Looking in the Year View Mirror

Mirror in mirrorHello Students!

This is your last post to the class blog this year. I would like for you to reflect on your sixth grade year and all that this means. Next year when I introduce the sixth graders to the class blog, they will first read your thoughts and comments and experiences to get a sense of what sixth grade life might be like for them. Here are some areas (but not limited to) to get you started in your thinking: Athletics, theater, academics, navigating everyday school life, homework, field experiences, and expectations. I’m sure there are other areas you can comment on. You are not to discuss teachers or any personal experiences involving others (names). 

Have a wonderful and fun summer, safe travels wherever you may go, and read, read, read!

Please come back and visit next year!


  1. Sixth grade is definitely fun but also pretty challenging. I would definitely recommend to do your homework as early as possible rather than last minuet. I liked doing this because I got it over with! When you are done with your homework early, then you can go play sports and other activities. The next thing I would recommend is to study. 15 minuets every day is way better than an hour the last day left to study. Try to focus more on your weaker subjects rather than your best subjects while studying. Always remember not to worry about your grades all the time. A couple days before a test, go to talk to the teacher and ask them for help on the subject. This helped me so much when I didn’t get something because mostly all of the time they helped me understand what I was learning.

    If you are in after school sports or on a club team, then it may be a little tuff to get your work done. Try to study or do some of your homework in the car or bus if you are on your way to practice or a game. At least you will get some homework or studying done rather than none. If it is a shorter ride, then read. You will need to read a book every month in the sixth grade. If you have a good book you are most likely to understand the concept and not want to put the book down. Lastly, always try to be prepared for each class. Bring any books you might need for class. It’s better to have everything there then have nothing to read or do work from. I hope you enjoy the sixth grade and I’m sure that you will have a really fun time with all the really nice teachers and you will learn a lot!

  2. I hope you enjoyed fifth grade! There is a big transition from fifth to sixth. However, if you try hard and study, you have nothing to worry about. Homework in sixth grade is basically the same as homework in fifth grade. You already experienced having homework for every subject during the week. Homework isn’t too challenging, and a lot of it is due at the end of the week. Do not underestimate any tests or graded assignments. In sixth grade, every test is challenging. Knowing the material is crucial because a lot of classwork involves thinking and really knowing the topic that the teacher is covering. As long as you pay attention in class and study, you don’t need to stress. If you are troubled at all, the teachers are always right there to help you with anything! I know all of you will have an academically successful year in sixth grade!

    Finally! This will be the first year that you all are able to participate in sports and theater. Being on a sports team with “Shorecrest” written across your jersey is such an honor! The teams bond so well, and you are able to make so many friends in different grade levels! Being in theater is fun as well! You are able to express your acting/singing/dancing skills on a big stage! It is a lot of fun, and the play directors do a great job! I know all of you will enjoy sixth grade so much, and you will make many memories! Good luck!

  3. Sixth Grade will be a much different experience than fifth grade. Sixth grade is so much more fun than fifth grade too. You will get to go on many exciting trips. For example, Pathfinders was a over night trip where you will get to do many fun activities that I will not tell you because they are a surprise! You must make sure to focus in class and maybe even take notes to be well prepared for the test or quiz! You also might want to bring a jacket to science class because Mr. Cruise keeps his room an ice box!

    When the time comes to pick a sport, try picking one that you have not done before. That is exactly what I did and I really excelled! Always be prepared for class. Some teachers will take points off your homework assignment if you forgot a material. If you have two books for a class, bring both of them. It does not hurt to be prepared and ready! In English class, there are so many books to choose from. I guarantee you will read more than ten books during the year. I think you will have so much fun in sixth grade, I know I did! I hope you have the best sixth grade year you will ever have!

