Did You Steal Frosty’s Nose?

Oh no!

A crime has been committed! Your footprints have been discovered at a crime scene which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you didn’t do it. Give your best alibi and explanation as to why your footprints were found at the crime scene.

You are writing one persuasive paragraph. While I do not want you to be silly, be clever and creative. You must persuade me that it could not possibly have been you who committed this terrible crime.

Everyone, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

We return the week of January 2nd for more conversations!



  1. I could never take poor Frosty’s nose. The reason my footprints were there was because I was the one who made Frosty! Trust me, I want Frosty’s nose back as much as you do. That was my great Grandma’s button. The scarf even has my name on it! During the devastating crime I was inside making a nice warm batch of sugar cookies for my family who is coming tomorrow. I think the sugar cookies are cool enough to ice them by now, so can I go please?

  2. It couldn’t have been me! I was in Germany visiting my Uncle Roberto for Christmas! I got back December 27th. Oh. Oops. It was done the 29th? Um. Well the 29th I was at Disney world until 6:00. You say it was done at 8:45? Ok, but what about my twin sister? That’s her favorite park and she probably has the same footprints as mine, too! Oo oo AND her favorite food is carrots! Huh? What about her? …Yes I know carrots are gross until you peel them, but what if she took it home and did though?! Yes sir I did consider just admitting that it was me, but I can’t because I. DID. NOT. DO. IT! Ok. Yes please go see if my sister Beca did it, because I’m sure she did. You have a good night too sir.

  3. FROSTY’S NOSE WAS STOLEN! I couldn’t have possibly stolen Frosty’s nose because, I had traveled to Europe to see my family the day his nose was stolen. I heard about the stolen nose on the news in Europe, and I needed to rush back home to see what happened. When I got back I saw the snowman without a nose. As a matter a fact I do remember letting my friend stay in my house when I left for Europe. I had left all of my shoes and clothes in the house so there might be a chance that he used my shoes to go outside. He does love his vegetables, and most importantly his carrots. His carrot problem is quite an addiction and he has been trying to stop eating them by staying away from them, but I do think that when ever he sees one he gets an urge to eat it. But, I know for sure that I didn’t steal the carrot. So I couldn’t have stollen the nose, with foot prints or without, because I was with my family in Europe, like it or not.

    1. Your honor, during this time I was with my cousins in Boston! When I came back I heard all about this! I accidentally left my shoes on the front porch. I heard all about this but I promise you I did not do it! My family has video camera’s at the house. “Hu, during the time you were having a family dinner? So it couldn’t had been you.” Wait?! Where’s by little cousin? I look over to see my cousin wearing my shoes that I left at the front door?!” It is always the ones you least expect, the children. “Well I think this case is closed, Jason Booker, you are officially under arrest!”

  4. Hear this and make sure you listen closely. Police are at my door talking with my mother, saying that I stole Frosty the Snowman’s nose after finding my footprints…? Are you serious, that’s the stupidest theft ever and I also hate the snow, I never go outside and the police are here?! I have an identical twin who loves the snow, it could’ve been him. Or it was probably the police who did it!? Just kidding that’s dumb, it probably was my twin who framed me. I really hate the snow and my brother, I don’t even know who Frosty is! After a while of waiting I have had enough. Storming outside in my bathrobe I literally showed that it wasn’t me. Then my brother showed up acting as innocent as possible, then after that the police got all technical and took a DNA scan. Showing it wasn’t me nor my brother. Then who was it? I stared at my mother’s shoes, they were wet and had white powdery snow on them. I sprinted outside with the shoes, as I chucked them at the police. “PROOOOOF”! I screamed. Then I grabbed a different carrot and stuck on the snowman, “case closed” I said.

  5. Me? Stealing Frost’s nose? Never! I did make a snowman that day with my friend and I did see that snowman but when I saw him, he had a nose, a carrot nose! I love Frosty! I would never take his nose, not even think about taking it. Although, they might of suspected that it was me because I am missing my favorite pair of boots, and I know my little sister loves those boots and she also loves carrots. Don’t blame it on me! Blame it on my sister! If anything I have nothing to do with this crime, just that it’s my boots! If you think I stole Frosty’s nose then you are insane. I would never ever, now my sister, I can’t speak for her but I DIDN’T STEAL HIS NOSE!!

