Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Ground has broken and construction has begun on the Mt. Olympus theme park scheduled to open in two years. Using the research on your god or goddess, please design a ride or attraction that reflects the personality of your deity. Take some time to think your ideas through using the information you know to create something special. Unique attributes, divine powers, interesting or fun facts from a myth should be considered. Let your clever and creative juices flow! Your ride or attraction must have a name. Do not use any elements or ideas from a real theme park. Be descriptive and remember to separate paragraphs by putting in an extra return. Two paragraphs at the most. (Image courtesy of ย Oh My Gods! Mythlopedia, Megan Bryant)

I can’t wait till the park opens!



  1. Hello I have been ordered to build this amusement ride for the god atlas. The god atlas holds the sky on his back. I am currently building something that will test your strength and see how long you can hold a bronze ball that is about 3 feet in diameter. Once you hold longer than half an hour you will be rewarded a bronze globe that will be sent to your house. Another ride that we are making is when you are strapped to a bronze ball with 10 other people than you get lunched you into the air. But then they are safety cords and bungie cords strapped on to the ball so you will be pulled back down. you will go up and down on the ball 20 times. It is extremely safe we have 40 bungie cords attached to the bronze ball.

  2. Today is the ground breading of Mt. Olympus theme park for the simulator ride Adventure Through Cronus. In this ride it you will get launched up 1,000 feet it will feel like you enter Cronus’s mouth because he ate his children. On the way down you will first stop in his brain ,but only to see things fly by as you go strait into his past. Then to see Cronus as a baby and quickly see him grow up. The ride will simulate as if you are with Cronus as everything is happening. The ride will also teach you a lot of things that happened. Once you know everything you can possibly can know about Cronus he will eat you and you will plunge down 1,000 ft. Once CronUs eats zeus comes to the rescue and makes Cronus puke you all out. As zeus is puking you out you try to hit zeus with poisonous darts and he person that hits zeus the most will win the game. once your puked up by Cronus your picture is taken and you will fall 1,000 feet looking strait down at the ground. Next the ride will be over and you will leave ,but only knowing more about Cronus than before you rode the ride.

  3. Come one come all to the new ride based off the Greek god Atlas! The ride is called The sky isn’t falling! With this ride you start on mount Olympus and you see Zeus punishing Atlas for choosing the wrong side in the war. Then you go up up to the sky and you see Atlas holding up the sky then you go down down down to see Hercules and Atlas is asking a favor. Hercules takes over while Atlas gets golden apples. But Hercules asked for Atlas to hold the sky for one tiny second so he could get the apples but he was going to leave. Then you go through some loops and more roller coaster stuff. Perseus comes to Atlas and asks to sleep in his hand but Atlas says no way! Then Perseus freezes him to stone with medusa’s head and becomes the Atlas Mountains of Africa.

    Hi guys it’s me Atlas! Wanna autograph? Just kidding I’m so excited about my new ride on Mount Olympus. It’s fun but it also educational, so the parents like it. It tells of my myth of what happened while I was holding the sky, my good friend Uranus, and how I held up the sky. Hope you like it! For the first few days of the opening ride passes will be free!

  4. Hades’s ride at the Mt. Olympus Theme Park will be called The Underworld Thrill. The ride starts out with a huge drop straight into the Underworld. The ride will first pass through the gates of the Underworld. Hades will try to keep Cerberus under control. After you pass through the gates Hades will start driving the ride. He will take you up to Hades Palace and you might see his wife Persephone. I will try to see if Hades can make the dead people visible as the ride starts heading towards the Pit of Tartarus. Finally the ride shoots back up to Mt. Olympus very fast and the ride ends at the top. Come give The Underworld Thrill a try!

  5. WELCOME! To Uranus’s ride to the sky! Fly up and up and up and up into the stars! See the amazing Gaea beneath you and fly through the stars. You will even see the planet named after Uranus himself! After your flight among the stars, go deep under ground, into Tartarus itself to see the site where the titans planned their attack on Uranus. Now because it’s a scary place, you will then shoot back into the sky! If you ride this ride at the right time, you may even see Uranus and his cloak of stars. You will continue on your wild into the asteroid belt. Fly above, under, around, and through the comets as they fly by. After that, you have a straight down drop into the sky and out of space to see the clouds and get off the ride. There you will see your pictures and walk through our gift shop and maybe bye a few of our famous Uranus bobble heads! Enjoy the ride!

