What Is Your Ideal Bookshelf?


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Hi Students!

I can’t believe your sixth-grade year is coming to an end! Since the core of the sixth-grade English curriculum is literature and writing, I thought it would be a fitting prompt to end the year with a post related to that. Pretend that you have an empty bookshelf in your room. What top five books would you have on it?

At least two of the books should be from this year. When you write your paragraph, list your titles and briefly explain why each one deserves a place of honor on your shelf. Then tell us which book is your favorite (so far) of all and why.

Have a wonderful, fun summer break. I’ll continue to post interesting images and videos throughout the summer for our readers (as many international students attend school), if you would like to continue the conversation.

I enjoyed going through the sixth-grade journey with you! Please stop and say hello next year!

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  1. I’ve read many books, but only my top five can make it on my bookshelf. Those five would be Kiki Strike, Moon Over Manifest, Found, Wonder and Out of my Mind. Kiki Strike deserves a spot on my shelf because it was my favorite school book read. Moon over Manifest deserves a spot on my shelf because it keeps you thinking and there is so many layers that you get so many point of views and information. Found deserves a spot on my shelf because it was a mystery and those are my favorite type of books to read. Found so far has been my favorite mystery because it’s kids my age trying to find out where they come from. Wonder deserves a spot on my shelf because it is a heartwarming book about a disabled boy who always has an open mind. It gave me a new look at disabled children and adults. Out of my Mind deserves a spot on my shelf because it shows how a girl in a wheel chair gets bullied, but in the end she gets over to be the champion. It shows how she never gives up and after reading it I’ve taken in bullying a lot different. My favorite book is Wonder because I got to hear the author speak where she got her ideas from. The book is based off of a real thing that happened, so I think that is pretty cool that she relates to the book.

  2. I have lots of good books that I have read. It is hard to pick the top five books out of hundreds of books. My first favorite book is The Son of Neptune. I love to read mystery and adventure books, that would apply to The Son of Neptune. That also brings me to Navigating Early. It was a good adventure book. That was a lot of people and places that were in the adventure that I would not expect. My third book I would put in my bookshelf is Chomp. It was not a mystery book but, It was about wildlife and the way the author writes. I thought it was pretty cool the way the author wrote. I never wanted to put the book down. My fourth book but my favorite book is the Maze Runner. It was a adventure book. I stayed up very late reading that book. The author made a series around that and it just kept getting better. My fifth and final book is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is a mystery book. It is one of my favorite mystery books. The author made a series like The Maze Runner, but they books just got worse, until I stopped reading the series. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the best in the series. That’s the top five books I would put on my bookshelf.

  3. My top five books on my bookshelf would be The Hobbit, Counting by 7’s, Variant, The Revenge of Seven, and I am Number Four. I like The Hobbit because it was full of action, adventure, suspense, friendship, and sorrow. The book was very well written and kept me intrigued throughout the entire book. I loved the book Counting by 7’s because the story was full of real life action, friendship, and a lot of sorrow, but the ending was very great because it was heartfelt. The story was not written like other story’s where you could know what was going to happen next, this book kept me guessing on what was going to happen next. The book Variant was a great book because it was suspenseful, scary at times, and also very intriguing. The best part was where they escaped from the school and found out who the robots where. The ending was very weird because the girl who he liked died, but she was an android so they escaped to a farm but they found the girl he liked alive and a human. The Revenge of Seven was a great book because it was Sci-Fy-ish, interesting, but you could kind of tell what happened next, but other than that it was a great book. My favorite part was at the end where Sam a human with no special powers go telekinesis after the Guardians made the sacrifice to the earth. It was cool because Sam saved a ton of people with his power. I am Number Four was a great book because it kicked off a great series, it had a lot of action, and it was very good at describing the settings and the story, as all the other books did. My favorite part was when they held off the Mog army and kind of destroyed the school. My favorite book on this list was definitely Counting by 7’s. I loved the book because it was just a great book. The book was perfectly written and had a great deal of details and kept me intrigued the entire time.

  4. As I look upon my small bookshelf, I see my five favorite books. They are Accidental Hero, I am Number Four, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Legend, and The False Prince. I chose Accidental Hero for my heroic bookshelf because I loved the story line behind the main character in the story, and I thought his ability was awesome. I chose I am Number Four for my bookshelf because I enjoyed the constant action in the story and the daring maneuvers the main character attempted. I chose Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for my magical bookshelf because I loved all the magical components in the whole Harry Potter series, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was easily my favorite of the series. I gave Legend a spot on my legendary bookshelf because I loved how the author wrote the book from two different perspectives. Finally, I gave The False Prince on my bookshelf fit for a king because I really enjoyed how the author didn’t reveal everything about the character for a long time, and when I discovered his secrets, it surprised me a lot. Of all the books on my bookshelf, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince would be my favorite because it was extremely action packed, and it was my favorite book in the first series of large novels I ever read.

  5. If I had to chose five books to make it on the bookshelf, they would be, The Hobbit, Navigating Early, The Maze Runner, Holes, and The Hunger Games. The Hobbit was a great book. It was a great story about a hobbit who travels on a long journey with about thirteen dwarves. Navigating Early was also one of my favorite books because it is also about a journey and they face many challenges along the way, as they try to find Pi. The Maze Runner was very good too. This story was very intense, like the Hunger Games, and I like stories like that. Holes was a very good book as well. I read it in 4th grade, and I couldn’t stop. The Hunger Games was very similar to The Maze Runner. It is about these people that are selected to fight to the death, in an arena. It was a very good book.

