Find the Terrifying Fantastic!

Hi Students,

Since you are beginning to build your mythological beast in art, and we are in the midst of writing our Find the Fantastic Blotz poems, I came across this writing prompt which complements our unit. 🙂

Follow the directions on the image. State your creature’s name (yetishark) or (explain the name if you modify the parts: sheti) and why the combination you chose is the most terrifying. Describe what your new creature does.

As always, begin with a creative lead in sentence and conclude with something thoughtful. One good DESCRIPTIVE paragraph. Let’s see some commas!



  1. There are so many weird, scary, and cool things out in this world, but imagine if two things were one. In my opinion, a vampire is very scary and a wolf is scary so it would be a great combo. A vampire wolf is scary because it bites people’s neck, and it attacks people. It is also scary because of the way it looks. It has teeth sharper then a shark, and blood shot, red eyes. The body looks like a wolf. (A very furry one.) It has sharp claws and has the best hearing. If the vampire wolf bites you, you either die or turn into a vampire. (It depends how hard the bite is.) that’s why the vampire wolf is terrifying.

  2. There are many scary and ferocious animals in the world, but the scariest would have to be the vampire viper. One reason why vampire vipers are the most ferocious animals is because they can turn invisible like vampires and sneak up on people before they either strangle you to death(if they want to kill you)or bite you(if they want to turn you into a vampire). Another reason why they are the most ferocious animals is because there teeth are venomous with the worlds most painful venom, once you get bit you can’t escape the snake. First you become disoriented and forget where you are. Then the snake would drag you into a cave with all of its other victims. After you wake up you become thirsty and the snake only gives you rats so you would feed on them. Then afterwards you would go off on your own, becoming hidden in reality. Looking like a human but really your a snake.

  3. My terrifying beast is a gython. It is a giant python. I am doing a gython because I hate snakes. I have seen black racers witch are a small, fast type of snake. I think that a huge snake would be very scary because pythons are venomous and the size of it would be intimidating. The gython appears to be slow and clumsy. It will slowly slither towards its prey, usually a human. Then, it will strike with incredible speed and sink its fangs into your skin. It’s bite will slowly kill you, but at first it’s bite only makes you feel tired and slow. Then, the gython will slither around your neck and choke you to death. If that doesn’t kill you, then it’s venom will.

  4. Demons are already scary enough. Imagine a clown that’s mixed with a leopard. A fast demon with claws that always wants to kill. Just imagine it chasing after you ten times as fast as you. It has claws, blood dripping from its mouth, its body red with black spots. It can jump up to thirty feet in the air. It eats anything in sight. It can even smell blood from thirty miles away. Whatever you do don’t get near it. Scientists tried to capture one, but none of them came back alive. It’s the most feared creature known to man. There’s no escaping the demon leopard.

  5. My worst fear is the Zombieshark. It is the most terrifying beast you could ever think of. I have nightmares about them eating everybody! The Zombieshark is the combination of a zombie and a shark. It has the power to live forever and can never be killed like a zombie and can devour people’s guts out, like a shark. If you aren’t scared of this treacherous beast than something is wrong with you. The Zombieshark only comes out at night and it lives in the ocean during the day. When it comes out at night. It than goes into neighborhoods and enters through windows and gobbles and gulps it’s prey(humans). AAAHHH!!!!

  6. A pombie would be the most terrifying. A zombie is already scary , a pig is scarier. it would look like a rotten pig dead for many days. It would be horrible because it would infect other pigs so that mean it would get ride all the bacon in the world. It would be turned into bacon but the bacon attacks you. The legend of the pombie starts back 200 years ago when a pig ate a moldy avocado and turn into the pombie it ate its owner. The modern pombie lives in caves in Scandinavia eating avocados and pigs.

  7. The zombiepython… don’t let it get you… you will never escape… So let me tell you why! Zombiepythons are deadly. They have deadly venom and if they bite you, you die instantly. It roams the streets killing old people and eating their organs because the old people are the most weak, besides babies, but zombiepythons have souls people! Just not a brain. Anyways, they are a python brought back from the dead. (Duh) They sleep through all of the day. That means that they have plenty of energy at night.