  6. I am so happy that there is a ride opening that is all about me! On Zeus’ Relationships there are many different statues of my relationships. Including Hera, Leto, Demeter, Hours, Fates exc. In this ride the mortals will be in a sixteen seater cart that will take them through the life of my relationships.

    The ride will also include special information about myself. It has my divine powers and my aliases. My divine powers are that I’m the ruler of the gods, heavens, earth, and humans. My aliases are Ketosis, Polieus, Eleutherios, Epopsios, and Soter. Hope you come see my ride soon.

  7. Come one come all! To the Ares ride of War! When you get on board (it is made out of the boar ares transformed in) pull the spear over your chest and keep all hands and feet on-board. When you get going you see Adonis in the glass cage trapped. next you do a amazing drop into the realm of ares. When you get there you see the trojan war right in front of your eyes, you see Achilles on one side and Hector on the other. Later you will se the spear and weapons of the people that have fallen by Ares’s hand. Here is the beautiful pink room made for Aphrodite and then there is her bed, her dresser etc. There is the golden apple of discord and… WOAH! Keep your feet and arms in people! Ok now the ride is coming to an end and have a good day people.
    Come one Come all…

  8. Hermes is the name of a ride that will open two years in the โ€˜Mt.Olympus Theme Parkโ€™. Hermes is extremely fast, agile, and clever. That is why this roller coaster goes extremely fast, into the thermosphere, and then loops and turns all the way back down. When the ride is looping down, there are lightning bolts that fire through the loops, because Hermes is a messenger, and Zeus sometimes get mad at him because he is a bearer of bad news, so Zeus throws lightning bolts at him. When the ride is going, the lyre is playing. The lyre is an instrument that Hermes invented when he was a child.

  9. Everything is coming together for the Meal. The Meal is a ride and it feels like you are Kronos’s kid. I’ll tell you about it. First this is a roller coaster. In this you are up at 400 feet, and you get strapped in. Then you swirl around in his brain, and in the brain you see quick glance of his life. Then go down to Kronos’s stomach and in there are giant painted statues of the 5 swallowed Olympians. After that you go down the leg at a 185ft straight down drop. Finally you get off there. But, of corse how do you get up? Well, there is a elevator that will shoot you up. Finally the entire giant statue is glass, so you can see everyone go!

  10. Welcome to the fastest, most exciting ride at the Mt. Olympus theme park, the Escapee of Death! First, you ride around half a mile going at speeds of over three hundred human miles an hour, then you get to ride straight down to the underworld to look at the one and only escapee of death, Sisyphus! After riding around him in a spiral at about two hundred and fifty miles an hour, meant to make Sisyphus fall down and get rolled over by the boulder he was trying to push up the mountain, his secondary punishment for trying to cheat death, and lastly, you hurtle back to the surface of earth at over four hundred miles an hour, and the ride finally comes to an end. Also, at the souvenir shop outside the docking bay of the ride, you can buy shards of Sisyphus’s boulder at astoundingly cheap prices, only three drachmas, and get replicas of Thanatos’s armor for only thirty three drachmas. You can get your armor or boulder sent to your house for only six more drachmas, courtesy of the Hermes Express! Have a nice day, and come back to the Escapee of Death soon!

  11. Whales are huge and friendly, so what if you got to ride one? Poseidon is putting a whale ride in the Mount Olympus them park. This ride will give people the fell of being Poseidon riding a whale. This ride will bring more people to the park because people never rode a whale before. Kids also like whales, so more people will like to come, and enjoy the ride. If you go on this ride twenty times you will receive a free trident, but it is not real metal. Also that is what older kids will want. If you don’t want a trident we will trade you five free ice creams. You might not like whales, but I guarantee you will like whales after this ride.

  12. At Mount Olympus Amusements a new attraction has opened in the park. The new ride has been dedicated to Apollo the Archer. It is a roller coaster, traveling at speeds of one of Apollo’s arrows. On the ride each seat has a plastic bow and arrow, the riders will use the bow and arrow to squirt water at the targets.

    When the ride is over the kids get to meet Apollo, and the kid who hit the most targets gets a prophecy told for him or her. Come and get your tickets now before they’re sold out. Apollo has seen that coming.

  13. Welcome to Hephaestus’ Forge World, the biggest blacksmith tourist attraction in the world. Come down to have the greatest adventure of your life on, Hephaestus’ Life ride. The ride lets you experience the life of Hephaestus with special effect’s, made personally by Hephaestus himself. While your going up to start the ride, Hera picks you up and through’s you as far as she can, which will then cause you to fall and observe the Island of which Hephaestus grew up on.

