What Would You Cook in a Tiny Kitchen?

“They’ve fried hard shell tacos, made a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, even whipped up a batch of rainbow sprinkle-covered doughnuts. In an age of molecular gastronomy, this may not seem like culinary genius. But on Tiny Kitchen, everything is cooked in a dollhouse kitchen roughly 1/12 the normal size.

Now in its second season, the popular online video series is produced by media group Tastemade. Jay Holzer, head of production, says the idea for a tiny cooking show came from one of Tastemade’s Japanese partners, who sent them a box filled with a tiny stove, tiny utensils, and a set of tiny cutting boards. Miniatures have long been popular in Japan due to the cultural dominance of kawaii,or all things cute, but making minuscule edible food — rather than polymer clay copies — is the newest incarnation of that trend. (A quick search of YouTube reveals several similar tiny cooking shows that appear to be from Japan.)

One of Tastemade’s food stylists, Hannah Aufman, now works on Tiny Kitchen exclusively. The show has also commissioned a special kitchen from a dollhouse maker in Germany. Once the crew finds a tiny working oven and a tiny barbecue, the Tiny Kitchen folks plan to continue expanding their tiny culinary repertoire.

A lot more goes into creating a new recipe than math. In addition to rewriting existing recipes to fit the mini serving sizes, Aufman is responsible for jury-rigging ways to fry teensy taco shells (she bends a paper clip into something like a frying basket) or figuring out how to deal with eggs (use part of a quail egg, the smallest commercially available variety).

And forget gas or electricity — this mini stove is heated by a tealight. Since the volume of food being cooked is so small, the candle provides more than enough energy to melt butter or boil water. In fact, things often cook too quickly. Burgers take no more than a few seconds on each side.

“You can’t regulate the heat,” Holzer says. “It’s either ‘hot as a tealight’ or no heat at all.” Luckily, the crew is quick with their tiny spatulas and ladles — utensils that are often not much bigger than a fingernail.” (Courtesy of NPR)

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In one good paragraph, if you were to cook in a tiny kitchen, what would you make and why? And how would you do this?


  1. If I were to make a tiny food, I would make tiny bread and jam. I would make tiny dough and break it onto tiny balls. I’d roll them out and bake them in a tiny oven. If I tried making jam I think I’d need to use one piece of fruit. I’d use mortar and pestle to mash all the ingredients and cook it on a tiny stove. I would take a tiny little knife and cut the bread in half and spread the jam on the bread. I would make bread because my mother and I love to make home made bread. She always experiments with recipes and I love them so much. I’ve always wanted to make jam so I decided if I made bread then I’d make jam.

  2. On the popular YouTube Chanel Tiny Kitchen, I would make spaghetti. The biggest difficulty would probably be the fact of having to make teeny tiny little strings of long pasta. It would also be difficult to get the tiny measurements of food. I would make spaghetti because honestly it’s overly simple to make. I would also make it because it would be so tiny and cute. I would make it by cutting pasta into tiny little pieces then I would boil it with salt. I would also heat up the marinara sauce. Then I would add some butter and salt to the pasta. After this I would add in the heated marinara sauce. Then I would put it in a cute arrangement in a bowl. Then tah-duh you have a tiny arrangement of spaghetti.

  3. I would probably make doughnuts because I love them, their just so good. Plus it would control me from eating too much because after making three batches I probably wouldn’t have any patience left. I just like the idea of making doughnuts, not especially tiny doughnuts, but I basically like any doughnut, especially from Krispy Cream. Those doughnuts, my friend, are good, like really good, like really really good, good enough to have one hundred reallyS. That’s how good they are. I like doughnuts, so naturally, I would, if I had the chance, make tiny glazed doughnuts because those are good, like really good. I would make the dough first, then make tiny balls, then flatten them out. I would then put water into a tiny pot and put a candle under it to make it boil, the doughnuts would then find themselves into the pot, glazed, put into my mouth, and digested.

