For Sale: One Magical House!

Hello Students! Pretend you are a real estate agent for an agency that sells magical homes, and you have been asked by the owners of this enchanted house to sell it. You have your first prospective buyers coming by to take a tour. What are you going to say? How would you go about selling this house? As a real estate agent, it is your job to point out all the wonderful and unique features a magical house would have. Gather your inspiration from all the fantasy books and/or movies you have seen to describe some of the magical elements that might be in a magical house.

Be mindful, that I am not looking for silliness…but be specific in your descriptions. Have fun and be creative and clever! Think in terms of what the different rooms in the house might have. If you were buying a magical house, what features would you want it to have?

No dialog! But do put a space between paragraphs if you write more than one (like I do here)…remember, you cannot indent in a blog. (Two paragraphs at most)

Please use a topic sentence: It is the sentence that captures the meaning of the paragraph and tells the reader about what he/she will be reading. It usually is written at the beginning of the paragraph, but it can appear a few sentences in. Most of you already do this. Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. End with a concluding sentence, too. No I think and be careful of repetition. (I like winter. I like winter because…) MANY of you still do this. Watch out for any run-on sentences; I’m seeing them less and less! 🙂

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  1. This is a magic house that is located on mystery lane. The house is two stories the first story looks just like a regular house, and the second story is where all of the magic happens. The first level has a total of five rooms. A kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and a laundry room. The kitchen has some special things in it given its a magical house. It has an oven that cooks food automatically and a pantry with an endless amount of food. The rest of the rooms are not special on the first floor, because we want the magic in the house to be kept a secret.
    The only way you can get to the second floor is if you live there, because the stairs don’t just appear for anyone. On the second floor there is a room where a lot of magical wands, potions, and swords are held that have been collected over the years. Every bedroom has a special theme that has something to do with a fairytale. There are four bedrooms upstairs, three bathrooms, and another room that is open to do what ever you want with it. The upstairs is a very magical place with lots of fun things to do with all of the potions, swords, and wands. You should take a tour of this house one day.

  2. So you would like to buy a house. Well, this is definitely the one. To start off, don’t you hate having to clean the garage? Well, the garage in this house cleans its self every time a mess is made. In the library, there are secret walls to secret rooms that have books as handles to switch the walls. In the kitchen, you can tell a cooking utensil to do what ever you want it to do. It can make a whole pizza! In the living room, there is a flat screen T.V. But, it’s not just a T.V. It is a command T.V., which means you can tell it what ever you want it to do. It can make a whole pizza for you too!

    Isn’t this house a miracle? In the bathroom, there is a magical shower that has a keypad and it will play any song you want it to. In the living room, there is an especially special couch that has a refrigerator in it. It will give you a nice cold coke or any other soda you wish to have. But, lets say you want food. Okay, no problem, it will give you any type of food you could ever wish for. Do you know what my favorite type of food is? My favorite type of food is Nutella. Oh boy, I could finish three jars of Nutella in one day. Well, it has been a pleasure showing you this wonderful house. What? How much does it cost? Now, thats another story.

  3. Wow! Look at this house! This house a very old fashion house with all of the new appliances. A cool new thing for an alarm is that there is a portrait on the wall and it’s eyes move to make sure nothing bad is happening. It’s three stories, it’s has three bed and bathroom house. When you get two third floor there is a huge master bedroom. In the master there is a beautiful lamp and if you rub it with your hands a genie comes right out of the bottle. But this not like a usual genie it can give you unlimited wishes. There is also, a beautiful kitchen with a a very pretty view. If you look by the fridge there is a button that can make the view change every single day. The dining room almost looks like the one in the beauty and the beast. The living room has nice chairs and couches.

    Now let’s go to the back yard. It’s very beautiful and there is a huge space of land. There are trees that make it look really cool when the colors change on the leaves. There is an big tree house in the backyard, too! When you look inside the tree house it looks normal until you see a portal. When you go into that portal it shows you to this big room and you can go into any fairy tale you want. I suggest you to buy this house!!