  8. Ninjas are scary, Lobsters are too, but Linjas are terrifying. The Linja spend its day (and night for that matter) sneaking up on innocent plankton and sea urchins and taking them back to his modern estate in his nunchuck-shaped pinchers. When the Linja arrives at his modern estate, he deep fries the sea urchin and grilles the plankton as he slowly squeezes lemon juice atop it. For pass time, the Linja will crawl behind large animals such as sharks, whales, turtles, and the occasional sea otter, and click his pinchers right next to there ears to annoy them.

  9. There many scary creatures in the world, but this is one of the most scariest creatures ever. The Demon Viper! The Demon Viper is one of the most scariest because it can eat anything any size. It can even eat the biggest shark in the world! Also it is fast and when it is fast when it is attaching something. If you get caught by it you will go to a big fire place and there would be a bunch on vipers crawling all over you. And eat you alive! The only way to kill it is to shoot it on the left eye. If you get caught and want to escape you need have water. Water it the vipers weakness. And if you kill Demon Viper it will explode acid. And if a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny drop of acid touches you, you will die.

  10. If you have ever thought about it, a python-mummy would be pretty scary. A python-mummy is a creature that no matter how many times you kill it or hurt it, the python-mummy always comes back to life. It can kill you with its venom when it sinks it’s teeth into your skin. It sneaks around and makes no sound because of it’s linen bandages around it’s skin. It preys only on people or animals who upset any python-mummy in their clan. Python-mummys are very protective animals who will do anything just to protect their clan. So here is some advice if you ever come by one, never NEVER upset a python-mummy. Bad things will come your way!

  11. Ninja armadillo! In my opinion ninja armadillo is the scariest combination of animals and creatures. For one thing, an armadillo is the strangest looking creature. It has a rat tail and a pointy head. To make things worse, the armadillo is sneaky like a ninja and will attack if angered. To me, that’s terrifying. The ninja armadillo knows many different karate moves such as the swinging long kick or the karate chop. Also, the armadillo is stealthy just like any other ninja and very small. Lastly, the ninja armadillo is close friends with the linja (lobster ninja). If the ninja armadillo is attacked is will call for the linja’s help. Don’t let the ninja armadillo’s size trick you it’s sneaky, quick, and is a black belt in karate.

  12. My combination is the Goblin Lobster or better known as the Gobster, it’s terrifying and scary. Because it looks like a goblin but with a lobster body, stands up on his abnormally large greenish and reddish legs. At the top of his head he has pointy goblin ears which are moldy and have bite marks in them. His tail has many nasty humongous, pointy nails at the end off the tail, he is very fat and spends most of its time in the ocean eating large fish, he can also breathe out of water. The Gobster came to be when a lobster and goblin had a baby. The Gobster has nasty, yellow, and sharp teeth, this is terrifying because when you see something like this in the water or on land then there’s a chance you’ll throw up. I advise you to stay away from this creature if you see run!

  13. Demopard, don’t be fooled by its looks because looks can be deceiving. If you look at this animal while it’s asleep you’d want to pet it but it would pounce and pummel you to the ground, sucking your soul out and then eating your carcass. A leopard by itself is a killing machine and getting away from one is hard enough but when combined with a demon there is now way to escape it. Impossible to kill, it ransacks farms and leaves nothing but the bones.

  14. Scary creatures are no fun, but making your own scary creature is the most fun. This is my scary creature. My scary creature is the alienpython which is a mix between an alien and a python. This creature combination is extremely scary because it is half python which is slimy and scaly and slithers around in the bushes. And, it is alien, and when you think of an alien you think of a green killing creature so when you put those two creatures together you get a slimy, green, slithering, snake alien. WHO WANTS THAT?! My creature also can spit out venom and has lasers coming out of it’s eyes. So that was my scary creature, and let’s hope it doesn’t really exist.

