Which Core Value is You?

Hi Students,

I define a Core Value as a central belief that is deeply understood and shared by every member of an organization or community. At Shorecrest, we are focusing on these five Core Values this year: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Knowledge, and Compassion.

In one or two good paragraphs, pick the Core Value that is the most important one to you and tell how you will model this Core Value this year. How will you demonstrate this Core Value? What will you do? How is this Core Value you?

Be sure that how you model your Core Value is doable, and any goals you may set for yourself reasonably attainable.

Remember to begin with an interesting lead and finish with a concluding sentence leaving the reader with something to think about. Also, add in an extra return to indicate a new paragraph should you write more than one.



  1. There are five Core Values Responsibility,Respect,Integrity,Knowledge,and Compassion they are all important. The one Core Value that means the most to me is Compassion that’s because sometimes not all people realize if they hurt another’s feeling that why I think it’s important look if people are upset and think before you say. I myself have been though some feeling hurt that why if I see someone else who has there feeling hurt or are upset I always try to make them happy or not think about it so much because I know how it feels and the feeling is not good. I think one way that I can kept being Compassionate to people just looking because sometimes if you look you can learn a lot or if you put yourself into that persons shoes. By doing that you can go and be Compassionate to that person and sometimes the best think to do is just listen to them. I feel if one person is Compassionate to another it could be a domino effect by that person who is sad and see how someone else is because Compassionate to them when they see a person sad they would do the same thing that someone had done for them. That’s how I feel that I could be Compassionate to others. This Core Value is really important to me because I been though it and when someone come and makes me feel better its the best feeling in the word, and I what others to have that feeling to when they need it..

  2. I think that responsibility is a very important core value. Responsibility fits me the best I think. Responsibility is your actions not anyone else’s and even if it’s bad or good you still need to take responsibility for it. Responsibility is important and especially in 6th grade. I can model the core value by turning in my homework on time and doing my homework at home. When you turn in your homework the next day but remember in class I left my homework at home. When the teacher asks to see your homework and you say my parents forgot to put it in my bag. The teacher will probably say it’s your job to put your homework away not you parents job to put the homework away. Your homework is not your parents responsibility, it’s your responsibility and you are responsible for whatever happens to your homework, not your parents. I will make sure I do all of my homework every night and make sure that my homework goes in my bag to take to school so I will have it, and you can do the same too. This was my definition of responsibility, What’s your definition of responsibility?

  3. At Shorecrest, there are five Core Values, responsibility, respect, integrity, knowledge and compassion. I think the knowledge is the most important Core Value, because knowledge is power. This year I will demonstrate this Core Value by educating myself in subjects that are taught too little or none at all in school. This Core Value means a lot to me, because I believe that learning is fun and important, especially if you enjoy that subject. Core Values are to me one of the most important things in the world!

  4. I believe that all the Core Values are very important, but the one I feel is the base for all of these values are respect. Respecting yourself, your teachers, your peers, your family. These are all the people you can demonstrate respect to and I plan to do it. With being respectful to your teachers you will gain the knowledge they know. By being respectful to your peers, you will get compassion in return, and if you are respectful to your family you will get responsibility. By doing all this it will make you have a higher standard for yourself- Becoming full of integrity.

    I will demonstrate this by being quiet and listening during class. I will listen carefully and be caring to my peers. I will be more helpful around the house to start showing my family more respect. They all do so much for me, it is time for me to give back to them… Starting with respect.

  5. I think that the most important Core Value is knowledge. I believe that it is knowledge because you can use knowledge for your whole life. Also if you have enough knowledge about the Core Values then you should already know all of the Core values, and follow the guidelines of them. There is also a saying that helps plead my case. It is “Knowledge is Power” which I believe is true because the more knowledge you possess the more possibilities you have throughout your lifetime. An example of this would be employment (Depending on the Job). If there are two people. One who possesses knowledge, and one who possesses integrity, who is more likely to get the job? The one who possesses knowledge because to get a job they look back at your personal grades and they look at you personality traits. Since the person with knowledge knows the core values, they already have respect, responsibility, etc. Also since they possesses knowledge, they have already achieved good grades. That is why I believe that knowledge is the most important Core Value.

  6. The core value that I think is most important to me is compassion. So far this year I have shown compassion by feeling what other people have felt and help others get through the hard times, like if someone’s dog had died, and had a lot of pain from that I will help them. I remember last year one of my best of friends grandpa died and had a lot of pain I help her under stand that he was in pain too, to leave his family and I felt what she was feeling inside. I also helped other friend get through the pain that losing her grandma , and I have never losted a family member before, I kind of know the pain of losing a loved one because I lost a fish that I had for four years and one day it died and I was so sad. This year I felt very said and all of my friends helped me through that and they were showing compassion too. This core value is me because I like to help people get through time that are sad and unhappy and help them think about what is ahead in life. I also love making people feel happy and if my friends are happy then I am happy with them for as long as they want to be happy. Yes I do feel others pain that hurt, I think that everyone should have anyone to talk to when they are feeling down and I want to see them smile again and that is why I love to help people.

