Which Faction Defines You?

Hi Students,

Since many of you have read this book, Divergent (or series), and with the movie just released, I thought it would be a fun prompt to write to. It certainly is one that will make you think. Even if you are not familiar with the book, answering to this prompt will not be a problem.  (To be selfless means putting the needs and wishes of others before yourself; erudite is pronounced:  ˈer(y)əˌdīt – (er/eye/e/dite)

Which faction would you choose to belong? Why? (Read the definitions on the image.)

What appeals to you about that virtue (desirable quality) compared to the others?

What do you think life would be like living with people who are solely dedicated to that virtue?

Three small paragraphs, please skip a space to indicate a new paragraph, and no silliness.

Warning to those who have the book (series) NO SPOILERS! If I have to delete all or part of your response, that will earn you a zero.)


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  1. The faction I would choose is Abnegation. I chose Abnegation because I wouldn’t have to worry about my self. I would be able to help other people and make them a better person.

    Candor did not appeal to me because everybody would speak the truth, and a lot of people would get there feelings hurt. Dauntless sounded bad because people would get them in dangerous situations, but Amity is the exact different because I wouldn’t want to live peaceful and boring. Also, erudite did not appeals to me because everything would be to modern and techie.

    The life of this faction would be nice because everybody would care about everybody. I might not worry about my self, but someone will. Everything would be normal, but if someone’s hurt or sad you would go help them.

  2. If I had to chose a faction, I would be in Erudite. These are the intelligent people. My intelligence probably outweigh all my other character traits. When people think about me, they do not think, “Wow, that guy is peaceful.” They usually think that I am smart. I think it would be fun to be considered the intelligent class.

    I think it would be the best to be Erudite because my class is the one that make advances in science, math, and technology. Knowledge is powerful, and if we help the society by giving knowledge to the world, then we would be the best. If we made no new discoveries, then our world wouldn’t go anywhere. We would be stuck without the Erudites.

    I do not think I would fit in the other factions. I am not peaceful, honest, or selfless. I guess I am a little brave, because I do not get scared easily. But mostly I am smart.

    Being with my fellow Erudites would be fun. My brain would constantly be challenged by smarter people. I would learn so much! People would enjoy nerdy games like chess and Othello, which I also find fun. People could give me problems that would take a while to solve. When my brain is being challenged, I love it. I could stay up all night with people with the similar interests, and with people who can share a bond with the things they love.

  3. Erudite is the class I would devote my life to. There are so many choices that are great for the future of the world but you can only one. I chose this class because I love to learn and read a lot of books bout interesting things. I also know interesting facts of different things.

    The reason that I would pick this class because the others don’t appeal to me. In my mind there is no way to be 100% peaceful in life if you want to protect you and your family you might have to use force in some way. Second I don’t think I am not totally brave. I might be able to stand up to the right thing when it counts but i could not be relied on doing that. And lastly I don’t think i can be totally selfless. Everyone in the world is naturally selfish in some way, and just don’t think i could hold up in that faction.

    Even though this sounds like a great idea to help human kind I think I would be driven because I would nevertheless meet a new person with a new thought other than trying to be intelligent. For me to enjoy my life I would want to meet new people with new ideas and other lifestyles.

  4. Erudite appeals to me. I consider myself intelligent and being in Erudite means I would dedicate myself to smarts and I think that I am smart in all types of subjects. I am not always honest, and being brave all the time would be very hard. Being peaceful would boring most of the time. It would be very hard to never care about yourself, only about others. Erudite would also be nice because I would be around other smart people, not ruthless barbarians.
    I would be around smart people and that I would have futuristic tools and it would also be fun. In the other factions, you have to do the most adventurous and go on adventure that are scary if you were in the brave faction. The people in the honest faction, they would tell the truth to peoples face all the time, and if I were in the faction of the peaceful people, then they would never be physical. And the selfless faction would probably have people who only like others, and never think of themselves. It would be very hard.

  5. If I had the choice to be in one of the five groups, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite, I would be in the Dauntless group. Dauntless means brave, so I would be able to conquer all my fears, and relieve a lot of stress off my life, since I wouldn’t fear anything. I could swim miles in open water and not fear any sharks, or any other ocean predators. With my braveness I could live in harmony with society with a life of happiness. With no fear I would have no worries, and life would be almost flawless.

    Another reason why I chose Dauntless is because, I’m not honest, selfless, or peaceful, and I don’t think I could devote my life to only intelligence. If I spent my whole life only studying and doing school work, my life would be stressful, complicated, and hard. Also if I was around honest people forever there would be no sarcasm, humor, and overtime things would just get plain boring. If everyone in my life was peaceful then I would never get to do anything fun or take risks. Finally, I think that in living a life of selflessness I would eventually forget myself, and I guess sometimes it’s important to remember your own needs.

    If I had to live with only people who devote themselves solely to the dauntless group, it would be pretty tough. Compared to all the others however the dauntless group is so much better. Living with people who are always brave I could, take risks, have fun, and above all else enjoy my life for what it is.

