The Sinking of the Titanic

Hi Students,

Please watch the short CGI video on how the Titanic sunk and then follow the directions on the image. One good paragraph and as always a creative lead and concluding sentence. If you do not have ear plugs just watch the video without sound; you’ll understand what is happening without the commentary.

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  1. If I were to be on the Titanic when it was sinking I would not realize it was sinking until it was sinking until my stateroom was half filled with water. Most people would realize that the ship was sinking at around that time. This is because the time the Titanic sunk which was 2:20 AM on April 15, 1912 so everyone would be asleep. Since the Titanic was said to be unsinkable you wouldn’t ever think you would be in a situation like this. That’s why there were less lifeboats on the Titanic and probably less trained crew members. By the time I would realize that the ship was sinking I would be half asleep so I would probably not know what to do. Right now it is easy to say what I would do because I am not in any pressure but, since I am not sinking on the Titanic while writing this, my choice right now might not be the same as being on the Titanic.

    What I would do it I would go up the stairs to the deck as soon as possible. I would try to get on a life boat but, like I said there were less life boats and, since the Titanic was sinking at a vertical angle some of the other boats couldn’t be used since they were tilted vertically. If I couldn’t get onto a lifeboat my best bet would be to wait for the ship to sink down a little bit. I would not jump right away because that would be a long jump. Also since the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada the water would be very cold. Another reason to wait is if you jump off right away you might get sucked underneath the ship and sink to the bottom. As the Titanic would sink it snapped in half so as it snapped I would try to grab some debris and go into the water. Once I was in the water I would try to swim to another lifeboat. Most likely I would not be able to go inside because the lifeboat would probably be full but, I could at least be able to hang on. This is what I think would have been the best way to survive the Titanic but most people were half asleep and could not make the best choices during this time.

  2. The Titanic. The trip you have been planning and saving up for your whole life. It’s the best and biggest ship of all time, and you love it so much. But what’s that? Everyone get to the life boats? What? I have been watching this T.V. show called Burn Notice, where this amazing spy gets blacklisted. (That means they take his job, money, and dump him in a city where he can’t escape.) I learn a lot from this show. One of the things I learned was to always stay calm in a bad situation when you might get an adrenaline rush. So what I would do is stay calm, because if you don’t, you won’t be thinking straight and you’ll probably die. But I will stay calm and make sure I have a plan first. The thing that would probably work the best is the Life Boats. But I would make sure I would be able to survive in t he life boats. Remember that this was in the very early 1900’s, so there was really nothing to help you for a long time. So I would grab a bunch of food, water, and other survival tools that I need. Then I would make sure that everyone is okay and doesn’t need medical attention. I would try to calm everyone down, so no one would go crazy and do something stupid. Remember you want everyone to stay calm. Then, I just try to keep everyone alive until help comes our way.

  3. What do you mean the unsinkable boat is sinking? If I was on the titanic when it was sinking, I would first try to gather up all my family. If I was in that moment though, I would honestly probably just trying to make sure my family and I survived. Even though I would like to say that I would be a hero and save everyone around, that is not very realistic. Once I had gathered my family, I would sprint to the top deck and try to find a lifeboat, that would be the best thing that I could do. If I could not find a lifeboat or they were all full, I would climb over the rail, and do a giant cannon ball as far out as I could in to the water below. If I jumped off, at least there would be a slim chance of me finding a lifeboat to get on. While if I just stayed on the boat, there would be absolutely no chance of survival. Being on the sinking of the titanic would be terrifying, and I hope preventative measures are taken so nothing like this ever happens again.

  4. “BAM”, that is what I would hear when the titanic crashed into the iceberg. We have all heard of the story of the titanic. And now I am writing about if it happened to me. The first thing I would do is grab my family and stay together. Then I would get a life boat at secure my family on. Then I would try to search for any kind of supplies we might need on a journey in a lifeboat. Then I would run back to my family and make sure we are all together and safe. Even though panic would flow through me I would try to stay calm and safe. Then I would paddle the lifeboat far away from the titanic. “Good job, you saved the day”, my mother would say. And that is how I would get off the titanic safely.

