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Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.18.31 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.19.31 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.22.23 AM Students, choose one Audubon print and tell the story in the picture just as Doug does in the book Okay for Now.

One good paragraph is all you need, but you must be as descriptive and detailed as possible.

In addition: Please give one example of symbolism from the movie October Sky. Symbolism is something that stands for or represents something you cannot see. Please do not borrow ideas from another; I can tell. There are many correct answers, so be sure you support your opinion from facts from the movie. If you did not see this movie, then skip this prompt, and instead, tell me an example of symbolism from a movie you have seen. One paragraph.


  1. Doug comes to love all of the Audubon pictures he sees. My favorite though, is the Snowy Heron. The Snowy Heron in the end, Doug comes to see as a nobel creature. The heron does see the hunter. But he doesn’t care. For he has his pride, and his head held high.
    In my opinion, October Sky was a great movie. For it also had lots of symbolism. The saddest symbol to me, was when he was in the mineshaft, looking to the stars for Sputnik. His goal was to build up and get closer to Sputnik. But he was only getting farther and farther down. For the mine was destroying his family and chances with Sputnik. Homer was getting farther and farther away.

  2. The plate I like the most is the third one. I like this one because of the way it looks and the meaning. The bird on the left looks strong and noble, but the other ones look like they are bowing down to him. It also looks like the one in the water needs help and is look up to the noble bird and asking “help me.” If you look it dose not have the terrified eye because it knows it can pull through his obstacle and over come it.

    This picture is also a perfect example of the of the October sky movie. This looks like the part right before homer wants to start building the rocket. His freinds are like the ones in the water looking up at him while Homer is the noble one trying to follow his dreams.the picture describes that you can do whatever you want to do if you put your thought toward it.

  3. The Puffins look like one is hiding and one is looking off in the distance. The puffin on the left look frightened by something far away, and the other one is a brave puffin, searching to see what scared the first one. Audubon made the one on the left look right at you, which makes it seem like it is scared of you, while the other one is trying to find you. It put a feeling of suspense into the piece. You don’t know what will happen when he sees you or something else.

    When Homer sent up the rocket, Ms. Riley, it symbolized hope. Not only was everyone hopeful that Ms. Riley would get better, but they were all hopeful for the future of the boys, and for the future of the city. I believe they thought of the future because the rocket was very modern and amazing, especially for that city and time. The rocket reflected that they could soar and the boys were so smart that they could do whatever they wanted. Ms. Riley was the first person to believe in them in the town, and she said the same thing to the boys before the rocket was launched

  4. In the third plate shown the story is about the two black birds and the one dark grey .
    The grey bird just lost his flock on his way back home but he doesn’t know we’re to go or were his flock has gone so he asks two big black birds on land but they just ignore him and tell him to go away, but the little grey bird didn’t take know for an answer so he stood up to the black birds and the birds told him that they so a flock fly south towards Florida. So the little grey bird finaly found his flock and realized that he may be small but you can be big with your words.

    An example of symbolism is when homer built the rocket and the rocket kept failing like homers fathers respect about homer wanting to be a rocket engineer but finally at the end of the story the rocket worked amazing and one the state fair because homers dad finally respected his dream and sent homer a piece needed for his rocket.

  5. The way the wind took them back and forth just to see each other again. The waves were crashing on the other waves like a thunderstorm was going on. They were brown, and there was two of them. There tails had white on them, not a lot, but just enough to make it looking ecstatic. They were majestic in the wind. Terrific.
    October Sky was a great movie. It had a ton of symbolism. But one that stood out to me was when he was in the mine. You couldn’t see it, but I could tell that Homer knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. He should have been at Cape Coal, shooting off rockets, never stop trying. And he did that and won the science fair.

  6. I am going to relate the movie “October Sky” to the Audubon art work of the two puffins. One puffin is in the little pit in the side of the hill and the other one is standing proud outside of the pit. I relate this to the character Homer Hicum and his dad. Homer was a smart kid who knew a lot about how to be a good person on earth. He had friends, he studied a lot, and he was super nice. His dad on the other hand, was very mean and he only cared about his mine. All he wanted to do was keep his mine going and make a lot of money. The dad would yell at the mother and would not allow the son any special privileges. So I relate Homer to the puffin standing proud and happy and his dad to the puffin sad in the pit. But, eventually the dad became a better person.

