Which Faction Defines You?

Hi Students,

Since many of you have read this book, Divergent (or series), and with the movie just released, I thought it would be a fun prompt to write to. It certainly is one that will make you think. Even if you are not familiar with the book, answering to this prompt will not be a problem.  (To be selfless means putting the needs and wishes of others before yourself; erudite is pronounced:  ˈer(y)əˌdīt – (er/eye/e/dite)

Which faction would you choose to belong? Why? (Read the definitions on the image.)

What appeals to you about that virtue (desirable quality) compared to the others?

What do you think life would be like living with people who are solely dedicated to that virtue?

Three small paragraphs, please skip a space to indicate a new paragraph, and no silliness.

Warning to those who have the book (series) NO SPOILERS! If I have to delete all or part of your response, that will earn you a zero.)


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  1. I would be Candor because I’m honest. They’re always organized and nice. They wear pretty clothing unlike Abnegation.

    I like the quality of Candor because they tell the truth and I always tell the truth. Abnegation helps people and they’re selfless. I’m like that but I think of myself more a Candor person. Dauntless are the brave fraction. I mean I am brave but sometimes I get scared. Amity is the peaceful fraction I am not peaceful I am so loud and I always jump around. Erudite people are very intelligent. I’m very intelligent but not that intelligent to survive in Erudite. They’re fraction is perfect because everyone tells the truth and there is nothing to worry about.

    Life would be very nice and calm because you don’t keep secrets and sense you don’t keep secrets there are no secrets to worry about. Also, if I lived there I would make every one happy and they would have fun with me! Candor is just perfect! I love it!

  2. If you have read Divergent you would know that their society is divided into five factions, Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Erudite, and Dauntless. If I had to choose one that I would be in I would probably choose Amity. I would have chosen Dauntless because I am brave but, I have to admit, I step down on big things that I really don’t want to do. Then that leaves Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite. I am selfless but I will sometimes do things for myself if I wanted, there is sometimes where I am dishonest, and I can’t be in Erudite because I am smart but I am not like a genius.

    Out of the five factions I chose Amity. I have chosen Amity because I like to think of myself as peaceful. Even though I see myself as peaceful, that is not always the case. For example, there is sometimes where I am hanging out with my friends or something and I am not all that peaceful. I also chose Amity because I am not a huge fan on craziness. Of course, I don’t want everything to be boring but if it is chaos I am not up for it.

    If the world was just one faction, Amity, it would probably get a little boring. What I mean by boring is that everyone act the same, dress the same, do the same things, and be the same. I like how everyone is different and have different personalities. If the world was just one big Amity faction I would not like it. Life would be a lot different than what it is now. I guess, in a way it would be good because everyone would be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any fighting or wars in the world.

  3. I would love to be in the Amity group. If all the people in the world were peaceful that would reduce many problems currently going on such as, crime. If everyone was peaceful then no one would try to commit crimes. Also, things could go back to the way it was forty to fifty years ago. Since there wouldn’t be any crime people would no longer have to lock their cars or houses.

    The reason that being peaceful appeals to me over being super brave, intelligent, and selfless is because if everyone was very brave then people could start trying to do crazy stunts that could get them hurt. If everyone was super intelligent then life would be boring. I mean, if you knew every thing you have to know you wouldn’t have to go to school which would mean all you would do is work all day every day. Also, if you didn’t go to school then you wouldn’t get any social connections or even know how to be social and everyone would be lonely. If everyone was totally selfless then that could lead to no one taking care of everyone else and not themselves.

    I feel that everyone being solely dedicated to being peaceful would be great! All people would care for each other and the world would become a better place.

  4. There are five factions in the series Divergent. I would like to be in Abnegation (the selfless.) I would want to be in Abnegation because I could help others become better people and not mostly think of their selves. In Abnegation I wouldn’t really have to worry or think if I were being selfish.

