Deserted Island

Hi Students!

You get to take one book that you have read, one food item, and one famous person (living or dead) to a deserted island. What and whom do you take? Explain why for each fully.

Remember that the important words in a book title are capitalized.

Be sure to have a creative opening sentence!










  1. If I were on a deserted island I would bring some food a good book and a famous person.
    The food that I would bring is cantaloupe because it is sweet, juicy, it has water in it, and it’s
    cold. My book I would bring is Legend because it’s very interesting and I feel like I could read it all day. But sometimes reading gets boring so I would bring Michel Phelps because we could race and I would have fun comparing times.

  2. If I was deserted on a desert island, for a book, I would bring the non-fiction book called, Isand Animals. This is a great book talking about animals on deserted islands and how they survive. I would bring this book because, it would teach me about the animals on the island and how to interact with them. I would have a big bag of cooked beef and meat if I could bring some food with me. This is would do because, I would get strong from eating the meat and get the nutrients too. I would also love to bring Messi, a famous soccer player, on my adventure because, he would give me entertainment by showing me his epic moves and teaching me how to do his style. The desert island would be scary and fun if I had all these items.

  3. If I had to bring one book, food item, and a famous person on a deserted island. My choice for a book would be Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard because it is my favorite book and if I where to get stranded on An island I would bring that book. For my food item I would bring pork chops because it is really filling and can last a few days. (and is my favorite food.) If I could bring a famous person that famous person would be Neil Armstrong because I look up to him in the name of space travel and I’ve always wanted to meet him.

  4. If I was stranded on a deserted island and I could chose one book that I would take it would me Hatchet, because it is about surviving in a forest and it is a good book. If I could bring a famous person I would Logan Paul because he always has something to do and will never run out of energy. If I could bring one food item it would be a full sized turkey because they are big and they are also delicious.

  5. All I had was a book, a potato, and Idena Menzel. Why is Idena Menzel on a deserted island with me? I guess I’ll just re-read Hop On Pop. “Hi, Ava! I’m here to teach you how to become an actor.” “ Oh, ok….I guess. But we’re stranded on an island. And all I have to eat is a potato.” I said. “Actors use potatoes to help them prepare for head mic packs.” Idena said. “Why would you need to prepare for that? I’ve had one and it’s not something you need to train for.” I was really confused. “Just follow me.” Then I woke up. “That was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had…………………”

  6. If i was deserted on a island, i would bring a whole cooked chicken as food, because it will last more as a food supply and it is healthy and i really love chicken. I would bring Book Scavenger as a book because it is long so it will entertain me more and it is a really good book, i would also bring LeBron James so he can teach me how to do some basketball tricks, maybe we can play basketball with a coconut!

  7. If I stranded on a island I would bring the book Fish In A Tree. Fish A Tree is a nice but sad book and it would entertain me for a while. The food I would bring would be salad. I would bring salad because it healthy and would last you a while. It has lots of different things in it so you would not just be having the same one thing. If I were to bring a famous person I would bring Jennifer Lawrence because she would keep me busy and we were born on the same birthday!

  8. If I was on a deserted island I would bring sushi, Steve Backshall., and Trials of Apollo. I would bring the sushi because so I can remember how good the food was in my home town. Also sushi is my favorite food. I would bring Trials of Apollo because the book is long and would be very entertaining. That book is also my favorite. However also I would bring Steve Backshall because if I was deserted on the island I would know what to do because he is a survivalist and he would guide me on what to do. However that guy is my favorite survivalist. Overall that is all the things I would bring if I was stranded.

  9. If I was stuck on a deserted island you better bet your bottom dollar I would take a lot. But I’ll narrow it down to a few. I would take the book called Hatchet. The reason I would choose this book is because this boy was stuck out in the middle of no where and survived, I could take some of his methods to survive. If I had to take a food I would take chicken wings. I would choose this to take because it is my favorite food and fills you up fast. So you would not have to waste a lot of the wings and instead save them. Also if I had to take a famous person I would take Steve Irwin. I would bring him because he knows nature like the back of his hand.

  10. If I was stranded on a island the book I would read Edward Tulane. The reason why is because it is a. Sad a depressing what Edward goes through , he is with one person that bot him and then the people kept on finding him over and over again . Every person had a different story. If I had to pick something to eat it would be a blc . A blc is a : bacon lettuce and cucumber . I am a not a big fan of tomato’s because they gross me out . If I had to pick a person then it would be Ashley Wagner . Ashley Wagner is amazing she has never put her self down even when other people have put her down . She just hurt ankle because it got infected from going to the beach with an open wound. She still competed and sucked it up ,but then she withdraw the competition because of her ankle. She is resting for the Olympics so she can get better and compete. I met her at a competition and met her at a fundraiser and I remember that moment like a charm. I will always look up to her because she is amazing.

  11. If I was on a deserted island I would bring the book wonder because I would read till the end of about one day, for food I would take the biggest sandwiched in the world so I can survive a bit long. Then I would bring a surviverest expert so I could survive with then for a couple days maybe. And keep me company with the expert and my book.

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