  4. Hello, my name is Susie and welcome to the English Fantasy. This house is a magical house not the mention it also has a build in Siri. When you wake up in the morning it will start making coffee and flipping pancakes. If you are rushing out of the door and want it to make a a quicker meal like a smoothie the you can always tell it too. When you are get your coat on the coat hanger has movable arms and will assist with putting on your coat. Once you leave your bed room the lamps on ether side of your bed will make so when you come home from work you don’t have to flop on an unmade bed. I couldn’t forget about when you finish breakfast the fried arms with then sprout hands and clean the counter while the sink will clean your dishes. On the way home there in no need to open your garage door. When you get to close it will automatically do it. When you finally get out of your car the library is wide open do a good novel will do the trick. When you are finning up the last pages of your favorite novel your dinner will be all hot and steaming calling your name. At the end of the day after you have finished your dinner, you then shower. Then shower will heat up as fast as possible so you won’t have to wait long. Once you finished you shower the towel rack dries the mirror so it is crystal clear. The bathroom will clean it self once you have shaved, brushed your teeth, and dried your hair. Not to mention the toilet flushes its self! Once you are cuddled in bed and the then finished the first chapter of your new book you then lift up the book, the book shelf will take it put it where it belongs. Clap your hands two times to turn of the lights. (Don’t you wish your work was like this.) There is much more to look at but for now let’s take a look inside of English Fantasy✨!

  5. This six bedroom, three bathroom house is simply mind blowing! Through out the house there are dark wood floors and full music surround sound. There is a big eat in kitchen that comes with magical appliances and silver wear that cook by themselves! All you have to do is tell the appliance or silver wear what to do and it will do it. This house also has an old library with a secret hidden entrance behind one of the bookshelves that leads to a secret underground cave. In the living room which is complete with a furnace, flat screen tv, and floating furniture has a big painting in it with a secret entrance behind it, which can lead into the master bedroom!

    There is also a room which I have to say is definitely my favorite, and that is a levitation room! As soon as you step into the room, the floor allows you to fly freely for how ever long you want. Outside there is a big backyard, pool, hot tub, and an ocean view. You can get all of this for just one million, four hundred thousand dollars! As a home warming gift, when you buy this house we will throw in your very own magic flying carpet! I hope after seeing this house you will be the new owner of the Floating Manner!

  6. There is a magical house for sale! I would recommend buying this house because it isn’t ordinary like the ones on your current street or in your neighborhood. There is something very special about this house. It is magical!

    There is a portal in every closet, which can take you back in time, and the silverware sings every time you walk into the kitchen. There is a green hand in the sink and by the ironing board that washes all the dishes and irons clothes. A sweet elf lives in the top drawer of the jewelry cabinet in the master bedroom. It polishes all the rings, earrings, and necklaces. The chandelier in the dining room automatically turns off the lights the minute you climb into bed, and it plays soothing music that helps everyone in the household fall asleep. In the morning, all the clocks ring to wake you up, so you aren’t late for work. This house helps you with everyday life, and it is one of a kind. It is truly spectacular and definitely worth the money!

  7. In stock, we only have are one magical house left. This house includes magnificent features. The rooms have beautiful artwork on the walls. Although they are a bit unique. On the walls are animals that come to life, but mostly the animals are dogs, cats, bunnies, and butterflies. Our foyer includes couches that move and also the circular carpet is made out of ice so you can ice skate on it! Our kitchen will make its own food depending on what your craving. The plates do wash themselves as well as the silverware. In the closet, there is a door that takes you to your own little mall. It has your favorite stores, and everything is free! Also, when have an amazing theater! When you watch a movie, your actually in it! You’ll get to explore the wolds and meet the characters of your favorite movies. Sadly we don’t have an elevator. Although, we do have a roller coaster that takes you to any floor. Did I mention that there are 10 floors? Each of the floors are eccentric. Although, my favorite floors are the third, fifth, and sixth. The third floor has bouncy houses and indoor trampoline floors. The fifth floor contains many sports-related fields and courts. Such as a soccer field, football field, gymnasium, hockey rink, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a golf court, a basketball court, and an Olympic size swimming pool. The sixth floor is a winter wonderland! There are many hills, sleds, snowboards, ski’s, ski lifts, and even penguins! As you can see, this house is quite magical and maybe the perfect house for you!

  8. So, I hear your thinking about buying. Well do I have the house for you. I mean let’s. Just start with curb appeal. This house has beautiful, self cultivating flower beds. These beds will keep the flowers alive forever so don’t worry if every plant you touch becomes brown. This house has a small cottage like feel on the outside. The inside has seven bathrooms, six half baths, and ten bedrooms. How you may ask. Let’s step inside. As you can see this house is practical ya mansion inside. As you can see this house has four floors also an attic but we don’t need to see that. In this first floor we have two baths. Don’t worry about buying any toilet paper. It automatically dispenses. In the kitchen you have an oven that will never burn your food. Also you can probably tell that there is no dishwasher because as soon as your dishes go in the sink it cleans them for you. As we travel upstairs you can see that well, there are no stairs! Just step on that floorboard and you’ll be lifted up. It’s like flying on a magic carpet.