    Candor (The Honest) is bad because if everyone went around telling the truth then people would get their feelings hurt. Amity (The Peaceful) sounds good but at the same time it wouldn’t be very exciting to be peaceful all the time. That would be quite boring. Dauntless (The Brave) is fine sometimes, but if everyone went around being brave, people would make bad decisions and maybe even get hurt. Erudite (The Intelligent) wouldn’t be that good. If everyone went around being “high tech” and smarter than everyone, it would be annoying. Abnegation (The Selfless) is great because everyone would think of others. Everyone would be happy to have a friendly, nice, and kind person around.

    I would like life a lot better if people would start thinking of others as well as their selves. Living with people who are selfless wouldn’t be that great though. You need some people to push you down so you can get higher. If everyone was always nice, then people wouldn’t get mentally stronger. There is always people who will be upset. Not everyone needs to help someone. It would be great if some people would be selfless, just not everyone. People learn better if everyone isn’t always nice and friendly.

  5. If I had to dedicate myself to one cultivation of a particular virtue, it would not be easy. Although it would be challenging, I would have to choose the faction of Erudite. Erudite is the faction that I would choose to belong to because being around intelligent people would help me become smarter. Also, this faction would force me to work harder because I would be around people that are probably naturally very smart. In this intelligent environment, I would definitely learn a lot.

    Erudite is the most appealing faction to me compared to the others because it seems like the most efficient way to live because everyone in the faction is smart, and generally, smart people always try to do the right thing and finish whatever work needs to be done. Most intelligent people try to do their best work, and this faction would help me do my best work too. I am not very brave, so I would not like the faction of Dauntless. Also, I feel like I can be honest, peaceful, and selfless while being intelligent as well.

    Living with people that are solely dedicated to becoming smarter would help me become smarter as well. I would learn a lot from the people of my faction, and I could be a part of new technological discoveries. As the people around me become smarter, my knowledge would probably grow as well. As everyone in the faction grows more intelligent, our universe would advance too. Being apart of Erudite would be awesome and a great experience!

  6. There are a lot of good factions but if I had to choose one to be in I would chose Candor. Candor is the faction for honesty and I believe that honesty is a very important thing. I choose to be honest because people hate hearing lies, so why not tell the truth.

    This faction appeals to me because I have always thought that people shouldn’t lie about who they really are or about anything else. People are always lying and when people find out it’s a big mess. If people are honest, it would be just a little easier. If we were surrounded by people who were always honest, we wouldn’t be so bad.

    Life would be very different being in the faction Candor. People wouldn’t be lying which would be a change. Other people might think of it as them being blunt, but you are just hearing the actual truth and there are no lies. I think that life would be better because people would be nicer because they are not being so sneaky about lying about things, so you can just be your true self.

  7. If I had to choose a faction, I am definitely Dauntless. Dauntless means brave. I would want to be in dauntless because I believe that I am a brave person. I like to be brave. Cheerleading is a brave sport especially if you are a flyer because you have to be tossed in the air and balance and such. If you are Dauntless, then you have to be up for anything. I always have energy and like to be hyper and challenge myself.

    I am dauntless because I am brave. I am Abnegation, because I do think about others, I am just pretty brave. I am not Amity because I do not like it when things are peaceful, except for spas. Other than that, I like things loud. I guess I am intelligent, I am just more brave.

    Life would be really weird if everyone was brave. Everybody would be able to go to the military, and fight. The level of crime might reduce. Everybody would be brave to fight off anybody that threatens them. Everybody would be willing to do anything. That would be crazy if everyone was dauntless.

  8. I would fit in most with the faction Erudite. I would choose to belong in this faction because intelligence could help in any situation. Intelligence applies from soccer to school.

    This faction stands out more than the others because it applies the most to me. If I lived in a world of honesty it might be offensive and everyone wouldn’t be nice. I wouldn’t choose selfless either because nobody would be their on person if they put everyone else in front of them. I also wouldn’t belong in brave because sometimes brave is a synonym for dangerous. I wouldn’t want to get involved in that. Lastly I was thinking about putting myself in peaceful but that doesn’t really describe me on the soccer fields.

    If I lived in a world of intelligence I would be smarter as each day goes by. Everyone influences you to be the best you can be. Like I said before, intelligence can help in any situation.

