From All Of The Novels You Have Read So Far, Who Is Your Favorite Antagonist?

“It’s easy to pick our favorite main characters and heroes from our most beloved novels….but what about antagonists? What about anti-heroes and enemies and bad guys? They may not always act as main characters in the novels we read, but they play an important role and many times cause us to feel sympathy/empathy for situations we usually wouldn’t have those feelings for.

Who is your favorite antagonist? Explain why he/she is your favorite” (Write About).

Students, please begin your paragraph with an interesting lead and be sure to give the title of the book and the character (antagonist’s name) somewhere in your introductory lead sentences. The title of the book should be in capital letters and in this case enclosed within quotation marks. Remember to explain with details and give at least one example from the book to support your ideas.

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  1. My favorite antagonist is Jack from The Graveyard Book. The Graveyard Book is about a little boy who escapes from his house while a bad man was murdering his family with a knife. He waddles away into a graveyard and is raised by ghosts and lives freely in the graveyard. The man who murdered his family was Jack a killer for an association of assassins… all named Jack. Jacks task was to kill the whole family, including the little boy. Jack hunts for the boy day and night because to kill the family was his last task. The boy is named Bod by the ghosts, short for Nobody because they found him unique, he looked like nobody they knew. Jack traced the boy to the graveyard, 14 years later and they fought. I don’t want to give away what happens but Bod wins. Jack is my favorite antagonist because he is stealthy and smart and he never gives up finding the boy. He is also really tall and dark and he is a master of disguise because he poses as Bod’s friend’s mom’s boyfriend and then gets close and tries to kill Bod. Viewer discretion advised for this next bit but it’s not really that gross, it’s just not for people who get grossed out about death. I also like him because he uses a knife and in my opinion murdering a family would be better using a knife than a gun or other weapons. Not that I would murder a family of course.

  2. You-Know-Who or He-Must-Not-Be-Named (Lord Voldemort) is a very powerful dark wizard. He tried to kill Harry Potter in the first book. After 13 years Voldemort came back to full power. His biggest goal is to kill Harry Potter. The only problem for him is that he is scared of one extremely powerful wizard, Dumbledore. Voldemort is my favorite bad guy because he tries very, very, very hard to defeat Harry Potter. For 13 years he had to hide in people’s bodies to be able to move around in disguise. He is also my favorite because he has the ability to preform magic that not many people can.

  3. Out of all of the antagonists in books that I have read my favorite one is Jack from “The Graveyard Book”, because he always knew were he could strike next. He was a murderer that got assigned to kill a family and when he killed was killing the family the baby got away. He couldn’t find the baby, but Jacks hole life he was looking for the baby. He has gotten really close but never caught the baby. He is a tall man with great knowledge. He has a knife that he has killed all of his victims with. He played a big part in the story, because he started and ended the story. He isn’t the usual antagonists in lost stories. He is just a normal guy that has affected many peoples lives. He isn’t like Smaug or Voldemort, but he is Jack. That is why he is my favorite antagonist.

  4. My favorite antagonist is probably Seth Gilbert jr. This villain is Drew Robinson’s biggest enemy on the court. Drew is probably the best player in all of his area ad Seth is he biggest competition. Drew played in the all american basketball game and he was on a different team then Seth. On a fast break Drew was dribbling the ball of the court and he knew that his teamate, Glenn, was on fire. Glenn was in the corner ready for a shot and he also had the big man down low but drew knew what he was going to do. Drew went behind his back like he was going to go the other direction but halfway through the motion drew hit the ball with his elbow which caused the ball to go to the corner. Drew was tripped and did not see but all he knew was he heard great pass from Drew “True” Robinson. After this possession the coach subbed Seth into the game and Drew could tell he was going to be competition. The first play down, Seth called for a screen and took s step back and hit the three. Little did drew know, this was all game. Seth had 35 points with 7 assists and 4 rebounds. After the game Drew was distraught, he could not believe it. On the way to the lockeroom Drew felt someone grab his shoulder. It was Seth. He looked at him and all he said was ” This is not the last you’ll hear my name”.

  5. If I had one antagonist I would choose Chomp named Carl Hiaasen, I would choose from that book Tunas father because he shoot Wahoos dad in the foot who was an animal expert. Tunas Dad was always drinking beer so Wahoos dad brought her along on the trip for a movie the people in the movie needed a wildlife specialist so Wahoos dad went for help. Tuna came along with Wahoo and his dad so that made Tunas dad wonder where her daughter went. Tunas dad finally found her at the Everglades she saw him and jumped on the airboat and the guy who was driving the boat got shot in the shoulder and Wahoo had to drive and crashed it so then they were on foot. Tunas dad took control of the boat by high jacking Wahoo’s dads boat. Of course her dad was drunk and had a pistol that he was shooting off so finally a long time later he finds his daughter and her dad gets out of the boat and Wahoo protects Tuna but Wahoo’s dad jumps to action and Tunas dad shoots him in the foot. They were on the expedition with this guy ” The main character in the show Derrek Badger” who is an nut job jumps on Tunas dad and he out of everybody stops him.

