Social Studies Minecraft City-State Project

Hi Students!

Let’s reflect on the Minecraft city-state project that you just completed in social studies. Please write at least one good paragraph thoroughly explaining your thoughts on the project and include the following prompts:

What was your contribution to the city-state?

What did you like most about the project?

What did you find the most challenging?

What advice or suggestions do you have for improving the project next year?

The questions do not have to be followed in this order, and also please do not mention partner names or mention specific problems you might have had in this regard. You can discuss the challenges when working collaboratively, though. Be respectful. If you would like to answer in multiple paragraphs, remember to add an extra return. Use an introductory sentence and conclude with something thoughtful.




  1. In Social Studies we worked on a Minecraft Mesopotamia. My contribution in the project was making the government house, it was a simple build and took a couple days. What I liked most about the project was building my house and looking at others buildings. What I found the most challenging was what to do when I was done because there was nothing to do, and making the info box because I new little about the government houses. I think some improvements should be to make the moat bigger next year and make very thing spread out more.

  2. The Minecraft City-State project was very fun to do.And this is what I have to say about my experience doing the project. My contribution to the Minecraft city-state project was the temple which was used to worship the gods that the city-states believed in. What I liked about the project was how we were able to work together and give insight on other people’s work so that we could make our city-state the most accurate as it could be. What I found most challenging in the project was finding the cornerstone where our building would be built. I found this challenging because when ever someone else messed up plotting their cornerstone of their building, our cornerstone for our building would get messed up. A suggestion I have for next year is to probably increase the total area in the city-state because from my experience the city-state was fairly small to how it really was when these city-states existed. So all in all the Minecraft project was extremely fun and I hope that I can do another Minecraft project later in the year.

  3. My contribution to the city was I built the middle class homes. I liked building extra things when I was done like the wall around the city and the mote. When doing this me and my friend would mess up a lot and it was funny. The most challenging part was plotting your building on the grid, many people had to rebuild but thankfully we had space to in-provide. My suggestion to next years crafters is make it spaced out so you can in-provide. This was a fun project and I learned a lot.

  4. The Minecraft project that I was a part of was probably my favorite project yet. The way I contributed to this project was making the Government building towards the outer area of the city-state. The reason I loved this project so much is because you can build large buildings and design them. You can add anything that was invented at that time period which was quite a variety. I found that making sure that your structure was built the correct size and shape, because if it isn’t, then you can effect everyone else’s building/s. Some to improve the Minecraft experience would be to make the space you are aloud to use bigger because buildings where too big for the space, and they where all too close. Overall, I think that this project was very fun, but could have some improvements.

  5. I love Minecraft and it was really cool that we got to add it into the unit we were talking about it. My contribution was building the market places. My partner did the structures for the tiny market places and I did the structure for the big one. I also decorated the tiny places and my partner labeled each one with a sign. What I liked most about the project is that we got to work with Minecraft and present our creation to everyone when we were done. What I found most challenging was working on the computer because I had to get used to the controls. Usually I play on my phone so it’s a big difference on the lap top. Some advise I would give for next year is to make sure you know exactly where your guide points are and which way your buildings are suppose to be. We had to start over because we went south and we were supposed to go North. We had to start over because when we went the wrong way, it caused us to build in someone else’s ares. Over all, I thought that this project was different but it was so cool what we did and I hope that we can do more projects like this in the future.

  6. I thought the Minecraft project in social studies was really fun. I contribution the middle class homes in the city. I like all of it because we had no work but also helping other people if they need help and just building. What I found the most challenging thing about the Minecraft project was the wall. It was the wall because we had like 4-5 minutes to build a wall. And someone used the wrong kind of stone and we had like 1 minute to build the wall but we still completed it. My advice for next year is try not to use the wrong stone. So I loved the Minecraft project and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

  7. Doing the Minecraft project was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Phoenix and I were able to chose what we wanted to build. We chose to build the Ziggurat and the Goverment build. It was nice that we were able to have a bit of freedom with decoration and interior design. The discussions were respectful and I felt like what we said mattered. The most challenging part of this project was communicating with others about where the cornerstone went. Since there were a couple times when people were building in the wrong place or people’s buildings were on top of one another. My favorite part of this project was that we weren’t just reading about Ancient Mesopotamia rather than building it. I’m all for hands on learning I find it more effective and this is just another great example of that. I hate taking notes because it’s boing and I usually don’t learn anything because I tune out. Next year they should make sure that they are building in the right place before they start building because then you have to start all over again and that happened three times in my block. This was only my second time doing Minecraft but I had a lot more fun than I thought I would.