  9. I would choose dauntless. I am a huge fan of Divergent, and I have taken so many quizzes on what faction I’m in. I always come up a Dauntless. Being brave is a very important part of my life. Being a performer of some sort does take some bravery. And I would love do to do what the
    Dauntless do. Although, choosing a faction would be hard though. If I were in this situation my family would be urging me to go to Erudite but I think Dauntless is the place for me.

    Dauntless is very appealing. Everyone wants to be some brave, bold, and adventurous person. But me, unlike some of my friends, want to explore my surroundings and be able to poor this bravery to proper use. I know that selflessness is a good thing to but if I choose abnegation I would eventually feel like a chickened out.

    If I was solely dedicated on being dauntless I would change a lot. I would be a bit more stern. I would probably be a lot skinnier and look even smaller. I would also be a bit more crazy than I already am. I would not look back if I choose dauntless. If all my friends chose a different faction, I would be sad at first, but as I developed I probably forget about being sad and lived life in the present.

  10. I would be dauntless. No question. I took the faction test in the back of the book, and dauntless was who I was. I would be dauntless because I am very brave, rowdy, and love to “fight” with my brother and some of my friends. I love to run around, and I think my personality fits in with dauntless. I don’t really know how to explain it, it is just… There.

    I think dauntless gets my attention the most because the others seem… Weird. I’m not obsessed with knowledge, at all. I’m not the most honest person. At all. I am definitely not selfless. I do put my very close friends and families needs in front of my own, but if I am not very comfortable, or don’t know you that well, you are on your own. Peaceful? Not at all. No way, no how am I peaceful. I can be peaceful in class, but on my own, or with friends, I’m loud and very silly. I like to goof off a lot too. Dauntless fits me perfectly, and it is the only option left.

    Life with the dauntless would be so much fun. They do a lot of fun activities that I’ve always wanted to do. Roughhousing around with my friends would be the best time of my life. Its true, I don’t want to get a tattoo, or anything like that. Everything else dauntless does seems so much fun. I would have so much fun traveling on a train, and then jumping off! Learning how to shoot a gun would be so entertaining! I could do target practice. Getting in a fight everyone in awhile wouldn’t be too bad… Dauntless would be the perfect faction for me, I just wish it was real. There are so many things I could do, and so many things it could see! Dauntless is right for me.

  11. If I could chose which one I was I would chose Erudite, intelligence. Intelligence could help me in various situations such as I would know to do in certain situations such as in the middle of a soccer game I would know what to do against the defender and in volleyball I would know which way to angle my serve to get an Ace.

    That you don’t have to be willing to do pretty much everything by being brave. You would be able to be very smart and get into good schools and be able to get a good job when you are an adult. You wouldn’t have to think for other people and not for yourself by being selfless. You wouldn’t have to give up your rambunctious personality and be very calm to be peaceful. You wouldn’t have to tell the truth to your best friend if someone said something mean about them by being completely honest. You would just get to be smart.

    It would sometimes be annoying to have to be around people who are only smart because they could get annoying or there would be no honors classes because everyone is smart and there would be a lot of very smart but stupid laws. It could be good because there would be no stupid people to create car crashes and drunk drivers hitting people and robbers.

  12. Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, Erudite the intelligent, Candor the honest, and Dauntless the brave. I honestly appreciate the Dauntless, but i’m not very like that. Out of all of those I am Amity. I would’t consider myself with all the Amity characteristics, but I’m more Amity than other factions. I’m not super selfless, very honest, obsessed with knowledge, courageously brave, but I’m peaceful.

    Amity appeals to me because they are always peaceful and having fun. To them life is care free, no worries, just have fun. They are all nice and they are never do bad things. It’s almost a perfect happy environment. They aren’t totally selfless like the Abnegation, but they somehow have a part of that in them. They are nonstop nice, sweet, and fun.

    Life to Amity is like you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and go to bed at night with a smile on their face. You never need to comfort someone when they are crying because no one is ever not happy. It would have quiet rooms filled with joyful people. Everyone looks at life with the glass half full rather than half empty.

