A Universal: There is Power in a Story

Hi Girls,

Please tell a story using this interesting image! It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Three small paragraphs should do it. Remember to put an extra return to indicate a new paragraph. Have fun!

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  1. One day there were three siblings getting ready for a family picture in the 1930s. They weren’t very happy about taking the photo because they had to wear uncomfortable clothes and pose for a perfect picture. The three siblings were coming back from high school and they had to walk almost 2 miles to get home. But sadly the two girls got drenched in water from the rain and the boy was wet too. By the time they got in their neighborhood, they were tired and smelly and their parents were waiting for them.

    When the siblings got home their parents were mad and annoyed because they were late and looked terrible. The girls had to get clean and Annabelle had to put on an itchy dress and Holly had to put on ugly pants and a shirt. But Jordan wore pants and a simple plaid shirt. When they all got together to take the photo, the parents were tired of waiting and they were annoyed because they took a very long time getting dressed. And the children were mad because they had to wear stupid clothes.

    When they were finally ready, they all got in position and they were counting down 3…2…1 and SNAP the picture was taken and well, let’s just say that the picture looked great but they looked tired, bored, mad, and they just wanted to go to bed. After they took the picture, they all changed out of those clothes and we’re thankful that the bad day was over.

  2. This picture looks like it was taken in a creepy town. Many scary things happen regularly in that town, it’s a ghost town. There is a family, there are two parents, an older brother, and two teenage sisters. In that town someone has broken into their house and kidnapped the eldest brother.

    They loved their brother very much and are trying to figure out who kidnapped him. Since it is a ghost town their are many many suspects. It could have been the baker, the maid, the mailman or the cook. The kidnapping happened on a Sunday night when everyone in the family, except for the eldest brother, was asleep. The family interrogated all of the suspects. They asked the baker what he was doing on Sunday night. He said he had been making their bread for them in the morning. They asked the maid what she was doing on Sunday night. She said that she was cleaning up the house. They asked the mailman what he was doing on Sunday night. He said he was just delivering his usual mail. They asked the cook what she was doing on Sunday night. She said she was finishing the dishes from dinner and started to prepare for breakfast.

    After all these interrogations they put all the pieces together and tried to figure out who did it. The baker didn’t do it because he did bring them bread in the morning. When they woke up the house was clean so the maid was telling the truth. The cook was also telling the truth because she had breakfast ready bright and early and all the dishes had been cleaned. The only thing that didn’t fit was the mailman. He said he was delivering mail but he doesn’t usually deliver mail on Sunday’s. Also the family didn’t get any mail from him. They figured out that the mail man did it, he confessed and went to jail. The family was so happy to get their brother back that they had a party with all the suspects, except for the mailman.

  3. Myra stared at the photo in the book. Trapped in a page. She thought. Her ancestors were trapped in the page. Almost everyone in her family had a permanent frown. Why wouldn’t they? You always had to watch your back in Zesqua was what she had heard. Zesqua was a dangerous country full of crooks of all kinds. And every once in a while you could meet a decent family. Myra’s family was one of those families. But not being able to move and always watching your back tended to take a toll on people. Frowns in her family used to be a universal…
    Myra was not born yet when they moved away from Zesqua. Her family had somehow found a way to scrounge up enough money too move away from lives of thievery and moved to Cayhane. A nice gentle place. A safe place where Zesqua could not taint Myra’s parent’s lives.
    Now all Myra needed to do was live with the memories of grand-pops, great-ma, Sally, Alice, and Tom. They had moved to a different place. Myra had only met them once and then they were all smiles. They never did go back once. And now Myra spends her time pondering over her grandparents and cousins and how she hoped to get to see them again.

  4. It’s back in the day when the TV was in black and white. No cellphones just letters. No games just playing outside. One of the best ways to not be bored was reading books. In this picture I imagine my family being miserable. Well at least me. This family has a secret to hide. They did something terribly wrong. They were in jail once but don’t want to go again. There saying is they have to do a crime right to get away with it.

    The next morning I woke up. It was a Saturday. The time was around 7:00am, and I couldn’t fall asleep. I got dressed and brushed my teeth before I had breakfast. I went down the stairs and the wood on the stairs creaked as I went down. When I finally got to the kitchen I saw a huge map of the neighborhood I lived in. There was a big huge red X on the neighbors’ house two blocks down. I was almost done observing the map until my hands hit a really sharp knife. Blood dripping down the palm of my hand. I cut myself pretty bad. I rushed to the bathroom to get the first aid kit. Then I stopped and I was thinking. Why was there a knife next to a map with a big red X next to it. And why was the map lying around where it’s noticeable the minute you come down the stairs.

    I was heading back to the kitchen till I saw my mom and my dad standing in the kitchen looking the map. It seemed like they were sketching out something on the map. Then I heard the words kill, murder, death, neighbor. Then I realized that this was a murder scene my parents were setting up and I was going to be involved. But how was I going to get away with it?

  5. This pictures story is about a family who lives from the past and there city lives in future. The family moves to st.Petersburg. The family is pretty much like other family’s but the live with ought the modern day stuff. Instead of flat screen T.Vs they have the old T.Vs with none of the shows except for the black and white shows. They also wear 80s cloths and not 2016 cloths. So know for the story!
    Today was the day that my family was moving into a new house. Our family were like others the siblings fight, the parents get mad at each other, and the us kids get into trouble. But what was different from other family’s is we did not have big flat screen T.Vs. We also wore back in the day cloths and not modern day cloths. We hung up our cloths to dry. We did not us a washer to get dirt of our cloths we used a scrubbing board. But what I am thinking of is tomorrow because I have school and I was scared other Kid would not like me.
    The next day I went to school and everyone was so mean to me they said that I was wired and that I should not be here. So when I got home I told my mom to get us to move to a place no one new us. So we moved again and I had hated modern day people. Even my mom, dad, and siblings hated them because they were jerks to all of them exempt for one person and she gave them food and cloths to ware. But that is the reason why the family is sting in their house frowning unhappily.

