Judging a Book by Its Cover

Hi Students! I found this prompt and thought it would be an interesting one to answer. Please answer the questions on the image.

One good paragraph and you can list the four-five words written on a cover that would be perfect for you and on the last book you just read. DO NOT ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS ON MOVIES, MUSIC, GAMES, AND THE LAST QUESTION.


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  1. When I walk through a book store or look in a library and I see a cover with an animal on it, I instantly pick it up. But if the blurb wasn’t what I was looking for then I put it back down and carried on looking. If books came with brown packaging and four to five words on it, then I don’t really think it would benefit people, because I like adventure books but if a word on a wrapped up book was adventure, I might pic it up. But it doesn’t mean I would like that story even though it had adventure on it. If there was a book that said adventure, romance, dystopian literature, drama and horror then I would pic it up in a heartbeat, because those are my favorite book themes. My last book, “Matched” would probably have dystopian literature, romance, fiction and adventure, which have most of my favourite book themes. That must of been why I really enjoyed it. But if we did this for movies or games then it would be just like books, you might love horror but it doesn’t mean you will love the movie you pick. But some people chose books by their cover and don’t enjoy it so it could benefit some people.

  2. Whoever made this idea is very intelligent and clever. This is a smart way to find new books you like. I would definitely use this method in my lifetime. I do not have a tendency to pick books by their cover because all the books I pick with cool covers are cheesy. I used to do that when I was a little girl because anything satisfied me. I think this method will make you pick the right books because the four or five words are your genre or characteristics that you love. Four words that would be perfect for me would have to be mysterious, funny, adventurous,and happiness. The book I am reading is “The Hunger Games” The four words would have to be adventurous, violent, melancholy, and competitive.

  3. In Sydney, Australia they have a book shop where they wrap books in brown paper. On the paper it shows five words that describe the mystery book. I think that is so cool and smart! It’s like opening a present that you know you’ll probably like. When I was younger sometimes I would buy a book by the cover when I was really desperate to read something. I ended up not liking it them or not liking them at the time and enjoying them when I got older. I do think if all books came this way we might enjoy our books more. Instead of a cover and title we’d be reading descriptions that suit us. We’d be spending less money and enjoying our books more if we did this. Five words that would hook me onto a book are romance, adventure, fantasy, mystery, emotional, and non-predictable. The last book I read was “The Horse and His Boy” by C.S. Lewis from the Narnia series. Four words that would describe this book would be adventure, action, fantasy, and non-predictable.

  4. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, a phrase my mom and dad have told me since I was three, or four. This phrase is completely true, so I don’t judge anything by how it looks. This idea is very interesting and I would like to try this out sometime. Sometimes I do have a tendency to pick books by their covers, mostly books with really cute animals on them! But, most of the books I pick by the covers, aren’t that good. If all books came wrapped up in paper with five words on the cover, I think most people would be a lot more satisfied with reading! I believe that because when people pick books that have one of their favorite things on the cover, they aren’t reading the backs or caring what it’s actually about. So, people may not like the books that they are reading. The perfect book for me would have the four words, mysterious, adventurous, funny, and conflict. The last book I ready was “Sixty-Eight Rooms 3: The Pirates Coin”. Four words that describe this book are, adventurous, mysterious, funny, and predictable. I didn’t like that this book was a little predictable but I continued reading the series. I absolutely love to read and will continue to pick books that are right for me

  5. Have you ever picked a book by the cover. If your saying no and you have you don’t have to be afraid of this question because almost every single person has done this. Sometimes this can be good sometimes it can be bad. I have to admit I have done this a few times. So you know those books with the adorable heart breaking puppies? Well when I was a little kid that’s what everyone was buying so I got one with this baby dog on it I started reading it, it was the worst writing and story that I have ever read. That was a bad experience of judging by the cover and it didn’t work for me but it works for some people. If you have a problem with this then I suggest doing an idea like the one in Sydney. I love that idea because you can easily pick the style of book you like without judging it by the cover. There are some cons to this idea though, even though it’s a smart idea people might just get one of these books because of the way the bookstore has presented the book versus actually reading the book. Even though there are pros and cons to this idea I still love it. I think this idea will benefit people who do have a bad case of the judging books by the cover and this way they won’t do that. One of my favorite books ever is “City Of Bones” and if I could describe this in 5 words I would say funny, sad, suspenseful, emotional, and enjoyable. Now if you have a bad case of judging books by the cover I suggest doing something like this.