  13. I have never seen or read Divergent, but if I had to pick a virtue, I would pick to be dauntless. I would say that I am pretty brave, I always volunteer to do things that other people don’t want to do or are to scared to do. I like to go above and beyond (sometimes) so that is why I would consider myself as dauntless.

    This virtue stands out to me more than the other virtues because brave people will do things that other people would be scared to do, even if it means risking something. If someone or something was in trouble brave people will do what they can to help. I thing being brave stood out to me the most out of the other virtues.

    Living with somebody that is totally dedicated to their virtue would be hard. It would not be easy to live with someone that always tells the truth, or always tries to help you with every single thing. I could live with somebody who was not totally dedicated to their virtue. It would be a lot easier and less stressful. Some people might be easy to live with even if they where dedicated to their virtue, because some virtues aren’t as annoying as other ones are.

  14. If I was living in this society in dystopian Chicago. If I was there, I would choose to be Dauntless. I would choose that because I aspire to be braver than I am now. I could go up to anyone and say my mind or jump off a tall tower or even confront a friend. But, I would also want to be Erudite, because I am curious about all the information out there. If I had it all at my fingertips, I don’t know what I’d do.

    The qualities of the factions I love are the intelligent and brave and daring. That is what I am aspiring to become. I wouldn’t want to be selfless (Abnegation) because I need to be a little bit vain to get to the top of my career and for me. I also wouldn’t want to be honest (Candor) because what if my honesty hurt their feelings. I wouldn’t want to be peaceful (Amity) because I would need my life to have more excitement than to just be “happy.”

    Living with people dedicated to that virtue would be amazing, but also at times brutal. It would be amazing because you are living among people that love what they are doing and are sincerely intrigued. But, on the other hand, the people aren’t selfless. So they will do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if it means pushing you to the bottom.

  15. What I’d like to be is Dauntless, which I think I am because I’m think I’m brave. Dauntless means brave. I think I’m Dauntless because I do things I like to do stuff others are scared to do.

    I think I’m brave because I like to go out there and do stuff that a non average person would do. I would jump off of many things like moving objects like a car or a boat to try to get some thing that I wanted or needed to be done. I have jumped of a moving boat before because I needed to get something in the water.

    If everybody was brave I’m pretty shore that many people would die and get into many fights. People would die of trying to do the impossible and they would just get into fights to see who is the bravest won of them all. While the people would be trying to prove that they where the most brave they could die trying. The world would just be a reck.

  16. Amity is probably the faction that it would be in because it is peaceful and I enjoy peace. If everything was peaceful them nobody would be dying in wars and we would be honest and selfless to keep peace. All of the people who died in wars could still be alive if we had learned to settle things peacefully. Terrible things like school shootings and criminal activities wouldn’t happen because every one would be peaceful and care for each other.

    Amity stood out to me because unlike the others if you were peaceful things like selflessness wouldn’t be needed because it ties itself in with peacefulness. I think that if you have peace than honestly, selflessness, bravery, and intelligence would follow after. If you wanted to keep peace you would be honest because if you lied than they would figure out and no longer have peace. You would have to be selfless to keep every one else at peace, so they didn’t hurt each other. You would be brave because if you truly wanted every one to be peaceful then you would have to be brave to confront people who are doing criminal or not peaceful acts. You would have to be smart to be able to keep peace.

    Obviously life would be peaceful and every one would care for each other. Nobody would kill or harm each other because that would not be peaceful. There would be no such thing as jail because nobody would commit crimes. There will no longer be poor people because the rich would likely give them money, so they can do peaceful acts. We wouldn’t was so much time and money on weapons or military because there is no need to fight. It would be a peaceful and better world.

  17. If I had to choose which virtue to be a part of, I’d choose Dauntless. It would be so cool not to have any fears whatsoever. It’d be like I could do anything. I’d never have to be stressed out or worried. I am really competitive, so I feel that I’d fit in pretty well.

