Luke or Harry?

Hi Boys!

Please follow the directions on the image. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. So three small paragraphs. Do not get carried away or be silly but do have fun with this. Oh and remember to put an extra return in to indicate a new paragraph.
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  1. As the best Wizard, Harry Potter, walks down the street to meet the best Jedi, Luke Skywalker, to battle the greatest fight ever. Harry with his wand in hand is ready. Luke with his blue lightsaber more ready than he has ever bean. As Harry goes on the battlefield his girlfriend is cheering him on. On the other side Luke looks very confident, but who knows this might come down to who is more confident. The winner of this would be the best person in the world.

    First move for Harry was to disarm Luke but Luke deflected it. Then Luke sprinted and tried to stab Harry but Harry sidestepped it. Then Harry tried to use a killing spell but barely missed. This is what was going on for 30 minutes until something big happened. Luke stabbed Harry in the stomach 47 times but Harry did not die. The crowd went wild with surprise. No one knew that Harry had 48 horcruxes. Then Harry did something unexpected.

    Harry took the lightsaber and stabled himself and then the lightsaber went through Luke Skywalker. The crowed suddenly went quiet. They both ended up dying.

  2. I feel that Luke Skywalker would win. I feel this way because harry might be able to have magic, and cast spells but if luke Skywalker can avoid these spells, he will get into close combat. If luke can get into close combat with harry, luke would kill harry very quickly with his lightsaber. The fight began when luke Skywalker decided he wanted to go too hog warts to shadow at the school. He shadowed with Harry and went to all of his classes. Luke is better then Harry in everything and embarrassed him in every class. Harry got mad and challenged luke to a fight. Harry cast a spell and luke immediately dodged it. He approached Harry and harry casted a force field. Luke bounced off and felt a sharp pain in his ribs. Luke had a broken rib and could not get up. He thought it was now or never, so he hoisted up and threw his light saber at harry. it pierced harry in the stomach, making him fall to his knees. Luke’s ears rang with victory.

  3. In a fight between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, the reason it probably started was because Harry was trying to find something and Luke’s ship got in the way. Because of course Harry Potter has wand powers. But Luke Skywalker has a lightsaber and could snap his wand in half.

    It would a close fight but Luke would win it. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Luke has a lightsaber that can like cut anything and it does not take much time. Harry can cast a spell and make him blind or something but that takes time to do.

    In the fight, Harry would probably start out winning. He would successfully cast a spell. The spell would do something to do distract Luke. But, the second spell Luke would come in and snap his wand. Then he would come in and starting swinging his lightsaber and win.

  4. What happens when the son of Darth Vader challenges Harry Potter to a duel. It all started with one wrong spell. When Harry was at Hogwarts and Harry was doing a spell to an apple to transport it to a galaxy far, far, away. But instead of transporting the apple he transported himself.

    On the planet Tatooine, the land with two Suns, Luke Skywalker was battling Storm Troopers with ease. Then Harry Potter appears in thin air. Harry makes a mistake thinking that Luke is a criminal fighting the government. As the last Storm Trooper fell, Harry through a spell at Luke that was quickly defected. Then a classic duel became champions from two worlds challenge each other to a duel. As Luke came charging towards Harry, Harry put on his invisibly disappeared. But was used to not being able to see because when he was training with Obi Wan Kenobi he was blind. Luke found the direction of the spell and deflected it.

    At this point Harry was over matched. As the spell was meant to obliterate Luke it was deflected on to the cloak. Now Harry was defenseless. Luke uses the force to take the Magic Stick and then break it in half. Before Harry was surrendered to Luke. Now Harry is working as a servant to Luke Skywalker.

  5. Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are in a fight Harry says choices words Luke jumps into the battle with sword in hand, Harry uses his wand and pulls a sword out. Then they are both are in a duel and Luke has Harry cornered.
    Harry swings Luke’s sword finally hits Harry’s sword and cuts it in half and now Harry’s in trouble with no weapons, Luke makes a bad choice and throw his sword right to Harry. Now Harry has Luke’s sword luke’s in trouble with no weapon he chops off Luke’s finger.
    Harry his about to kill Luke he goes for the kill Luke pulls out his space gun and kills Harry with a bullet to the chest. Luke wastes no time and rushes to the hospital and the doctors take care of him.

  6. Once look was walking around the Death Star. Then Harry appeared with his cloak. He was mad at Luke because they were on a mission together and then they completed it. Then they returned to the Death Star. Then, Luke took all the credit and then Harry left to Hogwarts.

    Then he came back because he wanted to fight Luke so he could take his place as king of the Death Star. So they dueled, and Luke used his light saber and Harry used his wand. So they dueled, seconds past, so the battled lasted for a WHOLE minute!!! The battle ended when Luke held his light saber to his neck, Harry retreated to Hogwarts, and stayed the king there. They lived on happily until 20 years later. They were old. Then Luke saw Harry again. He visited the Death Star. He was secretly going to kill Luke. So Luke stayed alert at night. Then, one night he saw Harry he came in the room. Then Harry tried to use a spell, Luke picked up his light saber and dogged the magic spell. So they dueled again, they dueled for around 5 minutes. They lead each other on to a small bridge with no side. Under them was a 50 mile drop. They new that this is were one of them is going to die so they battles for around 2 more minutes. Then Luke made Harry drop his wand. The Luke kicked the wand of the bridge and then Harry new his death was near. Luke used the force on Harry by picking him up by his neck and then… Threw him off the bridge. Then a minute later. BOOM!!! Luke new that was Harry hitting the ground. Luke kept his place as King.