    One form of symbolism was a big turning point in the movie when the dad came to the last rocket launch. Everyone there was so excited. Homers dad and himself both felt a huge amount of happiness and the rocket launch symbolized it to me.

  7. Okay for now

    The Audubon painting I liked was the black beaked gull taking one last look at the sky. Why I like this picture is it was always used at the right time , for example when lil was diagnosed with a bad illness thanks to her chewing pencils she was the black beaked gull taking one last look at the sky before she could live or die. A time where I would use black beaked gull is when my dog hailey died by being ran over by a car and she died in my mom’s arms this reminds me of the black beaked gull.

    October sky

    In the movie October Sky the symbolism was hope and determination. Why I say that is the boys never gave up on there rocket no matter how many unsuccessful tries. For example when the boys had a montage of all the unsuccessful attempts. Why I say hope is they always believed in themselves and there rocket.

  8. In the very top picture, the bird on the right is acting noble, and he/she is protecting the bird on the left. The puffin on the right just finished digging a hole in the ground. The protective one is looking at dangers ahead. He/she keeps her head up and never backs down. The bright orange color on their beaks match their legs and feet, and it is a sunny day.

    When Homer got put down by his dad and some people around the town because of his fascination in rockets, he became very mad and could not deal with it for any longer. This is why he burned the shed structure. This is the area where all three of the boys went behind when they launched the rockets. Mrs. Riley helped Homer get himself back together. This symbolized care. Later on, he got his anger together, and he went to a science competition and displayed his rockets.

  9. In the picture I chose there are two birds. One bird is in the water, which I think is the dad, and the second bird in on land with its mouth open. I think the bird with its mouth open is the mom and it is calling to something. I think that it is calling to its child. I think the child is floating away and the mom is telling it to comeback. I think the mom really wants to go but the dad is telling her to stay.

    I think that this goes perfect with October Sky because in the beginning the dad was holding Homer back and the mom wanted him to succeed so he could get a scholarship, but the dad wants him to work I the coal mines. This symbolizes the picture a lot because the dad is holding the mom back from going to help the baby bird. I also think that the dad could be holding the mom back because later in the movie he wants Homer to succeed and letting him do it by himself would make him learn how to do it. I liked the movie October Sky a lot!

  10. The Arctic Puffin i think relates with October Sky because it’s hiding under a rock because it’s scared. How it relates is because the bird is scared and so was Homer. He was scared to tell his dad who owned the coal mine that he doesn’t want to work there. He found out that he wanted to be a rocket scientist, because one night he saw a rocket shooting and he knew. He kept on writing letters to the best rocket scientist at the time and one day he answered. He was really happy that the scientist responded.

    Later that year him and a couple friends launched a rocket that they built and the whole town saw. The town was so happy because it went really far and nobody thought he could do it. That’s why I think the Puffin symbolizes being scared but then not being scared.

  11. The puffin hiding is exactly what I did to Lil. The puffin on the right is trying to make up what he said. The puffin did something he shouldn’t have done that’s why the other puffin is hiding. The puffin wants to make up, but the puffin hiding is really sad. That’s exactly how Lil feels.
    A symbol from October Sky could be the rockets. The rockets can symbolize Mrs. Riley because she was the only adult that really pushed Homer to win the science fair. Mrs. Riley was at every important rocket launch, while she was very sick. She was the most upset when Homer decided to give up science and work at the coal mine. Also, Mrs. Riley gave Homer the nice rocket book for instructions too. Then the last rocket sent off was one with Mrs. Riley printed on it when she died.

  12. The Red Throated Divers Audubon were all looking away from the mother and ignoring her, but the mother still put up with it. She didn’t fly away, even though she is treated badly, she still loves the other birds and stays with them anyway. She looks away not because she is sad, but because, she believes in her baby and is waiting for the right moment, when something amazing happens in his life.

