The Hero’s Journey – Preparation for The Hobbit

Students, please watch this video based off of Joseph Campbell’s famous mono-myth of the hero’s journey. The different actions correspond to each hour around the clock. The graphic organizer that you will use as you read The Hobbit was created from this mono-myth.

Can you think of a book or movie (not Harry Potter or The Hunger Games) which you have read or seen that follows this mono-myth? Explain how it follows the hero’s journey cycle. One good paragraph and be sure to give the title of your book or movie. (Remember that the title of a book or movie is in capital letters.)


  1. One book that I read with mono myths was “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters”. Percy is at camp half blood when he is informed by fortune teller about a monster and a healing Golden Fleece. There was a girl that was killed a long time ago but was grown as a tree that made a force field around the camp. They want to retrieve the Golden Fleece to bring Tabetha back to life (girl who died a long time ago).He and his friends go on a journey to kill the monster that protects the Golden Fleece. On their journey they run into problems like Charybdis the sea monster that sucks them in his whirlpool. They kill Charybdis and carry on. They run into the cyclops god and distract and kill him too. When they get to the monster it grabs Percy and takes him up to eye level. Percy cuts his hand open and drags his sword down his body. In the process of fighting, Percy’s friend dies. When Percy retrieves the fleece he puts it on her in worry. She is hieled and the go back to camp. They put the fleece on the tree as a girl is untangled from the branches she wakes up and is healed.

  2. A book that I believe follows Joseph Campbell’s rubric is Gregor the Overlander. This book starts out with Gregor, his mom, and his younger sister living in a small apartment in New York. Gregor’s call to adventure is when his sister find this whole in the wall behind the laundry machine, and they slide down and end up in a new world. They fight all sorts so large animals and people different than them, and end up trying to find the dad they never met. Their mentor through out the book is the queen of the kingdom they first land in. They find the dad and bring him home from the giant rats keeping him to make weapons for them. Then finally, they settle home and explain everything to the mother and they lived happily ever after. That is, until the next book…

  3. One book I read that I thought matched the Hero’s Journey was Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief. At first he was a normal boy in New York who had a step dad who was awful to him and his mother. Also, he was always getting expelled from bordering schools. His call to adventure was when a crazy sprite comes and tries to attack him telling him that he must return Zeus’s lightning bolt. His mentor and guide is Chiron, the centaur, who helps him and supports him through quests. The new world is when he arrives at Camp Half-Blood and meets all of these half-bloods just like him. His challenge or big departure quest is finding out who stole the Lightning Bolt. The darkest hour of the book is when Percy gets betrayed by his best friend Luke (who was the one who stole the Lightning Bolt) and thinks he isn’t going to make it. But then he defeats Luke and returns the Lightning Bolt to Zeus. Then when he returns home he goes back to New York, to his mom and talks to her saying he’s okay and he can defend himself now. Also, he said that he will be ready for anything that comes at him so she doesn’t need to be afraid for his safety anymore.

  4. i read maze runner and in the first step was when Tomas got there everything changed. the second step was when teresa helped him. the third was when he entered the maze. the fourth was when they had to figure out the maze and get everyone to fight. the fith was when they met the Grivers, the enemy. the sixth step was when they were out numbered and some people had died. the seventh was when they figured out how to kill them. the eigth was when they got there treasure, fredom. the ninth was when they returned to the out side world. the tenth was when they had found shelter. the eleventh was when they didn’t get what they wanted. the twelfth was when they were in a destroyed world.

  5. The hero’s journey was represented in the book Variant. In the beginning Benson lived a normal life as an orphan. Then one day Benson applied for the school that would bring him into a new world of a deathly school. Then one day he arrives in the school which would bring him into a new world. While Benson is in the school he faces many challenges like trying to find a way out and how to uncover the secrets of the school such as what “detention” truly means. At one point in the story Benson almost dies. This happened when Benson got beaten up by a robot after a school dance and almost gets killed by the beating. Eventually Benson does escape the school and escapes with a new personality, a personality of fear and horror, and a new vision of the world.

  6. Dorothy Must Die follows this hero cycle almost perfectly. Amy Gumm an ordinary girl from Kansas gets called to Oz by an anonymous face. She is in the famous town of Oz with Dorothy, the not so cowardly lion, the loving tin man, the smart scare crown, and the not so phony wizard. She gets trapped in Dorothy’s dungeon and is rescued by The Order of The Wicked a group of all the witches except for Glinda the not so good. They have United together against Dorothy and Glinda to stop them from draining all the magic out of Oz. She is put on a mission to dress up as a cleaning lady in Dorothy’s kingdom, get close to her, and finally assassinate her. When she finally tries to at a formal ball that Dorothy threw she missed her chance, fell out a window, but she was caught by not flying monkeys who owed her a favor due to saving one of their own from the scarecrow’s lab where he does experiments on the bad creatures of Oz. They took her to the sea of flowers where she had a deadly encounter with the lion. She sliced open his neck and stole his courage and he shrunk into the cowardly lion. She still had to steal the scarecrows brain, rip out the tin mans heart the finally she can kill Dorothy.

  7. The movie I chose was Minions because even though It is not actiony it still follows the cycle. Bob and his friends live in a very icy place and they are suffering. Bob decides to save his friends and wants to go on a adventure to find a new master and home. He gets 2 of his friends to go along with him. Their names are Kevin and Stewart. They go to New York to Villain-Con to meet their new master. The city is like a new world for them. They end up high hiking with some more villains. Kevin, Bob, and Stewart become a super villains Minions. She turns on them and tries to kill them. They are lost and many people are trying to kill them! All the other minions come to help! Then finally, little baby Grew comes and steals the queen’s crown. Then the minions know that that is going to be their new master.

