A Meaningful Object

Hi Students!

Please follow the directions on the prompt. I want you to really think on what these questions are asking. One good paragraph to include a creative lead sentence and a concluding sentence. Watch those run-on andĀ incomplete sentences. Think outside the box!

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  1. If I could bring anything to school that shows who I am I would bring a picture of my family and I. I would bring that because I love my family. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here. It reflects on who I am because I wake up in a house with them and I live with them. They are very important to me. I would bring in a picture not them because I wouldn’t be allowed to. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t exist. So they are who I stand for. They are the ones who feed me. Even if I was still alive I wouldn’t have a roof to live under. I owe them a lot.

  2. My object would be the happy/sad symbol because I absolutely love acting, singing, and dancing and I think we all have days that are happy or sad or neither. I have a little black and white keychain of that symbol that I got in Melbourne Florida at Jr. Thespians. That little black and white happy/sad keychain is what I would bring in to class for and object that represents me.

  3. If I were to bring an object to school,I would bring a baseball because I have played baseball for 5 years. I am a very experienced player and it has become my passion. It would tell people about who I am and what I want to accomplish. This object reflects that I want to become a professional baseball player. It represents that I love to play baseball. It also shows my avocation.

  4. An object that reflects me is a rubix cube. It is fun to play with, and never gets boring with all its combinations. Just like me. The colors could represent emotion. You can turn blue to red, sad to angry, in just a second. It has nothing to hide. All of the colors are on the outside, nothing to hide in the inside even through you could. You used to pull off the stickers but now you can’t. When you grow up you get tougher. They are hard to break, but easy to pull apart. This is why a rubix cube represents me. This object is important to me because this cube was always there for me, just waiting on my desk. When I am feeling down I complete a side or two, and mess it up on three. A rubix cube is just like me.

  5. I live with a soccer ball. I love soccer but that is not why I choose this object. I choose it because it shows how athletic I am. It also shows my feelings. I am always thinking about soccer. When I am bored the first thing I think of is soccer. Soccer balls are medium size. Just like me. Soccer balls also get kicked around. I have never stayed with only one friend. Sometimes a person can be my friend but then we don’t like each other anymore. That means I sometimes change friends. When I think of soccer it makes me want to keep going and not to give up. I cannot live without a soccer ball.

  6. If I could bring one thing to school I would bring a basketball. A basketball describes me well because no matter where I am, I always have a basketball. Basketball is pretty much my life, considering I have school work to do then I of course have to get that done first. Basketball plays a huge role in my life because I hope that one day, I would like to go to Duke for basketball and then eventually go to the NBA. Basketball also describes me because I have always played it with my dad and brother. Whenever we are bored we will go in our back yard and lower the hoop and then have a dunk contest. I have had a lot of amazing coaches and my dad has played a huge role. I have learned so much and am very thankful. Basketball has changed my life and I love it.

  7. A object that best represents me is a fishing pole because I go fishing a lot and I love going fishing. It effects me because I don’t think about school, I just wait for a big fish to take my bait.
    It also effects me because I do a lot more thinking then I usually do when I am doing something else. It is important to me because fishing brings my personally out of me and I become a better person. When I go fishing I would watch my little brother catch fish and gets all proud of himself because he gets the pinfish off the line by himself. I love fishing because I get to spend time with my family.

  8. If I could bring anything to school I would bring a good book. I would bring a good book because it takes my mind off all the things I don’t like. It represents me because I am always up for a good story wether it’s in a book, movie, or whatever. Some books are so good that I can’t put them down. Those are the kind of books that I think represent me as a person. I always love to tell stories or listen to them. That is why I would choose a good book as something that represents me.

  9. The object that represents me the most is a fall leaf. A fall leaf represents me, because I love going outside and the fall. Also it represents me because it’s relaxing, calming, peaceful, and it goes with the flow (swaying in the wind). It is important to me, because of all the things it can relate to me. Every year I go to Kiawah Island, and there are so many leaves on the ground. I have had so many memories there and each one has leaves in it. That is why I would bring a fall leaf to school.

