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What is tiny Kitchen? Tiny Kitchen, created by Tastemade, is all about creating real, edible tiny food made with tiny tools in a tiny (dollhouse-sized kitchen).

The idea for a tiny cooking show came from one of Tastemade’s Japanese partners, who sent them a box filled with a tiny stove, tiny utensils, and a set of tiny cutting boards.

Miniatures have long been popular in Japan due to the cultural dominance of kawaii, or all things cute, but making minuscule edible food — rather than polymer clay copies — is the newest incarnation of that trend.

A lot more goes into creating a new recipe than math. In addition to rewriting existing recipes to fit the mini serving sizes, jury-rigging ways to fry teensy taco shells (bending a paperclip into something like a frying basket) or figuring out how to deal with eggs (use part of a quail egg, the smallest commercially available variety) is part of the process.

And forget gas or electricity — this mini stove is heated by a tealight. Since the volume of food being cooked is so small, the candle provides more than enough energy to melt butter or boil water. In fact, things often cook too quickly. Burgers take no more than a few seconds on each side. (Tastemade)

Is this something you would like to try to do?
How difficult do you suppose this would be?
What would be challenging about this? Think. Anything easy?
If you were to prepare something, say a favorite meal or food item, in a tiny kitchen, what would that be? What would you need?

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One good-sized paragraph that answers to all of the above prompts. You must write in complete sentences using correct punctuation.

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  1. Yes, I would very enjoy trying to make food the size of my thumb. The only problem for me is how steady can my hands be in the making. I would think this would be very difficult to try and make tiny food, because. You would need all the tools and the tiny cut ingredients, also your hands would have to be very gentle and not move while making it.I think this would be challenging, but also not so hard. Cause it’s easy to just slowly move your hand to either the boiler or the oven, but I think it would be challenging. You will need to be patient and keep it in to the cooking spot for a certain time and not burn it. For something pretty small it will burn much faster like the burger in the video. If I had to make something, I would make a little burger and serve it to my sister. She has already made me a little burger that’s not edible. So I would make it better and eatable. Then I would need a little candle in my room and a butter knife and a spoon for taste testing.

  2. I love watching tiny kitchen with my brother. The food is so cute! Once, my brother and I tried to make our own tiny food. It actually turned out really well. I would love to cook on a miniature stove to make small edible food, but it would be very difficult. When my brother did this with me, our mini pies were about three times as big as the food on tiny kitchen. I can’t imagine how delicate their touch would have to be! But I think it would be easy to eat. It’s even smaller than bite-sized, it’s mouse bite-sized. If I was given the chance to cook a tiny meal, I would make pancakes and stack them up really high! But not too high, I wouldn’t want them to fall! Little slices of strawberries and butter with warm syrup would make it so delicious!

  3. I definitely think this would be a fun activity I would definitely try!
    I also think this would be very difficult for me because, it’s hard for your big hands to work in a small, finger, not hand sized kitchen, but it would be fun, and a challenge would make my day!
    I think using your fingers to cook is challenging because you could get burned easily if you knock something over or if anything with your fingers went wrong. I wonder how those people on the t.v. show did it, their hands must have been very gentle! I also think trying to shape something out of dough for a donut or any doughy food for example, would be very hard for your fingers! If I were to prepare a mini meal for someone I would make, well, a mini pancake stack with mini blueberries on the side, and of course small bacon under the blueberries, with some maple syrup on top of the pancakes! I would need…six mini pancakes, three small pieces of bacon, a small slice of slick butter, four blueberries, and a doll sized bottle of maple syrup to make the plain pancakes a mini maple wonderland! Don’t forget the small glass cup and a few drops of orange juice! It would be so delicious! It would make my mouth water! This breakfast I would eat in one big bite!

  4. Tiny kitchens sounds awesome I love cooking when I saw the video I was like, I should try this some day . I could make dog treat and salads if I went a little snack and so many more things .
    This would not be difficult at all because you are making something smaller than what it is supposed to be I think this would be a challenge but I think it would be amazing . If I could make something it would be steak and mash potatoes and green beans in a tiny kitchen. In my recipe you would need steak, potatoes and green beans.