  8. In Alice in Wonderland she starts out living a normal life, but dreaming of adventure. She gets her call to adventure when she sees the talking rabbit yelling that he is late and then runs into the rabbit hole. The mad hatter is her mentor. He takes her around when she is shrunk and helps he find the good queen so that can defeat the queen of hearts. The new world is obviously when she falls down the rabbit hole and ends up where EVERYTHING can talk!! There is also a bunch of magic foods. She faces the challenges of getting away from that horrible dog-beast, and when she pretends to be from somewhere where she is made fun of for being giant. She almost gives up a lot because she thinks she is dreaming, but she’s not! When she has finished her quest and slain the dragon she goes back to the real world and chooses not to marry the creepy price and to live the way she wants. These are all reasons why Alice in Wonderland is a movie that follows hero’s journey.

  9. I’ve read the book Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan. This story follows the hero’s journey cycle perfectly. Percy begins in his ordinary world, living with his mom in a small apartment. Percy’s call to adventure was a demon attacking him telling him to return Percy’s lightening bolt. At his previous school one of his teachers turns out to be a minotaur and counselor of camp half blood. He becomes Percy’s mentor. Percy also makes two new companions to help him on an upcoming quest. His new world is a demigod world with mythical creatures and gods. He has many challenges and fights a hydra, medusa, and hades. The climax and downfall for Percy is when he fights Luke, who is against all gods. Luke is a much better fighter than Percy and nearly kills him but Percy is the son of Poseidon. He controls the ocean and destroys Luke. Percy’s camps ends and he returns back home with his mom. Percy has changed and and his hero cycle will begin next year in camp. Percy Jackson, just like many other good books and movies, follows the hero’s journey cycle. Its is an unpredictable, adventures, and mythical book.

  10. The movie I chose was ROGUE ONE (StarWars) and here is the storyline. The first step is when the hero is in it’s ordinary world. In ROGUE ONE, Jyn and her family lived in this place until this guy rescued her. Jyn got caught and a team saves Jyn and they make a deal with her. That’s when the adventure started. Her team is Saw, Chirrut, K-2SO, Cassian, and the pilote. They went to the Death Star where all the Stormtroopers are and Jyn’s dad is. When the captain kills Jyn’s dad, Jyn wanted to give up. Then, they tried to destroy the Death Star but they didn’t. All they got was the planes and that’s how when everyone got the plans. (When they were around.) The world blew up so they never returned home. That’s the storyline to ROGUE ONE.

  11. One book I have read is KIKI STRIKE. It follows this mono-myth because at first Ananka lives a normal life in New York but when a huge sink hole appears in the park by her house, she gets called to an adventure. No one seems to notice the sink hole but Ananka did. She found a room where the sink hole appeared. She thinks it’s strange and she wants to find out more about it. She meets this girl at school and thinks she knows something about the room. The girl’s name is Kiki Strike. Kiki Strike was Ananka’s guide. Once they met, Kiki organizes this group called the Irregulars. They find an underground city called the Shadow City. This is when she goes into a new world. They face many challenges, like when DeeDee blew up part of Shadow City and had to go the hospital from severe injuries. Kiki Strike mysteriously disappears and the Irregulars separate for a little bit. This is when the hero gives up. They all come back together and they all finish their mission. They return to their normal lives just changed. They often get together like friends would.

  12. The book I choose was THE HEROES GUIDE TO SAVING YOUR KINGDOM By: Christopher Healy. The four princes in this book were ordinary princes with their own problems in their kingdom. Its when Prince Frederic searches for adventure and to prove to his fiancé he is not boring. Frederic goes to the other princes of the kingdoms and looks for backup. The princes noticed that the annoying bards were missing and decided to see what was going on. To help them on their mission they brought the sword of Erinthia that was encrusted with jewels. They continued on their mission and faced little obstacles like Deeb Rauber and the trolls. Then it is time to face the witch Zaubera who was the person kidnapping the bards just because they didn’t write about her in their songs. They made this well thought out plan and it backfired, their was a moment where everyone was struggling to live after being struck by her lightning. But then they all worked together and defeated her. When they got back home the bards made a song about Princess Ella and the league of princes who defeated Zaubera. They didn’t get all of the credit even though they did all the work but they still got recognition for being something more than the lousy princes who got dumped.

  13. Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
    Percy Jackson starts at Camp Halfblood and someone poisoned Thalia tree. Chiron sends them to Circeland to get the Golden Fleece to heal Thalia’s tree. Percy goes with Grover and Annabeth and Tyson. When they reach Circeland they have to take the Golden Fleece from Polythemus. After the are nearly killed by Polythemus they take the Golden Fleece. Percy and his companions are then captured by Luke and his army and they take the Golden Fleece and put it on Kronos grave to bring him back. Kronos has awakened and they think the are going to die. But Percy remembers the prophecy that says “the cursed blade shall reap”. He uses his sword Riptide to kill Kronos. Percy gets the Golden Fleece back and they heal Thalia’s tree at Camp Halfblood. It does more then what they thought. It brought Zeus’s daughter, Thalia back.