  5. The tragic story of the Titanic, we have all heard of it and all dreaded the thought of it happening to ourselves. But, in the slight chance of it happening to me, I would probably start freaking out when I found out the boat was sinking. Then, I would freak out even more, when I found out that there was not enough lifeboats for everyone. Immediately, I would rush my family to the back of the boat, that wasn’t sinking. Next, I would get them all on a lifeboat, even my Dad, no matter what it would take. But, if we could get on a lifeboat I would make them all jump in the water, and very quickly, swim to a lifeboat or a piece of the boat that was in the water. But either way, there wasn’t much of a chance of surviving if you were on the Titanic. The “Unsinkable” boat turned into being a very tragic story that everyone knows about today.

  6. If I was a passenger on the Titanic I would run to the back of the boat with my family because the front of the boat sunk first. Then I would jump on a life boat and if the life boat is full I would jump and swim to another life boat. I would be really scared! I would make sure my family is safe and that my dad gets on too. I would try really hard to stay with my family the whole time unless I have to leave them to make sure me staying with my family makes someone die. If that plan didn’t work, I would climb to the very top of the boat in the back with my family and wait till it sinks. After it sinks I would try to jump on a life boat with my family. I would try to get to the boat farthest away from the boat so that I don’t hit my head and pass out or possibly die.

  7. If I was a passenger on the titanic, and I found out that it was sinking, then I would be freaking out! First I would put on as much warm clothing as possible, then get a life jacket on, and grab my family. As the bow is pulled down, I would get on a life boat. If I couldn’t get on to the first batch of life boats I would as fast as I could to the stern, although I am a female child, so I would have a 90% chance that I would have gotten on a life boat. If I didn’t get on, I would grab a board, or a flat object of some sort. Then when the boat is almost in water I would try to balance on the board. If I couldn’t balance then I would put my life jacket underneath, to balance it (just like that myth busters episode of any of you have seen it). And then hopefully I would be rescued by another boat passing by like the other passengers that were able to get on lifeboats and survive (hopefully).

  8. What would happen if I was on the Titanic? I’d probably be crying and screaming a lot. Since I’d be a child, I’d hopefully get on one of the life boats first. Then we’d row to some land. But what if that didn’t happen? What if I didn’t get a boat? I’d be running and screaming trying to find some way off the boat. Then maybe I’d get on a boat or I’d find a something that floats and jump into the water. Then I’d try to find a boat because I’d be very scared of being alone. Maybe I’d die of hypothermia or float to land or maybe I’d find a life boat! Unless the waves were very high and it was raining very hard, my chances of survival would get lower. Then hopefully we’d find land and be safe! Or our boat would be discovered by some other boat and they’d save us! Then we’d get to land. Maybe I’d get interviewed a couple times in my life, things like that. But that would be my very scary adventure getting off the Titanic.

  9. Since I am a child, I would probably get on the rafts with the women. Unless I fell in the water and drowned before I got the chance. I would imagine it to be chaotic and hard to move around. No one had much of a chance to get to the lifeboats. Only the rich would be ushered into safety. And even in the lifeboats, you would have a low chance of surviving. So many people cramped in a boat, rationing food and water. I could get hit by shrapnel, decapitating me, cutting off a limb, or cutting my body, causing me to bleed the death. I could jump off the boat and hit my head on the boat, causing a concussion and killing me. If I was poor, I would get stuck in the rooms at the bottom, watching the water rise to the ceiling and killing us all. I could get shot in the head or chest or stomach and be killed instantly by the people trying to lower the population and havoc. I could die of shock, seeing my family and friends cry for help, along with the other people still on the boat. Or I could die after my mother sung me to sleep. And if I did get to the lifeboats, I could die of hypothermia. Basically, what I’m trying to point out is that what I would try to do to save myself would be jump in the lifeboats. Anything else would kill me. Then, even if I did get saved from the lifeboat by the other boats, I would be heart broken without my dad, since the men had to stay behind. And I could’ve been the only one in my family to get in the lifeboat. I would loose my father and maybe my mother and sister. But, I wasn’t even alive in the year of the sinking of the titanic, so I couldn’t be on the boat either way.