  8. For the Mesopotamia project, I worked on the upper class homes with Nick R. We learned that the homes where built out of mud brick. Nick and I were not sure what to use to build our houses in Minecraft since we were trying to make it as historically accurate as possible. We finally decided on white stained clay because it is similar to mud brick. It was kind of funny because apparently white stained clay is actually pink, so all of our houses were pink. Nick and I built two houses each. I really enjoyed looking around the city when it was finished because it was cool looking at what we had accomplished. When we were planning what our buildings might look like, it was really hard trying to find pictures of what homes in Mesopotamia might have looked like. Nick and I assumed the houses where probably simple because it was such a long time ago when they did not have advanced technology. I think that for next year, Ms. Wells should make the buildings more spaced out so they aren’t as clumped together. Overall though, I really enjoyed this project.

  9. The Minecraft project was fun, I built the ziggurat with Jeremy. It was big and took a long time to build, but it was still fun. My favorite part of the project was building the Ziggurat because Jeremy and I could be creative with what we where building. The most challenging part about this project was the planning out on the graph paper because everyone had different opinions of where things should be. Next year I think that the teachers should let the kids make it more spaced out because the buildings where very cramped. This was super fun and I also learned a lot!

  10. I enjoyed our Minecraft project very much because it was a combination of working together and solving issues. In my city-state Sean and I built a temple. The temple is used for praying and giving offerings to the gods. The part that I liked most about this project was constructing the temple, and finding ways to make it look like a very old Mesopotamia temple. This was a fun part because it wasn’t easy but after putting in the work it looked very nice. The most challenging part of this project was creating the interior of the temple. This was very hard because things inside of the temple were very delicate and detailed. Finding the correct blocks to make an altar was a challenging, and long process. My advice for improving this project is to space out the houses, temples, Ziggurats and other buildings. I think you should do this because in mincraft the buildings were very close together. Working together to create a Mesospotamia city-state was very fun and I hope to do it sometime in the future.

  11. Minecraft was such a cool project. I have never done anything like this and it was such a great experience for me. In this project I built the Ziggurat with my partner Sam. I thought that the Ziggurat was a cool thing to build because it was the biggest building in the entire town with six stories. My favorite part of the project was when I finished the whole Ziggurat because I felt like I had accomplished something big and hard and the ending result was amazing. It had looked really good and like a real Ziggurat. The most challenging part of this whole project was the spacing when we built the buildings. When we had spaced the buildings out on a map before going into Minecraft, it had been fine but when we got into Minecraft everything was so smushed together, it was hard to get around. My advice for the coming sixth graders is to really think about how tiny the blocks are in Minecraft when figuring out the spacing. Also, to see how wide your whole building is and if your building the Ziggurat, when going on to another story you have to know how many blocks you want to go in. Overall, this project was a great experience and a way to really make a class fun.

  12. I thought this Minecraft project was fun, challenging, and unique. My contribution was building the Upperclass homes. I was glad I was chosen to build Upperclass homes because I really wanted to make a realistic living space to see what the people back then really lived like. I wanted to be in their shoes. My favorite part of the project was building because I got to create my own project. The entire house was up to me to build. I was using my own imagination using the information I researched to create a realistic house. The most challenging part for me was finding all the corner stones for the buildings because Caroline S. and I had six homes we had to build which meant we had to place six corner stones. This was also difficult because the Ziggurat was covering the center block and it was harder to find the corner stones. Some advice for next year would be to let the buildings towards the back of the city/near the wall place there corner stones first and then slowly go towards the center of the city. So by the time they get to the Ziggurat, everyone will already have their cornerstones and the ziggurat won’t be covering the center block yet. Overall, the Minecraft project was a great way to finish the Mesopotamia unit and I hope the fifth graders will have fun next year!

