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Hi Students,

Pretend you have an empty bookshelf in your room. From all the books you have read this year, which top three (3) would make your ideal bookshelf? Be sure to give the title of each book (using capital letters and enclosed within quotation marks) and explain why each book earns the honor of being on your ideal bookshelf. Three small paragraphs. (Remember to put in an extra return to indicate a new paragraph)

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  1. On my empty book shelf I would choose the best of the best books to put on it. I would put “The Eighth Day” on it because it really makes me think about things. It is a very mysterious book that has a great ending. It is about a extra day that is between Thursday and Wednesday. A boy has to save the eighth day from being destroyed. It also has comedy in it, it will make you laugh. Over all it is just a really good book with many twist and turns to keep you on your toes.

    I would also put “Black Out” and the sequel to it “Dead Zone”. The books are about a girl and a boy who turn out to have a secret super power. The have to be tested and checked to see if they have it. Some people with the super power are evil and are trying to destroy America. The boy and the girl are working for the U.S.A. army. The he girl can turn invisible and the boy has super senses. The books are funny and scary. It is scary because of the terrorist destroying America. It is funny because the boy is always saying funny things like “I would rather die than be a lab rat that’s all”. I felt like I had to read the book to find out all about the powers and terrorism. I was having trouble falling asleep because I just wanted to read.

    My last book would be “Moon Over Manifest”. I would put that book on my shelf because it is fun to read and to learn their plots and tricky schemes. The book is about a girl who is sent to Manifest by her dad to live with a pastor. The girl is trying to figure out why her dad sent her here and how does he relate with the town. We read this book in class and I felt like I was always the first one done reading. I was the first one done because I loved the book so much.

  2. 3 favorite books? Hmmm… I’ve read a lot of great books, so this’ll be hard to decide. Well the first thing that pops into my mind would be “Kiki Strike: Into the Shadow City”. I love this book because it is one of my favorite genres, mystery/thriller. I loved reading about all the different characters and their different abilities, and their journeys underground. It also teaches you a bit about New York City. It was also really hard to stop at a chapter, I just wanted to read the whole book at once!

    My second favorite book I’ve read this year would probably be “The Eighth Day”. It’s another mystery/thriller book. It was really fun to read about “grunsday” and Evangeline, Jax, and Riley’s adventures. My favorite part was he was handcuffed to the robber who wanted to get into grunsday to steal from the bank, and the twins saved him.

    My third favorite is tough, but I’d have to go with “Skink-No Surrender”. I can see why it was a sunshine state book like “The Eighth Day”. I probably read it 5 times, it was so good. My favorite part was when Skink saw a man through a beer can out the window of his truck, and he emptied the gas tank and filled it with all the ingredients in a beer bottle.

  3. The first book that would go on my book shelf is “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” the first book. That book is one of the best books I have read this year. The way it ends I can’t wait until I can read the next one. Then the whole series.

    The next book that would go my book shelf is “Kiki Strike and the Shadow City”. The book from the start was interesting and you always wanted to read more to find out what happened. It was never like I did want to read because it gets boring. There was always some sort of secret waiting to be reveled. That just made you to want to keep reading.

    The third and final book that would go on my shelf is “Counting by Sevens”. It was a great book with an amazing ending that you never thought was coming. It was about a girl who loses both her parents in a car accident and her life after that. She took it slow day by day. She didn’t really have close friends like with her parents. They didn’t have many close friends took take there daughter in. It was one of the best books and it definitely earns a spot on my book shelf.

  4. My favorite books that I read were probably “Matched”, “13 Gifts” and “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City”. All of these books were great, but they were nothing a like. I thought “Matched” was good because it was unique, yes, there are other books that are about living in a controlled society, but “Matched” takes it to another level, what other book can you find that the society decides when you die! Also, normally other books like this tell about people trying to escape, but in this story, there is no great escape, there is just one big mistake.

    Another favorite book from this year was “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City”. I don’t think I’ve ever read another book like this one. In this book there are princesses, rats, explosions, and a whole underground city, right under New York, oh, and one more thing, these things (all the explosions and stuff) are happening to six, 12 year old girls. Okay, I don’t want to give too much away, but I can definitely say that there are many twists and turns that you would not see coming.