    I would’t choose Abnegation or Amity, because it would be pretty boring if everyone was super nice and peaceful 24/7. I love when people are kind, but it wouldn’t mean much to be kind if everyone was. With Candor, everyone is honest. Who knows what would come out of people’s mouths if they always told the truth. That would be too much drama for me. It would be cool to be Erudite and know everything, but the excitement and competition of being brave is better in my mind.

    Living with people who are extremely brave would mean that they would always want to be the best and win. There would probably be rivalries, alliances, and games. You would never have to be nervous again. No one would have to be nervous.

    I think my faction would be a ton more exciting than being super peaceful or studying all the time. It would be so cool to have competitions and always try to win. You would never have to worry about being compassionate and honest like Abnegation, Candor, and Amity or about studying and working like Erudite. Even though I haven’t read the book, the Dauntless seem like pretty cool people.

  18. Out of all the five fractions, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite, and Dauntless, I would be Amity. I can be selfless at times, but sometimes I do something that isn’t necessarily for the good of others. I’ve told so many lies in my life, I’d never survive in Candor. Knowledge is very important to me, but it isn’t my entire world. I won’t try to cram knowledge and ideas everywhere I can. As for Dauntless, well I’m adventurous, but I’m not brave. I’ll go skydiving at the drop of a hat, but paying for something in a store, no way. So all that is left is peaceful Amity. I have occasional outbursts of anger, but if everyone was peaceful they would never happen.

    Being peaceful is a great quality. Problems are solved more easily. Anger is almost nonexistent. Plus, when your not worried about all that other stuff (what people think of you, annoying noises, getting frustrated, annoying noises) you can really enjoy what is around you. Isn’t peace what everyone needs?

    If everyone were peaceful, the world would be a very different place. There would be very little negativity in the world. People would be more excepting and understanding if they could see past all the anger. I feel peaceful, were other people are being peaceful. It would be one big happy circle of peace. Who wouldn’t want that!

  19. Amity. What does that mean? That means that out of five different factions, honest, brave, selfless, peaceful, and intelligent, I choose peaceful. This is because I like thinking of other people before myself. I try to include everybody and make sure that no one’s feelings are hurt in any way. I also think of peaceful as a synonym to being nice to everybody, which is what I think I do. I am also open to new and different things, and I don’t make a big fuss about changes.

    I choose this character trait over the rest because it really suits me better than any of the other ones. I am other things as well, but I am more peaceful than intelligent, selfless, brave, or honest. I am a little intelligent, but not greatly. I’m not that brave, unless you count going on roller coasters at Busch Gardens being brave. I am also a little selfless, but I wouldn’t dodge a bullet for someone who I don’t know. Lastly, I am honest but not enough to say I tell the truth every time something comes out of my mouth.

    It would be weird to live with all peaceful people. It would be good and bad at the same time. It would be good because there would be no wars or violence. Everybody would get along as well and there wouldn’t be any drama. It would be bad because if everybody is peaceful, you wouldn’t have to figure out problems between friends, and that is a main skill in life. Also, nobody would really choose friends in their life because nobody would say no. Lastly, it would be weird to always have everybody say yes to you. Once in a while, people have to say no, and they wouldn’t in the town I would live in.

  20. If I had to decide on a which fraction I would chose to belong in Amity. This is because everyone would be peaceful. Everything would feel safe and fine. No problems. No worries. Totally peaceful. Nothing would be wrong. No fights at all and feeling the feeling that everything is cool. It would be a peaceful fraction.

    This fraction appeals to me more because Abnegation is polite but it is always thinking of others. I am not very selfless. And true everyone is polite but I don’t like it when they only think of others. If two people, one Abnegation and the other lets say Dauntless, were trapped in the desert with only one bottle of water then the Abnegation one would rather die than let Dauntless die because they are selfless. Candor would always be honest but I need to keep secrets. I couldn’t tell everything. I would have to keep secrets. Dauntless is the brave and I am not always brave. In fact I am afraid of the dark and a whole bunch of bugs. Erudite is the intelligent. I would think that becoming intelligent means you would need to study and study and study to be smart. One thing I dislike is studying. So in the end I like Amity, the peaceful.

