The Gnomist

Hi Students,

After watching the video, The Gnomist by CNN Films, please include the following ideas in one good paragraph. Be mindful of your sentence structure. And begin with an interesting lead sentence and end with something thoughtful for the reader.

Overall thoughts on the video…how did the story make you feel?

What is one theme? (the message, lesson, or moral of the story) Explain.

Anything else that you would like to say. (This could be your concluding sentences.)


  1. This video made me feel Thankful because the family has moved a lot in their life, and that’s hard to deal with when you have three people and after the dad leaves. Also The little owls family, I can’t even imagine how they feel. That’s what made me feel thankful for what I have in my life.

    One theme is creativity, If you put your mind to something you can achieve it. This family did these creative houses for themselves and to take their mind off of what has been happening in their life. So I think when you are creative, you can have fun!

    I would also like to say that this family is very strong. After everything that is happening that are finding time to make themselves happy and others happy, and I think that’s a vey lovely connection of the family.

  2. The video the Gnomist made me feel open hearted because people are putting up little houses for people who lost something they car for to make those people feel good. The family who put up the little houses and created the houses spent time and effort to make people feel good and that’s the only reason they did it.
    I think the moral of the story is to do something good without receiving anything. What that means is that is care for others and make them feel good just to make them feel good.
    I think that that it was sad that their daughter died of cancer but I can imagine that they helt great when they saw the little door that said Little Owl.

  3. This story was amazing. The story was sweet because this family made little fairy houses for you to explore that were inside the trees. The story made me feel a little heart broken because they had to take away all of the little houses and all the hard work that the family did have to go away and they had to take it down. They left one house because that house was for a girl named Allie she had brain cancer and passed away. They called her the little owl because she could not sleep at night. I think that the moral of the story is because it made people happy. They did not do it for money they only did it to make people happy and for them to experience this cool fairy world that you can find. Everyone is always running around to find new houses it makes people so happy and that’s why the family did all of it. But the family did have to take down the houses because what if it blows away then there will be litter everywhere. But the story was sweet and a little sad but the building of the houses was an act of kindness.

  4. This story made me feel happy and sad. It made me feel happy because although the the people were depressed and sad they still were able to make these gnome houses which made not only them, but the community feel happier. It made me feel sad because everyone in the video had something that happened to them or is happening that is horrible. For instance the family that made the houses had moved thirteen times and the dad left them. Also another family lost there three year old daughter.

    I think that the theme was everyone has something in there life that is sad, but you need to be able to live through it. An example of this is the gnome family. They moved all over the country and could never settle in, but they were able to find joy with the houses even though it didn’t last forever. The family that lost their daughter had trouble handling it, but the gnome houses helped there other daughter be able to enjoy their lives even though they were missing there Little Owl.

    I think that when most people watch this video they will be mad and think that the park ranger did the wrong thing making them take the houses down. Although this made the citizens sad and angry, he was just doing his job. The park ranger did not know who the people were and if the were going to check frequently on there houses. The houses could also cause a problem if they fell because they would litter the ground. So even though it is sad that they had to take them down, I do not think that it is the park ranger’s fault.

  5. This story made me feel sad but happy. It made me sad because the family moved so many times. It was also sad that a three year old died from cancer. It made me feel happy because the Gnomist put a house up especially for the three year old called little owl. I think the moral of the story is that you should be thoughtful and care for others even when you are felling down about something. I think more people should be more like this family.

  6. My overall thought on this story was that it’s made me feel sad when the ranger made them take the houses down but the more I thought about it the more I realize that is was understandable for the ranger, to do that because it wasn’t there property and who was going to kept up the maintenance. One theme I thought on this story was the lesson, to me one of the lessons was if something bad happens or unprecedented don’t let it bring you down for example when the dad left the boys were upset but I feel like doing these gnome houses and making senses in the houses brought joy and happiness to the family. When they found a note about someone’s three year old daughter who had past away they felt like they needed to do something when the parents of that little girl woke up and saw that the other family had made a house for little owl which is what they called the little girl they felt joy. So I feel this story had a lot of different lesson to it and means things to different people, this story was very inspiring to me.