    He lived peacefully until he died. Then came the new king. It was Luke’s son. His name was Billy. Billy son ruled with a peaceful life. He changes some rules as a king. Then he died because of natural causes. Then Billy’s son ruled, just like Billy he changed some rules. Then the empire ended and the Death Star was destroyed. Then everyone lived at planet earth this place had everything that they needed. They lived there forever.

  7. If Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker were to fight, this is how it would happen. Harry would get mad at Luke because Luke would say something offensive about Gryffindor. Harry would try to do a unforgivable curse but not have enough have enough hate and anger to do it. Luke Skywalker would use the force to take the wand away and chop it up into a bunch of pieces. Harry would try to run away with his invisibility cloak but Luke would cut up the cloak and knock Harry to the ground. Luke wouldn’t be able to kill anyone defenseless so he would let Harry run. They wouldn’t mess with each other again. They would both remember their fight for a long, long, time.

  8. Luke Skywalker was taking a stroll around the Death Star. As he wondered around he saw a stick. As he held it in his hand, he felt… magical. He dropped it in shock. He looked around. He saw a robe running around the room similar to his. He put his saber out in defense. It stopped. As he pulled of his cloak, Luke saw a young man with a scar and glasses. He took the stick and fired a spell on Luke. The battle begin.

    Luke blocked the spell with the force. As he held it in air Harry fired another. It Luke straight in the chest. He felt dizzy. Harry grabbed Luke’s lightsaber and went for the fatal blow. Luke stopped it with force and disarmed Harry of his wand and the lightsaber. Harry ran away looking for a weapon. As Harry ran away and Luke broke his wand in half and ran after him. Harry ran into the halls and subdued a stormtrooper. He stole his blaster and ran behind a wall. Harry fired at Luke. Luke kept on blocking the blasts with his lightsaber. Every time Harry fired Luke got closer. Harry needed a better plan. He got into a T-65 X-wing fighter and flew away with Luke close behind hoping in a ship.

    As the battle went to the sky, it ended as soon as it started. Harry soon realized he can’t fly a plane. As he spun throw the air Luke was trying to shoot him down. Harry crashed onto the planet Endor, home of the Ewoks. Luke landed, and looked around. He saw Harry stuck in a tree. As Harry fell down the tree and got surrounded by Ewoks. But Harry didn’t know was that a few years ago Ewoks discovered humans are delicious.

    The End

  9. There are always a lot of heroes that can fight against each other. In a fight between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, I think Harry Potter can win. This war started with an argument on who was better and who was more famous. Harry waved his wand and then made an arm appear and the arm punched Luke right in the face.

    Luke Skywalker recovered and hit is sword right in Harry Potter’s chest. Then, Luke Skywalker yelled at Harry that he had been the worst fighter he had ever faced.

    Harry Potter had done the absolute knockout to Luke. He double kicked Luke, with both legs. Luke Skywalker fell to the group and died. Harry won the fight.

  10. One day Harry Potter had a free period at his school of hog warts and was messing about with his wide variety of spells, one of his spells was called the bringo outo myo enemio. Harry had not ever heard of this spell but figured he might as well give it a whirl, and with a flick of a wrist and the turn of his hand a poof of smoke appeared after the last flick of his wrist, and after a while when nothing happened he looked in his book to see what was the matter. It seemed that he had missed a bit of writing in his spell book and it said (30 minutes until ENEMY) will arrive, but just then 10 feet of him he saw….

    Luke skywalker, with his light saber in hand ready to slay the mighty Harry Potter. As they circled in the courtyard wondering who would attack first, suddenly Harry struck him with one of his most lethal spells but then Luke redirected the spell into Harry’s face and Harry fell to ground with a thud. But with that Harry was not done fighting so he let another spell fly and he hit Luke right in the chest and he fell with a thud and soon they were both laying on the ground rolling in agony.

    But then they both saw a man in a tall light grey cloak standing over them and he quickly grabbed both of them but they were to tired to even care but as they wondered they soon knew who it was GANDALF. When they both woke up in the morning they were both safe in the hog warts infirmary and they lived happily ever after.

  11. If Harry Potter and Luke SkyWalker got in a duel. It would all go down like this.

    Harry Potter wanted to go to Jedi school and Luke SkyWalker wanted to go to Hogwarts. On the Way to Jedi school and on the way to Hogwarts. Harry and Luke encountered each other, right in the middle of there journeys going separate ways. When they saw each other, they knew who each other we’re. They had held a grudge on each other since that day. When they went to there separate schools. They did there research on each other. That’s when they found they were the best of there craft. Harry wanted to defeat Luke and Luke wanted to defeat Harry.