    In October Sky Homer Hickim was an average kid, who dreamed big. He wanted to build a rocket. Him and his friends tried and failed over and over, trying to build a model rocket, but they always failed. All of them lived in a place called Coalwood, where the only industry was coal. The only way any of them could get out of the town, and go to college, was through a football scholarship, which few ever did. Homer Hickim and his friends’ failures, symbolized the trial and error of America, trying to get to the moon, and beat the Russians in the space race. In the end both Homer, and The United States Of America, achieved their goals. Homer won the science fair and his friends and him got scholarships to college so they could have a better future and America made it to the moon. This book was inspiring, and one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

  13. In the book Okay for Now Doug sees the story as the puffin with the one in the hole and one out in the open as one wants to just hide away all his fears. But the other one wants to be free and live life. And the one who hides is safe but the one that is free is living life. and the one that lives life wants to live it to the fullest.
    In October Sky when Homer Hickum was going down into the mine and he was looking up at the Russians space probe and wanted to be there doing just that. But when he looks up he’s going into the mine and going into to work and knows that there he’s going the opposite way of his dreams.

  14. My favorite plate is the puffins. In this plate one puffin put the other one in a hole and the older one watches over him. The small puffin in the hole is sad and limited. He wants to do what he wants to do but he can’t. He pleads with the older puffin but he won’t let him. But, he feels hopeless like he will never get out.

    I really liked October Sky. I would compare it to the puffin plate. I think that the puffins are like Homer and his dad. His dad is out of the hole and standing there in charge of Homer. But, Homer is a smart kid that is limited and he can’t do what he wants. So his dad put him in a hole so he can’t.

  15. I’m writing about the plate with the Atlantic puffins. From my understanding the baby puffin is hiding and adult puffin is looking over her baby. She is looking for all the dangers in the world. This relates to Doug because he is new to Marysville and he doesn’t have any friends , and doesn’t want to be their. He doesn’t now what’s out their, neither does the puffin.

    A symbol for October Sky is fire. I choose fire as a symbol for passion because the rocket boys had fire in their hearts. They wanted to let it out and they did, they went on to winning the science fair and getting scholarships. The passion that they had led them to great things, and great opportunities.

  16. Doug really loves all the birds. He describes the brown pelican as Noble. He relates it too himself kind of when the end of the book were peattie gives back the brown pelican he explains that it can go where ever it wants to go. So can doug.

    October sky was very good. I really love astronomy and rockets so it was very cool. It’s symbolism I think was bravery because the city of coal wood and his father thought it was insane to build a rocket. But they did it anyways. The were accused of setting a log storage place on fire. But they went and proved that they did not set that fire. They made the right calculations and predicted were it landed and found it. Then everyone loved too see they’re rockets.

  17. The Atlantic Puffins had traveled very far in search for a good nesting place. They are both tired and hungry. They finally land on the coast of Maine. The male Puffin heads out looking for any food. The female Puffin starts building a nest. The male Puffin flies over vast forests of pine trees, sandy beaches, and finally the ocean where he finds some fish. When he returns the female Puffin was just finishing digging the nest. The Puffins finally found a place to live.

    A rocket is the symbol for teamwork in October Sky. One of them became very interested in rockets and how they fly. All four friends were brought together to build model rockets as a team. They built the shack and began experimenting different rocket designs. This team would never have happened if it wasn’t for the rocket. That is why the rocket stands for teamwork.

  18. There are so many birds in Audubon’s book, but one stands out to me it is called the Article puffin. The puffin in the hole looks afraid that something might hurt him or the other puffin. The puffin on the right looks like he can stand there for hours just looking for danger. The puffin the hole looks like he could burst out in tears not knowing what will happen next. Also the puffin on the right is similar to Doug’s mom, and the puffin in the hole is similar to Doug. Doug’s mom watches over him for any danger that she sees. Sometimes the toughest people need protection from his or her parents.

    I recently watched “October Sky’s” it was a great movie, but the Rocket Boys symbolizes hope. The symbol for hope is a dove. The boys never gave up there dream of going to collage all the people that came and watched gave the boys hope that this can be accomplished, and all the metal workers at the coal mine and the pilot that flew with the red tails gave them hope because they gave them the right metal, so they can compleat there goal. If I watched those boys shoot up those rockets I would hope that they make it in to collage.

  19. The Red Throated Diver was a great painting, which has a great story to it. At first glimpse, it looks like the mother bird isn’t watching the other birds, and the other birds would be able to go anywhere without the mother knowing. The real story of the painting, is the mother is watching, or keeping guard, of the other Divers. This shows that she cares about them, an that you have to look closely to know what the real painting is showing.

