Did You Steal Frosty’s Nose?

Oh no!

A crime has been committed! Your footprints have been discovered at a crime scene which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you didn’t do it. Give your best alibi and explanation as to why your footprints were found at the crime scene.

You are writing one persuasive paragraph. While I do not want you to be silly, be clever and creative. You must persuade me that it could not possibly have been you who committed this terrible crime.

Everyone, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

We return the week of January 2nd for more conversations!



  1. When I left my house for vacation, I left my shoes at home and got sandals, because I was going to the Bahamas. However, I always leave my shoes outside, in a exact location. When I came home, my shoes are not there! I look all around for my missing shoes. When I was looking for it outside, I see that my neighbor has taken my shoes, because they are on their doormat!

  2. Officer I assure you I did not steel his nose. My foot prints are here because I was walking my dog and I noticed that there was a snowman with no face. So I grabbed 10 acorns and used 2 of them for the eyes and the rest for his mouth. I realized he had no nose so I ran home to get a carrot and when I came back the cops were here. That’s why my foot prints are here and that’s why I have the carrot.

  3. I would never steal poor old Frosty’s nose! I can’t believe it happened in the first place! And I don’t know how my footprints were found on the scene! Maybe it was the neighbor two houses down who happens to have the same boots as me. Also I was vacationing in Florida for the weekend and just got home this morning. My luggage is still at the front door! Plus you guys found the footprints last night, when I was in Florida. For even more evidence my plane ticket is on the kitchen table, so how could I have stolen Frosty’s nose?

  4. Hi! Judge how are you doing? I know, I know you think I was the one who created all of this mess, but I can reassure you that I wasn’t the person you saw. The one taking the nose of poor frosty the Snow Man, of course. So umm you like snow man I see?!? Right?
    ( Get one with it! )
    “well anyways I was in my log cabin ready to get reading skiing. And I had very big boots. “You can never be to carful” hahaha….. I can even show you I was waking about 2-3yards away and I took a picture of him. See at 6:43pm I was taking that picture. But I was going down I saw a figure.
    “Wait you saw the figure”
    the judge gave an uncomfortable look. Wait I thought to my self the figure was awfully large, the judge was awfully.
    ” Excuse me judge, do you mind if I can ask you the question.” Sure he said in an unsteady voice.”
    “What kind shoes did you have on Friday the 13th???”
    (I was wearing boots of course)
    “right, right and what were you doing on that night?? ”
    (spending time with my rabbit?!?)
    so you obviously had Carrots? Because if you didn’t there’s only one person I know who had one. Frosty the snowman!!! You went out in big boots like I did only I went up to go skiing. You need to get food for your bunny. So you didn’t have any, so you went up the mountain to the only food source for you and you bunny. Poor Frosty the snow man.

    Frosty the Snow Man.
    Monday, December 16th 2016

    I guess all of you now know that
    Frosty has had a very exciting night
    On Friday the 13th. Haha
    He just came out of surgery and
    Our judge is now in prison for
    passing the Law of private
    property. So toon in for next week to
    get the daily week news.

    Your new writer,

  5. Judge I couldn’t of took Frosty’s nose even though my footprints were there. But the reason being is. This morning I was walking to the store, to get some soup for my mother because she had a terrible cold. And as I was walking I saw some kids building frosty the snow man . So yes I was there. But when I was walking back from the store with the soup in a bag I was holding. The kids were gone and so was Frosty’s nose. You mite be thinking that I still took it but ask my mother, I did give her the soup so there is no possible way I could of took it.

  6. ” But I didn’t steal frosty’s nose! Why would I even steal his nose, I don’t like carrots. My footprints were there because, well, because, alright because I like to have conversations with frosty. Then, a raccoon abducted Frost as I was talking to him about who was the best president ever in the USA! The raccoon ripped off Frosty’s cute, orange nose with his razor sharpe teeth. Frosty and I were defenseless! And now I’m being accused of stealing my beloved friend Frosty’s nose!”

  7. I did not steal Frosty’s nose. Let me explain. I was snowboarding on a very snowy mountain. I slipped and my snowboard detached from my feet. It lay on the mountain. Then, I started sliding and then before I knew it, I fell off the mountain with my snowboard still on the mountain. I ended up in a very snowy place under the mountain with no one outside. I started walking until I saw a snowman. I walked towards it and there was a label next to it and it said Frosty the Snowman. Over where I was there was very deep snow so you could really see my footprints. Then, I stopped to take photos of the snowman because why not. Then, a polar bear came up to the snowman and ate the nose off of it. I am glad I didn’t get eaten. I don’t think the bear saw me because of the deep snow covering me and my big coat covering my eyes with the hoody. That’s the real story of how Frosty’s nose came off.

  8. I would never steal frosty’s nose! I was going to the store riding my bike then I saw a man with his nose! My footprints were there because I chased after him. He was wearing a brown coat and dark green pants. Unfortunately I lost him so I went to the store and bought him one. I was turning around the corner and was busted by the cops. Plus I had a carrot in my hand. They threw me in there car leaving my bike behind and went to the court room. We’re we are right now.

  9. “I swear I didn’t steal poor Frosty’s nose. I would never. So I’ll tell you the story of how it all happened, I was walking on the street and I saw Mr. Frosty, I walked up to him to take a selfie. Then all of a sudden his nose came off, as I went to pick it up to put it back on his face came a bunny who looked very cold and hungry so it took it right from my hand! I tried to chase after it but I could catch it and that’s how my footprints were found and his nose was gone.”

  10. Yes I was at Montana at the time but I was simply repairing frosty are some guy with the same boots destroyed him and ate the carrot. But I got my boots after the incident I have the reseat. So those couldn’t possibly be my foot prints.

  11. Well I was walking along the streets and I saw the snowman. He looked gorgeous with his snow man figure and made out of snow. So I went to take out my phone to take a picture when I noticed the carrot wasn’t there. I thought maybe the owner took it out and ran out of carrots. But I couldn’t have taken it. When I got there the carrot wasn’t there. I was so disappointed to. I was going to take the best picture. My footprints aren’t the ones of the thief. Try again officer. Maybe if you look elsewhere you’ll find your culprit.

  12. I promise I didn’t steal Frosty’ nose! I had just come home from the grocery store and let my dog out of his cage. He was scratching at the door so I took him out for a walk. When I noticed that poor old Frosty didn’t have a nose! I ran home to get a carrot but when I got back there yellow tape up and a bunch of cops at the scene. If you don’t believe me you can check for my dog’s footprints and I only have 11 out of the 12 carrots at my house! You can ask my friend too she was with me the whole time.

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