    One day when Harry went to find Luke and Luke went to find Harry they met on the Hogwarts train. Harry pulled out his wand and put a spell on Luke’s light-saver. But Luke’s Light-Saver was to strong for the spell. Luke got his Light-Saver and chopped Harry’s wand into pieces

    Luke decided not to destroy Harry but to keep him in his underground snow mass. Harry was under there for 2 years. But later he escaped and He wanted to become friends with Harry. Harry knew right where to find him, Hogwarts Train he was exactly right and they lived Happily ever after.

  12. The battle between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter began a long time ago when they were in the same classroom at school. They were great friends until one day Luke betrayed Harry after not picking him to be his partner for the magic show. Then they never talked to each other for about 20 years. Since then they have been arch enemies. Then rainy afternoon they bumped into in the middle of the woods.

    Once they finally knew who they were looking at they freaked and drew their weapons. They treated each other with a smirk. They stayed in the same position for a good amount of time. Harry made the first moving putting a spell on Luke but Luke smashes it away with his light saver. Then Luke approached Harry with his light saver about to swing at Harry. Luke swings the light saver right at Harry’s head but Harry ducks at Luke misses. They both knew that it would be a challenging fight.

    They stared at each other for quite sometime before someone made the next move. Harry and Luke gave each other the evil eye. Harry swoops over Luke with his broom and throws one of his spells to Luke put Luke jumped around it. And then Luke jumps up and swings at Harry but Harry swoops on his broom away from it. Then they both go at each other at the same time and they ran into each other and they got knocked down and they agreed to never fighting again and walked away from each other.

  13. One day in 2027 Luke Skywalker was walking down the street. He was questioning his ability to fight anymore. He thought the only way he could prove to himself that he could fight is to fight someone he has never fought before, a wizard.

    He decided the best place to find a Wizard is to go to Hogwarts. He got his old friend Hagrid to take him there. Hagrid said he would if Luke wouldn’t severely injure anybody in the fight. Luke agreed but he asked if he could fight the one and only, Harry Potter.

    Harry Potter agreed to the duel. It was a very long duel. Harry’s spells worked for a majority of the duel. Luke did not give up though whenever he felt like quitting he kept going. He waited until Harry made a mistake and made them pay. He got into close range and pinned Harry to the wall and thought about finishing him but then remembered the deal and let him go.

  14. Luke would definitely win the battle. He has the power of the force. And he could just snap Harry’s wand in half. Harry just could not over come, Luke Skywalker’s power. But he could not fight him until the people of Star Wars found him. If they would fight it would forsure be Skywalker. And if you think hard light savers can block gun shots, so maybe they could block the spells from Harry Potter!
    Since there is a chance that Luke could block his shots, it would give Harry a smaller chance of winning the battle. Harry potter would give it his all, it would still be a adventurous battle. But after all the bashing and smashing of power, Harry would fall after the epic battle Luke would win.
    Since all of the fighting was going on, Luke would be very tired and fall into a deep sleep, but while Harry was knocked out cold, he would awaken and kill Luke . And at the very end Harry would win.

  15. If Luke Skywalker and Harry Otter go into a duel, I believe this would happen. The would stare at each other for about a minute and then Harry Otter would cast a spell on Luke and would miss him. Then Luke would miss with a slash of his Lightsaber. Next Harry Potter would cast a spell on him and would take some health out of Luke.

    Then Chewbacca would come. They would continue to fight, but nothing would really happen. But, then Luke and Chewe would take advantage. But, Dumbledore would come and try to save Harry. Chewe would shot and miss Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Harry would start making fun of him.

    Finally, Harry would put a spell on Luke so he would almost be dead. But, Chewbacca would get really angry and rapid fire was blaster so he would kill Harry, Dumbledore, and Luke.

  16. Harry Potter uses a teleportation power to another dimension and it takes him to a far far away galaxy when the Jedi are on a mission trying to find out how they are building the Death Star. Harry Potter forms a portal on the other side but closes behind him so suddenly that he doesn’t know that it happened. The Jedi silently go into the hangar it one stormtrooper spots them and calls his squad to come and check it out. While the workers are working on the Death Star the Jedi sneak in a room in the ship.

    Harry Potter and his squad follow the Jedi bump in to them and Harry Potter sees that Luke Skywalker has his limited edition button that only one other person has and so Harry Potter gets really mad and Luke Skywalker says ” Hey huge fan can you autograph my light saber” and Harry Potter says ” I didn’t get that limited edition button” and Luke says ” To bad, Stupid” and Harry Potter goes “Expeliarmace!!” and Luke Skywalker dies from bleeding out.

    Harry Potter says “Luke I’m your actual father” and Luke screams ” Noooooooo, the whole franchise is ruined”. And Chewbaca comes in and crashes in with a X-Wing and blows everything up and goes”Aaaarrrgggghhhh!”

  17. One day the great Harry Potter decided to make a Wizarding School on the Planet where Luke Skywalker roamed. The Planet thought this was unfair because Harry did nothing for the city. To build this School, Harry had to tear down a sacred temple that belonged to Yoda. Yoda was a very wise monk who had defended his Planet through all stages of life. Luke had heard about this and became mad. He vowed to capture Harry because he worked with Yoda may times before his death.

