Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food – By Photographer Christopher Boffoli





















Hi Students!

Please choose ONE image to write on.

A creative three paragraph story (intro, details, conclusion) based on what you see in the image is the goal for this week’s prompt.

You may write from first person perspective or third person. If you choose to use dialog, remember those quotation marks and commas. Each time someone new speaks, you must drop down to a new line. Watch those run-on and incomplete sentences, and I want to see the use of effective commas.

The way you begin your story should clearly tell the reader which image you are responding to. Please DO NOT begin with: “I chose the image of…to write on.” Peer edit with a classmate before posting.

The bio on Christopher Boffoli is from the website, and all images are courtesy of Christopher Boffoli. They truly are amazing and tell wonderful stories…which one will you tell?





  1. On day I woke up. I was so excited because my dad was going to take me to his construction site .the one he works at. My dad was building a s’mores tower. I said to my dad that i wish I could eat it because it looked so good . My dad was talking to me about the construction site because I was asking a bunch of questions .
    He said ,” that it is easy because the marshmallows are so light, but if you try and pick up the chocolate by your self you can hurt your self because it can smush you. It is easier if you use the truck because it can lift more weight.
    I was so excited. We got there and it looked so amazing and beautiful ( and a little bit yummy) I just wanted to jump in the pile of marshmallows , but my dad told me to stay calm . My dad work for a little bit and my dad almost was done with the first layer , but then his boss told him to only do the first layer because the second layer will take to long at the end my dad let me jump in the pile of marshmallows . The End

  2. We were climbing up Mt. Toaster for my birthday. It’s a trip we make all the time. Uncle Roger always came up with the best birthday presents. He had the brownest eyes I’ve ever seen! And of course he had his signature navy blue beanie to protect his balding head. Mom and dad came along for the hike as well.
    “Wow, that’s a lot steeper than I remembered.” Dad sounded concerned. Of course he did. My parents are the over protective type. “Yeah,” said mom, “maybe we should get some rope-“ “It’s fine!” Uncle Roger protested. “Can we just climb already?” I asked. Dad’s scrunched shoulders fell. He looked at mom with a come on face. Mom turned and looked at me. She always did her hair like princess Lea’s. She sighed, “Oh, ok. But only because it’s your birthday.”
    The climb was extremely hard. Had it gotten steeper? I mean, it had always been steep, but this was a whole new level. The whole time I had a mouth full of hair. Did I mention my name is Ellie? Well, I just did. I was so happy to be at the top that I just ran. “Finally-“ Ok, that chasm wasn’t there before. I just realized; this isn’t Mt. Toaster. Well, I just broke my leg. “Owwwww……” “ ELLIE! Are you ok?” Mom yelled. I could really use a rope right now

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger starts of the building competition by saying “We are in smoreland and just about to start the house building competition and the rules are you can only use Hershey bars, gram crackers, and marshmallows.
    Bob on his pure Hershey house is cheering and hollering that he won cause he thought the time would run out. On the other hand Mr. Triton III Junior is building his house that uses all 3 materials and his house is a hungry design.
    Mr. Triton III Junior lost because Bob wasn’t right but the tractor hit the building and it fell.

  4. I was careful to not crumble the gram crackers with my heavy construction boots, I yelled down to my co workers
    I saw the marshmallow be rolled up and up and finally landed on the gram cracker, then I saw all the workers lift the chocolate and place it on the marshmallows, the double decker s’more was almost complete, finally, we had to use the construction truck for the gram cracker, but as soon as it landed on the chocolate, we knew we were done.

    We built some more s’mores, and even a triple decker s’more, our newest idea was a s’more pool, with gram crackers as the pool, melted chocolate as the water, and marshmallows as the floaties. We worked and worked, melted the chocolate with a blow torch, and added the marshmallows in there, and outlined it with gram crackers, DONE! Maybe tomorrow we can build a diving board, and maybe even a chocolate fountain!