    My third and final favorite book this year is “13 Gifts”. I thought that this book was very clever. “13 Gifts” by Windy Mass was part of a small series that she has written. The smart thing about this series is that you don’t really realize that all the books are connected until the final book, because in all the other books in the series, they all take place in the same small town Willow Falls, where ‘nothing’ ever happens. But then this girl Tera goes there over the summer, and guess who she meets, all the other characters from all the way back to the first book called “11 Birthdays” the author had made all the characters live on the same street and I thought that was really clever

  5. I read many books this year and if I had to choose my two favorite books it would definitely be “Lost in the Sun, Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City, and Out of my Mind”. I would have “Lost in the Sun” on my ideal book shelf for many reason. The book drags you in. And you can’t stop reading! This happens, because there is ups and downs throughout the book and it makes you feel the pain for the character. When I read the book I felt like I was in the story.

    I enjoyed reading “Kiki Strike Inside the Shady City”, because the mystery has lots of twists. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next surprising moment or action packed advent. The author of this book is an amazing writer. She was very descriptive and pained a picture of the whole story in my mind. The purpose of the book is to teach the reader that girl power really exists.

    I also enjoyed reading “Out of my Mind” for many reasons. I love to read realistic fiction and the was the absolute book for me. I teared up during the book a couple times, because of the sad moments. Of completely into the book and felt the pain of the characters. The message in the book was to treat everyone the same even though they have a disability or problem. This book is very touching and is my favorite book of all times!

  6. If I could have any book that I have read this year on my empty book shelf in my room I would pick, “Counting By 7’s”, “Hope Was Here”, and “Crossing Jordan”.
    I would pick “Counting By 7’s” because it is a very heart felt book and it is a story where you are always on your feet wondering what’s gonna happen next.

    I would pick “Crossing Jordan” because it is also a very Heart felt book as well but it is a book that makes the reader feel in powered. It was a book that through out the story it carried out a message of how you can do anything if you put your mind to it and I really liked that about the story.

    Last but not least on my bookshelf I would have “Hope Was Here”. “Hope was Here” was also along the lines of a heart felt story but it was different then the other two books, which I liked. “Hope Was Here” was a book about not judging a book by its cover. I liked the message of pulling through till the end because it also made me feel in powered. “Hope Was Here” was about a man who had cancer and he was trying to become governor. Not many people believed in him because he had cancer but he pushed through it and became governor. I liked that because it shows that if you put your mind to something no matter how hard it is or may seem.

  7. When I was little I didn’t really like reading, it wasn’t really my favorite thing until this year, through this year I have come to like it especially because of these three books. My number one book would definitely be “Kiki Strike ( Inside The Shadow City )”! I really enjoyed reading this book because it was very thrilling and I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Another thing I liked about it was it definitely wasn’t unpredictable like some books. This book would get you to think one thing was going to happening next but really the thing you least expected to happened…. Happened!!! I enjoyed this book so much I was sad we read it as a class because we could only read so much at one time! I read the second book and I can’t wait to read the third over the summer!

    My second book would be “Freakling”, I found this book one of the best that definitely deserves an award. This book had me reading whenever I could. For the time I was reading this book I felt like my social life stopped because I just wanted to read! This book had a boy who went through probably your worst nightmare. If I was in his situation I would have not been as easy going as he was. Reading this book was like I was actually there, it took me into a different place. I felt like jumping into the book and saving him! His situation was terrible….I bet you want me to tell you what his situation was, well……read the book!

    My last but DEFINITELY not least book that helped me get to where I am now would be “The Fourteenth Goldfish”, this book was more on the imaginary side. This book made me laugh left and right! I loved this book so much I finished it in two days. The main idea of this book was so unrealistic but I felt it was so real because the author took much time into writing this book and made it seem fake but also very realistic! The author made the impossible come to life!

  8. My ideal bookshelf would consist of “Matched”, “KiKi Strike: Inside the Shadow City”, and “Fish In a Tree”. “Matched” was written by Ally Condie. It is very much like some other books about living in a futuristic society, such as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, but this book has its own twist. This book demonstrates the struggle of a girl in a society where she can’t choose her own life. It’s unrealistic in the fact that it takes place in a futuristic society, but is very much realistic in the sense that Cassia’s feelings can apply to many lives today.

