Should Parents Make Their Children Clean Their Room?

Is your bedroom “an archaeological site of dirty socks, sports-drink bottles, ripped papers and empty boxes of Cheez-Its?” If so, does it make your parents crazy? How often do you clean it up? Does the mess bother you?

One or two good paragraphs please answer:

— Should parents make their children clean their room? Why?

— Does having a clean room make you a better or happier person? Does cleaning your room teach you important life skills?

— What’s the state of your bedroom? How clean or messy is it? Do you like it that way?

— How often do you clean your room? Do you clean it only because your parents make you?

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  1. I think that parents should make their children clean their room because it will teach them responsibility. It is an important trait to have when you are released into the real world with no parents to help you. It will help children around the world to be organized and that is also an important trait. When I clean my room I feel happy because now my room is clean and I don’t have to worry about stepping on a game piece or injuring myself. Also when I clean me room my mom is happy which makes me feel good about myself. Cleaning your room with teach you to be organized and responsibility. These traits are important for when you are a parent or when you are all grown up. Right now the state of my bedroom is clean and with my bed made. I would prefer my bedroom clean and nice. I clean my room every day. My parents don’t make me clean my room. I just do it for myself.

  2. Should parents make their kids clean their rooms? I think so, cleaning your room could be a great life skill. And it helps teach responsibility. And also kids need to learn to control their stuff, and put it in a designated area so they don’t lose it, or so it doesn’t get damaged in any way.
    Cleaning your room could make you a better person, because like I said before it helps learn responsibility. And it also could potentially make someone happier, like if they trudging through a mess and break or hurt something/there self. It could really put them down for the day. But if it’s clean that wouldn’t happen, and the would stay happier
    My room is usually pretty messy, but I clean it often, mostly because my mom tells me to. But when it’s clean, or I do it on my own it ,Alex me feel good. It makes me feel good because I don’t feel like a messy pig, and it’s very nice to be able to walk to every part of my room.
    I clean my room every week or so, but I clean my stuff. But I normally don’t need to, my brother does. He is very messy on his part, but I only need to clean my part every week or so, but it’s usually because of sheets or covers on the ground. And yes my mom has it tell me to clean my room normally. But going back to the main topic, I think it is very important that one cleans their room for two reasons, happiness and life skills/responsibility.

  3. I think parents should make there children clean there room because it could get to were they can’t take one step without stepping on something. For me cleaning my room does not make me a happier person. Cleaning my room teaches me that I should be organized so I don’t lose stuff. My bedroom is so messy. I like my bedroom messy because it is the way I am. I clean my room every week because my parents tell me to.

  4. I think that parents should make their child clean there room because it is important to be in a nice and neat place when you are doing homework or just sleeping. You don’t want to be in a dark room that has lot of boxes, toys, or even food lying around the place because rodents and nasty bugs could come and live in the pile. For me having a clean room makes me happier because the rom is opened up and a lot of light is shining though and up feel like you are flying in the air and because it smells a lot better, once when my room was messy and had a lot of paper and rappers of food it smelled horrible. The state of my room right know is both the room is clean, but under my bed it is still messy and in my closet it is jam packed with a lot of papers from school and boxes that have even more paper in them. I clean it once a year, my room doesn’t get messy, but I still need to clean it

  5. Yes I think that parents should make there kids clean there room. I think they should because a little messy room can form into a big mess, somethings that can happen in a big mess is lets say you were doing your homework in your messy room and then you lose it, you would end up not being able to find anything in your room. They you would go to your parents for help and they would say I told you to clean your room it’s not my problem. I feel like if you have a clean room it makes you a heather person because if you had all of your dirty clothes and food bags that could have germs which could make you sick. Some other things is that if you have a messy room you could get into a habit of everywhere you go you don’t pick up a were you are saying is messy which is not very good manners. The state of my bedroom now is clean, if my room is ever dirty is mostly just some clothes on the floor that my mom makes me pick up sometimes will pick it up on my own though. But other wise my room is pretty clean.

