The Gnomist


Please respond to the following prompts in one good paragraph. Watch those incomplete and run-on sentences! Some of you are still having trouble with this.

How did this short movie make you feel? Why do you feel this way? Explain fully.

How has this family’s selfless act of kindness helped them and others?

Do you agree with the park ranger’s response?

Would you have done the same? Anything different?


  1. This short movie made me feel sad that the little girl died because of brain cancer, she loved nature and loved owls, it made me feel happy that they made a door with little owl on it for the mom, the gnomist made a couple of houses and people loved them. They started making it for themselves, but when people would open the doors to find little props gnome sized and that everybody felt that they believed in magic and fairies, they started putting more and more until the park ranger said to take them down, i do not agree with the park ranger. People are so happy that they are there and its magical. But everyone had to get the houses and signs and left with them. The forest was just a forest once again. I would have kept them and let people make more because everyone was happy and nice to make people feel happy that they make gnome homes. Imagine how many homes there would be now if they didn’t take it down on 2015!

  2. This short film made me happy then sorta sad. I felt this way because they hand made all of those houses and seeing all the people go up to them made me feel good because there were no frowns. To me this family act was nice to them because it made them feel good and like they were doing something. I think it did a lot to others because they would just walk through a forest and see trees and plants instead they would look for something.i think that the park rangers response was a little to harsh but it is there job to protect the forest and if people are drilling wholes in to tees that is hurting the trees. The park rangers should of watched for a day to see all the smiles that the houses brought to people’s faces. I would not of removed them but said that you can only have so many at a time.

  3. This story made me feel emotional in someways, when a little girl pasted away of brain cancer. Then out of no where this family started making little gnome houses and they made a little house for the little girl who pasted away. I feel this way cause I thought before I watched this it was going to be nothing like this and when I saw the beginning I was very sad for the girl and the family. That kept Moving and decided to do this. This Mom and two sons were always moving and they didn’t like that, but once they started to make little homes for fairies for all the people in the city to see there creatively and joy. Now people love to take a walk through the forest and see a little happiness. I wouldn’t agree and agree with the park ranger because, I would remove the homes because when like a little flood. Point it will take their hard work down the drain. Then I disagree with the ranger because it just makes people happy now in the city people would enjoy it to take a walk down the forest. I would not of done what the park ranger said because if I would of known this was going to happen I wouldn’t do this.

  4. This video made me feel a lot of emotions it didn’t only make me sad it made joyful. The video made me joyful because it showed that when the Gnomist found out that one of the people daughters died at three the Gnomist made a house that said the Little Owl that is why, because it showed that the Gnomist cared. This family’s selfless act of kindness helped others by making there day joyful like the Gnomist did to me. I don’t agree with the ranger response at all. I don’t because that little house made people days and now your going to just take it down. That is why I don’t agree. If I was the ranger I would at least try tell my boss to keep the little houses up. That is what I would do if I was the ranger.

    1. I really appreciate your thoughts after watching our story. You recognized something very important; our actions can help others. Each one of us has the ability to treat others kindly no matter what our circumstances might be. That means that YOU have the power to make a big difference in the lives of others. You have the power to change the world!

  5. This short movie The Gnomist made me feel really sad. l It was really heart moving and I it was the best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube it bought tears to my eyes. At first It thought it was about just about them self’s but then I realized that this was for little owl and I thought it was so cute. Then the people in The realized that people where having fun and where in joying it. But when the park ranger said they need to take them down I’m l think that is wrong. I feel like these should stay up. If I thought of the doors for and houses for the gnomes I think I would of done the same as the people.

  6. This movie made me feel sad. The reason why is because cause the kid that was three years old she died because of brain cancer . That was very depressing and sad . I all most started crying. But then when I hear about these people that we’re driving to different places they said “the reason why they were driving every where was there dad was moving because of his job”. The people that just moved there were the people that were making the gnome homes . So then they put up this area that you could write something , the woman that lost her daughter she wrote on it her little owl . Then something amazing happened . They put up a door for there daughter the died and it said their ” little owl” . That meant so much to me .
    The little firefly Forest Felt like a little home to the people who built it. It was so amazing and cool what they did for people. I do not agree with the park rangers. I think it was very rude of them to do that and I think they should’ve let them keep it up because it meant a lot to everybody. I do not think I would ever thought of that idea to bring up gnome houses. I think it was amazing and brilliant of them.

  7. I LOVED The Gnomist. Last year, my brother showed me this video when he did this assignment and I couldn’t wait to watch it again! This film made me feel all sorts of emotions. I felt happy, I felt sad, I felt mad, but overall it just inspired me. I’ve always wanted to make an entire community of fairy houses and when I was the Gnomist my creative juices started flowing. I’ve also always had an interest in little trinkets and just fake fairytale worlds in general. So when that ranger took one of the houses, I basically turned red with anger. I remember yelling in my head, “WHY WOULD YOU DO A THING LIKE THAT AND RUIN ALL OF THE JOY IN THE MYSTERY AND STEAL THEIR………………” you get it. I think the ranger should of just put a note on that tree of notes saying that he was the park ranger and wanted to talk to the people making the houses. That would’ve been less dramatic. Their distraction from the world of divorce turned into a beautiful treat for the entire community and I wish I could’ve been there! So thank you, Gnomist, for inspiring me.