  15. I think it would be cool if there where mythological if there where mythological creatures, but also scary. I think the one that would be the most scary is… an…. ALIEN ARMADILO! Because its an alien! And armadillos are sneaky. I would call it Alieadillo because it is a mixture of the two words. There super strong and can freeze you with their freeze feet and has a has a sharingan in his left eye. His only weakness is his left big toe. Because that is the only to without the special freeze power. No one has ever seen it but they know its there after he leaves his fire trail.

  16. There are a ton of dangerous animal out there but if there was on combination that would be amazing. If I had to combine two things they would be an alien and a armadillo. I would chose these because the alien could abduct you, and the armadillo has armor to protect it. I would also chose the alien because they can shapeshifter to look like anything! I would chose an armadillo because It would burrow under the ground so they can get away from danger. One more reason I would chose this is because it would be very small and able to do anything it wants.

  17. My beast is a Ninmadillo, it is a ninja and an armadillo combined. It lurks around with its bandana over its eyes. It has razor sharp claws. It eats anything with its long dagger teeth. His favorite thing to eat is human flesh. He loves stalking his prey at night, so watch out when you go to sleep. Because you could be his next victim!

  18. There are many scary and ferocious animals out there. But imagine if you could make one of the scariest giant. My new animal is a Giantshark. Sharks are scary alone but imagine if you saw a giant one. Giantsharks eat anything they see. Really. Anything. So if you are swimming in the ocean and see a Giantshark far away you better get out quickly. These sharks swim around in the deepest and darkest water possible. But if they smell a certain food they haven’t had in a while they will come out. This would be the scariest animal because they can swim as fast as 100 m.p.h. And they have the sharpest teeth. Also they can survive on land! They can stand but they can’t run very fast. And they can rip anything apart in seconds. Basically, if you see a Giantshark try to get away as quick as you can!

  19. What’s a Wown? It is a combination between a clown and a wolf. I picked these two creatures because clowns are very scary and creepy and so are wolves. Clowns can scare you easily and I do not like clowns. Wolves are also very scary because they are predators. This Wown has a wolf body and a clowns face. The clowns face scares people away and the wolves body can tear people and animals apart in one second. This Wown likes to hunt animals and scare people.

  20. Beasts and monsters. Scares and frights. My creature’s name is the Vampire Python. The combination I chooses is the most terrifying because it can creep into someone’s room in the night, hiding in the shadows, and know one will hear or see him. Then he will find a bedroom, bend down, and bite into the person’s neck. When he does this he is draining the body of all of there blood and injecting poison into their neck to make sure they die. Then on Halloween all of the people the Vampire Python had killed will rise from the dead and they will turn into more Vampire Pythons. Be careful at night he is very thirsty.

  21. Out of the many scary and creepy things, I think something that would be pretty scary would be the wraithpython. The wraithpython would be the scariest because it’s a mix of a wraith and a python. Since its a wraith it would be able to walk through walls and become invisible, and because it is a python it would have venomous bites and could move quickly. Since it is a combination of the two, it could hunt you down and travel through walls without you even knowing it was there and then bite you with its venomous fangs. And even if you escaped from it, it could follow you to your home and hide in it. Overall I think the wraithpython would be a pretty terrifying combination.

  22. The two creatures I choose is a shark and a wolf. Mix both of them together the name would be Woark. This is really scary because it is a shark and a wolf mixed together. Wolfs can run fast and sharks can be underwater for a long time. Also, sharks can eat people if they wanted to and wolfs eat animals like dear, goats moose and stuff like that. Woarks eat people, any animals and don’t like vegetables. Workaday are very hideous and are far from pleasant. If you ever meet one you would probably only be alive for 5 seconds.

  23. AHHH! Watch out! There are so many crazy, cool, and terrifying animals out in this world. But could you imagine if there was animal, that was half monster? Like yeti and a hamster, or a werewolf and an ostrich? To me, zombies are the scariest monster. If you mixed a porcupine with that, it would be even scarier! I would call it, the zombupine. It would have ghost white fur, yellow razor sharp teeth, and it would have poisonous green spikes. Zombupines would poke you with its spikes, which are so venomous that it would kill you, and then the zombupine would eat your brain. If you ever see a zombupine, then you should run for your dear life. That is if you make it out of the area alive.