  6. It all started a long time ago, when the attack of the fluffy unicorns took place. They lured people in with there beautiful voices then destroyed them and there homes. Kind of like what sirens do. They called it the non realistic stage. So this is a story of how this one family survived.

    It was very dark times, but somehow swirls of bright pinks, and purples surrounded us. No one knew what they were until the swirling stopped and everyone could se them clearly. They were huge fluffy unicorns. The Dez family were the only ones to survive because they took shelter and plugged there ears from the beautiful sound. After that they were forced to move by the ocean because unicorns won’t go near it. They were there for 12 days until there was something very strange about the place they were at. They wren’t alone. A to Nemean Lion was stalking them. There grandfather remembered that he packed flying shoes for each of them. They all flew up and happened to land in St. Petersburg Florida. They were not only safe from most dangerous but the only ones there. They built a small cottage on a hill were the kids chased each other. They had a small clean river that they bathed in and got water from. They thought they were in heaven until another group showed up with more kids and more people. All of Florida was stuffed with people and the Dez family had a lot of unhappy days then. The kids got bullied there grandparents got sick and died. As for the mother and father they didn’t spend a lot of time with there child. The father always worked and never spent time with his son. The mother stared working full time and got in fights with her sister. The whole family started to fall apart. But the one child still had hope. He prayed every day and looked at the photo. Of him with his family every single say.

    He resized after many months that not all stories end like fairy tales. Sometimes life just goes how life goes, and theres nothing you can do about it.

  7. This picture is rather sad. It takes place in the 1900s and these people are living in their apartment like house away from any other humans.They look the way they do, with their sad, worn down faces because they are hiding out in there little house away from civilization. They needed to do this to hide from the police and government because they are guilty of murder.

    Many years ago the oldest brother in the picture killed his wife. He went to his parents telling them what he did. They wiped the system with his two sisters who were informed of the incident. They made sure that there was no evidence of their family ever existing along with his ex-wife and they killed any one else who knew about it. After that they packed up, leaving friends, relationships and jobs behind and moved out to a remote location. When this was all done there was only one person outside of the family who knew about. The ex- wife’s brother. They had him, under threat of death, bring them food, water and clothes so they could live. This picture was token by him the first day they moved.

    It has been over 30 years since the picture was token. The parent are now both dead and the brother and sisters are still living in the house. They go into town every so often, killing off others who know of them. So far they are living in perfect criminal harmony.

  8. Is there ever a really creepy town, with crazy, creepy people. Well I’ll tell you about a town and those people. The town of wind. Yes, sounds like a regular town. But no… There are people there lets just say that they nobody knows anything about those 5 people. Wind is a small town there are two schools, trees, a couple of churches, an emporium, and a ice cream shop.
    Many people talk about those 5 people with stories. The most famous story is a man was walking home from the work at the emporium, and a man was following home and the next morning the milkman found the worker dead on the floor with a knife jabbed in his chest. People believe that story, and others don’t. Nobody knows where these people live. A couple saw them disappear in the woods at night.
    Let’s just say that the townspeople of wind are aware of those people. Nobody talks to them and stays away. Yes, there has been more crimes. The police has tried to find them, but the pay have been missing. But everyone sees them around town. Wherever they are, it remains a mystery.

  9. This story is about 3 older kids who go to there grandparents for a few days, they lived back in the day. The children at first didn’t want to go to there grandparents house because they thought it would be boring but they ended up having a great time. They watched tv for a bit until there grandma called them into the kitchen. When they got into the kitchen they saw there grandma made them lunch and they ate and then went outside.

    When they went outside they saw there grandpa standing with a huge bucket of water balloons with tones of different things inside the water balloons. Some water balloons had flour, some had ketchup or mustard and washable paint and some had just plain water. There grandpa went inside and watched them play for a while. They came in with all types of stuff on there clothes, there grandma washed all there clothes so there parents would find out that there kids were playing with water balloons. Then by the time there clothes were washed it was dinner time. For dinner their grandpa cooked steak on the grill, as they ate they watched the lighting game.

    When the boys watched the lighting game the girls were talking on the side, at least that’s what the boys thought. The girls were really planning a funny prank on them. They put flour on there heads and took a photo of them. Then suddenly they see a car coming down the street it was there parents! They quickly cleaned up all the flour and all the food and the grandparents told them not to tell there parents about this. So when the parents walked in they all tried to act natural so the parents wouldn’t find out.

  10. This is a very unhappy family. You can tell by there expressions on their face. They were taking a family picture but something happened before that which made them mad.

    The two sisters are mad because their younger brother didn’t have to be in the picture but they had to be. They begged their parents to not be in it but they had to be. The older brother is mad because he was supposed to meet his friends but he couldn’t because of the pictures. Grandma and Grandpa are upset their children couldn’t come down to take the picture.

    At the end of the day they were all upset still. And the pictures turned out terrible so they had to reschedule the pictures which made everyone he more sad and upset.

