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Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.18.31 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.19.31 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.22.23 AM Students, choose one Audubon print and tell the story in the picture just as Doug does in the book Okay for Now.

One good paragraph is all you need, but you must be as descriptive and detailed as possible.

In addition: Please give one example of symbolism from the movie October Sky. Symbolism is something that stands for or represents something you cannot see. Please do not borrow ideas from another; I can tell. There are many correct answers, so be sure you support your opinion from facts from the movie. If you did not see this movie, then skip this prompt, and instead, tell me an example of symbolism from a movie you have seen. One paragraph.


  1. In the first plate,the baby puffin is hiding in the log. He knows that his mother will try to protect him but she will not be able to. He knows he’s protected know, but scared for the future. His mother looks brave, and she would do anything for her baby. The mother still looks scared though. She knows harm will come to her is she sticks up for her baby, but her baby will be harmed if she doesn’t do anything. The baby Puffin knows he’s in danger, but feels bad for his mother. When the time comes, he will stand up to him. He just needs a little time to grow old and strong. The mother will try to be strong, but she doesn’t want to be harmed either. Maybe she has another dream instead of caring for her family. Maybe she’s scared and wants to hide it from the baby Puffin. And just maybe that if the baby Puffin stands up for his family, things will change between them.

    In October Sky, Homer had big dreams that would leave to a better life. Instead of coal-mining, college. A better life full of different oppurtunities instead of the same jobs. Homer wanted to be different from his father and brother. He wanted to be smart, and have a great job away from the town he came from. His father has other plans for him though. His father thinks he’s dumb nd doesn’t try to see the special talents in Homer. The father only cares about Homer’s abilities in sports. Homer does it on his own, with the help of some of his friends. In a small town with people who had little dreams, Homer was different. He fulfilled his dream of building rockets, and excelled in his life. Not only was he different from his town, he was different from everybody. He turned metal into rockets in his garage. He turned a dream into a realitly. He changed his life completely because he never gave up on anything.

  2. The Atlantic Puffins are in love. The one out side is a boy. He is looking for bad people. He wants to keep the girl safe. The one in the log is the girl. She wants to stay safe. I love love stories. They are so beautiful.

    The rocket symbolizes teamwork. They all worked together well. They had a lot of test runs. Even though they had to stop Homer didn’t. I loved that movie. It was very good.

  3. In the first plate, the baby puffin is hiding in the dumpy, little hole from his father. The father doesn’t see the puffin yet. When he does find him, the baby puffin is going to be in a lot of trouble. The hiding puffin knows it too, but he wants to stand up to his harmful father. You may notice that the father is looking in the distance. He is looking in the distance because he is probably trying to find his harmful friend. If the friend shows up, he will probably try to help the father hurt the baby. The baby will stay strong, though because what else can he do? He is going to be beat anyways.

    Mrs. Riley, the teacher from October Sky, encouraged the boys to go to the Science Fair, and she encouraged them to leave that awful, nasty town. When she became ill, that really encouraged the boys to continue making rockets and get to the Science Fair. This encouraged them because Mrs. Riley told Homer that all she wanted was to help these boys get out of the coal-mining town. Mrs. Riley’s illness represented encouragement towards the boys. The boys were able to win State Science Fair and get the scholarships they always wanted.

  4. The first picture really represents a person kind of staying back, and being scared. However the other person is out and brave. I feel that Doug is the bird who is hiding in the log and that his father is sort of out there and messing around. However, Doug is beginning to realize who his good friends are and who really cares about him. Hopefully, Doug will completely come out of his shell and not be disturbed by his surroundings.

    In the last part of October Sky, the rockets were launched off, and the teacher (Ms. Reilly) was diagnosed with cancer. It was very sad and when the rockets flew up into the sky, it looked like Ms. Reilly was going up into heaven.

  5. The large billed puffin is hiding. He’s afraid of something, but he does not know how to deal with it. His best friend is guarding him, protecting him from what is ahead. They see it coming closer, but they still don’t know what it is. The hiding bird gets even more scared, because this is what people always have told him, he just never believed it.

    In the movie, October Sky, the rocket symbolizes believing in something. Homer Hickins believed in the rocket, because he wanted to accomplish something. At first, the rocket wasn’t working that well. But when he finally got it, he was so proud of himself, and everybody was proud of him. He believed in the rocket, and never gave up on it, and he never gave up on his dreams.

