Children of the Gods

Hi Students,

Soon you will begin your self-study on your Greek God or Goddess. To get you thinking, here is a fun writing prompt to consider. Please answer the prompt that is bolded. The term “Greek God” is used generally and also means Goddess. One good paragraph.

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  1. Hades,God of the underworld.Ruling over the dead and having a three headed dog for a guardian, he would be the best father! I might be a little gloomy growing where dead souls and lakes of acid are normal, but that would be a minor sacrifice.Don’t get me started on parent teacher,forget soccer moms and introduce kings of the dead.But even then, speaking to the dead and going to the underworld for vacation would make it up.

  2. If I could have a Greek goddess as a parent I would chose Athena because I appreciate knowledge above almost anything else. If she was my mom then I would be the smartest person on Gaea and the greatest strategist. But a problem would be that she would not be around very much since she is one of the major goddesses. I also probably be kind of estranged from other people since I would be so above everyone else but other siblings and of course my mom in knowledge. Another problem would be that I would be strategizing everything I ever did so that would be kinda weird. But with all that knowledge I might seriously be able to change the world, a kind of power that people too often take for granted.

    1. What would you think if, every time you got test results back, your mother spent an hour going over the test, telling you what you could have done better? Or when she picked you up from school, she said some wise quote very loudly so that all of your friends could hear? That would be what having Athena for a mother would be like. Of course, there would be an upside, too. If she were my mother, she could teach me her wisdom and I could become as wise as her. Intelligence and wisdom like Athena’s would really assist me in some things.

  3. I LOVE my mom (no pun intended). The goddess I would like as a mom would be Aphrodite, and she would always give me kisses and hugs before I go to bed. I would imagine her nice and caring for others. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. I think I would inherit her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes are so blue it looks like the sky went straight through her eye sockets. Yes, there are some down sides. When I would get older she might give me hugs and kisses in front of my friends. Eww. Maybe she would make me fattening food, especially the food I like. I would get all fat! Parents aren’t perfect.

  4. My dad Poseidon is the He is the god of the sea. It’s so cool how he can control water. I get to have the power of controlling water and being able to breath under water. All the sea animals wouldn’t be scared of me like they would if I was a regular human. But the bad part is his brother Hades the ruler of the underworld, and he is always trying to steal my dads trident. Which always starts a fight between them. Which is not fun because I have to stay inside because it is dangerous when there is a fight. I love being able to control the water because I can make the waves bigger if I want to go surfing, and there is a less chance of a shark attack because I know the sharks and they know me.

  5. Having a parent thats the goddess of love would definitely be pleasurable. Aphrodite would tell me everything about how to get a boy to like you. Hopefully I would have her genes and be as lovely and as beautiful as Aphrodite. My mom would be so nice and she would give me many tips about how to be beautiful. Imagine all that fun! There is nothing better then having a mom that knows everything about love and beauty; not to mention how famous I would be, being the daughter of Aphrodite.

  6. I would love to have Zeus, lord of the sky and king of the gods as a dad. Zeus would be the perfect father for me because I love heights and being above everything else. Hopefully Zeus would pass on the power of flight to me so I could soar like a bird in the sky. It would also be nice if he gave be power over the weather too. I wonder what it would be like to be able to control a thunderstorm? The biggest downside of having Zeus as a parent would be that he would always be in meetings trying to bring the other gods under control. I hope I wouldn’t be expected to lead the gods one day, it seems like a lot of work!

  7. Does your mom ever get all stressed out and yell? That’s why I would choose as a goddess mother the goddess of peace! She would always be nice and never yell. If I get stressed, she would help me be calm and peaceful. She would tell me tips on being peaceful and not to get stressed out. I don’t like getting stressed out so I feel like the goddess of peace as a mother would be always calm and make me feel better. If I told her one of my friends was in a stressful mood, she would help them out too. If me and my siblings ever fight, she would make a logical system for us to be all peaceful and stop the fighting. Basically, I would have a stress free life and that’s exactly what I want!