    When we arrived the next day, the worst thing happened, a RAIN CLOUD. It made the marshmallows all soggy and goopy, the chocolate dripped off and spilt all over the floor, the pool over flooded, the crackers got so wet that they crumbled all over the workspace, jimmy got stuck under a piece, so we pulled him out. All our hard work, destroyed! But we had a new idea…. CHOCOLATE PEUNUT BUTTER CUPS

  5. The year is 1958, a couple was in an airplane but there was a problem, the engines weren’t filled up all of the way. The plane started to crash land the husband tried to contact the coast guard but it was to late. The plane kept descending deep into the mountains below. “What are we going to do?!” Said the wife. “I’ll try something, but I’m not guaranteeing t will work”said the husband. He started to pull up so that he could try to land the plane. Then there was silence, did they land or did they crash? The wife opened her eyes. They where alive and only had a few bruises and bumps.

    1 year later, the couple had kids(3 to be exact) and they where living in a mountain home. They where as healthy as ever and there surviving by fire and growing crops. “That one year ago after the plane crash and where still alive” Said the wife. “I know it’s been really long and I think we should try to go home” Said the husband. 2 weeks later, “kids where going home to the place where Your mom and I lived before we crashed. “Really?” Said the kids in unison. “Ya lets go”

    2 weeks later after a long walk, “we’re here how do you like the house” the husband/father said. “Awesome, cool, I going to like it here” Said the kids. “Then let’s start getting settled” Said the wife/mother. 3 months later, the kids are making friends and getting used to the house great. “I’m really glad that we came back” Said the wife/ mother. “I know I’m really glad to!” Said the husband/father. “We’re going to have a really nice life here” Said the husband/father.

  6. I awoke to the smell of bacon. I climb out of my bed and put my feet of the freezing floor. I got on my robe and headed into the kitchen to my boyfriend cooking breakfast. John yelled over the sizzling bacon
    “Good morning Juneberry”
    Thats what my nickname was because my name is June. I’m 26 and I live in north Montana. I glared out of the window to see the snow melting off of the mountains.
    “It about time the snow melted its the middle of June.”

    After breakfast John and I went for a run up the mountains. By the time we got back to the house it was 12 o’clock in the afternoon. I unlaced my snow boots and headed inside to take a nice hot shower. 1 hour passed and we were getting really hungry so we decided to go out for lunch. We climbed into the car and drove onto the snowy street. 2 hours we talked and stuffed are selfs with delicious food. We climbed into the car once more and drove home. We got home just a little after 3 pm. Then John decided that we should take the dog for a walk. We leaded are dog muffin though the curved roads to a open area in the forest. We let her go play and John and I watched. Then John turned to me and held my hands and went down on one knee and asked
    “June Marie Chase will you marry me.”
    My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute my mouth was open but no words came out. I finally spit it out
    “Yes! I will marry you.”
    John picked me up and tossed me into the air.

    Six months later we walked down the aisle finally married. I was so happy we danced all night with endless spins. Then a week later we were in Mexico on my honeymoon, we swam with the turtles, and we cliff jumped. Then we came home to are small house once again.

  7. My team and I are trying to built the tallest tower to the Giants. This will be our gift so they don’t eat us, it’s made out of puffy clouds, crackers, and brown bricks. A crane has to be used for the puffy cloud because it’s very heavy. Every year the Giants ask for a grand prize of sweets so we have to this tower to please them.
    We don’t always like to make this tower because we do one builder goes missing and we never see them again. Until this year we saw something run through our construction site and we ran back to them and it was the missing builder. The builder said “I’m sorry.” And he Burnt down the tower and he ran, now we
    The Giants finally came and they were very anger, and soon I was the only builder left.

  8. The giants toaster broke and it is only up to us to save the toaster. My friends and I will be going to down into the toaster. There was a rumor that when someone goes down into the abyss they don’t come out. My squad and I have done a little remote control car but not something as big as this.
    I grabbed the tools and now we were on are way to the toaster. When I got up there I didn’t realize how tall it was, I forgot to tell I’m afraid of heights. I looked at this abyss as my friends jumped in and vanished. I was next. I closed my eyes as I went down. Then hit the bottom.
    My team I were in the toaster for hours just cranking and screwing. My friend just made the screw and the toaster turned on. The good part is that it turned on the bad part is we might melt alive. My team and grabbed are ropes quickly and climbed when *snap* my friend fell back. We were getting hotter by the second. I couldn’t leave him behind so I jumped down with rope grabbed then climbed up the rope. That journey made the toy car look like nothing.
    Overall that was the biggest journey my team I have ever done.

