Find the Terrifying Fantastic!

Hi Students,

Since you are beginning to build your mythological beast in art, and we are in the midst of writing our Find the Fantastic Blotz poems, I came across this writing prompt which complements our unit. 🙂

Follow the directions on the image. State your creature’s name (yetishark) or (explain the name if you modify the parts: sheti) and why the combination you chose is the most terrifying. Describe what your new creature does.

As always, begin with a creative lead in sentence and conclude with something thoughtful. One good DESCRIPTIVE paragraph. Let’s see some commas!



  1. For the blog I choose a Loblin. It is a goblin and a lobster. The goblin is mean and vicious and the lobster has ginormous pinchers to pinch people. With the goblins vicious actions and the lobsters huge pinchers this animal will be very scary. The Loblin can pinch people like crazy. The Loblin’s will make people go out of there minds crazy, will you be able to survive the great Loblin?

  2. My creature creature is a yetigator. It is a Yeti with a gators torso and legs. It is scary, dangerous, and fierce. It will think of you as a bite sized snack. Just imagine a yeti crawling at you with sharp teeth. If I saw this guy I would be done for. I chose this because I do not like alligators and if Yetis even existed I would scream! This creature was made by a scientist. Of course, he ate the scientist. He lives in the Appalachian mountains and eats humans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a second dinner if he’s in the mood. I would pick everything besides a Yetigator to be with. He smells like a dead fish but hunts like a tiger.

  3. There a lot of crazy animals that are extremely venomous, but there is one animal that is the worst out of all of them. It’s name is the deeper. Also known as a mix of a viper and a demon. We all know that if you were stuck in a room with a demon, you’d be dead before you had a chance to scream. If you were stuck in a room with a viper, it wouldn’t be fun. The reason this animal is bad is the way it attacks. My friend Christian was attacked by one and he dropped dead instantly. The deeper sank its long fangs into its neck and the venom spread in his body along with a bursting fire. The fire boiled his blood and the venom went strait to his brain. The fire burnt his heart and in his last seconds, the venom slowly took over. It looks like a snake and its eyes are completely white. His scales are always on fire. It’s fangs are about one foot each and if it doesn’t kill you, then what will?

  4. The demon pig is a scary combination, because its fast and unpredictable. The demon pig is a heartless killer who collects money from its victims. The demon pig is spooky, because it hunt all day, even in the night. And just when you think you’re safe, when you escape, WHAM! And you’re gone before you know it.

  5. Out of all the scary animals I think that the clownshark is the scariest. It is so scary because it is a lot like a clown. It can hide it’s face under a scary mask. It is also a lot like a shark, sharks can eat u and kill you. So a clownshark can do both, hide it’s face and scare you, and kill you. One night I was sitting at the lakeside when I saw bubbles in the water, it was a shark that came out of the water with its scary teeth, I stayed alive. But another time I saw a clown, he had a big scary mask that popped out at me from a busy at night. I didn’t know who he was. But the two times scared me for life. That’s why I’m especially scared of clown sharks.

  6. My terrifying combination is Demon and a Monkey or better known as a Demonkey. It is loud, unpredictable, and has abnormally large red eyes. It can effortlessly swing from even the largest tree branches, and can bring a curse upon your soul in the blink of an eye. Now although the Demonkey is perfectly capable of killing you in a mere second, it prefers to be left alone, but don’t get me wrong if you come anywhere close to it, or even make a sound that it doesn’t like, then it WILL kill you. So please do NOT get in the way of a Demonkey. But if you do happen to get in the way of a Demonkey, first it will make you wildly disoriented by cursing you with things unknown to human kind. Next it will wait until you fall to the ground and hop down over you. You can try to get up but you are to weak to even move. Then it looks at you with it big, red, beady eyes, but you can’t close your eyes because you can’t even move. As he look at you, you see EVERYTHING. The entire world and all it’s pain is brought upon you. Then at that point you are to dumbfounded to do anything. Lastly the Demonkey unleashes it claws upon you and… I think you can imagine what happens next.