  7. The Gnomist story was very sad but also somewhat happy. My thoughts on this story is that the family has been through a lot of rough times. With all there traveling and there loss. They finally get to Kansas and start a fairy type of village. What’s interesting about this is that know one knew who was doing it. At first they were doing it for themselves but later other people started to enjoy it. So they did a lot more of it. In my opinion my favorite fairy house was for there family member that past away. But a park ranger took away one houses away and the family got the message. So they took down everything they built but one. Of course it’s one for there family member. This story touched me because the dad left to some where else for his job. A theme in this story is to make other people happy. One last thing I will like to say is smile more.

  8. This story made me feel sad because when the movie told us that Little Owl had died from cancer and she was only three when this happened. I also thing that the Gnomist was very nice to make a little door for Little Owl because she didn’t have to do it, but she did and she knew that it was sad for the family and if she had a little door they would always remember her.
    The message of the story is that even though it is hard to do something like move there is always something to help you on the way and that is what happens in the movie to the boys that moved and Little Owl’s family when she died and to the boys again because they have to move.
    I think that this was a amazing movie to watch and that hopefully Little Owl’s door will still be there.

  9. Overall this story was very saddening. One family had a child that died at the age of three due to a brain tumor, and another family moves practically every year. They have a mother that is always home and a father that is always gone. Since they move every year, their children never really create any emotional connections which has made them partially scarred. There mother devised a plan to make her children, and herself, forget everything that has happened in the past. So they started making Gnome and Fairy houses. Lucky for her, her plan worked and she was nicknamed “The Gnomist”
    I think that the moral of the story is helping others and thoughtfulness because not only did making the Gnome/Fairy houses heal her family, but it helped heal other families. Especially the family of the child with brain cancer because they made a house specifically for her. The door had the little girl’s nickname “Little Owl” engraved in the front door, and the inside was decorated accordingly.
    One more thing I would like to say is that I think that in the end of the video when the park rangers made “The Gnomist” take down the gnome houses it was very rude. I think that even though it was probably against the rules and that the park rangers themselves didn’t decide to take them down, I think they should have left them there.

  10. Over the years, lots of mysterious small structures, like doll houses have appeared. One is in Firefly Forest. The Gnome structures were created by a family as a way to heal.
    I think this was very creative how they created houses with minute detail including interior and furniture within all the houses. The family made homes only for their self, but they realized that other’s like it too. They even made a house for Allie Fisherman a girl who got cancer at a young age. I feel that the theme was that things that make you happy could make others happy too. Sadly though, the government made the family take down the homes. They left the house for Little Owl, the nickname of Allie Fisherman to honor her. I am very sad that they removed the houses. It made so many people happy. They left a box of materials for others to recreate the homes as well is a book with a poem in it.
    One last thing I like to say is that I feel bad for the family how they have to move every year and that there parents are divorced.

  11. I had a lots of feelings and thoughts about the video the Gnomist, but mostly This video made me feel heartbroken and happy. One reason I felt heartbroken was when the Mom(The Gnomist) had to take down most of the gnome houses. This left me feeling devasted and depressed, because the people who were wondering if the gnome houses were magical or not now, know that the gnome houses aren’t crawling with cool gnomes and fairies. The reason why this video made me happy was because they didn’t take down the little house for the little owl. The main reason why I was delighted about this was, the family of the little girl who died at three, can still treasure that precious feeling of her in there hearts.

    I thought there were many lessons and main themes in this story, but I think the main message that they were trying send was in life you don’t always have to do things for yourself, and sometimes you need to help people. I think this because in the story the Gnomist made the gnome houses at first for herself and her family. But after a while she realized that it made people happy and that was why she continued to make them.

    Now I hope you understand that I loved the video the Gnomist, and had lots of thoughts and opinions about it.

