The Wednesday Wars

If you could join the characters in any part of the story, which part of the story would you choose and why? Would you try to change the outcome of the storyline in any way ? (You don’t have to.)


  1. The Wednesday Wars was a great book. So, if I was asked to jump into any part of the book, it would be hard to choose. But, one of my favorite parts of the book was when they went camping. I would want to jump into the part right before the night when it rained a lot all over them. I would try to warn them to get some cover from the trees so they wouldn’t get soaked. This would have helped them a lot and made the next day more pleasant. I would also want to jump into the part when they were jumping off the cliff into the water. I would have tried my best to match the amazing dive that Danny was performing. It would have been great fun. The book inspired me and I would love to be in some of the parts

  2. If I could jump into the story at any time I would jump in when Mrs.Baker showed Holling her gold medal from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics because I would love to see Holling’s reaction. I would love to see Holling’s reaction because he completely doubted her because she was a teacher and he thought she just sat at a big old desk and taught but no she was a runner. I wouldn’t want to change the story line because the story ended very well.

  3. I would want to be thrown into the part of the book when Holling was trying to get his ball signed by Mickey Mantle. Holling was so crushed by the felling that his idle would not even sign his baseball just because of the tights he was wearing. If I was in that part of the story i would have stood up for Holling. I would have gone right up into Mantles face and said something that would show him that he is not as superior as he thinks he is. I would change it because I was devastated that someone Mickey had no heart and would stab poor holing in the back. This had to be one of the worst things that happened to Holling.

  4. If I could join any part it would be the part when Meryl lee was crying because Holling drew out some very smart blueprints that his dad would use. Meryl Lee was saddened by this because Holling realised he was played for a fool, but she just wanted to look at it. If I was Meryl Lee I would make Meryl Lee say that she only wants to look, and she won’t tell her dad. Holling also should have been a bit more gentle with Meryl Lee. Meryl Lee should not of wore the sun glasses to show Holling she really didn’t mean it. They should of cared more about the fun night they had without all this drama.

  5. There are some parts where I hate books. Up to the point where I want to skip over it. Some things I love. I would love to re-read it. Although I wouldn’t favor changing anything about any book. Books need different things, factors, variables in the book. They’re what creat emotion and the thoughts of the reader.
    But I would love, to relive Yankee Stadium. I would be standing in between Holling and Danny. Mrs. Baker, Mrs. and Mr. Hupher behind me. I’d probably be eating a hotdog, drinking a coke, and maybe choose to nibble on some churros. The best part might’ve been having the hundreds of people surrounding us, taking pictures. Including the fans, the players, and the press. The best part for sure, would be making all those friends.

  6. If I could join the characters, I would join them at the track meet. I would be there to help Danny when his legs got smashed. I could protect him from being hurt, because I really wanted to help him win that meet. I could feel and see the emotion Holling must have felt when he won that meet. I think this would be a good part to join because I could help Danny, and I could witness a key part of the story happen. It opens up the characters of Danny, Mrs. Baker, Holling, and the entire Kowalski family. It shows how terrible Holling’s family is, and how good people can support each other, too.

  7. There was so many funny parts in the book and I wish I could be in a lot of them, but my favorite part was when Sycorax and Caliban were hit by the bus. I would jump on the bus that hit them and when the bus was about to hit the bus, I would tell the bus driver to stop and save Sycorax and Caliban. This would change the story line completely. I would hope this woud change the storyline by when Holling was in the race and when he was about win the race, Sycorax and Caliban would chase Holling backwards and then chase all the eighth graders backwards too. This would be a hilarious moment in the book.

  8. I really liked the book The Wednesday Wars. If I were to jump into any part in The Wednesday Wars, I would jump into the part when Holling, Danny, and Doug were all throwing the baseball with the two Yankee baseball stars. It would be really cool to even throw a baseball with a minor league player, but to be able to throw a baseball with two professional baseball stars. That would be awesome! In the story they even go to pitch to the players and hit the ball when they pitched to them. At the end they all got a souvenir. If I were there, It would have been so cool even to get there sock. I actually might have wanted there socks. This would have been really awesome!

  9. The Wednesday Wars, and if I could change one part in that book it would be where Meryl Lee Kowalski’s dad gets hired for the sports emporium. He got hired to be the architect for the Baker sports emporium and then along the way he got fired, and Mr. Hoodhood got hired to design it instead. I don’t think it should be like this because, I don’t think that all books have to end in a happy place. Holling’s dad would have been mad if he didn’t get hired, and it was to predictable.

  10. The part in the book I would like to join would be throwing the baseball with Joe Pepitone and Horace Clark. If I was there, it would have been six people, so we could’ve played a game. I would’ve hit a home run off of Horace and threw Joe a strikeout. Also, I could ask the for tips to get better. Instead of getting mean Mickey Mantle’s, I could get there autographs and pictures. This part was my favorite, but there were a lot more of them I loved.