    After you have seen the island, you will go to the greatest blacksmith workshop in the world, were you can observe some of Hephaestus’ greatest cyclopes at work. We also have a road of traps, made by Hephaestus, were you will have to get by the traps to continue the ride. Some water nymphs have been kind enough to come and volunteer to be helpers all around the park, so they can treat you how Hephaestus got treated growing up. If you ever get hungry, you can always stop by the candy store. You can try our world famous hot chewing gum, instead of blowing bubbles, you you will be able to breath fire! Well, hope you can come by soon to Hephaestus’ Forge world.

  14. Hello, I’m Artemis and I’m the goddess of the hunt. I can’t believe that the Mount Olympus Theme Park is building a ride that is dedicated to me! The name of the ride is Artemis’s Shooting Mania. It is one of the the most fun rides in the whole theme park. When you enter the cart, there are bow and arrows in front of you that have what number player you are. The ride will then begin and it will take you on an adventure through the trees. Artemis’s Shooting Mania is a game and a ride. Targets are placed on the trees and you have to shoot arrows at them. You possibly might even see my twin brother, Apollo on your journey. You are competing against other people in your cart and you get five points for every target you hit. If you shoot the arrow in the center of the target, you will earn ten points. To make shooting the target more difficult, the cart spins around. At the end of the ride, you will see a large screen that shows the player’s number and how many points they have earned. The player with the highest points wins!

  15. I can’t believe that a theme park is being built on Mount Olympus! I love the loops in big roller coasters, and I’m surprisingly good at the basketball hoop game. But I am most excited for “Ares’ Ride of Blood!” It’s entirely based on all of the victims that I’ve murdered. You are supposed to be in a virtual word where you try to survive. If you beat the game, which never will happen, you get to be me for a day. You get all of my powers, weapons, and the position as the God of War. I can’t wait until I get to play because I really want that prize!

  16. Hi, I am Uranus, and I am going to build a special ride for the theme park unique ride that will be fun amazing. It will be called the SkyRide. How it works is basically where you hop in a normal cart, strap in, and go! The cart will start to roll across a track and slowly speed up in till it’s at about 120 mph then press another button and your normal cart will sprout wings and fly around my sky at crazy speeds, over mountains, rivers, seas,plains, and back to the park safe and sound.

  17. I have recently been given the best schematics of my whole entire life! It’s for the Mount Olympus theme park, and they want me to build it! It’s called ” The Under the Sea Oddities!” It has a whole bunch of sea creatures, like sea serpents, mer-people, and so much more! It even says it is going to have Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite there waving at people at the entrance!

    The owners of the park want me to build the habitats depending on the creatures attributes, like for the mer-people I would have to put water-proof glass so that the glass won’t crack and no land, so they can’t beach themselves on accident. It also says on the schematics that they want me to build to large thrones outside the attraction so Poseidon and Amphitrite can sit outside and wave to the people. This is going to be great! Better get started!

  18. Hades’s theme park would have a mirror maze called “Hades Mirror Maze of Death” that makes your reflection not show you, but your soul. The maze would also distort your reflection, because if it didn’t do that, then what fun would it be? The mirrors also show what you look like before you die and your skeleton. Anyone that is in the park after hours that is a soul working there will be punished by being turned into a soul and be forced to work there non-stop for eternity. If you can’t find your way out, it does not concern us because you will have to sign a contract saying you can’t sue us in order to go in the maze. But if you do find your way out, Hades and Cerberus will be there to congratulate you. We hope you have fun at our theme park and hope you get home safely.

  19. Welcome to Zeus’s new ride at the Mount Olympus theme park. It is called “A Blast of Bolt”. It is located south of Poseidon’s “Splashy Turtle” ride and next to Hades “Maze of Death” ride. It starts off inside of a cloud and you go through all of this mist and the best part is it is a water ride. It rains on your way down. You even start shaking because of the vibration of the chairs, when they fake the lightning strike part. You even go inside of a cave and they take you underground to see hades. You don’t get to meet him because he will hurt you. After you go inside a glass tube in the water and meet poseidon. Finally you ride back up to the sky and say hi to Zeus. You also get to hold the lightning bolt and listen to his stories. For example he gave birth to Athena and he always tells that and when he over through his father. I have already been on the eighty-five mph, with three stops ride. But you mostly loop up and down in the clouds with rain and lightning shock while doing roller coaster flips with Zeus. Enjoy your ride and there are through-up bags for when you flip through the sixty-five loops.