  6. If I were to pick one faction from divergent, I would pick Erudite. I would choose this because this means intelligent, and if I was really smart I would not do dumb things that will get me in bad situations. One example is that if I was being interrogated, and if I told the truth they would hurt me. I would just be smart about it and lie because I don’t want to get hurt. If I choose Candor and I was Candor I would get hurt and that wouldn’t be good. If I was amity I would not be good because everybody would never be doing anything bad and be all laced back, and I think I would go stir crazy. Abnegation would be bad because you could put your self in a bad place when another person is fine. This would be a good quality most times but it wouldn’t be good like when the host of the plane says pull the mask over your self so you can save your kids. If you put it on me first it would be bad because they might not know how to save others if you died.

  7. Candor because it means being honest. Out of all of all of the five choices you gave to dedicate your life to the least amount of things. I would never ever chose selfless because I would run out of money and live a miserable life. If I would chose being honest I would only always tell the truth and not lie. If I could not lie I would always have to be good as I can behave so that I would not run into a situation where I would not want to have to tell the truth. It is simple telling the truth all of the time and the only down side would be that you could not lie a complement if someone was going to jump off of a bridge from always being insulted. You could not say that the person who was about to jump off of a bridge that they good when they smelled bad or if they were pretty when they were ugly. I would not like that because this would deeply sadden me if i could not stop this. I would like living with people who could not lie because the people would all be nice and you would never smell bad because people would tell you. I would like this because the it would be very safe where I would live. I would like this because people would follow your rules. I would be able to live a happy life with out hiding things from others having to be honest would make life easier in every way.

  8. If I was given the choice I would choose the faction Dauntless. I would choose Dauntless because I can easily stand up to danger (unless its my parents yelling at me). If I joined the Amity I would probably feel cooped up and punch someone in the face. If I joined Candor I would lie just for the fun of it. It would be weird hanging out with people almost exactly like me. But I know I would never need to ask anyone if they are brave or if they crack under pressure. I am pretty sure that I will be tested if I am brave enough . If I get in I know I will be not nearly as brave as others. It would be hard livening with people that are brave because they will stand up to things that would probably scare you and I would not like that .

  9. If I were given the choice at sixteen I would choose to be in dauntless. Because dauntless is defined as the brave. I consider my self brave because I’m very adventurous and I enjoy taking risks and I’m definitely not peaceful. A second reason is because I feel that it would be a challenge and I think it would be good to have a challenge because a challenge helps you learn and hopefully complete the challenge.
    It appeals to me because I’m not good with keeping the peace and I don’t want to be at a desk solving problems when I could be training or protecting our city. I wouldn’t want to be abnegation that doesn’t mean I’m selfish, I’m not I’m helping the community by protecting it.
    I would feel pressured by all of the other dauntless to be better which would also be good so I could become a braver person. The people would be very dedicated and I feel that they would kind of respect me but still not be my best friend because they are not like that.

  10. I would be abnegation, why I say that is I like to help others, care about other’s. For example if people were trapped in a burning building I would make sure they got out even before I did. Or if I had gotten the last triple chocolate ice cream cone, and then I saw a little kid crying because he wanted it so bad I would give it to him. I will also do what ever do my friends want to do so I’m am very easy going

    Why I say I am not Euridite is I am smart, but not in every subject just only in math really. For example sometimes in social studies I sometimes get a little bored sometimes because some ancient history does not appeal to me as it would others. I am definetly not amity. Why I say I am not Amity is I usually get angry if someone says something mean to get me angry.

    I am not dauntless. Why I say that is I can get paranoid in a tough situation. Another reason I am not Dauntless I can’t just run into battle and fight to kill and survive.I am not candor at, and why I say that is I sometime lie to make others not feel as bad if someone is chubby and asks do I look fat in this dress.

  11. Honest I’m least, nor am I selfless, peaceful, or intelligent. I’m not saying I’m stupid or anything, but, I’m average. Brave, maybe, probably, it depends. New things are fun, dangerous things are serious. Dauntless, fun, dangerous, a rush, that’s what. When people think of me, they don’t think I’m brave, but they don’t know about me.
    I’m capable of doing many things, but during the times I spend with my family, is when I’m most serious. My brothers and I have had many hard times, most people have never even found out about. My brothers and I fight for each other. Once, in Ohio, we ran across a group of kids. We were threatened by them, although we never find out why they picked on us. They came up to us on bikes, and chased us. They soon started throwing rocks. We were scratched up. I was badly injured. Then, we got them to follow us to a public area. They got caught, and we were bandaged up.
    I would have lots of things in common with the other people. Although I don’t find everybody getting along. We would always be looking at each other differently. Although that’s it exactly, the point of being dauntless. To be dauntless, you have to be brave.

  12. If i got to pick one of these different factions I would pick Dauntless. Braveness is one of my main qualities and I would love to be around people like me! There will probably be a lot of big tuff guys, but I would eventually get used to it. They might make fun of me for being small, but I would get bigger and stronger!