    Upstairs is all the bathrooms and bed rooms. And don’t worry about the color on the walls. No matter what mood your in the color will adjust. As we walk into this bedroom you can see a small bed. Don’t worry about that just give that bed a little kick and it will fully conform to your needs. Right in front of you is a tv. A fairly LARGE tv might I add. And don’t worry about memorizing channels just tell the system and it will play all your favorite shows. Out here we have a terrace with a stunning view. But you could always change it. Just with a click of this button. Now I hoped you really enjoyed our tour. What? The price? Oh, we don’t need to mention that.

  9. You would never expect what lies deeply inside this enchanted house. It has things from automatic drink makers to having your own Publix. The self serving drink maker can make any drink with the snap of a finger. This magical machine has a wide variety of juices, sodas, and energy drinks. There is a little spot up across the stairs. From the outside perspective it can fool the naked eye as looking like a little pantry which beholds only a few items. If you take a peek a little deeper you will soon realize there is more. Inside there is a endless food buffet. The farther you go, the more food there is. This spot is a secret destination for the happiness of your stomach.

    On the other side of the stairs is a Frozen fairytale. This is a certain room for the little children. Snow falls from the ceiling, ice surrounds the room, you feel like a princess. Where the snow falls in the evening Olaf comes alive. You have the chance to make a new friend and the board ness will come to an end. I imply that you enjoy living in this magical home.

  10. This beautiful house is for sale! But here’s the twist, its magical. The house has two stories and instead of having an elevator, a magic carpet takes you up, down, and around the house. The beds are hung by strings tied to the ceiling. In the morning, birds and butterflies appear out of thin air and carry your bed to the ground. The animals also stand you up, take you to the bathroom, and brush your teeth. They also comb your hair and put it in any hairstyle because you’re hardly awake yet. We also have a magic coffee machine, you put in any food, candy, or drink, and it automatically makes that flavor of coffee. Imagine Nutella coffee! When you want your breakfast but need your stove, don’t worry, just look up! The stove and refrigerator are on the ceiling, and they make breakfast for you on their own. When they have made your breakfast, just hold out your plate and they will drop it there. Everyone gets tired after a long day, and they usually sit down and watch TV. When you watch TV, our magical television automatically picks out the channel or movie for you based on your mood. Then, the characters pop out of the TV and act out the show or movie! Now that your sold on the house, it will be hard to bear the price of it!

  11. You think selling magical houses is easy, we’ll think again. I sell magic houses as a living, you have no idea how hard it is to talk to a person while they are getting eaten by a television set! I try not to take people into the rooms that will either bite, eat, or bake you in an oven. For some reason everybody wants to go into those rooms, and I’m pretty shore that one of the dressers in the master bedroom hates me. Every time I show a client that room, the dresser is always opening and hitting me in the back of the head. My team and I once sold a house to a very friendly man , although the oven tried to bake him and the bed tried to swallow him… I think he liked the house very much.

  12. In the magical house the first room was the living room and every thing worked by its self the vacuum was vacuuming and the duster was dusting. It was like Everything had a mind of its own. The next room was the kitchen. The plates and forks were cleaning them self along with other kitchen utentles. Everything was so magical and if you lived in that house you wouldn’t have to do much work or any work at all. The next room was the master bedroom. There was nothing going on but when you walked into the bathroom there was scrubbing and mopping on the floors and in the bathtub. The kids room was quite big but toys were going everywhere, Its like they were playing with each other. Also if they cleaning supplies didn’t want to be put away their was a little fairy, ginny, minion, and a servant to help you with your every need. I think that if you lived in that house, your wouldn’t have to do much work at all. All you probably have to do is pay taxes and relax and all that easy stuff. So if you come upon a magical house you might just want to sign the contract and take it.