  8. Out of all of the gods and goddesses I would probably want Athena as a parent, because then I would inherit wisdom and if needed help on anything she could help me.I would get better grades at school and be able to help my friends with anything that has to do with school or studying. A down side would be that I would always get pressured to get good grades and be the best student at school, and that would not work with me because I LOVE my video games, not enough to get in the way of school though, but being the best student I could be would mean giving up everything I love, including video gaming, being lazy, reading, talking, annoying my cat and training my bird.

  9. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. I would feel safe standing by her side because she has a monstrous amount of power and is extremely adroit. If she was my parent, I suspect she would treasure me like a kingdom at battle. Athena could teach me battle techniques and educate me throughout my life. If Athena was my parent, she might be a little too intense about my grades. I mean, she’s the goddess of wisdom! She would be very stringent about my school work work. Overall, Athena would be an amazing mother for me.

  10. Themis is the goddess of law & order. I would want her to be my mom because each time I saw something that I didn’t think was right in society she could fix it. A disadvantage of having her as a mom would be we would always get into fights. She would probably always think she is right, but she would also always be right when she is talking to my teachers about grades. Themis would be loving but would also be stern sometimes. So maybe if she was my mom I would be the next goddess of law & order. Okay teachers lets talk about some grades.

  11. I would love to have Aphrodite as my mom because she knows everything about beauty and love. She would always be very happy and lovely. I would inherit some of her traits like beauty and everyone would like me.I also would be very famous being the daughter of Aphrodite. Valentine’s day would be very fun because she would make it a giant celebration. Also everything we owned would be the beautiful pink and red colors of love. She would also always have candy and heart shaped objects,and everyday would feel like Valentine’s Day.

  12. I would love to have Poseiden as a father because I love the sea and he lives in the sea. It would be so amazing because we could go fishing and boating. If I lived in the sea with him I could become friends with all the sea animals. Some disadvantages would be he would always be busy with work so I’d just have to go everywhere with him. I think I would inherit the talent of talking to the sea animals. Madusa would be my mom which would be a bad thing because she has snakes as pets, so I would live with Poseiden. I would hope that he would let me ride on his pet Dolphins because I adore them. I would have no siblings so when he would die I hope he would pass down the honor to me. I would be such a good little goddess of the see because I would have grown up in the sea and I could make the animals my servants. He would sometimes let me use his water torch to blow away any bad spirits if is sensed them. Poseiden would be a great father because he owns the sea a big body of water that I could Rome and have a blast in.

  13. Artemis, my mum would be Artemis. She is the goddess of the hunt, and the protecter of animals. I have known about greek myth so long and have always loved her the most. (Sorry Poseidon)! I would eat to inherit bow and arrow skills, knife skills, and outdoor skills and love for the outdoors. My uncle would be Apollo and my grandpa would be Zeus and my grandma would be Hestia. I would be vegan and my mum would approve, although I would use animal skin as warmth for my skin and always spare one and bless it. Just like my mum, I would be loyal to her and be part of her hunt. My uncle would be the God of music, medicine, light, and truth. Oh and not to forget Artemis is the goddess of the dark. My grandpa is the god of storms, the sky, Olympus, and almost everything. My grandpa would be the god of hearth, and family. My great uncle would be Poseidon the god of the seas. My other great uncle soul be hades the god of the underworld. My other aunts I never thought about my half aunt would be Athena. So overall it would be a really cool experience.

  14. There are so many Greek gods in the entire world. However if I had to choose one as my parent, I would most definitely chose Poseidon. I would chose him because he is the god of the sea. I would hope to inherit most of his ability to power his body fast across the water because I am a swimmer. If he was my dad I would make sure that on Saturdays we would go in the bay and hunt for the Hippocampus together. However, if my dad was Poseidon he would always be out at sea and I would never be able to see him, but parents aren’t always perfect.

  15. Artemis would be a pretty cool mom! She is the goddess of protecting animals, the hunt and the moon, and since I love animals so much, I would love to have her as my mom (not that I would trade my mom)! Would I inherit any combat skills from her hunting, or would I somehow be able to communicate with animals? I would have a very interesting family tree! My grandfather would be Zeus, the god of lightning and the heavens! My uncle would be Apollo, the God of healing and music. I would have cousins like Asclepius, the god of healing! Although I would have to give up bacon, hamburgers, and hotdogs; Artemis would be very cool as a mom.