  11. This all started when Jimmy, a 1970’s eighth grader, got in trouble at school. It was in the middle of social studies, when Malcolm started to bully him. Jimmy retaliated, and finally built up the courage to punch Malcolm right in the nose. Of course the teacher hadn’t seen Malcolm being rude, but they had seen Jimmy’s devastating punch.

    Jimmy was taken to the office and his parents were called. Jimmy knew that if his parents found out, his whole family would be waiting at home with a long lecture. Sure enough after Mama Jessie brought him home, and led him in the living room, everyone was waiting. Papa Joe, Brother Jake, Sister Jenny, and Sister Jamie Lee were there, and they did not look to pleased.

    Jimmy sat down in a comfortable chair, while Mama Jessie joined the rest of the family. They all glared at Jimmy in a very disapproving manner, and the lecture began.

  12. My name is Rosary George and I grew up in 1908 in Kansas, America, with my parents Roy and Tilda, my brother Rooster, and my sister Jane. We were the happiest of all them families. Well everyone was actually until the wars settled in. Chaos erupted when the bad people came and they even killed my chicken Henry. Most who got out in time went into hiding. I was one of the lucky ones.

    When my family got out of Kansas we went straight to Iowa. There we read on the newspaper that the town we had been living in had been entirely raided out. My family was devastated to hear about all the deaths from the bad people invading the towns. We started living our normal lives again until all the males had to be drafted into the war. This included my brother and daddy. I didn’t see any of them for one whole year but then one day my brother came back my not my daddy. Turns out he had been blown up in a bombing battle and he was killed. After this my family was horrid, but eventually it came to an end after understanding what had actually happened. When the war ended my momma got remarried to a man named Chuck and when I was old enough I went to collage.

    When I went to collage it was the best decision of my life. I got a degree in language arts and I became a teacher. I also met Charles there who was make my husband. Not only did this happen but I got to see my siblings very often and same with my momma. We were a perfect family again, but every time I see this photo it reminds me of the tough times and the good times. You see this was the last photo taken of us when my Papa was alive.

  13. There is a family of five that live in one house, there are two old people, one older but younger than the old people, and two young women. They live in a small one story house in a neighborhood that doesn’t have much money. They have no other family members and aren’t very friendly, the only friendly one in the family is one of the young women, her name is Anya. The other young women is Melia and they are twins. The older mans name is Tom, the old guys name is Bill and the old lady’s name is Susie. The old people are married and the older man is their first son and the girls are their youngest daughters.
    They ended up in a small house living together by being robbed. They used to be really rich and live on a nice, big four story house and they had their own private jet. They had a big safe that wasn’t hidden that well and was in one big room all by its self. One time they were on their way to fly in there private jet to Fiji and they were finishing packing up and locking up the house. They were driving over to there private jet for 30 minutes and got there and boarded.
    While they were in Fiji on their 5th day, they got a call saying someone robbed their house so they immediately flew back home and drove back to the house. The windows were smashed, the safe was wide open with nothing in it, the furniture was all torn up, and everything was on the ground. They called the police and they went out to look for the robber. After about a year they still couldn’t find the robber and they lost all their money and ended up in the small house they are living in now

  14. The Robinson family moved into a new town called Devils Tower, Wyoming. The people there were very nice, but the town was very small. The families house was interesting and very eerie. After their first couple of nights at the house something changed, there were scratches all over some of the rooms that the family . The Robinson family was getting worried.
    The family discussed about what was going on in the middle of the night. They put cameras in the house but there was no sign of anything. They now heard screams. The family was very scared so they called the cops. The cops said the house seemed fine. Then the next night there was blood on the ground. The Robinson wasn’t going to put up with any more of this mischief. One night, one the of the Robinson girls were getting up for glass of water.
    She realized it was their dog who did this. She told her family and they all laughed. It made perfect sense. The girl saw the dog scratching the wall. She saw that the dog at stepped in a piece of making the dog bleed. She took the piece of glass out. All that they don’t know is where the screaming had come from. The Robinson family was still curious.

  15. This looks like it was from back in the day when what we think everything is black and white. I
    Looks like there’s no cable tv and no smart phones. To me it looks like the old man has arthritis and that’s why he has to sit down. The family looks miserable. Looks like they are hiding something like something bad.

    At 3:30 a.m a little boy went downstairs for a midnight snack, but as he lasted the door he noticed a big box at the front door. He opened the door and opened the box. All he saw when he opened it was a big knife with a sticky not on it. Something was on the sticky note. It was a note from our neighbor down the block. They were informing his parents that’s they knew what they did and they need money. Ok the back of the note the wife asked for $50,000 in 10 days or they will tell the police. The boy thought she was just joking so threw away the box away, got his snack mad women back to bed.

    The little boy reworks up at 7:30 a.m went back downstairs mad saw the same box again. He opened it but this time it and a gun and handcuffs. There was another note. It was informing the boy this time. It was telling him that they saw him throw it away the box and next time he does, their will be no more little boy

  16. These people are murderers. And also vampires. For thousands of years, they have been killing off the population of the world. Their goal is for everyone to die except them. Because until everyone does, they will be haunted by themselves. In the picture, they are being haunted because they look really sad and scared. Well, maybe not scared, but really creepy-looking. Like the guy on the far left…he feels the demons the most. His name is Victor (because that’s a really good bad-guy name). Actually, all the family members also have the name of Viktor. Because that’s how bad the are! But, anyways, Victor (the vampire farthest to the right) has murdered the most people. Once, a very long time ago, he had gone out to kill off some more people, but failed miserably.

