Choose One From The Writing Buffet

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Hi Students,

This week please choose one writing prompt to respond to and follow the directions on the image.

No matter which one you choose, two paragraphs written well are expected. Have clever opening  and concluding lines.

If you choose the first one about the teacher, it goes without saying that you should be respectful. Have fun but be respectful.

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  1. Have you ever wondered what your teacher does over the summer? Well I have and I got so interested in it that I followed my teacher, Mrs. Bingo, Mrs. B for short, home from school one day. Everything was fine until we drove over the bridge. She seemed to press a button that was under a plastic case in her car. When she pressed this button her car completely disappeared. When I drove by the same exact spot my car was at the bottom of the ocean and I saw hers right in front of me. She pressed the button again and this whole entire cave appeared. She drove into the creepy, circular, crumbly, cave and I followed. The cave door closed behind my car I had gotten in to her “house!” Now I was even more curious and a little scared. She parked her car and got out. Not believing the luck that she hadn’t noticed me yet I parked my car and followed her.

    Inside of her house were multiple outfits that had capes, tights, a mask, and a shirt that said “Mrs, B” with shooting stars around it. At that time I was thinking was Mrs. B really a superhero? She can’t be she’s just a science teacher. But then she had done something truly astonishing she took of her work clothes and one of her outfits were under it and then she flew, yes flew, out of her skylight! I ran out of there as fast as I could thinking my Science teacher is a superhero, my teacher is a superhero. After that I knew I better be on my best behavior my next science class!

  2. I’m a resident of Pictipsiphip, the people here live at the tennis court of Zero street. The city has what are called Pips (that is just like tiny people, it originally came from the English word pipsqueak). Oh why I have forgotten about me, My name is Zip. And I live in a tennis ball with my mom, dad, and Hamilton, my pipdog. So now that you know about me I have to tell you the strangest thing happened today.

    Today when I woke up I saw a pipmower what I have wanted all my life. Just then my mom yelled at me to get up and mow the grass. So I got up and went outside with the pipmower. Went I got outside I was a Norman (what Pips call normal humans). It was the weirdest thing ever. So I started the mower. “Rhururhrhuhrurhrurhhrurhr” what a weird noise, that woke me I. It was all but a dream, which sucks because I really wanted a pipmower. When I went to the outside of the tennis ball home there was the noise again “rhururhrhuhrurhrurhhrurhr”. I wanted to find where that was coming from so I walked all over the court which was a few yards long. (A yard is like a mile for Pips)Then I found it the noise, it was my dad on top of Target ball store mowing the little green fuzz off of the ball store.

  3. “AHHHHH!” I screamed as I found myself falling. Falling. Falling. Falling. I finally reached the ground and I landed face down. I felt terrified, because I had no idea where I was. I got up and I saw a tiny little door. I couldn’t fit through the door, because it was still too small for me. I didn’t know what to do until a little bottle with a green liquid inside, hit me on the head. There was a little tag on the bottle that said drink me. Of course, I drank it. I felt… Different. Soon the bottle became bigger than me and so did everything else in the room! It was either that everything was growing or I was shrinking! Either way I could now fit into the tiny door, that was now big.

    When I opened the door I simply looked upon it in shock. It was the most beautiful yet strange place I had ever seen! It was all green, and was filled with tennis balls. The tennis balls came in all different shapes and sizes. There were tennis ball houses, buildings, and there were little people just like me rolling on tennis balls, as if they were their cars. I started to walk into the beautiful city and right away I found myself rolling on a tennis ball too! It was actually extremely fun. I just kept rolling and rolling and rolling until I stopped and there was a bright flash, almost like a camera flash. Once the flash was over I started rolling again, and then the ball rolled down a hole and I fell off the tennis ball, and back into my room. “Meow” What, what was that? I felt something wet on my face. I immediately woke up. It was my cat licking my face. “Awww! It was only a dream” I said sadly. I sat up in my bed, but in my hand I saw a little green tennis ball.

  4. If you had to guess what my favorite class was what would you say? Math, Science, maybe English? Well you would be wrong. My favorite class is Thrill 101 ever heard of it? Most schools don’t have it, but I’m glad mine does! Once a week our class will go to the amusement park and the whole class is taught on the rides there. I know what your thinking, is there really a class where all you do is ride rides and have fun? Well in a way, yes. But what this class really teaches is to not be afraid.