  24. My animal is a gigantic armadillo. The reason this animal is so scary is because its just a gigantic armadillo, it is as smart as a normal armadillo. It has no idea it is crushing people and buildings. It eats trees and randomly eats subway buildings. Its species population is 5 in the whole world, and there only starting to breed. Unfortunately one of them lives in my state. The state has named him Paul. Paul has killed thousands of innocent people, and has eaten hundreds of subways. I haven’t eaten a subway sub in 7 months. The worst part about this colossal armadillo is when it has to use the bathroom, but we don’t have to get into that. If you have any decency in your heart please go donate to extinct all of the gigantic armadillo population.

  25. I chose a werewolf alligator, or the wereigator. The wereigator is a regular alligator tat eats fish in a murky swamp but when the full moon comes it grows in size and it hunts for humans! The reason this is scary is because alligators can be dangerous on there own but when they grow in size and specifically target unsuspecting humans, well that is a whole different deal altogether! The legend started when an alligator ate a rotten banana while being gnawed on by a toothless vampire! To this day the wereigator eats unsuspecting humans wandering near his murky swamp.

  26. Werewolf’s are scary, and so are pythons, but what’s really terrifying is a werethon. He is terrifying because he is very quiet and can blend into the environment easily. What this werethon does is he goes out at night and he would very quietly break into your house with his werewolf’s clause and he would take you back to his house and he would slowly start eating you. He starts at the bottom of your feet and slowly starts eating you as he goes up and up until he reaches your head. After the Werethon is done eating you he would sense you soul, find it, and then he would eat it before you make it to heaven. During the day the werethon would go into schools and he would scare everybody without the classmates seeing him.

  27. I chose yeti-pig. Both animals might not seam scary but a combination that’s just terrifying. Face it if you saw a yeti-pig just walking around you would be terrified and probably run away screaming. The reason this combination is terrifying is because no one would ever expect to see it. Most people would probably expect something like a ninja-shark but when has anyone said ” What if a yeti-pig just walked by us.” I don’t know someone who would say that but that’s just me. Yeti-pigs could also look horrifying. Just think of a yeti with a pig face. It definitely makes me get goosebumps. Or a pig with a yeti head. That is even more terrifying. Now that I have support my I think all of you readers know that a yeti-pig is terrifying;) Thanks for reading!( if you didn’t realize this was a joke)

  28. The most scary creature for me would be an clown python. I am not too fond of clowns, and having it with a snake would make it even easier to jump out at you. Who would want the last thing they see to be a snake coming at you with clown makeup? Not me, that’s for sure. Snakes to me aren’t that scary unless they slither at you. I was at a restaurant and I almost stepped on a snake that came out of the bushes! Imagining it being a Clown Python would be the most terrifying experience. Clown Pythons have the body of a python, but they have creepy clown makeup. They have a milky white body, and large cherry-red cheeks. They can come at you at any moment. Clown Pythons are mostly found on rainy days or Halloween. Clown Pythons are rare, but you don’t want to be the one to find one!

  29. Zombigator

    He is always watching you, he is the scariest being ever, the Zombigator. A mixture of a zombie and a gator. He can walk on two, eats your brains, eat you with his razor sharp teeth. Your never safe… Zombi stands for it being part zombie. Gator stands for its other half, Alligator. This combination is so terrifying because you could never be safe. In water, in a house, in a space station. Wait not the last one. Zombigator will eat you no matter how nasty you are. Young or old. High or low. Alive or dead. You will DIE.

  30. One of the most scariest beast is a ninja clown he can have a jump scare on you and kill you with his ninja skills. The reason this is terrifying is because he can sneak attack you and scare you with his clown mask . If you have a fear of clowns and ninjas well then you are not safe you better watch out!