  6. Has your Parents ever come into your room and said “Clean your room!” If so do you ever wonder can children have a option to clean there room or not. Well I think children should have an option because if it’s there room it’s there responsibility. Also when there in college there mom or dad isn’t going to be there because if your parents do tell you to clean your room your going to get tired of it.
    Having a clean room makes me feel organized. When it’s not messy I could care less, but having a clean room does make me a happier person because my parents won’t ask me again. In till it gets messy of course.
    Right now my room has some socks there and there but it’s pretty neat. One thing I cannot do if make the bed. It’s either to long or to short. Never right! It’s annoying alright especially my mom makes me clean up my closet. I can’t stand it!
    I never clean my room unless my mom says if you don’t clean your room you can’t go over to a sleepover. Once in a while I’ll clean before someone comes over, but one thing I don’t get is when I have to clean my room for guests but the guests don’t come in my room. It defeated the whole purpose right? I just don’t get it.

  7. Cleaning your bedroom is a pretty important skill. Not that important but you need the skill to help you in your life. I think you might not have to clean your room everyday but maybe on some days of the week kids can clean their rooms. But if company or any of their friends are coming over then I think you should clean your room because your guests do not want to see a messy room. When I clean my room it makes me happier because when it’s messy usually have no idea where any of my things are. But when I clean my room I know where everything is. Cleaning your room does teach you some life skills. When you go off to collage you need to know how to clean your room because you parents can’t just come in your room while your in collage. Right now my bedroom is pretty clean sense I cleaned it yesterday. It’s is not totally clean but it’s not messy. I like my room clean because it makes me feel happier knowing that all my things are in their places. It’s also just nice not having to climb over my things to get to my bed. I clean my room pretty often. Sometimes I don’t like how messy it is so I clean it. But when my friends or any company come over I make sure my room is very nice and clean. I personally think you don’t have to clean your room everyday but if it starts getting messy then you should clean it, because you don’t always want to be climbing over things just to get to your bed,right?

  8. I think that parents should make their children clean their room because when they are in a rush or need something important they will know where it is all the time, and won’t have to go through piles of dirt cloths or under beds and messy closets.
    I think that cleaning your room might make you a happier person because most people feel better about themselves when they are orginized and clean. I think that cleaning your room does teach you important life skills such as being orginized, and being able to find your stuff easier, and get important stuff done faster because you can find what you need fast.
    My bed room looks neat and organized, but really, it’s not. I don’t know where a lot of my stuff in my room is. I know that it’s there, I just don’t know where. I don’t like it that way, because when I need something and I’m in a rush to go, I can’t find what I need.
    I clean my room when I get the chance or if I’m bored, Which is about once every month. My parents don’t need to tell me too clean my room. But I don’t like how it is, because I don’t like not knowing where my stuff is

  9. I think parents should make children clean their room because we would never learn to take responsibility for our actions. Another reason is you start to sometime you might feel dirt or in claustrophobic, but the worst is when your having friends over. I fell great and happy when I get my room clean because I learned deep down in my heart that I don’t need someone to watch over me or remind me to do something. That when you know you have done something right.
    By clean you room it teaches you I lot of life, one of them is “clean up after yourself”. My bedroom look nice and neat, all of my clothes are tucked away but my bed is a little bit messy from this morning. I don’t like when it messy it make me feel like I am in a garbage bag and I am a germ. I usually clean my room on Wednesday and ether of Saturday or Sunday. I usually clean my room on my own but when I am slacking of it never seems get down. Just because it’s a problem don’t you think that a friend of a family member is going to do it for you.

  10. My room ALWAYS has to be super clean or else I go into my crazy cleaning mood! I like my room to be perfectly organized and my closet color coordinated. I strongly agree that parents should make their kids clean their rooms. I think it teaches you how to be organized and shows you that mommy won’t always be there to clean up after you. I honestly believe that if you have a clean room, then you will get more out of it. If your desk is all messy then your homework quality will probably not be as good if you had a clean, organized desk. You can also get hurt if your toys and clothes are scattered all of the place. Once I tripped over my sisters boot, which lead to me jamming my pinkie! I clean my room at least every Saturday and that is the full makeover. On the other days of the week it do touch ups. I might organize my bookshelf on Thursday or clean my dresser on Tuesday. I do not clean my room because my mom tells me to. I do it on my own and sometimes I feel like my mom may get sick of my intense cleaning habits. I really believe that a clean room makes you a happy, healthier person!