  6. Me? No! Why would I want a carrot? If I had a carrot craving I would buy like five at the supermarket for like two bucks or less! On the day I walked by this “special snowman”and it had a nose. I take that route every day to get home from school. Wait a second. Oh my gosh are you CRAZY?! That is the footprint of the Kyrie 1s! I’M wearing the Kyrie 2s! Why would you suspect that was me? Many people have those ugly Kyrie 1s. I was not even in this city that day. I was in Miami with my cousins. Wait. Why are you guys freaking out about this again?

  7. Look, it wasn’t me. I’ve told you this before. I have no inclusiveness in this whole Frosty shenanigan. I was on my way to work, when my car started to slow down. I looked down at the fuel tank and it said empty. I pulled over and noticed a gas station a couple blocks away. I got out of my car and walked through the snow past the park where Frosty was. As I eagerly filled the tank of the car, I saw a man in a bright orange vest plowing the snow on the sidewalk, which means my footprints were wiped away. Also, I have the receipt from the gas station that says I bought the gas at 9:53 and they man was plowing the snow at 9:45. When I went back to my car, I walked on the road, not the sidewalk where the alleged footprints of me were found. I was framed. Simple as that.

  8. I have been accused of stealing Frosty’s nose. I can promise you that I did not do it. Yes, it is true that my those where my footprints, but I have a very good explanation for it. The reason why my footprints are near Frosty is because I actually contributed to the creation of Frosty. Because I made Frosty, why would I want to steal his nose? A few hours after I made Frosty, I checked to see if he had melted at all. I walked a little closer, realizing that Frosty’s nose was missing. I was confused because why would anyone do that? I mean, it’s just a carrot, it’s not like it’s anything valuable. I walked off, very confused. About an hour later, I heard people accusing me of stealing Frosty’s nose just because my footprints were near the crime scene. I did not do it

  9. If you were wonder if I took the nose of Frosty the snowman you are wrong. So I was on the way to go to wash my car and I was driving back to head to work and I saw someone in my back yard. I thought it was just Dave my kid but I forgot he was at school. So when I got to work I called the house. Obviously no one was there to pick up the phone. So I forgot about it till I got home. So a few hours later after work I got home. I forgot about the snowman until I was about to eat dinner. I was to lazy (obviously) to get shoes on. So I went in socks. I saw foot prints there so I walked in the foot print so My feet won’t get all snowy. So I got to the snowman and saw that the 100 carat golden nose was missing. So I went to look around for it to see where it is. But there was not sign of it. So I look around even harder and found it right in front on the snowman. So what probably what happened is someone was trying to prank me and hit the nose off the snowman. So if you were wondering why my foot prints were there, it was not mine. It was a random person. And the foot prints don’t match my foot size anyway.

  10. Michael: It couldn’t have been me!!!! I was walking with my nephew looking at the lights on houses and on Christmas trees. He does whatever I do and his teacher says all the time that he doesn’t try to take anything. As soon as he saw the snowman he wanted to touch it but I thought it was off limits so I said no. I told him we would look at more lights and if he didn’t cry about not touching the snowman, I would take him to get some hot chocolate. I will love to bring him in so you can ask your self.
    Officer Lopez: At the cite of the robbery there was the footprint of the shoe Jordan retro 7
    Michael: ARE YOU CRAZY, who would wear Jordan’s in the snow! They could get messed up! Michael: And besides I wore my timberland boots, I can bring them in if you want.
    Officer Lopez: The size shoe was a size 13, can I borrow your Jordan retro 7 please?
    Michael: Sure.

    2 hours later

    Officer Lopez: Mr. Moten you are free to go. It was not you because you wear a size 15 and your nephew was called in and he said you gave him hot chocolate for not touching the snowman.

    Michael: I told you so

    1. I swear it wasn’t me! You see I started my morning with a good healthy breakfast, then I went to go Christmas shopping for my family. I decided to get some exercise so I walked to the mall. It was a beautiful snowy day and I wanted to take the long route by the Christmas tree’s. As I was walking I noticed a cute snow man. Just like the one in the photo you showed me but this snowman had a nose. So I continued on with my day and got lots of presents. Then after lots of hours of shopping, I decided it was time to go back to my house. I walked back the same way I came and noticed the same snowman. But this time it didn’t have a nose so I walked closer to it. That’s why you saw my footprints at the seen of the crime. But if it wasn’t me then who was it?

