Social Studies Minecraft City-State Project

Hi Students!

Let’s reflect on the Minecraft city-state project that you just completed in social studies. Please write at least one good paragraph thoroughly explaining your thoughts on the project and include the following prompts:

What was your contribution to the city-state?

What did you like most about the project?

What did you find the most challenging?

What advice or suggestions do you have for improving the project next year?

The questions do not have to be followed in this order, and also please do not mention partner names or mention specific problems you might have had in this regard. You can discuss the challenges when working collaboratively, though. Be respectful. If you would like to answer in multiple paragraphs, remember to add an extra return. Use an introductory sentence and conclude with something thoughtful.




  1. I thought the Minecraft city-state project was really fun because we got to make a world in Minecraft during school hours. I made six Mesopotamian middle class homes in the Minecraft world my class created. I enjoyed playing in Minecraft the most because it was fun to explore the world my friends and I made and see all the different buildings and structures. The most challenging thing for me was figuring out where my cornerstones were. It was difficult because I had to locate and build six cornerstones, one for each building. I don’t have any advice or negative comments about the project. I thought it was really cool to build in Minecraft and replicate a Mesopotamian city-state.

  2. WillF

    My partner and I built eight middle class homes in the Mesopotamian city. I made them out of sandstone to fit the “theme” of what everyone else had built. I liked designing the interior of the house because I like to get in the nitty gritty details of building. The most challenging thing being a part of a team is if you make one mistake In each of your buildings you have to back and fix it. Another challenging thing was finishing the wall in the last five minutes of building time. I honestly don’t know what I think can be improved next year.

  3. Using Mincraft in school was really cool. I worked by myself and I was working on the marketplace in Mesopotamia. I liked the project most because it was fun and interesting at the same time. I found the challenging part was being to close to the farm and the ziggurat. I don’t have any advice but to spend more time on the project and not start it in a middle of a book. The project was very fun you should try it sometime.

  4. My contribution was to make the marketplace of the city-state so peasants can buy important everyday resources.

    My favorite part of the Minecraft project was helping out others with their builds. And helping out my building partner with the marketplaces. I loved helping with the wall and irrigation system, and the big marketplace with every object inside.

    The most challenging part of the building was the roof of the mini-marketplaces. It was so hard to find the correct shape and size to build them. They looked very uneven at first, and I admit I probably should have built one first, then experimented with the roof.

    I honestly have no advice for the Minecraft project. The project was really fun, and really thought out. I wish we could do it again!

  5. My contribution to the city-state Minecraft project was to build the Mesopotamian palace. This was a very challenging for me because it was a very big structure and the interior and exterior had to be done in a certain amount of days. This was a good project for me I think because I love challenging myself.
    What I liked most about this project was we had it carefully planned out by coordinates so that we would not have any mistakes during the course of the project. It was really great also that we go to choose what we wanted to do like farmland, palace, temple, etc.
    I think the most challenging thing was finding the right coordinates to build my palace because you had to build the right way and find you corner block. Another challenging thing for me was building the blocks based on what the Mesopotamians used back then when they were living. We had to base the whole city the way it was supposed to look so we could not use maybe pressure blocks or railroads and stuff used from after they existed.
    Honestly, I really only have one suggestion for this project. I was thinking maybe the teachers could give us more time for the project because not many people in out class got to finish the interior of their structures. Anyway I loved this project and had so much fun

  6. My contribution to the Minecraft project was the Irrigation Systems and the wall in Mesopotamia. The Irrigation Systems were important because that is what gave water to the city and what gave water to the plants and animals. The wall was important because the wall is what kept the city in tact and what protected the Mesopotamians from any enemies.

    What I liked most about the project is the point of being able to build in Minecraft. I liked this because I don’t usually work with Minecraft and when I do I have a lot of fun with it. I think it is fun because you have so many possibilities to create something and other people can help you and give you feedback on how you can improve on your building.

    The thing that I found most challenging was building the wall. It was very hard because since it surrounded the entire city, it took forever to build. I had help from others but it took a very long time. Other than that, it was a very fun project and I didn’t have a very hard time doing it.

    I think that it was a very good project and I would not change anything. It was a very fun project. I liked how you could kind of choose what you could do instead of being assigned with a topic that you don’t like. Loved the project and I would defiantly do it again.

  7. I did farmland, farmers house, and an animal house behind the wall. The farmland was a grassy area with many crops and plants. The farmers house was a two story building with a bedroom and living room. The animal house was a small with a gate around to keep the animals in. I liked that I got to see everyone’s creations and being able to create my own was really cool since I do not have the app. The most challenging part was making sure all the materials you use in Minecraft are the same like in the real Mesopotamia.

  8. My partner Rose and I built the Mesopotamian irrigation systems, barn, and farmland. We built four different farmlands and irrigation systems and one barn full of animals. I liked actually building in Minecraft because it was cool to see all the different things you could do since I had never played before. I never knew you could actually grow food from seeds or breed the animals. There were also so many things to build with it was difficult to choose. It was really hard to plan out where to start building since we didn’t know where to put the walls so we didn’t know where to build. In the end, we didn’t leave enough room for the wall so instead of a perfect square we had to make the wall go around out farms. It still worked but it would of been easier yo of planned it out first. Next year you should put the walls on the graph paper when planning so that when we go to build we will know exactly where to start. This will solve the main problem I had and help other buildings be more precise.

  9. My contribution to the city-state was the Farmlands, with the cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, and other farm animals. I worked with Grace, and what we built was apart of the city-state called Mesopotamia. It also had a tool shed, and some pens for the smaller animals such as chickens and sometimes the dogs or the cats.

