Kiki Strike

Pretend that you received an invitation to join the Irregulars in the exploration and discovery of the Shadow City. What would be the special talent that makes you you? Why did Kiki choose you? Please don’t make something up. Each one of you is special and unique in your own way. What do you already possess that would be of benefit to the group?
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  1. I have recently received an invitation to the Irregulars. I believe that I was chosen because I am a very persuasive writer. I love to write, and if we ever need to write some note for school, a ransom note, or to bring someone off our trail, it will be a piece of cake with me. I can also write stories if the girls are ever bored.

  2. I really think it would be cool to join the Irregulars. The Irregulars use their natural talents to solve problems and explore the unknown. Kiki Strike isn’t the leader, but she seems to give all of the orders. So, if anyone was to give me an invitation to join the Irregulars, it would probably be Kiki Strike. I actually think that I’m pretty good Irregular material. I can find out secret codes and passwords to just about anything! All you have to do is have a sense of knowledge. You need to study the person you’re after. In order to find out their passwords to their things, you need to know what they like, what they don’t like, and a few of their favorite things. Sometimes, if the person is close to you such as your sister, just sneak up upon them when they don’t expect it and simply watch them type in their passwords. Whenever Kiki Strike would need me to figure out a passcode, I’d be right on it.

    1. Yesterday Kiki Strike gave me an invitation to join her club the. She said that I have a special talent that the group could benefit from. My special talent is that I make amazing food, because I always bake things when ever I have time. She told me that she needed me because I could put poison in the food and no one would know. I could also make some food for the group is they were hungry. My specialty is making waffles. I am so excited to go and meet the rest of the Irregulars Kiki said that they all were very unique.

  3. Hello I am Keaton P. and I am an international cook. Kiki Strike invited me to The Irregulars because I know how to cook. I could make rat poison in ten minutes. Also if the girls need a snack, I could make anything from apple pie to zebra cakes. I could even make gruel for Kiki. I am so excited for the meeting tomorrow. I hope I’ll see you there.

  4. My special talent that would get me into the Irregulars would be optimism. Even though it might sound weird, I always try to look on the bright side, not matter how bad things look. If we come to a dead end? Don’t worry guys, we can just go back the other way? One of our team members get eaten by a rat? They were the annoying one, anyways! Our adventure is over? We can go home and drink some Starbucks! I think I would make a good member in the Irregulars, even though my talent may not be the best.

  5. I just received an invitation to join the Irregulars. It had come from the Kiki Strike and Ananka Fishbein. It said that I was because I am very stealthy and quiet. The only reason that is my talent is because I play a lot of games with my friends that involves being stealthy. For example, Man Hunt is one of those games. I almost always win because I’m very quiet and I can slip by whoever is looking for me without hearing.

  6. Woah! I have just been invited to join the Irregulars! I feel like my talents are going to contribute to the group. I have really fast hand-eye coordination from playing tennis my whole life, so if we are in a bind I can react really fast. Also, I can draw pretty good so I could help map the Shadow City. I can also make quick decisions and figure out to make things with what we have.

  7. If I were to receive an invitation into the Irregulars by Kiki Strike it would be because I had a special talent she could use in the Shadow City. I believe that my special talent would be problem solving. I am a really good problem solver when it comes to well, problem solving. I have practiced finding answers to difficult situations many times before so I am very experienced. Kiki would probably need me for the sticky situations they get themselves into. For example, if we were running from something in the Shadow City I would either grab something and fight it off or we could barricade ourselves in a room until the creature is gone. It is easy for me to find an answer in a short period of time.

  8. I’m the newest member of the Irregulars. Kiki Strike gave me a invitation because of my reading skills, and my ability to come up with a plan. I do well under pressure, and I’m very good at persuading people and coming up with excuses. I’m good at acting, and I can very easily fool people. During a mission I can read a important piece of information in a hot minute, and remember everything. I understand how first impressions work, and I have the right idea about how to look when you meet someone. I have what some people would call a death stare, and I’ve got a mean roundhouse kick. My right hook isn’t half bad either. I love gymnastics, and lets just say one of my nicknames was Barbie because I could literally put my leg behind my head. I have a lot to offer, and I can’t wait to explore the shadow city.

  9. I am now holding a golden envelope in my hand! You know what this means, I have been asked to be apart of the Irregulars. I am guessing I got this invitation because I am super fast and very daring. I can run like a Cheetah and jump from tree to tree like a monkey. I am willing to do anything. The speed comes from my dad’s side of the family. I also try to run everyday! The daring part come from my mom’s side of the family (My dad’s side of the family are wimps). I will do anything you say, even if its jumping off a fifty foot rock. I am so excited to be apart of the Irregulars and I cant wait to go on all their adventures.