  13. In Social Studies this year we made a replica of a Mesopotamia city state. We researched and read books about Mesopotamia. My contribution to making the city state was making the four middle class homes. I did research on how the looked and modeled it after the house. My favorite part of the Minecraft Mesopotamia city state project was the building the middle class homes. It was my favorite part because I build with Legos and I love building. The most challenging part of this project was finding the cornerstone of each house because my sense of direction is awful. My advice for anyone doing Minecraft in the future is learning about the different types of blocks. It took me a while to learn about the blocks, but when I did I knew that sandstone can stick to the side of buildings and sand can’t. Overall I think this is a very good project and I think anyone who likes building would enjoy it.

  14. I thought the Minecraft project was a cool and interesting educational experience. My contribution to the city state was the barn and outside pens. I built a barn for the animals to stay and their is a door inside the barn leading out to the pens so that the animals can go outside when they want. The thing I liked most about the project is that we got to design how we wanted our building to look like, but still have it base off of the original city-state. The most challenging thing for me was the corner stones. It was hard counting out each block from the sign, and sometimes people would walk in front of you and it would cause you to lose count. It was very frustrating because I had to start over lots of times. I think next year you should have the building be spread out more because I thought everything was smushed together. For some buildings there was only two or three blocks in between the building. I think next year there should be lots of space in between the buildings. Overall I think it was a fun project and I hope we can do another project like that again.

  15. In the city-state I built the ziggurat and the government building. What I liked most about it was probably that we built in Minecraft and that I got to do the ziggurat. I liked playing in Minecraft instead of just writing or even making it on paper only. What I found most challenging was making the levels of the ziggurat line up but also have stairs going onto them. What I ended up doing was building stairs to the first floor from the ground, then stairs going from the first to second floor, stairs from the ground to the third floor, and from the third to the fourth. Some improvements I would make would give just a little more time, and besides that I loved this project and can’t think of any more to criticize. In conclusion, I loved this project, and I can’t wait to hear from my now fifth grade friends next year of how much they liked it.

  16. In the Minecraft project my parter and I contributed to a few different groups in the city state. For example the plants and animals and some water went to the market group and the water went to some houses and the reservoir filled up the mote. My favorite part about the project was that the class had to work together and it gave me a chance to work with people that I’ve never worked with. The most challenging part was making the reservoir because several squids would pop up in. Another challenge was the farm because we had to hoe and plant the seeds at the same time. To improve the project for next year I would move the buildings farther apart from each other because it’s not very practical and it was hard to move in between each one.

  17. I contributed to the city-state by making the upperclass homes with my partner Stella. The thing I liked most about it was when we got to go into the game and started building. I found the decorating for the houses was the most challenging for me. Some advice for the students doing this next year would be to get the houses plans planed out fast and not to waste time with it. Good luck!!

  18. When we build a Mesopotamia city and Mincraft. I built the military barracks which is the place were the army sleep,eats, and trains. The part of the project I like the most was building the barracks, it was extra fun for me because I love mincraft. I think the most challenging part was probably having to to see how big I wanted the buildings too be because it had to be smaller they somethings and bigger then other buildings. I think the project went good over all but I think there should be a bigger graph for see were we what the buildings

  19. In our Minecraft City-State project for D block, I was in charge of building the upper class homes. The upper class homes held the more wealthy people in Mesopotamia. My favorite part of this project was decorating the homes in the game. I enjoyed making them all with unique decoration and many different types of colors. I also enjoyed scaling out the building with Minecraft’s reddish colored acacia wood. The most challenging part of the project for me was using paper to place on a huge graph paper. Before we were building we had to cut out the area of what we were building on an orange piece of paper and place it on a larger white piece of graph paper along with the other builds. Let’s just say the shreds got a little messy around the classroom. This project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed working with my class mates to build the gigantic Mesopotamia!