  6. The five books that have been my favorite over my years of reading are Greger the Overlander, Hobbit, Brian’s Hunt, Navigating Early, and True Legend. The reason I like Greger the Overlander is because it always had action and there was a great adventure. I liked the Hobbit because it was a battle and because they were on a adventure to get there mountain back from a dragon. Brian’s Hunt was a good book because it related to the woods and I like camping and being in the wilderness. The book Navigating Early was good because each chapter new characters come in and they revel a family or friend tree. True legend was a good book because I like basketball and that is what the book was based on. My favorite book out of all five of these was Greger the Overlander because there was always action and it never bored me through out the whole book.

  7. I would choose okay for now to be on my bookshelf because it’s the only one that we read in class that I liked. The second book that deserves to be on my bookshelf would be skeleton creek because it was short so I had time to enjoy the book instead of rush through it. I guess navigating early would also be on my bookshelf because I can’t think of any other books. I started to read the Lightning Thief so I will put that on my bookshelf, I read 1 chapter and got really really really really really board. But that 1 chapter I DID read was “ok” I guess! My last book that will DEFINITELY have on my bookshelf is “don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”. That book is my all time favorite book in the whole universe. I love that book because it proves the point in 10 pages which makes the book enjoyable and not too many pages of random words! Also the story of the book is easier to understand because of the pictures.

  8. My ideal bookshelf would be filled with a lot of adventure. My favorite book is Floors by Patrick Carman. I like this book because it has a lot of plot twist and shocking moments. Another book that would definitely be on my shelf is The Hobbit. I really liked all the adventure and action in this book. One book I really enjoyed reading was Trackers Book One. This book had a lot of mystery and I especially liked the video watching element. One of my all time favorite books that I have read is The Lincoln Lawyer. It was really interesting and had a lot of mystery. The final book that would make a spot on my bookshelf is Infinity Ring A Mutiny In Time. I really enjoyed the time traveling. My bookshelf would be a really adventurous place.

  9. I have read many books in my lifetime, good and bad. But, there are some books that really stood out to me (here they are). The top five books would be Harry Potter 4, Keeper of the Lost Cities, The Hunger Games 2, Okay for Now, and The Fourth Stall. The whole Harry Potter series was fantastic, but The Goblet of Fire was my favorite. The plot (I think) was very good, and the mix between fantasy and some real problems (like arrogance and dealing with loss) made a great read. Next is Keeper of the Lost Cities. Although this story is not as well known as Harry Potter, I still think that it deserves a place right next to it. Keeper of the Lost Cities is a great book, if you are a fan of the fantasy genre. It starts off a little slow, but picks up the pace and becomes a real page turner. Anyway, next is The Hunger Games (2). I’d be surprised if someone read the Hunger Games trilogy and did not put at least one on this list. I really enjoyed this book because (of course) it was a page turner, but also because of the whole post-war era it takes place in. Okay for Now is a book that was introduced to me through English class, and even though I was practically forced to read it, I actually enjoyed Okay for Now. The book takes place in the late sixties, before the moon launch and in the middle of the Vietnam War. It included some comedy, some drama, and at the end I actually got a bit teary. Okay for Now touches on a range of real problems, and it certainly deserves a place on my bookshelf. Lastly is The Fourth Stall. I loved this book and definitely would recommend it to anyone who likes to read. The Fourth Stall is a light comedy book that centers on a kid who gets into a load of trouble. Every one of these books is a fun read and great in it’s own way, but I do have a favorite. The best book I’ve ever read is probably Keeper of the Lost Cities. As I said before, it is a real page turner and a great read. I would recommend all of the books, so if you see something you might like, look it up.

    1. I love The Hunger Games series, but by “Hunger Games 2” do you mean Catching Fire? (Wow, I feel like that sounded rude)

  10. Here are my top five favorite books. Let’s start with number five. It is wonder I love that book because August the main character has some face problems. He goes to his first school ever his parents are scared but it. Turns out at the end that you just have to be your self to make freinds. But there is one kid that hates August his name is Julian he is mean. But this book I read in forth grade so it’s two years ago. Now number four. Navigating Early. It’s the most wierd book that I ever read but that what I like about it. Every thing is so different. But the start was so sad but it becomes fun while you move closer to the end. Now number three.mthe hachet. It makes you feel good and better then you where before than you where before and there is a lot of adventure. Number two is the hobbit it is the coolest book I ever read there is so much adventure and cool creatures in the book. Number one is the best book that I ever read. The first time I read it it was at Christmas because it was a present. It caled the Christmas book. I read this book every crismas because there is a story for each day of December. It’s about a litle bunny that stays alone with his mom during winter because all of his freinds are in hibernate But bunnys don’t hibernate so he says to his mom I hate Cristmas Santa hears that and he comes and brings him to beutiful places like candy land toy city and letter cave I still love that book even tho it is ten years old.

  11. I am a picky reader, maybe the most, but the only books I like to read are action and good story! But the books I read this year were the greatest books I have read in my life! The first book is the Hobbit, this one because it had so much action, it didn’t linger to get to the awesome parts, and finally it had a great story which I do like. I am Number 4 is on my list of honor because this was a Sci-Fi which is always fun and the story was out of the blue. Who could think of a book where a kid with 10 others could have super powers to take back a planet from there enemies! Third book is Scorch Trails because it has action and a creative setting like in the wasted desert. Making a giant test for them was clever so it makes it makes sequels. Navigating Early is fourth because this book is so easy to understand and brought my grade up so much! But that’s not the only reason, it was so interesting learning about the pi story and the mission for the long lost brother. Finally the oldest book I read was Sea of Trolls. My favorite books though are the magic and medieval one and this one was that. Jack has to fight trolls and creature to get back home after he was taken by slave owner. My favorite book of thoughs five is Sea of Trolls. It has gore, adventure, romance, and everything that makes books amazing. If there were more books like that I think I would become a book worm.

