Trick or Treat!! Halloween Style

Hi Students,

It’s time for the annual Halloween post! Please craft two well-written paragraphs, one describing your favorite Halloween costume, and one sharing a funny or scary memory that happened when you either went trick or treating and/or attended a Halloween event of some kind. If you have never participated in Halloween, then describe a time when you wore a costume whether it be for a theater production or some other occasion and tell about the events surrounding it.

Be very descriptive (use those adjectives) when describing your costume. This has always been a fun prompt to do. We love reading about the clever and creative costumes and the funny or scary things that happened to you. Please do not make stuff up and watch those run-on sentences…I am seeing way too many of them. Many of you need to take better care when editing.

If you plan on going out this Halloween, have fun and be safe!!

(Photo taken at a haunted house at its scariest moment!)

And a very clever costume!

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  1. When I was about 4 of 5 I went trick or treating for Halloween with my best friend. I dressed up as Cinderella. The reason that this costume made good memories for me was because, that Halloween my best friend and I went trick or treating and I was Cinderella and she wasTinker bell. I really liked this costume because it was light blue and sparkly and it left me lots of fun memories.

    A funny scary thing that happened to me on Halloween was once I went up to a house to get candy and the house seemed dark so I thought that there was nobody there. I went to go get candy and when I turned back around I did not recognize that there were people in grass costumes laying on the grass and when I turned back around they all jumped up and scared me.

  2. It’s hard to decide what your favorite Halloween costume is but, I don’t even remember mine! All I’ve seen is pictures. It was my 1st Halloween costume. I was a ladybug. It was a red, long sleeved, onesie, with black polka dots all over. On the top of my teeny head there was a small black pair of antennas attached to the onesie. I had some tiny black wings on top of my onesie. In the pictures I’m laying on my back fast asleep with my hands in a ball. I looked so adorable!

    I get scared if I can’t find my mom in the Barnes and Nobel book store! It’s hard to decide my scariest moment but I’d say it’s the time when I was 5 and I went with my sister to Zoo Boo at Lawry Park Zoo. I know it’s no Hallow Scream but hey, l were 5! They had tons of haunted houses! We decided to go in one. We walked in slowly and there we motion sensors. A sound would go off every time we walked by sending screams from my sister and I into the air but also some giggles too. They had lab tables with fake bodies and fake blood every where. I wanted to be a dare devil so decided to touch the “fake” mad scientist dissecting the bodies. I reached through the railing to touch it and he flinched! I ran out as fast as I could with my sister following as me and my sisters screams filled the air, this time with no laughing. I was so scared!

  3. When I was about six years old I was a black cat for Halloween. When I was little I loved animals so if I got a chance to dress up chances are that I was an animal. My costume was homemade, I dressed in all black, and had furry leopard print slippers, almost like uggs. I had black gloves and I remember we had painted them to look like cat paws. I had furry cat ears and a painted on nose and whiskers. I loved that costume so much that I remember I was a cat for another two years after that, I got so much candy!

    One year I went to Hailey’s house for Halloween and we went trick or treating together. We went back to her house to trade candy and there was a two year old little girl there too. She was laughing and giggling and we had no idea why. When we asked her she said ” The puppy is playing hide and seek” we knew that that wasn’t good. She shows us where Hailey’s dog was…the poor dog was in the hamper! Luckily we got it out, it was okay, it just was too little to jump out. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

  4. This Saturday I’m going trick or treating at my friends house with other people. Maddie,Olivia,Alexis, and I are being things from Doctor Seuss. We are gonna spray our hair blue that will wash out and make it look crazy. Our leggings are gonna be black witch will match our shirt. We all have a t-shirt that has our numbers on it,that’s red and black. We will wear black leggings with shoes. We are gonna bring big bags and we are gonna be riding on a gulf cart and go around her neighbor hood that’s big and hopefully get lot of candy by the end of the night .

    Last year I went with Brooke for trick or treat. She has a really big neighborhood. When it was dark we went trick or treating and after a few blocks there was this really big Mansion house. Brooke said they give jumbo size candy bars that were huge. So I looked at her and we were both like oh yea lets go over there to get a lot of candy. Later we wen back to the house and dumped out all our candy and see how much we have. We put it on the ground and started to put it in piles of the type of candy and eat a little . Of course at the end of the night we ate so much candy that was amazing.