    The movie, October Sky, was a great movie. One symbol from the movie is determination. Examples of this is when Homers father couldn’t work so Homer had to give up his work on the rockets and work in the coal mines, he still went back to building rockets and was determined to build successful rockets. Another example was when Mrs. Reilly was sick and was dying, they were determined to build rockets for her. One more example was when someone stole Homer’s rocket parts from the National Science fair, he didn’t give up, he called his family and was determined to win the science fair, and he did.

  20. In ‘Okay for Now’, Doug falls in love with the Arctic Tern. Well I can’t say that I didn’t, but I really loved the brown pelican. Tall, noble, strong. He looks noble enough to be a king for Christ sake! Look at him! Ready to take down a storm because he’s so brave. Fit to be a knight because of his nobleness and his strength. And he’s so majestic. Long straight beak, beautiful structure, and amazingly elegant coloring.

    In October sky, I think some symbolism is passion. The strong kind. The kind where someone says it’s impossible to do! You’ll never be able to! But you still keep on trying. No matter how long it takes. You might see some bumps in the road, you might trip and fall a few times, you might even think you wanna stop sometimes. But you trudge on! You are knee deep in snow, but you walk on! Like homer. When he launched his first rocket, it hit his dads mine, so he said stop launching these rockets. But homer didn’t stop. He made a launch pad. He endured insults from his own family. He was rained on, he ran out of money, his stuff was thrown away. But he trudged on! I think the launch pad symbolizes passion just fine. He went through many struggles at that launch pad. Many many explosions, insults, destruction. But he got back up, and not only did he walk in, he ran. He ran as fast as he could all the way to nasa. You go homer.

  21. The Audubon plane I like the most is the Black Backed Gull. The gull is taking one last look up to the sky before he dies. Doug had just gotten the tattoo and Doug doesn’t want to take his shirt off in P.E. because he has a tattoo on his stomach that says Mamas Baby. What Doug and the. bird have in common is that the bird knows that everything is about to end for him, and Doug knows that his chance of getting any friends will be over if people see his tattoo. Mr. Ferris thinks that if he has something that he is ashamed of, he shouldn’t have to let people see it.

    A symbol for the movie “October Sky” would be determination. Homer Hickim and the Rocket Boys were very determined to make a rocket that would enter them in the science fair that their teacher Mrs. Reilly told them about. When Holmer was chosen to go to the Country Fair with the rocket all of his stuff was taken. Holmer immediately called home and told his mom what happened, and she went to her husband and asked him to get the parts. His dad mailed the parts to Holmer and then Holmer won the science fair!!!

  22. I like the first one the most, because it looks like the two birds are playing together, and having fun. It kind of looks like the bird in the trunk is telling the other bird to get him out of the tree trunk, and the other bird just laughed and stuck his head up in a way so that the other bird knew that he wasn’t getting out any time soon, but the other bird was still going to stay there and talk to him. In a way, it represented friendship. That although you might horse around a little bit, in the end you both would just sit down, talk, and laugh.

    I did not watch October Sky, but I do know a movie that I can relate symbolism to. I watched Captain America, the Winter Soldier. In the movie, Steve Rogers, A.K.A. Captain America. He was a symbol of hope in World War 2, that the Nazis would not take over, and cause tyranny. He was also a symbol of hope for the soldiers, and the kids. In Captain America, the Winter Soldier, a dangerous assassin, code named, “The Winter Soldier”, was contracted to kill Nick Fury, the leader of SHIELD, a government organization in charge of the protection of the United States population. If Nick Fury died, so did SHIELD, and if SHIELD died, so did the majority of the United States. Nick Fury almost died, and Captain America, once again a symbol of hope, ran off to find the Winter Soldier. I think that, because of this, Captain America is a symbol of hope.

  23. The author added the Audubon drawings into Okay for Now because he relates the birds to Doug and how he’s feeling. In the Atlantic Puffin drawing, there is a puffin hiding in a log, and it looks like he doesn’t want to be seen. Outside in the open, there is a protector puffin that is keeping a lookout. This relates to Doug because he was so embarrassed about his tattoo on his stomach. He was always trying to hide it and didn’t want anyone to see. The protector puffin relates to Mr. Powell. He is the one who gets Doug out of his comfort zone and gets him to be himself. Mr. Powell is the reason why Doug goes to the library every Saturday to draw Audubon plates.