  14. One movie that I have seen that follows the heroes guide is Stranger Things because when the demigorgan eats one of the will then the boys and the mom tried to bring him back from the other world and when barb got taken away that was a wake up call for the sister. They all worked together to bring the boy back even though they couldn’t bring barb back when the sheriff and the mother and the kids worked together they almost died but they brought the boy back they returned home and had a nice Christmas and it changed them because Ella died and Mike had a thing for her so he was sad. But they still played dungeons and dragons.

  15. One movie I watched with mono myths is Super Man Man of steel. When he was born he was sent to a planet that could sustain life because his planet was about to be destroyed. His call to adventure was when his dad showed him the ship he was sent to Earth on. His mentor was his dad when he was taking the ship his dad showed him the way to control it and fly it. One of many obstacles in this movie was when he was growing up he was able to see through his classmates. Another obstacle was when he was growing up he was bullied for being different. His main enemy was general Zodd. When they wee fighting Zodd had two companions fighting the military while he fights super man. When he defeated Zodd he was wiser because he knew about where he came from. This was a very good movie and it followed the rubric almost exactly.

  16. One of my favorite books that follows the hero’ journey is The Search for WondLa. It starts off when Eva, the main character, has to leave her vault because some creature is trying to break in, which is the call to adventure. Then when Eva gets captured by the creature she gets help from a alien named Rovender to escape, and Rovender plays the part of the guide/companion. Then the obstacles Eva has to go through is trying throughout the story to escape from the same creature who hunts her down. The darkest hour of the story is when the creature holds Rovender captive and gives Eva an ultimatum of him either killing Rovender or Eva has to come with the creature. After the struggle Eva and Rovender return but it is changed in that another companion of the group died and that they manage to find someone who helps them go to the human city where they were trying to go the whole time.

  17. The book that I choose is I Even Funnier because the character Jamie leaves his house and goes to Las Vegas for the semifinals of comedy. The person who helps him is Gilda and she tells him that he will do good and that he will win and she also goes with him to all his competitions. The problems the Jamie faces is that he had to quite for the semifinals so he can help his Uncle. Near the end of the book Jamie new that he wouldn’t get back into the competition but then the judges told him that he can come back to the competition because they saw his viral comedy video. At the end of the book Jamie changed because when he came back home he was happy that he made it to the finals and that he couldn’t wait till the finals came but he had a very big and hard opponent.

  18. The Eighth Day

    This book first sign of an adventure with Jax waking up in a new world. He can’t find anyone and the power is out. He walks outside and the sky is pink and purple. A week later when a he went to sleep on Wednesday and woke up in the weird world again this time his guardian was there. Riley his guardian tells him he has powers and tells him about the world and what he needs to stay away from and where he needs to stay. Later in the book he accidentally he shows the villain where the girl he has to hide from him is. At his darkest moment he is staying in the villains building and they are about to wipe all normal humans from existence. Then when the villain is about to cast the spell the girl he was hiding tackled him and killed him. Him the girl and Riley escape and go home. Now Jax is changed now that he knows he has powers and that he helped kill a bad person.

  19. Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is about a kid who is the son of Posiedon. He doesn’t know he is the son of the great god until he is attacked by a minotaur so his Mom drives to camp Half Blood, a camp for the children of gods. When he gets attacked the Menisoar kills his Mom, but he escapes through the border of the camp. Percy Jackson’s mentors are Grover and Annabeth. When he goes to find the Zeus’s lost lightning, he brings a pen it isn’t an ordinary pen, it’s a pen that can turn into a sword. One obstacle that he has to go through is finding the three pearls. The pearls give him coordinates to the lightning. He eventually figures out that Luke, Hade’s son has stole the lightning and gave it to his dad. He returns changed because he has an arch enemy, Luke.

  20. I read the book Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. This book is a really good example of the heroes journey. Percy gets a call to adventure when he was at camp half blood and a Minotaur attacks camp half blood. The tree that protects the camp is damage and the Golden Fleece is the only thing that can save it. Percy Jackson discovers he has a brother and his brother goes with him on a quest to find the fleece. AnnaBeth Grover and Tyson are Percy’s companions. Grover gets taken and then Percy had to find him. Percy figures out that Luke (Hades son) also needs the the fleece to bring Kronos back. Percy gives up when Luke captures him and his friends and gets the fleece. Percy decides to keep going but it was to late Kronos is already back. Kronos eats Luke and Percy destroys him. Percy saves the tree and Percy is changed and is now a true hero.

  21. I have read the book Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This book follows the Hero’s Journey quite well. He was living in a normal world with his mom and his mother’s boyfriend. His call to adventure is when he goes to Camp Half Blood. When his mom takes him there the Minotaur attacks them and his mother dies. His guide is Dionysis, that is his teacher that he likes. His best friend is Grover. His challenge is trying to defeat Luke, the Lightning Thief. He uses his cool pen that turns into a sword to defeat him. His darkest hour is when he is fighting Luke and almost dies. Percy is changed because he is eager to keep defeating monsters and to stop Luke.

