Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Students!

What has been your favorite Halloween costume so far? Was it one from when you were a toddler or something more recent? Describe it in detail and tell why it is your favorite. If you do not celebrate Halloween, please tell about a costume you have worn (maybe for a play) and the reasons why you wore it.

Also, can you retell a particularly fun Halloween when something scary or funny happened to you?

(Two small, descriptive paragraphs and remember to put a space between them)

Please watch those run-on sentences. Use a period (to create two sentences) or a comma using one of the FANBOYS conjunctions. Also, let’s see some very descriptive adjectives and vivid verbs in your writing.


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  1. Wearing a Captain America costume was my favorite Halloween costume. That was one of my recent Halloween costumes because I wore it last year. My costume came with a shield, mask, and a blue,white,and red suit. It was my favorite costume because when I wore it on Halloween I got the most candy.

    On Halloween last year I went to Hallo Scream . When I was there one of the employees scared my dad so bad he screamed, and it was funny. Another thing that was funny when I went there was that my sister screamed when I went on a roller coaster. If you ever want to go somewhere to get scared you should go to Hallo Scream.

  2. I have worn some crazy (and funny) costumes for Halloween, but there was one year where I really liked my costume. That was on the Halloween of 2013. Three of my friends and I dressed up as the Beatles and we walked around with Beatles music blaring from some speakers. I was Paul, my friend Cameron was John, Andrew was George, and Chris was Ringo. The costume by itself wasn’t really that impressive. It was just a gray suit with a skinny tie, a bowl cut wig, and round tinted glasses. Since I was Paul I didn’t wear shoes (on one of the Beatles albums Paul was the only one not wearing shoes). Anyway, that was (I think) a particularly good costume.

    On that same Halloween I had a couple funny experiences. For instance, while my friends and I were on a street called Eve Lane we ran into a couple teenagers. The teenagers were taking all the candy from the bowls, and we didn’t think that was ok (irony), so we went over to them and yelled at them. Apparently they weren’t ok with four fourth graders yelling at them, so they chased us down the street until my friends and I were far away from Eve Lane. We kept running until we got to Chris’s house, and then we just watched tv and ate candy.

  3. When I was in second grade I was a transformer for Halloween. This was one of my favorite costumes because blue is my favorite color and transformers look awesome. The costume was pretty simple. It was just a blue suit with an awesome mask. This costume really pulled in a lot of candy.

    One Halloween night my father, sister, and I were out trick-or-treating. We were riding around in our golf cart when a nightmare became a reality. We we were far from our home when our golf cart ran out of power. My father started to push the golf cart, but it barley even budged. My dad didn’t have his phone so we were stuck pushing the golf cart all the way home.

  4. My greatest costume I’ve ever owned was my creeper (From Minecraft) costume. It was a legit rectangle the size of me in height, and was two by two in width. It barely showed my feet and I could barely move because my legs would hit the box. There was two eye holes for me to see and a draw on mouth with checkered green paper squares. I had this costume when I was nine. Although I didn’t get to tricker treat in that costume, because I got in trouble, I loved wearing it.

    My greatest Halloween experience was this year with my friend Zachary. We went to Boyd Hill (a nature preserve) and went in this maze that had strobe lights with black walls. There were guys dressed in black who jumped out from the walls! Unfortunately, I was the bravest, and had to go first while some kids with Zachary hid behind me. It was the most scariest thing ever but the most fun in the world!

  5. When I was young I was a pirate. I liked that costume because I got so much candy, because old people kept calling me cute, and giving me candy. I had the triangle hat and everything! I remember me and my friends would always go to the houses that say “take one” and we would take the whole bowl. We would also go get full sized chocolate bars from rich people and keep going back to get more.

    This year I went with Ronan, Kyle, and Anthony to Hal-O-Scream, and while Kyle and Ronan were on Falcons Fury, Anthony and I went to go get ice cream. When we got to the ice cream place we knew we were about to get scared, on the way back we saw chainsaw people and tried to hide in the crowd. We took a run for it and the shovel people started to tell the others to chase us, they all started chasing us and scraping shovels behind us. We were running as fast as we could and soon lost them. We went back to go get Kyle and Ronan, and ended up having to go threw all of the people again. We went to these scary witches that would silently follow us and scare us when we least expect it. We had so much fun.