    The symbolism from October Sky is coal for hard work. Coal is a great symbol for this movie because Homer’s father is a coal miner and his father was a really hard worker. Homer’s father wanted Homer to become a coal miner, but Homer stuck to what he wanted to do. Building rockets made Homer happy and he put so much effort into this with his group of friends. Just like his father, Homer put in a lot of effort into what he did and didn’t give up.

  24. The bird in the background is stationary in the water, while the other bird calls to somewhere far out, not really knowing why, but probably because of a child. It looks like the bird in the foreground wants to go to where it is calling but has to stay where it is, because of the other bird wants the foreground bird to stay, like it’s all fired important. The background bird should just let the foreground bird be free and go where it wants to go. Terrific.

    An example of symbolism in “October Sky” is when Homer was going down the mine elevator and he looked up at the october sky, and saw the russian space probe, “Sputnic” very high up. He was going farther away from his dream, and closer to his nightmares. I think him looking up also showed hope that he would still someday accomplish his dream, which he did.

  25. The Audubon print in the middle was showing a mother bird not wanting the baby bird to go away. The baby bird is looking away to a new place that it wanted to be but the mother bird didn’t want it to leave. It shows the baby bird growing up and leaving the mother.

    A symbolism from October Sky was when the Rocket Boys fired the rocket into the sky. It symbolized Mrs.Riley going into heaven. Because she had helped them get into the science fair and win so she knew that her goal and purpose in life had been completed. And she would die knowing she did a good thing.

  26. The symbolism from October sky to mean means friendship and not giving up. Homer Hicken invited this kid who had no friends. But when Homer went over to say “hey do you want to build a rocket” to the boy sitting alone that was sweet and nice of Homer. And when they sent Homer to science fair that was the smartest idea cause he spent the most time working on it. And eventually look what happened. Homer brought them all together for friendship and they never gave up on winning the science fair.

    The mother birds is waiting for her baby to come out of the whole so they can go on there voyage together. They will fly or walk somewhere into the distance. Just like the rocket boys couldn’t leave Homer behind the Mommy bird can’t leave her baby behind. Both the birds are together forever and the same thing with the rocket boys.

  27. I chose the Atlantic Puffin. In the book Doug describes it likes he is scared from his new city and most of all his dad. Doug gets hit a lot in the chapter in the book they call the Atlantic Puffin the Article turn. to me it feels like Doug is living a bad life. Some Symbolism from October Sky is love. In the movie the main character Homer has a bad relation ship with his father. As the the film counties on the father counties to do bad and wrong things. In the later half of the film Homer’s dad stop one of Homers friends dad from beating him up. Later in the movie Homer’s dad stops a strike from all the coal mine workers so they can make a part. Homer is in a science far at this part. When Homer comes back the dad and him have fight. It is sorta a fight. At the end the dad makes a snarky comments out Homers old hero. Homer says “He is not my hero dad” It was then implied that Homers dad was his hero

  28. I choose the second picture of the two birds on the lake looking out in the distance. They look like on is stand ing up looking far away almost expecting someone or something to come and say “hi” to him. The other one looks very laid back and looking at the other bird looks at the one standing up in a sort of condescending way, like it is doing something a child would do.
    In October sky’s I think the rockets meant something more than just rockets I think that they represented just pure determination and hard work. Even when nobody supported them, Homer and all of his friends pulled through and made it all work out in the end.

  29. My favorite Audubon is the first one listed. It looks like the the family just found a nice place to live. They have a view of the water and the other land. The male bird made a burrow for the female. The female bird is trying it out, and it is just the right size for her. She loves it. The male is on the outside looking up. He is happy that he found this perfect place, and that he made a perfect burrow. The female thanks him. Both of them think that they can live here forever.

    One symbol of October Sky is a circle. This symbol stands for never giving up, and always trying to do something again. When the Rocket Boys wanted to build a rocket, they didn’t know anything, but they never let that get to them. When they tried all the rockets, most of them failed, but they never gave up their dream. They kept on trying new ideas, and eventually, it worked. The rocket was a success.