  10. I have a lot of objects that show who I am. The object that I would bring in that describes myself and what means a lot to me would be baseball trophy. This is because I’m always a hard worker even if are team isn’t good. I always try my best and be the best sport I can to my other teammates. I always want to be the best a can in practice because that’s when I can improve my skills and talent for the sport of baseball. This is important to me because I really want to keep up the hard work and try to be the best athlete that I can every time I go out onto a baseball diamond. I always loved to play baseball but you won’t be able to be a good baseball player without hard work. I hope you guys think that being a hard worker helps. Being a hard worker can help you in so many different ways. Try your best even if you don’t want to do the activity that you have to do. Be a hard worker everyday.

  11. An object that reflects me is a baseball bat. A baseball bat reflects because I’m strong and lean, but I can still break. This is important to me because it represents what I do for an avocation (my avocation is Baseball). This is also important to me because I use a bat four of the seven days of the week. I love the sport of baseball and some of the aspects of come into me as a person like a baseball bat.

  12. Things that describe me are scarce but I think I have found one, and this object is very important to me. If I had one object that I would bring to school it would be a old medieval goblet. This describes me in ways other things can’t, it is somewhat sophisticated and is drunk from the richest and fanciest people alive though it is one of the worlds simplest of things. I am like this relic because I’m smart and I like some of the best of restaurants and the nicest of hotels, I’m also simple- I don’t over-do stuff I play by the rules. Another way this goblet describes me is by what it’s made of; pure steel it’s as tough as rocks even though it is not the biggest or made of the flashiest metals it still gets the job done. This item is important to me because you don’t have to be the best or the coolest you just have to get the job done just like this here goblet. It might not be the best but it sure works for me.

  13. If I could choose any object in the whole world to bring in it would be a picture of my family. I think a picture of my family reflects on who I am because if I didn’t have my mom or dad to help me with sports and school and doing whatever they can to make my life easier and better then I wouldn’t be anything I am now. This object describes what’s important to me because I think that family is the most important thing in the world and without family no one would be who they are now. This is why I believe that a picture of family best represents me.

  14. If I had a choice to bring in something that would describe me and my personality. I would bring in the metals that I have earned. But with one condition I would never take all the pride. Because I may of earned the metals but that does not mean I did it my self. I have the mind set of if you earn something you always have someone to thank if it is your mom dad or anyone. My medals show my love for sports and other athletics but the metals aren’t the biggest thing that represents me it is the hard work and way to let people help me if I need it. If you try to work and try your best you will succeed but only with the help of others. Say if you are a athlete you most likely have a personal trainer. If you did not have that trainer just think where you would be now. You should also thank all of your teachers they try very hard to make you succeed and have a good life when you are older. So if I were you I would thank my teachers. So at the end of all things someone would be there for you and guide you through most or all things.

  15. It would be awesome to bring in an object to school that represents you as a person! I would bring in my computer which is a mac and it is large. This represents me as a person because I like to go into my own imagination a lot. My computer lets me go into my own world for a while. This computer is also good for me to research and learn new and different things which is who I am. So if you are thinking about something to bring to school that represents you, bring in something that makes you feel delighted.

  16. What object affects how you are? Well to me that is my soccer ball. Because it is what makes me so athletic. Because I play soccer. It makes me want to play outside and try to get more athletic. It also is a thing were I can sometimes get all my anger out by hitting it as hard as I can. I also like a because it is really fun when I play with it with my friends. One of the most fun parts is when I play a soccer game with it. It is were you can make goals and pass to other players, also try to win. It is also a reason why I always have energy too. It is why it is one of the most important objects to me.

  17. I love my dog and the Holidays. I would bring a Christmas ornament of my dog. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I think it describes me because, when you think of Christmas you think of Happy and joyful. I feel like I am both of those things. My favorite thing to do on Christmas is to wake up and drink three cups of hot chocolate. Then wait for my mom and sister to wake up and open presents. I think my dog describes me because, when you think of my dog you think of,warm,playful,sweet and funny. I think I’m all of those things. I love to throw the frisbee with my dog and play tug of war. Both of those things combined I think describe me very well. These things are Important to me because I’ve been celebrating Christmas from when I was born. And I’ve been playing with my dog from when we got him.