    At this point, Harry was making blueprints for the Great School. Luke was searching the whole city. Luke checked every house, every widow, and every building. Harry was smart though. Harry wore his Invisibility cloak everywhere he went. This way people could harm him or say mean rings about him. Finally Harry made a mistake. He forgot t wear a cloak that day and they fought .
    The fight was very intense that you couldn’t see it form the human eye. There were sparks blazing across the battle field. Then Harry said the spell that would paralyze and blind Luke temporarily. Luke blocked it with the Lightsaber and it wet right back t Harry ad effected Harry instead of Luke. In the end, Luke came out winner.


    Luke took the lightsaber from Rae and Rae and Luke became friends. They ran all over the island playing like little children. One day they ran to the other side of the island and found a strange hut, unlike the others.

    They check it out and out comes a big man with a bushy beard. “I’m ‘Agrid, an’ whadr ye doin’ ‘ere!” Hagrid said. Rae explained that they were two friends, stranded on the island. Hagrid didn’t believe them and shoved Rae off the cliff. Luke was so mad the he killed Hagrid right on the spot and went inside the hut. He found three teenagers sipping tea and eating cake. He was so mad at Rae being killed that he took out two of the teenagers, ‘Ginger’ and ‘Girl’. Then he felt satisfied for killing, but the other teenage boy, a black haired boy with a strange scar and glasses, was distraught over his friends’ deaths and battled with Luke. The boy (obviously Harry Potter) fired death spells out of a twig and Luke had a metal twig that emitted a deadly laser out of the end. They battled with their twigs until Luke was about to die from a deadly spell that he jumped up and walked around; 4 feet above Harry’s head, and finally lived up to his name. But now Luke couldn’t defend the spells from hitting his feet, and with one last “AVADA KEDAVRA!” from Harry, Luke fell on top of Harry, dead before he hit the ground.

    Harry woke up conscious 3 hours later and realized he was buried under an already decaying smelly dead body. Harry heaved Luke off of him, and then heaved himself. Harry realized he was all alone on an island with four dead bodies around him, and one now floating away in pieces. Harry apparated back to Hogwarts, but felt like he had no one, so he went out to the balcony of the high tower and went to jump off, but Nevile followed him and said “Wait! No! You have so much to live for! You have me!” Harry said, “You are not worth living for,” and jumped off.

  19. It all started on the ice planet of Hoth. The AT-ATs (All Terrain Armored Transport) were attacking the Rebel Echo Base. Luke Skywalker used a grappling hook to climb an AT-AT. When he got to the top, he used a bomb to blow up the AT-AT. He had taken down an AT-AT all on his own. The Galactic Empire still had won, but the rebels never gave up. The only reason the rebels did so well was because of Luke Skywalker. The Empire realized that Luke Skywalker was a big threat to their plans. They sent scouts to find the best to the best, people who could take down Luke. When the scouts came back, they brought Boba Fett, and Harry Potter. Boba was a intergalactic bounty hunter who worked for Jabba the Hutt. Harry was a wizard from the school of Hogwarts. Boba Fett had been killed by the Sarlac during his attempt to kill Luke. Now it was Harry’s turn. The story I will tell you is a story that not even Luke himself has told.

    After the destruction of the Death Star, the Galactic Empire was thought to be defeated. Luke and his companions were celebrating the win on Endor with the Ewoks. After the celebration was over everyone left, except Luke. He sat out side and gazed at the stars. While he was doing this, an Ewok spy for the Empire, sneaked up behind him, and hit him on the head with a rock. When Luke woke up from his unconsciousness, he was back on Hoth. When he looked around he saw trees all around him. He knew he was on Hoth, but didn’t know where on Hoth. When he got up he saw a boy. The boy had glasses and a scar on his forehead. The boy was Harry Potter. Luke meant no harm because he thought it was just a lost boy. When Harry used one his spells on Luke, he soon found out that the boy was here to kill him. That is when Harry said “My name is Harry Potter, and you know why I’m here.” At that very second, Harry shot a spell at Luke, but Luke easily deflected it back at him. Luke jumped of a tree and kicked Harry. Then he cut Harry’s arm off. Luke saw all the rage build up in Harry’s eyes. Harry used all his best spells, and tricks, until eventually, Luke was on the ground. Harry walked up to Luke and put his foot on Luke’s chest. Then Harry put his wand to Luke’s neck. Before Harry could say his spell he had a lightsaber through his stomach.

    Harry fell and screamed in pain. Luke knew Harry would live, and he had pity for the boy. Luke then walked away so silently Harry hadn’t noticed. When the pain started to wear off, Harry got up and realized Luke was gone. Harry knew Luke could of killed him, but he didn’t. Harry saw this as an act of kindness and decided not to work for the Empire. Harry snuck back to Hogwarts and told them of his travel. The only thing he didn’t speak of was Luke. As for Luke, he was celebrated as a hero because he defeated the Empire… As it seemed.

  20. Luke is walking to a coffee shop. When he gets there, he waits in line to get some coffee. But Harry Potter cuts in front of Luke. Why would he cut Luke and not some other guy? Luke took this as an indication that Harry wanted to fight.

    When Luke took out his light saber, still in the coffee shop, Harry took out his wand almost instantly, as if he knew it was coming. Luke tried to strike Harry in the arm with his light saber, but Harry shot out a spell that stopped the light saber. People staring, the pressure is on. The same combat moves over and over, striking Harry with light saber, Harry blocking it. After about nineteen of those moves, they stopped.