  31. Witches and wolves are terrifying, I can’t imagine what they would be like together! I bet he would be tall, about 7 feet, with hair everywhere on him, even his toes! He would be vicious, evil, and put spells everywhere on anything. This beast would live in swamps and he would sleep during the day and hunt and put spells on everything during the night, so no one will every see him. He’s not the only one though there are many of them, they all look the same, talk the same, and eat the same. The only difference is the spells they use. This is the most terrifying combination because they are just as terrifying separate as they are together. They both have such different traits but all there traits work in perfect harmony when they are put together. They also are very creepy looking so when they are put together they look horrendous! I hope none of you run into one of these bad boys, if you do good luck because you might never escape the spell! Please never try to fight them because I can assure you they will win!

  32. My creature is called a Shaith. It is part shark and part wraith. It has frightening crimson colored eyes, razor-sharp teeth and a fin instead of legs. It also has a dorsal fin on its back, and it wears a hooded clock as dark as midnight. Any and all Shaiths will haunt you before and after death. You might see their dorsal fin slicing through the water like a knife, watch a black cloak disappear behind a corner, or even come face to face with one and see their red, soulless eyes. Shaiths will haunt you during your lifetime, and you might even see them lurking about in the depths of the underworld. Watch out! Behind you!

  33. You probably have never heard of this name, read on and you will find out. My creature is a witchdeer that means witch and deer. It is the most terrifying creature because it is a witch that can do spells and do bad things to you, then it is a deer because it can run away fast. Also I put them together because from the back of the deer it looks like a cute, nice, deer but it is not. It is a creepy, ugly, thing. My creature uses its spells and it’s wand to catch things to eat. The deer part will kick other animals and it can run like lightning speed to run away from the, yetisharks, alienwolfs, and other things like that. The witchdeer is really scary if you saw it you would be terrified. You don’t want to run into it. Watch out it might be in your yard!!!

  34. Pythons are already horrifying and dangerous, but nothing compares to the Alienpython. The Alienpython is the most terrifying and deadly creature to ever exist on this earth. It is a 60,000 python that came from the planet Eytherypota. The Alienpython can eat humans by sucking the life and energy out of them. The more he kills, the stronger he gets. One time, a scientist named Dr. DeLerittage was about to discover how to stop the beast until the Alienpython came to his lab and killed him. The beast then went over to the cloning area of the lab, cloned itself, and made more than 100 cloned Alienpythons. Someone please stop these horrid monsters from creating the perish of the Earth. Here is what you have to do, just go to Dr. DeLerittage’s lab and …*ahhhhh* *growls*

    A cross between a vampire and an armadillo. The fiercest of all creatures, he really just wants to cuddle up next to you, but when you are not looking he bites your neck and sucks out a bit of blood. They make good pets. A wild vampadillo can curl into balls and roll to speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. They are bigger than their cousins, the ninjadillo. But are not nearly as fast and quiet. If you are lucky to find one in a pet shop beware, if there are any other animals in your house they go insane and escape your house then they join a wild pack. They hunt much larger beasts like mammoths, that is why mammoths and dinosaurs no longer exist. They are native to ChilĂ©. They are very adaptave and smart. They can burrow through elephant hide, once they burrow through they start to rip apart the elephant’s insides and suck out all the blood. That only has happened at zoos that vampadillos get into, they have not moved to Africa yet. Feed your vampadillo once a week, dead cows. Never feed your vampadillo twice a week or it will challenge your authority and potentially kill you.

  36. Hey, I know there are all kinds of things in the wild, but what about a combination of two things put together. I know sharks are very scary, I mean seriously, most people would never go close to a shark and of corse a vampire is one nightmare kids around the world hate, well want to know something really scary? Well, have you ever heard of a vampire shark, I didn’t and I also don’t want to. Have you every heard of something so scary? Before I begin lets take a moment to be happy there is no such thing PHEW. The reason I think it is terrifying is because if there was such a thing I wonder if they can turn humans into vampires well, if the shark were to bite people when they walk into the water that is.You would see vampires every where and i’m sure you will see vampire sharks at the beach because they will bite other sharks who will turn into vampire sharks. So long story short the ocean will be made of only vampire sharks. Take one minute and imagine, if you had to stay locked up in your house in fear the you turning into a vampire. And you would not go to the beach, vampires and vampire sharks would be everywhere and soon THE WHOLE WORLD will be a life of vampires. Do you really want that. I can tell you one thing i decently DON’T want that. So what do you think. Scary? Now its your turn to think of something scary! Have fun and remember this is only fake, but keep your eyes out and run that is if you don’t turn into a vampire! WA! HA!HA!