  22. My Choice for a hero is Batman, in Batman v Superman. His status quo is when he is a known vigilante beating up bad guys. His call to adventure is when he is in metropolis and sees the destruction super man and Zodd are causing. His mentor is Alfred, his butler, because he tries to get Bruce to form an alliance with Clark Kent. His departure is when he goes to confront superman. His trials are when he is fighting superman on the roof of the building. His approach is when he frees superman’s mom from Lex Luther. His crisis is when he, superman, and Wonder Woman are fighting doomsday. His treasure is saving earth. The result is supermans death. He died fighting doomsday. His return is when he goes back to Gotham. His new life is when he works with Wonder Woman. The resolution is when he starts recruting the justice league. And back to the beginning

  23. The book Slathbog’s Gold follows the heroes journey. There was a boy named Alex. His call to adventure came when he was on a walk and in the window of a book shop he saw a sign. It said adventures wanted. He looked away then looked back at it and the sign kept changing. He went inside to ask about this sign. When he went in he ended up in Mr. Clutters adventure shop. He decided to go on an adventure to slay a evil dragon named Slathbog. He left through the back door of the shop and ended up in a world full of adventure. He traveled with six companions who were adventurers. During this adventure he had to over come wraiths, a three legged troll, bandits, and the wall between the land of light and the shadow lands. His darkest hour was when he was afraid of going into Slathbog’s cave. “He tried to think of something happy, but nothing came to him. Everything that had happened to him in the past few months seemed like a dream. A dream that was fast becoming a nightmare. Foolish, Alex thought. That was a good word for what they were about to do. Foolish or incredibly brave, he couldn’t decide which”. He went into the cave defeated and Slathbog. For doing this he got some of the treasure Slathbog was hoarding. He traveled back to Mr. Clutters shop. When he walked through the back door he changed back to how he looked before he went on his adventure. When he left he returned at almost the exact moment he left for it was a magic shop.

  24. One book that I think sorta follows the heroes journey would be Esperanza Rising. Esperanza starts out a rich spoiled girl in Mexico. Then her father gets killed, her house burns down, and her mother and workers are threatened. Her call to adventure happens when her mother has to marry Esperanza’s evil uncle to save everyone so they run away to work in America. Her mentor would be her best( boy) friend because he teaches her how to work and when her mom gets sick he helps he get through it. The obstacles she has to face include having to learn how to work, having to be able to share, and overall realize what is important. Her darkest hour comes when her mother is sick so she has to work twice as much as usual. She doesn’t think her mother will live and she is getting practically no sleep. At the end she doesn’t technically go back to her old life but she learns how to be happy with what she has. Thanks for reading my heroes journey paragraph hope you enjoyed.

  25. One book that I think follows the heroes journey is The Flash. Barry Allen starts out as a forensic scientist and then one night he gets struck by lightning in his lab and gets super speed
    He leaves his ordinary world when he gets his super powers. His companions and mentor would be Cisco Ramon , Katlyn Snow, and Dr.Wells. His obstacle would be when his mentor Dr. Wells kills his mom in the past and has been secretly planning how to steal Barry’s speed and kill him. His darkest was Dr.Wells ( Reverse Flash ) he also has supper speed and is even faster then Barry. How he retuned is he went back in time and defeated the Reverse Flash and saved his mom. And then the cycle goes all over again when a new speedster comes named Zoom.

  26. One movie that follows the mono-myth is Star Wars or the little boy Annakin Skywalker. Little Annakin’s call to adventure is when the two Jedi Knights show up on his planet and are very interested in him because the Force is strong with him. Then once he finishes his task that enables him to leave with the Jedi and abandon his mother and planet entirely he becomes a young Padawan. His mentor is Obi-Wan Kenobi. He teaches Annakin to use the force in a helpful way and to not use the Dark Side of the Force. Annikan’s challenge is when he see’s flashes of his wife dying in child birth. The Evil Sith Lord Darth Sideous tells him using the Dark Side of the Force can save his wife. Annakin can not turn down the opportunity and when he returns to Obi-Wan Kenobi he is not a Jedi anymore but the new Darth Vader!!!

  27. The Little Mermaid-Mono Myth

    The call to adventure was Ariels craving to go to the surface of the ocean.
    Ariel left home when the sea witch turned Ariel into a human and Ariel went beyond the surface.
    Ariels companions were Sebastian the crab, Flounder the fish, and Scuttle the seagull.
    Ariels challenge was to kiss the prince, Eric, before the sun had set on the third day of Ariels leaving the ocean.
    The darkest hour of this movie is when the sea witch, Ursula, stole King Tritons Triton and Ursula then tried to rule the ocean.
    Although Ariel didn’t return home she did get the prince and lived happily ever after at the surface world leaving her family behind.

  28. My choice for a book about a hero is a book called The Hired Girl. This girl grows up with her three brothers, her dad, and her mom. One day when she was little her mom died because she had worked herself to death. This book was based in the 1800’s when woman cleaned and cooked and the men made the money. After her mom died she had to be in charge of the house hold. At first she did not understand how to do everything and her dad would yell at her time after time until she got it right. She loved to read but her dad would not let her because there was just no time during the day. She finally convinced her dad to let her go to school and she had the nicest teacher, who gave her books to read day after day. One day when she was old enough she asked her dad to go to the city to get a job, of corse he said no because there wouldn’t be anyone to take care of the house. Her teacher (mentor) still believed in her and taught her in her spare time. One day her teacher comes over and tells her to go to the city, her family does not care for her and is not kind to her. She takes her advice and leaves. She is lost in the city and has a hard time adjusting to her new life. After a few days she gets a job to be a house keeper for a very nice family and she gets to live in the house. Her life is hard at first but it gets better. There is a time where she almost returns home, but she doesn’t because she life would be even harder there. She is now tougher and stronger then she ever was, not only is she kind but she is courageous too.