  30. I like the second picture with the two birds, because I can sense a story in that picture. Both the birds can tell that something bad is coming, it’s still in the far distance, not in the picture, but you can tell it’s there. The bird in the water is terrified, like it knows that it can’t do anything about it, so it’s just sitting there, waiting. The bird on the land, is also terrified, but this one is screaming out in terror, because he wants whatever is out there to go away, but he is also screaming to get the other bird out of it’s frozen, terrified state. He wants to escape, but he knows that he can’t without the other bird with him, but the other bird isn’t coming, because it’s even more scared of the journey to safety than what is hunting them right now, because complete safety can be hard to find, and there will a whole lot of obstacles along the way.

    To me, the movie October Sky symbolized never giving up. Homer and his friends never stopped trying when it came to the rockets. When one didn’t work, they always figured out what it was, and came up with a solution. They even found their lost rocket, which proved that they didn’t start the fire. Even with his dad being so discouraging, and telling him that he was destined to be a coal miner, he still triumphed, and won the science fair with his rockets. That eventually led him to a college scholarship, and getting a job at NASA.

  31. The bird looking in the distance is waiting. Waiting for something important, or something that isn’t going to come. It wants is so bad, but it knows it can’t have it or it won’t come. The two other birds look up to that one, and want it to feel complete. The other bird doesn’t feel at home, and the two want to make that bird feel at home because, maybe, if they can make that bird feel better, they will feel better. It seems that the birds are a family. A family that has gone through ruff times.

    The movie was very inspiring to me. Even though they were told to stop, and that they are going to end up in a coal mine, they didn’t stop. No matter how hard the challenge, or how many the failure attempts, they didn’t stop. Even when their own family told them to stop, they didn’t stop. No one made it out of a town like that. Since no one could, no one seemed to try, and when someone did it, it proved that you could if you set your mind to it. I’d have to say that the movies symbol was persistence.

  32. My favorite was the second photo. The two birds look like they are trying to find their way and they don’t know what to do. Doug is kind of trying to find his way through Marysville but for him it’s kind of hard.

    The rocket stood for friendship. They weren’t friends at first until they started working on the rocket. The rocket brought all of the friends together. They stood up for each other and became really good friends from not being friends at all.

  33. The story of the Atlantic puffin was that one is looking for the other but the other one is hiding from that one. The puffin standing seems to be lost and it is trying to find its way. this plays in in october sky when Homer Hicum is working in the coal mine when he knows he should be out with his friends building rockets. It takes Homer a while but he finally found his way back and made more rockets.

  34. I chose the picture of the two puffins. The author makes the birds relate to Doug, just like in the Wednesday Wars Holling was related Shakespeare plays. There were two puffins the one on the left seems all scared and nervous when the one on the right looks all brave and adventurous. When I was looking at this picture my eyes went straight for the one in the log, I think thats what the author was trying to make you see.

    In the movie October Sky the symbol I picked was bravery because Homer didn’t give up. When Homer shot the rocket in the area where the do the coal mine he got in trouble but he didn’t give up. I would be really nervous if I was in Homer’s shoes when everyone came out and watch the rocket fly. Wonder if it didn’t then I think that Homer would be really embarrassed.

  35. My favorite plate is the one with the two puffins. The puffin that is digging, is trying her best to dig in the dry dirt. But, she is digging with all of her might because that is there final nesting area that they searched for for such a long time over the vast plains full of orchids and pines. And the other puffin is about to go find food, so she has to stay back and improve the nest.

    The rocket and house that they made in October Sky stands for team work. I think that because they spent a lot of time in there, and worked really well together, even when the rocket didn’t work well, they didn’t get mad. To me they became better friends because of the rockets.

  36. The Large-Billed Puffins as Doug called them, were birds that he thought were chumps. He said that the fat male bird was really stupid and was making a total fool of himself. Then later near the end of the chapter when he was standing next to Lil, he had a change of thought. He now tried to use what he thought of them now, which was realizing that the male puffin was trying to impress the female puffin because he couldn’t tell her that she had the most beautiful green eyes in the world. It was pretty clear here that he was just putting his own situation into his description about the puffins, just hoping that she would realize that he was describing himself as the male puffin, and Lil as the female puffin.

    A symbol from October Sky was the tags, that told if someone was in the mine or not. I think that it represented that people were lost and that life back then was extremely dangerous in jobslike that. I showed that they needed more jobs like Homer tried to create model rockets, kept working at his goal, and got a job at NASA. It told us that it should’ve been more about human achievements instead of just makingmoney by selling coal.

