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Please follow the directions on the prompt. I want you to really think on what these questions are asking. One good paragraph to include a creative lead sentence and a concluding sentence. Watch those run-on and incomplete sentences. Think outside the box!

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  1. If my teacher asked me to bring in an object that describes me, I would bring a bag of jelly beans. Each and every single jelly bean is different and specially made, and so am I. Each jelly bean represents a different emotion, and how I feel and act. Since red is very bright and kind of screams at you, or catches your eye as soon as you open the bag, red would probably be anger, or ambition. It all depends on which one you decide to pop in your mouth. Some are sweet and some are sour. So am I. Sometimes I am sweet and sometimes I am sour. Jelly beans are small in size, but when you put it in your mouth, it tastes so much bigger. I am a small part of this world, and every single jelly bean is a small part of their bag.

  2. A paint brush means creativity. If I could bring an object to school it would be a paint brush, and not because I love art. I would bring a paint brush because what I can make with one is limitless. I can create things that are brilliant, bright, bold. I can create whatever I want and I don’t have to be afraid to stand out a little. When I have a paint brush nobody can tell me what to make. With a paint brush I can make anything. I would bring a paint brush to school because with it, I can be creative.

  3. A heart is what I would bring to school, this symbolizes me because it represents peace, family and friendship. I strongly believe that the people in my life are the reason why I am who I am today. Without the people in my life I would be nothing. A heart is for everybody in my life who I love like my mom and my dad and my brother etc. A heart is for all of my friends and how they have always been there for me to make me who I am. A heart represents me because I am loving and happy and thankful for what I have. I may not always show it because it is not always easy to stay happy and loving with a smile on my face but my family and friends always come and bring the love back into my heart. And cause this heart to continue representing me.

  4. If you ask me what object I think represents me as a person, I would choose a paintbrush. A paintbrush would be my choice because I believe I am very artistic. Yes, some times my art is, well, ugly but that is the good thing about art, you have all the freedom you want to put on the canvas or paper. It’s your choice on what colors you are going to pick, or what brush size you are going to use. And that relates to me as a person. In life you can choose what job you want to fulfill when you get older, or what collage you want to go to and sometimes it’s not what you expected, but it always comes back around eventually. If I had to bring in any object I would definitely choose a paintbrush.

  5. My sketchbook is very important to me. It reflects me too. My art has meanings that only I know. Like how everything I say has different meanings. Every picture is different. My sketchbook is private. I’m cautious about who sees it. The pages are so boring on their own. They are better filled with color and light. Like how alone I’m weak but with my life filled with friends and family I’m strong. I can express my emotions and creativity in my sketchbook. My sketchbook is beautiful and colorful, just like me

  6. I would bring in a leaf to school because believe in change. Change is like leaves changing color in the fall. In a way, I am a leaf. I am always going with the flow. A leaf blows with the wind, even if the wind isn’t going in the direction the leaf wants it to. A leaf is very easy going and has vibrant colors of personality, just like me. I think leaves represent people, each one is complex and different. A leaf can also symbolize life. You never know when bad things will happen, but when something happens, you just need to be strong and hold on, like a leaf holds onto its branch in a storm.

  7. Something I would bring to school is swim bag representing that I love to swim and every thing about in the water getting to be almost every day. It can represent me in a way like water it means to be alive thats how I feel when I’m swimming. When you get in the water and start to swim all of your problems go away and you can focus on the present and the future. It can give you a chance in a way that you would never have guessed. Something swimming can get you through your day to give that final little push to make it to the end. Sometimes I fell like I do that to my friends and they do it to me.

  8. A picture of me in a tuck or anything else is an important object that i would bring in to school .It shows how I love to flip and how strong I am. It shows how that tumbling is my passion and what I love to do. It’s important to me cause without gymnastics it wouldn’t show how much I love sports how athletic i am. Tumbling makes me feel happy inside and shows me how good I am and how much I try to do my best and not get hurt at anytime. Flipping and tumbling reflects that I’m really flexible and talented. Sports is my life without gymnastics I wouldn’t be strong and flexible it shows how happy I am when I do it and How much I love to practice in my free time.

  9. If I had to bring an item to school that represents me it would be a giant spotlight. My personality is big and very theatrical. Like a spotlight it can focus on a big thing or focus on one small thing. In my life I sometimes worry about the smallest things and not always look at the big picture, but when I do it makes my life a whole lot brighter. I would describe myself as very spunky sort of like how spotlights can be very colorful and neon. Sometimes spotlights can be faint and not as able to be seen. When I’m put into a situation that aren’t as comfortable for me I’m kind of quite and step aside. Other times I shine to my greatest potential and make it work! I absolutely love to perform and spotlights are a big part of it. That’s why I believe spotlights are a great representation of who I am.