  11. If I could join in on any part in the story The Wednesdays Wars , I would join the part when Danny Hupfer completed his bar mitzvah, or coming of age. I would want to go because one, I’ve never been to one before, and it was important to the story, because Hollign stood up to his dad. He finally was able to find out who he really was, and that he wanted to be more than just what was set out for him. Hollign was able to prove to his dad that becoming a man is more than just providing, it’s about choosing for yourself. I thought that it was really insulting when his father was being mean and insulted the bar mitzvah. He said that all it was, was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, and that it didn’t mean anything. If Hollign hadn’t stood up to his father then, than I might just have just stop reading the book completely. I think that it would’ve been so amazing to get to see the coming age in person, no matter what people say. Overall it would personally an amazing, wonderful experience, where I could meet up with Hollign’s friends from the book and watch in person Hollign stand up for what he believed in, and what Mrs. Baker and his sister were telling him all along.

  12. If I could join at any part in the story I would join at the start so I can see all the adventures that they go on. I would love to see Holling Hoodhood on stage flying like a fairy. I would also love to see Tybalt Baker come of the airplane in time for strawberries. The new character I would like to be is Holling Hoodhood’s twin brother so I could live out the book almost as though I was Holling.

  13. If I could jump in the story with one of the main characters I would jump into the part when Holling was getting dressed as ariel the fairy. I would immediately of taken that dress and hidden it. So then I would of brought a shinning piece of armor for Holling. to make him look good and not have to were a fairy dress. And this would affect allot of stuff. If I did this then Holling and Mrs Baker would never get in a fight. Also Holling would of never got made fun of by Dougs brother.

  14. If I could come in at any time in the Wednesday Wars I would come In when we the Sycorax and Calaban(the pet rats)got ran over by the bus. I would chose this because I would want to see how the people reacted when they got ran over by the bus. I would like to see holing getting chased by the rats and the expressions on Holing’s and other peoples faces as holing got chased into getting the best cross country time from getting chased by the rats. I also would want see if people laughed, cried, or did nothing when the rats died. I would want to see this moment because it was a funny point in the book and if would be more interesting of funny if I was there when the rats got ran over by the bus.

  15. I would want to go into The Wednesday Wars when Holling planned on his dad taking him to the first day of baseball at the Yankees’s stadium. He asked his dad if he was able to attend it, and then his dad said yes. Hoodhood’s dad ended up not taking him. Although Mrs. Baker took him to this event that was very important to him, it would’ve been more polite of his dad to go drive him there. If I were to join this story, I would tell Holling’s dad to be at Camillo Junior High on time to provide him with transportation to the baseball field. If I were Holling, I would be extremely depressed to have a father like his, who only cares about his company and money. Lastly, I would refuse to inherit Hoodhood and Associates.

  16. If I was able to go into the book (The Wednesday Wars)at any time I would go in when Danny was running the race. The reason that I would is so when he was running the race I could help him run after he was pushed around and getting hurt. Then I would be there to root on Holling. When I would be there with Danny he might actually finish the race okay and not bruised and scratched and bloody. Also when Holling was running when I was rooting him on he would beat the record for middle school track.

  17. I would jump in the book at the time were Holling’s sister runs away. I would be his friend and try to cheer him up. I can relate to him because my sister is gone too. I guess it would be cool to be his best friend were he is friends with his teacher. I would also jump in when the class goes camping because it would be so fun to go camping there with the awesome cliff and water and lake. It’s like a paradise! I could try to do an awesome dive.

  18. Which part would I join in? Gee, I don’t know. Oh! How about the part where Holling gets hit by a bus! Why that part? Well, if I could just these two very meaningful and powerful words before he gets hit to save his sister. The two words that have saved many important figures throughout all of history! Watch out. The two words, “watch out”. Holling is jumping and I yell, “WATCH OUT!”. It would’ve been nice to say, “well, I tried”. There’s no harm in trying is there? The answer is no. There is no harm in trying. Would I change the out come? No. It wouldn’t help at all, but I still tried! And for that, I’m proud of myself.

  19. I would join the characters on the camping trip. I would like to play around the water fall and maybe help Holling carry the utensils up. I also really like camping so the trip would be very fun from start to finish. Even with the rain I would still have fun. I probably would have told a ghost story to scare everyone. I would do the cooking to because I really like to cook and I would have to roast marshmallows. There isn’t a camping trip where you can’t roast marshmallows. If I don’t roast marshmallows I’m not camping. If I went back to the camping trip I would have a blast.