  18. An object that reflects me is a stuffed animal named Beary. His plastic eyes are a bit chipped and cracked and my vision isn’t very good. He has four other animal friends just a like I have four best friends. When I was little I used to pretend he played soccer and I play soccer. He is a bear so he loves fish and my favorite type of food is seafood. Beary is extremely important to me because he was passed down to me by my older brother who I admire, look up to and love.

  19. If I were to bring something to school it would be a tennis racket because for about 5 years I have been playing and it really brings out who I am and also my sister. Tennis is a something that is not just a sport but it is my life and I hope for it to stay that way. This important to me because I am not stopping where I’m at because I have gotten very far and I hope to make it to the big leagues some day. When I was younger I broke my arm so I couldn’t play but that didn’t stop me. Playing tennis was hard with a broken arm and I often had to see the doctor multiple times but it was totally worth it. If you think a sport is part of your life then you should have a go at tennis. If you cant find a fun sport to play then I recommend tennis. This is a sport that you can play at any age. You won’t regret playing tennis.

  20. If there was one object that represents my character, it would be a guitar. I feel I can express myself through the smooth notes. It helps me relieve anxiety. I can escape from reality and go into a different world when I play. None of the other things in my life do that, and that is why I picked the guitar.

  21. An object I would bring to school would be the medal I earned at Eckerd College. The medal symbolized Sportsmanship which to me I didn’t think that it was that amazing when I got it. But now I look back at it and it’s actually an accomplishment because even something didn’t go the way I wanted it to, like if we lose a game or I get put on a team I don’t want to be on, I still was happy and nice person about it. That’s the person I want to be when I grow up because being a nice person can help with so many things when you grow up. It could be with helping the homeless or you could get a job easier for being a good and respected person. So when I look back at that time when I earned that medal, I don’t think that that was stupid or it was bad that I got it. I think of it as an accomplishment because being a nice and a well respected person is who I want to be.

  22. Who gave that neckless to you Aidan? I would bring to school my neckless that my mom gave to me because it makes me feel like shes always right by my side. That reflect’s who I am because I love my mom and I always want to be with her. This is important to me because I have an interesting relationship with my mom. I mean I love her SOOOOOO much but sometimes I will just get mad at her out of the blue for some weird reason. This is also important to me because my Grandpa gave it to my mom and my mom gave it to me and my Grandpa died.

  23. An object that reflects me is my teddy bear Bluey. He has some parts of him that are not smooth or missing some cloth and I have a lot of scars or cuts on me too. His hat is a bit wrinkly and has fabric that sticks out at some parts, my hair is messy and all over the place so I imagine his hat is his hair. Sometimes my parents think that he should be fixed and that I should get a haircut or comb my hair. Bluey and me are very a like in someways that are not so clear to some people. He is important to me because he was a birth present.

  24. My family, my family is the most important thing to me and that is why I would bring a map of Scandinavia. I would bring this because it represents where my family originated. Scandinavia also has a historic record of being good sea explorers (Vikings), and I love the ocean and sailing. My grandpa’s dad came here from Sweden for job opportunities and did well. I love my family more than anything and that is why I appreciate where they originated.

  25. It’s Magic! Or, A Magic Eight Ball. If I could bring one time to school that would represent me, it would be a Magic Eight Ball. I would pick a Magic Eight Ball to represent me because it is unpredictable, and there are so many possibilities. I kind of feel like that’s me. I happen to love a lot of activities like singing, guitar, sports, comedy, public speaking, entertaining, making and editing videos, and much more. And one day I can like one thing, and the next day I don’t like it or like something else more. My mind is unpredictable like that. I could grow up to be so many different things if I put my mind to it. I I find this Magic Eight Ball important to me because as a kid, I really loved magic. Like up until last year, I was obsessed with magic. I could card flourishes, make cards jump, and it was awesome. My tricks were actually really good. And I was proud of it. That was one of the unpredictable things in my life that just came up and I loved it. I would pick a Magic Eight Ball to represent me, because it is unpredictable. And I am unpredictable.