    “KiKi Strike: Inside the Shadow City” earned its spot on my bookshelf by being an action-packed, descriptive book, with plot twists and more! This book left me eager to read more! Kirsten Miller harmoniously blends comedy, action, and heart brake in this outstanding book.

    The last book to earn a spot on my bookshelf would be “Fish In a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. To be honest, this book made me cry! The author does a great job of building up the relationship between Ally and the guidance counselor, and describing to the readers how Ally feels throughout the book.

  9. The book I would pick to be at the top of the shelf. Would most definitely be the “The Lost Hero “. Why it would be at the top is because I love how the author writes the story. He changes the point of view in different chapters. One chapter you will be reading how one character sees it ,and in the the next you will be seeing how the
    other character does. I also love how this book is adventurous ,and always keeping you on your heels wanting to read more.

    The next book I would pick would have to be “Espranza”. This is a heart warming sobbing story. This book is on my bookshelf because this book is based on the author’s grandmas life in America. I love the way she writes and taps into your on inner emotions. For this book I don’t think you could read this book and not cry once.

    My third and last book would be ” The City of Ember “. I love the way the author keeps you head over heals after each chapter wanting to read more. I like the way the book is wrote to every little detail to what thread they used on the blanket. This story is a interesting yet funny but sad. I guess that is what makes me most intrested. Those were the books I would pick to be on my book shelf

  10. If I had my idea book shelf I would put “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone” . This book would be on my idea book shelf because I love mystery books that make you think. It’s the kind of book that’s so interesting you want to keep reading and know more about it.

    If I had to pick another book that would be on my shelf it would be “Kiki Strike inside the Shadow City”. It would definitely be on my shelf because so much stuff happens that makes you curious. I think it’s cool how every chapter ends it says information on how to do this like tips.

    Also the book “Hatchet” would be on my shelf to. The author makes the scene happen so alive. Lots of stuff happens that’s interesting and make your worry. I like how the author shows Brian’s emotions during any scene.

  11. If I had to pick my top 3 favorite books to go on top of my ideal bookshelf they would be… “Hunger Games Catching Fire”, “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone”, and the wonderful “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City”. The book “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City” would have a striking spot on my bookshelf. It would be the farthest to left. This book keeps me very entertained with all the mysteries. All the different girls with different personalities in this book make it very relatable. This is because I may not have done the same thing as one girl in a situation but, most likely the five other girls could have reacted the same way that I would have. My absolute favorite part of this book is when Kiki Strike is beating up a boy and she says “Maybe this is why your mother never told you to hit girls, sometimes they hit back.”

    The next book on my ideal bookshelf would be “Hunger Games Catching Fire”. This book would be Right next to the book “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City”. This book was so fantastic. It is a perfect mix of sadness and happiness. This book made me feel rebellious because Katniss would always say what she thought. Katniss Everdeen changed the Capitols horrible rules, which were that they had to fight to their death for entertainment. My favorite part of this book was when Katniss made Rue, a person in the battlefield, a funeral because she got shot by an arrow. This was a very sad and heartwarming part.

    The last book on my Ideal bookshelf is “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone”. This book would be great sitting right next to “Hunger Games Catching Fire”. This book is a Happy, magical, and a very entertaining book. Harry Potter is a wizard and doesn’t find out until he is my age! This book is very funny and weird to imagine something like that happening to me! My favorite part of this book is when Norbert the dragon (yes that’s right the dragon) gets hatchet in Hagrid’s house! I like this part because it is funny because dragons aren’t real!

  12. If I had a book shelf I would put three books on there, and that would be, “The Hobbit”, “The Fourteenth Gold Fish”, and “Kiki Strike”.
    The reason why I liked “The Hobbit” was because it was adventurous and there was always problem solving involved.
    I liked The “Fourteenth Gold Fish” because it was really funny how the girls’ grandpa looked like a teenager and went to school with his granddaughter.
    The book “Kiki strike” would have the Honor to be on my book shelf because it was creepy and It always had cliff hangers which makes me want to read more.