  13. There is this beautiful mansion just waiting for you to come inside and take a look in it. On the first floor, we have the kitchen that cooks everything for you! We also have a living room with a 80 inch smart TV with free Netflix and all of that other jazz. The is a water couch, which is a water bed but a couch. In the couch there are little fish swimming around. On the second floor, there are 17 bedrooms. In each of those bedrooms there are king sized beds. There are waterbeds, bunk beds, loft beds, and many more other kinds. There is also a sports room. If you want to play hockey it will turn into an ice rink. It will turn into anything that you want it to! The best thing about it is that there is a magical chair. When you sit on it it takes you to wherever you want to go. In the backyard there is an infinity pool with all sorts of nice animals. There are dolphins, seahorses, fish, turtles, sea otters, and more. If you walk a couple steps you will see that there is an amazing zoo/aquarium. All of the animals that you can think of are there. And did I mention you don’t need to feed them! On the third floor there is a winter palace. There are sleds, snowboards, ski lifts, and many more things. We have a movie theatre that plays any movie that you want it to, even if it is not out yet! On the roof there is you own theme park that has all of the rides you want it to have. There is an elevator that takes you wherever you want to go, no matter where it is. The last floor is the basement, which has massage therapists and fairies that do your work for you! It has anything you can imagine that does something to benefit you. If you don’t see why this is the most magical, perfect house there is there must be something wrong. I know that this is the most perfect house for you.

  14. Hey, over here, look at this house. It’s magical! This house is four stories high. Over here in the Master Bedroom we have a floating bed, and clap lights all through the house. *Clap, clap* Wow that’s bright. We also have voice control all through the house. Also, no electricity or water bills, it’s all magic. In the Living Room there is a Plasma-Screen Television that comes out of the wall, only to your face and your voice. There are all magic flying carpets with all carpentry installed. The fridge is an infinite supply of food, no more grocery trips. Type in the name and brand of the food you want and it makes and serves it. The Pantry automatically organizes itself in alphabetical order, and also has a screen to type the type of food you are craving at that moment.

    Now to the other half of the house, children’s bedrooms, guest bedrooms, gym, and sauna room. The children’s bedroom walls are colored by a computerized system that is chosen by you and only you. They also have decor chosen by you. The guest bedrooms are very much alike they just have 2 XXXL King beds, beige colored walls, master bathrooms with saunas, and gyms all throughout the mansion. The sauna room automatically turns on to your appearance and turns to your set temperature. Lastly the Gym changes to your personal equipment whenever it sees you or hears your voice. FOR SALE: Magical House!

  15. You said You were looking for a house to buy? I will tell you this house might look like a cute little every day house, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Are you good at cleaning dishes? Just snap your fingers and the house itself will turn on the water, pick up the plates, use soap, and wash them clean. What about making your bed? Clap twice and the house will do it for you! Tired of the neighborhood you live it? Go over to the keypad by the door and type in the location of where you would rather live, and the house will teleport there sending the other house to the location where your house was. To sleepy to wake up it the morning? The house will literally throw you out of bed, and if that doesn’t get you moving the cold water that will be splashed all over you sure will. Do you wonder how all these things work? Isn’t the answer obvious? This house truly has a mind of its own and a little bit of magic.

  16. There is a house on Memory Lane in the Yellow Brick Forest, that is absolutely magical. It is an independent home in the outer edge of the forest. The house includes a lake out back and spectacular, beautiful trees around the lake. This house is for sale. It is on the market for about two million dollars. It is relatively small, but the house has many interesting features that will make you fight with other people for the house. The house is five glorious stories tall. The first floor consists of a garage. The garage isn’t your ordinary garage; however. It has eight cars inside! They all operate on magic dust! The cars are efficient and fun to drive. As you drive, the magic dust shoots out of the engine. The garage has a carpet, surprisingly, and the carpet is made out of the hardened magic dust. It is soft and smells good. Did I mention the cars can fly? These will surely be the cars of the future. The second story is the kitchen. The kitchen is massive, and it has an oven which cooks food in two seconds, thanks to the power of magic. The microwave takes about three milliseconds to heat up food, and the dishwasher washes itself, you do not need to load it or anything! The kitchen also magically puts the dishes away, and cleans the counters by itself. Magic does come in handy. The third story is the bedroom floor. There is a long hallway and at the end of it lays a control panel. On this panel, you can control the number of bedrooms you want. You can make a guest room when needed, expand the size of the bedrooms, and the panel sends magic that cleans the rooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom. The fourth story is the living room, play room, and lounge all in one! This floor is massive, but has many uses. On this floor you can relax on the cotton candy couch, or play 8 Ball Magic, or relax while watching the Magic Channel on television. You should consider buying this house because it is full of opportunities and magnificent wonders.

    I feel as if I am forgetting something! Did I mention the elevator? You can easily get from floor to floor. You are probably wondering how all of this magic exists and operates the house, did I mention the fairies on the fifth floor, operating the house? They are all magical and nice, except for the evil one who occasionally causes the owner of the house crazy by flooding the lake, killing the trees, creating plumbing issues, and sometimes making people in the house get injured. Maybe thats why this house is always for sale!