  29. I watched the Bee Movie and I thought it was a good but funny example of the heroes journey. The main character, a bee, named Barry B. Benson, gets called to adventure when the jock bees invite him to go outside to the flower patch. That is when he entered into a different world outside the hive. He got lost in the rain on his pollen expedition, and got caught by a woman, Vanessa, that saved his life. She gave him advice and was his so called “mentor”. He went everywhere with her including the supermarket, where he found his problem. Barry found honey for sale on the shelves, and he needed to stop humans from “stealing” the honey from their hives. The obstacles for Barry was how small he was. He would get knocked around by people when he was with Vanessa. He faced his fear, because he was on a plane and the pilot and copilot were both knocked out. Barry and Vanessa had to land the flight. When the honey problem was resolved, Barry came back to the hive and happily continued his work with the Pollen Jocks.

  30. Ms peregrine’s school for peculiar children follows the hero’s journey really well it starts out with Jacob Portman in his home city and goes to his grandfather’s house and a monster kills his grandfather and a note that he finds tells him to go a island, he goes there and finds the destroyed children’s home and gets taken back in time, fights bad guys called whites after a long battle with his friends against the whites he almost gets killed by a hollow (an evil monster controlled by the whites) that destroys the loop around the home, all of the children then escape and make a boat float again and go to where the whites are and defeats them back in time goes back home and alters time when the whites did not kill anyone and his grandfather was still alive .

  31. One book series that closely resembles The Hero’s Journey is The Maze Runner series. Thomas gets his call to adventure and leaves his comfort zone when he enters The Box and begins to go up into The Glade. A guide or mentor of his is Alby because Alby is the wise leader of The Glade. Some of Thomas’s companions are Newt, Minho, Chuck, Frypan and some of the other boys in Thomas’s new world. Throughout the series, Thomas faces many challenges, like escaping The Maze and surviving the journey through The Scorch. He also has to cope with the death of one of his best friends right after he escapes The Maze. Also, Thomas and his friends run into many Cranks along their journey, and they have various problems with WICKED. I think that Thomas’s darkest hour is during the middle of The Death Cure. By then he’s been through so much, like the struggle of killing his best friend and the death of another one of his closest friends, who sacrificed herself for him. Thomas eventually gets to live in peace with the few friends of his that are still alive, but he will forever be affected by the challenges he endured.

  32. A TV show that follows the “Hero’s Journey” cycle is SUPERGIRL. Kara Zorel is a girl from Krypton. Her home was dying so her parents sent her off to Earth with Calel (aka Clark Kent aka Superman). She was sent to protect her cousin Calel but her ship got knocked off course into the Phantom Zone. When she got out of the Phantom Zone and landed on Earth, Calel had already grown up to become Superman and he didn’t need her help anymore. So she lived as a normal human with the Danvers Family, hiding her powers from the world. Her sister Alex helps her through life and they love each other very much. Years later her sister was in a plane and the engines failed. Kara then revealed herself to the world as Supergirl by saving the plane. Her friend Winn who is a coworker with her at CatCo Worldwide Media, helps her make her suit and Cat Grant, who is the CEO of Kara’s job, makes “Supergirl” who she is and makes her a widespread hero. She meets Hank Henchaw who works at the DEO with Kara’s sister Alex. Hank is really John’ Johns’, an alien from Mars who has a similar backstory to Kara. In season 1 Kara goes up against her worst enemy, her uncle. The whole city was mind controlled by a project named Myriad. Myriad was going to blow up everyone in the world until Kara (Supergirl) flew up into space and saved the whole world from extinction. She almost died in the process until her sister, Alex, comes up in Kara’s spaceship and saves her. She comes back to Earth and feels like she has finally become herself by revealing the Supergirl inside her.

  33. One movie that I have watched with the Hero journey is Alice in the looking glass. In Alice in the looking glass alice is a normal girl who takes over her dad’s ship after his death, but soon sees a friend from the last time she had been in wonderland who lead her into a magic mirror that took her to wonderland. After staying in wonderland for a while she finds out that the mad hatter left his family and an evil man had put a spell on his family so Alice does her job as a hero and saves the mad hatter’s family and saved the world from freezing forever before returning home with a smile on her face.

  34. The hero’s journey represents Moana the movie. She leaves her home to find Maui because he stool the heart.So she goes past the water border that no is supposed to go across. Moana’s grandmother is her guide though the adventures because when the grandmother dies she turns into a sting ray. It was a challenge to get Maui to listen to Moana and to fight the Kakamora. Another challenge is at the end when they tryed to kill the fire monster but she would not die and Maui was in his last chance with his hook so Moana found a way to go past her. Then she gave the heart to her and saved everyone. The darkest hours were when they got lost and Maui trapped Moana in a hole. When she got home she saved everyone and got rewarded to let everyone go out of the water border.

  35. The Secret Life of Pets follows the Hero’s Journey because the call of adventure was noticed by a small white fluffy dog named Gidget when the dog she loved (max) noticed was missing with this other dog named Duke. Then when she is trying to find Max she found her helper which was a bird on top of the roof. The mentor in this movie I think was Pops and old Basset hound that shows them around the city and helps them find Max. Then the darkest hour happens! When Duke tells Max about the previous owner they try to find his owner but when they get to his house they find out that his previous owner died and a new family moved in and Duke was crushed. The family currently living there calls animal control but only captures Max and Duke runs. At the end of the day though they return home Duke and Max best friends and everything is ok!

