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Hi Students,

Please follow the directions under the image. Use the IR book you are reading or just completed for this writing assignment. Be sure to explain the “why” in relation to what has happened in the story.

One good paragraph and watch your sentence structure and spelling. Also, please tell your character’s name and book title. Remember book titles are in caps and the title is either underlined or in italics. Please do a good job editing!


  1. If I met Apollo in Trials of a Apollo I would be wowed. After all he is the Sun God, but before he goes out trying to get to all the Oracles I would give him some advice. First stop jinxing yourself because every time you go on a mission you always say that was easy then a bunch of mythical monsters come out of nowhere and attack you, like when Apollo and Meg where going to the Cave of Triumvirate right before he said that was easy and a bunch of yales came out of nowhere and ran after Apollo and Meg. Second stop beating yourself when something bad happens there is still hope, for an example when Apollo and Meg were in the stadium about to get escorted to there cell and fight Commodus the Hunters of Artemis came out of nowhere and saved Apollo. Third is believe in yourself, when ever you are fighting a ripped person you always say thing about how you will lose, For an example when Apollo and Calapyso ran into the CornHusker and Apollo was saying how he was going to die in front of Commodus ,Well after all you are the God of prophecies. That is all the advice I would give to Lester Papauldos or should I say Apollo.

    1. You gave Apollo very good advice. Staying optimistic Is very important to humanity. After all, Apollo is a God and should be uplifting to humanity, not the other way around. I think you should be part of Apollo’s circle of friends to keep him on track.

  2. If I had to choose a character from the book Kiki Strike I would choose Ananka. I would tell her that Sidonia was involved in everything that had happened. I would also want her to know that Sidonia is after Kiki. I would want her to make sure that Betty does not go to the party or else she will get kidnapped. Then the irregulars would go after Sidonia and stop her from her horrible plan. Then none of them would be in danger and they would all be safe from Sidonia and her group of kidnappers. Now all the irregulars and Kiki will be safe and sound without any harm!

  3. In the book “Harry potter sorcer stone” , I would talk to Dudley to be nice to harry and why?
    The reason why is because in the story Dudley is so mean to Harry ever year when it is Dudley’s birthday . Every time it is Dudley’s birthday , his mom would all ways yell “harry are you up yet “ when he was asleep . Dudley didn’t want harry to come with him. So harry would always go somewhere else.

  4. I am reading Pie in the Sky By Wendy Mass. I would talk to Joss because I want to know what it would be like to be the seventh supreme overlord of the universe. Also to tell him before the earth disappeared to tell him how to get the earth back so then he could just have him and Amelia to go fix the earth but the weird thing is i would ask him why couldn’t his bigger brothers do it and why did his farther task him to do it.

  5. If I could meet a character and give them advice, I would pick August from the book wonder. I would tell him don’t let anyone hurt you and it doesn’t matter what they think it matters what you think. Also I would think his confidence would boast and he could think more about school and go with the flow and if I was August I would focus on school more and your life a lot has been going on in August’s life right now so I think he needs some advice.

  6. I am reading the search for WondLa and so far it is a really good book. If I were to talk to a character i would talk to Otto. Otto is Eva’s pet water bear. I would tell him that Eva is ok and that she is special. That Besteel is not that dangerous and he wasn’t trying to kill Eva. That no one has died so far and that everything will be ok. I would tell him that Eva loves him so much and to watch out for the Queen Ojo. She kills innocent animals and kills them. That what i would tell Otto.

  7. If I were to meet Miles from The CandyMakers I would give him this advice. Talk backwards as much as you want. Who cares if people think you are weird. You are doing it for your own personal reason. If people ask you why are you speaking backwards. Just say I am speaking that way to be unique and fell comfortable with myself. You can talk as much as you want to the under the lake. It is your way of releasing stress and calming your mind. Be you and only you that’s my advice.

  8. If I could meet and talk to one of the characters in the book, My Diary at the Edge of the World. It would have to be Prosperjos. During the story he tells the main characters, that the extraordinary world (which they are trying to reach) doesn’t exist. With those words the family still ventures on but in a sadder mood. If I met Prosperjos, I would tell him that he should be kinder and if he was going to expose the news, to do it in a gentler way. And after I told him that I would also explain to him that he was actually wrong and that the extraordinary world actually does exist (because it does) and that sometimes you shouldn’t just assume. I would also tell him if he didn’t believe me to go check for himself because I would want him to definitely know it exists. The last thing I would tell him would be that you shouldn’t claim something doesn’t exist when you don’t have proof of your claim.

  9. If I were to see Robie, a character from The Raft, at the airport I would tell her to make sure to fill out the paperwork so they know that you were on the plane. This relates to the book because when the plan crashes nobody knows she was on the plane. They thought she was kidnapped because she didn’t fill out the paper work for the flight. Nobody was looking for Robie because she didn’t fill out the paper work for her flight home.

  10. This nice little video made me feel so many emotions. For example, in one part, when the mom said they lost their child from Brain Cancer, it made me feel so sorrowful and sad. Melancholy was also a deep feeling I had. But as people found gnome houses that a new family that had just moved made, it made me feel joy. Everyone so happy to find a new discovery! But, it made me angry that the park ranger had to make the new family take down the houses. I’m glad that the family didn’t take down The Little Owl one.
    The new families’ act of kindness helped other by making the others feel joy in there heart. They felt joy because, kids and adult were finding cute houses hidden in trees that made them feel like they needed to find more. If I were a kid finding a house I would feel joy of finding it because it feels like an accomplishment and a new discovery that warms the heart.
    I do not agree with the park ranger’s response of taking down the houses. It’s terrible taking down some one else’s creative art that makes people feel happy. I would have the complete opposite response! I would say, “These houses are incredible! Don’t take them down!” In fact, I would try to help the family build more houses.
    The family should keep making houses for people’s enjoyment, and find happiness in making them!

  11. If I met Simon thorn I would first ask him to shift into a wolf then I would tell him to not freak out before he meets the animalgams (the people who could shift). I would also tell him to keep treating his brother nice no matter what because that would make his brother be nicer to him more.

  12. If I would have met Jason Barnes in the book “Fast Break” I would have told him to face his fears because Jayson didn’t want to start a new life with a new family even though he homeless. Jason was very skilled but always worried about the past too much. Another thing I would have told Jason, was to not let his friend controll him. Jason was not very expressive to people always was serious, but sometimes a little too serious which made some people not like him. Also Jason was not very friendly because in the book Jason almost killed his friend playing basketball in little league basketball.

    1. Dear tre2024,
      Thanks for sharing your comment about what you would tell Jason Barnes it you met him. I was on the fence about reading “Fast Break” and I’m definitely going to now. Your description of Jason’s character was really excellent because you backed up your thinking and thoroughly explained why you would tell Jason to face his fears. One way you could improve this response is by using quotes from your book so that the reader knows that you fully understand the book and it also strengthens your argument a LOT!


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