  4. I loved sixth grade. All of the teachers were so nice and helpful. I hove a lot of advise for you up rising sixth graders. Always, and I mean always, ask questions. Never be afraid to to ask questions.
    Always bring a jacket to class. Sometimes they get cold. And this is for you ladies, never be embarrassed to ask to go to the restroom during a test. The teachers know how it feels. They know what it’s like to have to go to the bathroom.
    You definitely need to be prepared for class. Some teachers take off points if you have to go to your locker to get things. If science has three books then bring three books. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
    It would be very helpful for your self if you took notes and actually listen to the lesson. Asking your older brother or sister or your friends helps. Once a week make a day for studying. It helps a lot.
    Read. Always keep up with the class reading. We read the book Kiki Strike. It is a very good book and it makes you want to keep reading. WARNING: If you read ahead make sure you don’t give out any spoilers.
    Lastly this is about sports. If you play sports you have to make sure you are committed. If you aren’t they you will not succeed. Love the game and love the player( the player is you).
    That is all the advice I can give to you. I hope you have a good year. Remember, ask questions,bring a jacket, be prepared, read, and be committed. I love you all, Sincerely Keaton P.

  5. These are some tips for doing well in sixth grade. First, make sure you keep organized. Always have a calendar or have a homework app. Next, always bring a jacket because the temperature is below freezing! Just kidding, although it is a bit cold do bring a sports sweatshirt, if you have one, or a Shorecrest school jacket. This tip isn’t as important but it will help you learn the new subject. Always finish your homework early and check it at the end of the week. Don’t do your homework fast and careless because you will have to learn it anyways. This is the most important tip, never think you do not have to study for a test because it will haunt you during the test. Make sure you understand and you can explain the concept. This is the last tip for academics but it is important, always keep your binder organized. If it isn’t you will lose almost half of your papers!

    Sports are very fun! Theater is also very fun! I mostly enjoyed the freedom of picking sports. Never get discouraged if you don’t make a team because it isn;t the end of your world, it is only the beginning. If you do sports, practice before tryouts so you can impress the coaches. If you make the team, never whine to the coach if you don’t play as much as you want to, DO NOT WHINE! If you wine, you may end up playing left bench. Theater consists of singing, dancing, and you should try to bring a dramatic flare to tryouts. Some people in my grade did not make it, but one girl inspired me. She didn’t give up, and she went after her dreams.

  6. In sixth grade I enjoyed being able to have more opportunities. School sports are what I was the most excited about this year, and they were really fun. Before you commit to a sport though, you should definitely make sure that your schedule is not very busy. I went from school, to school volleyball, to hebrew school, to piano, and then I would get home around nine o’clock p.m. So that is one of my biggest tips. Sixth grade is very different from fifth grade, you have more responsibilities, more homework, and more studying. Sixth grade is fun, there are over night trips and field trips, and the whole curriculum is different. I had a great time in sixth grade, there were lots of laughs, and a lot of homework. My biggest tip of all is to always look ahead and don’t get stuck n the past. If you do then you will be behind on the now.

  7. This year was really fun! I loved all of the field experiences like pathfinders. Pathfinders was cool because it was unlike anything we did in fifth grade. It is really fun to do all of the cool projects also. There are so many of them! English is very fun with all of the Greek mythology we do. And science is fun when we do the house project for circuit building. Also, social studies is very different because in stead of geography we learn history. Math teaches you all sorts of new things. You know Mr. B so that is a plus. Some of my favorite things this year was pathfinders and all of the new reading we were exposed to. Always lock your locker even if you think you don’t have time. And bring a jacket into science it is always really cold. And bring all your materials to class because some classes aren’t close to your locker. And remember to have fun!

