What Would You Say to a Hominid?

Hi Students!!

If you could go back in time and talk to a Hominid (of your choice), what would you say?
What would be some things you would want to know?
What would be one question you would definitely ask?
What would you tell him/her about the 21st Century? Think.

One good paragraph and watch your sentences! (No silliness)


  1. If I went back in time and I able to talk to the hominids I would first say hi then I would say how are you doing. And they might say good. I would say how did you go extinct and they would say something that we don’t know. I would want to know if the homo sapiens sapiens if they knew the were fixing broken bones or they just healed over time. Also I would ask if they ever met another hominid group. I would also want to know is the first group ever was the Australopithecus afarensis. One question I would definitely ask if they told each other jokes and if they did I would then ask if the were funny. I would say that they are famous and should fell good about there life. Also that this conversation would never happen if it weren’t for you.

  2. If I were face to face with a hominid that can talk I would be terrified, but I would ask some questions before I sprint out like a scared cat. A couple questions I would want to know is how did you treat the sick and injured, what did you usually hunt and how many people died of disease? One question I would definitely ask is were did get the supplies to make tools? I would tell about the 21 first century that we cured all the disease that your people died from back in your time.

  3. If I could go back into their time, I would say. How have you survived for this long and I would see what their average day is like for them. I would ask everything, their name, where they live, and what is your favorite thing to do. I would want to know how hard it is to survive in a daily basis or on certain days.
    I would want to know, how dangerous hunting was back in their days, and were the animals different from where they are now. Also when did they learn to hunt with more safety instead of running toward them, but then spear throwing is from a distance. One question I would definitely ask would be how hard is hunting for you, and do you enjoy it. I would ask that because it’s a daily basis for them, how tiring is and it I would really like knowing. I would say in the 21st century would be there is no hunting and there is cars and proper homes with cool air and it’s very nice compared to a cave or hut.

  4. If I could go back in time and talk to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, I would talk about the new artists and new masterpieces that have been made. I would tell them about all the new ways people have used to travel. Something I would want to know is how they spent all their time when they weren’t hunting or making tools. I think it would be cool to know what it was like back then and what people did in their free time, if they had any. Something I would tell them about the twenty first century is that we have nice houses and new foods to eat. I would tell them about the wonderful new technology and intelligence we have now. A question I would definitely ask is how often they ate and moved caves. It would help to know when they decided to move and when they ate every meal, and if it was like how we ate today.

  5. If I could go back in time and talk to a Hominid, I would say to the Hominid that he\she is the reason why we are so sophisticated. Then I would say if you did not invent these little tools and inventions then we would not be able to do all these amazing things with them and be able to learn from them and improve the human race and the world today. I would want to know if they really did painting for the fun of it or to express their feelings. I would also ask them if they were satisfied with their life. I would definitely ask them what their strategy was to walk so far and not get tired so easily. What I would tell him/her about the 21 st Century is that the 21 st Century improved so much all because of the amazing tools and inventions they made.

  6. Early hominids, they existed, so lets talk about them. If I were to go back in time and talk to an early hominid I would say absolutely nothing because there wasn’t a usable language at that time, I would want to know the reason as to why some of them wore animal hats and had staffs with an animal on the top of those staffs, I would definitely ask for a definitive reason was for their cave paintings, I would tell them that the 21st century would bring hurricanes with it.

  7. If I had the chance to time travel back to when early Hominids were around, boy, would I have a lot to say! I would ask about what life is like for them. I would definitely want to ask about tool making, and I’d want them to teach me how to make all of their tools. I would tell them about technology, and modern day tools,( and clothes ) and so much more! I would take pictures with them and paint on caves with them. But one thing I’d have to consider is, how would they understand me?

  8. If I could do go back in time to talk to a neadrethal I would say “Hello, I’m a modern hominid”. I would want to know why they went extinct, and how communication worked with there kind. I would tell it that in the future we no longer have to walk everywhere because of cars.

  9. I would ask a hominid why do they make cave paintings and how do they communicate with one another.

    I would want to know how they new what plants and crops were what and how they would use them and what they used them for. I would also want to know how they communicate and what the symbols mean on the cave paintings.

    I would definetly ask how do the communicate and how did they learn how to start domesticating animals and farming. I would also definetly ask them how they make cave paintings so descriptive and memorize them so realistically.

    What I would tell them about the 21st century is that we have smartphones and video games and much better stuff than they did back then. I would also tell them that it‘s much easier to travel because now we have bikes, scooters, skateboards, rolarblades, cars, and much much more.

  10. If I went back in time and I got to see and speak with a hominid I would go to see a homo Habilis. I would say“ hello I like you home and what you did to it”. I would ask “ what do you like to eat and do you live near any other people”. If he asked about where we lived I would tell him about the future and would take him to the future hen bring him back. I would see all of the stuff that he made.( Like stone tools and contraptions.) That’s what I would do if I got to see a hominid.

  11. If I could go back in time and talk to a hominid I would ask him/her what’s your favorite meal. I would ask him/her that because I love trying new things and I might try that later. I would definitely ask him/her if you new any other languages because that could be important for research purposes. I would tell him/her that in the 21st century we have cars and technology.

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