  10. There are many fears on boats like what’s in the water, getting sea sick, but there are some things much more frightening. I’m sure most of kids have heard the story of the Titanic if you haven’t it was a very sad event on a boat that sank where thousands of people died. If you were on the titanic 103 years ago what would you have done to escape? If I was on the Titanic I would most likely try and get into one of the escape boats. During the Titanic sinking kids and women went first on the life boats so the chances of living for a kid was higher then if you were an adult. I would not jump off the boat though because the water was around 30°F and you would have been 100 feet high so the chances of living from that were very low. Some things that happened while people were being placed in the escape boats was the Titanic staff trapped the 3rd class people and they weren’t able to escape. Also some people were shot because they were starting fights against the people going on the escape boats and saying they should be going not them and, I would definitely want to have been on a life boat before that all happened. If the rest of smart options were gone I most likely would have jumped off right be for the back of the boat got submerged and hope that there would be a pice of debris from the boat. If you were on the Titanic what would you do to escape, would you try and go to a life boat, jump for it, go down with the ship, or jump and get on debris from the sunk boat?

  11. The Titanic, everyone knows what it is but, does everyone know what happens when the Titanic hit the ice burg. Well actually, when the titanic hit the ice burg it only scrape the middle of the boat and missed the engine. Then the boast stared to sink, the front of the boat sank first and then the boat broke in half where the scrape was, but then the back of the boat almost went vertical then sank. If I were on the boat there are so many things I would do I would first be with my family and tell them I love them. I would go with my family to one of the life boats and not leave anyone behind, I know the women and children would go on first but I would take my dad. Hopefully my family and I got on the the life boats, and arrived safety and I would be so great full if I survived and with my family, that would be beyond what I expected.

  12. AHHHHH! If the Titanic was sinking I think I would stop for about five seconds and literally have a panic attack. After I have my panic attack I would get my two dogs, grab my brother, and find my parents. Hopefully my family and I could come up with a plan to get off the boat, but if it was just me alone this is what I would do. While the ship is sinking I would not go in lifeboat, for example the lifeboats are very small so once you jump in the lifeboat u would immediately crash right up on the boat and most likely hit your head really hard and pass out and probably die afterwards or hit your head and die immediately. What I would do is get in barrel because it could be less destructible than a lifeboat when it hits the side of the ship and it floats. I would probably find a food and water supply in case I live. Then I would resight Hail Mary and pray. This is what I would do if I was stuck on the Titanic while it was sinking!

  13. There are a lot of factors that would affect the outcome of my survival if I were on the Titanic. Like if I were rich or poor, because most of the higher class people survived. I would probably run to the stern, because the bow was already sinking, and stay away from frantic people. Frantic people tend to be irrational and violent, especially men with a high status. So I would stay away from frantic people, and probably stick to the richer women, because women and children were to be placed on lifeboats first. I mean I would probably have a panic attack at one point, that’s also an important factor of my survival, because panic attacks take a long time to get over with. The way you act is also very important, acting like an irrational blow-head will not get you anywhere, so the innocent child scared for her life act would help a lot. It’s the outcome though, like if I were to survive, and maybe my family didn’t, how would I handle it. I wouldn’t be ok, that’s for sure. But maybe I died, and so did they, I mean you never really know what might happen. That what fate decides.

    1. The titanic. It’s the only reason why I will never go on a cruise. It’s probably one of e most scariest stories.
      If I was passenger on the titanic and it was sinking. The front if the front of the boat sunk first then I would run all the way to the back. Hopefully jump and fall onto a floaty boat. I would obviously make sure I find my family first. If here were no more boats left I would try to make one with supplies that I found on the boat. I would try my hardest to stay out of the water so I don’t get sick. So that’s how I would get off the titanic safely.

  14. If I was on the Titanic and I found out that it started to sink I would start panicking and stay with my family. I would immediately go to my cabin and get a life jacket. I would try to grab the most important stuff in the cabin. Then I would go to the top of the cruise and go past everyone with my family, and try to get on those tiny little boats. I would jump on one of the boats with my whole family and stay in it without falling. I would be really scared because I would not know which way I would be going to find land especially since you would be all the way out in the ocean. It’s scary because there is a chance that you could die by lots of reasons like the temperature of the water or drowning.