    I wouldn’t like to be in any of the other groups because they would be full of people where I don’t really like their qualities. For example, the Amity group world be full of people that only care about peace. Those type of people would be no fun. Also the Erudite group would would be full of super smart people who wouldn’t make any sense. They would probably just talk about algebra all day. And the Abnegation group would be full of people who would always want to help you with everything! That would get so annoying! The final group, Candor group, would many honest people. It would be fine because everyone would always tell you the truth, but sometimes you need to lie to someone to make them feel better.

    All of these groups are fine but I would prefer the group I picked, Dauntless. In the Dauntless group they would always be brave enough to do anything. They would be a lot of fun because you would be able to do anything and everyone would agree to do it, because their brave!

  13. At the age of sixteen i would probably pick the faction Dauntless. I would probably pick this faction because if there was ever a war our army would stay and fight and would not run away.
    and because we can stand up for ourself if we get attacked. It would not be so hard to live in a brave community because there would be no bullying.

    I would not want to be part of the selfless because if they were to selfless people they would never stop arguing about that other person. I would not like to be in the intelligent faction because the people would have almost no time for a break. I would not be a part of the selfless because they would never fight if they were attacked.
    I would not want to be a candor because i could never tell a lie.

  14. If I had just turned sixteen and I had to pick a faction, I would choose Dauntless. Dauntless appeals to me because I think I am a very brave person. When I think of brave I think of me learning new flips and tricks at diving. I also think of myself as brave because I am very adventures and take lots of risks.

    I definitely do not belong in Amity because I am not very peaceful, and I don’t really think I belong in candor because I don’t always tell the truth. I don’t think that I would belong in any of the other factions because that is not me. I think the Dauntless is the perfect place for me.

    I think that living with a bunch of people who are very brave would be very cool. Most of them would take risks and be adventures. Being around all of the other brave people would make me want to be even more brave.

  15. Condor suits my personality because if one isn’t honest, this will hold them back in their life. Also, a person would be miserable not telling the truth because they would get in trouble in may different ways. This could result in being put in jail. I never don’t tell the truth.

    This category appeals to me versus the other groups of people. Intelligence will get you far in life, but if honesty lacks, you wouldn’t be looked upon as polite. Being brave won’t do anything for someone if they aren’t honest. This leaves the selfless and the peaceful as the final choices. But being honest definitely is a quality of me that stands out the farthest.

    Life would be both bad and good in some ways to live with people that are all of the same virtue. If I were put into a faction and lived with them for the rest of the life, it wouldn’t be good because I would not know how being with other types of people would be like. Also, life would become very boring to be with the same people everyday. It would also be good in some ways because socially, it would be easy to interact with people just like you. Lastly, one wouldn’t have to worry about fights because all of your friends would be with you everyday.

  16. Dauntless is the faction that I would belong to. I would be a part of Dauntless because I am a brave person. I would choose Dauntless over the other factions because being a brave person takes a lot of courage. Being selfless in Abnegation just means you care for other people instead of yourself. Being honest in Candor is just telling the truth, and sometimes in important to lie. Being peaceful in Amity is terrible because you need to be ruthless sometimes. Being intelligent in Erudite is good, but only committing to intelligence just isn’t that good. Being a brave person is a good effect on the world, so that is why I would choose Dauntless.

  17. I suppose the only place I would fit in would be Erudite due to the fact I am not brave(Dauntless), I am not always completely honest(candor), I am not peaceful many times(Amity), and I am not selfless(Abnegation). I am, however, intelligent.

    This is also, in my opinion, the most important virtue due to the fact that when push comes to shove, bravery, peacefulness, selflessness, nor honesty will save you. Your intelligence is the only thing that will stay with you no matter what.

    Life with people solely dedicated to intelligence would be, in my opinion, absolutely wonderful. You are in an environment that is most likely highly advanced, and all based on unbiased fact. In a way, that includes honesty, because in most situation, lying would prove to be illogical. It includes peacefulness, because violence is not always the wisest decision. It includes selflessness, because if you help someone, they are most likely to help you later on in life. The only thing that it does not include is bravery, because stupidity is often confused with bravery. It is not at all wise to just fight because you think you can win. It creates enemies, so in a way, bravery is the most illogical decision.

  18. If I were to be in a faction it would probably be Amity because it is a peaceful faction and I’m peaceful and I think I wouldn’t really want to fight and all that stuff. I think the people in this virtue would be nice and kind and respectful to others. That sounds nice.

    This virtue is different from the others ones because this one would be more peaceful then others like Dauntless because this is to be brave and you would probably do some dangerous stuff.

    I could be Candor because that one is the honest one and I’m pretty honest. Most the time. Candor might be hard to live in because you would probably have to be honest with everyone which sometimes is not so great.

  19. If I were to chose one faction to go into it would be dauntless. I would go into the dauntless faction because I like thrill. And also I picture myself being brave, but there is a difference between being brave and stupidity. So when someone does something stupid or asks me to do something stupid I don’t do it.