  37. The Demper is one of the most terrifying and deadly creatures in the world. The Demper is a mix between a demon and a viper. This creature was born in the gates of the underworld and escaped to the mortal world. It can spit hot poison from its mouth for as long as 50 feet away. One time the Demper killed 34 men and women with one blow of its hot poison. America’s best soliders are fighting this beast to try to kill the monster, but what they don’t know is that the best cannot defeat the immortal so even the U.S. Army’s best men and women can even make the monster bleed. The only person that knows that the monster is immortal is Hades (the one that sent the monster to the mortal world so that he could claim more unfortunate souls and banish them to the underworld) and the only way to destroy The Demper is to destroy Hades which almost entirely impossible unless…. there is one way. That is the sword of insidious and that exactly what Kyle did. Kyle is a foreign exchange student from Switzerland that was very interested in the Demper and read a lot of fairytale books and discovered were the insidious sword was and killed Hades when he was checking up on the Demper. Kyle snuck up on Hades as he was communicating with the Demper and as he was seeking the Demper was about to kill him, but as the hot poison left his mouth Kyle had already slashed a hole in Hades chest.

  38. Aren’t vampires and wolves terrifying? Well, imagine them put together! My creature is the Vampwolf, and it is a very interesting creature. It is, of course, both a vampire and a wolf. It’s a little bit like a werewolf, but it’s not quite a werewolf. It has sharp fangs, a vampire property. It is a wolf, not a human. It drinks blood, just like vampires. It is allergic to garlic bread, and usually, if you hang garlic around your garden or anywhere, it will most likely stay away from the areas where you hung the garlic at. The Vampwolf is very deadly, and only comes out at night. It doesn’t burn in the sun, although it’d rather stay inside the area it lives in, which is a dark cave. My new creature can’t climb trees, but they can jump pretty high. Their highest jumping rate is six feet. The Vampwolf only drinks/eats blood; it’s their natural diet. Recently, there has been sightings of them in upper states, such as New Hampshire and some in Montana. They hang out in the woods, hidden from all of the poachers and brave souls who decide to either hunt them or figure that they’re no more a wolf than a vampire.

  39. My creature is the Demython. It is half demon and half python. He is completely black other than his two yellow glowing eyes, when he is under your bed in the dark there will be a faint glow of his eyes watching you until he…..snatches you and takes you into his world called the Upside Down. The Upside Down is just like our world but has monsters and weds everywhere and is black the only thing you can see is there glowing eyes, but when you see the glowing eyes all you should think is RUN! The Demython will run after you and catch you then once you are stuck in webs your done for. So be sure to always check under your bed before you sleep and make sure the Demython is not waiting for you.

  40. Most creatures are scary and tough to look at but my creature might get you nightmares my amazing creature is called Yetibear. Yetibear roams and hunts everyone in the forest. Yetibear gets revenge for people finding out that he is the Yetibear everyone has been looking for since 510 B.C.E. This is the story of how he becomes Yetibear. A long time ago there was a creature called the Yeti. He roamed for food and food was scarce. Yeti could not find food and died. After Yeti died a bear found Yeti’s corpse and decided to preserve the Yeti around the bear’s neck. During the Warring states period during 510 B.C.E the bear got killed and came back to life as a Yetibear and overthrow the emperor and was a legend till this day. Since everyone was looking for the legend of Yetibear. Yetibear decided to hide in the forest and was never seen again. But Yetibear had a baby Yeti and the story starts all over again. Later after the Yetibear population became scarce scientists started to preserve all of the Yetibears to start a new museum just for the amazing Yetibear.