  4. If I were to make something in my tiny kitchen I would make tiny ice cream with blue berries on top. How I would make it I would first get a tiny bag with tiny ice cubes and then pour salt in the bag to make the bag colder. I would get a another bag smaller then the first one with milk, vanilla, sugar, and half and half. I would close the smaller bag to pity in the bigger one then shake the bag for about four minutes. Once four minutes are up then open the first bag to get to the smaller one. Grab or ice cream scoop to scoop out your ice cream. Once you have your ice cream in the bowl take your fresh blue berries from your garden out back. There you have it ice cream and blue berries, I hope you enjoy! I love ice cream and blue berries because you have the yummy ice cream and the healthiness of the blue berries so it a little of both

  5. If I had to bake something in a tiny kitchen I would make snicker doodles. I would make them because I love them. I also like them warm and dipped in milk. I would get the ingredients but only the size of a teaspoon for each. I would mix them all together. After I would put it in the oven till they are warm and not burnt. I don’t want them to be crunchy, I want them soft. I would wait till they cool down to put them on a platter. I would pour a tiny cup of milk and dip the snicker doodle in it. They are so yummy!

  6. If I had a tiny kitchen, and I had all the material to make something, I would make a ginormous tiny chocolate chip cookie! I would put flour, sugar, a tiny egg, milk, butter, and chocolate. First I would mix all of the ingredients except the chocolate together. Then I would grate the chocolate so it was tiny (I know that that sounds weird) and put them in then I would make them in little balls and put them on a cookie sheet and in a tiny oven. I would wait until they were golden-brown, I would take them out, and let them cool for about….(thinking)…. 0 seconds because I would eat them right away. I bet you I would have to make a lot to fill me up! I would make chocolate chip cookies because they are one of my favorite treats to eat!!

  7. If I were to make a food in a tiny kitchen I would make spaghetti. Spaghetti is my all time favorite food. I can’t even imagine a super small spaghetti it’s probably really good but one serving would definitely not fill me up because it’s so small. I would need super small noodles, a small jar of marina sauce and some garlic bread. First, I would put the noodles in the pan on the stove and cook them. Then I would add the marinara sauce, and then I would heat up the garlic bread and add the garlic seasoning.

  8. If I had access to a tiny kitchen, I would make a hamburger and fries. I would make a hamburger and fries because it is one of my favorite meals! First I would take two tiny pieces of bread and shape them as a hamburger bun. Next I would cook a teaspoon of beef on a candle lit stove.I would cook the beef for 3 minutes and then add a slice of cheese right when I’m about to take the beef off of the frying pan. After I took the beef off of the frying pan I would let it cool for 2 minutes. After it was completely cool, I would put the beef patty onto the bun and put ketchup, mustard, tomato, lettuce, and onion on the burger. Next, I would start on the fries. To make the fries, I would use one eighth of a potato and grate it so that it looked like tiny fries. Then, I would put oil in a tiny pot until it was boiling. Then, I would put the grated fries into the pot until they were golden brown. Then, I would the fries onto a tiny plate with the hamburger. And voilà, you have a perfect tiny meal! It may not fill you up, but it would be so fun to eat!

  9. If I was to cook something in a tiny kitchen I would make a pizza, it would be a pepperoni pizza with meat on it. I would have a little wood burning pizza oven, a little cutting board, a stove with a pan and a knife. I would start off with a cutting board and all my ingredients for the dough. I would have eggs, butter, flour, and salt, I would mix all the ingredients and it would turn into dough. I would spread the dough out on a plate into a circle. Then I would cut up the tomatoes and make marinara sauce, then I would spread it over the dough. After that I would spread the cheese and put it the marinara sauce and the dough. Then I would cut up the pepperoni and put it on the cheese and then heat the meat up and put it on the pizza. After that you would put it in the oven and then your done! The reason I want to make it is because it’s my favorite food and I usually only eat it with my family, so it reminds me of my family.

  10. I would make chicken because I like chicken. Actually, I love chicken. With one of those tiny little stoves, I would grill the tiny piece of chicken. After it cooks, I would put barbecue sauce on it using a tiny little barbecue sauce container. And then melt some cheese on top of the chicken by putting it in the tiny little oven. Once the cheese is melted, I would take it out. Since tiny little pineapples don’t exist, I would have to take one of those tiny little knives and cut out a tiny little circle with a tinier little circle in the center. And lastly, the tiny little pineapple would be placed on the tiny little portion of the barbecue sauce which is on the tiny little slice of chicken. But I would have to make a lot more in order not your starve my self. But that would be a lot of work. Like a whole bunch. Wouldn’t it just be easier to grill the whole piece of chicken? Who wants to do all the extra work of packaging a little bottle of barbecue sauce? Now I’m mad. And my head hurts. Although, it would be really funny if they used a tiny little chicken too. And tiny little cows and chickens and pigs. That would be really cute. Maybe my head ache would dull. Although, it would led still be really hard to cut up the animal. And that would probably make for an even bigger head ache.