    It was a dark and stormy night. Bad omens were whispering in his ears. He knew, for omens never lied, that going out that night was dangerous, but he had to prove himself that he was the head of the Victor household. So there he trudged, through the mud, until he got to his destination. The little rickety house sat on the sticky ground, waiting to be unoccupied by human life. Victor (the one on the far right) easily knocked down the door. Although, waiting on the other side were readied humans. They held guns. Victor attempted to run, but was shot with a little round device. It stung in his back, but didn’t slow him down. And going back to the house of Victors, he found that all the other Victors were pierced by the round black device thing too. After some research, they found it to be a tracker. Without a moments hesitation, they flew out of the house of the Victors (newly emptied of Victors) and ran away from the area.

    Now they move from house to house, always on the move. Because of this, the Victors’ frowns have deepened. Now they have two things to do. Kill and keep away from being killed. Some may think their frowns are just because they are depressed. Or momentarily sad. Or hungry. Well, they are hungry. Hungry for blood.

  17. I had this old friend who moved across the Atlantic with her family. They left in the early 1900’s, and I felt bad for her because she was leaving all her things behind because they wouldn’t have enough space in there trunk. They also didn’t have a lot of money with them because they had spent it all on tickets to America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. She was scared though because she had overheard things about the long trip. It would take months, and there would be lots of people cramped together. She herd that the food was horrible, and that different sicknesses were common. I was so sad when I had to say goodbye to her. “Good Luck!” I shouted as I stood at the harbor waving good bye to my best friend.

    The ship was cramped, and I soon began to realize that the things I heard at the market were true. The ship was full of people and it was all I could to to try and stay with my family and not get lost. I stood on the deck staring at the horizon line trying to see if I could see other ships coming from America or maybe even some sea creatures like dolphins. Then the dinner bell rang. Dinner was this horrible soup. So much worse than what my mom makes. “Here goes nothing” I thought as I took my first spoonful. It took me a lot of strength not to throw-up. The next morning we had something worse. Hard, burnt biscuits. “It looks like this is going to be a long trip” I muttered under my breathe.

    “Land ho!!” I heard the sailor from the crow’s nest yell. Luckily I was already on deck so I was one of the first to get a look. I saw the Statue of Liberty standing there with here torch in hand. I had heard tales of lady liberty before, but she was nothing like the stories. After we went through and were checked for diseases, my father and brother hauled out trunk off the ship. America was nothing like I thought it would be. There were factories everywhere, and the streets were littered with all sorts of stands. I don’t know if this is true, but America looked even more crowded than the ship (And that’s saying a lot!) at the same time America was amazing, all the land marks and people from different backgrounds, all immigrants like my family. When we found our house, my mother wasn’t pleased. It was tiny and hardly large enough for a family of five.

    This photo you see was taken about years after 10 years after we moved. And yes, thats me, leaning on my father’s chair. Now I work in the mills. I work long hours with little or no break, and I hardly get paid! It’s crazy! I hope life will be better a little later. Until then, so long!

  18. Marco was a 23 year maid who came to work for the Edward family in the 1900’s. This family included 2 sisters, a brother, and a mother and father. Marco did the family’s laundry, dishes, cleaning, and cooking. But what Marco didn’t know was that a horrible curse was set upon the family. The Edward family was put in that particular house of which they could not leave because of their bad actions. The family was also depressed for the rest of their lives and could never smile or be happy.
    One day Marco was happily doing all of the families chores when the phone rang. Marco answered the phone, and found out that the Edwards were having family that day at 5:00. Marco alerted Mrs. and Mr. Edward and continued doing her busy work. Marco tried her best to make the house look presentable and wanted the family to look presentable as well. After cleaning the house, Marco laid out clean clothes for the family members. But little did she know, was that the family members stuffed the clothes in their small closets and wore their ugliest clothes to the pictures.
    Later that night, at exactly 5:00, the doorbell rang. Marco answered the door politely in the prettiest dress she owned, and greeted the photographer. The photographer started to set up her old equipment and told Marco to tell the rest of the family to come downstairs. The family started to come downstairs and Marco was heartbroken. She wanted this picture to be good so that she could show her family that she was okay, but her wish was ruined now. Everyone, including Marco started to get into their positions. Marco started to smile, but the Edward family kicked her out of the photo, leaving her very disappointed. So Marco stared at the Edwards critiquing their horrible positions and smiles. Of course, Marco was very upset by this and quit the next day. The Edward family gave Marco this picture as a memory of her job at the Edwards house. Marco threw this photo into the river and never thought about the Edwards again

  19. An hour before the photo was taken, the family got in an argument about the children’s career choices. The two girls, Judy and Ruby, wanted to be teachers but their parents wanted them to become nurses when they got old enough. This brought up where the oldest child, Tom, would do. He wanted to be in the current war but his parents wanted him to be a lawyer and not die. This brought up where Tom would go for collage. Tom had been ignoring this question for many months now and that just made him less happy. Then the family started arguing about everything that had ever happened that was bad. (This family held very long grudges) This made everyone even more mad.

    When the photographer came over, he took the picture. This is why everyone was mad. Tom was so un-happy with everyone that he stood farther apart from everyone else. Judy was also very mad so she hid behind Ruby. The photographer took lost of picture hoping that would would loom like they were happy. The one you see is the happiest photo that he could take.