  6. My favorite Halloween costume would have to be the time in third grade when I dressed up as a Angry Bird , back when angry birds was wasn’t a money scheming rip off like it is to day. It was my favorite because I made it from scratch with my grandma, we covered a yoga ball in paper mâché. Then spray painted it red paint, and added a beak with huge goggly eyes.

    On that same Halloween night when I went tricker treating, I came to a old mans house and the funny thing was he forgot to buy candy. Instead of being a jerk and turning of his lights and pertaining not to be home. He started to give out money. I got a five dollar bill from him.

  7. My absolute favorite Halloween costume that I have worn was a Star Wars Jedi Knight costume. I wore this costume when I was eight years old and when I liked Star Wars. I really liked the costume because it looked very authentic and I had a cool lightsaber to go with it. Another reason why I liked it so much is because my whole family also dressed up in Star Wars costumes. Even my dog dressed up in a Star Wars costume. That was my favorite Halloween ever.
    That Halloween night, we came to a house particularly scary house. That house had steam makers and scary music playing. My two little brothers didn’t want to get candy there because they were scared. When we finally reached the house out of the steam, we discovered that it was a Halloween party house. The house had the most candy and food at any party. My little brothers were not scared anymore and were now stuffing there mouthes with food. This was the best Halloween ever.

  8. 2008, I was walking through a haunted house. A man in a half wolf and half man costume popped out. He scared me so bad my reaction was to hit him with my bag of candy. As soon as he hit the ground I ran for my life. When I got home I slid under my bed and stayed there all night.
    Three years in a row I went around in a dinosaur suit. I loved it until I grew out of it but I had to try again. I had just taken my first step and it ripped from head to toe. That was the last time I saw that costume.

  9. The year that I was a bowl of macaroni and cheese was my favorite. I liked this costume the best because I made it on my own. I got pool noodles and cut them up into small inch long noodles. Then I made a cardboard box bowl and then rapped blue fabric around it. Then I glued the pool noodles in the bowl. When I went to school to go into the parade a lot of people liked it. If I had to make a custom over again I would make this.

    The most scariest thing that happened to me was on Halloween when I went to this haunted house with a lot of my friends. When we were going in it was so scary there where monsters every ware. In each room there were many doors to exit but there was only one that did not have a monster in it. About half way through there was this boy that was the size of me. He would not stop following me, and he almost touched me.That night was super fun and scary at the same time.

  10. My favorite Halloween costume so far has been this year’s. I have a scary baby mask with a king’s hat. I also have a fake knife that when you stab someone, it looks real. The reason I like it is not because it is scary, but because everything I am wearing does not match at all, and it is a really funny costume. The mask has some blood on it and his mouth is shaped awkward. He also has black eyes. The king’s hat look’s like the ones that kings used to wear. It is my favorite costume because it look’s really funny.

    This year, I went to Howl o Scream with my friend on my soccer team. We were in a haunted house with a bunch of clowns everywhere. We walked into this room with about 20 clowns that were all standing still and we knew at least one of them were real. Right when we were about to leave the room (unharmed) the last clown jumped out at us a screamed. We were so scared that we both fell down on the floor while he was scaring us to death. We quickly got up and ran out of the room as fast as we could.

  11. So far my favorite Halloween costume was my Anikin Starwars costume when I was seven years old. It was my favorite costume because I loved Starwars so much when I little, I always wanted to be my favorite character Anikin. Last year I didn’t really have a good Halloween because I went to a very popular neighborhood that was crowded and loud. I was feeling really over stressed and tired but luckily my grandad had a house there that I could go into and I was very happy to sit down and relax.

  12. The best Halloween costume up to this point was as a zombie. This was last year, and the whole costume was meticulously done. This has to be considered my favorite costume because of how much time was spent preparing it.

    When I was younger I had a very interesting Halloween. While trick-or-treating, one house looked plainly decorated, with only a pick-up truck in the driveway. I walked towards the house, completely unsuspecting to the scare I was in for. A man jumped out of the truck, and scared me out of my wits. Considering I was pretty young, the scare made me want to go home right then and there.

  13. When I was four years old I wanted to be a doctor, so my mom got me this awesome doctor costume with a stethoscope, a toy syringe, and a pair of tweezers. I loved this costume because I was always chasing other kids with the tweezers. It was also my favorite costume because it was fun to put candy in the doctors bag and say: ” Take two of these and call me in the morning.” To my parents.

    One of my favorite halloween memories was when last year, one house in our neighborhood tried to become the scariest home in the world. They had REAL people hanging from nooses in their front yard, and people with chainsaws chasing you away. If you had the guts to go in they would reward you with two king sized candy bars.