  11. Tiny food, tiny utensils, tiny lives! I honestly don’t know if I have that kind of patience! I would make tiny penne pasta! The first thing I would do is go to the tiny grocery store. Once I find the perfect type of little pasta, preferably plain, I would take it back to my tiny doll house. Using my tiny scissors, I will cut open the pasta package. Then put it into my boiling water in a pot. Then after about one minute, I would take out my perfectly cooked pasta. Then I would pour it into the tiny bowl. Then spread tiny shreds of parmesan cheese over the pasta. Then put only a very small amount of butter, and spread it evenly. Then serve it to the table. And finally, while eating with my tiny fork, enjoy!

  12. Small kitchens, but big dreams, if I cooked in a tiny kitchen I would definitely make a cobb salad. I would make a cobb salad because there are so many elements, and I think it would be cute in tiny form. The elements of a cobb salad are lettuce, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, and chicken. I would make this salad in stages ingredient by ingredient. First for the lettuce, I would wash the lettuce, chop it into slices and lay it on to a plate. For the eggs, I would buy quail eggs and hard boil them in boiling water, peel them, and slice them. For the chicken, I would cut it into tiny cubes and grill it on the barbecue, making sure to get grill marks. I would then take cherry tomatoes and chop them up tiny. For the bacon, I would chop it into little chunks and sauté it in a hot pan until it is crispy. Then I would lie down all these components on the lettuce, and finish it with a sprinkle of parmesan.

  13. If I got the chance to cook in a tiny kitchen, I would make mini burger and fries. It would be fun to stack, and flip the mini burgers. One thing I would do is, to cook the fries, I would build a tiny frying basket out of paperclips, and then I would fill a mini pot with oil, and heat it over a tea light. But I think my favorite part about the whole meal would be building the burger up, stacking the patty, mini cheese, pickles, and little mini tomatoes! That would probably be my favorite part. Finally, I would finish this mini meal off with a side of ketchup, presented on a tiny plate.

  14. If I could make anything I wanted in my tiny kitchen I would have to say miniature ice cream sundae! I would make this because what’s a better dessert after having a miniature dinner than mini ice cream sundaes. I would make this in my mini kitchen by getting a tiny bag with tiny ice cubes. I would put a tiny amount of salt into the bag with ice cubes and that would make the bag really cold. I would get another tiny bag and would put milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and cream. I would pour the bag with the ice into the bag with the other ingredients. I would shake the bag for a little while like up to 5 minutes. I would get a little mini ice cream scoop and would scoop out the ice cream into bowls. There would be toppings in little bowls. In one bowl there would be sprinkles. In another bowl there would be whipped cream. In another bowl there would be chocolate syrup. You could put as much or as little toppings as you would like onto your ice cream! It would be the perfect dessert!

  15. If I could make any tiny food I would make nachos. Nachos are one of my favorite foods and I would love to make them because they would be delicious. I would start off by taking little tiny tiny pieces of dough and cutting them into triangles. Then I would fry them as chips. After that I would take a half of scoop of beef and cook that. After that I would grate a thumb nail amount of cheese and melt it on the stove over the tea light. Then I would cut up all of my toppings (pinky nail amount of lettuce, index finger amount of tomatoes and then top it with a half spoon of guacamole and sour cream) then after doing this I would plate up all my nachos and eat up!!!!! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

  16. In a tiny kitchen I would like to make spaghetti. I would only have to use one of the normal size noodles and cut it up real small. Every noodle would only be a centimeter long. I would boil the noodles to make them soft. For the sauce I would just use a very small portion of already made sauce. For the meatballs I would take a little chunk of meat off a burger. I would cut it really small and cook it on the stove. When every thing is all cooked I would put the noodles and meat balls on a plate. Then I would put the small portion of red sauce on it. When this is all over I would eat it in one bit.