    So that is why these people are very mad in this picture. Because of career paths and whatever else they were arguing about. But after a while everyone was happy. Tom became a lawyer. Judy and Ruby became teachers. Everyone got better with letting things go and not holding grudges.

  20. It is Saturday morning a family of five soon enough woke up from their very long sleep. The father, Frank, woke up first he is always the first one to wake so he did his routine of pour a his black coffee and two hours later having a cup of corn flakes, he would also go on to the porch and sit watching the cars go by and the birds with the sun betting on him. But today was very unusual because no cars went by, there was no birds and the were clouds covering the sun and they have not seen a cloud since 1560 but today was 1620 something was happening.
    Frank went over to the neighbors, he found them all watching the Chanel 9 news about a big earthquake was coming to California . So Frank went back to his house warning his wife, son and daughters they packed all there stuff. When they were just about to leave they hear a drop than another drop sinking them into the ground then it stopped they were about to get in the car when another crack dropped them into the ground about 4ft. They were stuck no one to find them no one to help them then a week went by and they heard a helicopter flying above seeing if there was any survivors and the found Frank and his family they had a couple broken legs and a lot of marks and scratches but all of his family survived.
    When Frank’s family was flying out of California they asked the pilot if they saved anyone else, did anyone else survive and he answer sadly with a no. So no one actually knew what happened expect for Frank and his family they were the only survivors. Some people call the legends other people say it’s a miracle but everyone lost and lived and amazingly Frank and his family lived.

  21. “Knock, Knock, Knock.” The door opens and I see this intresting family. This is what this picture explains. I have been following this family for years. You see, I am confused about if heaven is real. I knew somebody has to have been there. And that’s how I tracked this family down.

    They say they will explain their story if I don’t tell. I agree, they say “One snowy night, all of us were in the car and then the car slidded and fell into the river. They were immediatly dead from the pressure of the water in the car. What seemed like a couple days later, they awoke in the clouds. Crying with happiness that they are alive. But then somebody comes to them, and tells then they are in heaven. They start to leap around in joy. But deep down inside they wanted to get back to there regular lives on Earth.

    So they keep trying to get back down. But eventually they meet and man and they tell him that they want to go back down to Earth, he says will take them there ,as long as they don’t tell anybody. They agree and soon they are lifted away back into their own bodies. They find themselves with paramedics surronding them and they happy to be alive again.” So that explains the story of the picture above. Do you belive in heaven?

  22. The Savages were a normal family their kids went to school, Mrs.Savage stayed home and cleaned the house, Mr. Savage went to work. When the kids got home they would do their homework and then the family would sit down to eat dinner. Then a terrible thing happened. Your FIRED! Mr.Savage had just gotten fired from his job, it was the Great Depression and the Savages already had enough mouths to feed. Mr. Savage had to go to work at the mines. He sent the little bit of money he mad back to his family, he would come visit them every holiday he could.

    Two years past by and then three then four and finally Mr. Savage came back, the two twin sisters were in high school both in twelfth grade. The son in his second year of college and his oldest daughter was graduating college to become a doctor. The oldest daughter Peggy was one of the highest in her class and got lots of offers to work at great hospitals, with great pay. Peggy and the son Max were very close with each other and Max hoped to be as successful as Peggy. The two twins Meredith and Ally weren’t as close to Peggy and envied her very much, ever since they were little. Peggy was smart, good at sports, had lots of friends.Once the twins heard how successful Peggy had been they had it with her and decided they would make her death and “accident.”

    When she came back to visit for Christmas the twins were nicer to her than usual. Peggy asked her mom why they were being so nice and she said they are just more mature now. On the night before Christmas Peggy went downstairs to get water, as she does every night before bed. The twins were hiding behind the counter with a poison that would kill in seconds. When Peggy turned her back the twins popped up behind the counter and put two drops into her drink, Peggy took a sip of her water as she was walking up the stairs she fell backwards and hit her head. The parents and Max heard her fall and when they saw Peggy laying on the ground and the two twins crying beside her they all began to break down in a sob. Max never cries but when he saw his sister he couldn’t keep his tears back. To this day the twins still don’t feel bad for the death of their sister. The parents and especially Max are very depressed and the twins fake their depression. Max made an oath to become a great doctor like he promised his sister.

  23. In the early 1900s there were a family of murders. Named all one name that name was Carl. There goal was exstermante the whole population of librarians. Here lets back up little bit let’s say 100 years.

    The reason they hate librarians is because it was April fool day 100 years ago. Carl family was in the library doing some light reading. When one of Carl members went and asked for a book. The cruel mean librarian said sweetie just sit back down I will look for it. The librarian knew where the book was but instead she went and set up a April fools joke. The librarian told the Carl family member where the book was ,he pulled out the book and a giant bird cage flew ontop of him.

    Then on April fool in the 1900s the Carl family was defeated. By a small town librarian putting big bird cages on them. Then she hung all the bird cages on tree and feeds them bird food and the Carl lived Happily Never after.

  24. This was the day. The day I would finally meet them after all of these years. I walked, silently, down the quiet, familiar rural roads of my childhood. I was drowning in an ocean of memories. I saw a tree, the tree in which I would spend my hot summer days with Loretta, Ruth, and Billy on the swing Papa had made for us. I saw the huge field where Ruth and I would race. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, I felt my stomach churn. All I could see was what I had left behind the day I had ran away.

    There it was: my house. It wasn’t much, but it was home. As I envisioned the thorough memories of joyful times with my family, I began to regret leaving it all behind. But, that feeling of regret vanish quickly, for I had remembered why I left: I wasn’t like them, I wanted to be something. Each step I took closer to that door, closer to revisiting my past, I cringed even more.