  15. Everyone dreads the word Titanic, but everyone knows it happened and no one can pretend it didn’t. The Unsinkable boat, the Titanic everyone was amazed by the size and that its UNSINKABLE, is it really? If I were on the titanic and the boat had just hit the ice burg I would alarm as many people as I could to get them to rush to safety, I would help people get on the life rafts and make sure there ok, but then I would get myself on a boat. But if I was sinking with the boat I would leave a note for the world to discover when I would be gone, I would put it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet and I would tell all my family I loved them in that note because I’m sure they would want to hear that at least one more time.

  16. The Titanic crash was a tragic event to many families, whose friends or relatives died in this boat crash. If I was in the Titanic, when it crashed then I would have been very frightened. I feel that the lifeboats were there if anything happened. Typically we will always say,”it won’t happen”, but then when it actually happens we change our minds and are skeptical about that. I feel this incident is just like that. A lot of people thinking it won’t sink, or not even thinking about it at all, were probably very shocked when it did happen. Many died of hypothermia. Overall this tragedy has put a place in many lives and hopefully will stay there.

  17. If I were on the titanic and then found out that it was sinking, I would be very scared but I would try not to freak out because that would not help anything. I would first try to get anybody off that I knew (family members, friends etc.) if I was with people. Then I would get to the highest( top) of the ship so that I would not drowned then I would get to the lifeboats, get the people that I knew on the boat as fast as possible. After this I would paddle as far away from the ship as possible so that if there were any major destruction I would be safe. Then I would keep paddling till I found the slightest piece of land to rest, even if it was a little island in the middle of the ocean. Then I would try to call for help. If there was no way to call for help I would slowly keep traveling until I would get to a place where I could find help. I would make sure to do this trip over a good amount of time to make sure that my boat would not get beat up and sink as well. I would catch fish and make fires to keep warm and cook food until I made it back to shore.

  18. “The ship is what!?” a sinking ship, hmmm, let me think…that’s like my worst nightmare coming true! What do you do first? You find your family, and find a way off. I look for the easiest and fastest way to escape the ship, the ship that is right now, splitting in half as we speak! I stick with my family, we find the way to escape, life boats. I look at the water, its freezing, and its so dark that I don’t want to even think whats underneath it’s ice cold surface. We all pile in the life boat. Slowly, we watch the ship disappear underneath the water’s surface. Soon we are far away, I made it. I escaped the titanic.

  19. “The ship is sinking!” Boy, if I ever had to hear those words… The story of the Titanic is tragic and every time I think about it I start crying inside. If my ship ever started to sink, the first thing I would do is scream my head off. Then I would find whoever I was on board with and try to get in a lifeboat. I would load myself with food and water and make room for other people. Then we would get as far away from the boat as possible before it went under. If I couldn’t get a lifeboat I would jump over the side and try to swim as far away as possible because when the ship goes under it will pull everything near it down too, so it is best to get as far away as possible.

  20. Did you ever think what it would be like if your were on a cruise in your room you heard people yelling saying the ship is going down.What would you do? This would be my reaction. I’m the the my room and all of the sudden I just here people spiriting down the hall like there running for there lives. Then just a minute later over the intercom the captain says every one get of the ship. The second later you here the person a few doors down is yelling every get out of the ship it’s sinking. The first thing I would do is run out of the room with my family and try to catch the first boat out. Once I got on the deck I would say goodbye to my brother and father knowing I might not see them again. Even though I would try to pull them all on a boat it probably won’t happen. I would at least try to pull my little brother on. Then my mom would try go pull my dad on. I would try to keep my family all together. Hopefully we would all make it out together. Thats what I would do if i was on that cruise.