  26. An object that I would choose is a glass globe of the world from AAA. I choose this item because it shows how much I like to travel. In order to earn this globe you have to travel for many years. You may start to think why do you choose this object? It’s just something you love to do and doesn’t express anything about you. Well what I would say to that is that there is no point in traveling without a good journey.

    So like when I travel I want to learn how other people live in different areas.
    Also I think it is quite interesting to see the difference on how people live in a different region compared to U.S.A. Also all their traditions, foods and sports. Traveling also enables me to see my friends and the many family members I have but, have never met before. Traveling is also basically exploring the way life is like in other places.

    This is also why I love to go spelunking (caving). Caves are one of the things that humans haven’t discovered all of. When you travel you see a lot of landmarks or historical monuments so you learn a lot about a certain area just by traveling. So my glass globe of the world tells you that I like to both learn and explore things or observe them, making traveling one of the ways I can do all of that at once.

  27. An eraser is something that represents who I am because I have made a lot of mistakes that I wish I never did and I am not always proud of my self for it. But with an eraser if you erase something or try to it always stays their even if it is faded a little it is still their. My eraser at home is important to me because one of my friends from my old school gave it to me and it is important to me because I remember them for it.

  28. Wow Mav, is that real gold? Well yes it is. For my object I would bring in my gold chain because it represents my relationship with my dad. Also I think it represents my winnings. I think this because its gold, and gold is usually what first place winners get. That’s where I’m bound to be, first place, of course in hockey. The part with my dad is simply because we both have chains and he was the one that gave it to me. I wanted it because I want to grow up and be like my dad. I fell like we are attached by hips ( if you know what I mean). I feel when my dad passes away that my chain and his will be the most important thing to put with him. I hope to eventually get and thicker golden chain then I have now. Just so I can be even more like my dad. To some people it represents that I’m a bad kid and influenced to bad things. Even though they don’t know the background to this. I think they think this because usually you see some bad people with big golden chains. But what this really shows is love, because I can tell you none of the kids in the grade have a gold chain like me, and I bet it wouldn’t be because of there dad.
    This golden chain changed everything with me and my dad relationship. Thats why this is important to me.

  29. A book a world different from our own, a world created to be different sometimes a utopia sometimes a dystopia. I would chose a book because it represents my longing to go to a different world. It also represents my kind of being a kind of home body in a way not really liking to go places. Instead I would rather be reading a good book in my hobbit hole under the stairs. Nestled with a book in a corner with different people in a different world, happy

  30. It was an early Saturday morning when I crossed the finish line in front of everyone else. If I were to bring any object to school that reflects my personality it would be my 1st place Meek and Mighty trophy. This reflects on who I am because it shows that I really worked and trained hard to achieve my goal. This trophy is very important to me because it shows that I didn’t give up even though the triathlon was very difficult. If you try your very best and train hard before something difficult, good things will happen.

  31. For me. A symbolic item, something that represents me in all aspects. I feel that this item is as ordinary and everyday as a sheet of paper. I feel this way because paper can bend, fold, and tear its self into something different. This relates to me because I am adaptable. Though it may take me awhile to completely adjust to a situation, same as folded paper may not look like you want it to in the early stages of your project, eventually it will turn out how you want it to, if you keep at it. Paper also has significance to me personally because, when I was seven I resized that I enjoyed origami. At the beginning I was crumpling up designs and punting them across my room, I am not going to lie, it still happens. Ever since I started I always wanted to make my own origami eastern dragon, and three years later, I have invented a good, reliable, dragon. If I had given up or quit because it wasn’t like anything I usually make, I would never have a complex edition to my collection. But, the dragon is just an example about adaptation, in the process of making my ” Big Three Models” I had to learn different parts, different bases to get to a step witch I could say ” hey I can do that.” But the best feeling in the world is when it all comes together, and you lay back and say I can do that, even though paper is such a common item, you can write, draw and fold something new out of it, and that is adaptation.