  5. The best part of Halloween is dressing up. And the candy. Mostly the candy, but dressing up is really fun too. When I was either 1 or 2 (I can’t remember which) my dad dressed me up as a chile pepper for Halloween. He really likes spicy things, especially chile peppers. I don’t remember it because I was really little, but we have some pictures of it. It was a good thing I was a baby, because it was like a little taco sack and I couldn’t walk around in it; Someone had to carry me. The pepper was red and it covered my whole body except my face. On top of my head were three green leaves. This was definitely my favorite costume.

    About 2 years ago I went with my friends in Tampa to a block party. There was a hayride and a haunted house. On the last hayride the truck was pretty much out of juice, and the driver forgot to refill the tank. We were at the final destination before we turned around when the truck ran into a fence, and it fell down. Everyone screamed their heads off. When the driver tried to start it up again, he realized that the truck was out of gas. Then smoke was everywhere and we could barely breathe. Some kids ran the whole way back to the party, but my friends and I stayed to help try to tow the truck. That was definitely my scariest Halloween experience. My funniest Halloween experience was at the same party, in the haunted house. There was a pot labeled ‘brains’, but it was really filled with old noodles. The pot was lit up, and there was a cord running down the side of the table, across the floor, and into the outlet. My friend didn’t see it, and he tripped over it and his face fell into the brain pot. He was so surprised and he ran out screaming. When he came back in we were still laughing so hard because he had noodles strung into his hair. That was definitely my funniest Halloween experience.

  6. This year I am being the best Pokemon in the world Pickachu. For the costume I have a all yellow dress but in the front is a picture of Pikachu’s face. Also I’m wearing a hoodie that is all yellow with ears sticking out of the hood. I get to wear face paint as well, two big red dots on my checks and a little black nose. I’m wearing long yellow and white striped socks with Pickachu on it with my clear shoes, so people can see them. I love this costume so much because it is cute and fun to wear.

    This year was awesome because a few weeks before Halloween I went to Disney for the Not So Very Scary Halloween party. After the parade my mom and I ran over to our favorite ride, Big Thunder Mountain. My brother and dad went to Splash Mountain, but I don’t like it as much because you get wet on it. My mom and I kept on going on it nonstop until the park closed. We got on the very last run, which I thought was really cool. The park closed at 12:00 but we stayed until 12:10, and they had to close down all the rides. When we finally got back to the hotel I wanted to just pace out I was so tired. It was so fun I can’t wait to go back to Disney World next year.

  7. A few years ago was the years was my favourite costume its was the Greek goddess. It was white and blue it was a long dress with a scarf. That years was the year that my friend made it. That night we when out trick or treating that night each kid got around a pound of candy and there was around 20 of us. That was the best Halloween it was so much fun with all of my friends.

    The tougher day I saw a man dressed in a pirate costume who came out of know where running across the street. He had the hat the sword running strait by almost getting over by an car killing him self. He had came just as fast as he went. Once I turned the corner he was gone no wear to be found. Looking around he was no wear to be seen.

  8. My favorite costume, wow that is hard I have has so many great costumes, but if I absolutely had to choose it would definitely be when I was Princess Peach from the Super Mario Brothers Wii game when I was in second grade. Gosh, I loved this costume so much. When I was little I was obsessed with that game. My favorite player in the game was Princess Peach, so I had to be her. I had her pink dress on and her golden crown. I also had on these beautiful gold shoes with red rubies on them. I had my hair curled along with lots of makeup. Trust me it was very hard to take off the costume, because I loved it so much. Everybody loved my costume especially me!

    One of my favorite Halloween memories would probably be when I went to this Halloween party before I went Trick-or-Treating. I decided to bring my dog, Chelsea, because I absolutely loved her lady bug costume. Now Chelsea was a little puppy so she wasn’t fully trained yet. As I walked down the steep to the party, Chelsea saw all the people dressed in costumes. I forgot to mention, Chelsea LOVES people. So when she saw all the people she jumped out of my arms and ran as fast as she could. She ran all around the party and was sniffing and jumping on people and was completely going crazy. I had no idea what to do, I was so embarrassed because my dog was ruining the party. I asked a few neighbors to help me try and catch her, and finally after 30 minutes of tiring running, I finally caught Chelsea. Boy, was she in trouble!

