What’s Your Favorite Candy?

“Do you like Kit Kats? As Russell Goldman reports in a new Times section called What in the World, in Japan there are nearly 300 varieties.

Japan Has a Kit Kat for Every Taste, and Then Some” reads:

This is pretty much all anyone needs to know about the popularity of Kit Kat in Japan: There are nearly 300 varieties.

In addition to the (dare we call them) classics, like wasabi and purple sweet potato, new flavors are regularly introduced. In February, Nestlé, which distributes the candy in Japan, released a sake flavor in time for Valentine’s Day.

For a few weeks in December, shops sold a single stick, not the classic duo, covered in dark chocolate and coated with gold leaf for 2,016 yen, or about $16.

Even for a country where shoppers can find fish-ball-flavored Pringles and adzuki bean-flavored Pepsi, actual gold candy seems extreme, but the Kit Kat holds a special place in Japan’s culinary universe.

Kit Kat’s name echoes the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu,” or “surely win” and is often sent as a gift to students before college entrance exams. It is the country’s most popular candy, according to Nestlé, which does not release sales figures.

Kit Kat is so popular that it is sold at high-end department stores, Kit Kat-only specialty shops and even post offices, and it is so ingrained in the nation’s snack culture that nearly every region has a signature flavor sold only in that part of the country.

As a result a hungry traveler could eat scores of different flavors of Kit Kat. Here is but a sample of recently available flavors:

Adzuki Bean · Apple · Blueberry · Butter · Cheesecake · Chili · Coconut · Edamame · Green Tea · Green Tea (Sakura) · Green Tea (Uji) · Hazelnut · Kobe Pudding · Matcha · Miso · Passion Fruit · Pear · Perfect Balance Citrus (orange, lemon, lime) · Plum · Purple Sweet Potato · Roasted Tea · Rum Raisin · Strawberry · Strawberry Maple · Wasabi

Students: In one good paragraph answer the following prompts. Begin with an interesting and creative lead sentence. Make sure your sentences are complete and make sense. End your paragraph with a thoughtful concluding sentence. Do not end with asking a question. You may comment on others’ posts if you like.

— Which of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors listed above would you most like to taste? Why?

— What are your favorite candies now? When you were younger? Why?

— Are there candies you have particular associations with or memories of? Tell us about one of them.”

(Image and article courtesy of the NY Times Learning Network)

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  1. There are many types of Kit Kat’s in the world. Over 300 flavors and if I had to narrow it down to one flavor it would be strawberry. The reason why I would like try to Strawberry is because I love every candy that is strawberry. For example, when I was little I always loved skittles. It was the only candy I ever ate. I would always pick out the strawberry flavor. I yet to this day still pick out the red skittles. I don’t know why but Strawberry has ways been my top pick. When I was about six years old, me and my parents were driving to Nantucket and I was starving! We were on the on he freeway when I saw gas station in the distance. I asked my parents if we could stop bye and get a snack. When we got back in the car I was holding a Kit Kat. In about five minutes I fell asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later to find a me holding a wet, warm, gooey, Kit Kat. I flipped out and had chocolate on my hand for about an hour! That is a memory that I will always remember.

    1. Wow I can recall that happening to me with Reese’s cups that sounds really messy to! I also agree with your statement about how strawberry Kit Kats sounds great! I would love to try about every single Kit Kat if I could!

  2. I thought that chocolate and vanilla kit Kat were the only flavors available for Kit Kat. But apparently in Japan there are over 300 flavors. There lot of weird flavors like wasabi, but to what I saw I think that the most tasty would be plum because it is one of my favorite fruits and it is always so soft and juicy. If plum Kit Kat wasn’t created, I think I would want to try blueberry because it is very is a very common and I like to the taste of blueberry when I eat it. My favorite candy now is skittles because I love to take a handful of them and suck on them until they are really soft and mushed together. When I was younger my favorite my favorite candy has Laffy Taffy because they are soft and full of flavor. A candy that comes to mind when I think of Christmas is candy cane because they are a festive candy and they are always hanging on trees. I always have a fond memory of candy cane when Christmas comes.

  3. There are many Japanese flavor Kit Kats. One that I would like to taste is the Strawberry, because I enjoy eating both strawberries and Kit Kats, so to eat both of them together would be delicious!

    I have many favorite candies. My present favorite candy is Twix because I love the caramel inside of it! When I was younger I loved lollipops, especially the bubble gum one!

    Memories that I have of candy is trick-or-treating. Halloween is the one time of the year that I get a lot of candy such as nerds! . So when I think of nerds or just candy, I think of Halloween! I bet Japan has delicious candy during Halloween!