    If I were to live with people who dedicate their soul to Amity I think that they wouldn’t be rushed. That they would go with the flow. In arguments there wouldn’t be yelling, screaming, violence, or anger. They would figure an answer out the peaceful way.

  21. The factions in the book Divergent are all nice in their own ways, but I would choose Erudite. I’m not an open book, like the Candor, I’m selfish, unlike the Abnegation, and I’m not a very peaceful person, like the Amity. I choose Erudite over Dauntless is because I would enjoy learning about certain subjects. I’m also not very brave. This is why I would choose Erudite.

    The faction Erudite values knowledge over anything. I enjoy reading and learning about interesting subjects. As I said before, I don’t say every single thing that pops into my head like the Candor, even though I do state my opinion. All the other factions value other things like peace, bravery, and selflessness. I like to do mini experiments with things. I enjoy learning about how my brain works, and about the galaxy. It would be fun to focus on some of the subjects I enjoy.

    I think that living with Erudite would be like living in a classroom. They all can tell you the answer to a question of something they have studied. They love knowing about things, so if you asked them a question, they would probably answer. They would probably always have a book or source of information always by them. It would be fun to learn about subjects alongside people who were passionate about that subject as well. It would be fun to be Erudite. I would know all I could about my favorite subjects.

  22. Out of all the fractions I would chose Amity because It seems that that’s the best way to live because its peaceful. I also chose it because living in peace is perfect because no one’s fights and everyone’s nice.

    Amity really struck out to me because with peace there will be no harm and everyone nice and happy. Also I feel that most of the other fractions can end up bad. An example is Candor. If everyone always tells the truth people can get hurt. And sometime telling the truth can be bad (like if someone asked if you liked there hair and you said no it would really hurt them).

    If everyone was peaceful it would be great because everyone would be nice and calm. Also that would mean no more wars and fights and everyone would come as one and except each other’s differences. I really hope that one day I can live in somewhere like Amity.

  23. I would like to belong to the Candor. I believe telling the truth and being honest is very important. I also would like being around a society that is honest. I like feeling like everyone is telling the truth and in this society I would feel that a lot.

    Being honest is very important. All the other qualities are good but, if you want to succeed in life you have to be honest.When you are honest people start to trust you they feel like they can rely on you. So when you are honest you could get a better job once people start trusting you. This is why honesty is better than all the others.

    Life in Candor would be very good. I would never have to worry about being lied to. If I asked a question to someone they either don’t answer or they tell me the truth. I would also like not having to worry about someone finding out I lied. In a honest place there are less ways to hate someone. Life would be very good in Candor.

  24. I would choose Dauntless as my faction only because I am not afraid to take a challenge. Even though I’m shy and quiet when you first meet me, I come out with a strong personality. For, example, going to Hallow-Scream takes a lot of bravery to not be scared. Playing soccer can also take a good amount of bravery because you can’t be afraid to get hurt in a one verses one battle. If you are too scared you could lose your chance to score or even give up a goal.

    Choosing Dauntless over the others factions was my decision because I am not really like the other factions. The faction Amity is out because being peaceful everyday of my life is not something I could do, and I wouldn’t be able to be Abnegation because I would not be able to be selfless all the time. I mean yes I could be selfless sometimes but not everyday. Next is Candor, a faction that would make me hurt my friends feelings and make my life not personal anymore. That is not something I want. Finally, there is the faction Erudite. Being in the faction Erudite would take a ton of smarts and patience which I do not have enough for what it takes to be in that faction.

    Being with the people in Dauntless would be exciting, dangerous, but fun, too. It can be dangerous because something that you might not want to do your friends might pressure you to do that dangerous action. Although sometimes after you have done the action it can be fun and exciting.

  25. I would choose Dauntless as my faction because I’m not afraid to take risks. I’m always up for a challenge, because in soccer you sometimes have to sacrifice yourself when trying to steal the ball. Im not scared of getting hurt, because I have to risk that in soccer I’m brave because I went to Hallow-Scream two years in a row, where they have really scary haunted houses and people who jump out at you from nowhere.