  8. Hello uprising 6th graders! I have a couple tips and tricks to get through the year! Never go down the 5th grade hallway. Its a big mess, and it clogs up. If a teacher sees you walking that way, you have to walk back and out the back anyways. It just wastes time. This one is mostly for girls, but get a cute pen case to carry around, teachers don’t like it when you have to go to your locker. Remember, have blue or black ink! Going in to see your teachers helps a lot, because sometimes you won’t understand what they are looking for. If it is Monday, and you have homework do Friday, do it on Monday, or whenever your open! It’s never fun to procrastinate. You end up waking really early to finish your homework, and then your tired for the rest of the day. When you tired, you don’t focus. Focusing is really important for 6th grade because sometimes the teachers will say stuff that is really important. Take notes on what the teacher is saying, it comes in handy for studing. Speaking of studying, study hard! You really need to study. Personally, I thought 6th was a lot harder than 5th, and you need to study a lot! For English, check your on the blogs. Make sure you have correct spelling and punctuation, because you don’t want to know how many times I messed that up! So rising 6th graders, be prepared, and work hard, study hard, and focus! Good luck on your super fun 6th grade year!

  9. Ok I admit it. Sixth grade was tough! If you have a bad start don’t worry. I promise it gets easier. It is a HUGE difference between fifth grade and sixth grade. The best help I can tell you is STUDY, LISTEN, AND TRY YOUR BEST. Even if you think that a quiz or test is very simple you always have to study. Listen, listen, listen! It will always help for you to listen to what the teacher is says because it can help you out in the future. By try your best I mean be wise with your time. Every week there isn’t study hall so when there is study hall use it wisely. Stay focused, do your work, and study if you have extra time. For Geography class you guys had Ms. Waldron. She teaches Geography but this year you have Ms. Wells who teaches Social Studies.

    I know that most of you children are athletic. You guys want to play sports like soccer, football, or basketball I’m guessing or maybe your the singing/acting type and you want to be in the next school play. I remember going to all of the sports assembly’s and hating to because we weren’t allowed to play any sports but nows your chance. Just remember try to balance school and sports because that can definitely be hard. If you have to take more responsibility for one or the other choose school! So there you go. I hope you can survive like I did!

    Good Luck

  10. Sixth grade is NOT what you expect (unless it is). The teachers just need a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Believe me when I say you will go far if you give them that. If you have trouble remembering pens and pencils, always put one of each in a section of your iPad or binder. It really helps to be organized. I like to put my books in class order, not only does it help with keeping them all together, but it helped me remember what class was next!

    Don’t be afraid of stepping out of you’re comfort zone. Sixth grade has somany more open doors that fith grade has. I say, explore the rooms behind each and every one of them.

  11. Sixth grade for me was a lot harder than fifth grade. The tests are longer and you don’t get as much as a break for homework. Altho the amount of homework is decent, the studying for tests usually takes up most of my time at home. Balancing school with soccer was hard because soccer takes up most of my life besides school. Here’s a tip if you are trying to balance school and sports, don’t procrastinate. It’s way easier to have everything done than to wait to the last minute. Plan ahead. Make a schedule of when you are going to study and do homework. Always bring a jacket to science, sometimes it’s like walking into the Arctic. When trying to pick out an extracurricular activity, like school sports, the middle school musical, or forensics, do what makes you happy. Use the activity as kind of a stress reliever. Take it easy, don’t push yourself to the limit to get good grades, sports, or anything. Sixth grade isn’t all that bad. You get to go to Pathfinders, which is a camp we stay at for one night. It was really fun, there are really cool bonding activities such as tree climbing and canoeing. There are also a lot of fun projects during school, such as the science fair or the gods and goddesses project. Yes, try your best, but also have fun!

  12. The biggest advice I can give you for this year is STUDY! When I was in fifth grade, I did zero studying, but I still was in Honors Math, got high honors, and got 3rd place for a math competition in my grade. In sixth grade, right of the bat, I got a grade that I wasn’t too proud of. After that, I worked hard, and did pretty good the rest of the year. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Just study. If you think, “Oh I’ve survived so far without studying. Why should I start now?” then you are like me. The standards definitely are raised in the transition from fifth to sixth grade, but that just makes you a better student. (A good way to study is to re-write notes over and over again and use the app “Quizlet.”)