  6. I would not pick a book by its cover because I have done that before and the book wasn’t that good. The last book I read was called “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” and the cover looked good and fun to read but it wasn’t. It did not work out for me because they basically just looked around the library for clues. If all books came packaged in bags like that it would be better for me to pick the right book. It would be better for me because I would not be able to see the cover and I wouldn’t be able to see how long the book is or how small the font is. Four words I would pick are mysterious, teamwork, competitive, and clues.

  7. I’m glad that someone started this wrapped up book idea because now the people who are choosing the books, won’t try to just judge a book based off of it’s cover, they will actually choose a book to read based off of their own interests not a drawing. I don’t really judge books by their cover, because I know that it’s the contents that counts not the outside part that you see, so I usually read the back of the book that tells you about the story. If all books came this way I think we would choose books better because, as I said before, the book would be based off of our own interests, not a drawing. If there were four or five words on the cover of a book that would get me interested would probably be, historical fiction, Greek gods, dystopian literature, a happy ending, and funny. Four or five words that would describe the last book I read would be, dystopian literature, romance, some sadness, and a happy ending. So… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!

  8. Judging a book by its cover is not a good thing, neither in books or in human interaction. I think that wrapping a book in a paper bag is a great idea, so that people take more time choosing their book rather than choosing one mindlessly. I sometimes do have a tendency to choose a book by its cover. I usually go to books that catch my eye, which are usually books with very colorful covers. One time, I picked out a book, “Cake Pop Crush”, solely based on its cover. I ended up enjoying this book, but without reading the blurb or having prior knowledge about the book, I was taking a big chance picking it. If all books came wrapped I think everyone would be better at picking out books. This is because you actually have to stop and see what the book is about, instead of picking a random book without any thought. The words on the perfect book for me would be: mystery, crime, emotion, compromise, decisions, and love. The last book I read, “The Magician’s Elephant”, would have these words on the cover: love, mystery, strictness, hope, and community.

  9. I probably wouldn’t buy a book from that book store, because I like to know the whole outline of the book more than just the four or five words on the outside. I have certain things that I like in my book, like the age of the main character, or the time and place the story takes place in. I rarely pick out a book by its cover, because some covers don’t really match the book, but sometimes I have an off day and decide to go random. The random “I like the cover” thing usually works for me because some of the covers kinda hold the basis of the story, and I usually feel a certain pull to that book. I would definitely feel uncomfortable picking a book by just a couple words because there are so many books in the same genre but they all hold a completely different story. I just wouldn’t do it. It would be more of a hit and a miss type of thing, so no I don’t think this would be a good way to pick books out. If I were to have to do this I would like to have a book with; a bit of horror, action, science fiction, or just fiction, plot twists, one point of view, and a lot of conflict. The last book I read was “The Book Thief” and I was just blown away, I mean that plot twist was like bam, boom, and then it left you there with no tissues. I would use the words; MAJOR plot twist, loyalty, holocaust, Nazis, and family to describe this book. I just really don’t like the idea of a few words describing a book that your eventually going to possibly spend time on, it’s just not my thing. I’m sure for some people the risk is fun, but I rather not. I wouldn’t even do it for movies, because some are in between genres and they don’t exactly fit. I guess I would learn to live with reading different types of stories, but like I said before, I rather not.

  10. The paper bagged books is a great idea because I seen so many people picking a book by it’s cover and than returning the book or wasting money and it’s bad. I have picked a couple of books by their cover but that was only when I was six or seven. I remember I pick this one book that was called “Sisters” I was like oh I have a sister, so I automatically bought the book and it’s still in my room today. Actual the book “Sister” was a really really good book that worked out well for me. I also remember when I was six and puppies were so in, everyone had a puppy binder or had puppy pencils and are class went to the book fair and there were puppy books and I got all of them!! If all books were bagged that would be a good thing because now everyone could actually pick the book they want. If I had to pick a bagged book the words I would look for would be emotional, action fill, a big plot twist, and fantasy and a bunch more like that. The last book I read was “Hope was Here” and four words to describe this book would be endearing, motivating, strong character, and real life experience.