  36. One book that I believe follows Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth is THE HEROS GUIDE TO SAVING YOUR KINGDOM. I think this because it’s starts out with four or five guys who are princes, they have the perfect life then, they realized they have to get married, and they don’t want to. So they run away from home all to the same place. They meet and become a group of good friends. They try to find a woman who will help them not have to get married. They go through troubles while on the journey such as, slaying a couple dragons, meeting killers, and going through dark dangerous woods. But in the end comes “death” to one of the heros. He ended up not dying just being very sick. They met the woman who would help them, and she did. She told them they would have to do what the queen and king say… aka there mom and dad. Then they went back to there kingdoms and married the woman the should have. They still saw each other but they went back to livening there normal lives again. This was most definitely my favorite book ever. I would read it again and I would suggest it to others.

  37. A book that I believe goes follows Joseph Campbell’s rubric is “The Unfortunate Events” shows a heroes journey by showing mystery. First they try to complete the mystery of who killed our babysitter. Second the kids look for clues without being seen by their new babysitter. They concurred who killed their babysitter and hunt the person who killed our old babysitter. The bad guy’s bodyguards captures the kids that tried to hunt down the person who killed our babysitter. The kids escape from the handcuffs and called the police and got the reward for catching the bad guy who killed our old babysitter and brought the bad guy to justice. Last the person who killed the babysitter was our new babysitter. The kids where heros for capturing the bad guy in the book “The Unfortunate Events”.

  38. I believe that a book called I am Number Four has the process of making a hero. In this book a boy starts off in a new life hiding from a race of aliens that try to eliminate his race. The boy meets a dog named Bernie Koscar this companion helps him throughout the book. He is at the point where he doesn’t want to run around anymore and he wants to end the race. The boy had to go through many trials such as mastering his powers while developing them. He had to fight many alien soldiers with his friends and companion. Then he was at the end of the fight against a 40 ft tall monster. He had no hope of winning he was knocked to the ground with a fang in his side. Then his companion Bernie Koscar got up and shapeshifted into a beast and killed the monster but at the same time he was taken down too. In the end of the fight the boy took out the fang and used it for his finishing blow in the monster’s head and kept the fang as a treasure. In result the boy was much stronger and can protect the other 3 left. He returned home but moved, changed his life, he was discovered. He had to leave his friends behind and find the other three. This book has all of the qualities of a hero’s journey but it’s not over he still has to save the three left since he is number four

  39. The movie Nerve I think really has to do with Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth of a hero’s journey. The main character Vee (Venus) had always been a “watcher” her whole life, never a thrill seeker until one day, her “friend” tells her about this crazy game called Nerve. The game is pretty much a game of truth or dare but without the truth. It goes on for twenty-four hours. You get hourly dares and after each dare you complete, you get money. If you bail or fail your dare, you lose all of your money you earned. In the end one person will win lot’s of cash. One important rule is to NEVER snitch the game, or tell the police about the game. You have the choice to be a watcher or a player, Vee’s friend never thought she could do it so she was anxious to prove her wrong. She leaves her home to go to her first destination. Her first dare is to kiss a random stranger for five seconds. She kisses this stranger named Ian and after that dare, her next one is to ride into town. Throughout this whole process, Ian is always there for Vee when she is scared to do a dare or is so plain terrified. Ian knows the game forwards and backwards so he knows easy ways around the game. The biggest dare was the go to her friends party but they had gotten into a huge fight before the game. Vee was told that Ian had played the game before and only “feel in love with her to win the game”. It was to much for Vee to handle so she snitched. She told a police man. Luckily, he did nothing about it but then the final competitor Thai (other than Vee and Ian) punched Vee and she woke up in a huge room. It had a small computer on the floor and it said that it had all of Vee;s personal information and the only way she could escape the game was to win, she had to bet her “friend” Ian in order to win. She punched the door down in the room and Ian had found her and told her everything about what she had to do in order to win. Ian and Thai were both “prisoners” of the game as well, they needed to win too. Ian said that he would lose for her because he loved her. She was up to this plan with Thai to somehow shut down the game so she could be free, including Ian and Thai. In the finale, it was Ian and Vee. The final dare was to shot the other person. Neither of them did it but all of the sudden Thai “shot” Vee. All of the watchers were so devastated the all signed out of the game, shutting it down for good. They were free. Thai had actually not shot Vee, it was a fake bullet. So in the end, Vee had really changed for a watcher to an awesome player but also gained a boyfriend out of it. She saved Ian and Thai and he horrible friendship with her friend was stronger than ever. Vee had really changed just like all hero’s eventually do.