  13. My top three books that I would love to have would be (Kiki Strike), (Skeleton Creek), and (The 14 Goldfish). I chose Kiki Strike because that book was very adventurous. Also, I thought that the characters were mysterious and cool. I think that the author who wrote this book is talented because when you read the book it’s like you can picture what is going on in your mind.

    The next book that I would have on my shelf would be (Skeleton Creek). I would choose this book because it’s creative how the author wrote the book. After some chapters, there would be a video on the chapters. The book is also a little scary and mysterious and that is what I love about it. It was also my first that was like a horror book and I LOVED IT!

    Lastly, the third book I would love to have on my shelf would be the (Fourteenth Goldfish). I would pick this book because it is a sweet story and very interesting. This book has few interesting and talented people in it and I would love to read it again. Also, this book is a good and short story and I like that about it but, even though the book is short, it is very descriptive and a great book to read.

  14. My three favorite books that I would want to put on my book shelf are, “11 Birthdays” , “Flora and Ulysses” and “Kiki Strike”. I liked 11 Birthdays because I thought it was very clever. I like the author of the book too. She is very creative. The book wasn’t really hard but it wasn’t really easy either. I read all of her books but my favorite one was “11 Birthdays”. I think I liked it because it was just starting a story line and was very basic.

    I really liked Flora and Ulysses too. I think my favorite book that I have read was flora and Ulysses. I liked it because I love squirrels. They are so cute. The book was about a squill that got sucked up into a vacuums and has special powers. It never had a boring part in the story. I always wanted to keep reading and never give up.

    My last book I would pit on my bookshelf would be Kiki Strike. We had to read that in English class. At first I didn’t like it and always waited last minute to read but once we were in about the 3 chapter I couldn’t wait to read and always wanted to read ahead!

  15. My overall top three favorite books this year would be “Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City” because you would just want to keep reading! It is about these 6 girls who fight crime and discover a whole new world u dear the Nyc streets! There team called the irregulars fall apart but they all come together in end. Each girl has a special talent.

    It had so many interesting events and so much action I loved it! My second choice would be “Wonder”, yes I know it’s amazing! The book had such a sweet story and such a sweet message to! It’s about a boy it’s a face disorder who goes to a school for the first time in 5th grade and he gets really bullied but friends are there for him at the end, like summer, summer is a friend who stuck by Auggies side the whole school year!

    My third choice would be “Honey”! It was a funny but very cute book about a girl trying to find out who her dad’s girlfriend is! She and her friend try to find out who the girlfriend is, by eavesdropping while the dad is on the phone and following that dad everywhere he goes! I would read all of these book a 100 times if I had nothing to do!

  16. If I had an empty bookself I would fill it with tones of cool books. I would put “Finally” on my book shelf because it is a funny story and is easy to read. Finally is about a 12 year old girl whos 12th birthday is coming up and she has a long list. Whenever she would ask for anything her parents would always say, “when you are twelve”. So she kept track of everything she wanted, for example she wanted to try coffee. When she tried coffee the machine overflowed and she had to clean it all up before her parents got home. When she tried the coffee she hated it so she agreed to her parents that she wouldn’t drink it again till college. Most of the things she got wasn’t the was she pictured them. Like when she got her cell phone her parents got her a cell phone where you can only call 911 and her parents.

    Another book I would put on my book shelf is “Kiki strike”. Kiki strike is about a group called, “the irregulars”. The irregulars discovered a secret underground city in New York called, the shadow city. The shadow city was very dangerous and it could soon be discovered so the irregulars had to work to protect it. Each member of the irregulars had there own special talent that they contributed towards the group. During the irregulars journey there were some bumps in the road on there way. Some of the bumps included, kidnappings, people getting hurt, there leader of the group leaving and tones more. Kiki strike was a very action packed book and that’s why I liked it so much!