  17. In a tiny kitchen, I don’t know what I would cook, but if I were to then I would most likely cook cookies! I would take a few milliliters of flour and sugar. To get the great taste I would add normal sugar and brown sugar, I would mix those together then in a separate bowl. Then I would mix a little bit of milk, half of an egg, and vanilla extract! I would then mix the two together to make the perfect dough. I would then add the final touch….. THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! I would then put them on the stove pan with a lid on top to cover it, but make sure you have the candle underneath! Then take them out and let them cool and EAT!!!

  18. If I had a tiny kitchen the one thing that I would make is… CHUROS! I love Churos so making them mini would be so cool. I would have to have a tiny star piping tip to form the Churos and pipe that in a mini stove with oil. I would have to make the mix with 1/12 of the size of the real mix amount. Once they come out I would mix the cinnamon and sugar together to roll the Churos in. Then I would pair the Churos with a cold mini glass of milk. YUM!

  19. If I had a tiny kitchen and I could make anything I wanted, I would make mini burritos, because I have a weird love for them. First I would make the little tortillas and put them in the candle stove. Then I would make the beef. I would put the little chunks of it in the tortilla. Then I would grind the cheese with the little cheese grader. Then I would chop up the mini lettuce so that they were only a millimeter thick. Then I would put the lettuce on top of the cheese, and cut up the mini tomatoes and put them on top of the lettuce. Then I would wrap the little tortilla around the beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Then I would drizzle little tiny sour cream on top.

  20. Tiny food? Sounds strange, but fun! In my tiny kitchen I would make cupcakes. I would make cupcakes because I think it would be fun to make the different parts like the frosting and the cake. I would start by using some cupcake mix. Then I would add the wet ingredients like the tiny quail egg. Then I would mix it all together. I would have a mini cupcake pan, with mini cupcake liners. I would fill the cupcake liners and then put them in the oven. While they were baking, I would make some frosting with mini eggs, sugar and vanilla. When the cupcakes finish I would apply the frosting then add sprinkles. Now it would be time to dig in!

  21. If I was in a tiny kitchen and I had to make something I would make mini cupcakes. They would be so cute and I love cupcakes. I would get small pieces of dough and flour with sugar. I would put each ingredients at a time and mix it. Then I would make a cupcake liner and I would get paper and I would shape it. I would make about twenty cupcake liners that are small. I would put the batter in the cupcake liner and then put it in the mini stove. I would wait for about five minutes. Then I would take them out and let them cool down. Then I would get tiny pieces of sprinkles and icing. First I would put a little bit of icing on first and spread it out. Then I would get mini sprinkles and put it on. After that I would put them on a tiny plates and eat them.

  22. If I were given the chance to cook a food in a tiny kitchen, I would cook tiny cheese pizzas because it is one of my favorite foods! First, I would collect my tiny utensils such as a tiny knife and a cheese grader. I would also get my tiny ingredients! Then, I would make the dough using eggs, flour, yeast, and more. I would mix the concoction of ingredients with my tiny spoon, and would divide it into small even circles. Afterwards, I would make some tiny tomato sauce by cutting up tomatoes with my mini knife, cooking in a mini pot on the small stove, and would spread it evenly onto my dough circles. Next, I would use my tiny cheese grader to sprinkle some cheddar cheese onto my tiny pizzas! After they are put on my tiny pizza platters, I would put them in a miniature oven! Once the pizzas were cooked to perfection, I would season them, set them up on a plate, cut them into even smaller pieces, bring to my tiny table, and enjoy!

  23. If I was given a mini kitchen I would make mini cheese burgers! First, I would separate the meat into thumb size patties. Next, I would cut a slice of cheddar cheese into pieces the size of your finger nails and put it onto of the burger. Then take my mini spatula and plop the patties with cheese on the stove. Once the burgers are cooked on the way and the cheese is melted on the top, use the spatula to take the hamburgers off the stove. Lastly, cut your two buns the size of the hamburgers and place your place the meat inside the buns. There you have it an adorable, delicious tasting, mini cheeseburger!

  24. If I got a job on the incredible show called “Tiny Kitchen,” I would make mini cheese quesadillas. Quesadillas are one of my favorite lunchtime foods because it is yummy and easy to make. First I would cut little tortillas, and place them next to the stove. I would then preheat the stove, and put a pan on the stove. Next I would put butter on the pan to melt, then place one tortilla onto the pan. I would then slice the cheese into tiny pieces and place the cheese onto the tortilla, then put another tortilla over the cheese. Then I would press all of it down so that the cheese melts inside the tortillas. After about 20 minutes, I would simply take it off the pan, and place it onto a cutting board to cut it into little pieces, to create quesadillas.