    They questioned why they were fighting anyway, and they put away their weapons. They smiled at each other, not particularly in a happy way, more of a what-we-just-did-was-really-stupid way. After making a truce, they got hit with a lifetime ban from that coffee shop

  21. Hey Han the imperials are chasing us it might be a good idea to jump to light speed Luke explains to Han hurriedly. Han retorts I’m the captain around here, Chewie light speed. Boom the millennium falcon crashes into some really huge wall breaking it to pieces. Luke hops out and says that’s not good where are we any way.

    Luke sees a boy about seventeen right in front of him and he speaks to him and try’s to ask where they are but the boy then points a stick at Luke and he shouts expectopotronam and a stag shoots out of the stick Luke dodges and takes out his light saber and turns it on and adjust the length to make it about five feet long. He then jumps at his attacker and dodges a fire ball then uses the force to snap the stick of his aggressor. The aggressor just takes out a sword seemingly glowing. He then gets in close to try and hit Luke but he just blocks the sword and the blade of the sword starts to heat up because it is touching something five times hotter than the sun ,the blade then melts onto the floor Luke then holds the light saber to his throat.

    The boy then steps up and tries to fumble for something out if his back pack but Luke forces him into a tree and then sets upon fixing the minor damages of the millennium falcon he then goes in and tells Han this place is worse than the Death Star. I fixed up the ship lets get out of this place before I have to fight more of those magic dudes. the fight wasn’t that easy and I’d rather not have to do it again. Han then says well Chewie let’s get out of here.

  22. If Harry Potter and Luke skywalker got in a fight, it would be so close there wouldn’t even be a winner. Luke skywalker flew in on his insane space ship shooting at harry potter. Harry potter dodged it and used his wand. EXPELEOMIS! It hit Luke’s space ship, and just before the spaceship crashed Luke jumped out. Luke pulled out his lightsaber, and the battle begun.

    Harry Potter was relentlessly throw spells at luke but Luke blocked all of them with his shiny blue lightsaber. Luke used the force to move a mailbox which hit harry directly in the hand. Harry dropped his wand. Luke thought it was over until Harry spun around and picked up his wand and Said AVADA KEDAVRA. Direct hit right it Luke’s left Leg. Luke screamed in pain and pulled out his gun, and shot harry right in the chest.

    It was over, Harry was dead, and Luke had a hole in his leg. Everyone was surrounding luke screaming at him because they thought he was evil to kill harry. Luke said that harry Was carrying a bomb and was going to set it off near the empire state building, and that they should consider him to be a hero.

  23. Harry and Luke have always dueled for fun. Now they will do it for one last time because they have to part ways and go to different galaxy’s. They often fought to get better and to stay heathy. They also made sure they would never hurt each other.

    This time they fought longer than most of the time they dueled and they also fought harder than they had ever fought because they were getting ready for war and if Luke needed help Harry would know where his is and come immediately but it could take his a couple of days.

    Now that they are done they are sad to say goodbye but the have to because if they stay together the clone troops will come and kill them so they have to split up and lay low so they don’t get tracked but even though Luke got found by Rey in Episode 7 of Star Wars.

  24. In this story Luke Skywalker is battling against Harry Potter in a one vs one and Harry is winning because he has unlimited magic powers and can beat Luke. Also since Luke has a life savor that can only slice when Harry has a magic wand that will do anything that he wishes to do.

    One day Harry went on his broomstick and flew up into the air to high and then he saw a spaceship and he traveled closer when Luke came out and started attacking him. Then Harry tried to pull out his wand and then he started throwing out spells at Luke and pushed him off his ship.

    After Harry pushed Luke off his ship Luke used his magic forces to pull him back to his ship then Luke got on his ship and started firing bullets at Harry and he dodged the bullets and then Luke used his force to pull Harry when Harry threw a spell at him and he died.

  25. Harry Potter is going out on vacation to a distant place called Hoth. He’s going out to dinner at the classy restaurant in town. At Hogwarts it’s hot in summer and there are record breaking temperature getting up to 120 degrees. So Harry went to Hoth where it’s always winter and snowing. At the restaurant he is eating his dinner and he looks over to notice Luke Skywalker sitting at the table.

    His dad Darth Vader is scheming with Voldemort to take over the world. Harry knows this but he doesn’t know that Luke is not working for his father. Harry thinks he is so he attacks Luke they circle each other in the restaurant for quite some time. Luke with his light saber drawn and Harry with his wand in hand.

    Luke charges swinging his light saber and nearly cutting Harry’s head off but with a flick of Harry’s wand Luke goes flying through the wall. Luke is angry now he forces Harry into the wall but Harry flick his wand again and the light saber disappears. Now with out his weapon Luke surrenders. Luke uses the force to read Harry’s mind and then tells Harry that he works against his father and not with him. They then become good friends working against a common enemy.

  26. A fight with Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, not really possible since they are not in the same story or not even on opposite sides because in their stories they are on the “good side.” Anyways since there is no real answer to this I would have to go with Luke Skywalker. I think this mainly because I have more information than I do with Harry Potter and I just like him better.