  17. In this beautiful two story mansion on Majik street, it smells like cookies in the oven, and feels as cozy as movie theater seats. You will feel right at home here along with Bonehilda, your dead butler. She washes your clothes, makes your food, and gives you cookies that energize you. She is very skinny and never sleeps, but she says she’ll sleep when she’s dead. (HA) As you walk into the living room, your music starts to play and your sofa lures you into its vibrating cushions. When you sit down, it automatically reclines and starts to massage your legs. In the kitchen, the food cooks itself and cleans its messes. Cookies bake themselves and cupcakes apear in the cabinets. As you walk up the stairs, the steps join you by springing you upwards, like a trampoline. When you reach the top, you are standing next to a ride capsule. You program it to where you want to go. You zoom past the eight bedrooms full with their own dead masseuse and infinity closets. When you reach the bathroom, it cleans you from head to toe without you even lifting a relaxed finger. Program celebrity museum into the coaster and it will take you to the most exquisite room with cages and plaques. LeBron James is in the spotlight, next to Paul George and Rihanna. Jump in the roller coaster capsule and let it take you to the backyard, with a door to Atlantis and New York City. While in the backyard, you can choose from either the jacuzzi or underwater palace. You have a magic yacht with Dolphin Attracters. You also have the key to the Kraken, you will attack any boat you wish. The Kraken lives with your genie, who can grant you more wishes.

  18. You think Disney World is the most magical place on Earth? Wait until you see this house. I’ll start with the first floor of infinity. That’s right. The stories go up forever. If you keep going, you can even see Jack and his bean stock, but watch out for the giant! Anyways, this is the kitchen, which have magical little fairies that do all the cleaning, washing, and gourmet cooking for you. I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy this magically wonderful house. Next, let’s go to the living room. The TV can read your mind and go to whatever show you want, even if it’s not recorded. Also, everyone can have a different show going at once, but your mind will only see and hear the show you want to watch. Now, we are moving on to the bedrooms. Each bedroom has a Shap-o-Size tool that allows you to choose however you want your room to look, and little fairies that will do your cleaning and homework for you. Now, this is the cool part. You can change the playroom into anything you want. For example, you could choose a ice-skating rink, tumble track, theme park, recording studio, spa, gym, office, football field, or pretty much anything you want. The playroom can also multiply itself, so multiple people can use it at once. Also, you can imagine an ipad, iphone, bombshell perfume, or laptop, and it will give it to you for free. Now, this room is my favorite. The Imagi-room. Instead of having to read, you can pretend to be a character and the room will make it look like you are in the story. You can also use it for fun. And, all you animal-lovers out there will really love our next room. It is called the Petting Zoo. You can imagine any animal in the world, even imaginary ones, and the house will create it for you. Now, for the biggest walk-in closet in the world. It has a Outfit-inator that will choose the perfect outfit for your day, without you lifting a finger. Little fairies will do your hair, makeup, and accessorize you perfectly. In the bathroom, our friends the fairies will wash you from head to toe, and it has a Backwards-o-Mirror. It will allow you to see yourself from different angles. Now, let’s look at what powers this entire house. The editing center, where you can pretty much make this house any shape, color, or size you want. I don’t even know why I gave you this tour, when you can just use the editing center to make it anything you want. Whatever.

  19. Thank you so much for coming to this house tour today. This is my favorite house on the market these days. Did I mention that it is a magical house? Even though that it is in the upper end of pricing, every penny you will spend on this house is worth it. Please, come inside, and let’s start the tour.

    The bedroom is the first room we will visit today. It is a very large master bedroom, probably as big as a kitchen. But this is not all! You see that button over there? If you press it, you can either make the room turn into an ice-skating rink or a swimming pool. And don’t worry about the furniture. It is all stored underground while you are either ice-skating or swimming. Once you are finished with this enhancing feature, all you have to is press the button and all of the furniture will reappear where it was before. Pretty cool, right? Let’s move on. To the right here is the kitchen. What is so cool about this room is that all of the food can cook by itself, and the food will always be prepared or cooked perfectly. All you have to do is tell the little speaker button what to cook and if you want it rare, medium rare, medium, etc. Let’s head up the stairs. Now, don’t be blown away when we enter this next room. Can’t you see? We are floating! This is why this room is called the floating room. Also, you will stay floating until the little switch is flipped off. Let’s move on, or should I say fly on? Don’t open the door coming up, please. Sleeping Beauty is taking her daily nap, which usually takes twelve hours. It is best not to wake her, for she gets super grouchy. She will not bother you at all, though. She only is awake at night instead of day. Coming up on the left is another one of the coolest rooms. It is the invisi-room, and this is where you could transform yourself to be invisible. All you have to do is step on the platform and BAM! You will be invisible to everybody else. But please don’t try this feature right now. Moving on, we have the wishing room. All there is in this room is a wishing well, but in this wishing well wishes actually come true. Here is the balcony connected to this room. This is the exit of the house. You see this zipline? All you have to do is climb on, and it will bring you down to the street. Hop on! This is the conclusion of the house tour. We have only finished 2% of the house. Please come back the next 50 days, and I’m sure we’ll finish the tour.