    I hadn’t told them I was coming, just like I hadn’t told them that I was running way, either. I knew that they would never accept my request to visit. My hands shook as I reached out to turn the rusted golden doorknob. I walked in. There they were, having a great time. Their eyes raced up to meet mine. They stood there, their unaccepting eyes seemed to burn right through me. I knew they wouldn’t support me; they never did.

  25. The day started off normally enough, Pattie and I went to school, Ma stayed home to look after Granda, and Pa went to work. He was a salesman. After school, Pattie and I, and our friend Annie May Johnson walked to the small little town to get icy lollies. After I handed the man my quarter and got my lolly, he shooed us off. We wandered around a little bit, because I still had a dime in my pocket. Annie May wanted to see the half circus, which was literally half of a circus. It didn’t have that many acts. We payed our admission fee, and walked down an aisle to find a place to sit. I found the nearest telephone and rung Ma to come too. She and Granda and Pa showed up 10 minutes in.

    The trapeze artist was probably the best act, so after the show, we went back stage to try and find him. We were just about to go in, but the sound of 2 voices arguing stopped us. My hand was frozen on the doorknob, but I signaled Pattie and Annie May to be quiet. We sat hunkered down next to the door, and I could just make out the voices. “Jim, it’s not what it seems!” yelled one guy, who I assumed was the trapeze artist. “It’s exactly what it seems! You murdered my wife and then ran off with her money. Then, when you caught me looking for you, you hid in the circus!” Jim yelled back. We stiffened. The trapeze artist murdered Jim’s wife?!?! I looked at Annie May and Pattie and they were just as shocked as me. Pattie whispered “Let’s get out of here”, but I signaled them to stay put.

    I turned back to the door just in time to hear, “Put your hands up!” It was the trapeze man. “Paul, I didn’t mean-” Jim started, but it was to late. I heard a click and them a shot rang out. I looked at Pattie and Annie May, but they had fainted. I panicked as I heard footsteps coming to the door, and I dragged my companions around the corner, and sat, my heart thumping I smacked my sister and she woke up, but Annie May didn’t. We carried her back into the circus tent to Ma and Pa, and they woke her up. Everybody was freaking out and one person came up to me and asked, “What happened?” I answered her, “You got it right. We were there. If you promise not to say anything, we might tell you about it.”

  26. Once upon a time there was a family. Five kids parents and a grandpa. There were two girls who were in ninth grade and three boys who were in eighth grade. They had an awesome life, they go to school they eat dinner together and they play. On weekends they would have family nights together. They would play board games and watch movies and more. During the week the kids planned to go the the movies and watch the purge.

    On Saturday night the parents went out to eat dinner and the grandpa stayed home while the kids were at the movie. When they got there they got popcorn and soda and waited till 9:30 for the move to start. They went in and the movie started. They sat all next to each other in row 14 with there buttery popcorn. Everyone liked it so far it was 10:00 already. The movie was getting really good. Then all three boys all has to go to the bathroom.

    They went to the bathroom. It had been 5 minutes and they haven’t got back yet. 15 minutes later. 20 minutes later. The girls were worried sick. They went out of the movie searching for them. They couldn’t find them. The movie ended and no boys were to be found. So the girls had nothing else to do but to go home. When the parents got back they noticed right away the boys were gone. The girls said they disappeared. So they called the police and everything. Not even them could find them so that was it. Everyone was so sad. Now they would have 2 kids.

  27. In the beginning, Franklin (the one sitting) is the leader. He gathered the most trustworthy people he knew; including his wife Anjlena, his little brother Mark, Mark’s two daughters Nikki and Katie. He told them they must make a pack to swear to never tell anyone or anything about their job. Franklin has a deal with immigrants that he must deliver “it” and he will get 1,500$ a week.

    His wife’s job is to water “it” down just enough so it still looks and tastes the same. Mark is the one who is always bargaining with people to give it to him for cheap or for an odd job. Mark is currently working on the railroads for Juan. Juan is giving him a barrel of it for a month of work. Katie and Nikki’s job is to count and hide the money. I hope you know what they are doing already but if not they are bootleggers. That means that they have and sell liquor in dry states.
    Franklin is the one who does all the talking. He finds buyers and gives it to them for a so called “cheap price.”

    The sheriff has no idea that this liquor selling is happening right under his own nose. Franklin knows it is a risky business but he says that he does it for his family. He says without liquor his whole family would be dead. His family would die of starvation because they would have no money to pay for food without their money. Franklin loves his family and only wants the best for them.

  28. Can you picture it? 1940s, new town, new house, new people, new life. The Johnson’s had just moved to a new town. They were all excited until they arrived at the new town. Something was not right but no one could put their finger on it. Barely any cars were on the street, people were peeking in from their shutters to see the new people, or should I say victims. The Johnson’s bright smiles were ripped from their faces. They arrived at their cold empty house. Mrs. Johnson’s propped up her camera stand trying to lighten the mood.”Smile!”, her voice echoed through the house. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson tried to bring a smile, as Jan, Sally, and Ned’s faces stayed gloomy.

    Jan, Sally, and Ned went to go pack their stuff up stairs. Creak, every step they took, creak… Sally went outside to investigate. She slowly stepped off her porch. Ned began to follow curiously, urging Jan to follow, before breaking free of Ned’s grasp. There were gray clouds hovering above them while a cold eeriness filled the air. Ned could hear his parents chatting worriedly upstairs. Sally looked closer and realized most of the houses were empty. All of the houses were. Ned heard a shutter of the blinds. All houses except one.