  11. Judging a book by it’s cover, I have probably done that before. But this shop in Australia is so interesting. I think that it is amazing to have an opportunity like that. And maybe, just maybe, it will be your favorite book. I have to say, this shop owner is very smart. Judging a book by it’s cover is a bad habit. A book could have a horrible cover, but inside could be the amazing tales waiting to be told. I have probably judged a book by it’s cover once or twice when I was younger. But know I understand that you could be beautiful in the inside, and dirty on the outside. But what’s inside is what really counts! I realized this when I started reading the “Harry Potter” books. I don’t like fantasy that much and I was sure this wasn’t for me. But once I started reading I couldn’t stop, and “Harry Potter” became one of the best books I have ever read. And after that I never judged a book by it’s cover again. And it has been working out well. I have read so many amazing books by using the technics by not judging a book. I think looking in the back for the summary really helps because it is like a teaser for a book. That way I will know if I will like it. I think if all books were this way it might help a little. Some people like to look on the back and you can’t do that when it is all wrapped up. But then you can’t judge the cover. And you could find an amazing book. So yes, it could help. If I were in that store in Australia I would look for these five words. Dystopian literature, I would pick this word because I like all books like this, especially the “I Am Number Four” series. Also hysterical, I love funny books. Then romance, I like a little romance to give me the chills. And Horror,I like books that scare you and make you want to read more. And lastly realistic fiction, I don’t like fantasy books, I like books that you can relate to. The last book I read is “I Am Number Four”. The five words that should be in that is dystopian literature,funny,adventures,horror,futuristic. It is a great book. Don’t judge a book by its cover! The inside is what counts!

  12. I would not choose to choose my books by not seeing their cover. It may work for some people who don’t care about the cover, but I would rather see the cover. When I’m looking for a book in the book store, I don’t have time to look through every book’s back cover to read about it, but if a book catches my eye I do read that one. And I do pick a book by its cover but if when I read about it, and it doesn’t appeal to me I put it back. Although, not always because I usually read a book from an author I recently read and enjoyed. Also, the cover of the book does sometimes tell about the book. I can tell if it’s a more advanced book or if it’s a easier book by what the picture on the book, too. I don’t think covering up the cover would help us make a better choice, because seeing the cover makes you think a certain way, or feel a certain way and it makes you wonder what the book is about. Dystopian, literature, romantic, surprising, emotional and a really crazed, unexpected, heart breaking ending would be words I would look for on a paper wrapped book. I hate books that end with everyone alive and well. I know I sound really deprived when I say this but, to have a good book, someone has to die to show sadness and anger more fully. The book I just finished a few hours ago from writing this was ‘THE MONSTERS OF MEN’ by Patrick Ness. Six words I would chose for its front cover would be heartbreaking, realistic, literature, emotional and surprisingly surprising. The ending was so great! Just when everything was finally peace full…it all falls apart really, really fast.

  13. Judging a book by its cover is something a lot of people, I know I’ve done it before. I don’t do it any more since now that read more difficult books. When I was younger every time I went to the book fair I would always pick the books that would have cute dogs and kittens on them, but I wouldn’t even read them I would just set them out in my room. I couldn’t even read when I would buy these books so when I tried to read it I didn’t understand it or like it. So it did not work out at all, I ended reading them later on but they weren’t my favorite. I think I sometimes think I want something or read something just by the cover for an example magazines. If I went to this bookstore I would have fun picking out my book but I don’t think would want to pick out my book that way all the time. Picking out my books I would probably pick out books a lot better because I won’t be able to read the title or read the back of it. On the wrapping paper the five words that I would have on they would be dramatic, girly, mysterious, romantic and a series

  14. I have always picked a book by its cover ever since I was little but I always went to the back of the book to read the mini summary on it. If the back of the book didn’t satisfy me I would open to a page in the book and read a random page. I am neutral toward the idea, because I think some people will love this great idea but some people will not care for the idea. The reasons I think this is because one people will get upset if they don’t like the book and blame it on the store. The other reason is people will want their money back and that would cause a problem for the store. On the other hand I think some customers will love their book and keep getting books from this store over and over. Of course there will still be people who even though don’t like the book will not cause a problem and try another book from the store. I also think wrapping the book wouldn’t work out good because the reasons above.
    Yes, I have picked a book by it’s cover the book has worked for me. The “Sweetness at the Bottom of Pie” was the book that worked perfectly for me, and now I am reading the next book in the series.
    “This Book Belongs to Ratchet.”
    – Funny
    – Informative how to build/fix a car
    – Very predictable