  4. Japan has over 300 varieties of Kit Kat. My favorite flavor to try would be wasabi because it is spicy and wouldn’t be conceded a type of candy. It would also be cool if you could put a bit of the wasabi Kit Kat on sushi. I don’t really like Kit Kat’s and I haven’t had a lot of them, but I do like cracker jacks. The reason I like cracker jacks is because every time we go to a baseball game I get to buy cracker jacks. My favorite candy is skittles because that is one of the first candies I ever had. But when I was younger my favorite candy used to be ring pops.

  5. Japan has over three hundred varieties of Kit Kats. There are so many exotic varieties that you can try. I think I would want to try the coconut because I personally love all coconut things and chocolate and coconut sounds very delicious together. When I was younger I loved Kit Kats. I loved everything about the Kit Kat. I especially love the taste and the texture of the Kit Kat. When I was younger I loved Kit Kats but I remember when I was younger I loved the riecies pieces. I loved the peanut butter and chocolate taste to it. I still love riecies pieces now but Kit Kats are my all time favorite treat. I have a few memories on Kit Kats. When I hear Kit Kats I think of Halloween. I always eat one every year on Halloween. One day I am hoping to go to Japan and try some of the Kit Kats because they are so exotic and sound so very delicious.

  6. When I think of Kit Kat I only think of the one original chocolate flavor. This article states that in Japan there are over 300 different flavors including wasabi, butter, and adzuki bean! I don’t know about you but now I want to visit Japan and try some delicious Kit Kats. Maybe the Hazelnut with the creamy, crunchy taste or cheesecake with the perfect amount of sweet and savory, Yum!
    Well now that we’re on the topic of candy, I have to admit that I’ve always had a little bit of addiction to Twizzlers. They just seem to taste just right in my mouth. Plus they’re fun to play with! Also Kit Kats and Heath Bars seem to have the perfect amount of creamy and crunchy.
    Now as I dig deeper into thought of candy it made me remember when I used to live in Ohio. Ever year I used to visit the annual Canfield Fair where I got to have candy or sweets that I never was able to have at home. Including funnel cakes and deep fried Oreos they somehow always seemed to catch my eye when I walked by the stand and I just had to eat one. I devoured them ever time and their never seemed to be a crumb left.
    As you can probably tell by now I have a deep love for candy in my heart that will most likely never go away.

  7. There are over 300 flavors of Kit Kats in the Japanese country, and out of all of the flavors, I would like to try the strawberry and blueberry flavors. But in real life I don’t really like blueberries, but I love blueberry flavored foods, drinks, and candies. So this Kit Kat flavor would seem nice. I also like strawberries in real life, and strawberries dipped in chocolate is very good. So I would think chocolate Kit Kats with strawberry flavor would probably(out of guess) be a pretty good flavor. So over all the ones I would love to try would be blueberry and strawberry flavors. In the world there are many different kind of candies, chocolate, liquids, fruit flavored etc. But my favorite one would have to be Starbursts (regular flavor). They are very good and the flavor bursts in your mouth and I like the pink and red flavors, because like I said before I really like strawberry flavored candies. And I also like the watermelon flavor, which is weird because in real like I don’t really like watermelons. But my favorite candy when I was younger my was probably M&Ms(not the rapper). I really liked chocolates when I was five or six. I don’t know why, because now I don’t really like M&Ms. So those were the two candies I like now, and I liked when I was five or six. If there were any candies I have a memory of, it might be Snow Caps . Whenever I think of movie theater I think of Snow Caps. Those have been the candy I get every time I go to the movies, AND THEY STILL ARE! I don’t know why, I guess it’s because I don’t get a lot of snow in Florida. So from all of these paragraphs you might of learned something about me and even I learned something about myself. I have never really thought deeply though about my favorite candies. I used to have a variety of different “favorite” candies. But narrowing it down I learned that my true favorite candy is Starbursts, and I never knew that before. So in conclusion writing can help me learn knew things about myself, even in the smallest topics, like favorite candies or anything!

    1. “Whenever I think of movie theater I think of Snow Caps. Those have been the candy I get every time I go to the movies, AND THEY STILL ARE! I don’t know why, I guess it’s because I don’t get a lot of snow in Florida.” Ha! And I like them too!

  8. In America, There is only a few Kit Kat flavors. However there is over 300 Kit Kat flavors in Japan! I hope to try all of them, but the one I want to try the most is passion fruit flavor, because it sounds the most interesting to me. When I go to the oriental store I always got the ramune candies I think they are very good, because they are what I grew up with.

  9. My whole entire life I just thought of the original Kit Kat- Waffle covered in milk chocolate- but, now after reading this article I have learned that Japan has over 300 different flavors! The flavors are so different! Some are the more traditional flavors ( hazelnut and cheesecake) but some have more savory flavors ( wasabi and adzuki bean)!

    Out of all of the flavors Kit Kat has in Japan, I think I would try cheesecake because I absolutely love cheesecake! For my birthday every year, my grandma makes me a New York Cheesecake, so I have many great memories with cheesecake.

