carrot. So after I told them that they went after the black hair kid and arrested him for life.

    I, had just moved in, and hadn’t stolen anything yet.
    So I responded, “I couldn’t have stolen your nose within the time frame I’ve lived here. I have only stolen ketchup packets from McDonalds”.
    “Ha! Lightweight! I’ve robbed the Bank of America! Why do you think I moved to Mexico?!” Said, Frosty.
    “Wait, why haven’t you melted then?” I said.
    “Because I am Anti Freeze”, EX-Frosty replied.
    That stranger was known as Aiden.

  32. On the day of this terrible crime I was packing for my annual skiing trip. I picked out a very nice spot in Steamboat Springs. While I was packing a very loud voice kept saying “Pumpyty Pump Pump look at Frosty Go”. So I got into my car and drove to Dicks Sporting Goods to get the best pair of ear muffs. I was trying them on when I heard someone talking that the grocery store had only a few carrots left. When I got back home I continued packing. I was suppose to leave this Friday but I could not go because you called me into the court.

  33. On the night that Frosty’s nose was stolen, I was on a plane to go to Florida for a nice warm winter. The nose was stolen at 2:52 p.m. I was already leaving for the airport. This crime had to have devastated his family. In fact, his wife , Crystal, was right across the street! She could have seen who did it. By the time they figured out about the crime, I was already in Florida enjoying warm weather. But before I left for the airport I saw Colleen suspiciously munching on a carrot!

  34. The night frosty’s nose was stolen, I was….. um……. on…… ERES! That’s a dwarf planet in the keiper belt. NASA hired me to teleport to Eres and bring back a rock sample. So, I was teleported there. The second I got there, Jake the dog started punching me. Then, a couple three-headed snakes started biting my shoes. As if that wasn’t enough, there were constant warning popping up on my space helmet. “Warning, frosty’s nose has been stolen!” It was so annoying! I quickly gathered a rock and pushed Jake the dog and the snakes away. Then, I pressed “teleport”. Of course, it teleported me right where the crime scene was. If you want to know who really stole it, it was me, and i am going to start running away now.

  35. I could never have stolen frosty’s nose because I was at the mall. When I was at the mall I was taking pictures with Santa and the elf. If I stole the nose I would never get to get my google home that I want really bad. After the mall I was getting peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. When I got home it was 10:30 so I walked my dog then started to smell something suspicious and noticed his missing nose thats when I freaked out! Thats why I could never have had stole frosty’s nose.

    1. If you got home at 10:30, and you visited santa and an elf at the mall, AND you got a google home at the Apple store, which takes a long time, you must have woke up very early to go to the mall.

  36. On the day of the crime I was south of Chicago were the crime was committed. I was at least 200 miles away from the crime scene. I was with my family going to my brother’s house. For at least an hour we ate and we played table tennis when suddenly my phone chimed. It said Shocking News: Frosty’s nose has been cut of. Without hesitation I called the police and asked them to start a investigation. I was the first one to call the police. Then we stayed stayed my brother’s house for the night.

  37. I couldn’t have stolen Frosty’s nose because I live in Florida and I was in my house with my relatives, who were visiting for Christmas and we were watching the movie Elf, then we heard breaking news on the TV and then we heard that someone stole frosty’s nose! We heard that it took place in Steamboat Springs, Colorado at 8:47 PM, that was the time when we were watching the movie. I walked outside to see Lea running down the street with a carrot.

  38. I would never, ever steel frosty’s nose. He needs to smell, right. Doesn’t he have to have all his parts to become alive too. This morning I saw it on the news. Last night I was at my basketball game. I had been at school from 3:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. with my team. I left school at 5:15 because my game was at 6:15. Though it was supposed to be at 5:00. Plus, I got home at around 7:15 and we had school the next day and I hadn’t had dinner yet. To be very honest, I found out that frosty’s nose had been stolen this morning. I went to bed at 10:00 because I also made carrot soup. I couldn’t have stolen the nose.

  39. I couldn’t have stolen Frosty’s nose because on Friday at 6:14, the night of the crime, I was at home watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate with my best friends. We started the movie at 5:52, and it had ended at 7:16, after the crime had been committed. The last time I had seen Frosty was four days ago at the arcade, where we played pac-man for a while. I also couldn’t have been there because he was found in Central Park without a nose the night of the crime. My house is almost forty minutes away, and I don’t even have a car (I use my brother’s). Besides, I hate walking in the snow, especially since it would probably have been a really long walk (more than an hour) which I would never even consider doing. My brother was using his car last night to drive him and his friends to the baseball game. Anyway, I had watched the movie and gone straight to bed, waking up the next morning to find out on the 11:00 news Frosty’s nose had been stolen!

  40. Yesterday a crime was committed, Frosty’s nose was stolen. Because of this I am a suspect, but I have proof I didn’t do it. For starters I was at a restaurant for my high school classes 7th reunion. I was there from 5:00 to 8:00. But in that building were cameras that show I was there. I drove from the reunion to my friends house it took ten minutes. But the crime was committed 50 minutes away from my friends house. This is proof that I couldn’t of committed the crime between those ten minutes. But after that I was at a friends house from 8:10 to 9:47. I know the exact time because my friends house has a driveway camera showing when I got there and when I left. After that I started driving home that took 20 minutes. so I got home at home at 10:07 and went to bed at 10:24. The only proof that I have that I slept there was I accidentally set off my alarm system at 10:08 when I opened my front door. Even though I set it off it showed what time it was turned off for proof that I was home.