  10. What’s your favorite book? I think that a book describes me well. A book is special to me because it always keeps me thinking. Even though I don’t normally have time to read one I normally always make time because reading is important and I like it. I think a book describes me because everyone may look different but it’s what inside that counts. For example some boom might not be the prettiest book but it might have the most beatiful writing. It could be a hard cover or an soft cover but the inside is the best part. Reading by the cover or by looks is just awful because they might actually be a good person or a good book but you won’t ever know because you read by the cover and looks.

  11. Soccer cleats are apart of me because I have been playing since I was five and my aunt was a good soccer player. She lives in california and don’t get to see her often so when I put my cleats on it makes me think of her. Like soccer cleats I think that they could be tight but once you wear them they fit just right. Soccer cleats are momentums from every place you walked in them to
    every place you played in them. When I put my soccer cleats on it makes me feel free. My soccer cleats show my personality soccer cleats are me.

  12. If I was required to bring in something to school to represent me, I would choose a baseball. The baseball would represent all of the hard work and years I have put into the sport. I started playing baseball at eight years old, and ever since I have put all of my time and effort into the sport. Since most players started playing at a younger age than me, at about four years, I had to put in some extra work to get to where I am now. Most sports require constant practice, so I do cross training on top of my team practices. If I had not put all my effort into the sport, than I would not be able to play travel ball.

  13. If my teacher asked me to bring in an object that represents me, it would be a canvas. You all probably know I’m not the best artist, and that isn’t why I chose it. I chose it because on a canvas you can paint any picture you want, meaning that there are endless possibilities to what you want to draw. Nobody can judge on what I’m drawing, because this canvas represents my crazy and spunky ideas and my curiosity. My canvas is sort of like my imagination, but all my thoughts and dreams are painted onto the canvas. I believe that anything is possible with my canvas.

  14. One time, on the summer I was leaving third grade I went to South Africa. At one camp I slept in tents and always went to bed at ten drinking hot cocoa at the fire in the cold and hearing hyenas cackle and warthogs snort and hippos wargle ( yes, I made up a word, hippos make weird noises) in the distance. Also I woke up at five to the sound of a blow horn at 5:00 a.m. I had friends of all ages. I loved the fresh air, and safaris, and animals. One nice man was named Guy. Yes, Guy was his name. It’s Africa, okay! Anyway, he was a leopard photographer. He made my sister and I leopard pattern bracelets. South Africa reminds me of wild. Of fresh air and life and no worries. Of no war, or taxes, or problems or bullies. Most of all, the amazing things of all shapes patterns and sizes. And of all the amazing people I met. My bracelet symbolizes Africa and wild. Both symbolize me.

  15. Have you ever had something that can represent you for you? Well this is something that represents me. One thing that represents me is my paint brushes. That reflects me because I feel like I can create anything using a paint brush and a canvas. Also when I’m done I will have a great new art piece. When I’m stressed or upset, I can paint my feelings. Painting makes me feel happy and like I’m in my own bubble. I can use a paint brush to paint different textures or different patters. My paint brushes are a big part in my life because painting is a big part of my life and they represent me for me.

  16. Something I would bring in to school that represents me would be a tooth pick. I am a very neat person and very clean. My room is spot less and clean. I love to make my bed and organize my room. When ever I’m at school and the teachers say clean your lockers I get very happy! Also because I really enjoy baking. When your baking a cake, to make sure it is fully baked you take a tooth pick and put it through it an if it comes out clean it is fully baked. If it comes out with cake on the the tooth pick it is not fully cooked. Last but not least I love to paint my nails and I usually use a tooth pick to make designs. I would describe my personality very different and eye catching, my quote is “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out!”

  17. If I had to bring in one thing I would bring in my medal from my soccer game in fourth grade. It represents sportsmanship and how I work together with my teammates. I got it because I always was positive if we didn’t get a goal or if the ball went out. I didn’t think that I had the best sportsmanship but now that I look back at the last game we had I realized I did. It also shows that I am athletic and always keep trying. I never gave up if I had the ball. I never got mad and I always tried my hardest. That is why my medal from soccer is important to me.