  6. In one of the pictures called Atlantic Puffin there is a puffin hiding and a puffin standing up and it looks like he is looking at something, or watching out for something. The painting might represent looking out for someone or being safe. This picture was a very good one and I enjoyed looking at it.
    In the movie october sky Homer’s friend went to work at a coal mine and before the man would get to work he would take a tag thing that had a number on it and he would kiss it. Then Homer took the tag with him to a science competition and he won. I think that the key point of that is to never give up and there is always luck.

  7. The puffin in the hole got kidnapped! The bigger one outside is looking outside, making sure no one can see. The puffin is trapped, and he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to escape, but he’s too scared. He is hoping his mother will come for him, but he knows that will probably end not happening. What can he do?

    The rocket blasting off in October Sky symbolizes that the sky is the limit. Homer knew that though he lived in a small town, he could still achieve great things, no matter what his dad, friends, or what anyone said. He could do anything, and reach for the sky (the October sky.)

  8. The puffins somewhat seem to be waiting. Waiting for something, or someone. You can almost tell because one is just standing and looking off into the distance. Another is hiding. We don’t know what, but something is there. One bird may be hiding from a predator or hiding for shelter. The shelter of the rock is probably to symbolize the shelter of company because there is two birds.

    The coal mine in October Sky represents expectation. The coal mine is where every man seems to work. Homer is expected to work there also. Homer doesn’t though. He keeps working and trying for his rocket to succeed.

  9. I can’t keep my eyes off of the picture Golden Eye Duck. To me, it seems like it is a stormy night. It looks like the birds are fighting while trying to fly to safety. This reminds me of how Christopher and Doug fight all of the time.
    The rocket in October Sky symbolizes hope. Throughout the movie, Homer Hickens never gave up on his dreams. He knew he wanted to build a rocket an he did.

  10. First Picture:
    The baby puffin is sleeping in the log. The parent is watching it sleeping waiting for it to wake up. Looking in the future for what comes next. But now, she just waits, for when her child will wake up. She looks at the child sleeping peacefully, he’s okay for now.

    A symbol for the movie,”October Sky’s”, is the coal mine. A coal mine represents work, and in the movie homer has to work through conditions. When no one has faith in him. His friends don’t want to help. He is accused of causing a fire. But he still works, and fights to work still through any conditions. Like the coal mine.

  11. The second picture represents protection. I could be friend to friend, mother to child, or sister to brother. Together they are trying to fight off the enemy. No matter how hard they try it’s never enough.

    In October Sky the the mothers painting represents never to give up. She isn’t living in the best situation. She wants to escape and live her life the way she wants to.

  12. Puffins are flightless birds. The puffin in the hole is just accepting it. Letting life go the way it is, never daring to dream. But the puffin outside wants to fly and he will never accept it. He wants the wind to ruffle his feathers like the seagulls above. He will never, never stop wanting it. He dares to dream. As he looks off into the sky, he can just picture himself soaring, drifting through the gentle winds of spring. No one can make him fly, but no one can make him stop dreaming.

    In October Sky, Homer must quit school and work in the mines to help pay for his father’s head injury. His dreams are not underground, they are in space. As Homer steps into the elevator that takes him to the mines, he looks up. A star flashes above. The farther Homer descends, the farther he gets from his dreams.

  13. For the second painting it looks as if the bird with the black head has spotted some predator off in the distance and is calling to the gray bird to watch out. The gray bird doesn’t listen and stayed out in the open either because she doesn’t want to leave the black headed bird or she wants to see the predator herself. Her eyes are wide with fear because she had just seen the predator. The black headed bird doesn’t notice the gray bird hasn’t moved because his eyes are locked on the predator fearing he might soon loose his own life. They both sit there staring at the predator fearing that if they move they might never move again.

    In October Sky Homer is sent down to the coal mines and he looked up to see the rocket passing over head as the elevator started to move down. It was symbolizing that Homer was getting farther away from his dream of making rockets himself.

  14. One of the puffins is hidden in the hole of the small hill. It seems to be hiding from something outside. The other puffin seems to be looking for danger, making sure the other puffin is safe. The puffin would rather keep the hidden puffin safe and risk it’s life for the puffin, rather than see the hidden puffin get hurt.

    In October Sky, Homer had to work in the mines while his father was healing. On his first night at the mines, he was going down in the elevator when he happened to look up at the sky. Just as Homer looked up, Sputnik glided across the night sky. The elevator moved into the ground, lowering Homer and the workers into the earth. The elevator was taking Homer farther away from the sky, farther from Sputnik. He was getting farther from his dream by going down into the mines.

  15. In the second plate, the birds represent people. The bird on the land keeps speaking for the one in the water even though the one in the water wants to speak for its self. The bird on land is stable where it is, it won’t sink, because it’s on land. The other bird is on the water, just sitting there trying to be happy while his words are being taken out of its mouth, wondering if it should let its self drown or not.