  20. We did a project in school for Mesopotamia, a city-state from long ago. We did this project on MineCraft for it and my contribution to the city-state was the government building. The government building was where you would be punished if you committed a crime. My building was small but I wished it could of been bigger. My favorite part about this project was designing the outside and the inside of my building. I also enjoyed scouting the city-state to see what my classmates built. The most challenging part of this project was when I had to completely redesign my building because it would of been the design as the ziggurat. I think that the project was great and you shouldn’t change anything about it.

  21. My contribution to the city state was making Upper class homes. I built two homes. What I liked most about the project was that we got to use Minecraft. Kids generally like using games for projects so I liked that idea. I am hoping we can do further projects with Minecraft. The most challenging part for me was the cornerstone. For me it was difficult to get the exact mark on the map for both homes. My advice would be to continue using Minecraft. A suggestion would be for the whole grade to be in one world.

  22. The Minecraft project was very fun. I learned so many things in Minecraft. In the Minecraft project I built the Ziggurat. The Ziggurat needed to be the tallest building in the town also the Ziggurat needed to be in the middle of the town. The Ziggurat took a long time to build, so I did it in study hall. The most challenging part of building the Ziggurat was how tall it was supposed to be. Overall the Ziggurat was not the tallest building but, it was very tall overall. Another challenging part was when we were building the stair cases. Because the stair cases came out and we did not want to hit anyone else’s buildings. Even though the building the Ziggurat was hard I loved building the Ziggurat. My partner was Victoria D and she was a great partner. She helped with everything I did and we worked very well together. I was never doing all the work and she was never doing all the work. I think this project was great just the way it is, and I can’t wait to see what the Fifth graders do in there town.

  23. In social studies as a class we built Mesopotamia which is a city state. Me and my partner Will E built the Zigguraut which is the biggest building and in the center of the city. I liked the part of the project were we used a grid and piloted are buildings corner stones. I found the building most challenging because it took so long. Overall I think that the Minecraft project was fun and I think that any classes that do this will enjoy it.

  24. I built the palace for the Mesopotamian City-State. The palace is the second largest building, only to the Ziggurat. This is where the king and is family lived. This is also where prize possessions were stored, including taxes. I also built the wall and moat with Alexis and Sofia. I would say that was the most challenging part of the project for me. It was hard because the wall was very big, and it took almost a whole class time. And it was also hard, because I am not good at Minecraft on a computer. I had only done it once before in 5th grade. So getting use to the controls is what made building the wall and moat hard. What I loved most in this project was building the palace, because last year you had to plan every block you would use. And exactly how it looked. But in this project there was a bit more freedom, I would say. My only suggestion for this project would be a bigger graph paper, because everything was clumped together. But everything was good.

  25. My contribution to the city- state was building the irrigation system. I made a moat that circle all around the tall wall, and rivers that flowed into the farms.
    My favorite part of the project was building the river to flow into the farms, because I got to work with other people, and join our ideas together.
    What I found most challenging was building the river in the town, because if we hit one delete button the river would flow out into other people’s buildings, and I didn’t want to destroy that. We did make a lot of mistakes, but they didn’t destroy anything, no they helped us to not make that mistake again.
    Some advice for next year is if you have a partner, don’t just stick with one persons idea, combined both together. Another thing is to be serious, but at the same time, have fun!