  7. The most ferocious animal to ever live and stalk the streets was the Demon Wolf! With his impeccable sense of smell and constant thirst for blood, it is hard to hide. Once you look him in his eyes, you have three days to live. You will be in agonizing pain in your head and your hair will fall off in clumps. He then kills you by ripping out your windpipe and watching you gasp for you last remaining breaths. Then he will eat your heart for protein and walk away. You can barricade doors, lock windows, or run. But he will always find you. Would you survive the Demon Wolf? AROOOOOWWWWWWW

  8. I think that the Vampig is the creepiest, scariest, and most demented creature I know. It’s a vampire and a pig. The Vampig bites other pigs and humans that then turn into Vampigs also. At night time, they go into peoples houses and suck their blood. Over night, those people turn into Vampigs. All the Vampigs in the world live in an abandoned farm where they plan their next attacks. Every night when the clocks hit 11:00 the Vampigs go out and creep along the streets to find their next victim…watch out though…you might be next. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. There is a lot of scary, amazing, and cool creatures to think of, but if two things were the same creature I would pick a wereard. This creature is half werewolf and half leopard. Why is my creature scary you might ask, well I will tell you why. When I first discovered this creature he eating some, when I first saw it, it was very very big the back half of it is a leopard and the from part is a blood thirsty werewolf. The werewolf part is the most scariest part, it has red fire eyes it has shaggy hair and a very dark grey hair. The leopard part has a big tail and can run really really fast. It turn around and it walk slowly towards me. The teeth were huge and it started to drool, it held up its paw and scratch me. The cut was bleeding everywhere and the creature started to drink my blood, the scratch stung like crazy. I learned that the scratch was poisonous, but I guess he helped me in a way he when the scratch go away, he lick it and left me. The back yard was a mess and I am scared every Halloween night and afraid that the creature would come back.

  10. On Halloween night it’s the scariest time of the year. Ghosts and zombies don’t scarce me but the thing that I think would scare me most would be a combination of a Werewolf and porcupine. Werepine. When the creature gets angry, porcupine spikes pop out of its back with rage. Their eyes start to flame up with red fire. When I first noticed this creature I found out that they roam the streets at night searching for kids that are alone. I was one of those kids, walking away from my friends house at 10:30. Through the mist down the street I saw a big man standing there looking at me. Drool and a faint snarl came out of its mouth. It came near me with loud foot steps when It walked. I ran like a wolf but as quite as a rabbit. It swung its large sharpe nails at me. The neighbors saw what happened and called the animal services to come as quick as possible, because of what they heard on the phone. They tranquilized it and took it took study off of. And ever to that they I have a 3 big scars going down my shoulder, but they are starting to turn purple. I feel this adrenaline inside me now, a beast reading to come out. My eye site is starting change. And now I no my future, and its not a Phase.

  11. Wolf demon is the scariest creature ever. He eats clown sharks and witch monkeys. It is a regular wolf at night but by day it has red eyes and can walk on two legs and has rabies. I encountered him one day when he was wearing a hooded Cloak and I bumped into him. I asked him what his problem was and he started to growl. Then he attacked me and I was never found again.

  12. Demon viper is clever and dangerous. It is the most terrifying beast because it can inject burning venom into someone or something. Demon viper can endure blistering temperatures and poison. It has 6 inch fangs and burning scales. It makes crying children sounds to lure in its next prey. It then bites its prey, the poison leaving the human alive for only a few more days. After the prey has died, the demon viper finds its prey and eats it. It is related to the Komodo dragon, which also has poison that leaves its prey alive for a few days.

  13. I chose a Demear. A demon and a bear combination. I think this creature is terrifying because, bears can be scary enough. If you anger a bear, you should run as fast as a cheetah, however, if you encounter a demon bear I don’t know what to tell you other than, “your doomed”. A Demear would probably have a terrible hunched back, chase after anyone it sees, while making a terrible laughing noise, and only eat humans.
    I think anyone in their rightful mind would want to stay away from a Demear!

  14. There are a lot of animals that are extremely terrifying but there is one that trumps them all. It’s name is the clokey. Also known as a mix of clown and a monkey. We all know about the recent deaths and kidnappings for the killer clowns these days. And monkeys have endless amount of tricks up their sleeves, even though not all of them wear clothes. The reason this animal is so bad is the way it attacks. When it captures you. Its ties you up and scares the living daylights out of you, then u die of terror. My best friend Alexandra died from one of these vicious beasts, the clokey tied her up in a chair in a pitch black room. He scared her so many times she was tortured to death. I was trying to save her from outside the room but all I heard was screaming, then silence. I heard footsteps behind me, I couldn’t look, but I did. It was Alexandra’s body hanging, I ran as fast as I could, and that’s why this animal is so bad to me. If you see, sense, or hear one, call someone and run. Good luck!!

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