  9. Boo! I love Halloween! From the mounds of candy I receive to the scary costumes, it’s one my favorite holidays. Last year, Stella, Lizzie, and I dressed up as Smartie pants! We had on long sleeve shirts, overalls, and bow ties. And best of all, we glued Smarties to our jeans! Even though the jeans were hard to walk in, it was my favorite costume!

    Trick or treat? Trick. I don’t usually get scared very easily, but when this happened, I nearly had a heart attack! I was six years old and dressed up as a black cat, with a bag full of candy in hand. My cousin and I walked up to a house with scary decorations everywhere you looked. They had a motion sensor witch that went off whenever someone walked by. As we were nervously walking up to the front door, we passed the witch and it jumped out! “Ahhhh!” we screamed. I’ll never forget that terrifying experience.

  10. When I was 8 years old for Halloween I went trick or treating as a bull dog and I made the costume the day of Halloween. That year I was very busy and forgot all about my Halloween costume, so my mom and I dove through the craft supply closet and found multiple colors of brown felt, some fabric markers, and some pipe cleaners. I wore brown tights, a black, fluffy tutu, and a short sleeve brown shirt. I also attached some felt ears I had cut out on a neon pink head band and a pipe cleaner tail. After that, I thought my costume needed a little bit more bull dog, so I wrote wrinkles all over my face with eye liner and a dog nose. I felt proud of costume because it was completely D.I.Y. and very creative.

    Last Halloween, my family had a little party with a couple other families and something very hilarious happened and scary. My friend’s little sister, Lily was 3 years old and would not leave my puppy, Gracie alone. My friends and I were down stairs trading candy and I totally forgot that Lily was with Gracie upstairs all alone. I sneak up stairs to check on Lily and I find her sitting on my hamper pushing the top down. I asked her what was in the hamper and heard whimpers and she said, “I’m playing hide and seek with the puppy!!” I had a feeling that wasn’t good. I come for Gracie’s rescue and looked in hamper and found her cooped up and crying. Now, I know not to leave Lily near Gracie alone. That’s a Halloween night that I thought I would never experience.

  11. When I was in kindergarten for Halloween I was Cinderella when she was bride. The costume was a white wedding dress and a vail. The dress touched the floor like a real wedding dress and it had short sleeves. The vail, I didn’t really wear because it itched my head since it was like a tiara then the vail, but it was white and it had a mesh look. I wore my mom’s pearl necklace and a fake wedding ring. My shoes were actually my black high top converse. In Savannah it gets very very cold during the fall and the winter but when I lived there I would never get cold. That halloween it was pretty cold, I think it was almost 40 degrees,but I wasn’t that cold. So my mom told me to wear a black shirt underneath my dress which didn’t look super fashionable but who cares I was like 5.

    When I lived in Savannah one of my best friends Sarah and her mom used to have a halloween party every year at her house but one year her brother and all of his friends took us on a golf cart ride around their neighborhood to go tricking treating and go to this haunted house. So her brother and his friends said we should go in there so we did but as we walked in there they lived and we were in the haunted house alone, Just Sarah and I all alone. The house wasn’t that scary but we were just like 6 or 7 so we did not know where to go. Sarah and i wanted to finish the haunted house so we kept walking then BAMMMM! Sarah’s brother’s friends and her brother pop out and we screamed so loud. So what ended up happening was they didn’t leave us they just went some secret way to the end of it and scared us. It was funny because we told Sarah’s mom and we got to go through their candy and find 10 pieces we wanted so it was a very funny and scary thing at the same time.

  12. I remember when I was 50s girl and it was a handmade costume. it was a wild strawberry pink skirt with a jet black poodle on it with a rhinestone chain for a leash. The top was ghost white and it had folly red bandana to tie around my neck. My leather jacket was raven black and coal black and white Oxford- Saddle Shoes. My hair was in a straight ponytail like Bettie Paige.