    One point of symbolism in October Sky is when Homer was being dragged down into the mine while a satellite was passing overhead. This symbolizes that Homer was becoming farther and farther away from his goal, which is launching a rocket. He was being forced to do something that wasn’t his goal, but someone else’s, while his real dream was escaping him right before his eyes.

  16. The Atlantic puffins tell a story. A story of loss and regret. The puffins have just lost something important to them. They seem to have fought, and are not speaking to one another, which deepens their pain. The bird on the right is glancing into the distance because he is trying to lose himself and not think about the pain. The puffin hiding in the hole is hiding from her fright. Neither of them are healing their pain, but hiding from it, making it all worse.

    The rockets flying up into the air in the movie October Sky symbolized hope. It symbolized the way Homer and his friends hope rose when they made it into the science fair. It also symbolized how high Homer’s proud, hope, joy, and happiness was when his father came to see him fly off his rocket.

  17. I just love the pictures of the puffins. I really like the fact that the puffin looks like it’s trying to protect the other puffin. It seems to me that there is an alligator that is lurking in the water searching for the puffins. Also it looks like the puffin in the hole it protecting it eggs. If the puffins don’t get to keep the eggs safe then there won’t be another generation on puffins.
    The name Rocket Boys I believe it stands for October Sky. Each letter in Rocket Boys spells out October Sky. If you just look carefully you will see it. Also in the movie, Homer and his friends flew rockets. Home wanted to figure out how rockets flew, and he figured out just that. Another thing is that Homers grope was named the Rocket Boys.

  18. In the second picture, the bird in the water is trying to get away from the first bird. The first bird in the water is kind of like Doug and the second bird is his father. Doug keeps trying as hard as he can to do everything at the best of his ability, but it is never enough for his father. So Doug just eventually walks away from his problems and tries to run away. But before he gets far enough away from his father, his father finds him and starts to scream at him for being a jerk and leaving the family. He also says that the family can’t live without him, almost asking for forgiveness. But Doug keeps swimming. His father has done too much already to ask for forgiveness. So Doug swims away and tries to find his own independence.

    The movie October Sky was such a good movie. The thing, or item, that stands out the most in my mind for symbolism is the science fair. The science fair shows that if you have a goal, you should never give up on that goal. Homer, the main character, always had a dream of becoming a rocket scientist at NASA. It seemed impossible, considering that he lived in a hill-billy town where everybody was miners. Mrs. Riley, his teacher, told him he should build a rocket and try and get into the National Science Fair because if he did, he would get a free scholarship to any college he wanted. That is what he set his mind to, and he succeeded. He got to the science fair, his one and only goal, and won the full scholarship. If it weren’t for the science fair, he would be working as a miner still to this day.

  19. In the second plate, they are both looking to an unknown bird or enemy. The first bird is comfortable and swimming with ease. But the second bird is not comfortable and is trying to stop the unknown from coming. He probably is trying to protect what is his, but the first doesn’t care either way.

    There is so much symbolism in Divergent. Tris’s divergence stands for how different people really are and how they are not different at all. It makes her different but she is the same as all her friends. Her divergence was like segregation because the regulars were always told they were both different. It stands for fake flaws and a big man with a big opinion that changed the city.

  20. To me the first plate represents family and how family takes care of each other. One of the Puffins is standing outside while the other one is resting, and the one outside is watching and protecting the one inside. They both take care of each other, and I can tell that the one inside feels safe because it laying calmly and peacefully.

    The Movie October Sky has many symbolism, but the one that stood out the most to me is the rockets because to it meant to me reach for the stars and if you work hard one day you will get there. That stood out the most to me because a lot of people told homer that he was dumb and the future was already written and he was going to work in the coal mine just like his dad, but that didn’t stop him and he kept trying and at the end he reached his goal (reached the stars) and won the science fair.