  41. Curly red afro, large red nose, sharply pointed teeth, horribly painted on stripes, creepy eyes always lurking around. This description can only be talking about one animal. The clownshark. I know, I know. Why would I ever say a word so… Creepy. A clown and a shark TOGETHER! Who knew there was such a thing! Sharks, don’t even get me started. They lurk around ready to kill and any time. With their huge teeth always out. Their huge tail that flaps around that goes faster then anyone can run. The eerie eyes always open, never shut. How you never know when it is coming, always waiting for that perfect time to, you know, pounce at you. The shark is scary enough. But when scientist discovered that it was also a clown! Clowns have that creepy glare. The large feet. The smile, oh that smile. Their huge hair. You never can trust a clown. Clowns and sharks, wow. The clownsharks live in the ocean. Very rare, only about five around the world. They wait, pounce, eat, repeat. The clownshark eats everything in sight. Friends, family, even whales. Every sea creature fears them, just like clowns do to humans. Sharks are well, sharks. All creatures dare not to come at least a mile near a shark. Clownsharks also have the ability to kill on land. Since it is also half clown, it can walk around on land. You will usually find it in Canada or the United States waiting, pouncing, eating. Better beware, you never know where it’s lurking.

  42. Ninjadillo is the most terrifying creature, ever! How this creature was created was a long story. One day, a little ninja was training to find his lost sister, but he had to train first. He was a ninja! Anyways, he was training with an old sack and he missed the sack during a punch, rolled down the hill into the ditch with a river, and bumped his little head on a rock. When the ninja woke up, he found himself at the end of the river current. The little ninja hopped out of the water and dried himself off. The little ninja wanted to explore, so he headed to the big hill. After lots of walking, the little ninja was almost at the top of the huge hill. The last step the little ninja took was the last step he would take as a ninja. For when he stepped, he had stepped on an armadillo, and they both fell down the hill and landed on top of each other. You probably know what happened, but I will tell you anyways. They fused together and formed the one, the only, Ninjadillo. After that day, the creature walks around the forest the little ninja had been training at and has only been spotted once. And that one time he was spotted, the Ninjadillo got so mad at the person, that he went rage mode and almost killed the adventurer. So that day on, nobody has walked back in that forest, scared of what they would be in for.

  43. Ssssssssss. Here comes the vampire viper slithering toward you, What do you do? Well first you should know that the vampire viper is one of the most terrifying creatures ever spotted in the wild. The vampire viper was created when a mad scientist accidentally combined a vampire’s DNA sample and a snakes DNA sample. He was trying to bring back the T-Rex but his plan failed and he created the most terrifying creature to ever slither the earth! The Vampire Viper’s body stretches about 20 feet long and one foot tall. They are said to live deep in the woods where no light ever shines. They dig deep burrows miles below the ground and dig them miles sideways to reach distant town where they feast at night on the innocent peasants. Since they are vampire snakes, they have large fangs that seep deep into the skin of peasants. Before they feast, they make a sssssss sound that warns that scares the prey because scared meals always makes the best ones. The vipers don’t eat the entire human, they only suck the blood like any normal vampire. They use their length to wrap around the human kill them instantly and painlessly. They spare no one. Now that you know a little something about the Vampire viper you should probably run!

  44. The two words that I choose where a python and a demon. The pythademon lives in the amazon. He is the only one of his kind that is still living. My phythademon is very scary. It has a snake body and a demon head. To get his food he puts his head to the ground rap is body so that the animal can’t escape. Then it jumps out and scares the animal and eat them. The story behind my animal becoming who he is now is weird. Yet it’s very interesting.
    One halloween night the demon was looking for something to eat. When a python came by. The python was looking at the same pray that the demon was looking at. The Demon was crossed. They raced each other willing to do anything to get food.They slithered so fast and flew so hard that they both ran into a witches house. Then before they new it they were fused together. Till this day they lurk the streets every halloween night. Waiting and watching to EAT YOU. SWEET DREAMS.