  11. I couldn’t have been at the crime of stealing Frosty’s nose! I can prove it too. My uncle flew into town from Florida a few days ago and brought his chicken. He staying in our spare room. His pet chicken escaped its cage, which my little sister forgot to lock. The chicken hasn’t been exposed to the snow yet because he lives in Florida. So he began to go crazy and he ran to the grocery store which is where I almost caught him, but he ran through my legs. I chased the chicken through the entire town and I finally caught him. I took a shortcut home and walked through a few yards to get the chicken out of the snow, quick. That’s when I walked by Frosty without a nose. I barely noticed it because I was running. I spent the whole day chasing a chicken through town I could not have possibly stolen the nose. Ask anyone in the town, they probably noticed me chasing after a chicken in Colorado.

  12. I couldn’t be the one who stole frosty’s nose, because I was the one who saw the nose and reported it in the first place. My footprints were there because I went to go and see who could have stolen in. I thought back too when my friend Leafy was there playing in the snow he wrapped his fingers around the nose i didn’t think much of it so I kept playing with him in the snow. He was chewing on something later that day and his breath smelled like rotten vegetables but now that I think about it he could be a suspect. This is why I know I didn’t steal the nose.

  13. I couldn’t steal frosty’s nose. My footprints were found there because I was judging the annual snowman competition. I was looking at all the snowmen and saw him without his nose. I tried to find it but I couldn’t. I tried and tried but I couldn’t find it so I gave up. When I came back I saw the man trying to steal his scarf but I scared him away. I tried to track him down but he was too fast and hopped the fence with one of his buttons. I called the cops but I wasn’t there so they thought it was me. I couldn’t have done this when I actually saw the man who did it!

  14. The reason I didn’t steal the carrot is because the crime took place last night. If I did it, my footprints would be snowed over. During the time of the crime, I was at my house playing computer games and watching a movie. If you don’t believe me, you can check my account. My prints are there because the next morning when I went for my daily walk, I saw Frosty without a nose. I walked around him trying to find it, and apparently someone had called the police because they arrived and arrested ME for the crime. I told the police chief this information but he didn’t care or bother to look into it. Because of this, I think the police chief committed the crime.

  15. My footprints were at the scene but I was only walking and looking at the snowman when I saw a man take the snowman’s nose and run away. I was chasing him all around and near the snowman so that is why my footprints were their. I kept on chasing the man when the man hopped in a cab and rode away. So then I went back to my house to see if had any carrots left but I didn’t so the snowman was nose less and when the kids came and saw the snowman they were very sad to see that the snowman had no nose. That is why I didn’t commit the crime of stealing the nose and that was why my footprints were near the snowman.

  16. Yes my foot prints are here. But it is not possible for me to steal Frosty’s because it was already gone when I was walking by one day. A couple of days before that I saw a strange person all covered up in her jacket, It was a girl, she was looking and standing over there waiting until no one noticed her. I saw her a hour later with a carrot in her hand that looked like Frosty’s nose. She walked to a barn a few blocks away and I followed her. The girl gave it to her horse! That means I couldn’t have done it because for the last 48 hours I been spying on that girl! So now you know who really did it.

  17. It wasn’t me! My dad asked me to get the mail so I went out side to the mailbox, but I left the door open. My dog named Rusty got out and I had to chase him through the neighborhood. He ran by the house with Frosty in the backyard and I had to chase him on the lawn. I finally caught up to him near Frosty and when I was there Frosty’s nose was still there. Rusty and I walked back to my house and I put Rusty inside. Then went back out to get the mail but, I saw Frosty’s nose was gone. See look there. You can still barely see the dog paws in the snow. It wasn’t me

  18. I did not steal Frosty’s nose because about an hours before the crime took place I was shoveling snow. My friend that was close by had to pull his wagon with chess sets through the snow because he had to host chess club that week. When I saw my friend he spilled his chess pieces in the snow where, an hour later, Frosty’s nose would be stolen. The chess pieces fell and sunk into the wet snow and I grabbed my shovel to help dig out the chess pieces from the snow. I collected all the chess pieces and gave them to my friend and I helped him pull the wagon to the chess club, which took an hour to get to. Because I was helping my friend set up chess club and I was passing through that area my footprints were found there and it would be impossible to get back to the crime scene after I left the area.

