Bet You Didn’t Know: Halloween History

Describe your favorite Halloween costume so far. It could be from when you were a toddler to what you will be wearing this year. Be descriptive using those adjectives we just reviewed.

Also, can you describe a particularly funny or scary Halloween? Something that happened when you went trick or treating? I know you all have great stories to tell!

Two paragraphs one for each. I’m looking for creative opening lines and thoughtful concluding sentences. Remember to add in an extra return to indicate a new paragraph.



(Funny pictures taken at the scariest moment from Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house.)


  1. My favorite Halloween costume ever was Bamax from Big Hero Six.
    He was a an inflatable robot that helps with health care. The costume was an inflatable suit with a mask and gloves. I made it twenty minutes in that suit and then it broke and the fan to inflate it fell through.
    along with the Bamax costume, that year I was invited to a Halloween party at my friends house and me and my friend found a secret closet with a bunch of Halloween costumes from previous years. Me and my friend would put on different costumes and turned up the fog machine to sneak out and try to trick or treat from the house we were in. It was really funny because they fell for it every time until we did it for at least 5 times.

  2. I think my favorite costume so far is a clown. I was eight years old. I wore big colored hair with bright big balloons. I had a big red shinny nose. Everyone commented on my costume ad I loved being the one to make everyone laugh.
    One funny story happened when I was a little boy. My parents had tried to put up decorations outside. They put a fog machine and it was hard to see. When I came home I started to eat my candy. Suddenly, the fire alarm went on. I rushed outside to find many fire trucks. Later, the fire department said it was because of the fog machine! What made it worse was that we lived in a apartment so everyone had to evacuate.

  3. The last two years I have made my own costumes but my favorite one was when I was in fourth grade I was statue of liberty inside a snow glow. We made the sown globe with a special plastic that could bend and inside at the top of the snow globe we hung cotton balls from fishing line and we bought the Statue of Liberty costume. One funny scary thing that happen a couple of years ago was I went with friends and one of them had a older brother who was going with his friends wouldn’t tell us there costume so about 11:00 at night I was pitch black we could see anything, plus are flash lights were out but we had check them before we had left there where five good flash lights which we thought we took and five flash lights that didn’t work. We were heading back to my friends house and we saw this glowing light come to us we ran they they caught us they were zombies from the walking dead it was her brother they had scare us so bad. That was one of my scare Halloween.

  4. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays there are. You get the opportunity to go house to house getting delicious treats. My favorite Halloween costume so far is when I was 6 years old and I was Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I had a blue dress on with a white bow in the back. I also had a white bow in my hair. Then I had long white socks on, with some black flats on. Then my candy bag was white and I kept a small stuffed animal rabbit inside with all the candy. I also went trick or treating with some of my friends too. We had a blast trick or treating! We had some really cool costumes too. What’s your favorite costume you’ve had so far?

    Halloween can we a very scary holiday and a funny one too. Sometimes there are stories of when you go trick or treating and something scary happens to you. Three years ago I was trick or treating and I was walking up the driveway and there was this girl laying on the ground. It was not real it was like a decoration you would use. I thought it was just a decoration and I went to go get a closer look at it but then out of know where the girl reaches out and grabbed my ankle. I ran away and the girl moved again. I ran down the driveway and the girl did not move for a little while I went back up there. I will never forget that time. Now that I told my story, what’s yours?

  5. Halloween if full of candy, tricks, and treats. But I feel that the costume is what really matters. For years I have dressed up in extravagant, and wacky, costumes. My favorite of all time was when I was five and my sister and I dressed up as the same thing… The devil! We both had one sparkly red dresses with matching tridents. We had our hair all curly with little red horns on our heads. It was the cutest costume by far and I want to be that again another year.

    The funniest Halloween was when someone knocked on our door at 4:00 am. My family ignored the knock and when we woke up, someone had thrown eggs at my dads car and it took him three days to get it off. Halloween has always been a holiday for fun and pleasure. I will enjoy the this holiday for the rest of my life.

  6. My favorite Halloween costume was when I was three and dressed up as blues clues. This was my favorite costume because at the time blues clues was my favorite show. My costume looked like a blue body bag covering me, and I was sweating a bunch after I went trick or treating.
    I have a lot great Halloween moments but here’s my greatest. My best Halloween moment was when I was nine and was trick or treating. What happened was my friend and I were walking to a house that said take one on the bowl of candy. Of course my friend and I took about 20 pieces of candy. Then, a figure stepped out of the house door and yelled hey! My friend and I bolted away From the house and back to my house. I hope you now know about my Halloween experiences.

  7. My favorite Halloween costume is Spider-Man. When I was Spider-Man I had a silly string dispenser and a cool outfit. I was so happy and proud because I had the coolest outfit on the block (probably not). I also had Spider-Man shoes that can light up. It was the best.
    The best Halloween moment was when I hid behind a trash can and throw a rubber snake at people. One time I was doing it at 11:00 pm and somebody took the snake! I grabbed my nerf gun and ran at him. I shot him twice and he let go of the snake and kept running. This was a awesome Halloween.