    I want to be in this faction the most because when a friend Is in need I try my very best to be there, and if I’m not I try to be ASAP. I would like to be there because I would b surrounded by people who want to help you and be as brave as possible doing it. Then you would be helped out a lot and you would have a good time doing it. That reason is because you would be helping friends and making new ones.

    Life with people who are solely dedicated to that virtue would be nice. People around you would be brave enough to sometimes defy someone powerful (a peer) and help you out. When you are bullied by someone others will be brave enough to stand up for you. And you may even be strong enough to stand up for yourself.

  20. Erudite is the faction I would choose. I would choose Erudite because the human race wouldn’t progress with out inventing and discovering new technologies and things. The reason Amity doesn’t appeal to me is that it would be boring, and that I believe that there is no way to be totally peaceful, for example, if someone tries to rob you, are you going to say: “could I please have my money back?” the robber would take it and leave, and there is nothing you could do about it, if you are totally peaceful. Life would be dangerous if everyone was brave. I think that everyone has a natural instinct to care for themselves. Sure, I might donate to charity or lend a hand to someone who fell, but if you spent your whole life helping others, who would help you? Another person who is dedicated to helping others? I think that would be pointless, and that is why the Abnegation faction doesn’t appeal to me. It would be cool to be around people who are life dedicated to the same thing I am dedicated to. Especially when they are all my same age.

  21. If I could choose something out of the five factions I would choose Amity. The reason that I would want this is because I could live a live of peace without harming anyone or getting harmed.Condor does not appeal to because I’m not honest all the time. Daunt.ess does not appeal to me because why would I risk getting hurt when I could live a life of peacefulness.

    Living with people who are dedicated to peace would be great because we would get along well. Peacefulness is good and Amity means peaceful.

  22. When I turn sixteen I would have to make a very hard decision, but I know what faction I want to be in already, the Erudite faction. I would want to be in this faction, because I would be around so much knowledge, and it will help me later in life with other difficulties.

    A smart surrounding is what appeals to me about this virtue. When I have a smart surrounding, I’ll always be learning which will make me very smart. Another reason, is because since some obstacles in life will be tough, with knowledge you can always find a way to get past the obstacle.

    It would be very cool, but at the same time not that helpful to live with people who are only dedicated to your virtue. It would be very cool, because everybody is doing the same thing that you are doing, so you would be able to learn about everything about your virtue. It would not be so helpful, because if you are only learning about your virtue the entire rest of your life, you wouldn’t be able to know anything about the things that the other virtues do that your virtue doesn’t.

  23. Erudite would be a definite. I mean, I’m intelligent, right? Well I think I am anyway. But why does this faction appeal to me? Well let’s see. I like inventing new designs for modern structures. I could think of a new way to construct large buildings faster, easier, and safer. Or maybe for battle. We could have the brains and brawn! I would definitely fit in that faction. I’m extremely intelligent. Or, at least that’s what people tell me.

    Why do I like this faction you ask? Well why do lots of people have a trampoline? Because it’s fun! Awesome technology is fun too. Just walking through town and, HELP! I’m being robbed! But your awesome pet robot saves you! Now if that’s not awesome technology, then I don’t know what is. Oh wait, yes I do. How about super awesomely fun hover craft? Or inventing a space craft that goes light speed! Planetary colonies here I come. And imagine if you were the one to invent it? More money to do more awesome things like invisibility suits. Or get more little army men to plan battle strategies. Crazy battle strategies that nobody expected. Now that, is fun!

    Life with these kind of people would be fun and smart. Or Should I say, intelligible? Imagine your new. These people would give you advice. Intelligent advice. Where to go, whose security system to stay away from. I guess it would be scary too. A lot of intelligent people would use their intelligence for bad. But all together I think the people would be okay. So would life in erudite.

    1. You know, dauntlesses can be pretty smart to. I mean I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent, so I guess I would have brains and brawn too. Although, I still think you have a bit of dauntless inside of you. But, your opinions are yours and I probably couldn’t convince you to join dauntless with me.

  24. There are five fractions in divergent Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Dauntless, and Erudite. I would best fit in Abnegation that is the selfless fraction. I think I would fit in this fraction because I hold the door open for people, and I do things other people should do. For example when my mom cleans the dishes I say I will do that for you. This is what people do in the Abnegation fraction do for there whole life.

    In the book Divergent people have to commit to there fraction, but this is not such a good idea because people don’t have more than one value. If two people form different fractions came and meet there would be nothing in common between them. If it were me it would be extremely hard to talk to people in different fractions. What if you meet someone with nothing in common with you.

    If there was a group of people that you had to live with that only had one value would you want to live there? If you ask me it would be a horrible because it would me boring doing one thing like being selfless. When you could be brave, selfless, intelligent, honest, and peaceful at the same time. A world like that will not function properly.