    The other thing to think about is managing sports and after school activities with school. I did cheer, the play, dance, voice, thespians, and gymnastics. Just think, “What are my top priorities? What means the most to me?” Would you rather get an A on a test or go to soccer practice? I’m not going to lie. This part is hard. Just as long as you know that you’re probably not going to have as much time to watch Netflix as you did last year, you’ll be okay.

    I hope you have a good year. Just try your hardest, and you can achieve whatever you want in sixth grade.

  13. 6th grade was fun this year. When I started my first after school sport the day just went by so quickly. I just always had something to look forward to after school. It made my day seem so short. Pathfinders way really fun too, it got our advisory closer together. It was really fun because we got to run around and do different challenges. We went canoeing with friends and played fun games on the canoe. Also we played volleyball and tennis during free time witch was really fun too. Science class was really fun this year because we always did really fun projects. My personal favorite project in science was the egg car project. What we did was we had to create a car that would be fast and safe. At the end we would race them and see who’s is fastes and then we would put an egg in the car and see who’s is fastest and the safest. Just remember to always bring a jacket into Mr. Cruses class because it’s always so cold in there.

  14. Sixth Grade is a big jump from Fifth Grade. One thing I learned is you need to study for every test. The tests are a lot harder than last year, and even if you don’t think you need to study you might want to. Also this year we had a lot of fun projects, and we also had the science fair. Some project is the spanish board game, electricity house, egg car race, god and goddess project, beast project, and a lot more! My personal favorite one was the god and goddess project. In the project you have to pick a god or goddess and make them an IPad. You give them contacts, emails, apps, books, and it is really fun. Some of you are probably wondering about the school sports. For sports there are three seasons and you can do one in each season. You can also do a outside of school sport and a school sport. I played soccer in school and out. It does take up some time, but you can still do both and study. Also you can do the play this year. I was not in the play, but I heard it was really fun! This year you will take some field trips. We went to pathfinders, museum of fine arts, and the zoo. My favorite field trip was pathfinders. At pathfinders you do a lot of fun activities with you advisory. Some are tree climbing, canoeing, and different group work activities. You stay there over night in a cabin with you advisory and one other. Sixth grade was a really fun year and I hope you guys are exited for sixth grade.

  15. This year was a blast! Ok that was somewhat a lie, it had its ups and downs lefts and rights. I had my fair share of fails but many more fun filled field trips. Of all the out-of-school activities Pathfinders caught my attention the most. I mean who doesn’t like tree climbing, canoeing, sneaking around a large area at night, and, best of all, the food. Who doesn’t like food? Though going to the museum came close to first. My favorite was the Apple of Eden. Made entirely of Steuben glass, glass that, I thought, was three times better than regular glass . Going to the zoo got third place in my book. We saw many many many, and I mean many animals. Homework, I know you love it. There was plenty of homework, don’t procrastinate. My bad habit. Most of the big activities happen in English. Creating a “zoo” of monsters plus making Greek iPads. Science has a few more than English, though not as big. Like making houses that light up and car races with eggs, raw eggs, eggs that will break if your not careful. So all in all this year was actually quite a blast.

  16. Don’t expect Sixth Grade to be as easy as Fifth Grade if you do you might end up failing all your classes. Don’t expect the teachers to be easy on you because they don’t. English in so much harder than in Fifth Grade. Instead of just reading books and doing sticky notes, you will have long grammar testes, hard vocabulary tests, monthly reading checks, and mind turning Final Book Reflections. The projects in all the classes are really fun! From the God and Goddess Project in English to the City-States in History to the House Project in Science and Egg Car racing. History isn’t as hard as English, but it is still hard. You go all the way from Mesopotamia to Rome. Science is full of hard tests, quizzes, and super fun projects. Spanish is fun, but there are a couple hard vocabulary tests. Sports are fun, but make sure you have good grades before you waste to much precious studying time playing sports. In all Sixth grade is fun as long as you know your stuff.