  26. Doing the Minecraft city-state project was very fun for me. I built the military barracks for the city. I built the military barracks near the wall so that if an intruder came we would be able to protect the city. I also helped make the wall when I finished my military barracks. My favorite part of the project was building one Minecraft. I thought that it was a very fun way to learn about history. I thought that the most challenging spot was finding your cornerstone and making sure you were building in the right place. In our class we had many problems when someone would say, “Hey, you are where I’m supposed to be building.” But in the end it was all okay. One think that I think could have been improved is that we make sure that animals can’t appear because in different places random animals would appear. Overall I think that this problem was great and I had a really good time building and I hope we can do something like it again

  27. In Social Studies we did a project on Mesopotamia. We created the Mesopotamian city states in Minecraft. In our Minecraft city State, I created the palace. What I enjoyed most about this project was building the structure itself. I enjoyed this because I liked being able to do my own thing and design the building. The most challengking part of this project for me was probably the information block because I just wasn’t able find suitable information for what I was doing. Do I have any advice for future students? Yes, really focus on getting your structure done because you have limited time, just like I do on writing this blog post.

  28. My partner and I built the Upper Class Homes in Minecraft. I like designing houses, so I was very thrilled when I was assigned this. What I loved the most about Minecraft was the building because we could choose how big the rooms would be or what painting we wanted to put on the wall. I also liked drawing the blueprint of the houses. What I found must challenging was putting down the corner stone. Every time we put it down, it would disappear and we would have to start over! My advice is that you should give us a bit more time because this is a very time consuming project. I loved this project and I hope that we do it in more classes!

  29. Playing Minecraft in school was unique, especially since it’s a game. I contributed to the city-state by building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. My favorite part of the project was building the actually building, because it was fun to get creative. My hardest challenge was planning, because we had to keep doing trail-and-error testing to see what was the best format for our city-state. I don’t really think anything could be done to improve the project. I think it is the best project it could be!

  30. I build the farm to the city-state. This is one of the most important to the city-state because it produces food for people to live on.
    I liked building the farms. My favorite part about building farms was put all the animals like the pigs, cows, horses, dog and cats (not to eat), and the chicken. We put in a little hut to keep all the tool and food and water for the animals. I also liked making the blueprint for the city-state. My partner and I made a drawing of what the farm would look likes and then we made a map of the word a we placed the farm outside the city because that is were it goes.
    I found that writing about the farm was the most hardest for me because I don’t really like writing that much, but we wrote about the animals and what they do for the people and the other animals like the dog, they round up the animals and the horses help the people ride around the place
    Some advice for the teacher is that maybe you could give a little bit more time because we wanted to go all away around the city-state because that is what they did back then, but we only did it on one side of the city-state.
    I loved doing this project because I love minecraft and I was really fun to do!

  31. My contribution to the city-state was making the Upper Class Homes. My partner was Matthew and we both made two homes each. The Upper Class Homes were owned by rich people, priests, and important people. They were close to the middle and were two stories high.
    I really liked the project because we picked were we wanted our homes to be. Also we got to pick our material to build with. The only downside of this project is that you have limited space and sometimes miss calculations. Overall this project was 10 X better then last years.
    The most challenging part in this project was being able to find where to build your house. When you log into your world you find the coordinates and see where you are. It is very challenging because one time in 5th grade I built my house but I was one block off so I had to restart.
    One suggestion I have for next year is to let students to build there house then build a wall so they have unlimited space and it wouldn’t be cramped.

  32. All around the world! Just think we know part around the world and then we can make that object or that place in Minecraft. We are doing a project about Mesopotamia. We all got to right on a piece a paper and put what you would like to do. For my first choice was the Ziggurat. That is the main building of Mesopotamia. That what I was allowed to do for our project. I got a partner ( Olivia K. ) She is very sweet and made sure everything was neat and organized. I like when we were building the structure because we got to make so many fancy details. Like lapis and gold, the reason why this was so special is the ziggurat were the only ones that were allowed to have that in there building. What I found out that was so challenging in this Minecraft project was when al, if us had to put down our coordination for our building. There might be sometime were buildings were overlapping other buildings, so in was very CRAZY!!!! If I had to change any thing I wouldn’t change anything it was a very creative and learning experiences for all of us. So what do you like to Build in your Minecraft City? Use your imagination!!!