  19. Frosty’s nose was stolen! How could this have happened? Oh, you think I did it. Well I wouldn’t have. He was my favorite little snowman! You’re telling me I need an alibi. Well, here goes. I was just walking in the park on my way to school when I saw the cutest snowman. He had a big carrot for a nose and a long scarf. I continued on my way and at school I forgot about the snowman. Then when I was on my way home I saw him again. But then I saw a squirrel scampering up the snowman. I didn’t realize what he was going to do until he had the carrot in his mouth. I ran towards the snowman trying to scare off the squirrel. But he ran away and disappeared into his warm little tree. I bet that is why my footprints were in the snow by Frosty! I was trying to protect him not steal his nose! So, no I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose. Now I have to go back home I have a story that I have to write for school. Maybe I’ll write about how I was falsely accused of stealing!

  20. If you think that I stole Frosty’s you are definitely wrong! How could I have taken Frosty’s nose? Today was such a busy day I would have no time to steal a nose. Today I went to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for all my friends. I walked right past Frosty and stopped to take a look at him. That was why my footprints were there. Right after I went to the mall I had to go straight to gym practice. If it was done a 7:30 I couldn’t of done it. Gym starts at 4:30 and ends at 8:30. If you still don’t believe me ask the people of the town. At 8:30 I walked out of gym with chalk all over me and my hands bright red. If your still questioning me, you should probably stop. Can I go back home now? I am so tired!

  21. I didn’t take Frosty’s nose! But there is a reason why my footprints are there. My friend and I were building a snow fort, but we needed as much snow as we could get. I volunteered to go get the best snow in town. The best snow in town is located right past the sight of the crime scene. Of course, there was other ways to go, but all of the streets were blocked of by big, sharp icicles that were spiking up out of the ground. I took my wheelbarrow with me to pick up the heavy, fluffy fresh powder. That is why there are wheel tracks on the ground that follow mine. By the time I was heading back, it was dark, and it was getting even colder outside. It began to snow outside, and the snow was getting even deeper than it already was. I tried my hardest to get both the wheelbarrow and me out of the deep snow. I finally found my way out of the blizzard, and I looked back to see a bunch of footprints on the ground. I didn’t mean to create a problem with my footprints, but on the bright side, my friend and I built an amazing snow fort!

  22. It is so funny that people think I of all people stole pore Frosty’s nose. I can even prove I did not commit that crime. Frosty was built on my front lawn actually I sorta own him. Of course you think it was me because my footprints are on the crime scene but seriously how can I get out of my house without leaving footprints. It is impossible especially because is is snowing. By the way my brother built Frosty on my front lawn so why would you people think I would try to knock Frosty down. I just can’t believe I’m having to explain why I’m not a criminal. I have never done a wrong thing in my life! Anyway I think I know who did it. I think is was my aunt Wendy. She has never liked anything that had to do with snow (or fun for a mater of fact) and she also isn’t very fond of me or my brother. Obviously she did it because she wanted to make my brother feel sad. That evil woman also knew I lived there so she could get me arrested! By the way she also has a collection of rare carrots. She probably thought Frosty’s nose would go well in her gross collection of carrots. You have to believe me and arrest my aunt Wendy!

  23. Okay, okay, get it all out. You think I did huh. Well I will tell you something, have you ever heard of a brother, a little clumsy brother . God I’m always blamed. Alright so this is what went down that day. My brother , my Clumsy brother and I went outside to play. We have a cherry tree and are mother wanted us to pick some for her while we were out playing. Both of us weren’t tall enough to reach the cherries. So I put my little brother on my shoulders and of course he falls right on the snow man. ” What are going to do!” We we’re so dead. Are mother was going to kill us. I told my brother to go inside and make sure my mother doesn’t see the broken snow man, while I remake the snow man. I was finally finished when my mother came outside. “Oh god I forgot the carrot”. Their wasn’t anymore carrots, what was I going to do. My brother and I just stood in front of it and hoped my mother didn’t see. But she did and it wasn’t a Pretty site. She just stood their and screamed her lungs off. She ran inside and called 911. “WHAT!” Now that’s what I call bad parenting. She called the police on me. But no my brother, my cute little innocent brother did nothing. So now do you see what a little clumsy brother can do to you?