  5. This is something I wouldn’t want to do this although I love cooking it looks like you have to have a lot of patience and I don’t have a lot of patience. I think this will be very difficult because of the math of scaling down the recipes and also gripping the utensils. If I were to prepare my favorite meal in a tiny kitchen I would make grilled chicken and a vegetable medley and for desert grilled peaches and vanilla bean ice cream because that is a very simple meal. For my meal I will need Chicken that is cut into very small pieces, I also need some lemon juice and rosemary to season it. I also need some red bell peppers diced, onions that are grilled and some small slices of a peach and ice cream. I would eat it up in one second and it makes my mouth water just thinking about this meal!

  6. I love tiny kitchen. Just imagine having your own tiny kitchen! I wondered, how did they come up with a idea of making a tiny kitchen. If I was challenged to make a tiny meal I would be very anxious because I don’t want to burn down the kitchen then set my real house on fire. Cooking in a tiny kitchen would be very difficult. It would be difficult because what if you by accidentally kept knocking over all the kitchen supplies over and over again. If you saw me cooking in a tiny kitchen that wouldn’t be a good scene. If I were to prepare any kind of food I would obviously pick sushi. If I were to make sushi I would need a bamboo rolling mat, sticky white rice, sushi, and wasabi. Overall I would love to have a tiny kitchen.

  7. I can’t believe what I saw! This is amazing that people can come up with such good ideas. But this one blew me out of my shoes. I would not regret doing this amazing style of cooking. I think it is amazing that they have so stable fingers and hands to not break anything. To be honest I think I would break something the first second I start. I think it would be so hard to keep your hand and finger still. This method of cooking takes great skill and patience. The challenging part would be getting these tiny foods and cooking them without burning yourself. Breaking something like I said above would be hard not to do. There’s really nothing easy about this method of cooking.
    If I got to make something I would definitely pick sushi. To make this amazing food you would need a bamboo rolling mat, sticky white rice, sushi, and some soy sauce.
    This would be the best present I could ask for and I really want it!

  8. Yes I would try this because it looks very tasty but looks very difficult. I think if you are an adult this would be very hard to do. Mostly because the stove and the ingredients are so tiny and a persons hand is so big it would take extreme caution to do it. We are so used to cooking with big things and not tiny things. The challenging part would be that if you are doing a meal including meat, that you need to cook the meat because it is very small and you need to know the exact time you need the meat to get off the stove. The easiest thing would be to light the tea light and to put it on a bowl. I would prepare a salad with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes because it is one of my favorite foods. The things that I would need mozzarella cheese, olive oil and tomatoes.

  9. I would love to try making professional mini foods.I think that the idea is impeccably creative and very unique as well. I think that making videos on tiny foods isA good starter to making actual foods. It shows you how to Make foods that are cool! But I would really love to try mini foods! I have tried to make mini foods before with Yummy Nummies food sets and, I find it surprisingly easy. The kit they have is very advanced so I wouldn’t know if it would be the easiest thing for me but I would certainly give it a try! I think that maybe for certain people that it would maybe be difficult but I think that it would be over all easy. The yummy Nummies set is different because their kit all you had to do was mix powders with water, refrigerate, or microwave. But I think it would be a little difficult to manage the time for how long things should be cooking for. But I would like to believe that it is as easy as it looks. The part I think would be challenging is getting the supplies and not burning things. ( A.K.A me all the time…) I wouldn’t know where to get all the mini materials. Unless someone from Japan sent them to me, I wouldn’t know. Also, knowing when the fries, burgers, cake, taco ingredients, etc. are ready would be kind of stressful. Also the worry of knocking things down is also a pet peeve. Ruining or destroying things that’s are made very nicely for me is worrying. Or simply knocking the match over and blowing up your house. The easy part, eating it. If I was to prepare anything, it would probably be spaghetti because the noodles would be easy to boil and the sauce, you can easily buy pre-made. The spaghetti would be very quick and not complicated and the ingredients you can find at a local grocery store. It would also be very easy to eat!

  10. The tiny kitchen is something that looks very fun and I would love to try it. The tiny kitchen looks very fun but also hard. You have to cook tiny food and be extra careful with the food. One easy thing about this is if you mess up to can still make the final product. Also you don’t have to wash the dishes as hard if you used a regular plates. If I was do this I would make steak. I would need a grill, a candle, and a plate.

  11. I am looking at this post/site and it is very interesting and in this post I would like to answer this question. A tiny kitchen is small which I like very much because you can look at all of the supplies and everything in a kitchen but smaller. It takes a lot of confidence to make tiny food because it is hard and if I were a pro I would make Mole, Mole is a Mexican food that I really like and I would make it if I were a pro.

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