  21. The Titanic was a tragic but impactful event in history. It’s hard to imagine hearing the news that “the unsinkable boat”, was in fact sinking. It must have been worse to hear the news that there wasn’t enough lifeboats for everyone. It’s not easy to picture that happening but I’m giving it a shot… I feel like I would either be in compete shock, or crying and screaming my head off. After all that, I would make sure my family and friends knew how much I loved them. But not being too doubtful, I would make an escape plan. I would go up to where the lifeboats were and try to get on one of those. But let’s say one of the last lifeboats was being lowered and I wasn’t on it… I would try to jump down to one not letting anyone stop me. If anybody came with me too I would make sure they were safe as well. As we were safely on the boat I would turn back and see how lucky I was. Only half of the boat was left. There would be people gripping on for dear life, screams filling the air. Some people giving up, letting water fill their lungs. Buts some still fighting. As I look back I would realize that the Titanic was now gone along with many lives. I would be witnessing murders, the end of people’s lives, young and old. But who would be held responsible?

  22. If I saw the Titanic sinking and crashing down before my very two eyes then a lot of thoughts would be going through the my mind. First, I would need to find help close by. For example signal all the helicopters and boats near by with very bright lights that symbol SOS. Now that I think about it, after the time people come to the rescue, the boat would already be fully submerged into the water, so I would have to think of a much faster and quicker solution. I would play extremely loud sirens to make sure everyone on the boat is awake. Then I would make sure all the kids and pregnant women get on the safety rafts first. After the kids and pregnant women descend onto their rafts, all the men and women jump onto their rafts. If there isn’t enough rafts for all the men they would have to receive a life jackets. I would make sure to tell everyone to paddle as far and as hard I they can, so the giant boat doesn’t come crashing down on them.

  23. “Attention all passengers we are going to have to get everyone’s life vest on and head up to the top deck right away. We are sinking. Once again report to the top deck with you life vest on. We are sinking.” If I heard this I would be freaking out. I would get my lifevest from the closet and find my family. Once I find everyone I would listen to my dad tell me to get one or two things that I brought, like money or valuables. Then we would all hold hands and run up to the deck as fast as we could. When we get there I would look around and see all these kids that are crying, and concerned adults. Then I would hear the biggest noise I have ever heard, then screams and fire light up the sky. My dad and mom yelling to me and my brother to hold hands and jump. We would jump in to the freezing water and grab a box to float on. As we sat we would be crying and screaming “Mom, Dad where are you.” I hope that we would be one of the lucky families that all find each other and live to tell the tale of the Titanic. This would also scar me for life and I would never forget.

  24. Drip. Drip. Drip. I would hear as I stood up into a room full of water almost up to my knees. If I was on the Titanic the night it sunk and woke up to this I would frantically run over to my sister and shake her rapidly until she woke. Next I would wake my brother, mother, and Dad. My dad would tell us that we need to get to the top of the boat right away. I would run with my family to the top of the boat and but the ugly orange life jackets on. I would try to grab a lifeboat but They said “Children and Women first” that would mean we would have to leave my father behind. I would be heart broken and probably refuse until my mother would make me. I would have grabbed a safety kit with food and water and blankets if we had time. My family would have gotten separated and I would have been stuck with some strangers to battle for my life. Overall there is a very slight chance of surviving the crash of the Titanic. You would either be stuck at the bottom of the boat if you were poor. You could have died of shock of seeing your family suffer. You have jumped of the boat trying to make it into a lifeboat and hit your head against the boat. You possibly could have drowned wither in your room or in the water. If you made it on a life boat you could go months without being saved and die of dehydration. It is more than likely that if I was on the Titanic I would have died.

  25. We have a heard the tragic story of the Titanic, but have you ever imaged what I would be like to be on the Titanic? To go through the experience of actually sinking in a ship. To feel your self in a room with water up to your neck, and to hear the scream of people gasping for their last breath of air. Honestly, I would totally freak out, but I would of course get my family to safety. Once my family was safe I would try and save as many heathy people as I could. I say heathy people because if you are saving and old sick man who is going to die soon rather than saving a young heathy child, you would be wasting your time on people who are going to die soon anyways. But of course, after I would save a lot of healthy people I would save all the lives I could. Once it would be just too dangerous I would grab my family and possibly grab some food and a safety kit for the long treacherous ride on the orange life boats. I would make sure that as many people possible were on life boats so that most people are safe. But, that sad part is that I would most likely not survive on the Titanic. Such small children like me probably didn’t survive and I’m sure my family would have died too. Maybe from dehydration or the dangerous waters while on the life boats. And to see my family suffer would probably kill me from a broken heart. So, I would have tried my hardest to survive on the Titanic, but most likely me and my family wouldn’t make it.