  40. The book that I have chosen for the Hero’s Journey is a book called “The Maze Runner”. In the Maze Runner, the main character, Thomas, is called to an adventure by arriving inside the Glade, a weird place that he can’t place. He doesn’t remember anything except his name. He is called to this adventure by the dreams he has. He dreams about the place, the place called WICKED, perhaps the exact place that had put him and the other Gladers within the Maze in the first place. He dreams about WICKED, and how he supposedly used to work for them, and how he sent people into this horrible place, this Maze. When he’s called to the journey, he’s more of going on this journey because he sent himself; his dreams sent him to go against WICKED’s laws and try to be rebellious: try to make it out of the Maze.
    Thomas leaves the Maze, or the Ordinary world, and goes into the Maze, where he will leave everything he had back in the Glade. The Maze is extremely dangerous, with many obstacles that are sure to effect this journey to rebellion. Within is a special – and highly gruesome – device called a Griever, which effects mostly your mind. When stung by the stinger of a Griever, it relieves all of your old memories – mostly ones about WICKED, and it releases a poison throughout your body. The Ordinary World never had the Grievers, since they were all stuck within the Maze. Thomas leaves the Glade through the large rock gate, as a Runner, ready to take on anything.
    Thomas’ companions throughout the trip are his Glader friends. Not all of the Gladers thought participating would be fun, for they didn’t believe Thomas would actually find a way out, and/or actually make it out alive without a Griever coming to attack. He left with Theresa, Newt, Minho, Chuck, and a couple other friends, while the ones that were too afraid and actually somehow liked it in the Maze stayed back, like Gally for instance.
    The obstacles/challenges that the Gladers had to face were the Grievers, trying to find a way through the Maze, and a couple of traps WICKED set so that they made sure the Gladers would never, ever find a way out of the Maze. Some obstacles were crushing weight on top of them, very large (like the gate) swinging things that would shut off half of the entire Maze within, and even spin-things that would spin and, if you got in the way, would probably hurt you. These Obstacles and Challenges were throughout the Maze, so everywhere the Gladers went, they faced one after the next. When they finally found the way out of the Maze, the challenge was to try and open the gateway out of the Maze, since there was a special type of code you had to place in.
    The darkest hour was when Thomas took a stinger from a Griever he found within the Maze, which is before the big journey – and stung himself with it so that he could remember the things he needed to remember; the biggest things that would give him and all of the Gladers the answers they needed. He did this as a “sacrifice”. When he did that, the poison went throughout him and he fell into a deep sleep where the poison went through his veins and was on the point of killing him. He remembered a lot of things, which was his point to even look at the Griever stinger again. But what saved him was the medicine he happened to have with him, a antidote that actually saved his life. Newt or Minho had given him the antidote to the poison to save his life: even though Thomas had done this on purpose.
    Thomas and the Gladers all find a way to open the last challenge, the one that needs a code, which they so happen to have. When they open it, it leads to their way out: their way home. Back to their original world, the world that they had before the Maze, before the Glade – the world that they forgot because of the people WICKED. When they return to this world, it seems so different from the Maze, so out-of-the-ordinary. It’s a large desert, and they get rescued by a helicopter. But they’ve all changed: all of the Gladers that had escaped from the Maze and from WICKED changed. They’re all different: because of the Maze and the Glade, where before they were scared and even selfish. Now, they’re changed people.

  41. The book Blood Red Road follows the hero’s journey perfectly. Saba gets called to adventure when her twin brother gets kidnapped by the Tonton. She leaves her home on horse back following the Tonton. Saba gets help from friends along the way. Specifically Jack, Ike, Maeve, Epona, Free-hawks, Emmi, and Tommo. These people guide her and join her on her quest. Without them she would not of even known which direction to travel in. Saba faces many obstacles on her way but one of the main challenges would be being kidnapped and forced to fight for her life in a cage. She is set back but with the help of more friends she is able to overcome this bump in the road and move forward. After several more weeks of travel she reaches crisis or darkest hour. Saba and her friends reach the lake with not enough time to cross while there is still sunlight. With out the light the hellworms come and they aren’t too friendly. If they stay they will be attacked by the worms but if they go back they wont make it to freedom fields before midsummer. Saba’s friends know it’s risky but there is no other way so they build a barrier of fire and prepare to fight. They nearly die but they make it and the risk payed off. After lots more journeying they reach freedom fields and save Lugh just in time. At last Saba is returning home tougher then ever. The hero’s Journey is finally over. Until it repeats again in the sequel.

  42. One book that I can reflect on and say that followed the hero’s journey guide is the book, Hero’s guide to saving your kingdom. This book was based on many hero’s. One of the hero’s was not always a hero. This character was named Gustaf. Gustaf was very selfish and didn’t really care about saving people. Gustaf cared about getting all the glory from doing a good deed. This character follows the hero’s journey, because one, he wasn’t necessarily called to the journey he was carried to the journey. Two later along the way he found a prince that was tired of not being adventurous and decided to go with Gustaf. Three they were both taken to the forest were they were never going to have a regular life again. Four the trails that they had to face were terrible men who were trying to scare them off but they greeted them with a smile and made the believe that they were friends of theirs . Five approach later along the way they found other friends to help the out, as they began to get closer and closer to there enemy. Six crises they come to meet there match. All of them come out alive. The prince was terribly injured and Gustaf helps him. I would say that the best thing about being a hero is that you get to help others.

  43. A movie that I watched that follows this graphic organizer perfectly was Doctor Strange. When Doctor Strange called to adventure was when he was told to go to a place to help him after the car accident. The assistance he has is from The Ancient One. His departure was kind of accidental because he opened the portals to the three places, China, New York, and London. Doctor Strange’s trials were when he was fighting the bad guy’s “minion” type of people. The approach happened in Hong Kong. Doctor Strange had to go back in time with the necklace that he found called the Eye of Agamotto. When he did this, a crisis happened. Doctor Strange got stuck in a time loop that kept on killing him. When he finally got out of the time loop, he came down and got the bad guy away for good. Doctor Strange’s treasure was saving China from total destruction and being a hero. The result in this was that Doctor Strange new that the Ancient One would have been proud, and Doctor Strange got to save Wong, his valet. When Doctor Strange returned home, his friend that took care of him and was his co-worker was so happy to see him and Doctor Strange was so happy to see her. Doctor Strange’s new life would be with his friend. And his resolution was a cliff hanger, if he was going to work alone, or with another superhero. Being a hero probably feels great!