  33. During the minecraft project I constructed the temple in the city state. I wanted to build this because learning about the temples and making the temple was fascinating. An important thing I learned was, how the people would have altars in these temples to worship. I liked building the most in this project. I liked building the most in this project because it was cool how I could recreate a Mesopotamian temple out of blocks. Another reason why I thought that building was fun was because after everything is done and everyone is finished it actually looks like a city state. The most challenging thing in this project was placing my cornerstone. This part of the project was challenging because I started building the base of my temple, but I had to restart when I realized my cornerstone was misplaced. I thought the project overall was run well and I don’t have any suggestions. Now I hope you know that I felt the Minecraft project was very fascinating and successful.

  34. I really liked the Minecraft project and doing everything. I contributed to the city by building the palace , it took me a couple days to get the palace to its right size and make the rooms. I liked the building part of the project. I liked that because I really like building and designing houses on Minecraft because there are lots of things you can do in Minecraft . I felt the most challenging part of this whole project was building the wall. I thought this was the most challenging part because our wall was really tall and really wide. I think we should have a bigger moat, it needs to be a little more spread out, and we need to double check the corner stones of every house.

  35. The Minecraft project was very fun. My contribution was building the market place. The market place wasn’t hard to build but it was hard to come up with what it was going to look like. It was challenging to find the corner stone but once we found it the building was easy. What I liked most about the project is that we mostly got to pick what building we wanted to do. We could write down a few choices and then she chose which one we could do. What I found most challenging was trying to make it look a lot like what an actual market place looked like. We had to start over because it wasn’t correct at first. I don’t have any suggestions because I really liked the project.

  36. Mesopotamia is a city that was created long, long ago. I created the military barracks. I liked how when we built the city, the whole class worked together. I also liked seeing how the city improved from start to finish. I found the transition from drawing a sketch of what you are planning your building to look like, then turning that into a birds eye view on a graph paper, and finally turning it all into Minecraft was the biggest difficulty. I thought this was difficult because I couldn’t see the change, and put it in Minecraft, then have it look exactly as I pictured it in the drawing. I think this project could have been more effective if everybody had a partner, to build/design their building.

  37. Me and my partner built the market place for the city state. I would say that my favorite part about the Minecraft project is that all of the students got work together on then project rather then alone. It made the project a lot more fun. Minecraft is fun working alone, but it is best when a bunch of people work with you. All of the students in our class collaborated very well, and with teamwork we built a fabulous city state. I think the most challenging part about the project was finding our corner stone, and being able to fit everybody’s buildings in perfectly, but it ended up all working out in the end. I don’t have any suggestions for next year and I thought this project was a huge success! I hope we can do another project like this soon.

  38. My partner and I worked on upper class homes. I liked that we had partners. Also I loved working on Mindcraft, even though it was kind of hard to on a computer. I think that it was difficult to find were the cornerstone stone went. I don’t really have any suggestions I think it went really well. One more thing is that I love doing projects like this and I hope we can do more.

  39. I the Minecraft project was very fun this year. I built the farmland in this project. I also built the river and irrigation system to water the farm land. My biggest challenge was filling my river with water because I could not get it level because of how deep and long it was. I liked building in Minecraft because I am good at Minecraft and I think Minecraft is fun. Next year I don’t see any thing that could be improved for next year. I hope the 5th grades have as much fun as I did this year.

  40. I really enjoyed working on this project. I’ve only used Minecraft last year when we did our other Minecraft project. I liked getting to strengthen my skills and practice on Minecraft. I thought that it was fun to dig out holes for the dirt and learn how to plant seeds so they actually grow. My partner, Gabi, and I worked on the farmland and irrigation system. We also added a barn for the animals to go in. The most challenging part for me was building the barn. We had to make it like block after block for the roof then break some of the blocks to make it go up diagonally. A suggestion that I have for next year is to make the wall then the farmland outside because the wall was only two or three blocks wide and I think it should’ve been thicker. Overall I think that this project was really fun and a great way to collaborate with our classmates.

  41. I loved the city state project. I thought it was very interesting and a good learning experience. What my partner and I contributed to the city state was the market place. We worked really hard on making it and planning it. What I liked most about the city state was being able to work with all of my class and make an amazing Minecraft world. The most difficult part was trying to build without getting to close or in another person building area. Some suggestions for next year are that it should be a little more organized. Another suggestion is to try to limit the arguments. I thought the Minecraft city state project overall was a really good experience and I hope the rest of the grade agrees.