  10. I just received an invitation to be part of the Irregulars. I wonder why Kiki Strike asked me to be apart of the Irregulars. I love to bake breakfast every morning. I am good helping out around the house. I would be a good help to the Irregulars to help them get their jobs done and make them food. Of course I would love to help the Irregulars. Kiki Strikes, friend Ananka saw me through the window making some breakfast for my family. She reported to Kiki about me. The next day I received an invitation to be apart of the Irregulars. Tomorrow is going to be my first day with the Irregulars, and I am very excited.

  11. Oh my gosh, I just got invited to join the Irregulars me Isabella, and only by the best Kiki Strike. It was in the nice golden envelope with my name engraved. She said to come and meet her if I wanted to join,.How could I say no! She said she need my ninja like tumbling skills. She said she was watching me tumble down the street and also wanted me to kick down door’s . Also Kiki wanted me to tumble down and make sure that every one is safe. I could also entertain people when there in a bad mood or even bored you never know when this could come in handy.

  12. I once received a letter in a large orange envelope. It was an invitation to a group called the “Irregulars”. The letter was from a mysterious girl named KiKi Strike. I was highly confused when I had received the letter. What was I good at that she needed? Then I got it. I travel around the world a lot. I have knowledge from around the world and can speak many languages, but not fluently. I know how to read maps and use coordinates. If we travel to another place that I have been to, I could tell them about the city we are in. I practiced my talent constantly, getting ready for my new adventures with the “Irregulars”.

  13. Are you serious?! An invitation to be an Irregular, for me? Wow I’m so exited! And the invite says that the first meeting is tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. My special talent would be flexibility. I could fit through small spaces and I could dodge some lasers if I had to. My flexibility skills could help me through small spaces or into crammed rooms. I could hide under something or in something to spy and listen to anyone bad in the shadow city. Well I better get stretching! I want Kiki to see all my special skills!

  14. If I were to be invited to be a member in the Irregulars, I would be brought to the group because I am really good at karate. When I am in a fight, and someone hits me really hard, I don’t get hurt at all! Combat is my personal specialty! Kiki is a really good person picker because she definitely picked the right person! If we would be running down Manhattan, I would turn around and fight first hand because that’s just how good I am at fighting!

  15. I would love for Kiki Strike to ask me to join the Irregulars. My special talent would be singing. I could distract the bad guys with singing so the other Irregulars could get away without with any harm. Also, I could entertain Kiki and the other Irregulars when they get cranky or need a break from planning. If there were glass in the room where people were being held hostage I could sing really loud and break the glass so the neighbors could here and call the police. I’m so excited to go to my first meeting.

  16. Wow! Today I received an invitation to join the Irregulars in the exploration and discovery of the Shadow City. What an honor! Kiki Strike chose me to join the Irregulars because I am the master of speed and agility. I am able to run very fast, and I can move my feet and arms quickly. I can easily sprint away from anything, and I can catch any person or animal alive. I get my speed, balance, and agility from soccer and track. I will be very helpful to the Irregulars because I can dodge all enemies, pick up anything quickly, and escape from an explosion. I can’t wait to learn about the special talents of my “irregular” partners!

  17. When I woke up the next morning I got my Cheerios and went outside to get the paper for my dad. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a golden letter in my mailbox. I open the letter.
    – I would like to invite you to the Irregulars
    – You will take a trip underground
    – In the shadow city
    Our first meeting will be on the second Saturday of April at 133 1/2 Bank
    – Street security required.
    I decided to take the offer and meet Kikki at her house. I would be a big help because I don’t know anybody else that is a quiet, flexible, or even have enough strength that would be ready for the shadow city. I would be the most adventuress, outgoing, secretive spy that would ever enter the shadow city.

  18. If I was invited to join the irregulars I would be asked to join in because of my speed and agility. They could use me to try to get somewhere hard to get, and fast. Also I am very quiet when I run so that could come in handy if I needed to get in and out of somewhere quiet and fast. Like if I had to spy on somewhere and they might of saw me. I could get out and they couldn’t see who I was. Or I’d I needed to deliver a message in a short amount a time, I would be able to do that.

  19. I can’t believe I just got an invitation from the Irregulars. Kiki Strike wants me to join them! I am really good at disguising people, and Betty has been behind on disguising everyone and the Irregulars have been needing some help. I can do killer makeup and I’m awesome at doing people’s hair in different styles. With my help, the irregulars will be masters in disgiuse, and people will never know who they are. Betty and it will work perfectly together so we can get the job done.

  20. I was very confused why Kiki asked me to be in the Irregulars. What was my talent? I stood there in denial for 30 seconds until Kiki woke me up from my surprise. Then I remembered what my talent was, strength💪. I have upper body strength from being an outside hitter in volleyball and I have strength in my legs from soccer. Also, Kiki isn’t very strong and the other girls aren’t either so they could use me. Also, I am very discreet and distracting. I distract people by how much I talk and I’m discreet because when I want to be I can sort of… disappear. I accepted Kiki’s offer, I was irregular.