  20. See how strong you are at the new weight lifters plus land. There are a variety of weights big to small. The biggest hand held weight we have are five hundred pounds and the smallest weight is twenty pounds. If you don’t want your kids pestering you then you can drop them off at the Toddler Town. If you are an extreme body builder you can try holding the world all by your self (no refunds for injured or dead people).

  21. There will be a great game at Mt. Olympus Theme Park. The name is “Fire Away”. In this game, you stand in an area, and a bow is given to you. If you lean over, you can get an arrow. If you look 500 feet in front of you, there are cardboard figures of Apollo and Daphne. The point of this game is to try and hit both of them with an arrow. If you run out of time, the figures will move off the screen and the game is over.

    The best part of the game though is that if you get the record speed of the arrow, you win a souvenir arrow. The speed will be measured by a radar gun. You will also get a souvenir arrow if you get the record speed of hitting the targets. I hope that you are interested and want to come.

  22. The new theme park in Olympus is dedicating a game in its arcade to me, Athena. The game is called Strategic Battles, and it’s educational, it’s where you go into battle, and you have to invent a better strategy than the other side. The way to get the best score is to win all of your battles, and lose as little men as possible, the game gets harder with every battle. With the new update, you can play against other people that are in the same arcade, and battle them. Get the highest score, win the most battles, beat your friends, and learn battle strategies!

  23. Prometheus made the first human out of clay. So we have decided to make a roller coaster called Made You Out Of Clay. This roller coaster is fully made out of clay. First you shoot through a blaze of fire in the kiln so the ride hardens and, doesn’t brake. Next you go through the process of how Prometheus made the firs human. At the end when you get out all of the clay people help you out of your seats and then ride is over.

  24. Hmmm… What would I name my new ride ? What should it be ? Ahhh I got it a bow and aroww that shoots and your on the arrow. No no no.. Got it shoud be a ride where you get to make your own music insturment. There will be as many intuments making tools as you can imangen. I might have my very frist music intrament lyre. It will play whenever someone makes a new instrment.

    It’s been a year scienc I got my new ride and it is going great everyone loves it, but it’s torcher to me when pepole play the instraments the sound so bad none of them can be tuned right. I want to toake it out, but Zeus wont let me. He will never let me.This was the worst idea ever.

  25. Cronus is the king of the Titans, and the God of Harvest. This makes me decide to call this Cronus based theme park, Creation Land. The main attraction would be a mix between a game and a ride. It would be Harvest of the Corn. In the ride, riders would have sickles with sensors on the ends, and when they hit the corn made of light that disapears when hit by a sickle. Each corn hit would give the player points. To make sure people would go on it, we would give a prize for a certain amount of points. It would be five minutes long and you would be going through a maze of corn.

  26. Come on in Helios, and try out the new ride at Mt. Olympus called “Sky High.” Sky High is a 24 hour ride by the sun. You’ll start out on the ground at Mt. Olympus and then go very slowly across the sky next to the sun so it seems like we’re pulling the sun just like you do for a living Helios and maybe mortals will get to see you on the ride and start a conversation with you (sunscreen is highly advised). When the ride is over you might be hungry because you haven’t eaten but thats only your fault, at least you got to sort of be me for a day right?

  27. I have been told that there is a ride that is going to be planted on mount Olympus that is dedicated to me, Hermes! My ride is called Magic Wings because of my magic winged shoes.This ride literally takes you from zero, to Hermes. The reason that the slogan of my ride is zero to Hermes is because you literally start off at zero, and then the ride moves just as fast I actually run, seventy five miles per hour! In this ride you travel into a replica mount Olympus and “deliver” things to Zeus and other gods on mount Olympus. This roller coaster enables you to see what mount Olympus looks like, and what it’s like to travel like Hermes. And if you get lucky, when Zeus is on a break, he will replace the replica of him and talk to you, in person! And if you don’t get lucky to see him, you can hear an actual video recording of him and I talking! And before you ride, don’t get be scared of heights because you might have some trouble on the ride. I hope you enjoy.

  28. Fire Pit Land is a land that has a lot of fire and medicine. Asclepius made Fire Land with his bare hands. Asclepius made it where the roller coaster goes through fire pits. When Asclepius doesn’t run the theme park Asclepius dad Apollo and mom Coronis runs the park. My seven daughters are the maintenance crew. I put my theme park in a desert. The roller coaster is a lobster red. Its a long roller coaster with a 10 person capacity. Its really fast like as fast as lightning and it spins like forty times. There is another roller coaster coming.

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