  25. If I had to make a mini meal thats doll sizes. I think that I would want to make a mini cake. Cakes can be pretty big so it can be pretty big for mini size. To make it I would take out one tablespoon of the cake batter. One mini egg and one tea spoon of milk. Then I would mix all of that together to make the batter then make the cake in layers. The cake would be two inches tall. Icing would be very hard to put on so that would probably take awhile. Anyway the cake wouldn’t be able to feed many people.

  26. Working in a tiny kitchen who would have ever though. If I had to choose one food to make I think it would be a cake. The reason why I choose cake was first of all cake is delicious. I also have been making cakes a lot so I know how to do it. The first step of making the cake is I would take out a tiny bowl and then a tiny whisk. I would add in small amounts of cake mix, small eggs ( maybe quail eggs) , small amounts of oil, and finally small amounts of water. I would then mix it all together to get the tiny batter. After that I would put the batter into two tiny pans. Finally I would put the batter into the tiny oven and let it cook for two minutes because it does not take long to bake the cake. I then take out the cake and put it onto a small cooling rack. After 3 minutes of cooling I would frost it. How I would frost my cake is I would take a small buttering knife and put the frosting in the middle of the cake to combined both batters. After that I would frost the cake and put chopped up sprinkles on top to seal the deal. Once your done you get the satisfaction of finishing the small cake and… Eating it!

  27. Tiny food looks so fun and easy to make. If I had to choose something to make I would make tiny little pizzas. First I would heat up the mini oven so it would be hot and ready to cook the pizza after I was done making it. Then I would make the dough out of mini pizza dough, then I would roll the dough in the flour. After I was done rolling the dough in powder I would divide the dough into 3 small pieces. Then I would get the pizza sauce and cheese and I would spread pizza sauce all over the pizza, except for the crust. Then I would grate the cheese and sprinkle it on each of the 3 little pieces. Then I would wait a few minutes for the pizzas to cook and while I was waiting I would watch the pizzas to make sure they wouldn’t burn. After the pizzas are done I would then take a mini slicer and cut the pizzas into an even amount of slices. Then after I’m done cutting the pizzas I would give the mini pizzas to my dad,mom and brother to try. Then I would ask for their feed back on how it tastes. Then I would probably go make more mini foods to try.

  28. If I were to cook in a tiny kitchen I would make miniature cookies. Why? Because they’re cookies and I obviously cookies are delicious. I would first prepare the dough on the tiny table and the use the small cookie cutter to give them shape. Then I would take all the miniature dough blobs and put them on a baking pan. One I place them in the oven I’ll let them bake for a few second a them take them out to decorate. I would a icing with the tiny knife and sprinkle little sprinkles right on top. After that I would eat them. And then I would be upset because I just spent all that time on tiny cookies and I’m not full. Then I would go eat some regular sized cookies.

  29. Hm… I would love to make nachos, pancakes, bacon, what about a mini steak. If I got to make any food in a mini kitchen I would make a mini steak because first of all, it’s my favorite dinner, and second of all, it would be adorable if I got to make, then eat a mini steak. I would make it by cutting up uncooked beef into small, thin, strips. I would then put it on the mini stove and cook it for a couple minutes. I like my steaks with a small bit of pepper and salt so, once it is done cooking I will put a small bit of salt and pepper on it. Most likely though when I smell it cooking on the stove, I will have to restrain myself from eating it! But for now, I’ll stick with a human sized steak.

  30. If I had a tiny kitchen I would make frozen yogurt. The reason why is it Tastes just like ice cream, but it’s healthier for you. I just think it would be cool and interesting to make little toppings for the yogurt. I like how you have many options for your topping. For my toppings I would have mini sprinkles and brownie bits. The way I would make my frozen yogurt is, I would get a little teaspoon of vanilla ice cream, yogurt and then I would crush up ice. I would also put the frozen yogurt into the freezer afterwards. If I had customers I would let them choose what colorful bowl they want. There is purple, pink, green, and yellow.