  21. If I got an invitation to be in the irregulars because of one of my talents, I would probably be invited because I am a big talker and that might come in handy, because from past experience when ever I am trying to get away with something and an adult asks me what I am doing, I usually start talking and talking until they get annoyed and then they don’t even care what I am doing. So if we had to try to get out of something I could just start talking and talking until they get annoyed and walk away.

  22. If I were chosen to be in the Irregulars, it would probably be for my athletic ability. Because I play soccer, my legs are very strong so I could probably hurt someone. I also run track and we run at soccer so I can run for a long time, and I can run fast. That would come in handy if we are being chased. I do circus arts, which is trapeze, silks, acrobatics, lyra, and Spanish web, which is all upper body strength. That could come in handy if we are in combat, we need to climb tall heights, or hang from somewhere.

  23. If Kiki chose me to be on her team, I would be confused, yet excited. She would probably choose me for my arguing skills, acting skills, and competitiveness. I always have to win, and that might come in handy when working with Kiki. In PE, even though it’s a small game, I will do my best to be the best. I will put in 200% all the time. I always succeed in things like debates, so I can be persuasive when I want to. Also, I like acting, which might come in handy when we need to act like a different person or create a scene. All of these skills would help us uncover the secrets of the Shadow City. Kiki might chose me, because all of these talents make me Irregular.

  24. At first I questioned myself for what special quality or skill I possessed until I realized the real reason they chose me. They specifically hand picked me because of my creativity. Everyone can’t think as quick as me. It could come in handy we need to think of possible scenarios. In the long run it can help put together the pieces of the puzzle and be not one but two steps ahead of the enemy. Kiki might have wanted me to be apart of this because when they took Betty they never thought of a scenario in that situation. I was ready. Ready for any challenge.

  25. “Come on Grace!” Yelled Kiki as she stood at her apartment door, beckoning me in.
    “Why do you even want me in the Irregulars. I am a regular, I would never belong in a club like this!” I shouted back. Kiki rolled her eyes at me.
    “You don’t understand. We need someone with your talent!” Now Kiki was getting feisty.
    “What talent?” I snapped.
    “You have the ability to manipulate and trick people, yet act innocent at the same time. We need someone like you. Luz, DeeDee, Oona, Ananka, Betty, and I cannot get away with things. We’re tough and you can tell from looking at us. You can’t tell from looking at you.”
    “All right,” I said and walked in to her apartment. Verushka, Kiki, and the rest of the Irregulars were in the kitchen, preparing snacks for the meeting.
    “Yay,” Kiki clapped and squealed, “You may sit down and relax while we prepare snacks. I am so glad you joined us!” As Kiki walked away, I was wondering what the Shadow City had in store for me.
    I thought about me in the Shadow City. I would be able to trick Sidonia, and then when the police came, I could cry and act innocent. I could point Naomi in the wrong direction, and then when she questioned me, I would explain how it was all a misunderstanding. The police would accuse me of something, and I would explain that I was just a little girl, scared of the world.
    My thoughts were interrupted when I smelled smoke. “Grace!” yelled Kiki, “I hope you know how to cook, because we might need a snack maker.

  26. Now why on earth would the Irregulars want me? Oh I know the fact that I can do a bit of deciphering. My mind is trained to recognize patterns. Most people don’t know this about me but puzzles are very easy for me. I think my record for an over 100 piece puzzle was about 30 minutes. This could come in handy if we run across a door of some sort with a puzzle locking it. I’ll have that done in a jiffy! So, if you ever run across jumble of numbers, you know who to call.

  27. The Irregulars are a group of girls who use their special talents for adventures. Sometimes they have to create stuff, find out stuff, pretend to be people, and explore places. Every single one has a different talent in their own unique ways. If Kiki needed me to join the Irregulars she would have a couple reasons. Since I am small I can fit through small places and hide easily. If I needed to steal something like the diamond ring I could hide and secretly steal it for Kiki. Also I play soccer, and Kiki doesn’t need to be the only one knocking people out with her foot. If you combine kicking and being small while i’m hiding using my super small skills I can trip and kick people. My mom and dad always say how observant, intuitive, and curious I am. So I that can come in handy for the Irregulars.