  12. The first book on my bookshelf would be Navigating Early. I enjoyed this book because it had lots of twist and turns that made the book interesting. The book also ended on a very good note. The next book on my shelf is Okay for Now. This book also ended in a high note, but it had drama for Doug. Doug started having people treat him nicely throughout the story. Even Doug’s father becomes a nicer. My third book on the shelf is Bob Books. This book would be on my shelf because it taught me how to read at a beginners level. The fourth book of my bookshelf is wonder. Wonder would be on my list because it was touching and a very good book. My final and favorite book on bookshelf would be Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. This is my favorite book because I read it right before I went into middle school. This book was also very funny and was very interesting to know what happens at middle school before I was a middle schooler.

  13. My favorite book of all-time is Llama and The Sun. It’s my favorite because it was the very first book I ever read and I really enjoyed the colorful pictures. The Hobbit and the book Navigating Early would also be on my bookshelf. The reason why The Hobbit would be on my bookshelf is because the book was very action-packed and not boring, like there was a dragon who could make fire and used it against Bilbo. The reason why Navigating Early would be on my bookshelf is because there were lots of interesting people. There was a person who went from a boxer then to a fly-fisher, or how there was a person who couldn’t hit a bullseye but 50 years later he could hit it four times in a row. Another book I enjoyed was Skeleton Creek because it was a mystery novel and because it wasn’t a predictable book. Another book I liked was The Fourteenth Goldfish because there was lots of schemes which backfired most of the time.

  14. If I had a empty bookshelf, I would put these books on it. I would first put the book The History of the Sixth Marine Division, because my grandfather was in the 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 6th Marin Division. Also because the book is very factual and interesting. The second book I would put would be The Pacific, because it shows the war from three people’s perspectives, and it is the most detailed account of the pacific theatre. The third book would be Guadacanal Diary, because it’s the first book I read on that topic, and it is written by a war correspondent. The fourth book I would put would be With The Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa, because it was written by a Marine name Eugene Sledge of King Company, and because it shows the struggle against the Japanese Army. The fifth book I would put would be The Compact History Of the United States Navy, because not only does it show the modern navy, but the way it was originated as well. My favorite book is The History Of The 6th Marine Division, because it honors my grandfather and tell where he fought since I never met him.

  15. I haven’t read many books in my life,but if I had to choose five I would have to start with A PIRATE LOOKS AT FIFTY. I really liked that book because I got to learn a lot about places I’ve been. Also I had a lot of connections with the main character. Then I would have to pick FLUSH. It’s about a family who lives in the Keys and the two kids try to catch bad people. I liked that book because I knew where it took place. HALLOWEENER would have to be number three. It’s about a dachshund on Halloween who saves all of his dog friends. Then it would be the LIONS PAW. It’s about two kids who break out of foster care. Then they sailed to find a shell called the Lions Paw. Last, but not least would be CHOMP, it’s about a man who gets hit in the head by a iguana. Then they get asked to be in a episode on a nature show. These are all of the books I would have in my book shelf.

  16. “Skeleton Creek” would be on my book shelf because of how fun it is read, every chapter there is a little 3 minute video to watch and that just makes it more enjoyable. Another book would be “Ok For Now” because it was a very interesting and refreshing story. The third book on my list is “Hallow Wiener” an inspirational book about wiener dog that wants to be scary for Halloween. The forth book on my list is called “the Horrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances”. Even though I have only got a sample of the book that only first chapter in it it is full of laughs and is just purely amazing. The final book on my list is “11 birth days” because of how interesting and engrossing the book is, and it one of the only books I have ever read that was hard to put down

  17. If I had to choose at least five books to put on an empty bookshelf, one of those would definitely be The Blood of Olympus. This book by Rick Riordan is full of adventure and is action packed. I loved reading this book and the others in the series. They are about saving the world with lots of humor in as well. Another book would be The Fourteenth Goldfish. This book shows the secrets of science and how someone found the cure for aging. These first two books were from IR reading. Another book I would have is Wonder. This book makes me sad at times, but also makes my laugh. It is a great book that you should read. The fourth book would be Flush. Flush is a book about Florida and about saving the environment. My final choice would be The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Another action packed adventure about saving the world with loads of comedy. These are some of my favorite books and I would love to read them at any time.

  18. I have to say that choosing my top five books it challenging. I’ve read a million books in my life, but if I had to narrow it down to five, this is what it would be. My top five books I would put on my bookshelf are The Maze Runner, Navigating Early, The Fire Within, The Name of This Book is Secret, and Wonder. Wonder was a good book because there was a boy named August who had a deformity. Disputes his defect, his sister and his friends gave him positive respect. The Name of This Book is Secret was a bout a girl named Cass, and she lives with her uncles who have an assortment of rare and valuable objects. Cass loses one and sets out on an extraordinary adventure. The Fire Within was a great book. The book consists of dragons and plenty of adventure. I define try recommend this book. Navigating Early was all about plot-twists. It also had some mystery and lots of adventure. As you can see, I really like adventure books! The Maze Runner was all about mystery and adventure. I thought it was a great story, but over all, my favorite book in my top five would be The Fore Within. This is because the book was filled to the brim with creativity and adventure. The main story is a college student named David meets a artist. This artist makes clay dragons. Little did David know that these dragons were real.

  19. If I could have any book on my book shelf and I can only have 5 books on my shelf I would have Harry Potter and the goblet of fire because of all the twist and turns. Within the book were great and made the book very interesting. Another book I would like on my book shelf would be Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban because it had such a surprising end to the story. I would also want on my book shelf would be Harry potter and the chamber of secrets because the book was very enjoyable. I would also have Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone because it was the book that got me interested in the Harry Potter series. I would also want Okay for Now because the book really touched my heart.