  24. Ok so apparently I took the nose. Right? Wrong! I did not take Frosty’s nose. I swear, I was framed. I went to visit my family in Nashville, but the day before I had went on a hike. My shoes were so wet and covered in snow so I left them outside, by my door, to dry. I forgot to bring them inside before I left. Someone must have taken my shoes put them one, took his nose and left. I am devastated that the nose is gone but again I did not do it. Would you all tell me when you find the person who took Frosty’s nose, so I can give him a piece of my mind? Hopefully you find the thief!

  25. I was not the one who stole the nose off of frosty because I was in the Bahamas at the time of the crime. You can check my credit card and ask my family. On my credit card it will say that I paid lots of money to have a good time at the Bahamas and I come back to be framed for a crime I wasn’t even near. It is impossible for my footprints to be there because I was 4 hours away. I can’t be at two places at once.

  26. I couldn’t have stolen Frosty’s nose! I was at my fathers funeral and so were all of my relatives. We have pictures at the time the crime was committed so I could not have possibly done it! And I bought the shoes at Mall of America where the clerk told me that specific day 16,543 people bought that same shoe. My dead dad wears the same shoe and supposedly was seen getting out of his grave. Was it him?

  27. Oh, you are blaming me, huh? It couldn’t of been me because on the same day I flew out to Venice for a business trip. The reason you saw my footprints was because I had to walk past Frosty to get to my car. I assure you, I wasn’t the one who stole his nose. You can search my house and there will be no carrot to be found. Plus, I left for my flight at 9:30 in the morning and the crime was committed at 3:00 in the afternoon! I have no intention of ruining my friend’s snowman she made the day before. I’m sure I can go back to the store to buy some carrots for Frosty.

  28. I did not steal frosty’ nose because I live in Florida where it does not snow so there could not be a frosty. And there are many other variables you have to account, how fast can you get to frosty. It could take me hours to get to frosty. A better question is why would I want to go to where ever this snowman lives and harm him for no reason, and I have hundreds of shoes because i am spoiled and rich. And how many people have that specific shoe size and that specific shoe? Who knows

  29. Someone stole Frosty’s nose!! Oh no!! But people think it was me. But I swear I did not steal Frosty’s nose because I made Frosty. But I think I know who did steal the nose my brother, mysterious brother. I bet he put on my shoes to think it was me. But I swear it was not me, who would steal Frosty’s nose if you made it that would be weird. It will always be a mystery.

  30. I didn’t do it i promise yesterday night i was having a sleepover with my friend and we decided to wear each others shoes since we had the same foot size. My friend decided we should go outside, but i was way too cold to go out in the snow so i stayed inside her house and drank her moms famous hot chocolate. Soon my friend came back in and we watched OK GO videos online. We looked outside of the window and saw frosty the snowman standing there looking so cheery as usual with his nose, but after a while we turned back to see that frosty the snowman did not have his nose. It must just been my friend’s foot prints but she never stole his nose since we were still inside.

  31. WAIT!! People think I did this to Frosty? I couldn’t have possibly done this crime because I was across the street feeding my Auntie Linda’s Reindeer when I saw one of my aunties reindeer escape I was chasing after it past Frosty and into the forrest and that is why my footprints were near Frosty.

  32. I would never steal Frosty’s nose! I was on a ski trip in Toronto, Canada when the crime was committed. I was coming back from the airport and then police was arresting me for a crime that I didn’t do! However, I think I know stole Frosty’s nose. It might have been my friend Sara Winnesbrooke because before I left to Toronto, I gave my friend my extra pair of snow shoes because she was supposedly going skiing too but she didn’t have any snow shoes and I was going to be in Toronto when she would be leaving. So, being the nice friend that I am, I gave her my snow shoes. And when I came back I was accused for stealing Frosty’s nose! She must have used my snow shoes to get in the snow and steal Frosty’s nose to give to her horse. I know that she would do anything for her horse and she probably didn’t have any money to buy carrots so she stole Frosty’s nose. That’s who I think stole Frosty’s nose because that is what makes sense for why my footprints were discovered on the crime even though I was in another country. I hope that you find who did this miserable crime! Poor Frosty!