  28. The Irregulars. I’ve been invited to join them, by KiKi Strike herself. She says I have a special ‘power’. But what could it be? I don’t mean to brag, but I’m quick with a knife, and a good shot at a bow and arrow. That should come in handy a lot in the shadow city. Fighting off man eating rats. I could be a lookout for the girls. I would sit on the top of a building, and if something goes wrong, I could shoot a note down to the girls below. I am also pretty good at fighting, well, at least better than most 11-12 maybe older girls. I act unexpectedly, so no one knows when I’m coming. I’m good at these things because they are things I like to do. My Dad shows me some fighting moves, and I do archery whenever I get the chance. Me and my brother ‘train’ with fake weaponry. Everyone has different talent, battle is just my thing. It isn’t the only thing I’m good at. I’m do not get afraid easily. When I get ‘scared’ it is mostly because my instincts are screaming at me to do something, or not to do something. I can keep a secret, as long as it is worth keeping.

  29. I have just received a golden invitation from a girl with icy blue eyes and white blond hair. She had said that she needed me to get into the Shadow City. My ability to lie between my teeth. This girl, said to be KiKi, had said that using my talents could set the enemy on a wild goes chase. The enemy may kidnap me and interrogate me. I would need to keep a straight face and lie. Telling them the wrong information to confuse. My ability will also come in handy to set nosy parents, police, and neighbors straight. Giving an excuse as to why anything or everything happened that way. My ability, she said, would help her get her goal, obtaining the Shadow City.

  30. I was just drinking my coffee, and I noticed a peculiar looking girl almost walking up to me. I thought I had seen her before, but I never really took that much notice what she was like. She came up to me, dropped an envelope on my table, and walked away. I quickly teared the envelope apart and read the invitation. It said,”Meet me at 8am sharp at Cafe Late.” It didn’t make sense. Why did she want me? I flipped the letter over, and the answer to my question was on the back. It read,”We need you for one reason only. Practice lying!” Then it hit me. I wasn’t the worst at being a good liar. After all, I do sometimes “joke around” with my friends. Like one time, at Relay for Life, we were hanging out in the gym and a teacher came. Reilly O., Anna P., and Aliyah all saw the teacher coming and ran away. That left Anna M. and I stuck getting the teacher’s wrath. But, fortunately, we didn’t get in any trouble. We ran outside and met up with the other three and told them that we got break detention for a week, and they believed us! This all played in my mind, and I realized that I might have some potential for the Irregulars.

  31. I never would have thought that speaking English, Arabic, French, a little of Spanish, and a little of Coptic would come in handy. Well, now that I think about it I guess I understand why Kiki Strike would choose me to join the irregulars. I mean speaking Multiple languages could help me speak other languages that I don’t even speak so, Kiki is pretty lucky to have me.

  32. I stare at the golden envelope in my hand and look up just before Kiki Strike disappears. I open the envelope. I had been invited to join the Irregulars! Of course, I had been chosen because I’m great at playing the piano. Now, you may be thinking that is completely useless. Turns out, if you can play a good Mozart piece, it calms someone down. Playing the piano also helps your ears. You can tell when someone’s voice gets higher or more stressed because they’re lying. Singing with the piano improves your voice. If you learn how to play with your voice, you can learn how to sound relaxed, excited, or professional. The keys on the piano can resemble how someones voice sounds. You learn how someone’s normal voice sounds, verses the notes they hit when they’re upset. Playing the piano may not sound like a skill, but it does to Kiki Strike.

  33. Whoa there Kiki! Are you sure it would be best to invite me? I mean I am not extremely brave or super smart. Well I have this talent for being able to take things right in front of people with out them noticing. One time I took my phone and a charger which were basically in my mom’s hands, and she didn’t even think anything was going on until I had already sneaked them up stairs. I am good at mind tricking puzzles where you have to slide blocks around in certain patterns and arrangements to release a red block into the next puzzle. I can think of strategies fast, and I would think them through so I pretty much know what will happen before it does happen. I still don’t think I would be a good choice, but it may be worth a shot.

  34. I am a very creative person. Especially when it comes to fashion. I know what would make you stand out or what will make you blend in. I can tell what a person is like just by looking at their clothes, makeup, and jewelry. The irony of it all is that I am not a very girly girl. Sweatpants and an XXL T-shirt for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t like fashion though! I’ll be the one on the team to spy on the enemy, and collect all the information we need. I’ll know what they like, how to get on their good side, and what excuses will get us out of trouble.

  35. If I was apart of the Irregulars group, I would be their spirits up by making them laugh and baking them cookies. I would be their own personal court jester because battling crime in the depths of New York is a stressful job. They say that when you are happier, you are more productive. So that would be my duty.

  36. When I opened the envelope that was inviting me to join the Irregulars, I was in shock but at the same time I was excited. I think my ability would be being athletic and competitive. I have played and excelled in multiple sports such as soccer, softball, gymnastics, volleyball, karate, tennis, baseball, swimming, archery, and I am fast. I am very competitive and do not lose a lot. I will do whatever it takes to win especially involving fighting in combat, and I hate when people figure something else before I do. I think the Irregulars need me because they don’t really have any athletic people in their group. Besides Kiki, I think I could make a big difference with my athleticism and strategy.

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