  20. If I had an empty bookshelf one of my books on there would be The City Of Ember. I absolutely loved this book! It was very creative and very adventurous. The author left tons of cliff hangers which meant I really couldn’t put the book down. Another book on shelf would be The Adventure Of Hugo Cabret. It was very interesting and very fun to read! My third book on the shelf would be The River. It was very adventurous and had alot of survival involved. My fourth book on the shelf would be Fred and Ted Go Flying. I loved this book when a kid because I love airplanes. My final book would be The Little Airplane. I liked the little plane and the adventure that the plane took!

  21. My five favorite books of all time! Hmmm… that is a tough one. I would have to say The Hobbit because it was a book of adventure that kept me reading more. I loved the characters and felt for them. I love Paddington Bear because it was one of the first books I read, well, that my mom read to me. I loved this book because, well, I thought the bear was cute at that time. It will always have a place in my heart. I liked Okay for Now a lot from this year. The way the author talked about the plates really captured my imagination. Navigating Early was also a great one. The way everything linked together was creative and I really liked it. My all time number one favorite book ever would have to be The Adventures of Edward Tulane. It was a whole book about a china rabbit. It might sound boring to read a book about an inanimate object, but I thought it was really interesting from that point of view. It was my mom’s book, but when she told me about it, I immediately wanted to read it. I had to steal it from her room every night to read it. She was on chapter ten when I started, but I still managed to finish it before her some how. I wasn’t able to put it down, literally. I even fell asleep with it once.

  22. Some of the best books i have read include Eragon, The Giver, Hatchet, The death cure, and Inheritance. I love Eragon because it was able to create an entire universe in one book. The world this book creates is so vast and huge it is amazing how it is fit into a book. The Giver is one of my favorite books because of how the world it takes place in is drastically different than our world. Most people wouldn’t know about things we do, nobody knows what snow is, and nobody has the ability to see color. It’s interesting how a world so different would work. Hatchet is an amazing book, being like no other book. This book really made me feel for the character and his struggle to get rescued. The death cure really captured the essence of a post apocalyptic universe. The third book of the maze runner series really finishes the series amazingly. The way that everyone is in constant fear, the government is corrupt, and society has been destroyed really makes it seem possible the same thing could happen in real life. My favorite book I have ever read in my life is Inheritance. It is the last book in the Eragon series, and is also the longest. The book spans every topic that could possibly be in a book. Mystery, action, and other stuff. The book ps ending is my favorite part leaving a cliffhanger that we will never find out what happens after.

  23. The bookshelf of honor. Which books are worthy to be placed on this special bookshelf? The top five books on the bookshelf of honor are Navigating Early, Hatchet, Okay for Now, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, and Wonder. Navigating Early deserves to be on the shelf because I never wanted to put it down. All the characters just fit together throughout the story. Hatchet deserves to be on the shelf because it was a short book packed with action and adventure. Okay for Now deserves to be on the shelf because of the emotion and life lessons hidden through the story. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters deserves to be on the shelf because it kept me on the edge of my seat with it’s cliff hangers. Wonder deserves to be on the book shelf because it had an amazing message that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Out of all these books one is my all time favorite. Navigating Early is my all time favorite book because it was loaded with character connections. All the characters connect in unique ways that you would of never expected.

  24. If I had a bookshelf with only five possible books allowed to fit on it, I would have to have The Battle for Skandia, Ungifted, The Hobbit, Wonder, and The Blood of Olympus. First off, The Battle for Skandia is a book reciting a fictional battle. It is written by John Flanagan. The main character, Will, is stuck with the Skandians, and has to fight for his friend Erak to defend attackers. They eventually prevail, yet lose many along the way. As to not spoil it, I will leave the rest for you to read on your own. Ungifted, by Gordon Korman, is about a young boy who is accidentally enrolled into the honors program. Although he doesn’t excel academically, he helps others at the school socially, and brings spice into their life. Although he is eventually sent back to regular classes, he makes a positive difference in everyone’s lives in the program. The Hobbit is a classic about a man named Bilbo who doesn’t get out much. A wizard takes him on a fantastic quest, and changes Bilbo’s perspective on how to live life. It is a book everyone should read in their lifetime, at any age. Wonder is about a boy with a physical defect. He is ridiculed by his peers, and never socially accepted. The students eventually feels differently about him, and treats him the same as everyone else. The Blood of Olympus is the finale of a fantastic series by Rick Riordan. There are many enemies, and a band of young misfits eventually prevail. My favorite book I’ve ever read is by far and away The Battle for Skandia. It has all the elements I appreciate in a book, and mixed them together beautifully. It has action, friendship, heartbreak, and adventure. All in all, though, every single one of these books is unique and great in its own way.

  25. The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar belongs in my bookshelf because it holds a special place in my heart. This book was one of the very first books that I have ever read. The next book that should belong in my bookshelf is Roots, this book belongs in my bookshelf because it is the most memorable book that I have ever read (you should try it out sometime). Navigating Early is a book that I have just recently read. But, just because I just finished reading it doesn’t mean that it is not important; this book is really important to me because I just couldn’t put it down. The fourth book that belongs on my bookshelf is The Heroes Guide To Saving Your Kingdom. This book belongs on my bookshelf because it is probably one of the funniest books that I have read. The fifth and final book on my list is Chomp. This book means a lot to me because it was one of the first chapter books that I have ever read. So far, my all time favorite book is Navigating Early. This book takes the place of my favorite book because like is said before, it was impo

  26. In my lifetime, from age 5 to now I have ready around 300 book. Most of the books I read are extremely detailed, had enormous amount of facts and interesting sentences, and a tremendous story line. If I had to pick 5 books that I think are the fantastic in every way would be Unbroken, Elegant Universe, The Lost Symbol, Navigating Early, and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. Unbroken has a really good story of a Olympian named Louie who becomes a POW and survives the harsh condition. This book is really interesting and I also learned a lot of how America won the war against Japan. Elegant Universe is about physics and astronomy which is really interesting. Even though it might not be a book which kids would read, however, it is really informative and I learned a lot. Lost Symbols is enormous and really hard to read. It is is really historical and deep and I learn a lot about Washington D.C. The Deathly Hallows is a book which is so entertaining. Navigating Early. was a mysterious books filled with so many stories which eventually connect to make one, this book was very interesting. This book has so much action and it was so fun to read. This is why these books would go in my bookshelf. My favorite book was Unbroken because I thought overall the book had a heartbreaking and amazing storyline to it.