  17. It is definitely a big jump from fifth to sixth grade. In sixth grade, preparation is key. Teachers do not like it when you have to go to your locker and get things you forgot to bring. Also, always study! I know that in fifth grade I never studied and I still did well on tests. But trust me, in sixth grade you can’t do that. You have to study for everything, no matter how many points it is worth. Even making flashcards or reviewing a study guide will help you in some way. A tip that I found very useful was to ask people if they have made a study guide. In sixth grade, there was always about five or six people that would make study guides and send them to people.
    Athletics are fun to finally be able to participate in. But always make sure you balance athletics and academics. In the first trimester I focused more on volleyball then academics than I should have. When you get done from practicing your sport, go home and get homework done. Do not procrastinate, you’ll regret it! Also if you know in advance if you’re going to have an early dismissal for athletics, ask your teacher what you will be missing. Study hall is very useful for asking teachers for extra help, working on a project that you’re not caught up on, and things like that.
    Pathfinders was an okay experience. It really depends on what type of person you are. If you love nature, you will love Pathfinders. I can’t say I’m a nature person. I just don’t like the outdoors as much as other people. It is a good bonding experience with your friends. I really enjoyed tree climbing because you get harnessed in and you have to use upper-body strength and pull yourself up the rope. Then, you can walk on branches and lay in hammocks up in the trees.
    The math textbook is really useful and it is full of extra practice which will come in handy when preparing for a test. Having an all girls class is really fun and different. I had a good time in math class and I am sad to see Mrs. Kelly retire, but I know Mr. B is a great teacher. I learned a lot in sixth grade Spanish from conjugating verbs, new vocabulary, and group projects. History is a fun class, and I learned a lot about ancient places like Mesopotamia, Greece, China, Rome, Egypt, etc. I like how Ms. Wells has fun projects to learn things. Ms. Wells is such a nice teacher. Science is fun. I really enjoyed the egg car project and Science Fair. Always bring a sweatshirt for science, because Mr. Cruise likes to keep the room cold. Sixth grade science is a very interactive curriculum compared to fifth grade science. English was a challenging class, but Mrs. Cobb prepares you well for seventh grade, and I learned a lot when discussing books that we read.
    Good luck sixth grader, and have a fun experience in sixth grade!

  18. Dear Newbie Sixth Grader,
    This grade is unlike any in all of middle division. It has kick-butt teachers and really fun projects. Look forward to making cars in science class, beasts with Mrs. Cobb, and the Olympics with your city-state in Mrs. Wells’ class. Even though it is much harder than fifth grade, sixth grade has its perks. You finally get to be in the play and of sports!! Yay for you! It’s so fun to feel apart of a team like you do with basketball (my sport), soccer, volleyball, and many more. But here is some advice for the academic side of this year: No whining, no crying, no forgetting pencils in your locker, and STUDY! Because this year you really need to reach 212 and try your hardest.

    Learn from my mistakes and organize. Keep your locker an binder in tip top shape so you do not mistake an important paper for trash or else you will be sorry. (you and your grades.) Do well on all your writing assessments and reading checks and NEVER READ AHEAD FOR MRS. COBB! You will get what I mean eventually but remember it because it is the Golden Rule of English. Read every section for Mrs. Wells, never lose your science book for Mr. Cruise, and don’t forget your sign rules for Mr. B. Always wash your P.E. clothes on the weekend or else you’ll have a nasty surprise on Monday and NO ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS IN HEALTH! For french don’t make Monsieur Agier mad and for all you spanish-ers, I wish you the best of luck. And last but not least, the wheel classes are SO FUN and you’ll love making all the beasts in art!
    Bonne Chance! (good luck in french)