  26. The tragic story of the Titanic- we’ve all heard of it. And I bet we all absolutely dread the thought of us and our families being on that boat. But, if I was one of the unlucky passengers on the Titanic and found out it was sinking, I would try to stay calm, but end up freaking out anyway. Then, I would make haste to locate my family, while fighting to hold back my tears, and would lead them through the dense crowd to the back of the back of the boat. Still, in my head, the thought that it was improbable that we would survive. Next, I would get them all in lifeboats. If we couldn’t get on lifeboats, we would jump in the freezing water and find some debris scattered around the boat to rest on until help came. Being on the Titanic would be terrifying, and I hope I never have to experience a life-threatening situation like this.

  27. When I found out that the titanic was sinking I would think their kindling. When I realized they were not kidding I would imminently go get my parents. We would rush to the room gather money food if we had time clothes. I would not panic because that’s just waisting time . If we saw anyone who didn’t know boat was sinking we would tell them but still rushing. My parents and I would go to the deck get life jackets. Then we make a plan if we got separated and try to board a life boat. We would be able to be on all the same we got out just in time I watched the titanic sink with people still on the boat. Some people got out but the cold piercing water was to much. That night I watched people die on the boat in the water every where and knowing I couldn’t help I felt useless. Its so sad how families,pets and children not knowing what was ahead for them.

  28. Imagine being on a cruise ship and hearing people yelling and crying in the middle of the night. Well that’s what happened to the people on the titanic. They were all so scared. They knew that half of them weren’t going to leave. I mean it isn’t even possible for everyone to live because the water is so cold and there are only so many boats for everyone to go on. What I would do if I was in that situation is I would make sure my family is safe and say goodbyes just impasse I never see them again. Then I would try to get on a hot and get to land. I hope that never happens to me or anyone.

  29. If I was on the titanic and I heard it was sinking I would freak out! The first thing I would do is go find my family, I would tell them what’s happening if they didn’t already know. Then I would go get all the important things that mean something to me in my room. After that we would all go to the deck at the very top of the boat. We would not stay inside our room. Along the way we would tell people what’s happening. My family would find a life boat and get on it, then we would help other people on the boat! We would drop in the ocean. We would all be wearing life jackets and would be staying away from the sides. We would row as far away from the bigger boat so when it sank we would not be dragged in with it. After we would get to land we would call the coast guard. They would go see if anyone else survived. I would be very thankful to live.

  30. If I were on the titanic and I heard that it was sinking I would scream. Then I would grab and put on as many clothes and jackets that I could, but not to many that I would sink in the water. While I was there I would also grab very important things to me, but only a few. Then I would grab all of my family aboard and look for life jackets with them. We would all try and get on a boat or get a life jacket. We would go to the highest point on the boat and help other people along the way. If we got on the smaller boat we row and row and give other people some of the jackets and stuff we brought along the with us. It would be so sad though to see all the dead bodies and the suffering people in the ocean. So over all if I found out I was in a sinking boat I would try to help myself and other people as much as I can.

  31. “Run, go!” Passengers yelled running for their life. Could you imagine if you were one of those people. There being a chance you could die or never see your family again. The tragic story of the titanic. At that point when you hear the words “save yourself, go” my heart would stop. What would I do…I don’t even know. It’s hard to think about it, seeing my family, depressed and freaking out would kill me. I couldn’t live seeing my family like that. But I know my dad would know what to do. We would try to get on a boat with food,water and warm clothes… But so many people need those supplies. We would try to help everyone we could and get people to safety. But if we couldn’t get to safety and a boat with food and water. I couldn’t think of looking into my mom, brothers and dads eyes. And know we are all going to die. And that is going to be my last time seeing them. I would do anything I could to make them happy.