  42. In my Social Studies class we decided to to do a project with Mesopotamian city states in Minecraft. My contribution to the city state was to make the temple of the city state which was used for rituals. The thing I liked most about the project was getting to see a Mesopotamian city state come to life in Minecraft after we all finished making our buildings. The thing most challenging about the project for me was making arches above the entrances in the temple which was difficult because to make the arches you have to use stairs while looking upwards so it took me a while to put them all in. The only suggestion I have for next year would be to maybe have us survive in the city state for a few days. Overall I think that the city state project was really fun and enjoyable and was an interesting experience.

  43. The Minecraft project was lots of fun. It was also neat because I got to build something that I was learning about, and putting Little twists to it. Caroline .C and I built the ziggurat. It was very big but we got it done. We had little conflicts but mostly we worked together good. My favorite part of the whole project was presenting it to all the kids. When we presented it it was fun to show them all the cool stuff and places we put into it. The most challenging thing was getting the dimensions right. It took lots of time and Concentration. I thought it was a lot of fun and hope to do something like it again.

  44. What I built in the city-state is the ziggurat with my partner Jack L. When I was building parts of the ziggurat some of them took pretty long for me to build it but I kept building and building and eventually I finished that part and moved on to the next part . What I liked about this project is I got to build the biggest building in Minecraft and it was very fun because I got to build a lot and I got to make it very tall with the help of my partner. Another reason I liked this project was that when I was working I got to build the wall and it took long but that was favorite part of the project. What I found the most challenging part of the Minecraft project was building the Moat and the wall because I had to go around the whole city and that was the thing that took the longest. I liked the project and I don’t want anything to change when we do it next year.

  45. In the city-state project, Stefan and I built the Ziggurat. In all, I liked the final product the most. I found converting from paper planning to building in minecraft the most challenging. My advice for next year is to take the time to build the buildings until they are utterly perfect.

  46. I loved the Minecraft project. My contribution was making the market place with Meredith. We had two rows of tent like things with flowers around them. We had signs next to each tent saying what that tent would be selling, because we couldn’t find most of the the foods. I loved actually making the Minecraft building more than anything else because after all of the planing and research we did, it felt good to make that come alive. I thought everything was pretty easy but the one thing that was a bit difficult for me was, finding the corner square on the app. I do not have any suggestions. I thought this was a wonderful project and I do not have any suggestions.

  47. In the Minecraft city state project, I worked on the government building. I liked this project because I am very good at the game. I helped some people out, but I really love how everything came together. The most challenging part for me was plotting points. I plotted them in the wrong direction sometimes, and it was annoying to redo them. I think that the Minecraft project was well planned, but I think you could change how much time we had. I know some people were very speedy, but there’s also the people that are slow. I think there should be another day or two for the project. Overall, I think the project was very fun, and I hope you do it next year.

  48. Minecraft is fun right? Imagine playing it in school! In the Minecraft city-state project I built the middle class homes. This was important because they had the most homes in a city-state and housed most of the population. I enjoyed the project very much and my favorite part was building the house!!! The most challenging part of the project was working with a partner. At times my partner was not cooperative and even threatened me at one point! Some advice I have for the project next year is to use a different way of choosing partners/buildings. This year you wrote what you wanted most and whoever chose the same was your partner. Maybe next year we could pick partners first and then choose your building.

  49. My contribution to the city state was the military barracks. The military barracks was a place for the soilders to sleep and get armored up for battle. What I liked most about the project was the building. It was really fun finding the types of blocks to build the building. What was most challenging was finding my corner stone. It was challenging because everybody was putting there corner stone in the wrong spot. I thought that the way it was organized was really well. We all finished are buildings on time and knew what to do with the teachers help. Overall I thought that the Minecraft project was really fun and hope that the fifth graders like it also.

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