    There’s this one ride called Thrill Hill, as soon as you see it it looks terrifying! You climb in this tiny cart, one cart at a time you go into this long dark tunnel, you only have one person next to you, and slowly you start moving. You enter the tunnel and start going up, up, up, next thing you know, you are looking straight down, the cart stops completely, your dangling for what seems like forever, and when you least expect it, you drop going all the way down super fast! Sounds scary right? Well that was the first thing we did in that class, and everyone loved it. At first when they would get off they would freeze and be completely silent, a few seconds later they would want to go on again and again. Any way, what Thrill Hill taught us, and what the class Thrill 101 taught was sometimes you need to take chances. That is why Thrill 101 is my favorite class!

  5. One crisp, cool day a young scientist, Dr. Michaleson, was experimenting with his newest invention, a shrink ray. He positioned a flower pot in his front yard planning to shrink it. Then he came back in his large house took the shrink ray to the 3rd floor window. He slowly opened the window. He pressed the button to shoot the shrink ray. The machine began to count down. 10… Linda, person that mowed everybody’s lawn, entered the yard with her red lawn mower. 9… She inched closer to the flower pot. 8… 7… 6… She picked it up and placed neatly out of the way. 5… Dr. Michaleson began to go crazy, trying to shut the machine of. 4… 3… Linda was in the flower pots exact spot. 2… Dr. Michaleson began to yell “Get out of the way!” 1… A big purple ray shot across the lawn and onto Linda. She shrunk to the size of a caterpillar.

    Dr. Michaleson ran out and scooped Linda up. He told her what happened and that the results were not reversible. Linda learned to accept that until Mark came along and took all her lawn mowing customers. She decided she needed something to keep her busy. One day she saw a big green fuzzy tennis ball. It was dirty and gross until Linda mowed it. Now everybody in town is thankful for Linda.

  6. If I had a class that lets us go to the amusement park. We would ones every other week to test ride any new rides or to find out how the roller coasters work like the simple machines that make to rides go. We would get free passes to cut every one in line. Some other things we would do is talk to the main inventor of the rides and give them ideas for new rides, then we could go test rides that we gave ideas for. Some ideas that I have are called and “Flip out” you would get in a cage like thing strap in then you are in a sling shot thing. You would bounce up and down a few times then when you get to the highest you could be it would stop in the air and you would start to spin. When you stop you would drop and go flying down. The bounce a few times then it would be over.

    It would be so much fun to go to in my mind it would probably be the best class by far. It would be awesome to go and be able to give ideas to make new rides test ride the rides before any body else. Being able to see one of your ideas be taken and put into a new ride. Leaning new things like how simple machines work and know that they use them every where. Going back where know one else can go. That would be awesome I wish that we could do that in real life.

  7. If I invented a class that takes place in a amusement park it would be Googley eyes because for my class you need to use your eyes. We would measure the rollercoaster to see what rollercoaster is the highest to ride. You have to do math and measure it correctly to get points on a test. When you go up on the rollercoaster you have to answer a question and if you get it wrong you go down slowly.

    After that you had to go into a haunted house and find all the flashcards that have a definition and a word. It’s a Harry Potter castle. Then you match the cards. Once you have done that you have to go to the food area where you have to use the cards to order your food and drink for lunch. When you buy your food you have to use rat money to buy it, you earn the money from getting good grades on tests. After that you read Harry Potter during lunch. When you go on the rollercoaster you have to read your flash cards and if you say it correctly you get to leave school. But if you say it wrong you have to spend the night there in a cabin.

  8. One day Jill was mowing the lawn she wished that she had a giant lawn but be carful what you wish for. Kazamm!!! she was so happy she had a ” giant ” lawn she was so happy but then the people came. Jill screamed ahhh giant people a giant hand came flying at her. She did not know what to do she started screaming and running in circles. She started saying that I’m a human I am one of you guys. What she really sounds like is if you could hear a pin drop then you might hear a little tick.

    Then Jill was puzzled. The giant humans picked up her lawn . Jill didn’t realize her mower was still on she said I know what I will do I will go inside my house. With her mower she ran all the way around the tennis ball. And it formed white lines. She said wait a second my house is on the other side she picked up her mower and went to the other side of the tennis ball and she ran around the tennis ball. The giant humans had got out rackets Jill said take me back to my house take me back. She woke up in her bead it was just a dream Jill had a new respect for tennis balls and was now deathly afraid of big lawns.