  20. Hello, I’m Victoria Ellinsbirg and i’m in the business of real estate. I am my company’s top real estate agent, but I don’t work for any ordinary real estate agency I work for Magic Estate Agency Inc. My agency is not ordinary because we sell magical houses to normal people. We are the top magical real estate agency, but there aren’t many anyways. Some people know or don’t know about the magic in the house. If they have heard of our company or suggested a magical home we don’t resist showing the magic. If they just want an ordinary home we try the best we can to make it look like a normal environment. Most of the time it is easy to not show any magic, and eventually when the home owners do find out about magic they want to keep it. But once in a while it is hard to stop the magic. Now, here is one story about a family looking for a home, but they don’t know about the magic.

    It all started out fine. They came with their kids and seemed like a very nice coupe. It was Mr. and Mrs. Collins with their two sons Jack and Steve. We started out with the kitchen, and it all started to fall apart. I was showing how nice the cabinets were, and how the house comes with plates. I open the cabinets and all the plates fall out and stack up in mid air. I immediately put my hand under the stack to make it look like I caught them. The parents had no clue, but Jack and Steve looked at me suspiciously. I then go to the library and when I open the door all the books start singing. Mr. Collins asked me what that noise was and I pull out my phone and say it was my ringtone. I pretend to hit the decline button, and I tell them it was just my husband. Then we go to the master bed and the sheets of the bed start moving. Before the Collins could notice I jump on the bed and talk about how comfy it is. They look strangely at me, but I think it worked. When the tour was finished I asked them how they liked the house, and they say they love it. They say the house is gorgeous itself, and it is the perfect size for there family. I was so relieved I really thought they wouldn’t buy it, but I guess I was wrong.

  21. Do I have a deal for you? Of course! I’m not in the Houses of Magic agency for nothing! This house will blow you away! In the morning, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll wear. If you say the words casual clothing and the closet will pick out the perfect casual out fit for you! You can do the same thing in the kitchen! Say what you want to eat, and the utensils will make the food for you. When you feel to lazy to walk, the house has special magic carpets for you to ride on! Books will read themselves to you, and a floating GPS is always ready when your going somewhere. In the garage there is a flying car. This isn’t the old model you still see today, this is the new, sleek Hover Car one-thousand. The car changes color depending on your mood. Don’t worry, you can change that feature in the settings. The car chairs also massage the people sitting in them. There is a very special room upstairs. We call it the Palace of Peace. If you are having trouble focusing, thinking clearly, or even you are just having a bad day, the room is designed to calm you down. Once you are calm, the room whispers suggestions of what you could do.

    The bedrooms are also on the second floor. In most of the bedrooms, the mattress is designed to change into whatever you think is the most comfortable substance in the world! Don’t worry, if you think water is the most comfortable thing in the world, then the mattress only feels like it’s water. The other room is full of soft clouds, but not to many that you can’t see anything. Most are very small. The bed itself is a nice, soft cloud. If you think it will rain in your room, think again! The clouds are made not to be wet and not to rain. The showers, though, have clouds in them! The clouds rain the type of water you want, all fresh and clean. The living room is a cozy area, with artwork that moves and talks. If you feel like it, you can decide to be in your favorite movie or television show! The last room in the house is the attic. If you are thinking of an old, disgusting attic, then think again! This attic is called Imagination Central. If you want the walls to be blue, they will turn blue! If you want the walls to reflect the woods or in the sea, then the walls will look like that area. If you imagine that your are holding a puppy in your hand, a puppy will appear. Imagination Central items don’t disappear, so it’s like shopping for free! You may not even want to buy new furniture, because this house is already so wonderful!