  27. A good book I would choose on my bookshelf would be Okay for Now because it definitely made my brain think what was going to happen next. It was filled with many stories about Doug the character. The second book I would put on my bookshelf would be Navigating Early because it talked about boy who meets another boy and he is very different from Jack. The third book I would choose would be Wonder because it was about a boy with facial and mind disorders and it makes the book sad and happy at the same time. The fourth book would be The Very Hungry Caterpillar because a caterpillar who is very hungry wants a lot of food to eat so he could turn into a butterfly. The fifth and final book would be The Hobbit because it had a very long story and was filled with many adventures.

  28. I love The hobbit, I got attached to Bilbo in the first chapter. It kept me reading which not a lot of books do. I enjoy how the author put outstanding detail so I could picture what and where Bilbo was. This book wasn’t the only one that I was ecstatic about. Okay for Now had me feeling like I knew Doug Switech. Dougs personality kept me reading. I also felt for Doug through out the book. The Little Prince would also be on my bookself. It was a book that I read when I was little and was delighted with. After every period of reading it would always get me thinking and learning about new things. This was also the first time I got sad from a book. The very hungry Caterpillar would also be on the bookself. With a wonderful and happy art style it was perfect for my little brain to understand. It helped me learn the days of the week and good and bad foods. Last but not least in the bookself would be Oh the Places You Go. This book holds a special place in my heart because my dad came in and read it to me at school one day. I was so surprised to see my dad at school that I ran up to him and hugged him. This book was also one with a great writing style. These would be my five books for my bookself.

  29. If I had to choose five books for a bookshelf I would Raising Dragons which was written by Bryan Davis. Another book I would choose is The Horn of Moran which was written by M.L Forman. Also I would have the Blood of Olympus which was written by Rick Riordan, I also would pick The Invaders which was written by John Flanagan. My last pick would be the Hobbit which was written by J.R Tolkien. The book Raising Dragons is about a boy who learns that his father is a dragon and that he can breathe fire. He mets another dragon named Bonnie Silver. Their principle is a dragon slayer and they have to run away from the dragon slayer but the dragon killed Billy’s father and Billy’s father turns into a dragon again. The boy has to find his father and learns he is a heir of Arthur and can wield Excalibur. His history teacher is a heir of Merlin. This book gets its place because it has dragons in it. The Horn of Moran is about a boy who is on a quest to find a horn of a old horn of a old traveler. He mets a spirit and has to defeat it and he has to fight one of his fellow travelers because the spirit took over his body. This book is on the bookshelf because it is very intresting. The Invaders is a group of boys called The Herons who win the brother and and get to become Scandinavians. But one of the city’s treasures which they are guarding for one night is stolen by Zavac and they head after him to prove themselves and bring it back. This is on the bookshelf because it has a bunch of action. The Blood of Olympus is about seven half bloods three Rome and four greeks have to fight the giants and close the doors of death because they are open. This is on the bookshelf because it is my favorite author. The hobbit is about 12 dwarves and Bilbo and Gandalf go on a quest to the lonely mountain to find the arkenstone and Bilbo has to steal it from Smaug by going through a door. This is good because it has a quest. My favorite book is The Invaders because it has a bunch of action and it is about a group of outcasts and it reminds it of me.

  30. The Giving Tree was a phenomenal book that I read when I was a young child. It was such beautiful literature though it was sad. Another favorite of mine is the Goosebumps series. The sinister chill that goes down my spine as I read is an awesome feeling. R.L. Stine does a great job of putting readers at the edge of their seats and he writes cliffhangers at the end of chapters so it’s hard to stop reading. Dr. Seuss was a great author for children and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish was a very impactful one on my youth. The clever writing was something I really admired. The illustrations in that story were interesting too. A book that I read this year was Hatchet. I enjoyed it because it taught me a lot about survival and survival skills, and about a boy who was forced to survive in the wild. It was cool because I read about what a boy would do in survival situations. The Hobbit is another book that I read this year. I liked reading about the quest of Bilbo and the dwarves and the situations that they were in and that they had to deal with. J.R.R. Tolkien worded the story very well and that made it a very enjoyable book for me. Out of those five books, Goosebumps was my favorite to read.

  31. One of my favorite books is the Maze Runner. It is a story were these kids are trapped in a gigantic maze. They have have to find their way out. I loved this book because it was full of action, adventure, heart stopping moments, and it just made me want to read more. Another book that I liked a lot is The Last Olympian. In this book one of three kids will rise up above the other, and ether save or destroy Mt. Olympus. This book was great because every God or demigod has their own power. I like Percy’s water controlling the best! Navigating Early was an amazing book. Two boys go on an adventure to find one of the boy’s long lost brother. This is one of my favorite books because there were so many character connections. It really made me feel for them. Another book that I love is Floors. This book is about a wacky hotel that consists of many floors that have different characteristics. There is one room that is a giant pinball machine! My last favorite book is The Hobbit. This is a book where a Hobbit names Bilbo goes on an adventure to kill a dragon. I like this book because it was a very good adventure book. It also showed how someone afraid can do something amazing. My favorite book of all is The Last Olympian. I loved the book the most because (as I said before) every God or demigod has their own power. I also love Percy Jackson’s powers. I wish I could control water and make it heal me! I loved that book.