  25. If I had the chose to live in one of the five factions, I would choose Dauntless. This faction defines me because I am a brave person. Bravery means taking risks and having nothing to worry about. In this faction, i would face my fears and overcome them.

    All of the other factions didn’t appeal to me. Abnegation means selfless and I have to admit, I am not selfless. If I am doing a project with someone and they aren’t putting effort into it, I will finish the project on my own to get a good grade. Candor means honest and being honest isn’t always the best thing. People have to lie to someone so they don’t get their feelings hurt. I definitely would not pick the faction, Amity. Amity means peaceful and that seems like a very boring faction to live in. Erudite means intelligence. I didn’t choose this faction because to be intelligent, you must have bravery to use your knowledge against someone. This is why I chose Dauntless.

    Life living is Dauntless would be so fun! I would be surrounded by people just like me. I would be able to take risks with other people and be brave enough to do them! All of the other factions seem boring to live in, but in Dauntless, everything is fun!

  26. I feel that I’m brave so I would choose Dauntless. I won’t backdown from a challenge. I want to face a challenge in anything I do. I would fight for my faction. If I had a choice easy or hard I would pick hard. I learn more from the challenge being hard it teaches me a lesson.

    The people in the faction might not be the nicest people in the world. some might be self confident others may be dumb. Others might want to own the hole faction. Most people might be strong and smart. Some might not no that they are strong or brave, but they will find out soon.

    It would be hard living with these types of people. Not all of them would be strong,brave, and dumb. Some would be brave and smart. It would make life a lot harder. There just something that would make me so mad. People that want to rule the hole fraction. When they no they can’t. It makes me so mad.

  27. If I were to choose a faction, I would choose Erudite. Erudite is the best choice because if you were the smartest, you could be the most strategic faction at war and have the best inventions to use. Life would be the best as a Erudite rather then a different faction.

    The fact that you could be smarter then the other factions is appealing because you would live life with the most amount of intellect and with the best technology that makes life easier. The other factions are good but, being the smartest would be the best.

    Life would be good living with other people that are dedicated to the one virtue because you would not fight because you would know it would only hurt you, you would be selfless because it is bad to be selfish, and you would also be honest because you would it is good not to lie. Erudite is made up of most of the other factors so that would be the faction I would choose.

  28. I would pick to be brave. I would pick this because bravery, at least I would think, is probably the most useful trait. If you had bravery you could over come any obstacles no matter how hard they are, of how tough it is, because you have bravery you would never be scared to do what you need to do no matter how tough is, no matter if you think deep down that you don’t want to, and be able to shove it down inside and do the right thing.

    One of the good qualities of being brave would be that you would be able to do whatever it takes to survive in this world, to do what others can not, to have the guts to go where no person has ever gone before, and be the best that any one person could be.

    It would be a very good thing to live with other brave people like your self because it would probably bring out the competitive spirit to be the best out of all of the others, and to stand out. It would make you the best you can be.

  29. You have to be brave to be honest, peaceful, and intelligent. Braveness is a base off of mostly everything you can be. If you are always honest you will eventually have to tell someone something bad you did. You will have to accept the consequences and be brave. Also, if you’re peaceful or intelligent you have to be brave to show it. If you stand at a war and protest you could get shot. If you show you’re intelligence to others they might consider you a nerd, and bully you. I would be dauntless because I feel everyone needs to have all of these qualities.

    Dauntless have to brave, which others commonly mistake as doing dangerous stunts that put you in danger. I would want this quality because I would be prepared if anything bad happened. It would prepare me for the worst, for deaths, and even for choices. Others are all very useful, but this is just a bit more. Being brave is not an easy quality to have.

    It would be hard to live with all these brave people. I’d probably always be thinking wether I’m brave enough, and that I one day won’t be able to do something. That would probably make me an outcast, but that is a main part of being brave. You have to know that something like that is a possibility, and you really are brave if you go to dauntless thinking these thoughts. You are brave if you have the strength to try.

  30. Out of all of the factions I would fit in with the amity. I like them because it is peaceful and I can live a normal life. I could play sports, with friends, and even go fishing all day long. Would you like to have fun or be intelligent in school all day.

    Would you like to have fun or be intelligent in school all day. I would rather go play and be peaceful everyday. Most people who love reading would be intelligent. The people who like to to dare things would be considered very brave. But I could even be brave when I’m peaceful too.

    It would be great to live with people of what I like to do all day and nobody will get mad. We could be the best village where everybody is friends, play in the yard, and eat the best food ever. It would get annoying though after fifty years or so. And best of all the quiet.

  31. Out of the five factions, I would be Amity. I would be Amity because I like being peaceful. I also don’t like to see others fighting. I don’t like the sight of blood or the sight of people in pain. I really love watching animals and taking in what is around me. I listen to the sounds of birds and the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

    I would not be Abnegation. I really would care about me first and put myself first in a time of danger. I also wouldn’t be Candor. There are sometimes when I am not honest because I am afraid of getting in trouble. I also wouldn’t be Dauntless because I really don’t want to die. I would run away if I were in battle. I could be Erudite, but I don’t want to work all my life. I want to be able to be free and go where I want.