    Some one was watching them. Ned and Sally slowly backed away. They ran up to tell Jan what happened. “That’s stupid, I’ll go show you that it’s fine. It was probably the wind.” Jan walked outside leading. Ned realized that the door was now open of the house were they heard the shutters move. Ned motioned to the house and Jan treaded in. “Hello… Heelllooo?” Jan echoed. “See I told you nothing wa-… Ahhhhhhh!”. An ear piecing scream rang in Ned and Sally’s ear. Sally ran towards the door, but Ned held her back. Ned and Sally screamed for their parents. Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson ran inside the creepy house. No one was there no sign of any one. No blood, no footprints, no Jan. The only thing that was left was one of Jan’s shoes. Jan was never to be seen again. The Johnson’s moved because of the constant reminder of Jan. The person in the house remained a mystery, all that was known was that they had a thirst for blood. When people ask what happened to the girl in the picture the Johnson’s answer. “You got it right. We were there. If you promise not to say anything we might tell you about it.

  29. This family may look somewhat normal but don’t be fooled they couldn’t be anymore dangerous. This picture was taken after the crime had happened. It all started when they were all in their house one beautiful, bright, bustling morning. Their house was located in Windcrest Acres were there we big bright blue houses. Every house in the neighborhood looked the same except for this family’s, called the Smith’s, house. It was a wooden house with crippled pieces of wood breaking at the side of the house and vines climbing up to the roof. The Smith’s were talking. What were they talking about you ask? Well you will have to keep reading to find out. You are the first person to hear about this so you better listen very carefully.

    The Smith’s were crowding around the fireplace and we talking about ways to get money to bail their sun out of jail. Their son was in jail because he kidnapped his own cousin because he needed money for cousin and he could use the ransom money for it. The youngest daughter said “Why don’t we just break into the local bank?” The father said “ That could be a good option but I have a better way to get your brother out of jail” He made up a brilliant plan to go into the jail and break his son out. It was a team effort and all the Smith’s helped. The two daughters distracted the two guards. The mom and the dad brought some tools and snuck by the guard. They went to his chamber and unlocked it from bobby pins and toothpaste. They stuck him back past the guards and through the gates.

    Now the picture is where the story is now. They are all back at their house. When the Police barge in. They look surprised because no one ever comes into their house because everyone is scared of them. The police ask if they were at the jail earlier and they say “that’s right we were there.” The police officer turns out to be their fathers best friend and the officer lets them go. Now like I said you are the only person that knows. And now I know if the story gets out I will know who told. So you better take this secret to the grave with you.

  30. This picture says to me that they know something, something they don’t really want other people to know. Maybe something like a secret identity. Who knows they may be secret superheroes who have magical power, or there bootleggers. Or they may be happy but they act super sad, or maybe they are in a movie. Who knows? If they were in a movie I cold see that they just lost their money and their going through tough times.

    This piece also says to me that they might be interrogating someone who did them wrong, like maybe telling the secret their about to tell if they can trust you. It seems like these people put a lot of work in before hiring someone or punishing someone. If I were you I would not get involved with these people, their serious about almost everything!

    It looks as if these people need a break from each other, there jobs, and everything that could be stressing them out because they don’t really look like they like what about or is happening to them. If I were one of them I would buy myself a ticket to Hawaii, alone. Free from all stress, free from almost everything.

  31. This is a story that all started with the older brother, The older brother must have gotten into trouble and now the whole family is being accused of it. The kids name is Jeremy. This story took place in the 1930’s during the Great Depression, this all started when the Jeremy got in a big fight! The times were rough and the parents had to send all the kids out to try to make money. Jeremy had worked a long hard month of labor and finally had asked for his share of money, his boss refused to pay him and that is where the whole problem began.
    The kid started out using words, but soon enough his boss was threatening to fire him if he didn’t leave, then the Jeremy got so mad that he started beating up his boss, soon his boss had gotten so injured that he couldn’t move. Some other employees called 911 but Jeremy just ran, and ran until he reached home and told his family what had happened.
    Now his family as well as him are all hiding from the police, they moved houses to get out of that town but no matter where they go, no matter where they hide, they are never safe.

  32. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a family. They were just like any other family, and they were nice too. They lived in a small town where everybody knew everybody, but there was one thing about that town that no one knew about, and that was the woods behind the lake. Everything was perfect in that little town, or it seemed that way, the people were nice and friendly, but that lake, it was dark and mysterious. Remember that family I told you about? They were the Johnson family, and they too were like everyone else. But one summer day, they went camping.

    They had never been camping before, but they knew that they would have a great time. They had planned out everything, they would get there at 4:00, put up a tent at 4:05 and finish putting it up at 4:23, then they would build a campfire, have dinner, and at 7:15, they would roast marshmallows. As you can tell, the Johnsons were a very organized family and everything always seemed to go as planned for them whenever they took a family trip, until that camping trip, because the problem was, the only place you could camp was in the woods, and the only woods around there, were the ones behind the lake.