    My most funniest time was when my friend dressed up like a ninja and would hide in the bushes. She left a bowl of candy and said take one. When one would take more than one she would jump out and scream I told you to take one

  13. When I was about seven years old I dressed up as a butterfly princess. My dog,my mom and I went trick or treating while my sister went with a friend. I remember there was a house that had color changing fog coming out of it. Never in a million years would I go into that house. My Mom and I was walking my dog and I was holding my pink plastic pumpkin full of candy. We went to go cross the street and my dog took off running and tripped my mom and I. When we were getting up a guy in a scream costume held out his hand to help my mom and I. He scared me so much that I screamed like crazy! The guy helped my mom up but I said I don’t need help. He walked back where he came from and I watched him go into the house that had the fog coming out. I was so glad that we didn’t go in that house. When I looked down at my mom’s knees, there was blood every where. I felt bad. Running back was a guy dressed in a zombie costume with our dog. I was terrified but was so great full that we didn’t loose our dog and he wasn’t injured. That was defiantly was a night to remember.

  14. On October 31 ghost, and goblins will appear, the black cats sneak the streets, as Count Dracula watches for his midnight snack. On October 31 2012 I was dressed as a pink flamingo. I had a huge pink hat that sat on my head. My dress was long, pink, and had ruffles at the end. In my mind I had the best costume.

    That night I went trick or treating with one of my best friends. We went house to house loading our bags with more and more candy. Until we got to this one creepy, smelly, frightening house. We walked up to the house. We saw a little bucket full of sweat taffy, kit Kats, Reese cups, and fun dip. It was our favorite candy’s yet we were still hesitant to take some. We figured we would be fine but when we went to go take some, a guy in a creepy hockey mask chased us a way with a chain saw. We ran away and found our moms. After that we were pretty much done for trick or treating but, we stopped at a couple more houses on the way back. When we got home we stuffed our selves full of candy. For the rest of the night we just kept talking about the frightening, funny, scary moment on October 31 2012.

  15. Halloween is a spooky fun night where kids trick or treat and you get to dress up. That’s why I want to share what I am going to be for Halloween. I’m going to be someone who creeps around without being seen. Someone who is as silent as a mouse. I’m going to be a NINJA! My costume has a shirt that is a deep char coal black with a graceful golden Chinese dragon flowing on the shirt. Then the sleeves have a bold red colored ribbon on the end. The shirt also has a hood on it and has a black mask that covers my mouth so I look like a ninja. The leggings are a deep black color to match the shirt and has matching red ribbon at my ankles. My shoes are normal sneakers that are pitch black with matching laces. My favorite part of all are the two mini swords I hold in my hands. They are fake but are silver with a black handle. I’m super excited to wear this costume and have a lot of fun trick or treating!

    The best and most fun memory from Halloween was when Devyn and my friend Emily (not from shorecrest) went with me to Zoo Boo at Lowry Park Zoo last year. We went in the haunted houses and the best one was one called the tangled terror. We went in and it was pitch black at first. Then there were these skeleton heads that popped up and sprayed mist at us. And a man would creep through the bushes and then would spring out of the darkness to scream in our ears! But the best part of that haunted house was the stunning waterfall. There were lights behind it that were pink, green and blue lights be hind the flowing water. Once we got out of the haunted house, we roamed around the zoo playing games and ate COTTON CANDY! It was so good. Once we left the zoo, we went to my house and baked cookies and watched the Hunger Games Catching Fire and drifted off to sleep. That was the best and most awesome Halloween adventure ever!

  16. Guess what my favorite Halloween costume will be? It will be Thing 1, 2, 3 and 4 with Lucy Olivia T and Alexis. We are wearing a red shirt with a white circle and black writing with the letters Thing 1, 2, 3 and 4 on it. We are wearing black leggings and any kind of converse. We are all going trick or treating together. It is my favorite Halloween costume because I get to be it with all my friends! I love going trick or treating with my friends especially when we all have matching costumes! I can’t wait for Halloween this year!