    The last book I would put on my book shelf would have to be “Harry potter”. I liked Harry Potter because it was a fiction book and it was about a young wizard who got sent to a wizard school. This book was also very action packed and very fun to read. In this book the main characters name was Harry, he made 2 new friends at his new wizard school that helped him on his journey. In this book Harry and his two new friends, are trying to get the sorcer stone before Professor snape gets it. Through out their journey they had some major bumps in the road on the way. For example they had to fight a giant troll, a 3 headed dog, play a game of big chess and tones more. This book always grabs your attention, when I was reading it I didn’t want to put the book down!

  17. WHAT! Choose only three books! There are so any good books out their. But if I had to I would choose… Harry Potter, The Lost Hero, and The Name of This Book is.
    The first book I would put in my book shelf is Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter books because instead of it being a happy beginning it is a sad beginning. The reason why I like that is most books always have happy beginning and this was sorta different from all the other books. I also like the book because it has magic in it and fighting. I also like how he has a power that YOU KNOW WHO does not and that power is love.
    My second book I would like on my book shelf is The Lost Hero. The book has action, magic, and thriller in it and I like those types of books more then the other ones. I love the part when the boys find out that the teacher was actually a man slash goat. I also like the part when they find out that they were demigods because it seems so cool to find out that you are a demigod.
    My last book I would choose to be in my book shelf is The Name of This Book is. I like how there is mystery in it. I love how in the begging of the book it started as though this is a really big secret. I like the part when the girl was able to find out where to find the bad guys no matter where she was. I also like the part where she was able to find out who took a class mate away and saved him!
    Know that’s what my ideal bookshelf would be. But of course I would keep on going on to make a big book shelf.

  18. What would make my ideal bookshelf… there’s so many choices but I would probably pick the first three books of the Harry Potter series. I would pick “Harry Potter and the Sorcerous Stone” because it was a trilling book to were I never wanted to put it down. Except I couldn’t do that because it was assigned reading. When I was reading it, I felt like I was Harry, going on an adventure. I felt like I was the one fighting Lord Voldemort.

    The second book I would pick would be “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” because it was creepy at some parts but drew me in so much it took me one day to read. But I mostly didn’t want to put it down because, as the story goes on you get to know the characters so well you fell a connection with them. Like there your friends.

    Finally the third book I would pick is “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” because, I love the magical feeling you get when you read about how Harry’s doing spells in class, and when you read about the great hall during Christmas. It gives me the chills to imagine what it would be like to go to school there! I wish that I could but at least I can read about it.

  19. If your book shelf is empty I have three good books to choose to fill it. My first one would be “The Hunger Games.” “The Hunger Games” transports you to the point of view of a young girl named Katniss. Her sister is drawn for a lethal competition. Katniss volunteers and her life changes. She must fight for her life. She must kill countless people her age and under. But she must also fight against a kind boy who has always been kind to her. There are twists and turns and you can just not turn away from the book.
    My second choice would be “Bone City.” “Bone City” is about a girl named who is suddenly whirled into a world of magic, and demons, and warlocks, and shadow hunters. Clary sees something that shouldn’t be real, shouldn’t be possible. But when her mother is kidnapped, a thing tried to kill her, and she is taken to an institute where she is taught fighting skills and all about magic, about the life she should have. It is a magical, creative, out of this world book.
    My last choice would be “Clockwork Angel.” “Clockwork Angel” is the prequel to “Bone City.” This book gives you a peek into the past. Filling holes, provide answers to questions, and of course like most of my books, is filled with danger. Tessa world is flipped upside down by a world of demons and magic and villains. This book is gripping and overall exciting.

  20. My all time favorite book this year, and probably the rest of my life, would have to be “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. It was simply amazing. It was the last book of the series. This book was so good I was so sad that there were no more books left in the series. I loved all the magic, suspense, but I could have done without a few deaths. It was so good I felt like I was there watching it all happen, watching the characters as they were trying to get rid of their enemy. I could picture all the scenes in my mind as I flipped the page over and over again. This would be the number one book on my shelf.

    My second favorite book I read was “Twerp”. I thought it would be a bit boring, a slow read, but I ended up loving it. It was so different then I would have thought when I picked it up. I couldn’t put the book down! I loved the twist in it. I liked how he was writing what was happening, Julian had to write in a journal about his story for the teacher so it was all in his point of view. It was a jaw dropping hilarious story that was so fun to read.