    1. I’m so glad that you felt inspired to act after seeing our story. There is something truly magical about enchanted worlds that exist beyond what we see. I think one of the reasons Firefly Forest was so magical is that watching little doors and homes appear fostered hope for those who visited. After all, believing in things that cannot be explained requires hope and hope is what drives us to keep moving forward when things feel overwhelming.

  8. This movie made me feel a lot of emotions. It was a mix of sadness and happiness because at some parts it was happy like when they were making the new house and a sad part was when they had to take down all the houses. This act of kindness helped them because they saw so many people so happy to see these little houses appear out of nowhere. This helped them get through a divorce. I do not agree with the park ranger’s response because I think that they found that a lot more people went to the park with the houses there then without the houses. I would have done the same thing because it makes people so happy too see the houses but I would make more doors that remember people. All together I love this movie and it made me sad to see that the little girl died at such a young age.

  9. This short movie was a amazing success, it was astonishing it really helped me know that anybody can help others by making themselves happy. This short movie made me feel happy. I felt this way because the people making these took their time to build these amazing nome houses, it also really amazed me that the people actually read the notes people left for them. This family’s selfless act of kindness helped them and helped others, it helped them because they felt like they were making more out of the Kansas forest. Also it helped others because people came their to think about important stuff and it was a place where people could also explore. Also people can walk their dogs there and actually enjoy it. I do not agree with the park rangers response, I think it was to remote, he didn’t even think about it. I would have done nothing the same as the park ranger did. If I was the park ranger I would of tried to persuade his boss into keeping up this amazing nome community. The family that did this was a amazing family and I hope they keep doing great for people.

  10. The Gnomist video, well it made me feel happy because I knew someone was making a difference. The people who made the small homes were bringing joy to people around the area. This act helped the family be closer and helped others be closer because… For example when the family made the little owl house it brought the family together. This project also brought people together to help each other find the small homes. In this video a park ranger forced the people to get rid of the small gnome houses. In opinion I believe this was wrong because it brought joy to people. Some of these people were going through hard times for social reasons. Well if I were able to be in the rangers shoes I would help them by maintaining the houses. So the houses could stay in the park and bring joy. In the end I believe that this video was amazing and fascinating to watch.

  11. My favorite part of the minecraft project was when we were able to build our structures because I really like to create things . I also really liked to walk around in the city state because it was like walking in ancient history. It was really challenging to find our cornerstones (coordinates) for our building. I was right outside the moat and the wall and I kept on running into them so I had to start over. I had a lot of fun building the structure once I got my cornerstone. I was working on the farms and I learned that sometimes it is better to have a partner then to be alone because if you are good at one thing and your partner is good at the other you make a good pair. I really liked how we didn’t plan our building for weeks and weeks and weeks, it was fun to start and just build.

  12. The Minecraft Project was just plain amazing! My favorite part of the Minecraft Mesopotamia Project was…creating the world on minecraft. It was so fun to design where every block would go and actually using minecraft on the computer. We did this last year but this year was much more fun because, last year, it took for ever to start building in minecraft. It was so exciting using the mouse and keys to jump, walk, and run around once again. It was also fun to look at other people’s buildings and see other people on the world. I was so sad when we had to finished it all up and end it. But I also loved sharing it with the other students of different grades. Something that was easy while working in minecraft was designing the inside and outside of my buildings/booths. It was easy and simple picking what blocks to use to build the buildings because. You had to use what Mesopotamia people used to use to build. Sandstone and clay was what I chose to use with. It was also easy designing the inside of the booths with a little help in building from my partner and another friend. We just had to use a few blocks to place inside the booths. What was challenging was, finding the cornerstones before we used minecraft at all. It was tricky using math to find each cornerstone and place it in minecraft. It was especially tricky when we had just started building in minecraft and placing out cornerstones because, a lot of people had crossed cornerstones meaning they had put cornerstones next to each other when they were not supposed to be next to each other. How I interacted with other people was my parter Alana decided where things would go. Like, how many booths there would be, and other things too. We also helped each other and designing many ideas. When my partner wasn’t here another friend named Jensen helped me how details on my booths. How I could make this project better is for the next year is, I could line up my pathways because, I made pathways and they weren’t even enough so one was wide and one was long. I should have evened them out. I should had also added more booths tot eh building because, they didn’t seem to be enough booths. I will try to improve next time. I learned all about Mesopotamia. The artifacts they had, the items they used to sell. I learned that they actually sold a semi-precious stone called lapis-lazuli, small farm animals that produce things like eggs, milk, and meat, and food timed like bread, raw and cooked meat, and other types of food.

    Over all, this project was a blast!

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