  8. My favorite Halloween costume so far is the 70’s person. The costume had a ripped white shirt and under that is a black singlet top. There were these stockings that had holes in it and over that I wore short jeans. I also had on these big thick bracelets and I also had on a silver wig that was shine and long.

    One of the most scariest Halloweens I had was probably when I was walking with my parents and I saw a grave you know like one of those things that vampires sleep in so I was walking up to the house and all of a sudden a guy pop out of the thing and scared me so much.
    One of the funniest Halloween’s I had was when I was walking with my friend Victoria and I came to my friend house and when she saw my costume she said “You so sexy” and I was so surprised that she was that and we laughed all night it was that funny to us that she said that and when we got home that night my friend asked for all of my Reese cups because she loves that.

    I always love Halloweens.


  9. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! One of my best costumes was the bat! The bat had three parts wings, ears, and a tail. It was in all black. The wing span is about 5 feet. Making costumes was almost addictive.
    A very funny time was when me and my brother dressed up as the Mario bros and when my brother met his friends they was dressed up as the Mario bros. We trick or treated with them and went to a Halloween a scary house that was huge. Then they bought the house. Dressing up for Halloween is the best!

  10. Halloween is awesome, my favorite costume is captain america.
    My favorite part about the costume is the shield. I wore the costume 3 years in a row. One scary halloween was when two guys were in a tree and then jumped down and scared us. It was scary because they were dressed in clown costumes.

  11. My favorite costume that I’ve ever worn was my soul. I dressed up completely goth. I wore a black leather jacket a red tank top and skinny jeans with white vans. I wore really pale makeup around my face neck and parts where my skin showed. I’m pretty sure I could have been mistaken for a ghost that was really goth and loved to dress in red and black. I went around my neighborhood scaring them I got under a flickering light that was really old and just stared at the kids as they walked bye. Afterwards I went to do normal trick or treating.
    The most hilarious Halloween that ever happened to me was when I was dressed in a black ripped dress with messed up hair and two black bows. I was standing underneath the flickering light that they haven’t fixed yet. Finally a little kid in an astronaut costume he looked like he was four; screamed. It was really loud too. He looked like he was pointing at me he dropped his Halloween basket and had the roundest eyes…ever. He started yelling, like a battle cry running up to the side of me. I thought he missed but he was aiming for an older kid; the friend I was trick or treating with. She was wearing a big black cloth around her with a freaky clown mask. The little kid ran into my friend and knocked her. The kid started to act like a space ship and ran back to his basket, picked it up, then just walked away.

  12. Trick or treat! In Halloween, we were big into getting scared and getting candy from other people. My favorite part was picking out a costume to wear for that night. I used to pick out my costume with my brother. The one that I remember the most was when I wanted to be fairy. I went to PartyCity and there was this sparkly outfit that was green, blue, and purple. It had a tutu on it. My favorite part was the wings that stood out from my back. They would flow wherever I would go, but my favorite was when they would glisten in the midnight moon. It was so exciting.
    Have you ever had one Halloween like you have a sugar rush all inside you? The best Halloween I have done had was when I was with my friend, Grace. We were having a sleepover at her house. I got to play with her little sister and got to go trick or treating on Halloween. I got into my outfit which was a skier, which was not a very good choice when you’re going to be out all night and out on a hot not. Grace was wearing a rockstar outfit with shimmering hair. She was rocking that outfit, if you know want I mean. Halloween was always special for me because I got to spend time with my big brother. I remember every Halloween we would take our basket and start to trade our candy form each other. I would give my Snickers bars to him and he would give him his Reese peanut butter cup to me. So do you have a Halloween story, and even if you don’t I always have a trick up my sleeve.

  13. Halloween is supposed to be scary right? Well not always. My favorite Halloween costume so far is a Banana. It was my favorite because there is no way it will scare anyone. My goal for Halloween is not to scare people but to make people laugh. This is because I have been scared very badly before and am afraid of making others scared.

    As people say Halloween is the scariest time of year… Once on Halloween I was walking by a bush and suddenly someone in a clown costume jumped out at me and scared me so bad I almost fell.

  14. This Halloween will probably be my favorite. I’m going to be Colin Kaepernick # 7 for the 49ers!He is the starting quarterback for the team. The jersey is red and the pants are gold. I also got an Afro wig to wear. This might be my best costume as well.

    Last Halloween was super funny. My cousin put a hoodie on and a scary mask on and lowered his head. He walked up to my uncle and scared him.He took off the mask and showed his face! My uncle laughed and said he got him good!

  15. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! One of my favorite Halloween costume is from when I was ten. I was a gangster in a pink gangster costume. I decided to be that after seeing a James Bond movie. My hair had strips of pink hair die and black boots. The costume it self was all pink with black stripes and a black tie attached. My candy bag was a pink jack-o-lantern. I enjoy trick-or-treating with my friends and family.

    I have a lot of funny memories form Halloween. About three years ago, I was trick-or treating with my friend, and we were walking out of a haunted house. There was a bush that looked fake and funny. But that was no bush, that was a person dressed as a bush. The person jumped out and starting to chase my friend and me to scare us.. I got so scared, I turned around and started to whack him with my glow sticks. Now when ever my friend and I trick-or-treat together, we always laugh about that one time, and we will never forget it.

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