  9. DANGER: HELMET NEEDED FOR SCIENCE CLASS TODAY! Science is most definitely my most favorite class! So, remember when I told you about…Wait you don’t know. Ok, so my science class takes place at the roller coaster called Atomic Mania. We are currently learning about atoms and the periodic table.This name changes every time we start a new unit. We have a little trapdoor that takes us there. The roller coaster is ombré blue all across the coaster. Mr. Flopenhopper, my science teacher asks us particular science questions and if we answer them right we get one point and that is electronically added to our scoreboard. If we get the question right then another loop or straight path is added to the ride. We need at least 15 straight paths and 6 loops to ride the ride. For every class the ride changes. As you get more and more questions right the questions get harder and harder. I sure hope that my teacher puts up another sign for next week!

  10. The one day I came to school early I saw something very interesting and peculiar in the science room. I looked in the classroom window and I saw Mrs. Bumble staring at a book across the room muttering some words.The strange thing was that the book was floating towards Mrs. Bumble in midair! As I was watching this madness her eyes quickly caught mine, the book dropped, and shut her blinds immediately. I ran as far away from that classroom as I could. That day I had many questions like: Why was the book floating in the air? What was Mrs. Bumble murmuring under her breath? What’s wrong with my science teacher? I told my mom about it, but she didn’t believe me no matter what I told her.

    The next day, I decided to get to school early again and find what was going on. My hand started shaking, while I was turning the door nob. 1,2,3 I told myself, then I creaked open the door and I saw Mrs. Bumble staring at a dry erase marker floating in the air muttering some different words. The marker was writing out today’s lesson on the white board. With no hands guiding it! I step closer and tripped over a chair, making a complete ruckus.”What are you doing here again?!” Mrs. Bumble said sharping. “I…I” I was looking for words to say. “I…I need help with my homework.” I said as my palms got sweaty. She smiled strangle and said nothing at all. What a strange teacher I have! Hopefully she doesn’t levitate the kids that act up in class! I looked at her and she was saying some spells at me and slowly looked down and found myself floating in the air. “Oh no!!”

  11. Hi I am a teacher and my class room is located in a amusement park and we go by the name the riders. The teacher would have her own big row to the top of a roller coaster cart to pit al of her stuff in. The cart would go a little slow and it would have a amazing view from the top of the ride. When ever the bell would ring the coaster would stop at the nearest ride and would rotate classes.

    The class would be super fun cause when the teacher would be talking about a new subject she would have a green screen that had a remote that changed the background. In the classes you would learn the different types of roller coasters and the history behind them. The teacher Wouk have lots of cool pencils,earsers and lots more. You should really come join our class sometime it is super fun.

  12. It was Monday 11,2006 when I was just walking. Then all of a sudden I see a flash. And you know when you sometimes you want to follow it. So I followed it and you have no idea how shocked I was to see my teacher Mrs. Birdy. But I had to keep her secret and it was really hard. But of corse I kept her secret. One day I was thinking about her secret life and I really wanted to help her. So one day after school I asked her when no one was in the class if I could help her. Mrs. Birdy was not sure if she would let me cause she did not want me to get hurt. But I got her to let me go on a adventure instead of a mission.

    Finally the day came and I said to my mom that I was going to my teachers house for help on hw. But I actually went on a adventure with my teacher. We went of to the adventure. I got to see what she wore and it was so cool. It had a belt around a dress and she also had wrist bands with it also. She also showed me her powers and they were so cool. So when I grow up I want to help people out.

  13. I am a teacher. I teach at Universal . The class I teach is about how not to scream on a roller coaster! First I tell my class to always close their eyes, so you don’t see the upcoming course! Then I tell them that if they open their mouths that they will eat a fly, that makes them scared to open their mouths. After I teach them all the basic things you need to know, I take them on a rollercoaster simulator! On the simulator I remind my students how not to scream. Then I take them on the real deal. I take them on a huge rollercoaster. I quiz them on how well they do, but usually they all fail at not screaming!

  14. Have you ever heard of a class at an amusement park, well I have. I’m in that class. In this class you get totally strapped down in a rollercoaster with an Ipad in front of you. While the rollercoaster is taking you all over the place you have to try to do your everyday regular school work. There are different levels of intensity for different rollercoasters. In each rollercoaster there is a sensor that collects how much information your brain is taking in. This odd class is called Rollercoaster Brain Class.

    It’s really fun because who wouldn’t want to have a class that involves ridding rollercoasters all day. The teacher for this class also the inventor wanted to be able to teach kids without practically killing them from extreme boredom. Anyways my point is any kid would love this awesome class.