  19. Fifth graders, be prepared for a whole different level of academics, athletics, and theatre. It is a HUGE jump from fifth grade to sixth grade. Sixth grade is a lot tougher than fifth grade. But there are some really good parts about sixth grade as well. First off, you get to try out for sports teams. This can be a lot of fun. It ranges from volleyball to swimming in the fall, soccer to basketball in the winter, and track to softball in the spring. Every single one of these sports is fun. Just make sure to manage your time well. If you know you have to much homework, it is okay to skip a day of swim practice to get all your homework done. In my opinion, academics come first. Theatre is also a big thing in middle division. Even though I wasn’t in Little Shop of Horrors, my friends who were in it said it was super fun. If you have seen any middle division plays, you should know how spectacular they are. It would be so much fun to be able to be a part of the plays. Once again, though, keep in mind your amount of homework. There is a lot more homework this year than last year. It would be a good idea to get your homework done earlier so that you have time to study or other things. I would also highly suggest studying for every test or quiz. If you feel you know the topic 100%, then there is no need to study. But if you don’t feel that confident, than just study anyway. Better safe than sorry!

    Also, you learn A LOT more this year than last year. This does mean more work, sorry about that, but you do get a lot out of the sixth grade. Social studies was a lot of fun this year. Mrs. Wells is so nice and she helps you out in the beginning of the school year. My favorite project we did in her class was the temple-building project. It was so fun to build a temple out of paper! In science, we did a lot of experiments and projects. Mr. Cruise was very cool and he will get that you are still adapting to the sixth grade. My favorite project in his class was the egg-car project. It was a lot of fun to make a car out of paper, and then race it down a ramp with an egg inside. In drama, music, technology, and art, you will have the same teachers, and I like all of them. My favorite project in drama/music was the silent film project. It was really cool to make a movie with the 8th graders. My favorite project in art/technology was the Keith Haring project. It was really fun to make a stop-motion animation. Math is a lot harder this year. You learn a lot of new things like equations and inequalities. I can only say things about Ms. Kelly because I didn’t have Mr. B for sixth grade. Mrs. Kelly was very nice though. P.E. stays the same. I can only say stuff about French because I didn’t take Spanish. You still have Mr. Agier, and you earn a lot more french vocabulary. But you also do still play games. Lastly, you will have English. Mrs. Cobb is very nice and she teaches you A LOT. You will learn how to do break aparts and a lot of grammar stuff. My favorite project in English was the Goddess project. It was a lot of fun to take the character of a god or goddess and make an iPad project about it.

  20. Dear new sixth grader, your probably pretty exited to be a six grade because of being able to play sports, being part of the school play, or being actually considered part of middle school. You do get all those things, but it’s not easy. In my opinions he jump from fifth grade to sixth grade is BIG. I mean I knew people in fifth grade who passed test without studding, but in sixth grade you might not pass a test even if you study (don’t freak out I’m not done). I’m not really trying to scare you, but this year is real as in you cant really joke around and you actually have to pay attention in class (ugh I know). But then again your in middle school now so what did u expect. Don’t worry though the teacher are all nice and well help you if you need it, and don’t worry if I made it you will to.

  21. Six grade is not as you would expect. These projects can actually be fun! At least if you want them to be. But don’t think everything is a breeze in this wonderland. The test are difficult, so study. Don’t wait last minute, trust me, I’ve done it before. But the one most important rule in six grade, is to raise your hand. Don’t blurt out, you will regret it. There are monsters, and math, and books, oh my! So I hope you liked fifth grade, enjoy this world of wonder.

  22. Hip Hip Haray! What a great year full of great experiences, such as, sports and even academics. This year was the first year you can do sports, so I did two, soccer and baseball. The athletics were both great experiences, you get to not only play your favorite sports and improve on them, but you also get to play the sports with your friends which is one of the best parts of playing a sport. Academics were also great this year with all of the great teachers and also with the single gender classes, which made them a lot better for learning and a lot more fun. The homework for each class is a fair amount, and is easily doable in less than one hour or less. All assessments this year were fairly challenging, but with the help of your good friend Mr. Study, you can easily ace them.

    Coming in to the year I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as the year progressed I started to get everything down fine, everyday would be a great new experience and I would be excited to go to school everyday. This year was a great year, I met new friends, played school sports, and even got blisters from tree climbing with school (pathfinders). Sixth grade was great, and I hope seventh grade is the same, but i’ll keep doing the same thing and hope for the best.