  7. At shorecrest there is five core values and the one that represents me is integrity. I think this because I want to do the right thing even when nobody is looking, I do the right thing, and I have the hunger and willingness to want to succeed in life. I will demonstrate this core value at school by never cheating on tests, being honest, and paying respect to my teachers. I also want to show integrity by doing the right thing when nobody is looking. I will do this by sitting at tables with people who are sitting all by themselves at lunch, or at break.
    Doing this core value is doable because doing the right thing most of the time is not hard, even in tough situations. One goal I have set for myself this year is to sit next to someone who is alone at a table and invite them to come over and sit at our table. I have a lot of core values that I relate to, but integrity is the most important one I have.

  8. There are at least 5 different core values. They are Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Knowledge, and Compassion. The one that speaks to me the most is compassion because maybe something happened to you that makes you feel mad or sad or depressed. You always have someone there trying to help you. When I see compassion I see fiend ship a hard work spiritual and most of all love. Maybe someone is going through some family issues like a divorce, no ever wants to hear or see that happened. Believe me there a some people you have gone through that, but you don’t know what’s that’s like. It’s better for you to try then to not do anything. You could talk it out are just make them feel happy it doesn’t mean you have to do big thing, the small things are what counts. There’s inside everyone of us that has something crazy going on in our lives and let’s say you could relate to what the others person is going through. You can solve the problem out together, even if it doesn’t go the why you wanted it to go.
    I remember 2 thing that I have done for some else and some people have done for me. When I was 11 years old a remember my Grandpa in the hospital, I never knew him that well but I still cared about him. Every day I would hear that my grandpa was doing worse. I never felt well those past few weeks, I wasn’t that happy that much. My friends could obviously tell something was up. I talk it out and they gave me a few suggestions to how to get through it, like ” live life now don’t worry about tomorrow ” and told me that they once went through this as well. My grandpa soon past away of course I cried but my friends were always by my side to help. Another thing that happened was when one of my friends losses her dog. It was one of her past friends and she took great care of him. She was so worried about him, we alway texted to get updates on what’s been happening. I would always send meaningful, positive thing back. Her dog got better and to this day he is tell on his 4 feet. So if it’s something really bad going on at least try to help them because even if you don’t do that much for someone, it better to do something then just sand there and watch it happened.

  9. I don’t really know what core value I represent most, my life is mostly all of them. Except in some situations where I lie to get out of doing things, or I take a nap instead of doing what I should. My life hasn’t really funneled into a core value. Maybe responsibility, homework is a responsibility, and so is doing my morning chores like scooping the litter box. One of my chores I can’t do yet, because I don’t know how to operate the dish washer.

    I represent intregrity by being honest to the teacher if I didn’t do my homework. I represent compassion by petting my dogs. I represent knowledge by doing my homework. I represent respect by listening to my parents. It’s hard to tell if I am only one core value.

  10. I think that integrity is the most important because it can keep people from doing bad things. I will model this core value by doing the right thing. For example, if I did something wrong I will confess to it. If someone asks me a question then I will respond with a completely honest answer. It is important to have integrity because if you don’t someone can take your blame. This core value is me because I’m honest a lot of the time. If I lie I will feel guilty almost immediately and it feels terrible.

  11. The most important core value to me is responsibility.I am always responsible.This year my goal is to make sure I handed in all of my homework on time.It is important because you need to be responsible to be organized.Also, it is important because when you get older it will be a habit.
    That is why responsible is important to me.

  12. I think that respect is the most important core value because you need to respect people throughout your whole life. Respect is what will help you do something in your life. You need to respect your teachers to get good grades and you need good grades to get into a good collage and when you are at a job interview you need to be respectful or else they won’t hire you. I will try to achieve this goal by always paying attention to people and not being rude. I think that being respectful can not only help you, but it can also make you and others feel good.

  13. I think that being respectful is the most important core value to me because I know that I don’t like it when others are disrespectful so why should I be disrespectful. Most of the time I’m respectful to others but sometimes I don’t even pay attention to how I’m treating others and their feelings. I will be more respectful this year because that is the right thing to do and won’t make anyone feel disrespected.

  14. I chose compassion because if you don’t show compassion in your work. Then it shows you don’t enjoy it, and if you don’t enjoy something then what’s the point? Wouldn’t you rather spend your life being compassionate about something then to be doing something un-enjoyable? Compassion is one of the core values at Shorecrest because we care. We want to be more. We want to be compassionate about what we do. And we are. Compassion is something you don’t earn its something you get. It’s a gift from God almost. Compassion is something I cherish, it should be cherished. It’s important that you have compassion in everything you do. Not only should you be compassionate but embrace your compassion for something. Someone. Anything you love, should have part of your soul in it. So when we say be more. We mean be more with compassion.

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