  15. Have you ever wondered what your teachers did after school. Well one day I decided to follow my English teacher, Mrs. Mason, home. When she got in her car she drove out of school and went in this weird road. There was this little bridge that Mrs. Mason drove over. When she drove over the road lifted up. When that happened I got really interested. When she drove through it was all colorful.

    She drove up to this huge colorful house. She got out of the car and opened her garage. When she got in the house there was these minion type characters. They asked her a lot of questions. After that she went into this weird shape thing that brought her down to her lab. There was these weird science things. I hid behind all these new looking phones that no one has ever seen before. When she was doing an experiment I fell into a bunch of cans and it made a lot of noise. She looked and saw me lying on the ground. She told me to go home or she would call the police. That was that but I had the best time spying on my teacher and knowing that she makes experiments that no one knows about.

  16. I invented a fun class, you might think that everyone says this and isn’t true but mine definitely is! Have you ever heard of an amusement park class? That’s right I didn’t think you have. There are separate classes like every other school but they ride while they’re learning. If you are in math you go through the math roller coster that changes everyday to the new lesson. Same with word language, history, science and English. P.E is just walking around and going to each of your classes but you can also play games and stuff like that because you have fifteen minutes between each class. Also for recess there were other rides that have no learning and a bunch of fun games. Each class (except recess) is only thirty minutes but recess is two hours but it’s split up in between classes.

    I have five hundred students and my teaching levels go from pre-school to senior year in high school. Everybody loves the way of teaching and they ace their tests because having fun helps them learn better. For. Test they have to spray the right answer. You know those games where you try to squirt the ballon till it pops, well before they squirt they guess the answer and when the ballon pops the answer comes out so you know if your right or wrong. If I had this option for a school I would love to go to it!

  17. Have you ever wondered how tennis balls stay clean? Well I’m about to tell you! If you look deep into a tennis ball you can see SUPER tiny people who carry super tiny lawnmowers. They are called Westland Minis. They are called that because their from the western region of Alaska. They are only in tennis balls that are in the northern region because they are used to the cold. This picture is of a Westland Mini actually doing his job. His job is to clean the little white lines and to re-paint them.

    The Westland Minis actually look like humans but a smaller version. The males normally wear a red shirt and the women usually wear a white dress with red polka dots. They also are quite generous and nice. If you are wondering where they live, they live inside of the tennis ball. Their little houses are on the perimeter of the shell in the tennis ball. So remember, every time you buy a tennis ball there are little people inside of them.

  18. So you really like roller coasters? Well what if I told you about a class that you could take that was taught at an amusement park. The rest of your day would be the same with normal classes, a normal lunch, a normal schedule except for that one block during your day.

    The bell rings and you can’t wait! You pace to the the field where you find your bus and board. It’s a half an hour drive but it’s worth it when you finally arrive. Roller coasters galore, as far as you can see forwards, upwards, left and right. You enter with your class through a large gate that says schools. You walk into a building where you sit in a class like room and a woman walks out to the podium and tells you all about what you will be doing in you new four times weekly class. Learning about roller coasters. Building roller coasters. But best of all riding roller coasters. It’s everything you wished for and more! Everyday you wait for the time of day where you can build the greatest roller coasters and then proceed to ride the greatest ones every yet built.

    If you are looking for an extra class you can take that’s fun, exciting, thrilling and creative than this might just be the class for you!

  19. Have you ever heard of a class being at an amusement park? Well I have. My class is called Superiority. I take this class in the breaks. Our teacher’s name is Ms.Clown. She is amazing. She teaches us the history behind roller coasters. The supplies I need is a lot of binders and pencils. My best class in Superiority was sketching a roller coaster that was at the amusement park. The amusement park’s name is Scream Dream. My teacher’s name is Ms.Clown. She is amazing! Sometimes when we have nothing to do in the class, we are allowed to go on the roller coasters for free. I always wonder how people manage to go the really scary rides. My mom sent me to this school because she saw this ad on her computer and wondered if this would be a fun school for me. But I have to admit that The class is so much fun! I can’t wait to create solid memories that will last for years to come.

  20. My Social Studies teacher Mrs. Bliss is very unusual. Her voice is really high , and almost too high her voice is really it gets really annoying. She dresses in 80’s clothes. Wich Mrs. Honey the English teacher took her shopping and Mrs. Bliss hated all of the clothes! And her Hair is always in a big bun with a flower. Her style is different. But the thing is she is OBSSESED with this whitch show on television! Once I saw her in her car was the show theme merchandise like, seat covers, air fresheners, a lot of stickers on her car and coffee cup that theme.