  32. We have all heard the story of the titanic many times but have you ever imagined what I would be like if you were acually on the ship. If I heard people from rooms next to use screaming get off the ship it’s sinking, and people running down the halls. I would wake my family if they weren’t already awake and tell them that the ship was sinking and we had to leave. I would take my family up to the deck to try to get on one of the first ships off. Then I would try to sneak my brother and dad onto the ship with us, and if that didn’t work I would say goodbye and give them a big hug. Before I would leave I would play a really loud sound so everyone would hear and no one was sleeping. Then I would make sure all the kids and pregnant women got onto boats safely. After that I would tell the people who are on the boats to paddle as fast as they can away. Then I would tell the people who were left on the boat to grab a Life jacket and start to swim away as fast as they could. Before I would get off the boat to swim away I would make sure everyone was off the boat and in the water or a boat safely. That’s what I would do to help if I was on the titanic.

  33. The Titanic was one of the most terrifying things that could have happened in our history. If I were on the Titanic… What I would do is? Well I would first freak out that my throat would hurt so much. After freaking out I would tell my mom, dad, sister, and friends how much I loved them. And how much they made my life feel complete. After that I would would try to make sure all my friends and family were on a boat before me. The reason why I would do that is because I would not know what to do if I had no friends and no family. If we don’t make it on a boat I would just jump in with a life vest. I would also tell everyone els to do the same thing and swim as far away you can. I would also try to keep a walkie talkie with me to try to contact some one to save us. I hope that something like that would never happen again. And if it does I hope that most of the people get to land safe and sound.

  34. Imagine hearing screams and footstep pounding loudly down the hall way outside of your room in the titanic when all you wanted to do was take nap. You’re confused and have no idea what is happening. Panicked shouts of people saying “The boat is sinking!”. The realization of what’s going weighs in and you have to decide what to do. Although it would be hard to think at this moment in your life, for it could be your last, this is what I would do if this situation ever happened upon me. I would immediately call for my family and alert my parents, sisters and brother of the news. Then we would sprint down the hall with the rest of the people trying to get a spot on a life raft and not be left behind. If it was possible my family and I would aboard a raft and collect ourself to make sure we are all there and not injured. Then I would help others climb onto the boat and keep families together. The incident of the titanic crash was a terrible but important event and I hope it is never repeated.

  35. Have you ever wondered what it would be like on the Titanic? Would you be calm or scared to death or even hopeless? Well here’s How I think I would react to that tragic accident.
    I was just sitting at a dinner table with my mom dad and sister. Then I saw small water drops drip drip dripping down the beautiful ceiling. I asked my family if they saw that they all saw it as well. They all said yes. Then went onto the deck to see what was going on but when we were trying to go up more and more people were flooding the stairways and guards were telling us what way to go. My dad said no matter what we need to stick together. After we were on the 3 deck we herd a loud nasty sound. A sound you never would want to hear on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. We heard the loudest eeriest most terrifying alarm! Crew members then handed out life jackets and we all quickly slipped them on. Then the worst feeling I had in my stomach was when I felt the boat slowly tipping. We ran to the bow of the ship hoping that we could get on a life boat. There was a very long line of little children and adults crying and hoping that they will see their families agin. Then I saw a flicker and then all the power went out. But the worst part was when the ship started to creak and crackel then snap the back of the ship went spiraling into the ocean. It was like a moment of time went by slowly and when the stern sank down I knew we were next. My dad looked calm but really he was nervous but of course my mom sister and I were panicking. Then everyone went quiet and we heard a big honk and then, we were sinking. My dad said to jump and swim to a life boat. So we all jumped into the ice cold negative water and we swam with the last bit of hope and we got on to the last boat that was in the water. But when I turned around, I saw nothing it was quiet no one talked. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop from a mile away. The titanic was a tragic accident and we will never forget that terrible night.