    Life would be good. All the people that I am with would be friends. We wouldn’t argue or fight. We would try to work things out. We would share and have a good time together. We could watch the birds or the animal life around us, or we could watch the stars together.

  32. The Dauntless faction sounds pretty cool to be in. It’s actually a pretty hard to decide which one I would be in, but if I were to choose, it would be the Dauntless faction. That faction holds “the brave” and I think I am actually pretty brave. You give me a cave that has been unexplored, i’ll explore it. You give me a battle to fight, i’ll fight it. I think that is the faction for me.

    The strongest survive and the other virtues can’t compare because they don’t really have the strength to survive. The virtue appears to hold all of the brave, so that means I could be brave with other people. We could get stronger as a group together. We could train together, we could battle together, and we could explore together.

    I think life might actually grow boring if people were dedicated to a single virtue their whole entire life. That means they would pretty much have to do the same thing everyday of their lives, but that means that people could depend on a certain faction for a certain thing. Like, people of other factions could depend on the Erudite (the intelligent) for their smarts, and they could depend on the Abnegation (the selfless) to save others’ lives.

  33. The faction that I think that I would fall into is Erudite, or the intelligent. I don’t mean to be boastful but, I would be part of Erudite because I think that I am pretty intelligent. I like to do mind games, puzzles, science, and I occasionally like to act like a smart alec, (although, recently I’ve learned to not be one). I have a high IQ level, but I have ADHD, which gets me very unorganized, unfocused in things I don’t have much interest in, and get hyperfocused in things I do have interests in.

    I think that Erudite draws me because I think I would fit in more with this faction because two of the other ones, Dauntless, (the brave), and Amity, (the peaceful), sometimes are hard for me to match with. Then the other two, Abnegation, (the selfless), and Candor (the honest) I still could be but not as much as Erudite.

    I would assume that being with other intelligents would be nicer than now. This is because I can easily get annoyed while trying to talk to people who aren’t as smart intelligent as I am, and can’t understand half the things I try to say to them. It would be great if I could finally talk to people without have to stop every five seconds to explain what a word means or rephrase my statements.

  34. If I chose one of the factions, I would pick Dauntless. I would pick Dauntless because I’m very brave. I think I’m brave because I’m not afraid to take risk.

    The reason I’m not any of the other factions is because I’m not Candor. Candor is honesty and I don’t always tell the truth. Even though I should tell the truth I sometime don’t even mean to lie. Amity is peaceful and i’m not the most peaceful child. Erudite is intelligent and I have to study a lot to do good it does not come easy to me.

    If every one was Dauntless I think you could accomplish more because you would be taking more risk. I also think it could be more dangerous because you could talking risk that are not always the safest.

  35. If I were given the choices to choose a faction, I would choose Amity. The reason I would choose that faction is because there very peaceful, and I’m pretty peaceful. And I would hope that since we want peace, we wouldn’t be involved in any wars or arguments between factions.

    The reason that I wouldn’t be in Dauntless is because I get scared pretty often, and I probably wouldn’t be able to hold a gun, or a weapon, without dropping it and running away! And if I were in the Abnegation faction, I wouldn’t be able to put others before me because I wouldn’t be able to starve and watch someone else eat, because I just gave them my last bits of food. I would probably want to be faction less if I had to be in the Erudite. The reason that I would type that is because I couldn’t stand just sitting, studying, and reading. To me that would be the most boring thing ever. And If I were in the Candor it wouldn’t be too bad, but I would have to squeeze in a lie every so often, even in it meant bending the rules a little bit.

    It would be really cool to live with people that like the same things as me because life would be so much easier. There wouldn’t be as much fighting because we like the same things and, of course, because we are very peaceful. And the last reason I would love to live with people of my same virtue is because we would all be acting the same, well not exactly, but we would never be rough housing or messing around.

  36. I would want to be amity. I am a peaceful person, and I am kind to others. I like having fun with others and don’t like to see people hurt each other. When I see someone hurt I try to see what is wrong and try to help.

    I wouldn’t want to be Dauntless because they are always training, and train so hard and knock each other out, and I don’t like watching people get hurt and not be able to do anything. Erudite is too smart for me, and I feel like my head would eventually explode. Abnegation is selfless and if I had the chance to save someone who was drowning in a car or save my self I would probably save my self because I love my life so much. Candor is honest, and if I was in a bad situation yes I would probably lie to get out of the situation or to get out of an embarrassing situation.

    I think it would be a good life in Amity because everyone is peaceful and it would be a peaceful society. No wars, no blood, no pain. It would be a little bit like today just no death threats if someone did something bad, but since it’s a peaceful society no one even would do something bad. There would be no worries about getting robbed or hurt.

  37. I would chose Erudite because they are very intelligent. There are pros and cons to being intelligent but there are more pros than cons. Some of the pros to being intelligent that you could do any thing that Einstein did and I could make all types of inventions that could help man kind in learning, teaching, and transportation.