  12. The Gnomist was one of those stories you will never forget. It made me feel some emotions I did not know I could feel. It made me really think about compassion, hope, and the pure joy of others smiling. This story made me feel bittersweet. One family had moved thirteen times in fifteen years and then guess what… they moved to Overland Park, Kansas. Right after they unpacked, their father waked out on them and left his two sons and his wife heartbroken. While all of this was happening, another family had their own hardships. This new family of three had been through a lot too. Their three year old daughter, Allie, died from brain cancer. Little did they know that one thing would bring them both together- Fairy Houses! The mother and her sons were grieving and a way to get their minds off of the divorce was making the Fairy houses. At first it was for themselves, but when they saw how happy it made others they knew they would now do it for the community. The mother read a letter about how Allie (who loved owls) died and decided to make a house in her honor. Even though the mother and her sons had to move and take out the rest of they houses they left the little owl house in her memory. This story made me feel heartbroken that a mother had to lose her child so young and to such a terrible disease, but it was also sweet that they left a little memorial to little owl. This also made me realize how lucky I am to be healthy and happy. One theme that really stuck out to me was that this family was helping another family and others in the community even though they were still dealing with other things. The way they made these people smile and have such a sense of community. I think this story just really shows that the simplest act of kindness can change the world one step as at a time.

  13. This story made me feel like I had a 100 little butterflies in my stomach, it took twist and turns like a rollercoaster. The story was about to different family’s, one that lost there daughter and the other one has never really experienced friends. It was really a heart warming. This family to there minds off of there father and started to use there imagination, they went out really late at night and brought little tiny houses to a park in Kansas. Everyone loved them so they build more bought more they made scenes in the house and put a sign up ( Fireflies Forest ). On the other side there is a family with a mother a father and two lovely daughter. They all had a happy life until there youngest child got cancer and the age of 3. They like to call her Little Owl because she would stay up for ever and she absolutely love owls, she loved being outside in the wild. One day when all of them were in the hospital a tragic event occurred, little owl sadly past away. This family found a park and went in they were so amazed with all of the gnome homes, they found one house that a bunch of people started writing little notes to the people who were putting them there. That night the family with a mom 2 sons and a father that makes them move almost every year because of his job. They got the note a read them. When they came across Little owls family it said (in memory of Little Owl). They mother was heart broken she decided to make a door a thats what she did. Few days after that the Park ranger was not happy that people were just coming onto there ground and putting thing that are not allowed, so he did was he took one of the houses and never brought it back so that was a message to the mother that she had to get them out of there. In the end the family decided to move because with out any explanation the father leaves it was a tough time time, and they wanted to leave. At that time they took there truck and went to the park they took every single house and door down except Little Owls they let that one stay. They left behind rocks and stars that said the build your own creation and use your own imagination. So you really never no what life might hit you with next but you have to find away to heal so how and find what makes you happy. Live your life now not in the past because you never no you might miss something on the way

  14. This story made me feel a little bit thankful. My family doesn’t move. We travel a lot from place to place, like from state to state, and I visit my grandparents a lot, along with my mom, but I and my dad never have actually moved houses. We live in an apartment, and will maybe move sometime in the future into a real house. This story also made me feel a bit sad for the little baby owls, because they keep moving. This story was also very sad because of the daughter dying from cancer…I can’t imagine how the family must feel. That’s very upsetting, and I feel for them. The moral (theme) is to be kind. For instance, they were putting up houses for those they care about, and that’s both kind and reassuring. It was awesome that they were putting up houses for those little baby owls. That’s what makes the moral of the story kind. I wanted to say that I’m sorry for the family because of their daughter dying from cancer… That’s really hard to go through. I know someone who has cancer, and it’s super sad everyday to hear someone say that they aren’t doing so good and might not make it if they don’t fight hard enough… But I do love that they put up houses for the baby owls.

  15. I think kids should clean there room. You wouldn’t want bugs if you have food in your bed. Also, it should be a good habit, so you can keep clean when you are older. My younger sister is 9, we share a room. I like to be organized and she doesn’t. It’s really annoying.
    I love to clean my room. When I have nothing to do and my room is messy then I will clean it. Cleaning my room makes me feel happy. I go crazy if my sister ruins my bed room is some times clean and sometimes messy, mainly because of my sister. I wish my bed room could stay clean.
    I clean my room weekly. In the morning when I get out of bed I make sure it is made. My parents don’t make me clean my room I do it on my own. But my sister on the other hand…is not so clean. That is my opinion about should kids keep their rooms clean.

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