The Hero’s Journey – Preparation for The Hobbit

Students, please watch this video based off of Joseph Campbell’s famous mono-myth of the hero’s journey. The different actions correspond to each hour around the clock. The graphic organizer that you will use as you read The Hobbit was created from this mono-myth.

Can you think of a book or movie (not Harry Potter or The Hunger Games) which you have read or seen that follows this mono-myth? Explain how it follows the hero’s journey cycle. One good paragraph and be sure to give the title of your book or movie. (Remember that the title of a book or movie is in capital letters.)


  1. The movie that follows the mono-myth I think is Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson is a very good movie and it follows the mono-myth. The movie starts of where Percy Jackson is at camp and he finds out a lot of strange things, one example is his brother is a Cyclopes and that is when the journey starts to begin and that is where the action starts to happen. Percy Jackson fights off Monsters with his brother the Cyclopes. His friend Annabeth gets hurt badly and Percy and his brother are trying to decide what to do, the movie gets back into the fighting when Percy Jackson fights the person who has been doing bad things. All resolve when everyone returns to camp and they are safe and sound. I think that the Percy Jackson is a mono-myth, what movie do you think follows the mono-myth?

  2. One book I read that follows the mono-myth was Gregor the Overlander he has a life in New York and his dad left the family, according to his mother. Gregor calls to adventure when he falls in a hole while doing laundry. His sister falls with him. He gets assistance for two cockroaches. they bring him and his sister into the new world. there are humans there and they gave him an empty soda can. They explain that who may be his father is held hostage, making weapon for the rats. He trains to learn how to fight and ride gigantic bats that also roam the underworld. They start there quest to save his father, but are captured by the Spider Queen. Gergor throws the can at the Spider Queen and kills her. He finds his father. The three Gregor, his sister, and his father ride the bats home. The story ended without showing his new life.

  3. The movie that I think follows the hero’s journey is lord of the rings; the fellowship of the ring . I think this follows the hero’s journey very well is that the main character Frodo and this buddy Sam go on a adventure to put the ring into the fire. They went from there village and set off to go put this ring into the fire. Along the way they meant Gollum/Smiggle who was so attached to the ring that it had made him go crazy. They made a lot of encounters with different people and creatures for example there were these people who look at cavemen and had red and white stuff on there face were chasing them for the ring. In addition to that Gollum was always trying to control him self from going crazy. There are two more movies before they reach the finally goal but to see that you gotta watch the movie.

  4. The movie I think is like this story line is Cloud 9 by Disney. Dove Cameron or Makayla goes on an adventure from a normal life to a devastating result in her snowboarding career. Nothing gets worse as Makayla gets punished for destroying a former snowboarding champion’s sleigh. Makayla is forced to work in Will’s (The former snowboarder) dog day care center until she has payed off the damage that she has done to Will’s sleigh. Makayla’s devastated as she can’t snowboard with her beloved swift team because she has been kicked off the team for destroying Will’s sled. Makayla finally get’s will to really teach her how to sled because everyone else thinks she’s just a daddy’s girl. Makayla decides to take her training to the next level when she asks Will to teach her the “Cloud 9”. Will at first refuses to teach her because when he tried he lost air, broke three ribs and both of his legs. He said he almost died. At one point though. He did try to teach makayla the cloud 9. On the last day of their training. Makayla and Will kiss as a high point before a big competition fire and ice. For the first time ever in the world. Makayla has landed the cloud 9 leaving all the snowboarders amazed. They all go back to their normal lives except for the small edge that will and Makayla are now dating.

  5. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    One book that I read with mono myths was “Lord of the Rings”. Frodo’s lives with his uncle when it is Bilbo’s birthday Gandalf his friend comes. Gandalf told him that it was not safe for him to stay there because this men are looking for him. Frodo’s departure was in the woods with his best friend Sam to go to Bree. When they got there they when to the inn at the prancing pony. They meet a guy to help them. They handed to Riverdell to meet the fellow of the ring. They go on a quest to destroy the ring of power. On the way the battle a cave troll and in the end one of the members die by a orc and ford of and Sam go by themselves so they split up and go there different ways.

    Two more movies.

  6. Percy Jackson follows this mono-myth like when he is called to the camp half-blood and is given the pen/sword (called riptide) by the principal of camp half blood which is an example of assistance. His departure was when he went after the lightning thief and he had a few trials on the way. He approached the lightning thief when he was riding up the elevator to the roof were the lightning thief was. His crisis was when he was almost knocked of the building. His treasure was the lightning bolt that he got by defeating the lightning thief as his result. He returned back to camp half blood being known as the hero of camp half blood as his new life. And as the resumption camp half blood was safe.

