Who Stole Frosty’s Nose?


A terrible crime has been committed! Someone stole Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You say you didn’t do it but, how do we know for sure?

Write your very best alibi explaining your whereabouts and how you couldn’t possibly have stolen Frosty’s nose. Be very persuasive…otherwise…

One good paragraph. This is a persuasive write, meaning you need to be very convincing with your reasoning. Good luck!

Have a very fun holiday break, safe travels, and see you in 2018!!


  1. I would never steal frosty’s nose I look up to him. I was skiing with my friend and he went of trail and I was lost and cold so I tried finding him and I saw my friend, Cyrus. Eating something orange we started heading back home. When all of a sudden I remembered frosty loves ice skating so I suggest that we should go out for about one hour. Cyrus noticed a shadow in a bush it was a kid at school named Evan. He always was up to something like stealing candy at a shop or sneaking out at night. Also he was a bully he hated everything and everyone. He had something in his pocket I asked what it was he didn’t tell me but he said it will make me famous. Evans dad came, Will Evan why did you sneak out again! I made you carrot cake

  2. “How could I have stolen his nose?” My stomach was twisting and turning. It felt like when your parents call you over intensely and you think your in trouble. “The footprints in the snow were about a size six or seven. What is your shoe size?” I checked my shoe, “Six…..” “Ah, ha!” I snapped, “I know many people who have size six and seven shoes!” The detective put his hand on his chin. “Well, I suppose. So where were you?” “I was getting ready for Santa. Baking cookies, putting carrots out, stuffing sto-“ “Wait….. Frosty’s nose was a carrot.” “That doesn’t mean ‘I’ took it.” I was getting pretty mad. “Look! Here’s proof.” I held up a photo of me with cookie dough all over. “It says RIGHT HERE that the photo was taken at 9:00 P.M.” “Frosty’s nose was stolen at that time….Unless that’s a screen shot that you took during that time.” He stared me straight in the eye. “Oh, give me a break!” “Go into your photos, then press screen shots.” My stomach sinks. “Listen. It was a screen shot, but I DIDN’T DO IT!” I did the death stare. “Ok, after we interrogate a few other people we will talk again.”

  3. I couldn’t have stole Frosty’s Nose. I’m extremely allergic to carrots. Also I have to work the dayshift and nightshift as a security guard all day for the President. The time I get home it is 1:00 in the morning. Then I need to wake up in the morning and drive my kids( Evan, Cyrus, and Jackson) to school. Then drive to work. I couldn’t have stole Frosty’s nose after how busy I am and how allergic I am to carrots.

  4. I have proof that it wasn’t me because I created Frosty and then he went world famous because he could Move. Then I made a place that Frosty can not leave and tourist can come and see him and pay 5 USD per person so why would I ruin my money maker!!!

  5. Of course I didn’t steal the nose of frosty! That’s impossible. The whole day I was running errands! I first ran outside for a morning jog with my thick coat on and my green winter gloves filled with bits of snow. My mom thought it was me who stole frosty’s nose but it wasn’t! Really! Snow flakes landed on my nose slowly like falling fall leaves. Many frosty’s were in the front of people’s houses with noses on them like regular snow men. Its crazy how people think I would steal a carrot and make a kid fall in tears just because I was outside looking at the snowman! The coppers made a big deal about it and started looking through my house for evidence. I suddenly heard frosty the snow man music come on out of no where. It was from a family’s house. Anyway, I was slowly jogging to the grocery store to get some items like carrots and put one on frosty’s nose again and help the kid rebuild his frosty. No one believed me that I would help. The store seemed to be very crowded though. A cop was behind me when I walked in.
    “Hmm, so, you didn’t you say,” the cop grumbled.
    I shook my head and ran off to get the items. I really didn’t know why the detective had cops on me the whole entire day. It’s wasn’t me! Really!
    I grabbed a pack of baby carrots since they were all out of long regular carrots because, the people took them all Incase “I” stole their frosty’s nose and they needed some for back up. But, all I wanted was a snowy, fun, No Coppers, Christmas. After all, I hate the taste of carrots!

  6. “I didn’t take Frosty’s nose.” I said to the detective.
    “ Why would I do it.” I yelled.
    “Well what were you doing at the time of the crime.” The detective said.
    “ When the crime scene was going on, I was at the gym lifting weights. Then I went to the wwe training center were I wrestled Tre, then we went to the ice cream bar and had lunch and ice cream, finally I went home with Tre and watched the football game.” I stated. “
    How could it be me!”
    “Well we will just have to find out who did this before this ruckus gets out of hand.” The detective said.
    “Hey!” I yelled! “What is that woman doing with that carrot!” I said to the detective.
    “And what is she doing with Frosty’s magic hat!” The detective said.
    “Let’s get her!” We said and we chased after her.

    After we caught her she said Frosty took away her children during Christmas. “I would have gotten a way with it to if it weren’t for you meddling Frosty fans, and that terrible FROSTY THE SNOWMAN !!

  7. When Frosty’s nose was stolen I was at my house playing games. My house is in Florida, which, as you should know, hardly has any snow in it. What motivation would I have to travel to another state to just steal Frosty’s nose? I’ve been living here for years and you can ask any airport in the area if I’ve gone on a flight recently.

  8. I would NEVER steal Frosty’s nose. When the crime was committed I was sitting at home decorating my tree. Making sure to not miss putting up a ornament. Finally I would put the star on the tree and turn on the lights. The tree glowed in the room and lit up the room. Now why would I go outside in the cold of Chicago and steal his nose. Then I would get ready for my flight the next morning which means I have to get up at 4:00 since it is a hour drive to the airport to go back home to Florida. Why would I stay up even later just to take the nose off of a snowman. I was not even at my own house at was at my Aunts house which as I mentioned was all the way in Chicago. I probably would not even know where to find him, since I don’t even live here. I would never steal his nose and I hope you can believe me!

  9. On the night of frosty’s nose stealing I was in Germany with my family enjoying food and drink on a river cruise I could possibly have flew around the globe in that amount of time. But, I might just know who took the carrot. I bet it was that reindeer comet. He is always stirring up trouble with all the snowmen, he hates’ em. I hope I was of use in your investigation. Now, go get’ em!

  10. How could I ever have stolen Frostie’s nose. I live on the other side of town with my parents, two little brothers and cat. My parents took the snowmobile to work and the swim is too deep on the roads to bike to the park. That day I also had to babysit my little brother. Who couldn’t go outside because of a 102 degree fever. I couldn’t even do anything I wanted, because my needy little brother was always calling at me. Either for a drink, a snack, to bring him a toy, etc. Even outside our house in the snow there I only one line of footprints from a fully grown adult. Therefor I couldn’t have been the one to steal Frostie’s nose as I was so busy with my little brother.

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