    It was getting dark out, the family had gotten their tent up, built a fire, and had dinner, it was 7:13, just about time to roast marshmallows. Good thing “it” didn’t come until exactly 7:20. Jackson Johnson had just finished roasting his marshmallow to the perfect shade of golden brown, then AOOOOWWLLL, it came from deep within the woods. For some reason, the family couldn’t resist, they were curious and had to know what made that sound. So slowly, they entered the woods, and there it was, hiding behind a tree, a huge beast, almost like a wolf. But the thing they said they would never forget, were the beast’s eyes, those bright yellow eyes. The family darted out of the woods as fast as they could. They were never really sure what that creature was in those woods that summer night. All I know is that ever since that day, the Johnsons have never been camping again. But hey, that’s just the story I heard, don’t believe me? go ask the Johnsons yourself. They live right down the street, and they’ll tell you, but you have to listen, and you have to promise not to tell another, anything that they tell you in there. So go ahead, ask the…if you dare!

  33. This picture as a long back story. It goes back three years ago. Then it was all happy times for the Bunion’s. They owned a farm and they couldn’t be happier. Until the night after Halloween. The mail man came and everything was fine. Then one of the letters was signed for the family as a whole. One strange thing about it was that there was no return address. Mr. Bunion went on and opened it. It said If you want to live then pack up all of your things and leave. If you don’t you will find out what happens. Trust me you don’t want to find out what happens. Now if your smart you will leave and go on with your life. Here is what you do with your land, house, and business. First your land and cattle put in your will that it will go to your closest friends. Second your house give it to your long lost relatives. Third give your business to your assistant. Fourth never come back! Once Mr. Bunion finished reading it out loud his Dad had something to say. He was a spy and there was one person who he could never find. His name was Lucsa McMartin. Some Lucsa always found Mr. Bunion first.

    They decided to stay where they were for one year they waited fir him to come so Mr. Bunion could get the revenge he never got. One year after they got the letter they got a knock at the door. They had the cops one speed dial and Mr. Bunion and his dad answer. One man stepped in and took out Mr. Bunion’s Dad. Then it came down to Mr. Bunion they fought for hours. The final punch was by Mr. Bunion he took out Lucsa as soon as he cops showed up.

    The cops said the this man has been doing things like this for years. They were finally able to catch him. After the the Bunion’s didn’t trust any one and they live like that today. Thats the there story they built walls around there land. They been living like that fir almost a year now. They don’t let anyone in there gate and they seem to be fine with it.

  34. The picture shows a very suspicious and kind of creepy family. It all started when the Adams family moved to a town where everything is perfect and everyone is kind. They lived in a small run-down house that was placed all alone on a hill. The house was very dark and gloomy. The family was hiding something, but what could have they been hiding? They haven’t told a soul about what they have been hiding in their house. You are the FIRST human beings to here, so keep your ears open and listen very closely!

    Their father lost his job and the family struggled to pay the rent. Every morning, the mother would force her children to do hard laborer. The family was tired of having to work all the time to keep up with the bill. They decided the ONLY way to receive money was to rob their local bank. The Adams family was very clever and smart that they dug a tunnel underground and created a trap door on the floor of the bank. Every crawled in the tunnel went trough the trap door and smuggled all the money in bags. The Adams family had stolen 1.5 million dollars! They are rich!

    They snuck all money into a floor board, so no one can find it. They weren’t use to having anyone in or even near their house, because everybody was afraid of them. The would spend the whole day near the floor board keeping a close eye on it. The sheriff kicked the door down and walked into the dark house. All the family members were sitting or standing on top of the floorboard, protecting the stolen money. Their eyes were glued on the sheriff and his every move. They couldn’t let him find the money! You are the only living soul that knows, so you better keep the secret…or else!

  35. This picture takes place back in 1956, when pictures were black and white. This is a picture of a once happy family. The city this family lives in, is not like any other city. You can’t trust anyone, and every single house has a secret. Each year the houses must take a family picture, for the city to see how things have changed. The house this family lives in is the biggest house in the city, and it hides inside deep foliage, and not many people dare to go near that house for nobody knows their secret.

    It all started 7 years ago when the two twin girls were only 11 years old. The father, mother, and grandfather had gone out for dinner. The girls were simply playing dolls until they heard a knock at the door. The two girls opened the door to see who was there, but there wasn’t anyone. They heard another knock, but they opened it again and there was nobody there. It happened a third time but this time there was someone, his name was George. George came inside, but the girls didn’t know who he was. George told the girls to go to bed, and the girls did what they were told. When the parents came home they found that the two twins were dead, and they was nobody there for them to see who did it.

    Turns out, when the father said he was going to the bathroom, he did but he got possessed, and was put into a disguise as George. The father had killed the two twins. The family didn’t know what to do and they didn’t want anyone to find out, so that night they adopted two twin girls that looked like their twins. The next day the family had taken their family picture.

  36. This picture took place in the 1920’s and is the only one recovered from a family of murderers who would pose for a family picture before murdering the town that they had settled in. Before committing to the life of murder they were of a family of acrobats traveling from town to town until the one day it all fell A. P. A. R. T.

    The family was a successful group of traveling acrobats that were expecting a baby girl on the way, and eventually the baby was born. But the baby was born in a very superstitious town, and when they heard that she didn’t cry when she was born, the family was shunned. But they kept trying to fit in making their shows more dangerous and death defying, but nothing would please the towns people, and on one night that everything fell A. P. A. R. T. The family had done something that no one could ever believe would be different from witch craft. The young boy had fallen off a tight rope and his heart stopped for thirteen seconds before he breathed again, and the town turned against them burning their house down with the baby still inside.

    That was the day that the killing started and everything fell A. P. A. R. T. The family was found dead neatly wrapped in their sheets floating down a river but there was a doll will straight black hair and black eyes.

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