    I would choose to be intelligent over some of the other factions because I could invent stuff like a never ending jawbreaker. One of the things I might invent would be a hover craft or even maybe a time machine so I could go back to the twin towers being destroyed and warn the people so the twin towers wouldn’t be destroyed and they could still be standing to this day so I could see the twin towers.

    I think it would be a boring but peaceful lifestyle. It might be fun every once and a while but I would rather live a life of fun activities than work almost all day everyday.

  38. If I had to chose a faction it would be Dauntless. The faction I chose means brave. When you have bravery you have to take risk. I chose this faction because I want to go places that are spooky and scary.

    The reason I chose Dauntless is because if I would have picked Amity it would be all about flowers and butterfly’s. Abnegation would be bad for me because I would want to get the job done first. Candor would be bad to because I wouldn’t want to tell people someone else’s secret. I wouldn’t choose Erudite because i’m not the most intelligent person in the world.

    If everyone choose Dauntless everyone would get rid of there fears and take an extra step. Also that people would save more people because of say jumping in the ocean to save a drowning person.

  39. I would love to be a Dauntless member. Dauntless believes in being brave. Maybe they can save people or do cool tricks because of their bravery. I could also help others be brave too.

    Dauntless is more appealing to me than the other factions because being brave sort of comes with selflessness, as Abnegation believes in. You have to be brave to save someone or do something dangerous, while being selfless. I also think that intelligence comes with being brave. Erudite believes in this, and when you’re brave, you have to be intelligent to do different things that could help you. Amity believes in peacefulness, but I would rather fight than hold my tongue to try and stay peaceful. Candor is all about honesty, but I can’t live without saying a little white lie here and there.

    If everyone is Dauntless though, things probably wouldn’t be too great. Some people may get in fights saying whose more brave, just to show that they’re brave. Also, if no one was scared, then how can we learn from our mistakes and help other people with theirs?

  40. In all honesty, I probably would have to be part of Amity. Amity means to be peaceful and try not to get into any fights or arguments. It is a peaceful life, with not much going on.
    The reason I would chose Amity is because none of the other factions really appeal to me. I’m not brave, intelligent, selfless, nor honest. There seems to be some pros to it, which is being peaceful, and not yelling or getting into arguments. That means there won’t be a lot of headaches, and there would be quiet throughout the house. To me, that sounds like heaven.
    Living in Amity might be a little bit boring. There would be no excitement, or adventure, like the Dauntless have. You would be expected to get along wit everyone so there is no fighting. Choosing Amity means a life with practically no excitement, and you would be missing out on a social life. Though, you would not have to worry about any wars, being killed, robbery, or getting series injury. Thats why I like this faction, above the others.

  41. When I turn sixteen and I get to chose which faction I was in I would chose Dauntless. I am brave and daring. I would chose Dauntless because I am willing to do anything and I will do anything you ask. Except clean my room. I also am not afraid of anything.

    I like Dauntless because it seems like a fun place to live. With everyone being so bold and daring I think it would be fun. You could challenge your self to do things you would never think to do. Also you could be with other people who will go with you to jump off a bridge or thirty foot rock. Other people would probably be scared and not want to go.

    Even though it seems fun to live with people brave like you it would could a little boring. I like living in a world full of people with different personalities. I also think it would get boring after awhile because none would be scared and you couldn’t push people to so things you now they will love. Even though the idea of being brave all the time seems fun I don’t think I would like that life very long. I love the life I live.

  42. I would adore being in the Dauntless faction. I think I am a very brave person and definitely belong in this group. Braveness is my duty. I am always willing to help others and face the dangerous times in life. Dauntless would be the perfect group for me because I love to face new things and always try my hardest.

    The Dauntless faction really appeals to me because I like to show that I have courage and that I will do anything. I do not think I would be a part of the Amity faction at all. I am really not the peaceful type of person.

    Life would be amazing if everyone in my faction were brave. Therefore, there would be no people who are afraid to do something. Everyone should be willing to fight for their life, their friend’s life, and even someone they don’t know’s life.

  43. If I had to choose a faction, it would be Amity. I like being peaceful. I love to hang out with my friends and not let there be any drama. When I have drama with my friends, I say and do things that I would not say normally. Anyways, being peaceful is relaxing; it helps you live a less complicated life.
    Amity just sounds really nice and a pleasure. Being Dauntless is cool, but I feel that those people might be considered “too proud”. Everyone is afraid of something. Erudite just sounds too nerdy for me. I’m not saying that being smart is nerdy; I’m saying that sometimes they are called “know-it-alls” and people don’t always want to listen to their latest facts. I wouldn’t pick Abnegation because you might be sacrificing too much of yourself and you should care about your own life as well as others. Candor just does not label me at all; I’m not honest all the time.
    If more people chose Amity, there would be less displeasure. There would be less crime, drugs, murders, and more stuff like that. Everybody would be happy and they would all have iPods that played “Because I’m Happy” every second. It would be peaceful…

  44. Dauntless means brave and that reminds me of myself. I am brave because I try new things. Whenever I have the chance to try new things or go farther then I need to, I go for it. Trying new things is fun because you could see if it is fun or not.