  45. Picture this, a demon and a viper, no, it’s not Vemon it’s Diper. Diper is the scariest beast in the land he has huge demon wings with a scaly, slippery, and disgusting snake body. He scares everyone with his large, venomous, sharp front teeth. Diper was created in a failed lab experiment to create a demon and instead they created the massive, the venomous, the unstoppable town destroyer, the mix between a viper and a demon, Diper. Every man that had ever had an encounter with Diper had never returned except for Hercules he was the man to tell the tales of Diper. Diper had wrapped up Hercules and sunk his huge, slimy, and sharp teeth into Hercules head. Yes, Hercules was still alive and was in Diper’s den with many corpses and most of them had rotten away, no, I did NOT smell good. Hercules had wielded his sword and fought through the many corpses in his way and barely escaped since Diper was still finishing off some prey, though Diper’s eyes darted towards Hercules and was dashing to him. Yes, Hercules had escaped he slashed rock at the ceiling and they had fell to the ground and Diper was blocked up. To this day Diper seeks revenge to kill Hercules, Diper had destroyed 13 towns in search of Hercules the one who escaped. WATCH OUT HERCULES!

  46. After looking at the words in the picture, I have come up with what I think is the most terrifying beast possible. The beast that I have come up with is called a nibster or ninja lobster. I think that it would be terrifying because lobsters already are scary, with their pinchers, and if it was a ninja, it would be able sneak up on you and pinch you. My creature lurks in shallow water during the day and sneaks up on people and pinches them and at night it leaves the ocean and scuttles into people’s home and pinches them un-detected. Although this creature sounds interesting, I am glad it is not real because I do not want to get pinched.

  47. My creature combination is the demonmonkey. The reason my creature is so terrifying is that the monkey has bright glowing red eyes. The demonmonkey skin is glowing red like a demon. It’s tail is like a demon, but has a monkeys body and face, but the ears are like a demon. The demon and disappear in flames and burn your skin. They can also go through walls. There eyes can shot laser. And there spit and red banana all mushed down. So stay away from them or else.

  48. Ownwol (clown and wolf) is the most terrifying creature because he only comes out at night and when he does you’re lucky you can’t see him. He has blood dripping from his mouth like water. He has hair all over his head except for his face wich has blue-ish pale skin that wrinkles when he barks a blood curdling growl. He always wears his yellow poko-dot onside that has rips through out . You can see some bones in his hands with a knife in the other. If you’re lucky he’ll bite your legs off. If not. We’ll lets just say you won’t have that or a head. When he grabs you it feels like hot burning fire pressing against you. His eyes are jet black and so dark that you couldn’t even notice his eye glare. The females are even worse they’re like the males except they haunt you for about a day by crawling into your house and placing bloody body parts and doll heads from their last victim. When they attack you it’s like all hell broke lose in your own back yard. Oh and one more thing. They’re common in America.

  49. The most terrifying creature in the woods. Terrorizing the cities, countries, even continents! It shows no mercy, you can run but you can’t hide. A dolf, a mixture of a wolf and demon. It haunts you at night as a demon. And at the crack of dawn, you are being eaten a wolf. Picture this, head of a demon, barely able to see. Body of a terrifying wolf, silvery fur, white legs, but blood on its paws. The dolf lives anywhere and everywhere, there’s no escape. This will also eat anything, from tiny ants, to giant elephants. Be scared, because one mistake… you’re slaughtered by a dolf.

  50. My creature is a werewolf and an armadillo. The weredillo. The weredillo was a produced in a lab in Mexico. This creature has claws that can cut through a rock. A shell that can block a missle. Teeth that can chomp through a human wth one bite. Werewolf’s are already scary with their teeth and speed. Armadillo’s freak me out because no matter what I do. Their shell will protect them from any harm . The thought of a werewolf mixed with an armadillo is horrifying. The weredillo is a killing machine. My creature sleeps by day and hunts by night. The weredillo will feast on any human it catches eye on. First, it will hunt you down. Next, it will kill you, Then, it will eat every part of the body. Except for the bones. I would never want to run into this creature in my entire life.

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