    During their battle Harry will fly on a broom while Luke will fly on a fighter jet. You could probably see why I like Luke better. Also when it comes to a melee battle Harry will have a stick while Luke has a plasma like sword. The only thing Harry can do to defend himself is use projectiles Harry doesn’t really have much of a melee weapon. Luke however has melee and also a pistol. Luke skywalker was trained to be a fighter while Harry Potter was just trained to learn magic.

    I think Luke could deflect some of Harry’s magic like how he does it with lasers but, I am not entirely sure because I am not sure of all the spells Harry is capable of doing. Anyways in the first book of Harry Potter I think most of the time Harry didn’t actually do any fighting and if he did the fighting is significantly less fighting than in the first Star Wars movie. This is who I think would win if Harry Potter fought against Luke Skywalker and why I think this.

  27. One day Luke Skywalker was on his ship messing around with his ship’s hyperdrive and then it accelerated into hyper space. During his flight he flew through a black hole and ended up in a whole new world. This world was full of castles and dark forests. He landed his ship in a nearby field and went to adventure.

    On a sunny afternoon Harry Potter was taking a stroll near the field unaware of the spaceship next to him. He then heard a loud humming sound and hid behind a bush. He then saw a man holding a weapon he only thought existed in comic books,a lightsaber. He then jumped out of the bush and tried nock Luke unconscious but Luke blocked the spell with his lightsaber. Then the battle began.

    Harry was casting spells left and right but Luke kept blocking them. Luke was about to pulverise Harry with his lightsaber but then Harry casted an expeliamus,disarming spell. Luke was lightsaber-less. Harry was about to destroy Luke with his wand but out of nowhere Han Solo shot Harry first. Han Solo took Luke back in the Millennium Falcon and they where home.

  28. It was late in round 3 in the FLA (Fighting League Association.) Luke Skywalker vs. Hermianie Granger. Winner goes to the Championship to face the one and only Harry (the wizard) Potter. Miss Granger struck first with a whirling lightning bolt, but Luke blocked it with his light saber forcing it right back at Miss Granger. Miss Granger stumbled back and fell. Just as Hermianie stumbled to her feet Luke attacked with a powerful swing at Mis Granger, but she put on her invisibility cloak just in time. She took advantage of this and hit Luke with power full spells, Luke saw where these came from and deflected them right back. The invisibility cloak failed to keep her coverage enabling Luke to cut off her right arm and snapped her wand in half.

    He cheerfully made his way to the hexagon staring at Harry with intent. Harry staring right back at him. The bell rang and the round started. It wasn’t a long first round because right as the bell rang Harry jumped on Luke casting different spells every which way. Luke was no match for this wizard and collapsed on the floor before Harry’s feet. As Harry held his hands up Luke gently said, “Harry, I am your Father”. Harry tried to make sense of this but just couldn’t figure it out.

    After the win Harry drove his magical car back to Hogwarts where he sat by the fire with his cash prize and championship belt. There he thought of what Luke said at the Arena, but Harry still couldn’t make sense of it. He went to Dumbledoor and asked him for advise but all he said was, “Sometimes, secrets are revealed and sometimes they are not and in this case the world may never know”.

  29. Luke Skywalker was in battle so he was flying in his jet. He got hit by a stormtroopers gun. It hit his engine and his jet was flying high up in the air. His jet got up in space and his jet started to float to earth. Once his jet reached the earth’s atmosphere, it started to fly through the air. The front of his jet caught on fire, then he landed in the ocean. He saw a big castle far away so he started to swim towards the castle.

    Luke Skywalker reached the castle and climbed up the mountain. He was at Hogwarts. All of a sudden there was a parade for Harry Potter. Luke hid in the Hogwarts building at Gryffindor. At night, Harry and Ron went up to the dorm to go to sleep. But they saw someone sleeping under harry’s bed. They pulled him out and he woke up. It was Luke Skywalker and they finally met each other. Luke skywalker didn’t like the way he used magic. But Harry doesn’t like how Luke uses a lightsaber. So they settled to a duel.

    Luke and Harry woke up and were ready for the duel. They Went on the long bridge to duel. Every Hogwarts student was there watching and also teachers. They start to duel and Harry casts a spell. But Luke defended himself by using the force and he shot it back to Harry. Harry Potter died on that bridge and Luke Skywalker ran away. No one at Hogwarts ever saw Luke Skywalker again.

  30. A long time ago, arguments about popularity caused massive war between many of the older classic stories. These wars eventually led up to a point where the two greatest warriors, Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, were forced to duel each other. Luke found that he was able to defend himself against spells by using the force to send their aim off course. Harry found that he was able to block certain light saber swings by using a spell to coat his wand, and then using his wand as his very own light saber. The two could never find a way to prevail over one another. Eventually a truce was called, and the two stopped for a while.

    But, after all, they still had arguments. The wars eventually started again, the casuals worse than ever. As Luke and Harry fought, they started to get tired. Harry was many years younger than Luke, and therefore got tired over a shorter period of time. As Luke started to prevail, Harry used energy spells. Luke got tired, and then Harry started to win the battle.