    If I had to choose fives to describe my book they would be…….
    – Contains History

  15. I think that wrapping these books up in paper is a good idea because a lot of times people just judge a book by its cover. One time I picked a book with a really interesting cover, but when I started to read the book I recognized that the book really wasn’t interesting to me at all and had nothing to do with the cover. This happens all the time to me and I think that if I wasn’t as involved in looking at the cover it might be easier for me to find a good book. Another reason that I think this is this is because one time I saw a book with a very scary not so interesting looking book and I decided not to read it, but later on in the school year my whole class read it and it turned out that it was an even better book than the book with the cool cover. In my opinion I think that if people got there books all wrapped up we would have a better chance of always picking the right book. I think that if we picked are books like this we might not always get the right book every time but we might get a better chance of picking a good book. If I were to write something on the paper I would write something to do with what happens in the book “Hope Was Here”. The words that would make me want to read the book “Hope Was Here”. Would be Things will get better if you just keep hoping. Words on a piece of paper that would make me feel like the book is defiantly perfect for me would be hope, keep trying, realistic fiction, friendship.

  16. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” This is a phrase that we all are very fond of. I believe that the idea of covering up a book’s cover is very smart! It gives us a chance to care more about the content of a book than the visual part of a book. I don’t tend to choose books because of their cover. If all books were like this, I think we all would have a better chance of choosing the right book because there wouldn’t be the distraction of a cool or colorful cover when choosing a book. Some words that would get me interested in a book would be realistic, funny, decisions, and relatable. Some words that describe the last book I read, “Fish in a Tree”, would be realistic, emotional, predictable, and friends. So the next time you are looking for the perfect book, don’t judge a book by its cover!

  17. Books that you can’t see the cover with only a few descriptive words! That’s sounds so weird… But what a great idea! I feel like I do pick books based on the cover. Sometimes it works out great! Sometimes not so great… I think this is a great idea but I would not like having to do this all the time. To me, the presentation of the book is important but I would like to try something new. I feel like I can’t tell how I would like not seeing the cover unless I try it. This would be so cool to try. Let me see… What would I want to see on that wrapped book?Dystopian,mystery, adventure, and action. That sound like a good book to me! I could describe the most recent book I read “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, The words I would use would be fantasy, adventure, magic, and risk.

  18. Personally the book cover plays a part in choosing my book. I don’t chose a book just because the the cover it only helps me chose a book. It gives me a fell for what the book is about. The one time I ever chose a book by its a cover it worked out good. I don’t think this would work out because we can’t see the back if the book and read a summary about the book. If the paper said adventure,mysterious,romance and mythology the that is a book I would pick. Last book I read would have distopian and adventure

  19. If there was a book in brown paper and there was a few words that describe that book I think that it would be cool and also the book could be good depending on the description but you don’t know what the cover looks like so you might not like the book. There is a few books that I would pick only by the cover because the cover can look cool and interesting. Sometimes the cover can kinda tell what might happen in the book or an idea from the title. I picked out a book because of its cover and after reading the book I thought it was really good because it has a main idea that’s so interesting and the cover looked cool too. If all books came in a brown paper with a few description and we always had to pick the books like that I think I could pick the right book by the description. Also I could pick a bad book because you can’t see the cover because the description might not be as good as you thought. Four or five words thats on a book that would be a perfect book for me is mystery, sports, funny, interesting. Four or five words that I would have to choose from the last book I read are inspiring, surfer, faith, never give up.