    I don’t think I would be in Amity, because I am definitely not peaceful, and I don’t want to be these people who don’t care about anything. I wouldn’t be in Erudite, because I don’t like tests or educational reading. I’m not that selfless, and I take care of a lot of my own needs, so I wouldn’t be in Abnegation. If I told the truth too much, I would hurt other people’s feelings and I wouldn’t be able to keep any secrets, so I wouldn’t want to be in Candor.

    I think it would be dangerous living with people in the same faction. I would be living with people who aren’t afraid to do dangerous things, and they would probably push me to the same things. It would also be fun because the excitement would keep on going. Their would be a lot of peer pressure, but that just makes the stakes higher so its funner to do dangerous things.

  26. If I were to choose one faction to be in, I would choose to be in the Erudite faction. I would be in that faction over all of the others, because I am intelligent. I have some qualities of the other factions, but none are close to the qualities that I have in my intelligence, so that would place me into the Erudite faction.

    That faction appeals to me over all of the others because my peers would all be similar to me, smart. I have read all of my life, made good grades, and I have been playing piano for three years, and in two weeks, I will be playing a ten minute long song in my recital. I don’t have very many qualities from some the other factions, such as Amity, the peaceful, but I do have some qualities from others, such as Dauntless, the brave. But overall, I would come out in the Erudite faction, because of my intelligence.

    I think it would be nice living with other intelligent people, but I think it would be better living with people from all of the factions, because some of my friends would choose different factions than me. I would be slightly nervous, because in that faction some people might outwit me. It would be strange, because I would not know most of the people in my faction, but I could quickly associate with them, because I am friendly. Those are the reasons why I would choose Erudite over all of the other factions.

  27. I would belong to Dauntless because I can be brave when I want to. I also don’t fit in to the other groups. For example, I am not selfless, always kind, value learning enough, or always tell the truth. Also Dauntless is doing random acts of bravery, and I do. For example, I would stand up for someone even if the person was 6ft 4in because I’m small but I like doing whats right.

    I would like to be able to shoot and throw knives. I think it would be dangerous because you would have to fight and be really brave. I would have a good time because I like to be scared. I also would love to jump of a train and have to run for my life. To me that sounds fun.

    i think it would be scary and fun because you know the someone could hurt you easily, but you can relate to everyone in at least one way. They may want hurt you but you can. Also Factions work well together so there wouldn’t be as much fighting. Also that means it is less likely for you to get hurt when you are not paying attention because you can relate. Finally I also think it would be even better if the factions could be together because my friends would chose other factions with me so I wouldn’t get to see them.

  28. The perfect faction for me is dauntless. Dauntless is the faction for people who are brave. In my opinion I am a brave person. I like to be the crazy the one and also the person who takes risks. In soccer, you have to be brave in order to steal and go against another player. I don’t fear anything, and I think it would be an honor to be in the dauntless faction because no one would fear anything so everybody would do crazy stuff. None of my friends would be scared of riding roller coasters with me, skydiving with me, and no one would be scared of heights. I also would always feel safe because no one is scared of anything so they wouldn’t be scared of bad people.

    I didn’t choose Amity because I am not a very peaceful person. I talk a lot and it seems very boring to me. I would rather go on a roller coaster than meditating all day. I could be I the Erudite faction but studying and doing homework is not what I want to do with my life. It would be helpful in some ways but overall it doesn’t seem as much fun as the dauntless. Abnegation means you are selfless and I’ll admit I am not a very selfless person. I am very priveleged and do a lot of things for my self. I ask for things I don’t even need to have. I would not be in Candor because I do tell secrets. I wouldn’t know anything about anyone.

    I think it would be cool living with brave people because they would always do fun things with me. I don’t think one day would pass by where I didn’t do something really fun. I would have the funnest life anyone could ever imagine. The fun would be continuous and I wouldn’t have to be afraid of anything. I am so exited to be able to be in the dauntless faction.

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