  37. The three divers. One of the divers seems to be paying no attention to the younger one in the water. He’s the big one, the owner, the father. He’s looking off into a different direction while the other is looking at the youngest one, watching him grow up, watching him find his own path as he moves through life.The father looks like he would rather be anywhere else, other than where he is now, wanting to hang out with his friend more than his family. And at night his family wonders where he goes, but they’re also happy that he’s gone, but sad at the same time, knowing that he’ll come back. The baby has his beak open, horrified at what has happened when the father is around. Horrified at what the father has done to him. Horrified at what the father has taken from him.

    A symbolism from the movie that I saw was the title “Rocket Boys”. “Rocket Boys” is an anagram of “October Sky”. Since the satellite was launched in to the “october sky”, he must have named the group the “Rocket Boys” for a reason. This symbolizes the close bond between the four boys and rockets. Two of them were not interested in rockets until their friend, Home Hiccum, told them a lot about rockets, and got them interested. So, in conclusion, the title “Rocket Boys” symbolizes the friendship of the four boys.

  38. I love the third Audubon Plate. The main bird on the far left is looking for danger for his two friends. The other two are are younger than the first, so they don’t quite realize that their lives might be in danger.

    October Sky was a great movie. One part that had symbolism was when he was going down into the mines. Homer looked up as he went down, which symbolized him getting farther away from his dreams.

  39. The two puffins have had a long summer and now winter is falling into the air. The girl puffin shivers and tucks her feathers inwards. The boy puffin is keeping the girl puffin safe. He is guarding her and ensuring her safety. The boy puffin will not let anything happen to his mate.

    I think that determination best fits this movie. Homer and his pals made many rockets, and they failed many times. But Homer never gave up. He fought until the end and made his dream become reality.

  40. In the third picture on the blog, It looks like the bird in the water is trying to say something, but no one can hear her. The bird on the right of the one in the water looks like he is trying to help, but doesn’t know how. The bird on the hill looks like the older sibling. He seems lost, as if he doesn’t know how to help his siblings anymore, but he will always stay. They are all scared that they are living in the real world by themselves, but they know they have to.

    In the movie “October Sky”, I think the rockets symbolize freedom. All the people came to see the rockets that the boys made, and everyone seemed happy as if they had left behind the pain just to see the rockets. The coal mines symbolize danger and fear. People died in the mines and people come out of the mine like a different person. Once the miners get out of the mine, it seemed like people became scared and miserable.

  41. The chump birds are just like me. Whenever my jerk dad punched me I used hide from him and be scared. I know like a chump. But now when he tries to punch me I block it or fight back. I am not such a chump anymore. Now I am the brave puffin not hiding but standing tall looking noble and brave.

    In October Sky four boys learn how to make rockets and launch them. They build a sodden shack at the top of a hill and they out a flag in it. The flag symbolizes that they know they can shot the rocket no matter what anyone says. It symbolizes belief.

  42. The large billed puffins where small and weak. They looked as if they had no hope. They looked as if they where chumps. They looked as if they where hungry and had no food. Yet the puffins look curious and noble.

    October sky had symbolism when he had turned to the cole mind and started working with his father. When he was in the elevator going down the sati lite above was flying across the sky. He was getting further way from his dream and the sati lite was moving further away from cole wood.

  43. In the first plate I see, with the puffins, I see a puffin hiding, and one on the look out. When I look at this, I think the puffin is hiding from danger, and the taller one is looking out for the danger. Maybe it could be because a hunter is after them, and wants their feathers, and the one looking out is being brave and making sure the other one isn’t in any danger.
    One more symbol I saw in October sky is the rockets. The higher the rocket flew, the more they realised they needed to leave Coalwood. It might not be the greatest symbolism, but it’s something I noticed in the movie, and I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe the higher it flew, the closer they were getting to their dreams, which were getting to go in space.

  44. The Atlantic puffins to me represent following and leadership. The one outside of the log is brave enough to go and explore the world, but the one inside of the log is scared and afraid of what’s to come. The one outside is looking for food for the two of them and can’t find anything so it it getting a little depressed. The two of them should work together to find food.
    In October Sky the rocket to me represents determination. The four boys didn’t give up when the rocket didn’t work the first time, and they kept on trying until they got it to work and eventually the rocket flew and the whole town was there to congratulate them in their big accomplishment.