  14. I am not the biggest Halloween fan ever, but I do sometimes dress up as something cool. One year I dressed up as a Jedi from Star Wars. No, this was not what I wanted to be, but I was able to assemble the costume using some toys I had inside my closet. I do not like candy (or running around creepy houses at night), but I do like giving out candy. I enjoyed standing on the porch of my home waving my lightsaber and handing out candy to whoever wanted some. I also enjoyed listening to the distant screams of people a few blocks away. This was my favorite costume because it was the only one that was completely homemade!

    One of my favorite Halloween memories was from a party at my old golf club in Houston. There were putting competitions, plenty of food, blow-up slides, and tons of fun! The best thing that happened was when someone told me I was too old to go on the slide, even though I was two years under the age limit!

  15. This year’s costume is my favorite. It’s a tye di morphsuit! I love it because it is stuck to your skin an you can be an un identified rainbow person.It is a lot of fun and cannot wait to wear it this year.One of my most scary moments in halloween was last year when I went to two haunted houses with my two friends. The second one was really scary. I was schuved in front of the group as my friends cowardly ventured behind me. People popped out and I jumped. I almost had a heart attack. I was glad when it was over but akwardly wanted to go again. I can’t wait to tell my scary moments this year.

  16. The gator drags the boy into the water with him screeching for someone to save him. My favorite Halloween costume so far is a gator. That was when I was in second grade. It is made out of foam and it could slide over my head. On the head there are small foam triangles as the scales sticking up. There are small green foam scales over my shoe also. The whole costume is spray painted green. It is my favorite costume because it was my first costume in the Shorecrest parade.

    As they say come in I think in my head, why does everyone want to take pictures. I like the attention but I just want candy, after all it is Halloween. Luckily in my neighborhood people give kids about four handfuls of candy and a king size candy of your own choice. That is something funny that happened to me because every year I am asked to come inside so they can take a picture of my costume. As the boy is scraping the earth the gator drags him in the water and he is missing for three weeks. Then one day he turns up floating around the lake with one leg.

  17. My favorite costume must be the one I will wear again and already wore to scare a bunch of kids this year. I got the costume so I could pretend to be a decoration. The costume was a black robe with a hood and had glowing eyes that faded in and out. I had also bought a voice changer with it, so that I could sound scary to trick or treaters. I’m planning to use it for Halloween, but about a week ago, my block was having an early Halloween party, so I used it there. I played dead in my yard and some kids walked over to me. One of them touched me with their foot and that’s when I jumped up and scared them. I’m looking forward to doing this again for Halloween.

  18. It had a spine rattling face, a threatening scythe, and a dark robe. It was one of my favorite Halloween costumes. It wasn’t a costume you could buy, but I made it by getting multiple features and put them together. I was about ten when I had this costume. If I snuck up on people, and they turned around and saw me, they would jump. Unfortunately, I had a stomach ache when I went Trick-or-Treating, so I only got to a few houses.

    One Halloween night, I don’t remember when, I saw a tiny little car. It was like one of the little ones kids can sit in and drive. This one had a roof. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but after a few seconds, I realized it was a costume! I realized this because the person that had this costume could transform from car to robot, or robot to car! it was one of the cleverest costumes that I had ever seen.

  19. In Halloween my favorite costume was two years ago, and I was a biker. This was my favorite because it is the only one I can remember. This was just a shirt, jeans, and chains.
    My most favorite thing that happened I do not know when I got bouncy balls that looked like eye balls. This is my favorite because it was the only thing interesting.

  20. I have had a lot of cool costumes for Halloween, but one of my favorite was last year. I was a checkered morph suit. From head to toe I was black and white. It was my favorite costume because if someone I came up to me and they didn’t know it was me they would have know idea who it was.

    One of my favorite Halloween memories was last year when it went to Howl-O-scream. We were about to go into one of the haunted houses. We had just got into line when a large man jumped out from behind a fence with a chainsaw. It scared use so bad that we didn’t want to go in the haunted house any more.

  21. Mmmmmmm… I love chocolate Chocolate! That actually was my favorite costume. On my first Halloween I dressed like a Hershey’s kiss chocolate. I was only two, and I was stumbling around in this big costume. It had the silver foil and everything! It even had the paper sticking out that said “Hershey’s.” I don’t remember this costume, but my parents have told me about when I was jumping and skipping along joyously in it.