    It was a dark and scary night… It was Halloween! Gabby and I were trick or treating around her neighborhood late at night. We turned the corner and all the sudden this really scary clown popped out of no where. He had a fake knife in his hand. We both screamed and ran as fast as we could. After that we were scared to go back. We asked her brother to go with us but he wouldn’t. That was my scariest Halloween story.

  17. One year a long, long, loooong time ago, 6 years to be precise, I went to the country club as Cinderella. The shimmering blue fabric with sparkles overlapped plain shiny fake silk. I had felt so princess-ly. With my shiny blue head band and sparkly see through plastic slippers made to look like glass I had been so proud. I had pranced and skipped, and danced with a few new found friends saying when ever I could “I am Cinderella”. Even when I got my face painted “I am Cinderella”

    I remember I had loved being Cinderella. Though when I went bobbing for apples I had dunked over half myself into the bucket getting myself soaked. Even so right after that I went to their haunted house with my sis, Lacy. (More like a haunted hallway that looped) We had been walking in the creepy dark haunted house when a glowing ball with ghost shaped holes mysteriously rolled towards us. I jumped over it and grabbed lacy’s hand. Then Smoke started pouring down in front of us with an image projected on it appeared. (I of course didn’t know it was projected) A vampire mouth cackling evilly, “Try to run, you can’t hide” or “You are going to die”, something like that in a deep voice. “To get out you must go through me! HaHaHaHaHa!” I darted through the smoke dragging my sister behind me going to fast to notice any other scary things(she was also Cinderella). I banged on the locked door bawling, wanting out and terrified. I ran to mom and dad when some one came. I was fine. A few years later I went again with my dad, it had a different set up. I was hardly even surprised when something grabbed my foot. But I swear I saw that ball still glowing.

  18. Can u guess what I’m going to be for Halloween? I’ll give you a hint I have light blue hair and I am very hipper. Fine I’ll just tell you, for Halloween I’m being Thing 1 with Maddie, Lucy and Olivia T. For our costumes we will French braid our hair and spray blue hair spray ontop so it will look blue. Then I will wear a red thing one shirt with a picture of thing one on it. Then Maddie, Lucy and Olivia will have the same thing except they will be thing 2,3, and 4. For our pants olivia and I will wear long light blue leggings and Maddie and Lucy will wear long black legging. For our shoes we will wear bright white converse. You should consider being a thing with some of your friends too.

    A funny memory I have from Halloween is when I tricked my brother into thinking he had a spider crawling on his back. I was walking behind him and I started to scratch him lightly then put a small black fake spider on his shoulder. My brother turned around and screamed “Mom there is a spider on my shoulder get it off!” I started bursting out laughing and fell to the ground with laughter . Then my brother asked me why I was laughing, and then I said because it was fake and you fell for it. So my brother got really mad and starting hitting me ( even though it didn’t hurt I acted like it did).

  19. Silvermist, do you know who that is? She is the best fairy from Tinker Belle (other than Tinker Belle of course). She is the water fairy and I was her for Halloween when I was younger. I wore a blue dress that had a thin layered yellow sash across it, sparkles all over it and a little picture of her on it! The most important thing though was that I got to wear her sparkly wings! My hair was in a high bun and it was awesome. Silvermist has water powers which is one main reason I wanted to be her. The water powers made me want to be her because when my sister and I were 4 and 6 we would pretend that we were mermaids in the pool and we would always fight over who got the water powers. So when I was Silvermist I finally got to show my sister that I had the water powers not her. I also chose this costume because I loved the outfit and the fairy and I also loved how she would help water animals.

    Party City has many scary figures in the mask/hat/try-on section. When I was walking back there there was a statue of a zombie butler and it looked so fake but it scared me so bad! I was getting a drink of water from the fountain and I turned around and the butler was right in front of me! I spit out the water still staring at the zombie while Gabrielle was laughing at me hysterically! It was so scary then but so funny to look back on!

  20. Fairy princess! That’s what I dressed up like for Halloween when I was six! It was the best costume ever! I had a green tutu dress that was super sparkly! My hair was in pigtails and was different colors. The colors were very vibrant like blue,green,and pink! I even had fairy wings! I chose this costume because I have always adored princesses and fairy’s, and I especially adored them when I was a little girl!