    So I was abbsent one day and that day I had to take a test and so I went to go take it at lunch. When I showed up at her door I saw her on her computer. Across the room their was a sandwich. Mrs. Bliss suddenly stuck her arm out and the sandwich flew across the room and into her hand then acted like nothing happen!! I got so freaked out I ran to the bathroom. I splashed my face with water and and go back to the class room and she said. “ Hello! Your test is,right here. Good luck”. I finish the test the leave. That day my brothers were taking me home and I told them and they didn’t Belive me of course! I was going to bed that night and then I remembered I had her in the morning and then I freaked out! Then there I am the next morning sitting in Social Studies class. I look to my friend and of course I told her and she belived me. Mrs. Bliss was wearing white pants and a puffy neon yellow jacket (80’s). And she was drinking coffee. All of a sudden she spilled coffee on her white pants and when no one was looking she putt her hand over the brown warm stain. And it dissipeared! I know my teAcher has super powers and it is cool! Mrs. Bliss is the coolest teacher ever!

  21. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jennifer .T. Thingling. She was pale, had long black ebony hair, and emerald green eyes. And did I mention, she was a thingling. A thingling is like a smaller version of any species. She was a human thingling. Thinglings live in our ordinary everyday objects. Now, Jennifer and her family live in a tennis ball. Right next door were the R. Thinglings. (Thinglings middle names are like our last names.) Anyways, Jennifer and her family live in a tennis ball. Right smack in the center. The shape of the house is like a dome with a flat floor. It has hardware floors and a neat little tee for a table, turned over thimbles for seats, empty tiny floss containers (like the kind from the dentist) with ice in it for a fridge, cotton balls for beds, and hollowed out dice for cabinets, and who knows how’s many more trinkets made into mimics of our every day objects. They have a white thingling dog named Snowy for a pet.

    Jennifer has everyday chores: she has to mow her lawn, clean her bed room, feed Snowy, and do homework. She has to catch a lady bug for a school bus every morning and has a job at the M.C. Ronald’s Nearby. The photo is an example of her mowing her lawn. they hit it all the time with these giant rackets and she sometimes gets thrown against the walls. Once a week every week she mows her lawn and clean it and every week once a week the larglings and their dog mess it up. It is soooooo aggravating. But on the bright side, she gets paid! The End!

  22. I looked up at the TV and saw someone that looked unusually like my teacher! The headline was “Unknown Superhero saves kidnapped girl.” I was in shock. My Teacher’s a superhero! If my teacher was a superhero, I would be astonished! I would always ask her how her latest mission had gone and what her next mission was. She would obviously be my favorite teacher and I would frequently ask her for help.

    I would also help her make her a cool superhero outfit! She would have a purple mask that covered around her eyes. Then, a green shirt with purple fish knit gloves. She would have green leggings and a purple skirt. To finish it off, she would have purple tennis shoes that would make her run very fast. She would definitely be an awesome superhero and a favorite one, too!

  23. I am a student at Universal University. Everyday, we go to Universal after school to learn how to be safe on roller coasters. We learn correct roller coaster posture, how to make an impromptu seat belt, and what to do in an emergency. We also learn what not to bring on roller coasters, the correct eating schedule before going on a coaster, types of roller coasters, and how to not be afraid to go on roller coasters.

    Every Friday, we take a safety assessment. We are put on a roller coaster, and have to pass some kind of test or show what to do in an emergency. Last Friday, we went to Disney World and went on Space Mountain without seat belts! We had to demonstrate how to make a seatbelt out of everyday materials. My favorite part of going to Universal University are the field trips! We go to a different amusement park every Month. Also, the student who goes on the scariest ride gets to skip the next assessment! It may be time consuming, but now that I go to Universal University I know everything there is to know about roller coasters!

  24. If my teacher was I super hero I would be amazed. I would ask her all these questions and wonder how she did it? I would think that her powers were not human. I would be wanting to learn about her and watch her use them. I would ask why what is the point of having these powers, and not helping the world with all the terrible things in modern day? She would probably say it would cause panic and emotion would rise. But if you can do this I would think you would need to show someone in her life time! I would want to know how you do something that is so out of this world. Why would this happen to you? I would ask thinking you are the only one of your kind it just seems like a dream where any thing can happen, I would wonder if I was in a dream? But I would wonder can you share these powers to people, or maybe even heal disease? Is there a limited amount of power you have I would have to ask, and just why is there only one of you? Or is there more of you? What is the point of someone like god making you? Does someone want you to not show yourself? Why oh why would you live where know one could know how you did this or if you are even around?

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