  16. If I could pick a god or goddess as my parent I would want Eirene because she is the goddess of peace so we would never fight, I love that she is the goddess of peace because she has to stay peaceful with me when I don’t want to do my homework or eat my vegetables. She may think so but no parent is perfect so no matter how peaceful she tries to be she gets mad every once in a while. Now I what your thinking, “What your mom must never get mad at you?” but she does and when she dose you don’t want to be around her. But it’s save to say that she’s overall a good mom to have.

  17. Athena would be an awesome mom! Athena is pretty and is really good at battling. She is also really smart. I would want Athena as my mom because I would probably be really smart. I could also win every single battle game I play. If there was ever a war where nobody could figure out a plan to get to the other place, I would probably be able to solve the problem by figuring out a plan. I would also be an only child. But, Athena isn’t married to anyone so I probably wouldn’t have a dad. That is why I want to be the daughter of Athena.

  18. If I had to have a parent that was a Greek God, it would be Apollo. I would be able to get free sunglasses, be and awesome painter, singer, and dancer, and be a very skilled doctor. Also, if anyone was mean to me or my friends, I could shine the sun directly into their eyes. It would be hard to work four jobs though (A singer, dancer, painter, and doctor), but it would pay off (And pay well)!

  19. Would you rather have beauty by chance, or beauty for sure? To be born both really pretty and really nice without any doubts is something you’d only get from Aphrodite. I would be able to get most anything I wanted from anybody. I would be friends with everyone. More opportunities would open up for me and life would be just a little bit easier. But something that could possibly be bad about being Aphrodite’s daughter would be that maybe I’d be too pretty. People might only like me because I’m pretty and not because I’m nice.

  20. The parent I would want as a father is Poseidon. I would want him as a father because if you wanted to swim with waves he can bring them, and if you don’t he can take them away. I mean you can get him to swish water over a boat and sink it if you wanted him to! You can walk on water if you pleased. But mostly because he can bring sea creatures to you when you need them. When he pounds that trident down on the ground everything under water will know. Also because I think it would be outstandingly cool if you could say your father is the God of the sea.

  21. Who doesn’t love the ocean? It is the best place to be on a sunny day. Poseidon would be the best god to have as a parent because he can always be near you since there is so much water around the world. I have grown up in Florida near the beaches and pools, so I have spent a lot of time in the water. The water feels so good when it gets in between your toes, and I love building sandcastle. If I could choose any place to live, it would definitely be underwater. I love marine animals like fish, and since Poseidon is the God of the Sea, I can swim with any marine animal I want. A disadvantage of Poseidon being a dad is that he is so popular monsters might try to kill you.

  22. Zeus is my dream father (for a god.) I’d pick Zeus because I would have the most powerful God of them all, as my dad. I would also have a lot of brothers and sisters plus mothers. If I ever got in trouble just think of it. The most powerful God in the world bailing you out. Even if you have a school conference guess who comes, ZEUS. One flaw about having Zeus as a dad is I could never be friends with Poseidon or any of his sons or daughters. I could sit on his throne and I could even use his lightning bolt. If he let me. I also have always wanted to be greek, so it is a win win.

  23. If I had to choose a god as a parent, I would defiantly choose Poseidon. There would be so many benefits of living underwater. For an example you would never have to change after you go for a swim. I would also have so many sisters, and I always wanted to have at least one sister. Living in the water, people have friends too. I would love to be friends with a singing crab and a funny fish. It would also be amazing to go explore the world, but just underwater. School would be amazing underwater. But, I just hope my books don’t get wet!

  24. Just think about it, having the greek goddess of love and beauty as a mom! I think it would be so cool to be Aphrodite’s daughter. I mean everyone says that the apple doesn’t fall far from tree so that means I would be just as beautiful as Aphrodite. I would also be able to get the best advice about love from my mom. I feel like Aphrodite would very generous and kind. It would also be really cool to have Cupid as a brother, I could bribe him with video game and then he would shoot anybody I wanted with an arrow. I would also have a sister, who is the goddess of beauty. Wouldn’t that be awesome? She could do my hair and do my makeup. I would also have Zeus as a grandpa. Just imagine, the most powerful god in the world and I would be calling him grandpa. It would be so fun to be Aphrodite’s daughter.