  20. If I had a choice as to where in the book I could go, I would probably choose the part where the rat nest dropped on Holling. If for no other reason, I would choose it just for laughs. That was a very funny part, and I would’ve loved to see the expression on Holling’s face when all of the things that the rats chewed up went down his shirt. In my opinion, this book couldn’t have been better. I wouldn’t change a single thing, even if I could. The author described the characters phenomenally, and despite the fact that I don’t like coming of age books very much because I consider them slightly boring, this book still had a lot of action. I loved this book, and it definitely is one of my favorites.

  21. I just finished The Wednesday Wars this was one of my favorite books ever. I wold like to join Holling when he was going camping with his classmates. I would like to join this journey with Mrs.Bakers class because I would like to go swimming in the lake and jump off the waterfall on a hot spring day. Another thing that would be fun is to keep a campfire going all night in the rain. I can only imagine what that might be like. I still can’t believe Mrs.Baker allowed her class to go camping out in the woods. If my teachers took my class camping that would be so much fun.

  22. I loved The Wednesday Wars so much. If I could jump in to any part I would jump in when they were on the baseball field. I would want to go here because I could try to hit a major league pitcher or pitch to a Major leaguer. Also I could field on a MLB field. Then after that I could throw with some MLB players. Also so I could give Mickey Mantle a big talk. I would not be nice to him. I would change what he did and make him give Holling a ball because he has the soul of a demon. I would change that. He is so mean and that is not nice. Also so I could get a bunch of balls. I would also tell the Yankees couch to fire all the mean players (Mickey Mantle). It would be so fun to go in to this book.

  23. In the Wednesday Wars I would jump into the part when Holling is Ariel. I would buy my ticket and sit next to Meryl Lee and Danny Hupfer. I would jump into this part because I would want to see Holling in those yellow tights. I would change the story line by having Holling come with me to the Yankee Stadium. I would also change the part that Mickey Mantle didn’t give Holling a ball. I would change this by bringing two baseballs and having Mickey sign both, and when Holling didn’t get a ball signed I would give him one of mine. This part was the funniest part in the book for me, and that is why I would jump into this part of the storyline.

  24. If I could put my self into the story I would go to time when Danny gets pummeled by the 8th graders. I would enter myself in the contest, and run near Danny. The reason that I would do this is, because what the 8th graders are trying to do to is mean and unfair. When the 8th graders tried to hurt them i would get in there way and stop Danny from getting hurt.

  25. Let’s play ball. If I could join the characters in any part of the book, I would go back to when Holling and his friends were playing with the Yankees players. I would choose this part, because I love baseball and it would be the greatest thing in the world to play with some of the greats, for example, Mickey Mantle or Joe Pepitone. If I could change one part in the story, I would change that Holling and Danny would go talk to Mikey Mantle, and tell him about how mean and terrible his is and make Mikey give them each a ball. I would love to be in this part of the book, to not only meet the Yankees, but also the other characters in the book.

  26. I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed The Wednesday Wars. It was a great book! If I was able to put myself in any part of the book, I would be watching Holling perform in The Tempest, as Ariel. I picked this specific part of the book because I felt horrible for Holling. He must of been so embarressed wearing those yellow tights with feathers on his butt! I would have talked to Mr. Goldman before the play and convinced him to not make Holling wear those tights. Mr. Goldman would have given Holling a new costume and then, he wouldn’t be embarressed. I also picked this part of the story because if Holling wasn’t wearing the costume with the yellow tights, he would have gotten his baseball signed by Mickey Mantle.

  27. The “Wednesday Wars” is a wonderful book. If I had to choose to exist in a part of that book, even though there are so many and it is hard to choose, I would choose the part when Holling couldn’t get his ball signed by Mickey Mantle. That part in the book crushed him. If someone you looked up to, your whole life, insulted you, wouldn’t sign your baseball, and embarrassed you in front of people from school, what would you do? If I was there, I would tell Mickey Mantle that nobody should have gotten there ball signed by him, and that any ball with his signature on it was a disgrace. That is how I would change the story. I think it would make Holling feel a little better. I would choose that part in the story to be in because it aggravated me that someone would do that to someone else. This was one of the downs of Hollings story.

    “When gods die, they die hard. It’s not like they fade away, or grow old, or fall asleep. They die in fire and pain, and when they come out of you, they leave your guts burned. It hurts more than anything you can talk about. And maybe worst of all is, you’re not sure if there will ever be another god to fill their place. Or if you’d ever want another god to fill their place. You don’t want the fire to go out inside you twice.”
    ― Gary D. Schmidt, The Wednesday Wars

  28. If I where in the book at the time when Holling went to the baseball game with Mrs. Baker I would ask if I could go with them but not be rude. If I were to change this book I would have his dad take us but be really nice to us. I don’t like the Yankees but I would just go along with it for Holling to feel good. Also Holling deserves a better dad I think because his dad is basically a selfish bully. Also I think Mrs. Baker was really nice of taking Holling to that game because she got out of her way so he could go to the baseball game and he would of been sad otherwise and not have a good day in a while.