    What I liked most about the project was building the city-state and helping out with the Moat and the Wall, along with seeing everyone else’s contribution towards it.

    What I found the most challenging was figuring out the correct distance and blocks away from the Spawn Area that the buildings were supposed to be, along with the direction that it had to be in. The first time I messed up and accidentally did it too close, ending up in a disaster where I had to start all over again.

    There isn’t really anything that needs to be improved; some advice is to count the distance you are away from the Spawn Area, and then once finished, recount again to make sure so you don’t make a mistake and do it incorrectly.

  10. Everyone in 6th grade built a building and a wall in Minecraft to represent Mesopotamia.
    My contribution to the city state was that Holland and I built the marketplace. My favorite part of the project was the building of the booths with food inside. The challenges were that we had to move around the booths so we don’t hit other people’s property’s, also the wall almost went through the irrigation system so we moved the wall closer in the town of Mesopotamia. Some advice is that we have smaller teams if there were teams so you can build more building in the town of Mesopotamia. Minecraft is an amazing game and I hope Mesopotamia building in the future is going to be great.

  11. This project was very fun and challenging. I made the Market Place, it was where the people would come to trade goods for other things. What I liked most was that we got to design the look and what went into it, we got to think about what it should look like and mix that with what we knew about Minecraft and make what we had to make. I found that using Minecraft was the most challenging thing for me, because i was not used to the computer and had to focus on what button to use. I think that we should have to collaborate more with the size and placement of things because what happened with my group is something was too big or not in the right place and we didn’t look things up as much as we should have to see what it really looks like. Over all this project was really fun and I hope other classes have as much fun as I did.

  12. In the city-state for Mesopotamia I built the military barracks. The building was like a castle with archer towers, watch towers, hospital, sleeping quarters, and a black smith area for swords and armor. I also put some horses in the front with armor for battle. I really enjoyed building because it’s just cool to put what you have in that crazy imagination of yours onto Minecraft and making a satisfying build. I thought that trying to replicate what the Mesopotamians did and what materials they had and used and using the information that you researched on for the building was really challenging. I thought that making the right build was hard because you have to make it as specific and as realistic as possible so that you can have a great Mesopotamian empire. This project was really fun but there were some minor problems that I think could be better. I was going to use some of the new things like armor stands for the armor but they didn’t have it, it was just a bit out dated. I think that we should have settled where things go in a more respectful and not so loud vote because after the vote people were just arguing and constantly talking over one another so I think that we should find a more respectable way to figure things out. Over all this project was awesome and quite successful.

  13. This project was so much fun because we got to make learning into Minecraft. My contributions to the city-state was the farmland, irrigation system, and the barns with animals. I did this project with my partner, Patrick. We made the farmland outside of the city-states walls and we made sure that all the water from the irrigation system got to the crops. The part of this project that I liked the most about this project was that we got to present what we made in front of the class by making little signs at our buildings and sharing what we wrote on them. What I believe was the most challenging part of this Minecraft project was the planning before it. This was challenging because we had to put all of our 2D pieces of paper onto a big sheet a paper and agree where we are putting buildings. At first we didn’t agree and it was challenging to find a way to agree. But finally, we agreed and we believed that the city-state would be amazing, and it was. Some advise for next years project with the new 6th graders is that they should have more time because some people had to rush on the last day. Other than that, this project was super fun. Overall, I believe that this is going to be one of the best projects all year.

  14. A place was a huge deal back in the time of Mesopotamia. Funny how I got put as building it. I really never thought I could make a palace all by myself. I mean, kings lived in those palaces that I was recreating! That is kind of a huge deal! I was really proud with the outcome of it and really thought my creativity shined throughout building the palace.
    The interior design was definitely my favorite part about building in Minecraft. Once I made the foundation and the walls/ceilings, I pretty much had a blank canvas for me to do anything with. I am not really known to have much creativity, I get really stumped when I am given something like this, but I was really proud with what I came up with. I had two stories to make this palace look great and I think I did just that. On the first floor, I worked very hard on the stairs that lead up to the second floor and I thought they captured that palace vibe. I had a mini garden with little plant pots and really cute plants. I felt like it was just like having a beautiful garden inside your house but this time, a palace. But it was until the second floor that I was really proud of. It had two fireplaces as a source of light and to make the room less big. And right smack down it the middle of those fireplaces was the throne. It was made out of some blue and grey blocks and I thought it was so beautiful. Fit just for a king.
    The most challenging was making the exterior more fancy. At first, I just had a white square shaped “palace” with some plain white stairs. Then, a friend Kevin helped me make my square palace less squared. He helped me make columns and blue strips along the walls. He helped me but it was very challenging for me. It was like an adult learning a new language, almost impossible.
    My advice I give for this project next year is to help kids with the controls on the computer. I did not even know controls were a thing on Minecraft. Then a teacher finally showed me after being very confused with building. Other then that I had a lot of fun with this project and did not even know it was possible for me to make something so unique and beautiful. I’ve never been so proud of myself involving technology.

  15. In the city state that A block did I was paired up with Cam. Cam and I built the middle class homes. Middle classed homes were made out of mud bricks. We had a half second floor. On the bottom floor we had a open fire furnace that the women used to cooked on. On the second half floor we built some beds with open windows. The open windows were for when it got hot. The middle class homes were very small compared to the upper classed homes. There were more middle class homes than there were upper classed homes. In this project i liked how we built in Minecraft, because i have lots of experience with Minecraft. One of the most challenging thing that was in the project was how to get the measurements correct, because my partner and i had to do the middle class homes over because we built the wrong way. The suggestions that I have for next year is that you should have one big Minecraft world and each of us can build one thing but the other classes could add on to what the other classes did, so that it won’t be so hard to keep track of.

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