  22. Yes, this amazing, beautiful, and magical house can be all yours. And its not only amazing on the outside, but the inside to. First we’ll start in the living room. Here there is many features such as the holimeter. This fanatic device can change this room into any holiday theme such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas, look at the pretty tree. Also their is the fireco. See that fire over there? First of all its not flammable, and I can make it change colors ( it can even have a pattern like blue with polka dots). Up stairs there is three bedrooms which all have cloud beds and a sunner. Oh, the sunner is a nob that you can twist to make the sun go up and down at your ease, and the cloud beds are supper comfy. Next lets go to the yard. Here there is the fleur saison (flower season in French) . This little gizmo is used to -as you have probably guessed- change the season of the flowers, so for instants you can have flowers all year – or no flowers all year-. Hope you enjoyed you tour and contact me if you would like to buy this amazing house.

  23. Hello and welcome to this lovely enchanted house. I am the real estate agent that will walk you thru the house. Now please follow me into the TV room. This room may look empty but don’t be fooled. Just call out a command and magic will give you what you want. For instance you are hungry just call out that you are hungry and what you want. You don’t have to buy anything because it is a magic house. Now on to the kitchen. In this kitchen almost everything floats. The kitchen utensils will not float too high. But if one dose all you have to do is point at the kitchen tool and say down. When you are done using something just give it a slight throw into the air and it should stay. If not then put the kitchen tool above your head and give it a spin. Now onto the study room. In this room because the bookcases are so high all you have to say is “up up and away” to fly. If you want to go higher then say “up”. If you want to lower yourself or come down say “opposite”. Oh and the pens will write on there own. Just pick a pen up and put it into the ink pad. It will start writing what you say. Into the bedroom. This bedroom is all but ordinary. The bed can change its texture, feel,temperature, and so much more. The dresser may look empty but just call out what you want. Underwear, clothes, socks, and more. Into the bathroom. The bathroom has a bath that has the look that it will go on forever. Amazing! The sink is a sink with no magic. That is the tour to this magic house. Thank you!

  24. A blue house, no, change that. A magical blue house, with a beautiful garden. Strange and large purple flower sprout by the front porch. The front porch is white, and the house is a deep sea blue. Bright green vines crawl up the house, and very small trees pop up out of now where. I open the white picket gate, offering for you to go first, and as you walk up the little stone path, the garden comes alive. The flowers seem to have mouths and eyes now. You hear whispers in your head as the wind blows the against the grass. The purple flowers snap at you, but I wave at them and they stop. The small trees bow down to you. Multicolored lights float randomly around the garden. Miniature cows walk around, they are only up to your knees! You open the door, and the house is pitch black, all you can hear is the roar of a waterfall. I clap, and the lights snap on, and you are immediately in awe. The first room is huge! The ceilings are three stories high! On the outside of the looks only one story high! Toward the end of the room there is a waterfall jutting out of the left side of the room, falling into a pool that is so deep, it never ends. Books line the right side of the room, magically moving themselves onto different shelves. A cloud that is shaped like a chair is hovering above the ground. I tell you to sit, and you do. The cloud begins to move. I explain the room, and the magical effects. The cloud goes right through a wall, and you are in the kitchen. Talking monkeys are cleaning the dishes, and the table and chairs are walking around. I explain that the monkeys were accidental mutations, but they are my favorite part of the house. A monkey winks at you, and we continue to the next room. It. Is a bedroom. The bed has no sheets on it. You look at me questioningly, and I snap. Sheets appear out of no where, and fly onto the bed. The sheets are blue, and sparkle brightly. I explain that they have sleeping magic that will help you sleep at nit, and you can set a timer on them. When the timer goes off, it is guarantied to wake you up on time, and peacefully. The carpet on the floor has weird texture, and I tell you that it is made of a magical trampoline. It is unnaturally comfortable, and if you bounce on it, you’ll land anywhere you think of. The cloud goes through a wall, and I to the next room.

    It is the dinning room. It is empty. I through a bag of dust onto the floor, and it turns into a giant table. I clap three times, and the walls change into a setting of the beach. You feel the wall, but it isn’t a T.V. Screen. We move on to the next room. The next room seems like a family room. There are comfy sofas and chairs that are set up around a huge T.V. We get off the chairs, and I jump into the T.V., and we are in a world of cartoons. We spend some time with sponge bob, and all the rest, and then it is time to go. We get back on our magical chairs, to the next room. We go through three other bedrooms, just like the other one. Then we enter a bathroom. Instead of a bath, there is a small pond, and instead of a shower, there is a small waterfall. There is a sink, but no faucet. Instead of a faucet, there is a stuffed elephant head. I clap three times, and the elephant comes to life. It squirts water out of its trunk and into the sink. I pat its head, and it stops. You smile, and I wink. We end up in the first room in which we came from. You walk out the door, and everything is just the same. I wave from the doorway. Once you get out of the picket fence, you turn around to say goodbye, but no one is there. The plants are gone, the house is no longer blue, and it looks like a typical house. No miniature cows, nothing. Just a small garden, with a small house.