  45. I chose the first picture of the one bird standing and the other bird is hiding. Doug would say how the bird hiding is dying, it can not live any longer. It is being abused by the other bird. Doug would say all bad things that could happen to the bird. Doug gets abused by his father and brother, and his family is mean to everyone. I think Doug is saying bad things that could happen to the bird because it is how he is treated in his family.

    I have seen symbolism is the movie Cinderella. The glass slipper is the symbolism of love. Cinderella and Prince Charming fell in love while they were dancing at the ball. Cinderella had to leave because the clock struck twelve and she left her glass slipper behind. Prince Charming brought back her slipper. It showed an symbolism of love.

  46. In the very bottom picture it shows three birds. One bird is looking out into the distance, one is trying to get its attention, and the third bird is staring at the one bird calling out. The bird that is looking off into the distance to me is looking for a place for her and the other birds to go live. The other bird in the water water is trying to get her attention because he doesn’t want to leave, but she isn’t acknowledging him. Then finally the other bird is just sitting there un-included and confused. He isn’t sure if he wants to stay or not.

    In October Sky I noticed one main part with symbolism. When Homer and his dad were fighting because his dad wanted him to stop building rockets and work for him. Homer didn’t listen to him and kept building rockets. His dad became furious and threw away all his rocket parts. After awhile of not building Homer finally build a great rocket with his friends and the whole town came, even his dad. When he saw how great Homer did he was proud of his son. After that they bonded again and showed that a father and son could become close again.

  47. This is what I think when I look at the third picture, The bird is so sad everyone else can go swimming but him .And of course its because he can’t swim ,No one has every taught me, They always ask him why cant you come in,And he always has to make an excuses about why He cant its really embarrassing for him.It looks like he feels left out and no one is there for him and he is a chump.

    Something that symbolizes the picture that is in the movie “October Sky.” Is even if you have never tried something never say never.Because in the movie The main character and his friend have never done a science fair before and never built a rocket. They want to build it and a teacher helps them with help and a little faith they won the science fair and know are the rocket boys they all got a scholarship and went to NASA.

  48. When I look at the painting of the Large-Billed Puffins I see a story of two brothers . The younger puffin is just a chump hiding under the log. He is too scared because his brother puffin is standing over him looking for him maybe trying to beat him up for bringing home a really cool jacket. The younger puffin probably just wanted to be popular at school and make some friends but his brother just stands in his way. The older puffin is a jerk and should probably leave his brother alone because he was probably once in his younger brothers position.

    There is some symbolism in the Large-Billed Puffins painting and the movie October Sky. One example of symbolism would be that the younger puffin and Homer both had someone in there way while they were trying to accomplish something. For the younger puffin his brother was standing in the way of him making friends at school. Then, for Homer his father is standing in his way of creating his rockets and doing what he loved. In the end their obstacles eventually moved out of their way and they accomplished their goals.

  49. The second picture explains how a the great north diver lion who is calling the other north diver lion in the water to come back. It’s kind of explaining how people can hold you back unless you don’t let them. The bird’s mom or dad is kind of like yelling at him to stop and come back because he is breaking away.

    In “October Sky” this is kind of like this because Homer’s father wants him to work down in the coal mine instead of going to college but he wants to build a rocket instead. Homer’s father doesn’t really like this at first because he is kind of like the manager to the coal mine. In the end his father ends up dealing with the rocket idea and comes to watch the last rocket launch. The rocket represents coming together. Homer asks the nerd to come and help him and his friends build a rocket.

  50. The large billed puffins are just standing there. No wait the one standing is right is protecting the other. It is looking off to the distance for enemy’s. It’s only goal in life is to keep his mother safe. He won’t let the bad guy get to her. He would stand there all day and night to protect her. He wants to fly and get food but what if something is waiting for him to go. That’s why he won’t go. He is risking his life for her.

    The rocket in “October Sky” symbolizes not to give up. Homer never gave up to achieve his dream if going to college. He always did his best and he never gave up. Then he won the science fair and he made it to collage. The rocked was remodeled many times then he built it just right. He never gave up.

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