  33. Oh uh hello… So this is my first time being at court and it’s not looking to good for me. Oh no the judge is asking the first question. “Mr. Nicholas where were you at the time of the crime?” “Oh I was making a Christmas dinner with my family.” ” Okay, then why were your footprints found in the snow in front of poor, poor, Frosty?” “What! Those footprints are clearly too small to be mine!” “We will see about that. I have a mold in my hands of one of the footprints poor your foot in it and we will determine whether or not this is your footprint.” “It doesn’t fit Judge…” “Oh you are right about that. Hmmm we still need more evidence.” “You are free until we determine the truth!”
    (Later.) Hmm let me check Frosty’s security camera… “No way, my brother committed the crime!” I will tell this to the judge. “Congratulations Mr. Nicholas, you have solved the crime of the centuries!


    (Note: I don’t actually have a brother.)

  34. I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose! I was having a sleepover with my friends at my house. If you don’t believe me, check my Instagram page. My friends and I posted pictures, and the exact time we took the pictures was recorded, so you can see that I was with my friends inside during the hour in which Frosty’s nose was stolen. I think I know why my footprints were at the scene of the crime. One of my friends went outside during our sleepover, and they borrowed my shoes. I bet they are the real culprit!

  35. I have not stolen Frosty the Snowman’s nose! I am not a theft at all! While I may be suspicious, I was only going to the café down the street for some hot chocolate with my little sister! I passed Frosty the Snowman while walking, yes, but he had his nose! I did see somebody suspicious, but I can’t identify them. This is a terrible crime that I’m not capable of committing! If you question the café, or even my little sister, you will figure out that it was not me that has done this unforgivable crime. My footprints are the only ones located there perhaps because I was carrying my cold and upset four-year-old sister. The reason no other footprints were there of the REAL theft is of course because they hid them by trying to frame me!

  36. I would never, and I mean NEVER steal anything! Well… There was that one time… But that is irrelevant to today’s crime. I was driving up the a ski resort called Big Bear in California. My friends and I were all ready to go. While driving, we came across this beautiful view, better yet, there was a snowman right in front of it! We took pictures of us, attempting to look photogenic. My footprints were there because I was seeing what angle the photo should be taken at. My footprints were all over the place! I will do ANYTHING for a perfect photo. We got our photos and we were on the road again. I turn around and see that the snowman’s nose vanished! Poof! Just like a fairy god-mother! It was strange…

  37. I will admit those footprints are mine and the carrot in my hand was for the snowman but I promise you I did not take his nose. I noticed that the snowman had no scarf and I figured since he’s made of snow he might get a little chilly. I rushed home and brought him my scarf to wrap around hit neck. I even knitted the scarf with my own two hands and needles. As I was putting the scarf around his neck I noticed he had no nose. Now even though he is a snowman he still deserves to smell the Christmas scent of pine needles. I rushed home yet again and when I returned with a carrot there were police everywhere. I must have seemed suspicious with my footprints leading towards frosty and a carrot in my hands but I assure you I would never steal his nose.

  38. This is a very mysterious crime, but I was not the one who stole his nose and here’s why. For starters I know you know that I like carrots, but I didn’t take a carrot of his face just to eat it because I was first of all at a party that night and dancing the night away. Also the house I was partying at was 7 miles away from the crime! Oh my shoes you say well, I did wear those shoes, but I never walked by a snowman that night. However, when I was driving home I did get out of the car to take a picture of me next to the big tree downtown and I took my shoes off because they hurt I was wearing shoes that were too small and this guy took them! And he used them to get the nose to eat it because he looked like he was homeless and then he walked back and gave me my shoes and saw the police coming and ran. But he dropped the carrot by my feet and I picked it up to put it back on when the police came and said “WHY DID YOU STEEL HIS NOSE MISS!” And I said “wait no I didn’t he did” and I pointed in the direction the guy ran but there were no tracks in the snow and he was gone! I realized that he was never alive!!! He was a ghost looking for food. That gave me the chills. And that is why it was not me and I know you don’t believe in ghosts but he took my shoes look. *shows shoes* They have black marks on the he’s hands had ashes from a fire! Then I realized he was Santa he took it for his reindeer! And he was not really there but he was!