  29. I really loved reading The Wednesday Wars. It was a great book and I wish it was longer. If I could jump into a scene, I would would go to where Holling and his friends are throwing a baseball with the two Yankee players. I really love throwing a baseball and meeting players that I have not seen before. I would have also loved to get one of their hats or jackets. Holling was really lucky because you do not get to do that everyday.

  30. A part in the book that I would have liked to be in was when Holling was running for Cross Country. I would have been cheering him on for getting first past the finish line. I would be so happy for him, but I would also feel bad for when Danny Hupfer scraped up his knees really bad because of the 8th graders also running the track.

  31. If I could join the characters in any part of The Wednesday Wars, I would join them in the part where Holling, Doug, and Danny got to throw baseballs with MLB players on the Yankees. That would be really cool, because you could tell people that you got to play catch with some of the players on the Yankees. Afterwards, they all got something from the Yankees players. Holling even got Joe Pepitone’s jacket. Even if you didn’t get anything, such as a signed baseball, you would still have pride and memories of the great experience.

  32. “Holling your dad is not coming to the hospital he says it to out of the way for him”. If I were to jump into any part in The Wednesday Wars it would be this part. I would like to go pick up Holling from the hospital. His dad just kept getting on my nevus. Holling’s dad at first a nice dad, but as the book went on he became a cruel dad. I wish Holling would have stood up to his dad sooner in book maybe his dad would have came and got him.I mean he got hit by a bus and saved his sister.

  33. I’ve been camping once before, and it was a long while ago. It would be fun to go again. Especially with all my school friends. It seemed like they all had a blast even with the mosquitos and the rain. My favorite part I would have liked to be in was the part where they played capture the flag. In the woods it would be amazing. I haven’t been wondering in the woods since I was five and lived in Georgia. I would’ve loved to be in the woods again.

  34. If I had to jump in to the book I would jump into the part when the rats fell on Ms Sidman.I would chose this part because it would be funny to see the rats fall on her lap. I would want to be in the back of the room as far away from the rats. If I was in that part I world love to see Ms Sidmen expression and every one to.

  35. If I were to join any part of the book with Holling I would join the part were he was Ariel the fairy because I thought his description of Ariel was funny and I would be in the audience laughing really hard. How he was wearing yellow tights with feathers on him wile acting like he was flying. When he said he was never going to be in romeo and Juliet because he was going to be Juliet I thought it was really funny.

  36. If I were to join the character in any part of the story I would choose to be in the gym when Holling and Danny were throwing baseballs with the Yankee players. That would have been fun to do because how many chances do you have to do that in a lifetime. I would be able to brag about it and everyone would have to believe me because there would be witnesses. If one of the players gave me their hat then I could sell it and be rich. I would remember that for the rest of my life.

  37. I liked reading he Wednesday Wars because it’s kind of funny when the rats fell on Mrs. Sidman. If I could join the characters in any part of the book I would probably join the part o the book when Holling got to throw the ball with the Yankees because that doesn’t usually happen everyday. If that happened to me I would be pretty happy because that doesn’t happen often, and even though I don’t really like baseball that much.

  38. If I could choose a part of the book to jump into, I would choose the camping seen. I would choose to jump in there because it is the most funny, and fun part. An example of a really funny part was when they played capture the flag. I thought that it would be a funny seen to jump into, because it would’ve been very amusing to watch the other team try to find the flag, because Danny Hupfner climbed a tree, and hid the flag twenty feet in the air! It also would’ve just been a fun seen to be in, because I could play capture the flag in the woods, and play it with the whole class! And, if I could change the seen a little bit, I would choose to make it at night, with rain pouring down on us.

  39. At first I didn’t like the Wednesday Wars at all, but later in the book I started to really like it. If I had a chance to jump in at any part of the book I would jump in at the camping trip. The reason I would jump in at the part is because it would seem really fun to go camping with my classmates. Also if I could jump in at that part when Mrs. Baker said watch out for snakes I would have prank someone later that night and said that there was a snake on your head.

  40. If I was able to Holling and his friends, I would choose to join them when they were going camping at the end of the book. I chose that time because I love going camping, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice to see nature, and how your friends would actually act like. I really think Schmidt made a great ending to the story and answered all my questions to the side stories, for example when Lt. Baker went MIA, who came home in the very end of the book.

  41. If I could jump into the story of Hatchet, I would choose the part right before he gets saved so I don’t need to live that life with Brian. I would like to explore his shelter and look off of the hill onto the lake. Then I would like to help him finish his food that he has cooked. I don’t want to change what happens in the book.

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