    But even Harry’s spells could not prevent him from tiring faster than Luke, for every spell cast tired him. Harry cast yet another spell, and Luke blocked it. Luke threw Harry against a wall, and smashed his wand, weakening Harry’s power. Harry was able to fight Luke for a short time, but was unable to block Luke’s saber. Harry was able to knock Luke’s saber away and even the battle. The final blow came from Luke, who had just the right chance to throw Harry over a cliff behind him with the force. As Luke flew home, he felt regret, guilt, and sadness.

  31. One day Luke Skywalker, and Harry Potter, where walking down the street to get a sandwich. As they entered the sandwich shop the waiter asked them what they would like. Luke ordered a Chicken Parmesan sandwich, while Harry ordered a Cuban sandwich. As the two sat down to eat, Luke Made a snarky remark about how chicken Parmesans where infinitely better than Cuban sandwiches. Harry had a horrible temper and when he heard Luke bragging about his sandwich, Harry went for his wand.

    Luke saw this action and stood up, pushing the table over. Harry roared “Cuban sandwiches are better than chicken Parmesan!” Luke was so astounded that any one would say such a thing, he drew his light saber. Harry was so angry that the first spell he shot went wildly of course. Luke jumped over some fleeing diners and was caught in the chest by one of Harrys spells. As Luke sailed across the room, Harry slipped in a pile of tomatoes. As Luke dug himself out of the wall he advanced at Harry jumping over spells, every once and a while a spell would make contact with Luke’s light saber. Soon the air was so filled with rebounding spells and sandwich bits, the spells actually became a danger to Harry. One particular spell hit the wall behind Harry, and with a fizz Harry was gone.

    Standing in Harry’s place was an annoyed looking kangaroo, the kangaroo advanced on Luke with a mad flurry of punches and kicks. Luke looked astonished to see the wily marsupial advancing on him. Soon it was over, Harry the kangaroo decked Luke and knocked him out cold. With the Cuban sandwich disbeliever vanquished the kangaroo finished his miraculously still intact sandwich. Harry gave Luke one last kick and hopped out the door, sadly into the arms of animal control officers.

  32. Luke Skywalker’s phone pinged with an email as he landed on a mountain top that overlooked a huge castle that looked like it was at war. He parked his cruiser and opened the email. It was from the Republic! It said that below him there many be a Sith battling with a Jedi. Luke’s first thought about this was to go a help the Jedi. The email spoke of these Jedi and Sith being different from the other they have encountered, it said this,” The Jedi will have a brown and golden stick that shoots green light while the Sith would have a black stick that shoots red light. ” Luke made his way down the mountain and past a lake which he saw a huge squid floating. He looked up and saw a scarlet phoenix soar above him. He heard a sudden explosion and hundreds of owls flew above him. He remembered the P.S. At the end of the email,” P.S the castle that you may see in ruins is called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Be warned you may encounter resistance when trying to help the Jedi. You may see he looks like something from Helot 9 in the Arelon Galaxy, but it shouldn’t stop you from helping him.”

    “Well speak of the devil himself,” Luke said after reaching a huge courtyard with a boy in intense battle with a bald, plastic white man in black robes. Luke lurked in the shadow of a cracked slab of rock and started an email back to HQ. “I encountered the Jedi and Sith. They seem to be in a a battle consisting of green and red blasts. I am waiting to see which one wins and that will affect what I do next.” Luke pressed send and readied his blaster for firing. The Jedi and Sith were taking too long and he feared that he was already too late to help. Sadly his fears were true, the Sith had disarmed the Jedi and the Jedi was now disintegrating into dust. This was the time Luke Skywalker shot his blaster at the triumphant Sith and drew his lightsaber. Luke called out,”Who are you Sith, I haven’t heard of a Sith like you.” Harry called back, “I don’t know what a Sith is and my name is Harry Potter.” Luke called out again,”I just saw you kill one of my allies and it’s my duty as a Jedi to avenge those who have fallen, and to deal justice to evil people. I have defeated people like you and this is noting different!” Harry yelled back,”If you are Voldemort’s ally, then you must be a Death Eater. How many of my allies have YOU killed.” In the name of the fallen I will defeat you!” Harry drew his wand out and Luke fell into a fighting stance with his lightsaber in hand.

    The two began fighting right away and the battle went on for more than an hour. Harry saw his blue lightsaber and had a fleeting thought that he may be mistaking an ally for enemy. But that changed when Luke pushed him back 50 feet with the force. Harry bellowed all the spells he knew, but he was barely able to dodge any of the spells rebounding from the blue blade. Luke began to tired, he had never seen such lightning fast blasts launched at him. A couple of the spells hit him and he’d never felt such pain. Harry was now tired of this game nod yelled a disarming charm and a summoning charm. At that moment Luke used a force choke hold and even though he was disarmed, he was about to win. But Luke didn’t account for Harry’s allies. Luke was defeated in moments and was about to be tortured into insanity….