  36. Imagine. You are on a cruise, you know you could sink but highly doubt that you will. Then you run out of fuel or hit an underground rock. You are sinking but there are rescue boats tied to the port and coast guards speeding towards you. You get wet as you and your family get onto a safety boat and are given towels. You speed home towards doctors and flu shots, happy ending for everybody but the boat. Now take away the warm towels and safety boats coming on time and doctors and flu shots and only the boat having a sad ending. Also high technology. This is what it was like on the titanic. If I was on the titanic then first I would let on the infants and mothers get off. Then eventually my family and I. Then the men and my dad. We would all be freezing cold. We figured nothing would happen. How could you know that at two A.M. your cruise would hit an iceberg and descend into inky blackness as if it was a sea of tar swallowing your boat and not water. How could a giant, seemingly invincible boat sink? Didn’t this only happen in books? How could this tragedy happen. For quite along time we would here about the boat. Telling stories about how we survived… Though many did not. It was a devastation. Nobody thought the titanic could (or would) sink. These people suspected nothing. We learned from it though, heightened safety precautions. That’s how history does not repeat, and what I would do if I was on the titanic.

  37. If I was on the Titanic and it was sinking, a lot of things would be going on in my head asking myself am I ever going to be seen by my friends ever again. Then people rushing down to get their belongings and family members. Well to prevent that I would try to get all the boats on the side and help everyone off the boat. If not everyone knows that it’s sinking then I would ask for megaphones to tell everyone. I would help the children off first. Then the women. I would also ask for materials like towels or pipes from people to patch up the hole or what ever is making the boat sink. I would help get on life jackets. Packing food is important to because if your out at sea you might be out there for months or even years. I would also make sure the captain is in sight and not dead because he would probably know where to go, or he might have a map. I would probably look for heat warmers or something with heat because the water is freezing. Also make sure there is medication and bandaids. I would move furniture out of the way because when the boat is sinking it shifts around and crushes people and children.

  38. Oh no! The ships going down! If I were a passenger on a ship that was sinking I would first of all scream my head off and start chanting it’s that end of the world. I also don’t know why I would be on a cruise in the first place because I have a huge phobia of them. I would try to find my family and get onto a raft and try to get away from the boat because it’s going to pull anything it can down with it. When I’m on the boat I would try and grab food and water to last me until safety comes. I would also grab a life vest and put it on. If it came to wear I couldn’t get on a life boat I would jump in the water and swim as far away from the sinking boat as I can. But since the boat did hit an ice burg I would probably die from the freezing water. Now that would be one terrible, no good, bad day!

  39. If I was on the titanic and it was sinking, I would try to hop on a life boat. I would do this because hoping on a life boat would be your best option. You would most likely die if you go in the water, because of its terribly cold. If I wanted to get on a life raft, I would need to rush to it, because there were only so many boats with so little people.

  40. Finding out I was about to sink and most likely die would be very scary! I would run and get all of my family together. I would tell them about what is happening. I would tell my family to stay together so we don’t loose each other. If boats came to rescue us I would tell my family to get on one of the boats and get off the Titanic. When the boat would be tipping I would go to the other side of the boat and try to stay dry. In my mind I would be praying and hoping for the best! If I were to get on one of the boats and get to land I would be so happy. When I was on the boat I would try my hardest to try to find a way to stop the sinking. I would try to make every one calm and not so flustered. But I mean who could not be scared when you about to sink, freeze to death, and probably die.

  41. If I was a passenger aboard the Titanic and I found out that it was sinking I would defiantly panic but I would also try to stay calm at the same time. I would try my best to get everyone out as fast as I could. I would also tell everyone to save their self because most of the people that died were busy saving others, but if everyone was worried about their self there would be less deaths because everyone wouldn’t have to worry about other people. I say this because the people that needed help would work harder and faster if there wasn’t any one to help causing most of them to get out alive. I would only save my family if they were caught because they are the people that I need to survive, they also mean the world to me and if one of them didn’t make it my life would be a disaster. Another reason I would save them is because I haven’t known them as long and we haven’t even spent half of our life together.

  42. If I was on the titanic I would run for the life boats. If the lifeboats had already left I would grab the nearest piece of furniture and throw it in the water. After that I would jump into the water and swim onto the furniture to avoid hypothermia. I would then paddle away from the boat to make sure nothing falls on me. After the boat sank I would look for other survivors. If I found any I would scream for lifeboats and search and rescue groups. When I got on the boat I would thank the people for saving and wait for the next day to come.

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