  20. Never judge a book by its cover. In a bookstore in Australia, there’s a bin of books that are covered in paper with no way to tell what the book is about except for 5 key words that describe it. I think this is a really cool idea for trying new things. Sometimes I pick books by their covers, and sometimes they aren’t as good as I expect them to be. I think that if all books came this way, we would be quicker at picking books out and not spending 5 hours trying to decide, but you wouldn’t be getting the whole gist of the book. Usually when I’m picking out books I read the backs and decide if I’m going to get it or not. If a covered book had the words: dystopian, action, mystery, adventure, and fantasy, then I would totally buy it. The last book I read was “The Jungle of Bones.” If this book was covered, the words that would be on it would be: adventure, exploration, mystery, and action.

  21. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying we all hear a lot. This is a good idea because you get to see the main ideas of the book, rather than a “cool” cover. Sometimes I do have a tendency to choose a book by its cover, but I distinctly remember when I chose the book “The Graveyard Book” and it turned out that the book had a lot of confusing words and content. I think that if this were here in our local library’s then I think that we would find a perfect book. I believe this because most people like to choose a book by its cover. Four words that would be written on my dream book would be adventure, persistence, mystery, and bravery. The four words that would be on the last book I read, “Floors”, would be mystery, bravery, persistence, and adventure.

  22. “Look pretty colors. I want that one.” Do you just buy the book from the cover. In Australia there is a book store that is covering the cover. So now you can only get the gist of it with a few key words. I think that this is pretty cool, I mean why judge a book by its cover. I have picked a few books by the cover it has turned out ok. Most of the time I read the back description instead of just the cover. When I do that it seems to work out much better. If all the books in the world had a covered covers with a few words to describe . I think everyone would pick out the right book because they would find the perfect words for them. The perfect “blind book” would have the words: funny, adventure, action, magical, and mysterious. The last book I read is called the “Eighth Day”. I think it’s words would be: Action, magical, mysterious, and funny. I think that this is a neat thing to do.

  23. Loss of brother starting over. Those are the words that I would chose to describe the book
    “Love, Lucas”. Its a book about a girl who had recently lost her brother to cancer. Ever since then her parents had been constantly fighting. So her mom decided to move to California. That book I choose by its cover and title. For me the book was so good. If you like just about any kind of book and like to be surprised then you most likely love this store. But if you like reading the first few pages then this probably would not be the best think for you. If your the person that always reads about the book before reading it then you mite not have to do this in order to know if you will like the book or not. If you always pick a book by its cover then you mite like this in oder to know if you will like the book or not. I think sometimes this could be helpful to me but other time not so much. Over all i think thats its a pretty cool idea that to some people could be very helpful. If not you can go look at books where you can see the cover.

  24. Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? I know I have. From the colorful covers to the creative titles I have always been one to pick a book by its cover. Sometimes this works out great for me but other times it has had me stuck with a boring book about a genre that I wouldn’t like to read. Therefore I think this is an exceptional idea to have books put into paper bags! If we have this in every ok store I would never pick a book for its cover and I and everyone else wouldn’t be stuck with a book genre that we don’t like. Also it would encourage people to not only judge a book by its cover but they would also learn to not judge a person by their appearance. If there was a paper bag with the words mystery, sadness, miracles, and persistence. In the book “Counting By Sevens” I would describe it in sadness, family, love, friendship, and bravery.

  25. “Never judge a book by its cover” I have heard that so many times and yet I still do it. I have gotten better at just trying books for fun to see what I like, but the wrapped books I think is a great idea. I do sometimes judge books by their covers, but most of the time if I choose a book with a pretty cover it isn’t always very good. Sometimes it does work out for me for example the book Matched was a great book and it had a very interesting cover. An example of me choosing a book with a good cover would be the book The Name of This Book is Secret and no offense to anyone who likes the series but it was AWFUL! I think that if more book stores did the wrapping of the books, then more people would read a wider variety of books because everyone loves surprises and trying new things. A recent book that read was The Wizard of Oz, and if I had to describe it in five words it would be -journey -friendship -persistence -bravery and -fun. If we did this for other things that aren’t books then it would encourage people to try new things even if you don’t like it. Not only would it teach people to not judge books by their covers, it would also teach people to not judge others based on their appearance.