    My next favorite book, it is tied with second, was “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. It was a page turner. You would never guess who the prisoner would turn into. I love all the Harry Potter books because I could never figure out what was going happen. It was a series that I had always wanted to read. It was a book that I wanted to be in. I wanted to go to Hogwarts and be with all those people. It was so adventurous and exciting. So many people were introduced, and so many chaotic adventures.

  21. My ideal bookshelf. Let’s see. Ok so my first book would have to be “Out of My Mind”! This book always had me staying up late and reading more. I could never put the book down! I liked the book because whenever someone helped her, the main character Melody,or became her friend I felt happy!

    My second book would be “Twerp”. I liked this book because I would never expect myself to read it and I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s now one of my favorite books! Also it was very funny, and I liked how throughout the book the main character, Julian, told the story through his point of view.

    My third book would be “Doll Bones”. I really liked how mysterious this book was. I always needed to know what happened! Every day was an adventure for Poppy, Zach,and Alice! I also liked how the kids acted like themselves and didn’t change even if someone called them weird for playing with dolls!

    This is definitely one of my favorite books. I would make sure it made one of the top 3 on my bookshelf. I love the sense of mystery and adventure. When you read this book it feels like your transported to a magical world filled with witches, wizards, and more! This author is spectacular and writes books that really draw you in.
    This would be on my top 3 for sure! I like the mystery and how some things you get to figure out in the next book. The characters have very specific and intriguing descriptions. The author always describes everything really well. This book gives an interesting view on New York City. Kiki Strike is a great book!
    Sisters is a graphic novel that is a true story. It gives a very true and practical view on siblings. As soon as you start reading, you can’t stop! The book draws you in so much. The pictures are very descriptive and help you picture the story. The author shows feelings very well. I absolutely love this amazing book!

  23. Out of all of the book that I have read this year I would put the books “Firefight”, “Randoms” and “Airman” these book either hooked me to read them after one page or one chapter.

    “Firefight” is about a boy who must face humans who have been granted powers that turn them evil when they are used the strongest of these being only have one weakness relating to there past. The mystery of every mission to kill these tyrants is so suspenseful that you will just keep reading until he finally kills the strongest being in the city.

    “Randoms” is about a boy who’s father goes missing in a car crash but soon the president of the United States of America comes and tells him that he has been chosen from a select group of 11-12 year old males in the United States to be sent of to represent there world into joining the galactic alliance. This book is hilarious hooking and emotionally a touching story that sometimes just seems random.

    The “Airman” is about a young man who is framed for killing his father his teacher and his King. He is then sent to prison where he becomes the king of the prison and escapes to become the air man who rescues his mother and and his childhood friend from the power crazy man who framed him and murdered his teacher. My favorite line from this book is when the main character traps his former truant of a jailer and the jailer asks him if he is a demon or an angel and he replies with “I can be both but to you I am always a demon.”

    This special book shelf may be small but also filled with high quality books.

  24. If had an empty book shelf and I could choose any three books from the past year to place on it. I would choose “The Hobbit”, “The Brother Band Chronicles: The Heron”, and “Wonder”. “The Hobbit” is a great book that had many different challenges for Bilbo to face. Every challenge was different but, Bilbo would always think of a clever way to solve the problem. I really liked that the story had so many obstacles in the way of the journey. It is like the book has stories within the main story. That is why The Hobbit would be on my shelf.

    The next book on my shelf would be “The Brother Band Chronicles: The Heron”. This book was great because the odds were overwhelmingly in the opposing sides favor yet the Heron’s team would find a way to win and do to the right thing. For example, the team helped an opponents ship when it was sinking and were still able to win the race. This is why “The Brother Band Chronicles: The Heron” would be on my bookshelf.

    The third book on my shelf would have to be “Wonder”. “Wonder” is a very inspiring book that really makes you smile. August Pullman is a boy with a deformed face, and he goes to school for the first time. Other kids make fun of August and tease him, but August confronts his daily challenges and ends up loving is first year school. This book really inspires you and would also be on my bookshelf. I love all these books and this is why they would be on my dream bookshelf from the past year.

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