  18. Boom, I scored! If I had to pick a object to bring to school that represents me, I would choose a soccer ball. I would choose this because when I play any sport it allows me to go outside a lot, get a lot of my energy out and it let’s me get my anger out on the ball. Sports combine a lot of different things that I love to do. Sports also lets me spend more quality time with my friends which could potentially build a stronger friendship. Sports also lets me be athletic, have fun and spend time with my friends and also takes out a lot of my energy. My coach is calling me gotta go bye. 1,2,3 GO CHARGERS!

  19. There’s this object, it brings my creativity to be able to write songs, draw to my hearts content, and helps bring my stress level down a notch. This object is called a pencil. I can do lots of things with a pencil. When I’m writing the worlds next hit single it all starts with me using a pencil to start the lyrics and chords. When I’m working on my next master piece to enter into a art contest. All it takes is a simple thing made out of wood, and lead calms all my stress. When I’m designing how to build a ukulele I need to sketch out the design with such a small thing as a pencil. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it is special in it’s own way.

  20. If I could bring an object to school that represents me I would bring a book because some books show an image on the cover that doesn’t present what is inside. This relates to me because I feel like I put out the type of person I am when someone first meets me but you have to get to know me, just like you have to read a book, to find out and understand what’s inside. Inside a book is also a story but you have to read it to find out it out. A book is also written by someone creative and I am a creative thinker.

  21. If I could bring a objet to school that represents me it would be the weather. The way it represents me is when I’m happy it would be sunny. When I’m sad it would rain a very lightly. Another one is when I’m mad it would thunder and lightning. And when I’m sacred it would be cloudy. The last one is when I’m sad and mad it would be raining small peaces of hail. The weather also represents me when it’s raining,hailing,thunder,and lightning they are all different and I’m different from everyone else.

  22. I am a pink rose. I’m am pink because I’m strong (on the inside), loving, and happy. I’m a green stem as well because I stand straight and I am flexible. I am a green stem because I’m lively and energetic. The thorns indicate my tiny bit of spice. Sometimes if I’m sad I will take a petal off but with my friends help me grow it back. And other times if I am letting things go a few petals will fall off. My friends are the other roses around me in the bouquet. A rose needs water just like me to live. It also needs to be in a good environment and needs a the right amount of water. My family does this for me and so many other things! Roses are unique, none of them look the same but they have their similarities like me.

  23. The color red in the rainnbow! That is an object that reflects me! Red. It means I am compassionate and loving. I am compassionate and loving because I always care for my friends, in this case my friends would be the other colors of the rainbow! A rainbow also reflects me in other ways. It can also mean I am different, even though the other colors and I have something in common. The colors of the rainbow are very vibrant! That’s is like me. Vibrant represents outgoing, colorful, and bold! The color red in the rainbow represents me in various ways! The rumor is true, I have a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!

  24. If I brought an object to school it would be a little toy horse. That is because horses represent me in many ways. I always say, horses give out joy to the word. The real reason why I would bring a toy horse to school is because horses are my favorite animal. They are my passion. Also I’ve been riding sense I was two years old. When I was about four years old I taught myself how to Make a horse noise. All my friends say to me to do my horse noise all the time. I love horses and I always will.

  25. • Geode- , they look like a normal rock on the outside. However, on the inside its full of possibilities and color. I show a neutral outside that everyone sees, but on the inside I’m full of personality and creativity.
    • Penny- penny because some people think they’re worthless but when added up its worth something more. Each penny stands for a positive quality that I portray so when you put it together that is what makes me

  26. this very helpful for my English assessment that is due in a week. we have to select a Shakespearean character and pick 5 objects that best describe the character. it much include a letter to a person and it also must be outside of the box. it cant just be a heart for love, it has to be creative and something different. i was really struggling at first but now i am finished. thank you everyone that has commented. it has really helped me 🙂

    1. same i have to have a book and use 10 characters and find an object that represents that person and a quote from said book that back ups your object these examples helped a lot.

  27. I am an inspiration, a leader, mature, unperfect and much more. Patrick kane has always been a role model for me and one day I will follow his example. He has taught me things in life. I always make mistakes in life that are not easy to fix like patrick kane for example. He is not perfect but nobody is. Even though you may think Patrick kane is a bad example he will always be my role model. Patrick kane#88!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. A candle will somehow represent me for a reason that I tend to do things for the happiness of others or for benefits of others just like how a candle gives light to people although it can affect itself.

  29. A camera represents me because i love taking pictures. I want to be a photographer when i grow up. I’m really good at photography, i take lots of pictures and post them on my Instagram. many photographers follow me and like my posts. A camera represents me because Im passionate about photography and when im upset or bored i always take pictures. photography captures emotions and moments that cant be expressed by words. thats why a camera represents me

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