  32. Ever notice that an encyclopedia is always serious, has fun facts, and has a lot of important stuff in it, well I’m just like that. Like an encyclopedia I know a lot of cool stuff about a bunch of topics and I’m always using an extensive vocabulary with everyone. An encyclopedia represents my most important indulgence: my thirst for knowledge and need to learn. It also represents the importance to me to always have complete knowledge about important subjects like math and science. I’m also like an encyclopedia because most of the time I try to be serious when telling people about weird facts. Like when you search up something online that you are curios about, the information given is most of the time accurate and is laid out before you in a formal manner. An encyclopedia is just like that( but you can actually hold it ) and so am I when speaking to people about an important matter.

  33. I stand for fun and the outdoors, so I would bring a sticker from the summer camp I go to every year to school. The camp is the most fun place I have ever been and people are always outside. For example every day is action packed and there are no electronics. This is important to me because I look forward to it each year and it is a time to just simply have fun. The sticker reflects me because I like to have organized fun outside. That is a object that is significant to me.

  34. An object that reflects me is a piece of paper. It represents possibilities in me because of my personality that is constantly changing. It also represents how easy I can lose something and just “erase” it from my brain. It is important to me because it is something that never refuses my thoughts that I wright down. It also represents how I can get easily angry as to making a small mistake on paper and it can ruin everything I did.

  35. If I had to bring an object to school I would bring a flower because I love bright colors and most flowers are bright, also I adore being outside and tat is where flowers are meant to grow, and that is where I feel most happy and where I can express my feelings. Flowers attract insects by there brightness and their sweet smelling pollen, I also attract insects (mainly the bad ones) that is why I have so many mosquitos bites. I think flowers symbolize life and happiness, that is why I choose a flower.

  36. An object I would bring to school that would represent me, would be my C.D. player. I would bring in my C.D. player because I love music and I love to sing. When I sing I feel like I can be myself because I’m alone and don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations. That makes me feel like I can open up and just be myself. Also music relates to dance, and I take dance lessons every week. I like dancing because when I dance, I’m part of a team. Every week we are working to prepare for the end of the year dance recital. Then, we get to preform it for all of the parents and get to show them what we have been working so hard on all year. A C.D. player reflects me because that’s what I like to do. Without music, I wouldn’t really be who I am now, because I believe that music can open you up and let you be who you want to be, no matter what anyone else thinks. And that’s me.

  37. Most people bring stuff to school like books and pencils. One item I would really like to bring with me is my bird glove. I want to bring this because it represents that I like birds.It would also tell people a little more about me if they didn’t know that. My bird glove is very important to me because when I would train birds I trained this one named Berry who was really nice. Berry eventually got killed by another one of the birds. The glove reminds me of him almost like a grave. I could also use the glove if there is an animal that is injured and needs to be moved, you could use a glove to pick it up safely. This glove represents me because it makes me think of being free. Almost like a bird that has no rules and can fly anywhere. It also reminds me of all of my friends I have met in bird training. I also think of how tightly fitting the gloves are and I reminds me of me and how I am very straight. The glove also reminds me of my animals because it has to do with training animals. I love my bird glove what object do you love that you would bring to school?

  38. This is a hard decision, but I think I would have to bring in my globe. This represents me because it shows everywhere I’ve been and everywhere I will ever go. The globe gives me a whole different view on the world. This humbles me knowing that there are millions of people in the world just like me, and they might be closer than I think. To me, this object symbolizes the world coming together. When I look at the globe I don’t think of all the problems or war. I think of the potential of everyone coming together to make a change.

    I also enjoy traveling, and seeing as much of the world as I can. New York is one of my favorite places to go. This is because there are so many different types of people that live there. Like Chinatown, where there is authentic traditions and food. One day, I would also love to travel to a different continent such as Asia or Europe. This would be a great experience to witness a different way of life.