    My favorite candy is same as it has been my whole life. York Peppermint Patty! The coolness and min tines about it make me crave very hot day! I love them because they were my grandpa’s favorite candies and he used to shared them with me. York Peppermint Patty’s always remind me of him, so they will always be my favorite candy.

    Kit Kat has always been a candy that I love but, after reading this I. Realized that the candy I have grown up loving has more sides to it than I know!

  10. If I had the opportunity to try one of the Kit Kats in Japan I would sample the chili Kit Kat. I would choose this type of Kit Kat because I am obsessed with with spicy food. Another reason why I would favor this Kit Kat over the others is because, Japan is know for their spicy food and maybe this Kit Kat will have varieties of spicy peppers in it. Including peppers such as jalapeños, habaneros, and ghost peppers.

    I absolutely love lots of varieties of candy, but my favorite candy of all time is Twix. I adore Twix mostly because of the sticky, gooey, tasty caramel that Twix contain. Another reason why I think Twix is the best candy ever is because of their crunchy core. When I was a child I loved candy and gummies, but my favorite candy when I was a kid was Dots. I thought dots where delicious, because of their delicious gummy taste. Also I loved Dots when I was little because they came in all different varieties of flavor.

    Whenever I would go pass out candy on Halloween I get reminded of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. One reason I get reminded of this candy is because when I was little and when trick or treating I mostly would get Reese’s cups. Also I was reminded of them on Halloween is Reese’s are my second favorite candy of all time.

    I hope I gave you and overhead view on what types of candies I like and get reminded of.

  11. In Japan there are nearly 300 varieties of Kit Kats. If I had to choose a flavor of a Kit Kat it would be wasabi, that is because I really like wasabi and I love Kit Kat so it leaves me wondering what it would taste like combined.

    My favorite candy right know Sour Patch watermelon because I really love the sweet watermelon favor and sugar on top. When I was younger my favorite candy was Skittles because I always like to sort the colors before I ate them.

    When I think of peppermint mints I think of Christmas because there red and white and that makes me think of Santa Clause and also we have I bowl of them out on Christmas. From learning about Kit Kat flavors to comparing what candies I like know and they to peppermint mints that make me think of Christmas.

  12. There are a ton of flavors of Kit Kat like apple, lime, and 300 different flavors that sounds amazing and even though I love the chocolate taste I would love to try the Cheesecake flavor because, I try the cheesecake flavored ice cream and it tasted amazing too, so I want to see if the Kit Kat will taste like cheesecake.
    One of my favorite candy is chocolate. I LOVE everything chocolate, Iike the Hershey’s chocolate bar. When I was younger I loved lollipops with chocolate in the middle because I loved eating the lollipop and then when you get to the middle a churchy chocolate is in your mouth and you are just eating it all. SO GOOD.
    When I was like 5 or 6 I would go to the baseball game with my dad and he bought me some cotton candy and so I was eating the candy and the Ray’s won the game.
    In conclusion I would love to try all of the Kit Kats that they have in Japan, but mostly the Cheesecake flavored one.

  13. The burst of sweetness that spread all over my mouth and the sticky chocolate that covers over my fingers. The happy days in paradise with KitKat. There are nearly 300!!! varieties of KitKat just in Japan. WoW!!! We have a lot of candy in the USA but having so many of delicious that’s just amazing.

    Apple, blueberry, cheesecake, pear, green tea, strawberry, plume. I am just naming a few but if I had to chose one I would have to chose Perfect Balance Citrus (orange, lemon, lime) because I love the way the fruity taste spreads over my mouth with a ever lasting taste.

    One of my favorite candy today is peanut butter cups, I love the way of the peanut butter and the chocolate mixes together into a perfect combination that you just can resist. One of the memories I grew up with this candy is when I went trick or treating with my brother when I was little, and when we got home we would always start trading I would. give him my M&M and he would give me his Reese. It was one of my favorite memories with my brother.

    I think that people are making new variety of candy that people will now in joy a flavor but also make a special memory with someone.

  14. There are a lot of types of Kit Kats in Japan and more to come but if you have pick what will you pick? I’m most interested in the green tea Kit Kat because I like to drink tea and green tea is my favorite! I will also like to try the blueberry one because I don’t know how it will taste like!
    There are more and more candies coming out but what is your favorite candy right now? Mine is Jolly Ranchers and Skittles! The Jolly Ranchers taste really good but the Skittles has a lot of flavor. These Candy’s were my favorite since two years ago!
    Have you ever had a funny story with a candy? If so here’s mine. My tenth birthday was taking place in a video game truck! We played Mario Cart and Madden for two hours! When we were done my friends and I had a bag full of candy we ate! When it was time to go to bed I fell asleep with candy in my pocket! Next day I smelled like chocolate. If you learned one thing while reading this never keep candy in your pockets!

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