  7. One of the movies that I have watched plenty times before is the first “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” follows a time line of a kid that has dyslexia and does do that well in school. One day they go on a trip to a museum and learn about gods and goddesses. There he was able to use his dyslexia and switch the letters around that looked like nonsense into real word. The substitute teacher wanted to talk to him alone, that when she turned into a evil creature. She was saying something about a lighting bolt that was stolen and that he did it. After that everything when wrong, Percy’s mom tried to take Grover (Percy’s best friend.) and him to a camp called Camp Half Blood. On the way they come face to face with a monster that was tearing trees and the road apart. His mom is captured and Grover and Percy start living there lives at camp half blood. Percy tries to live camp to go and find his mom, but is joined by his friend Grover and his new friend named Annabeth. They travel all the way to way Hadis, and also had to over come Medusa, Hydra, and the Lodes Flower. When they reached there they got to bring back his mother but Grover had to say because only 3 were aloud to stay. In Percy’s shoe there was the lighting bolt. They raced to get to the top of the building before midnight. Luke was there waiting. Luke wanted Percy to not find out that he had the bolt. They fought until percent managed to get the bolt back and bring it back to the gods and goddesses. Percy finally met his father but only for a few minutes. He goes back home and lives at camp half blood. His mom get that old rude man out her and he had a little present waiting for him in the fridge. Looking…stunned…stone.

  8. I am going to talk about the movie, “Star wars, The Force Awakens”. Roe is a girl living on planet Jakue. She is out at the market one day trading her house hold items for pounds, when a droid rolled up to her asked her to help it find its master. Roe is traded in her items to the trader, and he barley gives her any pounds. Then he sees the droid he explains to her, that if gives him the droid, that he will give her lot and lots of pounds. She said no, and she took the money that he offered her before. Roe and the droid start to make there way back to there house, built the trader wants the droid so bad, he sends some other traders to go chase after them. They notice this and they go back to Roe’s ho me as quick as possible. The next day they go back to the market place. As Roe is trading, the droid noticed a man wearing his masters jacket. They chase the man until they got him. He explained to the droid and Roe, that they got in a plane crash, and that his master was nowhere to be seen. The traders of the market place notice them and started chasing after the droid, Roe, and the man. They go to the closest ship they could find, and fly out of the planet. The man introduces himself during this time. “My name is Fin”. Roe introduces herself too. On there journey, they got sucked up a ship. Inside the ship was Chewbacca and Han Solo. Han Solo explains to them that this was there ship. They face an obstacle during this time. Enemies board the ship, and almost kills Han Solo and Chewbacca. Luckily for them, The Droid, Roe, and Fin were on the ship, and they let out a monster from the ship that killed the enemies. They f;y the ship back to Han Solo and Chewbacca’s home planet. They go to a saloon, and in there is an alien. She studies Roe. Then she tells her she has a past. Roe finds a room in the saloon that she wasn’t supposed to be in. In the room she finds a light saber. She picks it up, and her child hood forms around her. She gets scared and drops the light saber. The alien comes in. “The force is strong with you”, she says. “Take this light saber to Luke Skywalker. “No, there is no way I will pick up that light saber again,” she said and then walked out of the room. Fin, Roe, Han Solo, and Chewbacca walk out of the saloon, and go to the Jedi station. That’s were they encounter Princess Laya. “Han, bring our son home, I miss him,” she says to Han Solo. “Me too.” They all went back on the ship, (not with princess Laya) fly out of the planet, and start to make there way to the Death Star. They go inside, and Han Solo finds his son(AKA the ad guy) and talks to him. As Han Solo reaches for a hug, his son stabs him with his light saber, and Han Solo falls off the edge, and unto space. Roe comes, takes his light saber, and stabs him. Later, Roe gets back to the saloon and gets the light saber. She then flys to the planet Luke Skywalker was on, climbs up the steps of the mountain where he stood, and handed him the light saber.

  9. Is the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. First they find the wardrobe and when to the magical world. Than they found Mr.Tumnus and they he led them to The lion. The lion helped they find a team and fight the witch. And they defeated the queen. And the magical world changed the season to summer because the witch always made it winter. Finally the kids when back home.

  10. A movie that follows the mono-myth is the Wizard of Oz. This is one of my favorites. In the movie what happens is there was a tornado and Dorthy and her dog (Toto) were in her house when all of a sudden… they were in magical land of Oz. On her trip she met a scarecrow, tin man, and a cowardly lion and they all needed something. So what they did was went to the wizard and the wizard wanted them to bring him the broom of the Wicked Witch. AAfter they did that and went through some obstacles and brought him what he wanted they all got their help they needed from the wizard. Then after all of the action Dorthy finally went home and everyone got what they wanted.

  11. GREGOR THE OVERLANDER follows the hero cycle. It follows the cycle because Gregor was introduced into the adventure because his sister Boots fell through an old air duct. What Gregor didn’t know was that he was going to be in the Underland. After Gregor slid through the air duct he found Boots riding a giant cockroach. Then Gregor found himself later in the book almost a a near death experience, while falling off a cliff. Gregor did have an elder actually help him in the story. He was a rat named Ripred and he turned to be evil at first then he became a close friend to Gregor. Gregor eventually fell in love with a girl named Luxa who as well fell to the Underland. In conclusion Gregor was a kind of a hero but he still saved the beautiful city in the Underland.

  12. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif was a great book. It first started with Percy Jackson not knowing who he was. He was just living a normal, human life. A few crazy events later, and Percy found himself realizing that he was a demigod and that he was being accused by Zeus of committing a crime. Percy has to go on a quest to find Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt and prove his innocence. In the end, Percy realizes and discovers his powers and abilities. He also learns who his father is (Poseidon).

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