  26. Have you ever heard anyone say this, “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!” I know I have! I can’t imagine walking into a book story and all the covers are hidden because I tend to choose books because the colors stand out or how the front cover is set up. When I pick a book by it’s cover surprising I really enjoy reading them. I think it always works out for me because most of the covers that are appealing to me reflects the story inside. I have mixed emotions about the idea that the bookstore in Australia is doing with book covers. I think it’s a good idea because it will stop people from judging a book a its cover and read what’s actually inside, but on the other hand I think the packages need more description and in all the books I’ve read are greatly represented by their covers. I think it would harder to pick books because there is very little description. If I had to describe “Out of my Mind” in four words it would be: judgment, emotional, confidence, and hopeful.

  27. If I were to see a book with brown paper over it covering the cover I would think “We’ll how do I know it’s going to be a good book without being able to read the cover?” I think that this is a great idea because you should never judge a book by its cover. Sadly I do tend to judge a book by its cover but now there might be a solution. When I pick a book by its cover most of them aren’t that good. I think if more book stores were to sell books like this people would enjoy reading more because it would be exiting to have to read to try and find out what book it is. If I saw the words mystery, comedy, action, and romance I would know that, that would be the book for me. The last book I read I would have to say it would fall under action, mystery, excitement, and curiosity. If we did all of this for movies, music, and games I think it would be an interesting experiment but my preference would be to pick my own games, movies, and music. Picking what restraint might be a fun experiment because it’s always a mystery.

  28. Hmm, I have watched a girl pick up a book and say “Oooh, cool cover! I want this one!” I don’t get it. She didn’t read what it was about or at least do it based off wether or not she liked that author. What if when she gets home and reads it is about something like non-fiction and she was looking for a fiction book? I don’t really choose books off of the cover. On the inside or back of a book there are one or two paragraphs about the book. If the paragraphs explains that it’s about action, excitement, suspense, or mystery I know it’s my kind of book. I think that if people chose based off of what a book is about I think every one would almost always choose the right book for them because you would know what you’re looking at. With only looking at the cover you take a wild jump. The brown covering is a good idea, it forces you to really think about what you want.

  29. I think it’s kinda weird to not be able to read the description of the book and only knowing 5 words about the book so I would want to know more about it. I usually do judge a book by its cover or I judge it by the back description I usually need to see the actual book of muse sure it looks interesting . It has usually worked out for me by judging books by there cover because I acually have liked almost all the books I have read so far. Because they are all mostly action, fiction and comedy filled books so I don’t get bored with them . I think that if all books came like this then it would be harder to choose the perfect book cause you don’t know much about the book. I think this because it would be harder to choose cause I know that most people read the back of the book or a page or two to decide if they would like to read it or not. Four or five words on a book that would really interest me would probably be, fiction,action,comedy, and adventurous would make me think a book is perfect for me. That’s just my opinion though.

  30. Mystery, realistic fiction, comedy and fiction oh my! Those are my favorite books to read. I just read The Fourteenth Goldfish and I loved it. It was a fiction book. It wasn’t based on a true story but part of it could happen to people. I think it is a really good idea to cover up books and see if people actually pick it because they like the words on the book or if they just pick it because of the cover. Sometimes I pick a book by it’s cover but I usually read the back of the book first. I think if every book I got came with something over it I would’t always like it because I can’t read the back of anything. I think we should try this and see if we like the book or if we don’t like other!

  31. Have you heard of wrapping books in paper so you can’t see the cover? Well, a book shop in Sidney Australia put brown paper around some of their books and they put four descriptive words on the front to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    This makes me feel glad because then, people won’t think that a book with a boring cover will be boring, and that a crazy book cover would be an exciting book. Also this is a great idea because you get key words about the books. I do have a tendency of picking books by their covers because in my mind I think that books with scarier or crazy covers will be more interesting. Yes, this has been working out for me because I’ve read the back of the book to see if it’s interesting. I think that people would chose the right book for themselves because you can read key words that may catch your eye if you look and it and you might want to read about it.
    A book that would be perfect for me would have:

    Realistic Fiction
    Narration about an outstanding kid or kids
    Obstacles along the way

    Four or five words that would be listed for my most recent book would be:

    Realistic Fiction
    Outstanding kid
    Make you feel happy

  32. Fantasy, mystery, nonfiction is what I like to read. I just read Hope Was Here. It was very good. it was a nonfiction book. If I gave some of my favorite books away to other people in Australia, I would be excited to see what their expressions would be. I think it would be better for them to find out about a book by rapping it up and only putting like 4-5 words on the front because regularly when you look at a book some people say that it doesn’t look good. But it actually is. It can make reading a whole lot better when you get more to choose from depending on your interest. I wish they had this idea in the USA because a lot of students don’t like reading or don’t have the opportunity to read which makes their grades go down.