  11. I think that if you have a somewhat dirty room that’s fine, but if when you open your door clothes come out, it’s been a problem. I think that parents should make their kids clean their room so it teaches them to take care of your stuff and learn how to be organized, if a child can’t clean up their room, then the future will not be easy.
    If you have a clean room, then I guess you could be happy. It really depends who you are as a person. If your lazy and care about a lot of things, then you probably don’t care if your room is messy. I would say it makes me happy because I have nothing on my floor that could get in my way.
    cleaning your room will definitely teach you life skills. Cleaning your room as a kid will teach you to be organized and neat, as if in the future your going to need a lot of things organized that will help you in life. For instance your job will need organized information on what your studying. Organization will help you in the future and what you don’t realize is that cleaning your room helped you to be as organized as you are.
    right now my room in my opinion is kind of messy. There is a sleep over bag in the middle of my room along with a couple shirts. I am comfortable with it right now, but I know that later it will get messier and I will not feel comfortable with it.
    I clean my room at least once a week because I have to say, I’m lazy. At first I only cleaned my room because my parents made me. Then later on I didn’t really care, so they charged me a dollar every time it was messy until I started doing it on my own. I feel a lot more organized today then last year because I cleaned my room.

  12. I do not think that parents should make kids clean their room. Eventually, when they can’t even walk through it, they will clean their room. Or they will at least clean their room in some way. Like throwing things in the hamper or pushing it all in their closet. The thing is that is the way that the child likes their room, dirty, and if their parents love them enough, they will give them what they want, a dirty room.
    Personally for me having a clean room does make me happier because what I do is always keep it clean. Which means that I never have to clean the whole room at the same time.
    That gives me more time to do other things like watch Netflix or play games.
    I do not think that cleaning your room teaches you a lesson because as you mature you will eventually learn to just keep it clean all the time.
    My bedroom is squeaky clean. No part nor piece is out of place. All of my clothes are either in my dresser of my closet. My toys and gadgets are in my nightstand or in my dresser. Even the wires are all hidden view. That is how I like my room.

  13. Cleaning a room is a problem for kids to do. Yes, parents should make their kids clean their room, because kids need a clean room if a visitor comes over so the room looks nice. Cleaning my room makes me a happier person because having a nice looking room is better to look at.
    Cleaning teach kids to be responsible at a young age.
    My room is not very messy or clean. I don’t leave anything on the floor, but I’m not very organized. I don’t like how my room is now because there is lots on my desk. I clean my room when people come over. Sometimes I clean my room because I have nothing else to do. Cleaning you room is a tedious process, but you should do it anyway!

  14. I think that parents should make their children clean their room for many reasons. First, I think children should be forced to clean up their room, because what if they have tons of dirty clothes on the ground and their running low on clothes and would have to wear their dirty ones. I know that I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen to me. Also I agree that parents should make their kids clean their room, because you don’t want to develope bad habits, and still be a pig when you go off to college.
    I think that cleaning your room can make you a happier person. The reason I think this is because your parents won’t get upset and angry with you, and most people wouldn’t enjoy sleeping in a pigsty. Also I believe that cleaning your room will teach life skills, by teaching you how to be organized.
    My bedroom is in a good state right now. It is clean because, I make my bed, dust my room, put my dirty clothes in the laundry, and I don’t bring food or drinks in their. I feel pleased with the conditions of my room, and feel organized and relaxed when my room is clean.
    I clean my room about twice a week. Sometimes though I get lazy and forget to clean it. Sadly I only clean my room because my parents tell me to clean my room. If they didn’t tell me though I still probably would clean it for my own sake.
    Now I hope you know that I agree with children cleaning their room. Also that I am a meat organized kid.

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