  32. My top five books on my book shelf are Navigating Early, Where the Wild things are, Peak, Hatchet, and The River. Navigating Early is in my Book shelf because there was a adventure and they had many challenges along the way. Where the wild things are is on my book shelf because it was read to me a lot when I was a little kid. Peak is on my book shelf because it is favorite adventure book. Hatchet is on my book shelf because he over came problems. The River is also on my book shelf because he found the strength to persevere. My favorite book so far is Navigating Early.

  33. There are a lot of books I’ve read, and I’ve loved almost every one of them. Of course, there have been a few that I disliked, but my bookshelf is reserved for only the best. The first book on my shelf is A Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. This book reserves a spot because instead of reading it, I listened to it. During the summer, my family listens to audiobooks while driving, and this book was my favorite one. It’s a very comedic, funny book about multiple Prince Charmings. (I don’t want to give anything away!) The next book on my shelf would be The Hobbit, by J. R R. Tolkien. I love this book because it tracks Bilbo Baggins, a little hobbit, on his journey to regain the treasures of The Lonely Mountain with Thorin and Co. I also like this book because my favorite genre, fantasy. The next spot goes to A Tale Dark and Grimm. This book takes regular fairy tales and turns them into a darker story. This book is also funny because it has a witty narrator who makes butts in the story at the worst of times. Another book on the shelf would be Navigating Early, by Claire Vanderpool. This book tells of two boys named Jack and Early who embark on a journey to find Early’s long lost brother. This book really made me think deeply about the connections between different characters. This book is neat because it has a story within a story that corresponds with Jack and Early’s quest. For the last spot on the shelf, I would choose The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. This book is a Dystopian novel that follows a girl named Katniss Everdeen who is chosen for the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games. (Again, I don’t want to spoil it!) I love this book because of its intense action, and I like it for it’s strange setting of Panem. I also love the other books in the series too.

  34. In the twelve years that I’ve been alive, I’ve read a lot of books. I’ll also read a lot more. It’s so hard to select only five of the brilliant books I’ve read. The first book I’ll put in my top five is Blood Red Road by Moira Young. The book is written in an inaccurate form of English known as New Eden. The dialect, even though it isn’t correct, adds more character to a book that already is overflowing with extraordinary characters, places, and things. I really enjoy dystopian books, especially this one. I also enjoy the classic Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling. I’m not exactly sure why I like this book out of all the others, but I remember when I was little that I’d sit with my Dad on the floor and he’d read to me for hours. Adding to my dystopian book list, I think Catching Fire would be good enough to make my top five. The author, Suzanne Collins, is very talented and describes things in a simple, yet complicated way. This book is the best in the trilogy because the Quarter Quell happens (the seventy-fifth Hunger Games) and Katniss blows up the force field like a boss. I’ve had so many memories with Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. I’ve read this book numerous times, and I laugh every time I read this book about a kind witch, a frog, a dog, and a cat. And, for my final book, I’d have to put down the Percy Jackson series. Rick Riordan is such a great author, and I’ve been to a spinoff Camp Half-Blood twice. I don’t have a favorite book of all time because there are so many great books to choose from! I’m really excited to see what I read in the future and see if those books can match these five books.

  35. If I had to choose only five of the great books I’ve read to go on my imaginary book shelf I would choose these. A really good book I remember from when I was little was Green Eggs and Ham. My dad usually read it to me when it was bed time. I like this book because it rimes, it’s hilarious, and it has unusual and colorful illustrations. Another good book I would place on my book shelf would be Navigating Early. I would choose Navigating Early because the story got really suspenseful at certain parts, and it had not one but two stories in it, and finally it had many unsuspected connections between the two stories. The third book I would chose would be The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is very fictional, and it is has very strange storyline about a horrible disease called the flare. Also I would pick Ok For Now because most of the characters changed at the end of the book, and it was based during the Vietnam war which influenced the story line by adding a new character. For my final book I would chose The Adventures of Ulysses. I liked this book because it was based long ago right after the Trojan war, and some of the greek gods influenced the books story line, also this book had a happy ending. My favorite out of all of these books is Navigating Early, because there are many unexpected connections between the characters and the quest, when you compare both of the stories in the book.

  36. If I had to choose my five favorite books of all time to put on a bookshelf, I would choose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Okay for Now, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, Navigating Early, and The False Prince. I chose The False Prince for my bookshelf because the plot was amazing, and there were many puzzles and twists within the story. Navigating early earned a place on my bookshelf as well because the story is very intriguing and interesting. The plot twists and turns to make the entire book a maze that you can’t stop reading. The Last Olympian would be placed on my bookshelf too. The book is very action-packed and never boring, so it is hard to put down. Okay for Now is outstandingly better than okay. The book has a way of hooking you in and making you keep reading, along with the fact that each person is the story has an enormous amount of character. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is my all time favorite, so there is no question why it is on my bookshelf. It is filled with action, puzzles, and scenes where I was literally holding my breath. It is an outstanding, amazing, and perfect in my mind, a must-read.