  9. I felt my boots hit the chocolate as I stood high on the chocolate hill watching the other workers rebuilding. A nasty hurricane had hit a few weeks ago and no one has bother to rebuild the building. The buildings weren’t actually houses or offices, they were statues for the mayor of the town. And after that terrible hurricane, the mayor got so mad because of his destroyed statues, that he decided to go on a vacation to Cone Town City where he saw the rest of his family having a cook out. That’s just what I heard from my best friend/ worker friend, Gerald and me, Larry, just rolled with it. Gerald was in the tracker right now trying to stack the marshmallows. Each statue some how represented a memory for the mayor too but, I really don’t know how. They all look alike and I don’t see a carved face in it or something that makes a memory. I soon felt the cool chocolate breeze hit my face and cook smell the scent of gram crackers. Marshmallow City has a new start!
    “Hey, Gerald,” a worker man named Dave said. “We got some bad news. The mayor just called and said he’s permanently staying in Cone Town City. He also said we don’t need no more statues.” Gerald frowned. Gerald was basically the boss of the Construction site. He was the one who got notes and messages told from the mayor to him. “Boys, sorry to say,” he pressed his lips together and closed his eyes. “Ya see, the mayor don’t want no more statues, take em’ down!” Everyone froze including me. I widened my eyes. Another man through his Helmet on the ground and stomped off. I heard him mumble under his breath he hated the job and never New why he had entered it. I then jumped down from the chocolate hill and walked toward Gerald. “Oh…hey Larry, you can go back to your gram cracker home now. The jobs done. The crew and I can handle taking em’ down.” Gerald stared at me for seconds looking into my blue eyes while I stared back into his dark gray eyes. An orange sun was starting to set at the time. And night fall had arrived.
    I slept in my house watching the moon light glare on my brown chocolate wall. I started to realize all what Gerald had done for the crew. He designed the statues and building of the town, he helped out the mayor, and he was always there for me. I closed my eyes and opened them a few seconds after. I realized I should take the buildings for the mayor down. I should. The back door creeped open as I started to tip-toe out of the house. I saw the statues in the distance. Some tall, some short, some not down yet. I then new, I then got my ax and started to work. I didn’t notice Gerald was watching me from his tinted window smiling as I chopped the buildings down

  10. It was a beautiful day in the Bahamas, Jackson and Rose had just got off the plane to the Bahamas. Jackson and Rose got in a taxi and pulled up to their beach snow hotel. It was the perfect place for their anniversary! They stepped out on the porch to see the snowy mushroom beach. “What an amazing site”, said Jackson.

    Jackson and Rose threw their swim jackets on and took the elevator down to the snow mushroom beach. They got to the beach and rented out a cabana to sit under. They took a nap under the cabana, soon to wake up. After they woke up from their nap they took a dive in the beach snowy water. “WOW, the water is nice today”, said Rose.

    When Jackson and Rose were done swimming they went back up to the hotel room and took a nice warm shower. When done, they came back to the cabana and were all dressed up. Jackson turned on some romantic music and Jackson and Rose danced into the sun with a smile on their face. It was the best day they could ask for. Soon to come again they thought.

  11. Working on the Reese’s is a fun and challenging job. We work nine hours a day six days a week. Our job is to separate the milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter. The hardest part of working on Reese’s is that you can not mix and peanut butter and chocolate together because it will make the Reese’s look bad.

    The purpose of our company is all of the Reese’s that did not get approved by the machine would come to us so we could try to figure out what’s wrong with it. Right now we are digging up the Reese’s because the machine said there was something wrong with the peanut butter so we’re trying to reach it.

    Overall I really enjoy working in Reese’s because every day I see my coworkers. They have become some of my best friends over the years. Sometimes if we do something really good we will get a Reese’s all to our self!

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