  6. My favorite antagonist is Pakasahara from The Familiars. Pakasahara is my favorite antagonist because she is cunning, smart and a cute little bunny. Even though she is cute and small, she almost takes over the world. Sadly, she is later defeated by Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert (the main characters). She tries to take over the world by summoning every dead animal, but was no match for the main characters. The author did write a fourth book but, the antagonist in that book will never be as awesome as Pakasahara. The little bunny that almost took over the world.

  7. My favorite Antagonist is someone you wouldn’t expect from the early books in the Skeleton Creek series. My favorite villain is Henry, the friend of Ryan’s father who visits every summer and is generally a nice and funny guy. But when Ryan and his friend Sarah started to get suspicious the story unfolded very quickly and his sneaky plans went to an jolting stop. Henry’s plans were to uncover the secret gold hidden in the dredge and keep it all to himself. Henry took the form of the ghost old joe bush who was a worker on the dredge who was killed on the job, his plan for that was to guard the dredge and all its loot. But something didn’t seem right to Sarah and Ryan they thought how would Henry have known they were ever exploring the dredge in the first place. But later that night they went to explore the dredge and what they found proved that Henry did know they were exploring the dredge, they uncovered cameras in every corner of the dredge monitoring Ryan and Sarah’s very movement inside and out of the old broken down dredge. On their last expedition to the dredge they were putting in a code to get this old alchemical relic but as they were leaving “Old Joe Bush” gave them a surprise and jumped them just as they got up. But something strange happened Ryan’s dad along with ranger boner All showed up at the same place and same time and before they knew it Henry had ran away after breaking his leg on the fall down he was never seen again.

  8. Percy Jackson
    The Battle of The Labyrinth

    My favorite antagonist from the novel The Battle of The Labyrinth is Luke. Luke is around 15
    years old and is a half-blood, a half-blood is a person that is half human and half demigod. Luke turned over to the evil side a few years ago. He used to be best friends with a half-blood named Annabeth. Annabeth still thinks that he will become nice again but he will probably never become nice again. In this book he mainly dies by giving his body to Kronos who is a Titan. A Titan is someone that ruled the world before the gods did. He is on the evil side like Luke is. Luke used to live at camp half-blood which is were all of the half-bloods stayed. He left camp half-blood and got a huge ship with all kinds of enemy’s. Some of the people that joined were other half bloods that used to go to camp half-blood, one of the names was Chris. In the book Luke goes into the labyrinth with a tons of monsters and enemy half-bloods. Chris sacrificed himself to go into the labyrinth. When he came back out he was a little mind crazy. Luke went into the labyrinth and found a place were a son of Poseidon was. A son of Poseidon was the son of the sea. It was a arena were people would fight, so he watched other people fight to their deaths. Then he left and carried on into the labyrinth. Then Luke with his army found Dadeulus’s workshop which is a place were a ton of things were invented. After that Luke sacrificed himself to Kronos so Kronos could be re-awoken and rule the world.

  9. My favorite Antagonist from a novel is Profferer Quirrell from “Harry Potter the Socers Stone”. The reason I like him is because, he was very sneaky. For example when he went to the Quidditch game, and made it look like Snape put a spell on Harry’s broom. When Snape was putting a counter spell on Quirrell’s spells.He also was very misleading. For example when he would where a turban so no one could see Voldemort on the back of his head. He was also very good at making Snape look like the bad guy. All the way through the book I enjoyed it but, especially at the end because of the plot twist.

  10. We always seem to talk about our favorite character and hero in a book, but we don’t talk about our favorite antagonist. My favorite antagonist is Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter because I think he has the capability of being a really nice guy. I also like him because he studdered to make it look like he was a good guy. When he revealed he was a bad guy, it was that giant scene where Harry Potter showed courage when Quirrell had Voldemort in his soul where he had his turban. Quirrell eventually died because Harry’s hand was burning hot and Harry grabbed Quirrell’s hand and face. Quirrell was also really clever, too.

  11. I have many favorite antagonists like “The Great Goblin” from the Hobbit, “Voldemort” from Harry Potter, and many others. I would say my favorite would be “The Creators” from The Maze Runner. I like them because they are suspicious and nobody in the Glade knows who they are. To me it’s like knowing how to hit a baseball but, you can’t because you haven’t mastered the swing fully. They are also very clever. It must’ve taken a long time to plan out the maze. They are smart because they made the code for the maze.

  12. My favorite antagonist is Smaug from the Hobbit. Smaug is a dragon who destroys the ancient city of Dale and steals the the treasure from the king under the mountain. Smaug is a very clever dragon and lives in the mountain with all his treasure. He is a very powerful dragon and thinks he is indestructible. He is killed by Bard when he tries to attack Lake-Town because he has a chink in his armor that he doesn’t know about. He is my favorite antagonist because he is very clever.

  13. Smaug the dreadful from the hobbit is the villain of the book. The resin he is so evil is because he killed many people and light lake town on fire and killed many people. Smaug killed most of the dwarves in Endure. Smaug killed many people and he didn’t even care. Smaug is the most Evil villain I know.

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