Minecraft City-State Project – A Reflection










Hi Students!

Please craft a one paragraph reflection on the Minecraft City-State project and include these ideas:

What was your favorite part of the project process?

What was easy and challenging?

How did you collaborate with others?

Any thoughts as to how to make the project even better next year?

Describe something you learned.


  1. this Minecraft project was amazing! I had so much fun doing it, especially with my parter, Kaja. We built the marketplace together and it was so cool and fun to have a parter building with me. It was easy to build it, but it was hard to place the cornerstones for all the buildings. My favorite part of the project was putting the chests and other stuff inside the stalls and also exploring all the other buildings in the city state. I think we cant make the project better next year, it was already perfect! I learned that Ancient Sumer was a pretty good place to live back then.

  2. My favorite part of the project was actually building my government building. One thing that I thought was easy was building the government building and one thing that I thought was challenging was making my building look like the picture I used to make it. I didn’t work with anybody but I did help some of people around me build their structure’s. I think to make the our city state better we should have used do different materials and more colors they had. I learned how to build using Minecraft as a learning tool.

  3. My Minecraft project was fun and it was hard to decide what part was the best because the whole time was good but I would pick when I was making the roof of the shed because I used a variety of stairs on one roof and it looked so cool. What was easy to me was digging out the farm and planting all the seeds. What was most challenging for me was plotting down the corner stones. The way I collaborate with others was I had a partner and we had to help each other build the farms so we both worked on 1 at the same time. I learned that the farms would only be right in front of a gate and always would be out side of the castle walls.

  4. In school we did a Minecraft Mesopotamian city state project. My favorite part of the process was building because we got to see our design come to life. Also it was fun seeing the other buildings come to life too. The easiest part of this project was building it. The most challenging part was organizing the city. For an example where would this building would go and not overlap and other buildings. My partner and I collaborated great. Most of the time my partner and I agreed to each other’s idea. I think you should add more animals and blocks to make the project better next year. Over the time of this project I learned more about other peoples buildings. Overall I think this was one of my favorite projects we have done this year.

  5. My favorite part of the making of the minecraft city was, making my two buildings which were the army barracks. I put a lot of designs in my barracks like swords in frames on the wall and bows and other little things. The most challenging thing was placing the cornerstones on both of my structures, and the most easiest challenge was building up on my barracks and the inside decoration. I didn’t really collaborate with others, because I had no partner and I worked as fast as I could. Overall most assignments were not to hard so for next year I wouldn’t change anything. I learned a ton about this city and the structures.

  6. I had a project to build thing in Mesopotamia . I built the wall, Keira and I worked together because I built the wall and Keira built the moat and those thing are close to each other . We had the same corner stone , So that is why we did it with each other .My favorite part about the project was working as a group . That was amazing on what we made ,we built a whole city together as a class. The wall was very interesting and fun to make . The wall it self was easy to make , but in my opinion , the hardest was the corners stones . Keira and I were collaborating with each other . After the project was do it was a lot better because every thing was so organized and put together . I think since we only had 3 days to do it I think we did amazing I wouldn’t change it.

  7. My favorite part of the project process was being able to design the Upper Class Homes. I could make them the way I wanted but also be able to keep the way Sumerians lived in. Something that was easy was building the homes because they were a easy shape and not that big. Nothing really challenged me except for placing the cornerstone because the homes ended up being really close to other buildings. I collaborated with others because after Kate R finished with her middle class homes she helped me finish the upper class homes. I think that for next year we should make sure our cornerstones perfect and our so that way are buildings do not run into other buildings. I learned that houses were made out of mud bricks so that way when it is hot out the buildings will be cold and when it is cold the buildings would be warm. I thought the project was very fun and I hope the 6th graders like it next year too!

  8. This was an amazing project and a fun learning experience. Their was a lot of fun parts in this project but my favorite part was when me and my partner got to style our farm the way we wanted to. The reason why that is my favorite part is because me and my partner got to put our minds together. The thing that was easy and challenging for me was growing the crops. This is because it was easy to use bonemeal on them which made them grow fast but people fell on them by mistake and destroyed them. I collaborated good with my partner Evan, we shared ideas which was helpful. Also I collaborated with other people good, they gave me amazing ideas. I learned while doing this project how to count faster on a grid paper. It is really a big help for placing corner blocks in Minecraft. This project was amazing and I don’t think there’s anything to change to it.

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