    I remember Halloween four or five years ago, and it was awesome. My brother was getting flustered as fell all over the place in his big box costume. He dressed up as a present, and he couldn’t even put his hands over his head. That is one Halloween story that I will never forget. I mean who could forget their brother tripping up all over the place in a giant box!

  22. Pink, random, and somewhat see through are the three best words to describe my costume. Because This year I am wearing a pink morph suit. If you don’t know what a morph suit is it is a skin tight suit that covers your body and face. You are probably wondering how you see through it because it covers your face, well it is made out of light stretchy colored fabric. And the morph suit I am going to wear is completely pink, I chose pink because it seemed so random it was scary.

    When I was at a place called Boyed hill park Nature preserve ( which celebrated Halloween with a little festival and fun rides. On one of the rides, called the hay ride where you are carried by a tractor and people with costumes run after you. Ryker and Zachery were next to me and when a small kid ran after me with a sword I said ” aren’t you a little young to be killing people?” And Ryder said ” yea don’t you need a license for that” the kid running after us replied ” you need a license!”. and ryker, Zachery, and me couldn’t stop laughing.

  23. A mischievous, thieving burglar was my favorite Halloween costume. I wore a ski mask and glued Monopoly money to the top of my candy sack. I would trot around the neighborhood saying, “Put the candy in the bag!” I got so many compliments on my costume, and I was even slipped an extra Snickers once for my creativity. I chose to wear this costume because it was very original and homemade, not some cheap store bought one that anyone can get just by going to Party City.

    It was midnight on Halloween and I had just gotten comfortable in my bed. Ding-Dong! I was startled. I hobbled down to the living room and glanced through the window. It was a chubby grown man in a pink dress holding a bag. I thought it was a joke. Did he really expect me to give him candy? I chuckled quietly to myself and went back to bed. I will never forget that absurd Halloween experience.

  24. It was a cute costume, and it was very cozy. I wore a Pumpkin costume when I was three years old. I have been told that I looked very good in that costume. It was very fuzzy, and it was warm inside. I picked this because it was my first Halloween costume to wear, and everyone loved it. I loved it also. That was my favorite costume.

    One time long ago I was walking across a street in Old North East. It was a normal Halloween, and nothing was going on, but as i was walking some kid jumped out of the bushes next to me. He thought I was his friend, but I was not. I jumped back, and fell down on the street. Now remember I was only nine years old, so this shocked me. That was the scariest Halloween of my life.

  25. Imagine a costume that has puffy gloves, a mustache beyond compare, a hat with a white letter M, blue pants, and red suspenders. A couple years ago I was Mario for Halloween. Mario is one of my top Halloween costumes because I love wearing the over sized, fat gloves. When I would walk by someone they would give me a unexpected hi five.

    There is one house always on my street that goes over kill on scaring. He sits in a coffin next to the candy bowl and waits for the next unexpected visitor. Last year on Halloween I forgot that a man in a blood covered mask would scare me. I walked up to the candy bowl feeling normal and he popped out of the coffin resulting in me dropping all my candy on the cold concrete.

  26. Have you ever seen a headless butler? In fourth grade that’s what I was on Halloween, and a lot of people enjoyed seeing it. It had large, inflatable shoulders that rested next to your head, and they looked like a large mans shoulders above me. After the shoulders were inflated I would put the shirt over it. So at that point it looked like my head was coming out of a shirt. That was because a fake platter was supposed to go under my head, so in the end it looked like a decapitated butler serving his head on a platter. Everyone who saw it was amazed.

    The night before Halloween – last year – my brother, his friend, and I went to Hall-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. We weren’t going for the rides or the animals, but we were going for the haunted houses. They were set up so that people would walk through it and get scared along the way. We went to three of the twenty houses that were set up, and the lines were very long. When we finally got in one of them we were extremely scared. The last one we went to was the “Blood Asylum”. The line was the longest, but it was worth it. People popped out of pure darkness and made a teenage boy scream like a girl. At the end of the haunted house we were chased out by a masked man with a chainsaw! I’m definitely hoping to go back soon.

    1. Here are some things that I saw needed to be corrected. Man’s should be possessive because of shoulders and “Blood Asylum.” should look like this and not “Blood Asylum”. I also think I could have used more descriptive nouns instead of pronouns. Happy almost Halloween!