  37. Many books are enjoyable in many different ways. Adventure, documentaries, action, and romance(not my type). I’ve read many books and I’ll read many more in my lifespan. One of my favorite books is The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins, and I really enjoy her style of writing. She expresses how Katniss feels in much depth and she ends her chapters in cliffhangers that leave you wanting more. Also written by Susanne Collins, Catching Fire, is the sequel of The Hunger Games. I personally prefer this book over the first book, because it still contains the games, but it also explains how other winners feel after they win. In this book, a rebellion begins as well, and it shows how the mocking jay (Katniss) in a desirable figure. This book is a comedy, and it’s based off of Hunger Games, it’s The Hunger Pains! This book is the epitome of comedy. Kantkiss Neverclean, is an idiotic version of Katniss Everdeen, and her personality is much different. Everything seems to go wrong, or at
    least it seems… My two favorite books from when I was little are Happy Birthday Bad Kitty which I really liked because A my best friend bought it for me for my birthday, and B because it’s about how the dog that Bad Kitty lived with takes the presents Bad Kitty received to make her something that Bad Kitty really wanted and The Dog Rules. In The Dog Rules, there is a parrot named Cocoa la Rue who is jealous of a new puppy that receives all the attention. Cocoa is disgusted by this slobbery beast, and she tries to set some ground rules. This book was very enjoyable when I was little because the illustrations were neat and it was a fun and easy way to make me read.

  38. I have read a lot of books, but my five favorite books would have to be Moon Over Manifest, The Giving Tree, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Fault in our Stars. Divergent would be on my bookshelf because it is action packed and I love the romance! Also, I would choose the giving tree because it holds a special place in my heart. I remember when I was little my dad would always read it to me at bed time. Then there’s The Hunger Games. I loved this book so much! I could not stop reading it! Another book I loved that I read this year was Moon Over Manifest. I loved the plot twist, and how it was a story, in a story, in a story! Finally, there is The Fault in our Stars! This is my over all favorite book because I love Augustus Waters, and how he always was by Hazel’s side! I would totally recommend all of these books!

  39. My bookshelf would be full of only the five best books of all time, or my time at least. The first book on my bookshelf, my favorite of all time, would be Moon Over Manifest. I completely loved this book and I would read it over and over again. I really liked the way the story was told and how it followed Abilene and Jinx not just one. The second book on my shelf would be Divergent. I really liked that this book was a mix of alot of different kinds of genres. It had the genres adventure, romance, and even Dystopian. The third book I would have on my shelf would be The Fault in Our Stars because it was one of my favorite books and will be for a very long time. The book was a romance novel and I’ve read it over six times. The book keeps you guessing and is also kind of inspirational. The fourth book I would have on my shelf would be Where the Wild Things Are. I liked it mostly becuase it was one of the first books my mom ever read to me. The last and fifth book I would have on my shelf would be The Giving Tree because it was the very first book I read by myself and it was really sweet and had a hidden meaning to it about friendship and being thankful.

  40. How can I pick five favorite books? The five books I would put on a bookshelf are Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Fablehaven, The Secret Garden, The Fault in our Stars, and I am Number Four. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is going to be the first book on my shelf because it was a really good book, and I love all the mysterious children and the abandoned island. It definitely deserves a place on my book shelf. The Secret Garden was read to me when I was younger, but I still love the story, it is one of my favorite books from my childhood. It is a great mystery. I have read the whole I am Number Four series. The book is really good, and I have read it a couple of times. The Fault in our Stars sounded like a really good book, and I was waiting forever to get it from a bookstore. I finally found it and read it in two hours! The ending was so sad, and I cry every time I read it. It was one of the books I wanted to read before the movie came out. My favorite book series of all time is Fablehaven. I started reading them in third grade, and I have read them again and again! I love the beginning and how it ends.

  41. There are so many books, I can barely decide. The first book would have to be “The Princess Bride.” This is one of my favorite books of all time! There is so much action, and it just always has you rapped up in what is going on. The second book would be “The City of Bones”. I liked this book because it was sort of like a puzzle, with so many parts. It was also very active, and had a little drama. The third book would absolutely have to be “The Hero’s Guide” to Saving your Kingdom. It has a lot of humor, and is absolutely hilarious. Now I have to pick my favorite childhood book. This would probably be “Today I Will Fly”. It has a little humor, and is a little ridiculous. I used to read the series to my class in Lower School. Lastly, I would pick “The Book Thief”. This was such a meaningful book with such good writing. It moves you so much, and has a lot of different parts.

  42. I have so many great books, it’s so hard too choose. One of my favorite books I have read is “Wonder”, it was a very emotional book and I felt really bad for August because a lot of kids made fun of him for having a different looking face. He was so sweet and nice, and they didn’t really give him a chance. Another book I read when I was little was, and I still remember was “Where the Wild Things Are.” It was a really good book and I remember reading it for the first time it was the first book I read on my own. It always brings back memories thinking about books I read when I was little. “The Tale Dark and Grimm” was also a really good book, it’s probably in my top five list. The book was very adventurous and always kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved how the kids went on adventures all the time and it was so interesting definitely a book I would recommend. “Kiki Strike” was a good book definitely a adventure book. All of the girls going on different adventures, hospital trips, and underground adventures.

  43. My first favorite book is The Fault in our Stars. This is my favorite because I love all the romance and the tragedy and the ending. I also love Divergent because of the mystery and The fighting and the love and the excitement. The Hunger Games was also a great book, with all the sadness, the running, the love, and the tragedy. Kiki strike was a very good book also because of the fact that girls were running around New York trying to find out the exits to the shadow city, and committing so many crimes, but still going to normal school and living a normal life. It also represents girl power. To conclude my bookshelf, I loved Moon Over Manifest, because of the mystery in finding who the rattler was, and finding more about Miss. Sadie’s stories. All cheese books would totes be on my bookshelf because i love to read them!!!!