    Haunted Houses! I absolutely dread haunted houses! If I had a choice I would not go in a haunted house, but sadly I did when I was 9. It was my friends birthday and her birthday was close to Halloween. She decided that she wanted to go to a haunted house. So we went. We went to this store(the store was decorated like a haunted house) called Frightmore. It was extremely scary! I was so scared that I closed my eyes the whole time! I was super scary then, but now when I look back at it I laugh!

  21. Today was the day that I found the most perfect costume and I was 5 years old my second Halloween in Florida. The most perfect costume that I found was a fairy. It had this dress that was mixed with different types of colors. The bottom part of the dress was fluffy and the top was green with sparkles. The wings were made from see through fabric and it had a green out line of the wings. My mom also found this wand and it had a fluffy puff on top of the stick that had beads inside. This Halloween was so fun because I loved being a fairy.

    It was October 31, 2014 and I was going to trick or treat with my friends family. When I got there I was passing by there house to get in when a fake persons lunged out at me and it was really scary yet funny. My friend told me that there family are into Halloween a lot. Some things they had was a ghost in the window that moves, a fake person in a bag that moved, a grave yard, and the fake person who lunges out at you when you click a button. When it got dark my friend and I went and started trick or treating. All the houses in the neighborhood had so many cool Halloween decorations. One house had a head- chopper- offer another had cotton candy and it was really good. I then went to get my head chopped off and it was really scary cause when it went down it made a loud clap. It felt so real cause I could feel the out line of the neck shape.After that I went back home and it was the best Halloween I had ever had.

  22. It’s a breezy fall day. I’m walking down a street in my grandparents neighborhood with my friend when all of sudden she starts running. I had no idea what was going on. That’s the beginning of my craziest Halloween themed story. I start running along side of my friend Riley confused as ever. I ask her what is going on as we’re running down the street but she doesn’t answer. We turn the corner of the street we’re on and stop running. She has a look of horror on her face. She finally answers my question about why she randomly started running. “There was a clown” she says. “What?” I ask. After that she explains how there was a clown with a long face, a rainbow wig, the big clown shoes and the rest of and an outfit a clown would wear. She said it was creepy and that it had white face paint there face with black face paint around it’s eyes and mouth. I never saw the clown but Riley swears he was there.

    What if for one night you could get free candy for being one of your favorite book characters. Well that’s what I’m doing this Halloween. I’m going to be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. For my costume I’m going to wear a white button down shirt, a black skirt and a Harry Potter wizard cloak. I going to carry the wand that Hermione used in the books and I’m going to carry my candy in a tote bag with books on it. I can’t wait to be Hermione for Halloween!

  23. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s so much fun to dress up and go or to door getting candy! I have worn so many great costumes! Asking me my favorite costume is hard. But overall my favorite costume would have to be when I was “Smartie Pants”, with Brooke and Lizzie. We made the costumes ourselves. We hot glued smarties all over denim jeans and wore suspenders, a dressy shirt, and black nerd glasses. Then, we put our hair up in pony tails. It was so much fun! That night we got so much candy!

    My scariest memory? Oh, this is a funny one. On the night before Halloween, I was going on a “Haunted Hayride” in Canfield Ohio. We rode in the back seat of the truck. I was seven so I was scared easily. I was trying not to look forward, thinking all the action would happen there. So, I was looking backwards and saw a fake headless horseman following the truck. I was so scared! I ended screaming really loud and everyone on the truck was staring at me. I was so embarrassed! I was quiet the rest of the ride. To this day, my parents still make jokes about it. I hope nothing like that ever happens again!

  24. My favorite Halloween costume would be when I was a ice cream cone because every one love it it was very big to and on my head I wore a giant cherry. My favorite candy would be pop rocks and kit kat. The most scary thing that has happened to me on Halloween would be when I was trick or treating with my friend and it was really dark out and we wen on a short cut down a street and it was was really dark ad scary and there wasn’t any people down the street and we herd this noise in the bush, then we screamed and ran away. I hope to make more memories next Halloween!

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