  39. My family is the most important thing in my life, and will always be, because they are the one true thing that will always be there. They represent me in so many ways, through our name, the way they look, and the way they will always stand up for me. My family is like a group of stones that don’t ever move. Every stone is different, all molded differently. A stone can represent violence, stubbornness, strength, and many other things depending on how you look at it. When you lose something in your life that you have always had it tends to knock you off your axis, spin you around, and leave you stranded. A stone may not seem like much but sometimes that’s all you need to remember. And sometimes remembering is all you need to put yourself back together.

  40. I can’t say that who I am is reflected in this object, but it is something that use and see everyday and night. So, although this object might not be exactly who I am, it’s the closest thing to it. And that object food. Without food, we wouldn’t be able to live. We, and everything else, would die. Of course, there are other things we can’t live without, but I am choosing food. And if I was dead, I wouldn’t be able to read. Even though I can’t pick a book, food symbolizes life, and life symbolizes a book. Or at least my life. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be able to mentally live without being able to read. It is something I do every day, night and afternoon. I’m in a different world when I read and with a naughty sister, it is just what I need. So, without getting to personal, I am thankful for food, which brings life, and life brings books

  41. My ring is really important to me because it’s my moms promise ring. A promise ring is a ring that the husband gives to the wife. When he gives it to her he promises that he will always love her. My dad gave it to my mom a long time ago and when it got to small for my mom I got to wear it. It’s really important not to lose because it’s a memory of my mom and dads marriage. I wear it every day and every night. It kind of looks like a flower and its gold and has diamonds. It has seven diamonds and the rest is gold.

  42. If I could bring one thing to school, to represent who I am, I would bring a hairbrush. Not because I can create a new hairstyle, or to brush my hair to look good. A hairbrush represents me, because I can create new things. I am a very creative person, who likes to try everything new. I like to smile, a lot, and to show my personality. And one trait of my personality is creativity. Also to try new things. Like hairstyles and see what make me look like, me. Also to make things neat and perfect. I have to admit, I am a HUGE neat freak, my room is always clean! So trying new things on myself and making myself look out of this world, pleases me a lot, for some reason. Maybe because it makes me look different and stand out, or because I like to be creative, I don’t know, maybe it’s both. But what I know, is that a hairbrush represents a person who has creativity, a person who likes to try new things, a person who loves to smile, someone who loves to perfect, and that person, sounds just like me!

  43. An object that represents me is this Tiffany box with a bunch of my dads stuff in it like: his t-shirts, watch , newspaper articles, Gucci loafers, glasses, drivers licenses, old phone, his dogs collar, Videos of him on a C.D and tons of photos. This box is very special to me because when I was one and a half my dad passed away from pneumonia so I didn’t get to know him very well but with this box and all the stuff in it I get to know a little bit better. It represents me because I have a lot of my dads features like hands, feet, lips and sort of of his nose. It also represents the love for him and all the memories of him that I miss.

  44. In my kitchen we have five fish attached to the wall. They represent each person from my family.They are in all different sizes. They go from biggest to smallest by age. Two parents and three sisters. These objects are important to me because family is the most special thing in the world to me. I learn life lessons from my family members that teach you important things. They help me with my homework. Without my parents I wouldn’t be alive! My family drives me places, they do my laundry, they pay for a bunch of my things! Those are somethings I can’t do! They do great things for me. That’s why I love them. My family is loves me (I think) and I love them.

  45. Some objects are meaningful and some are meaningless. But if I had to choose one to represent me I would choose a canvas. It represents that a lot can become if I just concentrate and use my creativity to lead me. Canvases make a great piece to my walls but can also describe what I am feeling or who I am. A canvas starts out plain and white, but when I take my time to decorate it and make it colorful, it usually brings out the colors in me. It can describe everything in the world. A picture, after all does represent a thousand words. Canvases and pictures usually bring people together, especially when people come over my house. People usually complement me on my paintings and ask me how I painted them. I am a very creative person and colors make my world a whole lot brighter. Colors just describe the world and with paintings I can put my feeling and thoughts down on a canvas. It makes my life better and brings out the best in me. I hope that I keep painting and that by painting it will make the world a better place.