  31. MUFFINS!! Oh. I forgot to tell you. The food that I wold make would be a CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN!!! How would I make it? Well I would start to prepare the doe. I would mix a quail egg, some flour, some sugar, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract and then I would pour it in a tiny muffin tin. Then I would get some of those tiny chocolate chips and sprinkle them into the batter. Here is something interesting. My muffins would be flat since I’m cooking them on a stove! In any case I would put them on the stove until they are just right. Then I would take them out(maybe take a picture of them) and eat them all!

  32. If worked at Tiny Kitchen I would make sushi! Yes, I know sounds hard but it would be a great challenge! I watch tiny kitchen all the time! I would make sushi because a tiny sushi, COME ON THAT’S ADORABLE! So first you start with cooking your rice, probably like 5-7 pieces of rice. Now once your rice is cooked you now would get a piece of seaweed (one inch) then spread out your rice and kind of smooth it out on the seaweed. Then, add carrots, cucumber, and any vegetable. Cut tiny pieces of fish or crab (if you would like). Then, roll it all up then cut little cute pieces. Now the masterpiece is finished!!

  33. If I had the chance to bake in a tiny kitchen I would make crepes. I would make the tortilla small by using a big straw and cutting a small circle to make the tortilla part for the crepe. Then I would cook it by putting it flat in the pan for a minute. Then I would take it out with a tiny spoon and set it down on a plate. Then I would get a small knife and spread Nutella on the crepe. After that I would cut the strawberries very small and sprinkle them on the Nutella. When I’m done with that I would add a scoop of whipped cream and fold the crepe in half, like a toco. When it’s folded I would add chocolate on the outside them sprinkle some powdered sugar on the wet chocolate. I would make many crepes. I would make crepes because I love crepes and everything in them. Then the best part, I would eat all the mini crepes with my friends.

  34. If I had a tiny kitchen I would make cupcakes. I would make cupcakes because that’s my favorite dessert. I would make it by putting a little flower on a little cutting bored. Then I would get the dough. I would take a little piece of dough and make a circle. I would do that about 6 times. Then I would put the cupcakes in the little cupcake tray so they would shape into a cupcake. After I did that I would like the candle and put the tray on the stove for about 2-5 minutes. I would put it for only 2-5 minutes because they are very small and I wouldn’t want them to burn. After the 2-5 minutes I would blow out the candle take the tray and wait for them to cool off. Then I would take them out and put little wrappers on them. After that I would take a little knife and put vanilla and chocolate frosting with sprinkles on them. I would put them on a table with a glass plate and enjoy the cupcakes. I think it is very cool that people make food in a tiny doll house and eat it! I would like to do that someday!

  35. Can you imagine making tiny food? Well I can, and I would make meatballs! The reason for making meatballs is because that’s my favorite food! First I would get the raw meat and cut it into tiny pieces! I would roll it up to look like a sphere. After that I would get the stove ready by lighting my tea-cup candle! Then I would get a pot and put the rolled up meat into it! When it’s finally in the pot I would add barbecue sauce and grape jelly! After a couple minutes I would take the meatballs out and make sure there ready, if they are I would put them in a bowl. To make it a meal I would cut up carrots and put it all on a plate! And of course I would eat it all!

  36. If I were to cook a tiny meal in a tiny dollhouse set, I would make pizza because it would befun cooking all of the toppings! First I would get my tiny stove ready to bake my pizza by putting a teacup candle inside. Once the stove is hot, would grab my flour and water and start mixing three pinches of each in a bowl to spread out into a circle. When the dough would be done, I would grade mozzarella cheese and sprinkle two pinches of the cheese then drizzle my mini green bell peppers on top and lastly add the tiny pepperoni! Once the mini pizza would be ready to bake I would put it on the stove to cook instead. I would take my tiny pan and place my little pizza on it and put the lid on. In three tiny minutes BING the timer would go off and my little adorable pizza would be ready to eat!

  37. I would definitely not be able to cook in a tiny kitchen. You need a lot of patience I don’t have. If I were able to cook in a tiny kitchen. I would make funnel cake ,because it is one of my favorite carnival food. I would take pancake mix and mini measuring cups. Put the pancake batter in a frosting bag. Then squirt the pancake mix in the bowling water. I would wait about 10 seconds then pull it out. I would pull it out with a made at home tongs . How I would make the tongs is by folding over a mini paper clip. After I have pulled it out I would take a dollhouse spoon and put in powder sugar. I would sprinkle the powder sugar all over the funnel cake and tada you have a funnel cake.

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