  44. In the book The Maze Runner this boy named Thomas who goes through this cycle. In the beginning he lives in a normal life and is happy then he is taken into this big mettle box and doesn’t remember anything or anyone about what he was like before he entered the box. Then he meets this other boy named Gally. Gally tells him how it works around there inside the Maze and gives him advice on what do to and be. Once the Thomas learns what he wants to be, a Runner, he sets off with this boy named Minho he takes him and hosts him The Maze where they tried to find a way out and also he showed him that you need be to safe in the Glad by night because the Greivers come out and try to eat you. But one time when Thomas is watching the walls close on someone he runs out to save them and they are both stuck out there with the Greivers at night. Gally is injured and has blacked out and Minho runs off to try and stay alive. While Minho leave Thomas with Gally Thomas carries Gally up the wall and hangs him in the ivy that grows on the walls. Then he runs off to find Minho and they find the way out and wait till morning to tell all the others and get Gally better. Once they all get into the way out there are all the Greivers there sleeping and he wakes them up he tries to fight them but gets hurt in battle, very hurt. But he pushes through it and kills them all. Then he can get out with everyone that is still alive. And he gets into this weird bus and they take them somewhere and they get to this home and there life is still changing.

  45. The Percy Jackson book (or books) follows this hero cycle like many other books. Percy’s call to adventure was when he found out that he was a half blood. Percy got assistance from the satyr who is the head of the camp. Percy Jackson departs on his journey to find Zues’s lightning bolt. On his way to finding it he faces many problems like fighting Ares and even going through the underworld. When he is in the underworld, his approach to get to Hades is difficult and he has to fight monsters on the way. He has a crises when he finds out that someone had switched his backpack with someone else’s and that he had the lightning bolt in his new pack and he is in trouble. He clears everything up and gets rewarded from the gods themselves. Percy Jackson ends up being known as very powerful and many people end up looking up to him. When Percy returns to Camp half blood he praised by everyone. Percy ends up living a new life of understanding what is it means to be a half blood and he is treated special. Everything ended up being fixed end everything is alright (for now). Percy’s ends up being a camper again, but people still admire him as a true hero.

  46. One movie that went through the what makes a super hero was MEGAMIND. The baby with powers was sent to earth and started his journey there. He stopped crime and followed the rules. But then he had to face MEGAMIND his villain. He couldn’t handle it anymore so he faked his own death (the crisis). Then his villain took over but a plot twist was his villain was bored of no fighting so he incuraged him to defeat him. He did and then he eventually went back into his old life only using his powers when needed.

  47. A movie that I have seen that is also a book, I just haven’t read it, is Percy Jackson. In this movie, Percy begins in a camp, and finds out he has a cyclops as a brother! but all of a sudden bulls come out of know where which begins the action. He goes on a whole adventure with his brother and friends. Together they fight off monsters. The turn around is when his brother jumps off a cliff and Annabeth gets impeled, but then the movie goes back on track when they both live and Percy fights off the evil man that was in control of all the bad. Then the results, he retuned to camp with pride, proving his enemy at camp wrong, but then ending friends, and closer to his brother. He also stopped being embarresed by his brother. Happy ending for everyone.

  48. One movie that kind of follows The Hero’s Journey is The Amazing Spider-Man, by Stan Lee. It’s starts of with Peter Parker going to a lab to follow his crush, but ends up being bitten my spiders. He finds out he is pretty much a human spider. He gets assisted by a fellow scientist, who is also tripping to become super human. He leaves his family and girlfriend to go fight evil. He has to go through a ton of robbers and the lizards minions. He then approaches the lizard, after an outbreak of a virus that turns humans into the lizard. But soon finds out his grandpa was shot and killed in a robbery. Spider-Man finds a cure and sends it out to his city, turning all the lizards back to humans, and defeats the lizard. He avenges his grandpa, and starts a new life of fighting of robbers. And is reunited with his girlfriend.

  49. One book that relates to the video is Gregor The Overlander. The book begins with a boy named Gregor and his little sister in a small apartment in the middle of New York. His dad disappeared when he was only a little baby. Gregor climbs into a vent and falls which felt like forever. Gregor actually found a whole other world where sizes were different. Rats were giants and cockroaches were giants. He also road around on giant bats. They go on to find out to news about his father! They both go on a mission to find his dad and bring him back home! In they end, they find his dad and brings him home. He hasn’t been home in forever! The dad also gets to see his wife again. This was all found behind behind a laundry machine!

  50. Recently I have been hooked on this new series called SuperGirl. Then when I watched this video, I instantly realized that it followed this cycle perfectly. And here’s how. First SuperGirl was living in hiding but one night she saw a rogue airplane, falling out of the sky. So she flew up to the airplane and saved everyone. Then once she was exposed she went to work with the DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations) . After that she left to fight wild and crazy aliens. Then suddenly her competition got worse and worse, in what seemed to be a never ending cycle. Until she had met her match. She used her heat-vision and burned him to death, but in the process she came close to losing her powers. Luckily she healed and got them all back. After this she returned to the DEO with a new life where fight aliens wasn’t an oddity, and living wasn’t always and answer.

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