  46. Creative, bossy, giggly, and bouncy. I’d have a script I made printed on different colored paper. Why would I bring a script? Because I make so many stories and I love to share them. I love to make stories with other people too. Their ideas can make a story better. I also love to make movies and make the script, act, edit, and direct them. (I get very bossy when I direct) Okay, so why different colored paper? Color is very fun to me. Color expresses how you would feel and makes everything more interesting to see. In my script, people would think my character is weird because she would bounce and giggle a lot… Or maybe too much. She would make stories with friends and be very dramatic. That character would be reflecting me. She would be my more creative side of me. But she wouldn’t be in this world, she’d be in a world with magic and fairytales because that is often where I wonder in my head in my spare time. It’s amazing how this piece of paper explains me in different ways. What would you bring?

  47. A flower. A flower reflects who I am by the way a flower dies in the winter but still has a little part of the flower to fight the crazy weather, to come back. It relates to me by when people always have those bad moments where you think you can never return, that so much bad stuff has happened to you that you think nothing can make it better. But even tho you think that, it is not truth you will always have that little ball of joy in you that will fight it. Like when I was disappointed with a grade or someone let me down but that is the little stuff that happens to me I know that way worse stuff happens to people. I know that people try to cover up the bad things in life, everyone try’s to it is in our nature. We don’t want people to know that there is not so good stuff happening. Just like the flower and just like me at one point in our lives there is going to be a bad thing and everyone wants to become better again, and once we do it feels real good inside.

  48. Pat! Pat! Pat! Can you guess my object? Well if I could bring any object to school it would be my running shoes. My shoes are pink based and have orange designs running down the sides.
    My running shoes represent me because they connect me with my family. They connect me because I always go running with either my mom or dad. My mom always critiques my running posture and increases our distance to run so that I can improve more. My mom also plays good music to run too! My dad is more relaxed when I run with him and we run the same distance every time. The only bad thing is my dad doesn’t play music, but he usually brings our dog Nikko which is super fun! And I run with my favorite running shoes! I love to run cross country because jogging is a good way to stay fit and occurs naturally easy to me. I have a very good endurance and when I listen to music I don’t even feel tired! My cross country team is also really fun to hang out with and I have so many good memories with them! I couldn’t have done this without my favorite running shoes!

  49. Bing, the light just turned on, if I could bring a object that symbolizes me I would bring a light bulb. I would bring a light bulb to show that I will be there to shine bright and make you happy, just like when you turn on a light. A light bulb is also a idea symbol, I like to come up with a bunch of ideas to have fun and to do new, and creative things. It also shows that I’m energetic because a light bulb is bright and full of energy. When a light turns on it lights up the whole room but when it is off the room seems sad, dark, and quite. When I’m there but sad it seems as if everyone else is sad to, just like I’m off. I choose the light bulb because it seems to reflect me perfect.

  50. Gymnastics. What can I say about it? It’s my LIFE. I love doing it and if I could do it 24/7 then I would, definitely! I would bring in all of my metals and my two elite pins (considering I have only been to two competitions) in to class to show everyone. At one point in time I said no more gymnastics because I was too traumatized from when I broke my arm. One week went by, two weeks went by, and by the third week I was begging my mom to take me to open gym again. My life just isn’t the same without gymnastics, I love my coach (coach John) and all of my team mates. I also love it when we go to competitions all together as a group! I definitely have a great gymnastics background because when I was level one at my very first state competition I WON STATE OVERALL!!!!! Once again I wish I could go to gymnastics all day every day! But sadly enough team practices are only on Tuesday and Thursday. Did I mention that the teammates I have on my team are so caring and I would nominate them for the best team at the Grammys! I love everything about gymnastics and I would never give it up for the world!

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