  33. Utopian. Futuristic. Adventure and rebellion. Those might be some of the words on a book I randomly choose. I think that it is smart, interesting and a fun idea to be able to randomly choose a book without knowing much about it. It’s a way to get people to read different kinds and genres of books and it would be exiting to get to take of the brown wrapping and see what the next book that you’re reading is, like opening a present! I personally do not choose books by their cover and more by what they say on the back, what others that have read the book say about it, and of their genre. If all books were covered in paper and you didn’t know what book it was then you would have a low chance of being able to read the books that you have been looking forward to reading so it would be harder to find just the right book. If I had to wrap and write a few words about the most recent book I read, City of Bones, then I would write action, fiction, magic and mystical creatures.

  34. Having the books front page covered by paper that’s a weird yet cool idea. I see so many people just look at the covers and think that they might be cool. Which I don’t understand sometimes. True I used to look at the covers and thought they were cool but they weren’t. Now in days I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover. Also just a tip don’t go for the covers of the books even though they might look cool because the book covers can be very deceiving. Having the books front page covered is a great idea. Know you won’t just look at the covers and think it was cool. You can see what topics the book is about and you can finally say… “Hey I like all of those topics this would be a great book for me”. For examples I like topics that have action,mystery,adventure ,fantasy, and dramatic. If there was a book that had most of those topics I would get it right away no second thought. There’s a book that I have read and if it was covered the topics would probably be action,adventure, mystery, and fantasy. The books name is… The Name of This Book is Secret.

  35. If there were books in every book store covered in brown paper with only four words to describe the book, it wouldn’t work out so well. It would be bad because if you are looking for a specific book you would have to buy a whole bunch before you could finally get it. I do think that it would be fun to have a few covered in brown paper but not all of them. Sometimes if I am deciding between two books I will choose the one that has the brighter colored cover or if the title is more intriguing. It usually works out but I never would have known if I would have liked the other one better. I think if all books were like this it would help if you new what you liked but it would take a while to find out because you would have to read every single kind of book to find out what your perfect kind is. The four words that would describe my perfect book would be adventurous, funny, fiction, and exciting. If Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was described in five words it would be adventures, twisted ending, scary, exciting, and funny.

  36. Five words. Funny, magical, adventurous, sweet, and frightening. Imagine having to chose a book and the only thing you knew about it was these five words that describe it. There would be a brown bag over the book so you couldn’t see the cover and you wouldn’t know the title. To me this would be hard to choose a book with a paper bag over it. I usually choose books by looking at their covers. I think the covers of the book are important, I think that covers are meant so you can see the main idea of the of the book. Picking books by their covers has worked out pretty good so far. The first thing I do when I pick up a book is look at the cover, then I read the first page of the book. I have picked books by just looking at their covers. Like when I read the 14th goldfish the only reason I started reading it was because the cover was really nice. If all books came this way then I think it would be harder for choosing the right book for you. It would be harder because if your trying to find a book that a certain author wrote it would be very challenging to find the book. Those five words at the beginning of this paragraph (funny, magical, adventurous, sweet, frightening) are the five words I would use to describe the book The Wizard Of Oz.

  37. I think the idea of wrapping books is a wonderful idea because there are many people who chose a book by it cover or have at least once in there life, I admit I have chosen a few books by there cover. Some of the book I have chose by there cover have and haven’t worked out for me. I think some covers have a totally different outlook on the book from what it really is. I think if all places around the world did this I think we would all be very happy with the book we received, because reading a books cover doesn’t always tell you about the book, but having a few words on the rapping that described it I think that would work out very well. I think we’d all be better at picking books this way because there is a little description of what the book is on and we can choose what we like. Five word perfect for me would be, enlightenment, adventure, rough times, and good ending. I know it six words but they are perfect for me. My last book should of had ordinary, growing apart, magic, reincarnation. That would be perfect for my last book. I think many more places should start doing this because more and more people would be happy with what they receive.

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