  44. Five books that that I would pick to be on my book shelf would be The House of hades, The mark of Athena, The son of Neptune, Old Yeller, and Moon Over Manifest. The House of Hades would be the best book I have ever read. It is about Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase get trapped in Tardis and have to survive. While their trapped in Tardis Leo, Piper, and Jason Have to get the Athena statue back to the roman camp to stop a war.

  45. There are so many good books I can’t pick one! My all time favorite book would have to be Divergent it is so exciting! It goes from one cliff hanger to another! I could keep reading it for hours! The next book on my self would be The Fault in our Stars. It is so addicting! I just wanted to know what happened! It made me so sad at times, and so happy when they were falling in love! I feel in love with the characters by the authors description of them. The next book on my book shelf would be Mary Kate and Ashley. When I was little and I hated reading and these were the only books I read. There so mysterious and I just wanted to know the answer to the mystery! I would also love to have the book Kiki Strike on my book shelf. It is an exciting fun, adventurous book. There was always something going on that kept my attention. The last book on my bookshelf would be Cake Pop Crush. It was a fun book about baking, which I love to do! The main character was just like me! It was so fun to read and I never got bored!

  46. I can not pick 5 favorite books, but if I had to these would my top 5. My most favorite book that I have read was from this year, it was Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City. They are going on missions into the Shadow city to uncover secrets. It had me on my edge on my seat every moment. It has mystery and action, which I love, so it deserves being the first book on my shelf. Counting by 7’s is another book that I have read this year. This book is really sad at the beginning when his adopted parents died, but it is happy at the end when he gets adopted again. I cried both times. My third favorite book is Wonder, it is about a boy who has a deformed face when he was born. Agguie is the boy in the book who has been bullied, but his sister is always there for him. My fourth favorite book is the Incorrigible Children of Aston Place, it is really funny, it has girl who tries to make three kids who were raised by wolves. She has to change them before a ball. My fifth favorite book is Because of Mr. Terupt. He is a fifth grade math teacher and he is really fun according to his students. He got into a coma when he got hit with a snowball by one of his students. All of these books are really fabulous, and more people should read them.

  47. I’ve read many, many books,but some of the books really stood out. The first book is a time-honored favorite, Fablehaven. I have read this book many times, and I never fail to enjoy it. It’s about a brother and sister that visit their mysterious grandparents in the eve of their other grandparents strange death. When they are there, they discover their vast property is really a preserve for magical creatures. It’s really cool and different. One of my other favorites is I Am Number Four. It’s action-packed and full of magical happenings. It’s a cool book. Next is The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is everyone’s favorite, for a good reason. It’s unique and suspenseful. The feeling of being hunted is expressed so well in this book, and the danger and death is obvious also. Also there’s Kiki Strike. The mystery and unknowing is really prominent. I’m a self-proclaimed book psychic, but I didn’t predict anything about this book. Last is Moon Over Manifest. Moon was so layered and complex. There were a thousand different interpretations of its different parts. My bookshelf is really packed, but these books have their own shelf.

  48. Picking five books out of the three bookshelves I have in my room is surprisingly easy.Two of the spots would be dedicated to my favorite one of my favorite authors of all time,George Orwell.In the very middle of my shelf would be Animal Farm and 1984, two books that are easily get into my shelf.Animal Farm is a combination of fantasy and real life issues in the world with the whimsical talking animals that represent important people from communist Russia.1984 is a Dystopian novel written in the 1960s about George Orwell predictions about totalitarian rule.The book was intended to bash the communist ideas,but now it applies to many different sorts of government.It also has a story about a man going through the life of a normal citizen, and his journey through the dark future makes it my favorite book.Next to those books would be The Hobbit, a classic that is purely fantasy and adventure.It contains many strange magical creatures including elves, shapeshifter, and wizards.Also in my shelf would be the first of the Beautiful Creatures series.The book would be classified as supernatural and romance, which is a genre I don’t read often.However,this book captured my attention.I actually prefer the first book to others,as I think the storyline was stretching more and more,and the romance getting sappier as the books went on.My final book would be The Overcoat and Other Short Stories by Nikolai Gogol.It’s more of a collection of stories that one book, but I still would honor it on my shelf.

  49. I’ve loved books since I was little, but I do have a few favorites. One of my MOST favorites though was The Fault in Our Stars I loved that book. It was equally sad, funny, and entertaining. Another book that I loved was a book that my mom used to always read to me when I was little was Where the Wild Things Are. I loved that book because it brings back a lot of happy memories from when I was a little kid. My favorite books that we read in class this year were Kiki Strike and Moon Over Manifest the books were really entertaining especially Kiki Strike. My all time favorite book though was The Notebook it was so sweet. It was a love story about two teenagers in the 1930’s who faced their troubles and grew old together beside the fact that their parents didn’t want them to be together. If I had to fill my bookcase these books would definitely be on my bookcase.

  50. There are many books which have special places in my heart. If I had to put only five books in a bookshelf in my room, one of them would be “The Clockwork Prince.” This was the second box of the Infernal Devices series. It is one of my favorite books because it had a lot of action, suspense, and just the right amount of romance. Another book which I loved was “The Half Blood Prince.” This is the sixth book of the Harry Potter series. This is my favorite book because the ending was so surprising and out me in shock for about a good forty minutes. Another one of my favorite books was “The Book Thief.” This is one of my absolute favorite book! I remember reading this when I was sick in bed for two weeks. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop reading it! I like it because it was historical fiction and it was very unique. I mean, the narrator is Death! When I was in fourth grade, I read “The Lightning Thief.” This was my favorite because it was action packed and took me to a place which I could only dream of. Fantasy is not really my type of genre, but this was amazing! Last, but not least, “Divergent.” I liked it because it was very suspenseful and the main character was very different from the rest of the crowd. I hold of these books near to my heart! I hope that you read them too!

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