 When I was walking in the snow to my friends house. I left footprint engraved near this amazing snowman. When I walked to my friends house. There was a Christmas Parade going along the streets of my neighborhood. This little boy walked on my footsteps that I left on the snow and got to Frosty The Snowman. This girl distracted the Christmas Parade to go the wrong way. By closing off the road on the Christmas Parade original path, then the little boy grabbed Frost The Snowman’s nose and walked on my footsteps and ran off back home.

  40. This was a crime with one culprit, one criminal, one nose stealer. When I traveled to North Carolina to visit an old friend of mine I had a pair of boots that I left there before I returned home. My good old friend Larry Buckner had told me I left my shoes at his house and he said he needed to use them to go to the park to see Frosty with his family. He needed the boots because he was hiking and there was a bear, his shoes were covered with a stash of meat so he threw them towards the bear to eat. So Larry had my shoes on when he went to see the snow man, that’s why there are my footprints around the nose-less Frosty. Another reason why I could not have done this because I was too scared to go out into the snow since a week before the incident I had gotten into a skiing accident. I didn’t want to see or touch the snow since I got really injured. Then I headed home that’s when Frosty’s incident happened. That’s why the real culprit of this situation is good ‘ol’ Larry Buckner. If you check the crime scene there is some deer fur around the snow man Larry always wears his deer fur coat, if you think that a deer could have just walked by, smell the fur, what do you smell? Axe body spray, Larry puts the body spray on every clothing he owns. That’s why the real culprit of this case would have to be Larry Buckner, I thought he was my innocent friend but really he is a nose-stealing criminal!

  41. I have to admit, I was with Frosty, but not the 23rd of December like you said this happened! The reason for why my footprints were found at the crime scene was because I was over there, but for a different reason. One day, I was walking by and I saw Frosty the Snowman outside on a sunny and snowy day. He didn’t look so well so I went over to him to see what was wrong. That’s why my footprints have been identified over by Frosty. Anyway, I asked what was wrong and he said “I am very sweaty today.” But I knew it wasn’t sweat. So for Christmas, I am getting him a umbrella to block the sun. That’s why my footprints were spotted at the crime scene. And after all, I’m one of his best buddies, I wouldn’t do that to him. Maybe I’ll throw in a carrot in his present, too! But wait! If it wasn’t me, then who was it? Who was with me that day? Ummm…. Oh! My reindeer, Comet. Where is he, oh he is right… COMET!!!

  42. This was a crime with one culprit, one criminal, one nose stealer. When I traveled to North Carolina to visit an old friend of mine I had a pair of boots that I left there before I returned home. My good old friend Larry Buckner had told me I left my shoes at his house and he said he needed to use them to go to the park to see Frosty with his family. He needed the boots because he was hiking and there was a bear, his shoes were covered with a stash of meat so he threw them towards the bear to eat. So Larry had my shoes on when he went to see the snow man, that’s why there are my footprints around the nose-less Frosty. Another reason why I could not have done this because I was too scared to go out into the snow since a week before the incident I had gotten into a skiing accident. I didn’t want to see or touch the snow since I got really injured. Then I headed home that’s when Frosty’s incident happened. That’s why the real culprit of this situation is good ‘ol’ Larry Buckner. If you check the crime scene there is some deer fur around the snow man Larry always wears his deer fur coat, if you think that a deer could have just walked by, smell the fur, what do you smell? Axe body spray, Larry puts the body spray on every clothing he owns. That’s why the real culprit of this case would have to be Larry Buckner, I thought he was my innocent friend but really he is a nose-stealing criminal!

  43. It was just a normal day. I was waking towards the park to walk my dog. I saw a huge crowed by a juice store. So I stoped to get some juice . I walked out and started heading back to the park . I felt as though my dog deserved a treat for not tackling a person to eat there face off. So I decided to go to the pet store . Then I decided that I finally was ready to go to the park. While I was walking I saw a white snowy object. My dog was growling. She must have smelled a person just walking by. I took a step then another step, then one big step. When I arrived at the snow man I saw that he didn’t have a nose so I walked all around the snow man to see if there was a carrot somewhere else. I panicked. Then as I was about to go back towards my house. BOOM somebody called the cops and I was accused of taking Frosty’s nose. I swear officer I didn’t do anything else other than what I told you. Please let me go.