  41. The new crime in town is blowing up! I heard that someone stole Frosty’s nose! I swear it wasn’t me! The night it happened was Sunday night at 11:59 PM. At this time, I was watching the frosty the snowman movie(I know, ironic) when breaking news went live on our tv. “Frosty is missing.” Said the news man, “Everyone is searching for him and we hope you can hop off your couch and help our search.” So, I ran outside in my Pj’s and saw a person dressed in all black run into the woods being chased by the cops. I ran back inside and saw that the burglar was nowhere to be seen on the news.

  42. Who Stole the snowman’s nose? The crime was committed at 7:45 at the park on the east side of town, in-between the large swing set and the curly slide, It could not have been me. I was at a big fancy garden party at the old west manner on the other side of town that the crime was done. The whole city was envied. Whoever wasn’t there is a suspect. The party was from 6:00pm-8:30pm and security was tight.

  43. There is no way that I could have stolen Frosty’s nose. The night of the crime I was at my house sitting inside drinking some hot coco. I was just about to head off to bed when I heard some crunching outside. I looked outside but no one was there. Later on that night I was sitting in my bed. Then I heard a large thump right outside my window. I ran outside and saw Olaf crunching on a nice juicy carrot! I had to take some pictures. A little while later I was watching some TV when a news flash came up and the headline was… “Someone Stole Frosty’s Nose!” “100 dollar reward if you find the thief” I had to turn Olaf in! Turns out it was not Olaf. I totally did not do it.

  44. “I didn’t take the nose I swear!” I told the police man.
    “Well how do we know for sure?” The police man said in a very deep, low voice.
    “Well… are you just gonna keep me here and just stare at me!?” I yelled.
    “We have some questions for you,” he said
    “Go on…”I commanded him.
    “Don’t wanna be the only one here dead from annoyance,”I complained
    “Well wha-“he tried to tell me but I didn’t wait. I just wanted to get the heck out of there and just get home, it was getting pretty late.
    “Well, I was at HOME, and it was 3:27 when I heard a… sound coming from the TV, because it was on cuz it has to be on for you to watch something and to hear it. Duh!”
    “Carry on,” he said
    “Well… aren’t ya gonna ask anythin’ else?”I inquired
    And we went on and on and on and on and on until I finally told him that I… wasn’t it. After that I showed him my security camera footage and all he saw was my doorway and my garage door, which are the only exits and entrances in my house. Then, he finally let me go, un-guiltey.

  45. I swear I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose. I couldn’t have anyway I was decorating my tree. I was putting on the star on my tree. My family makes a big deal about putting the star on. They make the youngest child in the family put the star on the very tippy top of the tree. If you don’t believe that ask my Aunt Lydia, she has photos of me being lifted up by my Uncle Dan and putting the star on the tree. And if you don’t believe that check my hands, the have sparkles on them from putting all the ornaments and the star on the tree. You think it is me because after I put the star on the tree my family sent me out to go get apples for my Gramma’s famous apple pie that my entire family loves. And that is were you found me, struggling to carry a humongous bag of apples back to my house.

  46. I did not steal the carrot off of Frosty’s noise. My brother and I were making him and making sure that Frosty was all fix up . My mom called us in for some hot coco and lunch. My brother and I when back out side to take to Frosty but then I realized that Frosty was upset because he lost his nose. That is all I remember hanging out with Frosty . I promise I didn’t take his nose.

  47. I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose I couldn’t. I was walking my dog by the beach there is no snow there. Then I went to store to get food for dinner, I was busy for at least 4 hours. By that time is was 9:00 pm and why would I go outside to steal a carrot? This is preposterous that I’m being accused, I think a bunny toke it because he probably hungry and wanted a carrot. That is a perfect example it’s the middle of winter and theres snow on the ground and no one wants to go digging for food. All I want to do in the winter is sit by the fire and drink hot coco. So if it was possible that “I” took the nose that I’m so heartless that I would bring a little kid to tears sure… “I would do that.”

  48. I didn’t steel or will ever steel Frosty’s nose! First off, If I did steel I would of eaten it ages ago! Second off, I wasn’t even out of the store! My guess is Will because I saw him walking down the isle with a carrot sticking out of his bag! I promise and why would I steel a carrot that you can get a t the market for a dollar. Also when I went into the store, the nose was there. But when I got out it was gone.

  49. Why would you think it was me who took frosty’s nose, I was just relaxing in a hot tub. Also I was posting an Instagram picture in the hot tub. You can compare the time from when I posted the Instagram post to when the carrot was stolen. Also have mercy I’m a tourist from Mexico. I don’t know what this frosty person is, it doesn’t snow in Mexico.

  50. I couldn’t of stole Frosty’s nose, I was at basketball practice from 3:00 to 5:00 and his nose was stolen around 4:00, and even if I was home, I wouldn’t want to go steal a carrot, I have plenty at home! And i love Frosty! He is the best snowman in town! Why would I steal his nose if I like him? And my house is far from Frosty’s so I couldn’t of done this, but on my way from basketball practice I saw someone in all green and white sprinting to a car, then hopping in it, and then they speeded away, so I tried to catch up to them, but they stopped, and pulled up to a house, I saw the green and white man holding something green. Then he saw me, and rushed to his door and slammed it and locked it, i think that man stole it! So it couldn’t of been me

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