  27. A ghastly wolf-creature prowled among the dark streets on October 31st a few years ago. It was me! I am obsessed with wolves and their majestic characteristics, so I decided to dress up as a ghost-like wolf figure. To me, it was the best costume in the world. I remember feeling, not like I was pretending, but like I was an actual wolf creeping (and pouncing, do to a sugar overload) down the damp road. I was a bit too tall for the dress, so I wore it as a shirt and I wore black leggings. The costume was a soft, felt “shirt” with strings and beads cascading a few inches below it. It had a pale wolf with glowing eyes peering back at whoever looked at me, like a guardian of the black background behind it. The “best costume in the world” as I called it, was with me that night, draping across my narrow, young frame.
    I remember I once was around seven, possibly eight, when I went trick-or-treating with my friend Karisa, and there was this one eerie house that gave me the creeps. There was fake blood on the long grass, cobwebs on the windowsill. However, being seven, I absolutely needed candy on Halloween. What was the fun of trick-or-treating if I received no candy? So I brought up my courage and my friend and I sprinted up to the house (all with the bravery to earn some candy) so the giant spider on the rock nearby couldn’t kill us. As we approached the door, a skeletal man jumped out at us and screamed a deep, bellowing scream. I jumped back in fear and my friend ran away. I deemed the man a “meanie jerk” as my parents chuckled at my shrieks of terror. I got angry, and Halloween was officially ruined. Until, of course, I went next door and got some candy. Halloween was back on track.

  28. When i was little I dressed up as Luigi from Mario and Luigi a video game. I dressed up as ghost hunter Luigi. He would catch the ghost kind of like the Ghost busters with air suction. To show this I had a vacuum on my back with dry ice to show suction. This holds a special place in my heart because my whole family helped and it was my favorite game.

    A Holloween that stands out in my mind was when I dressed up as a Jawa from Starwars. I remember this one particularly because everyone was looking at me and would say “that’s a awesome costume.” I also like this one because it was the last year my brother dressed up an thought he was to old for Halloween.

  29. Most popular costumes are Scream, Super Heroes, but my favorite costume is not those scary or popular costumes. The costume that I admire the most is the costume of a physician or a doctor. I wore this costume last Friday so it was recent. My dad is doctor so he loaned me his coat that says Morton Plant Hospital on the upper right. Surprisingly it fit me perfectly. Doctors who do surgery wear clothes that they wear inside the coat they are called shrubs. My uncle is a doctor who does surgery and he loaned me his shrubs. The shrubs also fit me perfectly. My dad gave me his tedescope to put around my neck. A tedescope is a doctor tool that measures your hearth rate. Unfortunately my dad’s coat had his name on it. On the day before Halloween my mom printed a piece of paper that said Dr. Raj M.D. My mom then taped the piece of paper over my dad’s name on the coat. When Halloween arrived my dad gave me a doctor set with tools that doctors used. I put the tools in one of the pockets of the coat. Overall my coat had 4 pockets. One of them with some of my doctor tools. The second pocket had the rest of my doctor tools. My upper pocket or my third pocket had some pens and pencils. My last pocket had a pad full of sticky notes. While I was trick o treating everybody commented that your doctor costume looks like a real doctor.

    Their is a really funny story that I recall that in the recent Halloween. When I was trick or treating with my friends their was a house with really scary decorations. While me and my friends walked up the drive way when we heard a scream of a little girl. She was so scared that she dropped her candy and ran away. Instead of feeling sympathetic we rushed towards the fallen candy and grabbed all of the good candies. Her bucket of candy a lot of good ones. As I always think of that incident I always feel guilty.

  30. My favorite Halloween costume so far was my Domo costume. I like this costume because it’s really funny and attracts a lot of people wondering what you are. It’s a costume that is a brown bear with black eyes and a big mouth with sharp teeth. You would see by looking through the thin red cloth located in the mouth. The costume would go over your head and would reach to about your knees length.

    One Halloween me and my friend Jordan were trick-or-treating. The first house we stumbled upon was a normal house. Then we came across a demonic horrifying looking house. There was a man sitting on a bench. He was indeed also very horrific. Me and Jordan eventually built up the courage to go up to the house to ask for some candy. As we were walking over we noticed that the man sitting on the bench, and he was slowly turning his head and soon was starring right at us. Jordan and I were frightened as ever as the man was glaring at us. Jordan and I finally arrived at the door. Jordan knocked the door. A man answered the door. Me and Jordan in unison both said “trick-or-treat”. The man both gave us a hand full of candy and me and Jordan both ran as fast as we could back to our house screaming in horror. Ahhhhhh!

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