Magnus Chase and Paradox Ingredients

Paradox ingredients (things that do not exist) are very difficult to craft with, very dangerous. Gleipnir contained the footfall of a cat, the spittle of a bird, the breath of a fish, the beard of a woman…Andoskoti, the Adversary is woven with the most powerful paradoxes in the Nine Worlds – Wi-Fi with no lag, a politician’s sincerity, a printer that prints, healthy deep-fried food, and an interesting grammar lesson (Riordan 321-322).

1. Students, think of an item…any item (no silliness or ridiculousness here) and give it a creative name.

2. Describe what this new item does, its purpose.

3. Then give it four Paradox Ingredients. You’ll have to really think and be creative. Remember, paradox ingredients are things that do not exist. 

My Example: The most powerful seashell in the world is the Beachtrinket. With it, you can hear the ocean, waves, and seagulls loud and clear as if you were actually at the beach. Very relaxing! It is created from a windless hurricane, the glare from the moon, the speed of a turtle, and a long lasting battery.

DO NOT borrow any of these ideas.

One good paragraph. I’ve seen too many run-on sentences, spelling errors, apostrophe errors, and me and my….yikes!!


  1. The best book you’ve ever read is here! It’s called Bimagione. When you buy it at the bookstore, it looks like a blank white book with the word Bimagione on the cover. When you open it up a whole story will appear, but if you aren’t in the mood to read, a very short book will show up. BE CAREFUL! When it’s opened and you want to start a long book, more pages will appear and your fingers might be engraved with words, or glued between pages. Let’s say you finished the book. Open to the beginning, here comes a new one. Bimagione was made with these ingredients, a comedian without a sense of humor, a constellation without stars, a six dollar bill, and the answer to anything divided by zero.

  2. The Fortune Chair. Have you ever wanted to know what happens in the future? And you alway wanted to know what you got on the test before you got it back . Well here is a chair that will help you see the is created with the bad odor of a flower, narwhal blood ,the softness of a rock ,and The powerlessness of a genie.

  3. Have you wanted to know what happens in the future? This device is called the After Time and it helps you figure out if you win a award, make a team and do good on a test. This device is very helpful because you can save the stress for finding out what your results were. It looks like a pencil so you can take it with you anywhere and no one will know what it is. This device is made out of a windy less breeze, purple gold, a pencil without lead and a crystal ball made out of silver not crystal. This invention is very helpful and useful especially figuring out how you will do at your next tryout!

  4. The changeable chair, and the name is morpheus. This is not a regular chair this chair can morph into the perfect chair for you. Some people can’t sit in such a hard chair or too little chair, so the chair can shape the amount of size fit table for you and how soft you prefer. The paradox ingredients are thorns from a oak tree, a spider with no legs, a book with no paper, and a tree branch with no wood.

  5. The most ripped dog in the world is the one and only Zetar. What this dog is capable of is amazing. This dog can save people as if it is a flying human. It was created by a English teacher with poor grammar skills, grandkids who don’t love their grandparents, a rapper that can’t rhyme, and an athletic kid who doesn’t play sports.

  6. The smallest needle in the universe is the Mineedle. Doctors use it to give children shots because it’s so small you can’t feel it. You can also tape two Mineedles together to make tweezers. The Big Red Bus uses them to draw blood. It was made from a five leaf clover, unbreakable glass, a slow Tesla, and a dry tsunami.

  7. I my item is a self writing pencil and the name of it is Patoter. My item is a self writing pencil and its purpose is to write for you all you have to do is to think what you want to write and the pencil will fly from line to line. My Pandox ingredients are the titanic that didn’t sink Minecraft with no diamonds a potato that is not good walking a dead fish a baby that does not cry the thunder before lightning.

  8. The dog that stays a puppy forever is named Puparooni. This dog is the best dog ever! He won’t teeth, go to the bathroom everywhere, or eat any bad things. He is not quite the normal puppy. He comes already trained and is so awesome. He can also be used as a guide dog! You can make one yourself but be careful! The ingredients aren’t like ANY other! The ingredients are: tornados that are powerless, phones that NEVER die, dirt that’s not dirty, an unlucky rabbits foot, a swimming tortoise, a GIANT plankton, a palm tree that doesn’t sway, and a disturbing beach.

  9. The most powerful string in the world is stringer. It has the power to create sail ties, and never break! Although it is very expensive, a lot of people buy it. It is made of bee milk, a light 300 pound weight, a slow humming bird, and a sliver of the dark moon.

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