  44. I swear I wasn’t the one who took the nose! I was there because I was checking on Frosty. I was one of the kids who helped build him, I SWEAR! I was just checking on him, we were best-friends. And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. But when I got here the nose was already stolen, I was heartbroken. Please, believe me! How could I t…take my best friends nose. Please, believe me! I bet it was Noah, I saw him walking up to the park before me, and he probably used my shoes!

  45. First of all, I would like to say that I was NOT the person to steal Frosty’s nose. Secondly I would like to tell you why I could not have been the one to steal the nose. I was on my way to the bus stop to get to work, when I passed Frosty the snowman and I realized that he was missing his nose. So because it was already gone by the time I was there, that means that it can’t have been me. But I did pass a suspicious man who looked like he was hiding something under his coat. He had dark brown eyes and long brown hair, but that was all I could see. So instead of questioning me, you should be out looking for him.

  46. Oh no! Frosty’s nose is taken! I would never take his nose in a million years. Those are most likely my foot prints, but only because I was in a rush to get back home in time for dinner with my family. If you don’t believe me, ask my mother. I was texting her that I would be there soon at the time. So I possibly couldn’t take Frosty’s nose. I also spotted my friend from school and started to chat with her, you can even go ask her. But whatever you think, I did not take Frosty’s nose.

  47. No your Honor, I did not steal Frosty’s nose! I love Christmas more than anything. I would never do such a inauspicious thing. Now I was near Frosty. You see I was up visiting my family in Virginia, where Frosty is. It was so lively, with the fire crackling and the dog barking. The whole family was there…except my twin. She absolutely HATES Christmas. It is a stupid reason, really it is. You see, when we were five, a Frosty snowman fell down on her and the coal mouth gave her a serious concussion! Poor thing. Ever since then she planned to get her revenge. There is no doubt in my mind. My twin was the one walking near Frosty and she took the nose, not me.

  48. “So your telling me that FROSTY NOSE IN MISSING AND IM THE ONE THAT DID IT?” That can’t be possible, I’d never do such a thing. I mean how did my shoe prints even get there in the first place. Wait a minute, you’re telling me that his nose went missing on December 24th. Well that’s a coincidence because my shoes went missing that day. I heard a noice in the living room that day to only find my neighbors bunny with a man purse around his shoulder. Later that day I noticed my shoes were gone. “Wait a minute, the bunny stole my shoes so that when he stole the carrot, his tracks wouldn’t be there when he stole the carrot. No wonder you’re blaming me and not a bunny.”

  49. It wasn’t me who stole Frosty’s nose. My mom wanted me to give a thank you note to one of my neighbors. I was walking out of the house and I saw the snowman he still had his nose. So I walked into the neighborhood and walked to the neighbor’s house. I gave him the letter and got back to the house at around 3:00. I know the crime started at 5:25. After I got back my dad wanted me to walk the dog. I got the leash on him and started to walk around the farm that was a half a mile away from the house so we walked to the farm. When we were half way to getting their my dog saw a cat run out of the barn. I saw looking at the animals and my dog ran out the leash a started to chase this cat. I chased after him for a while until the cat when up a tree. We walked home. When I went outside with my sister I noticed that poor Frosty’s nose was missing. I looked around and saw someone run into the house. So I went in and told my parents about Frosty’s nose. Have a great night and Happy New Year.

  50. I heard about the crime that happened last night. I also heard that my foot prints are in the crime scene. Now I can explain that, last night I was throwing snow balls with my friends. Then I noticed something and it was the snow man I walked up to see it closer look at it. Then I noticed its hat had blown away so I picked up the hat and placed it back on, then I realized its nose was gone. I thought maybe my coat had hit it by accident but I looked everywhere and could not find. Then I thought maybe I could look at the foot prints but the foot prints were all together and it was very hard to see because the snow started coming down harder and harder, I left the area running with my friend because the snow was in my eyes. That’s all I remember from that night of the frosty the snowman crime.

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