  33. It all started at a Chili’s. Mr Harry Potter is getting a large fajita, with a side of Mac and cheese, and a large Pepsi. But Luke Skywalker already had the last fajita. This made Harry very mad. He came yesterday and they were out! No. Harry will not, can not, shan’t take this anymore. There is going to be a big brawl…

    Harry leaps up from his table and takes out his magic wand. He yells, “EXPETO PATRONUM” and the fajita flies towards him. But Skywalker was expecting this to happen with his force senses. He uses the force to pull it back. They both get very angry. All of a sudden, a light comes towards Luke. But he stops it with his big light saber. They go back and forth, pulling at each other. Then Luke takes his extra side of Mac and Cheese and shoves it in Harry’s face! What a move! It blinds Harry for a moment. Luke is eating the fajita why he takes the cheese off his face. Luke takes out his Light Saber and aims at Harry and…

    “One Fajita coming right up!” They both look at the delicious fajita. They look at each other. “You take it.”
    “No you take it.”
    “No you!”
    So they both take the fajita and share it. As friends.

  34. On just a regular day, Luke Skywalker drove to MacDonalds. While he was ordering a BigMac with a Coke, a strange man with a lightning bolt on his forehead walked in and stood behind Luke waiting in line. The person who was getting Luke’s food said there was only one BigMac left. That’s what Harry Potter. was going to get. A BigMac. This is where this all goes down.

    Harry said to the man “I was going to get that to.” This made Luke very mad. Then Luke said “Then let’s fight for it.” Harry grabbed a Coke and threw it at Luke. Luke, dripping wet in Coke, got French fries and shoved it in his face. They continued this fight while the workers where ducking down behind the counters in fright.

    5 minutes later the police arrived at the scene. The workers told the cops what happened. The cops were disappointed but they did not arrest them. Instead, the workers made a big batch of BigMac’s so everybody could have a taste. Now Harry and Luke are friends.

  35. Luke Skywalker was going to Shrulimania for a fun vacation. Harry Potter was running from the 6 headed fury yodel that was very vicious. Harry Potter ran to Shrulimania. Luke Skywalker saw him.

    Luke pulled out his light saber and got on his unicorn and chased after Harry. Harry runs away like a little girl. Harry cast a spell but Luke blocked it with his light saber. Harry kept casting spells but non would hit Luke Skywalker. Harry Potter casts a spell and killed Luke’s Skywalker unicorn. Luke decided to use his tazer on Harry Potter.

    Luke brought Harry to his prison of the coast of France. And they all lived happily ever after.

  36. A dark side tie fighter was chasing Luke Skywalker around the planet Earth. After going around several times, Luke’s ship was hit. The ship went into Earth’s atmosphere and ended up crashing in the outskirts of London.

    Luke was new to the London much less the planet Earth. He wandered around the city for hours until he accidently went on a train one way to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts Luke was stared at by everyone because he was new to this place. Voldemort was nice to Luke because he knew Luke had the power to battle and defeat Harry Potter. Voldemort got Luke to duel Harry Potter because he told Luke, Harry worked with the dark side. Then Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker battled and battled and battled until Harry could fight no more. Harry then realized Voldemort had tricked Luke to fighting for him, so he told Luke how Voldemort had tricked him. Then Luke and Harry went after Voldemort. The battle against Voldemort lasted along time but, Luke and Harry had the upper hand being their were two of them. Eventually they were able to defeat Voldemort after Luke snuck up on Voldemort from behind.

    Harry and Luke were celebrated by all of Hogwarts that night. Later in the week they went back into London to fix Luke’s ship. Harry used spells to fix the ship while Luke worked on rewiring the ship. In a few hours the ship was ready to launch back into space that way Luke could continue rebelling against the dark side.

  37. The duel of the century. Luke Skywalker versus Harry Potter. The best wizard against the most amazing Jedi of them all and the one with the strongest connection with the force. They both wanted to rule the realm of Narnia. Them both wanting them to rule comes to a huge conclusion. They both need to fight for the land, if they both want to own the land. This is how the battle of the century goes down.

    At the top of mount doom this battle took place. Luke arrived in his Jedi speeder and Harry arrived on his broom stick. Harry was quit afraid of this battle because he had no idea how powerful Luke is and had no idea how to protect himself against the force. Luke pulled out his lightsaber of light blue and Harry, had his broom and his magic in his hand. The battle was off, Luke tried using the force in Harry, Harry flew back, just before he flew into a pit of lava, he caught himself. Harry threw a potion of poison onto Luke. Like was in pain but he knew he had to stay strong. He took out his lightsaber and went after Harry. Harry jumped out of the way and rode on his broom to the air and Luke used his force and brought him back to the ground with a smash. Harry was “unconscious” Luke walked over to him and right then Harry jumped up and knocked Luke of to the edge of the pit of lava. As Harry walked up to Luke he helped him up and then they went down the mountain. Luke blessed and confused.

    When they got to the bottom of the mountain they got on there way and went to Bonefish together as a symbol of peace and love. At the end they both came to peace and both got half of the land and shared it in peace. Until Gandalf the white wizard came and wanted land! Yet another battle awaits this time in the city of Osgiliath.

  38. If they got in an actual dual, technically Harry Potter would beat Luke Skywalker for many reasons. It’s not because I prefer one more than the other because I like them both as much, but it’s just that Harry Potter has magic and that stuff.

    maybe you can check out my blog which is at hmsdylan’s blog sometime. (ps I’m only 12 but still can you check my blog out please.)

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