  21. In the picture with the three birds the one in the water is searching for food and he needs food fast. The one in the water is going to find food ,but can’t and needs some so it is calling to the bird on land jealous that the bird has food hoping might share some food or give some to him. The bird on land with the fish is clawing/grasping the bird so tightly that its eyes are popping out of its body ready to attack any living creature that comes close its food. The bird holding the fish hasn’t got any food in years and is urging to eat it ,but is fearing that one of the birds neer wil eat its food if she tries to eat it. The fish is crying in pain except can’t yell ,gasp ,or even cry and is suffering in pain while its looking at the bird ready to eat him with its bulging eyes if fear this may be his word ,thought ,or even vision in his whole life. Next, the fish who was free and free too what ever it wanted to do seconds ago takes it last breath which it can’t take and dies. The bird out of the water with no fish is looking at the fish the bird has ready to eat it as it eats it ,ready to sneak up on him who is greedy ,but doesn’t realize it decides to dive into the water and look for a fish because he hasn’t had a meal in minutes. The bird decides to dive into the water and find a meal at the same time as he is looking at the bird with the meal it caught which he took most meals from. The downside is that he probably forgot how to catch a fish because he took a lot of birds fish or meals.
    In october sky the mine symbolized death and dreaded things. The cole mine represented death and scary things because many people died or hurt there selfs in there and black because when they came out of the mine there faces were black from the coal and they were dirty when they came out of the mine there faces were black.

  22. I picked the Atlantic Puffins. There are two puffins one that is under a log and one that is outside. One of the puffins are hurt inside a log doing nothing looking outside knowing everything is ruined ruined trying to make the other puffin feel pity for him. While the other puffin is outside enjoying life but not leaving the other puffin behind. Because he knows that he is hurt and everything is ruined and is not trying to show his pity.

    Symbolism from the movie is the number tag that his friend had before he died in an mining accident. The number tag represents luck and hope. Whenever he held it he in luck when they were getting picked for the best project for the science the fair. When he was holding it he got picked first place. And also gave him hope to keep trying after his first rockets failed. Also when his rockets stem was stolen he still had hoped and still tried to win the science fair.

  23. The top bird, the puffin, their story can be pretty complicated at times. The story of the puffins is they are standing there one hiding and the other just standing there. They don’t see anything happening. They are just there. They don’t know if anything is going to happen they are just scared puffins. You can see I’m their faces, nervousness. They don’t know what to do but just to sit there.
    Symbolism in October sky is the number tab that was for the man who went down in to the mine but didn’t come out alive. Homer knew him and he was one of the people at the shop who helped him with his rocket. It symbolized the memory of him, and when he died.
    Another thing of symbolism was when Miss Riley was in the hospital and the rocket went past the window and into the sky. To me it symbolized Miss Riley going up into heaven.

  24. I chose the puffin. It looks like it resembles honor because the honorable puffin is standing watch on his wife. He is keeping her safe and away from danger I think this resembles the puffin caring about the other one enough to stay watch for however long it takes. This ties in to the movie October Sky in the part where Homer’s dad is not wanting him to go and make rockets but he does it anyway, but the father does not want to be mean he wants Homer to be safe and not blow himself up. The same is to say with the puffins, the larger one is only protecting the smaller one if it need it or not the biggest one is protecting the other one to the end.

  25. The baby puffin feels like he is trapped. The big puffin is his father who is always hurting the baby puffin. When the baby puffin sees his father he feels even more trapped and feels like his father is going to hurt him again and no matter what the baby penguin does his father will always beat him.

    In the October Sky Homer feels like he is trapped by his father also. Homer has a dream of making something amazing but his father doesn’t believe in him and shoots him down. The more Homer gets rejected by his father the more he wants to build.

  26. I choose the Atlantic Puffin. The puffin that is in the hole looks small and scared. The puffin above looks like it’s watching out for it, and wanting to protect it, but is afraid it might get hurt. Both of them have a scared look in their eyes. The puffin above doesn’t seem like a parent because the parent would want to show no fear, for the child, so they wouldn’t get scared.

    In October Sky one of the rockets Homer and his friends launch is called Ms. Reilly. The rocket is named after the teacher that inspired Homer to get interested in rockets, but Ms. Reilly has cancer and is dying, but when the boys shoot the rocket it symbolizes how she will got to heaven.

  27. Sixth grade is a lot of fun, but it was also challenging. The biggest thing I remember about coming into sixth grade is thinking that it is going to be as easy as fifth. It is not, you should study more and make sure you pay attention in class. Sixth grade is so much more fun then fifth. You get to go to pathfinders, play sports and the teachers trust you a lot more. When the time comes to pick what sports you want to play (if you want to) don’t pick a certain sport because you want to be with your best friend. I did a different sport then my best friend and I am happy that I did, I made other friends that were on my team.
    There is a lot more school work you have to do, but after about a month you get used to it. In the first trimester I didn’t do so well, because I under estimated all of the tests. After that I quickly learned to study at least two days before any test, it doesn’t mater what it is about. By the way bring a jacket to Mr. Cruise’s room, it is so cold. You have to read a lot in english, and make sure you stay up on your reading if you don’t it is really hard to catch up. Hope you have a good sixth grade year, you can ask me any questions if you need to.

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