    Living life following the virtue would not be fun. The fractions are very good qualities to have, but only have those five qualities would not be a fun life. You could not do what you want to do or say what you want to say. You could not life like you wan to.

    Having people in your life that do the same things would be annoying. I would not want to live with someone who only has five qualities because they can only use those five qualities. Even though these qualities are very nice, it would not be fun only having five qualities.

  45. This is a hard decision because usually a person isn’t just one thing. Sometimes people have to lie to protect others, caring for yourself matters, bravery and stupidity are two different things, sometimes words don’t work and you need to take action, and sometimes knowledge is dangerous. I think that the whole idea of factions is a little silly because it’s not really a good thing to be just one thing. I don’t think I would be in a faction, but I if I did choose one it would be dauntless. I think that as long as you know the difference between bravery and being stupid you would do okay in dauntless. Being brave means that you aren’t scared to admit things that might make other people see you differently. If you admitted you were afraid of the dark or spiders I wouldn’t consider you a scaredy cat I would think you were brave because you have the guts to admit your imperfections.

    I think I would have fun in dauntless, and I would enjoy it. There is the problem that I probably wouldn’t get to read as much, so I would have to find some way to change that because I don’t think I could make it without a book.

    I’d imagine smarts come into play a lot. Some of the dauntless aren’t a bunch of dumb people who will do anything to prove that they’re “brave”, they are people who understand how things work, and make smart decisions. If I became dauntless this is what I’d want to stand for.

  46. I would be Amity because I’m peaceful. I like when it when everyone is happy and I like to make people smile. When everyone is happy then I’m happy!

    I think Amity describes me more than any of the other groups because I love to make people smile and laugh. I think that the word peaceful can mean so many great things about a person or thing. When I think of peaceful it doesn’t mean that you have to meditate and not be fun. I think you just have to live life to the fullest and try to have fun doing that.

    If everyone where peaceful then I think our world would be awesome. Think about it: no war, no mean people, and more laughter in the air. I would love for life to be that way! Maybe it can one day!

  47. I am dauntless because if you are dauntless then you show no emotion but your best foot forward and do your best to the very end. To be brave and skilled it two very important things because if your not brave in the middle of what you are trying to do you could possibly give up and kill your self. If you have a brave character then you don’t care and you will do what ever it takes.

    Brave apples to me because if you are brave then a package comes with it. If you are brave you could also be selfless and peaceful. You could be selfless because you don’t care what get in your way, save other people that can’t save them selves, and if you did something wrong caring for others then you will easily stand up for your consequence. You can be peaceful because you will debate and clear things out with getting in the middle of some other
    people’s business.

    If someone devoted the life to being brave that meant the would always go the extra two miles for the best they can be with no care in the world about the consequences. People that are brave will give up everything up with a smile on there face, be the selfless person a swim a mile if shore to save a four year old child, brave us being quiet and not draw attention at all.

  48. This decision was very hard because I have never read the books.What section or Fraction I would be in is Dauntless.Why I say that is because I’m brave I love to do courages thing and I don’t get scared over a lot of thing.Since I do diving and cheer I flip around a lot at times it can be kinda scary. But it becomes fun and you don’t become scared I have been told you have to be really brave to do these sport’s.

    What made me chose that fraction was I’m not peaceful or erudite. Also I have been told by many people that you are brave for doing those sports.Also to be brave you have to go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

    If every body was solely dedicated to there virtue then I think everybody would most likely be close together.I think that it would not be good because it a good thing that everyone was different .that’s what makes everyone unique.

  49. I would chose Abnegation. I think I am very selfless. When I have a bad day I always push my feelings away to make sure that everyone is having a good day. I think I would really fit in there.

    I like Abnegation because I sounds like me. I always put peoples lives ahead of mine. I also love the idea of being in a virtue. It’s like a place full of people like me. It sounds fun.

    I would like living with people who are solely dedicated to that virtue. I would love to be surrounded with people like me. Also I don’t think it would be fun because you have no one different from you. Also I would not be able to be selfless. If everyone around me was selfless who could I have to help. It would be fun but it would also not be fun.

  50. If I had to choose to pick a faction out of Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. I would want to be in the group Amity. I picked Amity because I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot. If I was in the group Amity everyone would be honest because if you lie it’s not peaceful and you could get really stressed out.

    The group amity stands out to me because everything would be more efficient. If you are peaceful you can also be brave. I think that it is more important to be peaceful then to be brave, intelligent, and you have to be honest to be peaceful.

    If everyone was peaceful there would be no wars and no one would get hurt. Everyone could just focus on the important things like family. No one would rob banks, kidnap people, or even kill. Everyone would be much happier with their lives if people were peaceful.

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