  23. 6This sixth grade year has been great. The new option to do athletics is one thing. You new sixth graders can now try out for sports, like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and even cheerleading for the girls. The sixth grade also has the new option to join the school play! The last year, the school play was Little Shop of Horrors. I can’t really explain what Little Shop of Horrors is because it is really long to explain for those who do not know what it is, but I was the plant in the play! The sixth grade also has a bit more homework, so be prepared. It’s also a bit harder, so another thing is that you have to use your time wisely, like to study. Overall, you’ll have fun this year, and I can guarantee that!

  24. Sixth grade is a lot of fun, but it was also challenging. The biggest thing I remember about coming into sixth grade is thinking that it is going to be as easy as fifth. It is not, you should study more and make sure you pay attention in class. Sixth grade is so much more fun then fifth. You get to go to pathfinders, play sports and the teachers trust you a lot more. When the time comes to pick what sports you want to play (if you want to) don’t pick a certain sport because you want to be with your best friend. I did a different sport then my best friend and I am happy that I did, I made other friends that were on my team.
    There is a lot more school work you have to do, but after about a month you get used to it. In the first trimester I didn’t do so well, because I under estimated all of the tests. After that I quickly learned to study at least two days before any test, it doesn’t mater what it is about. By the way bring a jacket to Mr. Cruise’s room, it is so cold. You have to read a lot in english, and make sure you stay up on your reading if you don’t it is really hard to catch up. Hope you have a good sixth grade year, you can ask me any questions if you need to.

  25. The sixth grade year was really fun for me! Sixth grade is a big jump from fifth, so be prepared. In English you get to do the beast project it was so much fun! Also, you get to do the god and goddess project which is a lot of fun, too. Science is really fun but challenging! At the end of the year you get to make a car out of certain materials. Then you get to race it down the track without a egg and with one. It was so much fun playing sports! I cheered for football in the fall. In the winter I was an alternate on the competitive squad and also I cheered for basketball. This year we went to Pathfinders. Pathfinders helps your advisory get good team building skills. We have greater expectations than we did in fifth grade like we are expected to be prepared for class and we are expected to have our homework in on time.

    The tests are a lot harder than the ones in fifth grade. Also, when your in sixth grade you can join Jr. Thespians. I had a lot of fun it! Also, you can continue forensics with Ms. Nelson! Trust me don’t be worried about anything! Sixth grade is almost like fifth except with different teachers and harder. Good luck!

  26. I loved sixth grade. It was fast and slow. The days would fly by when you want to enjoy them, and then they inch by when you want them to go. The tests get harder than fifth grade of course, and there is a lot more studying! You definitely feel a sense of seniority instead of being the “little fifth graders”. Sports are definitely fun! I played volleyball and soccer and enjoyed them a lot, in soccer we were undefeated! I hope you have as much fun as I did. STUDY UP!!!!

  27. First of all, let me tell you that sixth grade is much better than fifth grade. We got to do many cool things this year. You get to do many cool projects in your classes, and you get to go to some cool places. For example, in English, you get to do your god/goddess project, which you’ll learn more about later in the year. We also did the egg car project in science, where you build a car out of paper and a few more materials. The goal is to build a fast car that will protect an egg when it runs into a cinderblock. I had a really fun time with both of these projects, they were really fun to do!

    While sixth grade is really fun, it is also a big step up from fifth grade. The tests are a lot harder, which means you have to study more. In sixth grade, you can’t study for just one night and get an A on your test. You have to study and be familiar with what your learning. You also have to have all of your materials when you come to class. The teachers get very annoyed if you forgot your book, pencil, or pen. While academics are really important, you can also play sports. I would pick a sport that I can handle, while handling my schoolwork. You have to be able to balance sports and school, so I would pick a sport with a schedule that would make it easy for you to also take care of what schoolwork you have. Well, I hope you have fun in your sixth grade year, and good luck!

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