  25. Forget some mom who lets your dad take you on a fishing trip. Artemis, my mom, would take me hunting herself. Although she’s the protector of animals, she still is the goddess of the hunt. At home, which would probably be in some glade in a wood somewhere, we would live with deer and bears, and keep wolves and cats as pets. We would have so many animals to take care of and would probably go hunting a lot, and that’s not all! I won’t say I like hunting all that much, but I would still like for her to teach me how to use a bow-and-arrow, throw a knife, and grow trees right out of the dirt in seconds. Don’t forget, she’s the goddess of the moon and darkness. If I inherited her ability to control the night, I would be so happy. Hooray for sleeping in! I would make the night last just a bit more, maybe an hour or so. I’d ace science and biology in school, thanks to the nightly hands-on lectures about how plants grow, make food for themselves, and are the base for the food chain. Also the part about how I would know all about animals in their anatomy. In school, there will always be a bully. But there will also always be a goddess backing me up. Anyone who might call me “plant girl” or “tree hugger” will get a tree branch to the face on their way home. My dad would be Apollo, which is interesting, because he is the God of the sun, while Artemis is of the moon. But he’s also the God of the arts and medicine. I like art anyway, and it would be cool to be able to heal people. Yay parents! Artemis is right on the corner of awesome and bomdiggity.

  26. Feeling the cool wind rushing through my hair, water skimming my fingers. I ride a wave, feeling that wonderful feeling when I am up on a wave enjoying the sun. I am Dorothy and I am the daughter of Posiden. I love being related to him because it is so cool being able to ride water, talk to animals, breathe under water, and so much more! Being Posiden’s daughter has lots of upsides like being a master swimmer, having all sea creatures love me, and being such an outdoor person. I love swimming through the cool clear water that my father controls, and riding dolphins to my under water home. I love coming home everyday and seeing my dad and cozying up on my extremely soft sea star bed and watching the moon rise after a long day of swimming, and fun.

  27. If I could have a Greek God as my parent I would choose Poseidon. I would choose Poseidon as my father because he is the god of water, and I love the water and the marine life in it. So for him to be my father, would be an amazing opportunity for me to be near the water almost every single day! Having Poseidon as my father, would allow me to see dolphins. I love dolphins, because they are my favorite marine animal. I also love the sandy beaches. I could also get a lot better at building sand castles. I always love the weather when it is a little bit windy, really sunny with beautiful waters. That weather is really common because I am temporarily living in Florida. Anyway, I think that it would be an amazing opportunity to have Poseidon as my dad, but I already have the best dad in the world.

  28. I’m the second most beautiful girl in world after my mom of course. My mom is Aphrodite she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I love having her as a mother because she always gives me fashion and beauty tips. When I went to prom she bought me the most beautiful dress to wear. The beauty came from birth I was the most gorgeous baby well besides my mom. Sometimes I hate my mom because she is prettier than me. Two things I love about having her as a mom is my hair and gorgeousness she gave me when I was born. Even though she is prettier than me I love her being my mom. When I go to school I am the most beautiful girl in the school. My mom granted me to be the second most beautiful girl that is why I love her so much. My dad is Cupid that is also an advantage but that is another story.

  29. What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothing because it just waved. The father that I would like to have would probably be Poseidon. I really like going to the beach and swimming in the ocean, and if you wanted it to be more fun you could ask to make it more wavey. It’s cool to have a trident because the way it looks, and I’d want to get one of my own so I can act like I’m the boss. I would be scared to make him mad though because of the bad things he could do. Just so you know that most of the world is made of water.

  30. I would love to have Athena as a mom. She is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. It would be so interesting to see what I could learn from her. I would have help with winning battles against monsters or with everyday things like school or friends. Although she might be hard on me if I don’t get a good grade she could help me get better ones. If I ever have to battle anyone or anything (which I hope I don’t) then she could help me win. She would give me advise on how to deal with things. I would have lots of wisdom and strategies which are very good things to have growing up as a demigod.

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