  25. Welcome! This enchanted mansion is perfect for witchcraft students studying necromancy. All the things you need to summon the dead are right here in the un-living room. Magic chalk to draw symbols, sacred candles, and animal eyeballs to spare are all in this bottomless cabinet. They say if you sit in that red couch over in the corner, you’ll see your past. Be carful though, that kind of magic can make you loose your mind.

    If you ever get lonely, simply walk into the bathroom. When you flush the toilet a ghost will appear! When you turn on the hot water roaches will stream out of the faucet. When you turn on the cold water, cold water comes out! Now, look at the fabulous, creaky spiral staircase. Doesn’t it just SCREAM death and decay? The last stop we’ll make today is this to-die for bedroom. Do you see that purple rug? Sit on it and it can take you anywhere yo want to go. If you open up the closet you’ll find a portal to The Land of the Dead. Oh! Wait, are you human? If you are then I’ll have to…

  26. Hello folks, today I will show about a magical enchanted house that has things that I am sure you will live. This special house is made of the finest clouds that can transport you to any place you would like. The floors are the best part, because they are made of a special rock found deep below Mar’s crust. In the living room there is a unicorn fur rug that, I guarantee the softest thing you will ever touch in your life, with a unicorn horn chandelier. All of the water that comes to this house all comes from the fountain of youth, so when your drinking the water or even washing your hands you will always get younger so you can live longer, and live in this house longer too.

    The T.V. is made by the greatest blacksmith’s in the universe, elves, and is high high high deff, the highest deff you will ever experience. The beds are also made of clouds which is way better than Tempurpedic beds or any mattress’. I know you love this house but you better act soon or else others elves or beast’s will buy it, but if you buy it know we will also include tinker bells pixie dust free!

  27. Welcome to Golden Blossom Estate! This enormous platinum driveway lined with these priceless porcelain fountains and shimmering gates are the perfect entrance to this lovely mansion. Inside the large front door, you can see the ballroom along with the main marble staircase leading to the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors. You can also take the elevator if you wish. Right this way, please! Here is the
    magnificent kitchen. Silver and gold pots and pans are hanging on a beautiful wall, and the diamond-lined stove is perfect for getting its job done! You hardly have to do a thing! Just tell the stove what you would like it to cook, and the stove will do the rest! Here is the fridge. Yes, it’s almost twelve feet tall! It’s filled with fruit, vegetables, and lots of meats and dairy. It’s a food supply fit for a King! The pantry double doors are over there, the large silver sinks, automatic microwave, dishwasher, and ovens are over there.
    Let’s shift over to the living room. Here is the grand piano, the exclusive soft sofas, the expensive paintings, and the 89 inch HD television! It has Netflix, On Demand, and even 3-D!
    The weight room is to the right of the main ballroom. Here we have seven treadmills, a flat screen TV, one hundred silver weights, and some yoga mats, too. The TV is special; it doesn’t just show television. It’s equipped with over 5,000 pop songs! I assure you, the weight room will be a pleasant place to be.
    The dining room is to the north of the living room, with a long golden table and silverware. A diamond chandelier hangs over the sweet smelling candles. The main television is to the left of the table. It’s included with Cable, WII U, 3-D, Youtube, Netflix, Hula Plus, and Amazon Prime.
    Let’s head up to the second floor, shall we? Here lie the bedrooms; there are nine. There are each equipped with one’s own walk-in closet and two master bathrooms.
    The third floor is the movie theater. There are twenty seats. There are four popcorn machines; there are also candy and gum ball boxes. The screen is large. It’s over 90 feet long. The movie cabinet is filled with selections from romance, to comedy, to action films! Our screeners make sure the quality is best.
    The fourth floor has an indoor pool, a sparkling hot tub, and a spa. Our servants work from dawn till dusk; we pay them well.
    The last floor has a lovely white terrace. You can see the outdoor pool, and the dozens of lounge chairs. You can see the night sky; it’s really pretty. Thank you so much for visiting; I hope you’ll come back! The Golden Blossom Estate is really the place to live.

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